Will out-of-town workers be needed to fill job openings at Spirit Aerosystems?

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 8th

A local business update with editor Bill Roy of the Wichita Business Journal


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That you and 847 now Steve intend on kaine is says three big things three. Senator Al Franken calls it quits so wildfires burning across Southern California line. Cedric county says no to Tyson chicken plant. Three big things David dead on Afghanistan. Draft update we just in the last couple minutes got their board of hit and run traffic accident in east widgets on Kellogg and rock. My job for that traffic brought to you by Joseph do brother and Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown market and Waterman and east cherry street mall and online at Carl's hired dot com. It's the home of the 3495. Oil change Joseph Bravo and Carl's Goodyear tire. Partly sunny and warmer today with a high of 44 degrees mostly clear tonight the overnight low 27. Saturday sunny tomorrow's high 47 now mostly cloudy 23 degrees southwest wind well miles per hour the windshield he is the eleventh. Kate has asked whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramp suburban to Christie's in the state of Kansas. The monarch over to military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. 8:48 Stevenson in the morning and coming up next week you know on Tuesday. Is our seventh annual share capital chorus Christmas radio tower. It starts at 7 o'clock the Scottish rite center grand dining room first and to speak admission. Nonperishable food items or monetary donation this Tuesday a fund raiser benefit for the Kansas food bank and and I. Our but we're going to be yeah well wherever the stars don't they at the top of the cast this is like an all old style radio show the tees it. And we lie audience you'd come watch. And and we record the whole thing and played pac. On Christmas morning at 8 o'clock it's a tradition now. In which to seven years Ted's going to be in the show again this year so I'm pretty excited about it. Yet no way to work in front of a live audience at will have a ball now that's fun next week US employers adding a robust 228000. Jobs in November. The site of the job market's and during strengthen its ninth year of economic recovery Labor Department says. The unemployment rate remained at a seventeen year low of four point 1%. How about that and is there a dollar general store in your neighborhood. Well I quite probably. The discount chain announced Thursday that it plans to open 900 news story line in 2018 for the second year in a row. Dollar General did not say how many new jobs openings could create. Dollar General has become a shopping staple across camcorders let story. Currently has more than 141000 stores in 44 states a 35% increase from five years ago. And by the end of the year more than three in four Americans will live within five miles of Dollar General. The company noted on the call and surprise me in beans and that's of course that's probably where bill will do most of his Christmas shopping. For Gretchen this year absolutely fit. If that at the game is big news this week for which does and bill Roy and drug habit though but just Gerald Weathers this morning to morning bill. Absolutely you know talk about Dollar General we went to Vanderbilt game acting state played in Nashville. Went through southern Missouri and Tennessee and every small. Town that we went through had a dollar camp well it's quite a marketing its leaders and by the way quickly amazing before we talk about the other stuff you get it. The basketball team case states in town this weekend here in Wichita that's right to negotiate right now I'm heading up to the chiefs gave him. I won't be able to see him at a at a oh well tell us about that with the big news. Absolutely the big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal it's Friday so it's out on the streets today more details on Spirit Aerosystems decision. To invest a billion dollars in its switch atop facilities and its creation of a thousand new jobs. Then who's expected to create more jobs obviously beyond the halls of spears. Production rate increases mean more work for the companies that supply Spirit Aerosystems leaders say that could be as many as 3000 more jobs. Spirit decision also the top of the this week's biz talk with Bill White podcast. Davies reporter an annual corn and I provide details beyond just the announcement including projected salary levels for the new jobs and timeline for construction of the new facilities work we'll get started sending. And this week we spent ten minutes with Wichita art in order Cassandra Bryant fumes Cassandra Bryant design 31 years old started a company at the age of 23. She talks about being a young entrepreneur or enhancement buys for others who are thinking about starting a business. Local breaking business news every day on candid assassin Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal du Roy. I'm in were wondering out spirit. If enough people are going to be fill all those jobs here over the future you know. Dep in its and then you know WA TC the Wichita area technical colleges going to play an important part of that and in that and yeah I heard talking earlier about are they going to be. People from Wichita are from outside Wichita I would think they would have to be delivery it's Paramount of them outside worry it's only now and it. By the way can attempted maybe united to edit it make make human you know you know like. Bull package three guys for the price I want to do their DR Al and yeah. But it's not going to and another going to hire one guy for the price of three days ago so there ego that. By the way we probably wouldn't be very good PR. Appease public relations right out all right we got pretty well every day don't. Well me I doubt I've senior workers crowded public I mean that is the that hearty hand past few years that it's exactly a fair that nearly sincere Griese you're interview is that. Establishing a relationship that's the disciples its networking body networking out up. Today is national brownie days are talking about the not the end of the Girl Scouts front of the brownies that she eat you know the they were created in the United States the end of the nineteenth century. It's a cross between a cookie and cake. And museum became very popular across your business is what it is only at that ride and you know you've heard what did you this is the end it was on this date in 1969. Mitt saint Shelley. And we begin our raw red letter day in hand their relationship which she has endured for 47 plus years. Right. They'll bless her heart. All you've got to say. Well you know they I've professed my love for saint Chilean. Close for you to him in and and I I'm impressed with the guys to go around a long time and we're we're trying to catch up with you. Well Milliken city was bless your heart for. But entering listener I'm betcha also agreed to an 854 Stephen Ted coming up in just nine minutes. Al Franken quitting the senate seat at the morning on CNN assess. This is where you get to hear this tax parent. The 2017. Kansas City Chiefs are on your radio all season long chiefs 2017. Listen to Kansas City Chiefs football on 987 and thirteen thirty K in assets brought to you by taco.