Will the roads be crowded this Thanksgiving holiday?

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

Guest: Jennifer Haugh, AAA Kansas


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 48 o'clock this is the case and adjust accordingly as if he's dead twenty Macintosh. Wichita has its first female fighter chief we've got the story. Fire destroyed a warehouse in new behind it Woodward those details just ahead. Sort of man has been sentenced for a cyber crime against Cedric county. Find it on the field I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. The entire month of November so far has been well below normal when it comes to temperature but could we set a record high today. It's possible our forecast coming up. Tammy snow of thirty year veteran of the Wichita fire department has been appointed fired chief following a national search. Snow has served as interim chief since July when Ron Blackwell retired he. Snow is a first. Email chief of the which stopped her department which was founded in 1886 I am only the fire chief because. I surround myself with some very very good people. You know we've got a great apartment with a lot of very innovative very aggressive very in team personnel. And I fanned out to need to serve with them and then you're only as good or yelling win with a successful people. So again working for the department in 1988 she served as a firefighter lieutenant captain battalion chief then division chief and Tony eleven. Snow will oversee a nearly 46 million dollar budget and about 425 employees. Firefighters and hardy county were called the scene of the fire in a structure next to a grain elevator that fire began in a co op building on main street in north Newton. City of Newton spokeswoman Erin McDaniel tells KS in news fire crews from Newton Halstead and Heston worked together trying to bring the blaze under control. Firefighters have had to take a defensive position outside the building. It takes longer and it makes it more difficult to fight the fire but it's certainly the most safe position for our firefighters to the end. Fire officials say the blaze was called under control by 930 last night. But there were flare ups that did continue their were no injuries no hazardous materials were involved in the blaze the cause of that fire remains under investigation. A man sitting in a truck was shot to northeast which 129 it would launch. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it was a man and woman on a front porch in the Tony 900 block of north of meadow oak and another couple and a truck. And I don't suspect approached the residents on foot brandished a handgun and was demanding property. That pat was taken. And then the suspect approached the truck. And also gained him in a property. As a suspect was walking away from the truck one shot was fired through the driver's door. Which struck the 28 year old male in the leg. Police believe the shooting might have something to do the transaction involving drugs. A man from Georgia has been sentenced to more than two years in federal prison for taking part in a scheme that cost Sedgwick county in excess of half million dollars. James told authorities someone contacted him in September 2016. Asking to deposit money into account in Georgia he spent some of the 566000. Dollars and transferred some to banks in China and Germany. The other person allegedly sent an email to separate county. Claiming to represent construction company Corning Owens sons asking the county to San future payments to a new account number. The county learned later that the email was not from corneal. Dan O'Neill ping an SS news. Now it's up to the senate after the house passed a Republican tax cut package Republicans are one step closer to a major legislative goal of rewriting the tax code. We're excited about going through the legislative process. Going to congress getting this done making this bill even better. House speaker Paul Ryan wants a tax bill on the president's desk by Christmas the senate where Republicans have just two votes to lose could take up its own measure after Thanksgiving. But so far at least five GOP senators are not yet on board they cite concerns over business tax rates repeal of the health care law's individual mandate. In what the bill could do to the deficit. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Minnesota senator Al Franken taking hits from both sides of the aisle. After he was accused of sexual harassment senator Al Franken releasing a lengthy statement of apology. After a Los Angeles morning personalities accusations of his advances during a USO tour in 2006. As for the photo of him grabbing her breasts while she's asleep on a military cargo plane. Franken says I look at it now and I feel disgusted with myself it isn't funny it's completely inappropriate and he will cooperate with the ethics investigation. Liane tweet in response the apology sir I accepted yes I mean Pete people make mistakes and of course senior made mistakes and yes I do accept that apology she isn't asking him to step down says she came out now to save all the other women to years of bottled up anger. Teresa Crowley Fox News. What is the jobs picture looks like for the year ahead in south central Kansas Jeremy hill director of the center for economic development and business research at Wichita State University. Tells K Unisys news. Our forecast for which talks is to grow by point 4%. They have some context that is about where we've been brewing for the last several years. It is up and down just last month we grew up more than. Point 4% but when you average it out I think that says that pretty consistent slow growth expectation. Jeremy pillows are against this weekend and issues funny 17 Sunday morning at eight on KE NN assess. Interesting time now eagle 44 minutes after the clock. And we're about ten minutes away from our live a weekly chat with Mick told us play by play voice of the chiefs previewing chiefs game on Sunday mentioned ten minutes spending a little less on your Thanksgiving table that story coming up. On the tape and as a sporting news with Steven tennis. Join us more things right here on pain and the S and the kid and as a sporting news was even there about 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. New information on a homicide early Wednesday a man shot and killed in Wichita near 31 street south of hydraulic. Victim is identified as Michael Nelson. 