Wildfires continue to rage across California

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

Guest: ABC's Jason Nathanson live from Santa Rosa, California.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case in this as sporting news was Stephen Hadley high speed iTunes on. Girls will be allowed in the cub scouts we've got the story. Broomfield woman. Silver alert still missing behind it Woodward those details just ahead. I'm Dan O'Neill and officials says the state works to find missing Foster children the major decision expected from president trump on Friday. And ABC's Linda Lopez that story. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday we go from one extreme to the other very cool air that moved in earlier this week. Now more summer like temperatures today are forecast is on the way. The boy scouts of America has announced it will allow girls into the cub scouts program starting at 2018. The decision to allow girls participation was unanimously approved by the organizations. Board of directors. The decision could open scouting up to hundreds of thousands of girls. Chief scout executive Michael Serb balked. Says the choice to admit girls will be up to local cub scout packs so as we bring young woman and we wanna make sure that are individual. Volunteer leaders of the pack level that they're prepared but they also need to make decisions as to whether they were remain an all boy pack or if they would have girls and boys and ball. Search continues for a rose hill woman featured in a silver alert. 86 year old Dixie Adair was last seen Monday morning leading to Kansas star casino near mold vein. Butler county under sheriff Tony will hike tells KS and news and air search was conducted yesterday. The Kansas Highway Patrol area and flew. Ralph's. As good as best they configure them from listeners residents who. To hear from then on in two Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma border. The search did not turn up any thing. A photo of it there and her car may be found in the news story on our web page at Tait and SS radio dot com a man was hospitalized after it was hit by car in a parking lot in southeast which at all. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Tuesday afternoon at a Dillon's grocery near. Harry and web driver of the SUV was a woman who had just finished shopping at the store. Between nine year old female was driving through parking lot and struck a 78 year old male who was walking near the guest homes. The mail was transported to an area hospital. In critical condition. That would stop please Barbara accidents all of investigators and critical accident team members responded. The woman who hit demand remained on the scene after the accident. A top state official. This Kansas works to find missing Foster care children swiftly but comments come after legislators expressed outrage after learning during a committee meeting Tuesday that more than seventy Foster children are missing. Department for children and families secretary Phyllis Gilmore said Wednesday that many missing children are located quickly and return to their Foster homes. Department officials and Foster care contractors noted that the percentage of Foster children who were missing is about 1%. That's in line with the national figure for Foster children who are runaways Dan O'Neill came assets news. 23 deaths are now connected to the devastating wildfires in northern California. Thousands of buildings have been lost many of them were homes. Using a break guys and heiress is sifting through his childhood home looking for anything made still recognizable. The cells in really didn't hear your feet afoot in passion and realizing that every photo if you as he grew up you know on their own gone. His parents left the house in a hurry as flames came racing through one able to grab much and now with so many people still missing the sheriff here worries more bodies will be found in the remains of these homes. Alex Downey ABC news Santa Rosa California gay and it says he used announced a little 4 formatted spent 7 o'clock. We have another elimination game in Major League Baseball playoffs action tonight to see who makes the final four. The have a preview coming up in. Or this president truck ready to announce his decision on the Iran that nuclear deal. That story coming up only KM -- morning news was even dead and a if this is morning. He did just now. 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. President trap is expected to make his decision on the Iran nuclear deal known Friday. The president may have already made his decision but telling Fox's Sean Hannity he wasn't willing to reveal it just yet I don't exactly what it reveals but I can't give it away tonight but it will be announcing. But he was standing firm on his criticism of the Obama era plan it's a great. Deal I am not saying anything different tonight than I have been sick for two years he's expected to decline to certify the deal and take the matter sanctions against Iran to congress on Capitol Hill even some Republicans originally critical of president Obama's plan urging the president to stay in and enforcing it. Lynda Lopez ABC news. Space X. Successfully launched its second rocket in as many days last night along Florida's space coast who. Or lift off from Florida's Kennedy space center at 653. PM hundreds watched from the observation platforms inflaming the white falcon nine rocket. Raced through the sky this one carrying Echostar won a five communications satellite. Into orbit eight and a half minutes later the first stage booster and landed