Wichita's dapper new street sweepers

Steve & Ted mornings
Friday, January 19th
The new "Sweepers of the Plains" clear a path for Editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal...

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Are right most that a little much you eat fat look Barcelona but yeah whole year is going to end up with a car. Godaddy gender and where it's detrimental to. He's 713 thirty in existing and good morning here in the and Friday. At least 48 down 03 big thing we need. Congress were to avoid a possible government shutdown with less than 24 hours from now. She is suspect arrested in the abduction and robbery of a woman in Wichita. Normal what you talked cops but using gambling investigation. Predate things even dead on tape and assess. Source traffic here in a Friday morning and we are previewing what will be a huge traffic. Stop it this weekend in the west Wichita disruption to ongoing never ending construction at you know launch and I 235 the entire intersection will be completely closed. Starting late this afternoon early this evening and going all the way into whenever they're finished hopefully by Monday morning yes and inconvenience so keep that in mind I hate to 35 and Kellogg will be closed all weekend long traffic update from KE NS sunny and breezy today with a high of 55 degrees for herself independent forty miles per hour. Gusting higher at times. Mostly clear and windy tonight the overnight low 35. Saturday mostly sunny tomorrow's highs again 55. Now mostly cloudy 28 degrees we have a south wind at fifteen. Miles per hour. 849 announced. Even Ted on kaine is says US oil production is booming. And is forecast to top that of heavyweights Saudi Arabia and rival Russia this year. A global energy agency said today in USA. You know those of us who can remember. The a mid seventies and the oil embargo this is something we probably about we'd never see. The International Energy Agency said its monthly market report that US oil production. Which has already risen to its highest level in nearly fifty years. Will push past ten million barrels a day and 2018. As higher prices entice more producers to start pumping. Higher prices and that people are probably more now about that. Recognizing a global waste problem. Coca-Cola will attempt to collect and recycle up bottles or cans. For every one that cells within twelve years. CEO James Quincy says Coca-Cola company has responsibility. To help solve the problem. A report issued last summer show that global industry. Has produced one a nine point one billion tons of plastic since 1950. And there's enough still in circulation to bury Manhattan under more than two miles of trash. Classic. Number and other graduate plastics. The hits. It's a product that's out there is there and gets thrown away the in massive quantities scientists are reporting progress on a blood test to detect many types of cancer at an early stage. Including some of the most deadly ones that lack screening tools now. This could be a major breakthrough. Many groups are working on liquid biopsy tests which look for DNA and other things that tumors shed in the blood. To try to find cancer before it spreads when chances. For a cure our best obviously the test is nowhere near ready for huge yet it needs to be validated in a larger study already underway in the general population. Rather than just cancer patient to see if it truly work to help stabilize best measure of a screening test about yourself. You take one test and they can say hey. Looks like you've got this or you could could be getting that move. I was at the dermatologists the other day for treatment. Yeah and had little nitrogen freeze gone a few spots but did you gotta say a top this stuff gotta make sure yet keep yourself fit. 851 now Stephen dead on K and essayist trouble and a possible brighter future for what you talked company editor bill Roy though which top business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve he had the big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today what's next for SA NT media to downtown Wichita tech company. Was touted as a Wichita success story at tech company in the air capital. But it was hiring tech employees living big clients and impressing which is top leaders something changed in 2017. Now the original company leaders are gone and SNT is considering bankruptcy. Which is obviously playing carry a warning is taken over as CEO and and after right the ship he says he believes in SN tease people at its products. And will work to get it back on track the company is facing several lawsuits centers down to about three dozen employees. It's located in the high touch building at 110 south main. This week we spent ten minutes with Mark Kirk of Carson bank is taking over as the the president of the Wichita a manufacturing association. He tells us he expects a year promoting the industry and helping with the educational needs of workforce and demand. Coke is America rather has been a banker since 1994. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS Santa went to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Why don't you use Kellogg when you drive to work in the morning I do not. Patty get around and an earlier Al west how to get around him what you do not reasonable margin in the central plain first street visibility he takes whichever route the motorcade Jews know well. Huh try what that whatever my limo driver besides they run low he legally in the history. I 235 and kilo will be closed a later on today and end she'll probably about 6 o'clock. It's Monday morning. Just gonna have to avoid that just entirely where yeah you're gonna go out to a target on the west siders when it I don't know what to do it weakens it doesn't matter that. But at the did you happen to hear about the new street sweepers in Wichita. I hear that mayor Jeff Long miles and something about it but what did you think he got the it is his city flag all members of the list but it looks they do it looks Nancy. I thought it's amusing when the sweepers of the planes vehicles we called a squeeze series is run on the planes and there was barely a barely a hitter he was expecting a bit laugh a few out. Well he whose seal are used to they even know what the keeper of the planes this baby nurse at. You got to set it up a little bit better mayor Longwell it was assembled members of the media yeah. All the media is no laughing mood nine moderate but her sense of humor there and other merge the usually Shirley media there just looking for some change in Maryland will arbor with the potential I'd jump on with both feet. The play. Not so funny up today as national popcorn day. I've been a popcorn lovers intimacy we led. He now. Nothing better than some hot buttered popcorn with one hand on it and he got that right somebody is actually popped up to get out in the break area here about. Nine bags of the microwave pop really. Surprised announced mallet. I did he regrets not getting it down the hallways but nine bags of popcorn I in his office and not one of them burn the no there's not as not a single kernel burned. You believe that. About them usually doesn't happen national popcorn miracle celebrate a K 850 eight Stephen Ted coming up Kate assist news at the prosecutors in connection with the gambling investigation. That story coming Einstein the dead on tape and assess.