Is Wichita willing to change?

Steve & Ted
Monday, August 13th
...and, a new store breaking ground in NE Wichita -- a local business update with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal

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Their feet 30 necessity in the morning now all three day thing. There ain't no one killed or injured at the unite the right rally in Washington DCC. News. Two people suffered serious injuries and ATV crash UK six and 1935 and northwest which. Plus one person dead after shooting himself which of all of this morning. Outside a bar near airy and water. They're big things even dead on K and his stance. And traffic updates here on the Monday morning commute and week you. Have police still on the scene of a domestic violence disturbance in the 900 block of north Piet. We also have a disturbance in the 3100 block of south Gordon and southwest Wichita. And so we're looking at a couple of those incidents where we do you have police on the scene. Sickened that out. That's traffic updates. Stephen Ted paid and it has stats is mostly an analytical I'm sorry yes they Unisys traffic is brought to you by O Rama and Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown at market and Waterman. Also in the east ferry street mall. Or online at Carl's tired dot com it's the home of the 3495. Oil change good folks are still the brother and Carl's Goodyear tire. Mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms likely through tomorrow's 60% chance for rain today. The high of 81 degrees 50% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 67. Tuesday 60% chance for rain tomorrow's night. 85 now partly cloudy 71 degrees near the southeast wind and seven miles per hour. Stay Unisys weather brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens of his skis in the state of Kansas. The mark coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans. The monarch. Give delay no. Well it's good for the goose isn't so good for the Long Island village of Britain right waters residents have been complaining of these pieces. Regular habit of leaving their droppings everywhere is becoming irritating. Sound familiar. Mayor John Bell Dini. Cells and you say the village has gotten about a dozen complaints about Kennedy he's doing number 200. But he also says a village has also received calls from residents who want to protect the birds. Last week residents discussed good control methods with state environmental law officials last week no plan of action has yet been taken because there is none. The only way to get rid of those skis is probably. To shoot them an herbal. We've got to Riverside in his keep. You know of years ago somebody's side defeat of who won their flight. Now then made an area are ever going to leave and never leave now where they're at their like their bird like Florida forum in no way out it is up here now. It says Apollo Stephen did pull on our website can assist radioed I count the White House unveiled its plan. When you branch of the military called space force is this a good idea. No it's a waste of resources 7%. Yes it is necessary to ensure the country's safety. 93%. That's pretty overwhelming 93% of of people on the website just in the Stephenson pulled it like to have your feelings don't go to. Website but now in its history view the account take the Stevens at old. And it's hard for a Major League Baseball pitcher to throw out cut fastball with a cut fingers so. St. Louis Cardinals pictured Luke Weaver ended up sitting on his start yesterday against a Kansas City Royals in Kansas City. Weaver kept the index fickle finger on his pitching hand only unusual way he was trying to get to some food. In the club house ended up cutting himself opening the aluminum foil covering one of the containers. Can you catch yourself on aluminum point. That's traders try to use Shepperd good resume hood but in the still couldn't get that to ward misses start off. Cardinals ended up winning game because of course the replaying the royals. That's just bizarre Friday Wall Street. Following European markets lower as investors worried about the financial stability of Turkey. And how Iraq might affect the global banking system. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 196 points the S&P 500 slid twenty the NASDAQ Composite sank 53 after rising. Or eight days in a rule. 852 announced even Ted tiger. Editor bill that would stop business journal to bring its up to date on a new store that's coming to reach Wichita good morning bill. Good morning Steve and Ted it is official Duluth trading company coming to Wichita and in store will be built thirteen 96 and green which. Construction set to begin today it'll be next to the buffalo wings and rings restaurant. Ink construction past month old one point eight million dollar building permits for an end to the store at green which place. That's store should be open early next year. Wichita State university's center new record for research and development awards and a year total R&D awards in the last fiscal year. Total more than 104 million dollars that's fourteen million dollars more than the previous year. The increase was driven by strategic efforts to heighten the exposure of government and industry grant opportunities on the campus. And those who participated in the recent project Wichita focus groups and surveys made one thing very clear. They're ready for change four out of five it took the community survey say Wichita has to be willing to change. To keep and attract the next generation project Wichita co chair Debbie can says that's a call for the community to start doing things differently. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and went to top business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm dual role life. You guys finishing because groups that the city isn't going to approve. A budget for the year tomorrow the city of Wichita. Bryant recently I talk receive manager Bob Layton and he said basically is that we have so many people like my page. Here in which Yahoo! we got a lot of great memories about the way services and swimming pools and golf courses were in the past but. You know times occasion people like using those things anymore and I know that's change and a lot of people resist that they don't like that you know. Doubt it depends on the change and how it affects me right well that's that's what do depends on whether Iraq and supported not only. Well today is left handers day you're not a left hander area on well I have one mile one of my daughters as a lefty yet doesn't of one of the twins his left in the other's right. We have their mirror twin. Lol wow bill that distinguish what Marion Johnson and marries the right side Johnson's all. And Jocelyn being left hander he's just a little bit weird like most Lipton and the camera back that's right I got into I don't know right now I've. Beyond even hinted that it's one of the things that majors so loveable he's just a little bit. And usually you know who else is left hander now. When Bill Snyder. Another. You know to the wildcats can't stay in Atlanta now about it. Today lefty national left and Tuesday. Thank you gentlemen coming up at 9 o'clock in assist news big rally in DC it was expecting to be making some violence there. But it ended without incidents they got that come up at 9 o'clock here which it is okay and assess.