A win for the Jayhawks in Iowa

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

KU beats Iowa State 83-77 in Ames.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news JE SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. 2 o'clock this is the case and assists for users to even dead thanks Steve Macintosh. Chicago police officers shot and killed we've got the story. Kansas has a new lieutenant governor and could look toward those details are just ahead. But Campbell bill with a open access to believe body camera videos I've family. I'm KLSX meteorologist Dan holidays. You might fall in love with the weather on this Valentine's Day. It would be very warm this afternoon we'll talk about how long that lasts and what to expect coming up in the forecast. The Chicago police officer who shot and killed just outside this state building. Commander Paul Bauer was on his way to City Hall for a meeting when he got a call about him. And running away from a police send the dollar was shot by the suspect later died at the hospital. Superintendent Eddie Johnson says a city of Chicago needs to support the fallen commander's family. Oh what you ought to know how important it is for us. Not just the police department at the city. There we support his family. Because they're lean and Thomas now his family paid a huge day. To keep the citizens of this city safe and we old. We owe them. Power is the first police Chicago off Chicago police officer killed since 2011 he leaves behind a thirteen year old daughter. Got a bit contentious yesterday at the Wichita City Council meeting during the public rigid a portion of Tuesday's Wichita City Council meeting the atmospheric got heated when passer teenage girls from Wichita city church spoke out it's reportedly Wichita police department. This was after which it since Robin all error and Brenda fields had voiced their concerns about recent W peavy shootings. Law. Pouring gas on the floor. Yeah. Excuse me Clinton not Jean genie. Folks please be respectful. No one is yelling when you're at the podium. Everyone is respectful of your opportunity come and share with his body. Republicans did a portion of City Council meetings has been highlighted in recent weeks with citizens speaking out against police shootings here the city. Ronnie Price KN SS news Kansas governor Jeff collier is that 41 year old Tracy man deserve as the State's next lieutenant governor. The governor announces appointment during it Kansas livestock association dinner in Topeka. Mend tells KS and news he's extremely grateful for the opportunity I can't. Way to serve first it is lieutenant governor generally talk about the issues that matter which are jobs. In growing the economy and helping agriculture can do better. Man is a commercial real estate broker and farmer from Salina he will be sworn in today ahead of a visit to for him and the governor in Wichita and two of the Cargill and relations under. And speak the employees. Kansas senate committee is considering a bill would improve access to audio and video recordings from police body and vehicle camera. All Lawrence journal world reports the bill would require law enforcement to produce within 24 hours recordings to the personal videos close family members and attorneys. Current state law requires police provide the recordings to the subject their parents of the person as a miner that person's attorney or the person's error of the subject nine. Several law enforcement organizations spoke against the bill Dan O'Neill Kate and SS. News a number of shootings in New Orleans while Mardi Gras celebrations occurred on trove Tuesday. A man shot in the head and later died at the hospital police commander Paul Knoll explains how the shooting started. Around 315. This afternoon a fight broke out on union street between wonder what saint Charles. Quite often very broad during that fight so my discharge of viral several times. A second person shot in the leg and in Lower Ninth Ward to two people were killed in different shootings. The White House is still facing questions about former staffer rob. Order the White House claims the background check into one of its former staffers accused of hitting his ex wives had been ongoing. However the FBI director appear to contradict that timeline. The FBI. Submitted. A partial report on the investigation and question in March. And then a completed background investigation in late July. Director Christopher Wray is well at the other chiefs of the intelligence community spoke before this senate Intel committee. To get updates on global threats from North Korea to China and Russia. The chiefs unanimously said they believed to Russia had to medal in the 2016 election. And would try again. In Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. K Unisys news I'm now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Road actions of the Kansas Jayhawks last night how did things go in Ames well we'll have highlights your coach self thought coming up in sports little trouble for an. Applebee's restaurants in Missouri. That story coming up on McCain as a sporting news as Stevens head dipped. This is sporting news as David says now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Applebee's has temporarily close to Missouri restaurant. And fired three employees. Due to falsely accusing to black women of dining and dancing. Applebee's said in his statement that it doesn't tolerate racism bigotry or harassment. Statement said it has it was closing the restaurant in the independents senator shopping mall so employees can regroup. Learn and grow. Fast food chains have been gearing up for saint Valentine's Day. White castle KFC and other fast food places trying to lure sweethearts for sliders Fries and fried chicken on Valentine's Day like castle last and offering reservations on Valentine's Day for nearly thirty years expect to surpass the 20000 people they serve last year Panera Bread wants couples to get engaged and it's cafes those who do could wind catering for the wedding from the restaurant KFC is Kenny at scratch and sniff Valentine's Day cards that give off a fried chicken a drama Lisa let's Barack. Fox News Southwest Airlines has slapped with a lawsuit for booting an American citizen awful flight. After he had been heard speaking in Arabic. My real name Max zooming is an American citizen having come to the US is an Iraqi refugee. He says in 2016. He was taken office southwest plane in Los Angeles. After another passenger got nervous hearing Macs in me speaking Arabic on a cell phone. Tuesday he filed a lawsuit against southwest claiming civil rights violations discrimination and