on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Monday SpaceX successfully launched and landed a falcon nine from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Tony Marino ABC news' Orlando Florida. This is fire prevention week in which a tough fight a lieutenant Jose okay eighties says. There are activities planned every day this week there will be taking. Now our mobile prevention experience. Our fire safety house to a couple schools to teach them about the importance of smoke rises get no ago. Friday we will be throughout the city installed and smoke alarms. This juicy news every second counts planned way it planned to wage out. Similar mind now 9 minutes past 7 o'clock when Steven dead here on a Thursday morning it's. He uses it to go to traffic he said. He's over there munching on birthday cake right now dad's birthday at the edge if that's right right. Sure handle case. We've got that out in traffic right now. Traffic volumes picking up in the Wichita area but so far not seen it really slowing things down too badly out there all things considered. And gasoline price and with them this morning still around Q 25 gallon. Traffic update from K and as as radio I'm dead keepers I the case as this storm tracker three forecast now than Kansas today meteorologist. Taking western good morning KB. It is one of those days very paying a meteorologist news. Kind of men how shall I put it and challenging on the faith yet this weather's been fantastic. Yeah hi I've been enjoyed it didn't expect it may have to. Because it's got the days and I think yesterday it was gorgeous that I would know though when they ate the job it was phenomenal. Now today we're gonna warm up a little bit to yesterday while you're right dead in no no wind out there to blow surrounded. No severe weather in him just very very pleasant day. Right yet they are signal. Early today the wind really picked it up. Up out of that out we got it immediately I'm not our because of that that will warm it up quite a bit the we hit 67 yesterday but today all the top app router on median. Check out now we'll look at that of course the weekend just knock on the door peer review up Friday night football coming up tomorrow night what do you think. But I think should be fine it'll still be don't warm a little breeze the everything that I think I'll stay quiet went out looking at front chains that. The start until maybe late Friday night but more so Saturday evening we actually RD have a risk for severe weather in placed Burnett pay attention as Saturday. So today's about to forecast for today. Today get to block the. Sunshine eighty degrees in just got the outs win not eight Panthers. All right thank you Katie that's akin SS storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Katie western right now partly cloudy. 51 degrees we have a southeast wind at twelve miles per hour. The fires will allow these very. Virulent aggressive of fighters in a northern California are taken their tall and this morning we have that Jason Nathanson. Why would this in Santa Rosa good morning Jason. Yeah good morning there's a red flag fire warning for two days as there is more fear that the wind might pick up. And with these flames around yesterday those winds did not materialize. At least not the way that some had feared an overnight the fire kind of died down a little bit given recent update. From cal fire as to what the total acreage is right now standing this morning in total containment but. I can't tell you that when the major fires instead arose that the one that was so deadly. And so destructive is about 10% contained now with a chance of may be fighting that a little more aggressively today. Well 10%. Now we've seen what 3500 homes and businesses burned down and end of what idea the fatality till right now is what 26 I believe. Right now I think it's 43 confirmed fatalities and they think that that might go up because there's still. Ports of hundreds still missing they've accounted for there are over 600 reports of people missing they accounted for about 300 of those so they're still checking in to the other 300. And I and that might just be a matter of finding people not necessarily bad that many people. Might be dead camera out there but. There's still so much of this damage that they haven't been able to go through and that they. Start to go through a lot of these homes in they've been focused on trying to fight to firing get people out now they're gonna go and try to. You know go through some of these scenes. And when they do you undoubtedly the probably gonna find more body. To what do you see in their Jason when you're in bring your own eyes you're seeing what we see on video. And that is just looks like devastation for block after block like of like a big bombing at herself and now. Yeah it's one of those things that it's as bad as the pictures are it's so much worse. When he's here when you're actually standing in the middle of it not only because of what you're seeing but you know just the whole taking in the total in the air around you is still just. Killed with acrid smoke you see this total devastation in front of you which is just heartbreaking and you know that most of the people haven't had a chance to come in and see what they've lost they don't know they've assumed. But they don't know what they've lost or what they can possibly salvage some of the people have been lucky they've been command and been able to big group. Find a wedding ring here there are no one man found this dog tags which are really so important to him. The most people have not had a chance