51 year old male which job. In arrested is a cure me Honeycutt. 37 year old male. I'll Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says is suspect was arrested Wednesday afternoon he was booked into jail on. Charges of murder possession of a firearm by a felon in possession of drug paraphernalia. Trans Canada has shut down part of Keystone Pipeline because the large oil spill. Trans Canada is reporting in more than 200000. Gallon spill from keystone one south of the pumping station in Marshall county South Dakota. Anthony swift is the director of the natural resource defense council's Canada project. He says these common stills make their case for why keystone XL shouldn't be built. Especially with transporting tar sands crude which he says his dirty air in harder to clean up. The operation record of keystone one is really proved our case on. The numbers still these pipelines experience we've certainly learned with some of these larger stills that they have been more devastating then that previously expect. TransCanada says deep pipeline from Alberta to Oklahoma and Illinois is shut down during the investigation. Jack skip Rosenthal Fox News. We can be thankful. Or lower prices on Thanksgiving staples to feed ten people Thanksgiving dinner this year the American Farm Bureau Federation says expect a shell out 49 dollars and twelve cents. They had 75 cents less than last year's average the main driver for the price drop. The cost of Turkey is a little power and the cost of a Turkey makes up about half of what the entire meal costs. A sixteen pound Bernal cost an average of 22 dollars this year about 32 cents less than last year till NATO Fox News. Kate is just use time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock still pretty foggy out there visibility kind of an issue this morning. Be careful. We had a respite from that yesterday but all this week it's just been kind of foggy and misty in grave so hopefully. Everyone's getting used to it but another day of it this morning. Traffic updates from Kate and as as radio I'm jazz chambers and now the forecast with king Unisys staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with a mostly cloudy start today we could have some patchy areas of drizzle. But the big warmup expected this afternoon or high 77. And by the way the record high is 78 setback in 1999. So if we see it breaking cloud cover we could even get warmer. Windy tonight are low 45. ME clearing him much cooler Saturday with a high 56. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays and now. Followed a missed 59 degrees you've got to south we ended eighteen miles per hour. Prairie fire coffee that's an American right now and if you're not drinking prairie fire cooperative work. Your boss doesn't let you 811 was Steven did it looks like a record number of Americans are going to travel for their Turkey this year that's what we're getting from not AAA. The American Automobile Association saying some 51 million people getting their root for the holiday with us this morning is Jennifer hall. From Tripoli Kansas quemoy Jennifer nice to have you witnessed. Good morning. So what are what are we predicting here for travel for Europe for Americans. Well like you know that you and many people across the country are going to be hitting the road. I mean barely being and there out further than a mile. And that the 3.3. Percent increase over last years about the dirtier air wrote on. So what's behind it does more gas prices. I think it'd we're now you know even a gap practice or start or kicking up just been here and there we're still the third lowest in 2008 in gas prices aren't in debt. A tremendous contribution to why people are getting on the road that. There's a huge increase in air travel to that I percent increase this year so a lot of people are are taking lightly taking longer trips this year it. You have statistics for folks in Kansas or just the nationals. We have our our region which included a couple of other state okay four point one million people take interest. I try to sit down right Jennifer giving them in the god given that in please sure at four point one million. In our region so our region include minute edit it varied. North Dakota and cracked up to cut. There's when you travel to play like select things like both staying in them motels and hotels spending many restaurants things like that right now what about this though they did you know usually I would go and smooch off my relatives want extra. What do you think what. Well you're looking at I think you're going to be statement a lot of many ready flying order writing and the things that have gone up a little bit irk car rental rate that are. At the level due to the demand of people taking those trips. So you're you're gonna still be paying alimony if you decide that maybe not beat that house guests and eight year old hotel. Our and so he by the green Kansas were some of us are gonna throw written maybe baby go for 15100 miles on Everest a pretty close by itself but. Looks like it's going to be. Do you think maybe some records set