Wichita Wingnuts get a win at home, Royals lose in Florida

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Tuesday, August 21st
Local and national sports update with Ted Woodward.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The 46 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news is Steven says the thanks Steve Macintosh now what the cloudy and 65 degrees and two people were injured in the shooting and beating himself what you thought. It happened around 630 Monday night as lost and Morris near lake and Oliver. Police say two people got into an argument one person pulled out a gun and shot the other multiple times. But that person that managed to grab again and beat the other person with that. Both were hospitalized in serious condition the case remains under investigation. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Gunfire led to a pair of deaths have during the weekend in north Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Saturday the point. Year old male along with two other males. Were shooting a firearm in the air in the Alley west appoint first and market. Several individuals were in the backyard. Of the residence. Where the 36 year old male was injured. A disturbance occurred between the individuals from the backyard. And the Alley. When shots were fired by unknown suspect. The man from the Alley has been identified as 44 year old ban will all tunnel or tapes have Hernandez he suffered gunshot rudely abdomen. The man in the backyard identified as 36 year old Jessie you Villa lobos. Was shot in the village both died from their wounds in the hospital. The usual 34 and 35 murder cases in Wichita this year. Which don't police investigated the murder suicide Sunday night and sells Wichita involving a man and his mother a 49 year old woman sought help from police. After she and other family members were not able to make contact with the woman's older sister. Police officer Charlie Davidson says law enforcement responded to a residence on MacArthur east of I want 35. Officers entered the residence. And located at female. Inside the residents who sustained. A stab wounds. She was pronounced deceased on the scene. Officers also located at 28 year old male and a separate bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head he was also pronounced deceased on the scene. Next the Mayo with the bolt action rifle and the injury to the mail appears to be self inflicted. The deceased have been identified as 55 year old Debra Fischer and 28 year old Cody Comstock both of which. Fischer's death becomes a 36 the murder in 33 weeks in which this year. At today's meeting there was still a City Council discussed the making of improvements to the Douglas design district along east Douglas. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells K Unisys news a council will name a committee. Trying to put together a plan to do. Even do more cheaper tuneup of Douglas right there. Been going watch in the hydraulic and excitement into a little early to at least that really well boring or walk to build the news or the. Well well commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steven Ted show here on K and assess. As both France's condemns the latest incidents of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church a key figure in one of those scandals continues to speak out about the crisis that. One person would be heard plan B one to manage bishop David subic says apologizing to the victims is not enough and it's another thing to see that those were tested we backed up with action Zoubek on Fox's special report with Bret Baier the bishop insisting the diocese of Pittsburgh today is not the same one mentioned in a grand jury report about widespread child sexual abuse by priests in Pennsylvania over the course of the last thirty years. We've been a leader in implementing a number of reforms that. We're meant to protect children in a letter to Catholics Monday called Francis sought forgiveness vowing no effort must be spared to root out sexual abuse in the church Steve Rappaport Fox News. Neighbors desperately tried to stop a Texas man from stabbing his sixteen month old son did that. Police have Miller is still Texas say neighbors tried but failed to save the life of a little boy who is being instead by his own father in an apartment complex courtyard. Witnesses say they heard the 27 year old father yelling Jesus is coming is he attacked the child. One neighbor threw a trash can at the man another neighbor got his gun and shot him hitting the man once in a leg but it was too late to child died of his injuries. Lewis still police captain Jesse hunter says his heart goes out to their neighbors in the witness something like I really felt for them. Now the neighbor who fired his gun won't be facing charges the mother of the child killed was at work when the attack happened till NATO Fox News. In assist used on now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. It's 73030. K in as tasty and good morning here on the baby Tuesday morning August 21. 610 no 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And out there in traffic right now yesterday gasoline prices. At 257. For the most part I'm seen. Whom things down just a little bit to 56. Even 250 fives but at 255 minutes Estonian meridian. Traffic updates from Kate and this is radio on US chamber. And all the forecasts Rickey and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning again. Good morning we have low clouds still spinning across southeastern Kansas but we're clearing skies sunny and a little warmer today we should get to 83 for the high thunderstorms on going into western Kansas tonight will make their way east in the south central Kansas are -- 65. Good showers and storms early tomorrow for the high only 76. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy northwest wind at nine miles per hour or 63 degrees. Stephen did your own opinion as cents. Cooler temperatures across south central Kansas Monday which it does high temperature was 79 degrees for a second straight day. Then 79 degrees for the high two days in row normal life to date. 91. And then again this morning we have 63 degrees partly cloudy and northwestern and at nine miles per hour. Very comfortable up there compared what it's been for much of this summer. We can and more infectious among you could bury you repeat banality of Likud right now and you heard it we get some more rain in the forecast. It would be good for the good from a long Ted Buford. Shall we estimated there pretty nice out there right now pretty at a pretty temperate August. August when he first on this date in 1959 president Dwight the ice and Howard signed an executive order. Making Hawaii the fiftieth states. Remember when I was a little boy in it they said that it would they do that mean it's like a thousand miles out in the middle of the ocean. But. Hawaii had always been. Our primary bases and I'd like our primary dates and and a navy in the in the Pacific. And what we call that no American territory for some reason Butler wonder. Because we invaded and took in Australia commute to get away from the boy yeah. You know and get beneath the people Corson and Hawaii. Had been Japanese Americans. And from descended from the Japanese and would World War II started it it was a it was a whole new ball game there. There was. The senator. From Norway named Daniel anyway reverently died few he has to do now he was in. And it firm decades