to comment and see what they can find out that. And the long term economic impact which is going to be devastating with so many businesses and even a couple of wineries have they have burned up price. Puget gonna be in the billions I mean maybe even I can't even tell you I. And that would be the impact of tourism is cute I got a chance to drive all round. The Napa Valley yesterday and look at the destruction. Several wineries just burned to the ground several vineyards fields that are you know which is gone and decimated. And the ones that are still there. There are sitting in smoke and they're going to be sitting in smoked for weeks to come wolf and anybody who knows you owe it to your barbecue and you know smokes expecting yeah and he deeds it's hard to get authentic flavor of everything. And he can't you I mean you just can't process smoky grapes. Not gonna make very good wines. And that can that impact the economy of these people hear the party lost so much and they're gonna lose money on top of. Jason hey thanks for your time this morning we appreciated ABC news correspondent Jason Nathanson. Live in Santa Rosa California. Or the the fire there just does it it only 10%. Contained in his area. Right there just devastating. Fighters in northern California. 715 now Stephen did it beautifully across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday 67. Normal high for the date is 72. And as we had a big day for jet chambers having a birthday today and he's going to celebrate front probably doing very little right to Janet. Alan dot bagged in a hammock and they'll probably get home mow my lawn. The exciting exciting life of the the on the radio personality or write him on. We'll have a birthday to you we appreciate it thank you being here on your birthday and we'll try to make it as pleasant for you is possible. I'm sure you'll do everything we can't make sure that Ted behaves itself right at yet. Babies at last he said nice babies yet we were able to Shelly and I. Spend some time with our granddaughter Sammy Joseph who is five. And we were up over there taking care for last at her mama dead my son and his wife and celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary by. Going out to have to find the mile and so and I get to sit out get out a floor there and play with him Biggio. The little figurines is that we had a good. And a before we went over there Ted we stopped in for a little. Pizza a little hoagie and a little Sarah salad at target for an pizza to mellow. Evening. And that's it that's a win win right there at. Who else build really and a villain Gretchen had its wedding anniversary I guess is we asked bill about that count out that it now be to just had a wonderful evening again. How can how can you beat that. Out of all the bases covered every time I leave. Pizza John I'm pretty happy ally who I had and it takes to I was good at a really good pizza with good people. I don't fondness 718 it was Steven did and it sports I would dead rubber got to well yet. Sports talk but we got several. Baseball and basketball stuff going on right now up in baseball or. Got five teams left competing for the World Series. Beat Cleveland Indians were eliminated last night after 52 loss to New York Yankees losing the last three games of that series yankees advance played the American League pennant. Tonight we have a deciding game five in the National League between the Chicago Cubs the defending World Series champions and the Washington national Washington won its. In the Chicago at Wrigley Field of five to nothing yesterday and cold rainy day to tie that series up at two games apiece. The last game deciding game five is tonight in the nation's capital nationals cubs live coverage begins at five there I'm sorry 6:30 this evening. In started about 7 o'clock with live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro basketball in the NBA Andrew Wiggins the former Kansas jayhawk has signed a five year extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves it will pay him 100. Fifteen. Million dollars. Andrew wigand's getting ready for a big season. So much more to accomplish you know many voters who may be too perfect you know Pope Leo I'm not going to play out our feet. You know we were here through great team book keepers for the team Staal who have been here for. We didn't averaged 24 point two game last season is only 22. Years old huge contract right there. Jim go volleyball. Cali college is ranked number six in the nation. And won again last night at home sweep in fort Scott's. Resets to zero. Ten wins in a row for Cali volleyball they're now 29. And four on the season. Ranked in the top ten. Sports Stevens said Kate in SS. About a nice prize packet from one of our listeners right here. I've got two bags of prairie fire coffee about a prairie fire travel mug and I'm giving you a twenty dollar gift card to Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers. Forty dollar gift prize right there about color number four coming now at 869. Thirteen thirty and it's great weather for drink and well it's always good river drink and prairie fire copyright Tenet then no doubt he'd always say. You know. If you don't drink heard her call for you work. Your boss doesn't look right. 719 delegates haven't thought Steven did keep her for Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrats turning on Hillary. After Harvey Weinstein. Over. Harvey Weinstein Stevens in the morning on K and assess now let's find out what's going on with the Kansas City Chiefs it's our men with Mets brought to you by rusty explored it.