on this this that weekend. Yes and and you can certainly. Check our Tripoli dot com website for the fuel finder. And you can sort of plot cheer route and you are he'll pregnant or the low at the content of scheduled vote stops the and that thing. Bit yeah you're you're going to be a lot company on the road. Edit edit the arm and in the air and I gentlemen thank you for that make up. Thank you for being with us we appreciate your time this morning as Jennifer Hawke who's with Tripoli Kansas. Talking about some records could be shipment comes to. Travel for Americans coming up in the Thanksgiving. Weekend 814 now Stephen dead got an update. On a story from yesterday a suspect has surrendered. In a McDonald's breaking in which a woman swing used her way through a drive through window. Police say 27 year old Jessica Marie cross of Springdale Maryland turned herself in. He's charged with burglary and theft after a widely seen survey surveillance video shows a woman warming her way in through the window after restore our day. It also shows you're helping yourself to a soft drink. And making off for the box of items yes you are correct yesterday I am predicting that was pretty good video of her that she would be caught pretty cleanly millions of people police say cross stole 14100 dollars in cash. A purse food and some happy meal toys. There's something I value they also say crosses. Scene trying to remove her fingerprint and disable the surveillance system. The amazing part of this story having seen miss crosses out she could get through that small window. Are they fifteen Stevens did you know that means did you are. Friday morning we haven't talked image for awhile but it it has been a few days. But they told us that went by Playboy density team sport. After a week off the chiefs getting ready for a road game on Sunday visiting the New York Giants and it's time for a weekly chat with Mitch holds us. Play by play voice that she is good morning match. Good morning. Theodore good morning. Good morning the American Express it that make this possible Gregory known you know that the treaty cardinal. I can about those gals and guys there but they're they're awesome and what they do. In the that you direct current lending but a lot of folks that are persona double income payments and what you talk and work and now and have a place in the country they work with them as well. Into a check about Agilent dot com. And a lot of people that are directly involved in agriculture listen to the segment direct I'm surprised how many analyst at this segment. It's really trustees and but as you know artists belong there are better here. Arc and true. Here we are after a bye week the chiefs getting edit visiting the New York Giants the chiefs have never particularly played very well in the meadowlands against either New York team but. The chiefs have never won a road game against the giants ever. Pamper this system and history of modern civilization. Maybe somewhere in the Inca empire the chiefs but they haven't done it. At least since we've been a country that's an amazing stat actually ducked that one out. Earlier this week on really and it's one of those over a couple of real. It's the old. We're seeing. There's 32 teams in the NFL vs chiefs don't play themselves on the road. So this is the only team only franchise. To the barber when you're on the road. So our workers and it's our. That's time to get that done on Sunday and get that out of the record books as of what is the medical chart look like is some of these guys healed up yet. Mentally night. Great questions Steve because you would think after the bar that would generally you are the paper well not so much my friend Lee Corso would say. As you would put on the shocker head in the pocketbook. It isn't it appeal. We got or that are of concern. The long term injuries before with a back injury. And this is going on now almost a month and I'm not exactly sure where it's gone. Al Wilson junior. I had a hamstring problem credit probably get back to fast I don't know you try to get better quickly against Oakland and that sent him back. Not sure he's going to be able to go factor it they get ergo all then I'm Ali try to come back against balanced weeks ago. In. He didn't have any training Kia. And that your ago reactor to try to come back to separate. I was on the injured list and have the biggest one for the game would be Allen Bailey hole. There's been a very steady and stable for years on the defensive line. And he's held open the problem in the developed in our thought it would be up and ready to go but he's not that the president muted news's. That the offensive line looks like a trip to go full throttle. Full throttle for the first time really since. The third week of the season and that's the last time we saw Greenland get to the end zone aren't the phenomenal looking back also would help speed by the time. Christians that means the running game could be cranked up and when that when her energy doing well all of a sudden the pan around and it. Exactly when you crank up this is Gregory in a turnabout. That's the system are going in the field. Good Korean model that you have to get back is they're explosive rocket. And I don't mean just get 456 yard score will do that. But it if you recall when the trees were five and oh he was people in our forties and fifties and sixties and it's so they've got to get that back in there or what they do. Current infrastructure. And moving the chains been a concern have a little bit of trouble lately on third downs. Yeah after him the best in the league but you don't try to like talk about talk recurring camp you guys. The golden triangle third down red zone that you minute Jesus would invest heavily in the criminal offense are