in Hawaii and in a Japanese toy in and Ian is from many of his friends signed up the gut in the war on them as Americans older and he was wounded much like a Bob Dole a world Brazilian and you know in Italy and he carried his foods all of his life. I like Daniel into way. A 72 year old man faces legal problem for allegedly waving a gun at a high school dance in Arizona because he didn't like the loud music. Police in the small southeastern Arizona town of Thatcher. Say Robert Leighton wait a minute. That's the same name of our city manager of these same guy Robert Leighton growth of the high school parking lot around 11:45 PM Friday and complained about the loud music. Witnesses say Lleyton pulled a handgun out of his pocket and waved it around before pulling wires. To disable the music. The DJ at the event wrestled late into the ground and disarmed him and you know. And he's a big boy now he faces charges now. 614 sleet and as an era in the news this morning it's pinching and other Gator attacks started as a woman degrees all the published in South Carolina. Hilton head. This won't walk her little dog in the Gator came in ninth foot Gator component Malia comes out of the servant. And Graham's pitch got the dog she tries to keep the dog in January the dog if survived the woman was killed came out of the ocean. Notes it's. Ponders OK you know what the board. But. Yeah those. This happens South Carolina you'll kind of think Hilton head had Gator Bowl apparently polio that. In my in my life and I've been to help him a couple of times and of course of her career. One over here well average of bushy organized a couple of national meetings at Hilton head South Carolina so we get the body was. It's really neat place it's it's pretty nice nice place but yeah you Siva you get old Gundy got rattled it. You see this swampy is to know that if they tell you the other skaters watch out. The the fear a native of the area you would know I don't know about that but obviously this woman. Did you see this nine footer well bully get ahold of of the bike Canada they grab you drag you off into the water and drown. You can't get away from invented. They killed the gators so. Now the gonna slice it open to find out of this woman's day and not. We don't have that problem round here but renowned and it's very easily written it's made by our. So we don't have the hazards of alligators are of different senate challenges. Alligators on on not a not a harmless. The let's catch busy day down their account not that. And the people have been shot in Wichita recently my goodness gracious well you know we're not Chicago yet. But they're a little bigger than saying what they're doing it's like forty or fifty shootings and yet in Chicago. And you look at this well and they've got the toughest gun laws in America supposedly. But there the problem in lesson apparently that when these people. When they find somebody or catch somebody. Apparently they're laws and the court system so weak that they just animal is okay back illustrate again. Keep hearing people. That's what I understand that ever. So I think about a mile Malaysia. A legislature embassy let's get tough on these guys. You're talking about this Don caller talked to other down in Springfield they don't care and a dollar target has done to our continually and you know or thought about this. Before only grew up in the air you know. Don't laws I don't know that the got me guess you're gonna have to make it just for tougher. Just how many severe stories Ted that you bring back from the police department say. Charged with edited and and felon with a firearm. The felons or guys you can get back industry like 80% of those criminal possession of fire and an element doesn't far and out of Wal-Mart getting a registered gun and a big you know black mark on. And Avian yet here they are maybe should just be if you get used again and crime you're going away for ever. You're not coming out. I wouldn't stop. Or insulin. And you have to build more prisons is. Double or triple your trip prison space and one eagle are well and so all its confident there. 618 Stephens analyst go ahead and talk about leadoff sport instead. Over this morning royals in action and this time. A lot of offense on either time sizable but did you know pretty low scoring stuff and of course of the Wichita wing nuts and actually last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium wing nuts opening a three game set against the Winnipeg gold guys. Yeah we nets got a big four run fourth innings and they five to three win over when you pay. Wichita to finally get back in the win column after three game losing streak wing nuts are two and a half games back for playoff spot with thirteen games to go in the season. When he pagan gold eyes I don't know wing nuts in the gold eyes again tonight seminal five downtown. At Lawrence Dumont stadium. He mentioned the Kansas City Royals and action. Last night in Tampa taking on the raid is not a big crowd only about 101000 people indoors in Tampa last night. And the runs were certainly at a premium the rays got an early run. And that Ron was still in effect it was a one nothing or raise game in the ninth inning you heard the game last evening on candidate should. Two out ninth inning woes of a man on first base toward a bona Fazio. The matter Rochelle Pereira. Da do his last strike two balls two strikes. No Ronald. Brings the pitch well. Examples of the left side fielded by Duffy he throws his second for the force. Royals shut out for the ninth time this season Kansas City is now bowl and for this season against Tampa Bay all four losses. Coming by one run. Royals never got our members got a runner past second base even last night. Rays went one nothing rays pitching staff has now gone 23 straight shutout innings the rays in the royals go out and again tonight's game two of this series. And B 6 o'clock this evening listen to a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. And a couple of birthday today happy birthday to former. K you basketball star Adonis Jordan led the jayhawks to a couple of final fours in the early nineties Adonis Jordan is 48 today. And happy birthday to one of the great Kansas City Chiefs football players of all time Willie Lanier great linebacker down eight. Straight Pro Bowl appearances. He's in the college football hall of fame he's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame he's in the he's had his number retired by the Kansas City Chiefs. Willie Lanier is 73. Today. Not the chiefs lost Super Bowl won the Packers. Thanks dram head coach the chiefs meet some guys on defense and one of the guys who went on draft with Willie on Nader bitter it to get worse. Help the chiefs win Super Bowl for a few years later had a fantastic professional career. Willie Lanier's 73 today speaking of the chiefs of course have our lie about pregame chat. With pre season Chad rather admit told us play by play voice of the chiefs coming up two hours about 8:15. This morning. And we'll talk a pre season football match achieves that and Friday night or Saturday. Obviously this would be Saturday and it says they played last Saturday morning battle a morning game and our Saturday in new engine yeah. Da Bears okay yeah. Sports was even Ted can assess that you permit six funny one now. And Fox News coveted jobs aren't coming up talking about drag queens rating for young children. Plus governor weather on the way stevens' testimony on Kate NSA us.