going. But the third down numbers are really slipped below average in the National Football League. In matters trinity somewhat of a dramatic properties. However. Alex ripped the still the top rated quarterback in the NFL and nominal eight touchdowns it is one pick. Battery in the congress believe and also. You know they just be in part of that rugged kind of get into the because if they get cream heart going again they'll get some of those first downs trick with the skirt short. After the fight and no start chiefs have dropped three out of four or did the bye week come at a nice time for rejuvenation here at this midway point. Perfect time couldn't be better. In here's the short term long term the short term ordered mentioned some guys repression richer and it it. But when you look at the calendar the long term levity if you're going to get the Minneapolis which is the promised land this year it is essentially. What about the halfway point from the beginning of training in all the way back to our earth straining their reports. July 31 or August 1 that you take that have a three month march. You'll get to near here. And then you're gonna do it it's almost a stream of mark to get him to Minneapolis so it was a perfect time physically mentally and emotionally. Course the giants. Might be good to everybody wants the giants on their schedule next week then they are not playing well they've haven't won a home game this year they have been decimated by injury. And they are spiraling down the drain but sometimes you gotta in the NFL is the kind of once have to watch out or some weeks. This is Gregory note on contract an appeal on that war that he's not trivial and there's a lot of weeds in this real for the New York. And probably the most disappointing team in the NFL when you look at the expectation. They made the playoffs last year and this year to be one minute. However there dangerous. We've talked about a three years with the NFL not college football this is an Alabama playing outlets and state. But that decision. He pushed reports there are lessons statements. Through eastern Michigan it's not that and so fast that the the Denver bronco. Is that your jets one win ruin the democracies wrote that it was at Denver and it. The original first victims of the excerpts of Trevor from him right for the past. The giants ran downhill Orleans star or. They've been challenged this week whether coach has been very dysfunction at an element or. It's sometimes are seeing that rally in the that you have to take care of business here crush these guys ought. T so the giants on Sunday is it pregame coverage begins at 11 o'clock Sunday morning ticked off at high noon. They told us we'll have the call right here on your home of the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty KMS as the Mets I must ask you Kyra this chiefs giants matchup on Sunday. Somehow relate to Wichita State's shocker football as part of ray bought a sucker for what it is that he sees update. Other slowness so obvious it or apologize and advance. That the number ten comes to mind here to hand the number ten was rollovers that yet this this. Opera segment dedicated medal at the pop up but just. 230 in that respect about. And back he looks Japanese these tent thinking and that's great source doctor are. Well of our league positions I was in the segment every week ten. And it's an impacted number can be viewed at what it. I think anxious people. Or you can email. And it hurts the character. And she told witness. It's it's it's a little bit you know it goes for about loading in his little brain and it'd be only bring. Player ever drafted by the Wichita State are on the subsidy program by the New York. That he actually so we have ordered that they actually spoke for years we talked about in Hamburg bank. Wore number it and for the New York. If you digger and deepen our urban Google paper mistreated. Yeah there's a great team photo that you'll find a potentially still he has. Because he played behind white civil yet. Or so how much playing time you Finkel thank god and not much one game now played one game but there's no past. There's no run I think he came in for maybe a couple plays into the all law maybe discredit to order Alex Webster and then ran off the field. That edit stuff parent and I are trying to keep their role I don't know the story picnic started universe why. Some are from Oklahoma went to Hawaii. Came back to cost to build community college that's Corey got to which they'll stagger the universe of what you saw it put their rights fees would rank on. He gets drafted by the giants in 1964. Missed extra. But you're playing behind why turtle it's like being behind Tom Brady year. I mean on an all time ain't gonna happen so but he's in the team picture saw. He's there and he photographed. In they had. In the Atlanta Falcons committed an expansion team or an upper every right it's the mean machine. It's a pain he tries it out what the rockets. It's 66 being in debt doesn't work you get caught. Credit for the experience and 66 or hypocrisy in that Tripoli and for the 49ers that didn't go so good year and goes back to one of the farm club. In the east but are they can report dedicated old number ten actually below the hurt at all. Ever to play but he universe of Wichita sledge Wichita State. This serves about when you can have it actually stall number there and if you don't have a program so bring it directed at Steve Berger are. Thank you get there midge had a good column the meadowlands bring back lit area programmer Circuit Court bigger but armament critic Eric brought. Or number curb it. Nader for the Hannity morning medicine it was even Ted Johnson talked about. CNN president trough and The Beatles here all the way Stevens head.