emotional distress stemming from Islam phobia. Monks in me says he was talking to his uncle on the phone. After attending a dinner featuring United Nations Secretary General banking loan chill NATO Fox News. Pay an assist used time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. We have eighty. Traficant than you'll want to try and watch out to Harry can't say and again. Injury traffic accident there at ferry and cinecast. You'll want to avoid the area at this time traffic on Kate and as fast brought you by Judith Robin throws Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman. Even Terry street mall and online at Carl's tired dot com home of the 34 and 95 oil change. Another forecast with the assistant beetlejuice Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with a low clouds and patchy fog across south central Kansas in May be a slow start to warming up forest temperatures are expected to be about 25 degrees above average is we go into the afternoon. With a gradual clearing sky. Gusty southwest winds today close to seventy for the high. Likely stay around 52 overnight. Windy tomorrow with a high 73 find KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now called me just 43 degrees south wind at seventeen miles per hour. Take an assess whether brought you by the monarch voted one of the best suburban bars in America. I don't fervor in the rebuke located at 579 Chris Douglas in historic delayed over the monarch. Eleven now Steven in two. Heads to Connecticut state police say they finally got the scoop on the poop. State police said they arrested a 43 year old woman in connection with human excrement deposited on three separate occasions in the middle of the same cul-de-sac. In east grand beat Connecticut. Holly Malone was charged with misdemeanor breach of peace. He lives a few miles away from the cul-de-sac in secondary breach of peace. Troopers say a motion activated camera set up after the second incident in November recorded belongs car. Voters in Malone told him she's lactose intolerant but sometimes each dairy products and she stopped in the middle of the cul-de-sac because she couldn't make it about from time. Police say she apologized she stopped their three times in the same spot that Alan must've been very good consistent person you know with her. The bowel habits. And interest in an interesting story. All right to everybody likes a good psychic right Ted you you have worked for psychics but the Alley and we now. And a fascinating fascinating a Maryland woman who claims to be a psychic has been convicted of scamming people again. Gina Marie mart to work under the name Natalie Miller. Plead guilty last week to multiple counts of felony theft or stealing 340000. Dollars from five people who sought help with their troubles. Mark said she would return all the payments she got to maintain your services are real. Police learned of march in 2016 and a woman said marks a paid march for love spells. But got suspicious from the charges begin approaching 80000 dollars. Marks pleaded no contest and guilty to similar charges in 2009 and in 2010. In Florida now she's in Maryland apparently. They didn't believer that you do that. On this date this is of course. February 14 Valentine's Day 2018 on this date in 1962. The First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducted a televised to the White House in a videotape special that was broadcast on CBS and NBC in stunning black. Why yes several nights later on ABC it was rough it was rough and done. Charles Collingwood maybe have been hosed I watched it I remember that well a lot of Americans did because it was fascinating written most Americans never you. Had to read and to receive the White House much less have the First Lady go through every room and give you some really if you was great. Interesting information about every room. And I admit I'd never heard Jackie Kennedy talked before the firstly animal ate what 1112 years old guy. It's experience off or a student yeah. And here's is beautiful and it's it's apparently knew everything about the White House I think she'd been there it's redecorating two guests she the Kennedy and a updated the White House now that it it's already every few years now. But it was fascinating. I think Everton and again I think that be fun to have them do that again but they have somebody in Yemen mrs. bush if somebody but David the TV show I think. Yesterday big day in Liberal, Kansas yes Gaby. Cora Ko or villas of liberal. Reclaim the title as winner of the annual international pancake day races each wrote Tuesday erase yeah. Yep she ran the 415 yard race for the time of 10885108. Point 85 that was about two and a half seconds faster than Katie goat off. Who ran a similar rates and only England with a time of 111 point four USA. USA. I was watching some video. Just a few minutes ago of the breaks today that they have to flip the pancake at all that you have to flip the pancake at least at the beginning and end of the Reynolds had estimated at least want him lets you didn't look like they were doing all during the race itself but now easily the meat of the race. Getting distance that's of course a tradition and in liberal every year congratulations to the liberal bunch liberals won quite a few times I think and they leave the series 3829. Now overall. That's a first win since when he fifteen ranked. Today is Ash Wednesday lent begins and I have a graciously volunteered to give up for let tattoos I will not get a tattoo during lent. I think it's but it sacrificed a few Ted yeah not really OK but Kaduna bungee jumping or skydiving either but he of that today. Quite ambitious agenda you sit out there as well Brill cream for my hair back. Hey. Now let me as you are. You've got home but only B list over the in my life in my life observed plants every year and does he's given up beat Furlan she's not gonna have any beef and you've. Loves a good hamburger steak which makes it stick deficient. Chicken in she's only goes so far as got a lot of if I would start I would. I would mean you'll do that submitted a starter I got start it in foul mood. Hour after a couple days of chicken and officials like OK yeah I even Eva even Strauss mounted a safe house gets old gets on. If you go to stretching get the chicken and he gets up and house out. You don't wanna do it every day now that you don't need ice cream for every meal Esther arc of where pastor let's talk about politics for a minute Shelley why. I don't know like to see can be fund. Really. I'll just talk about this Tracy man. This man who's now going to be our lieutenant governor coming down today at minute you're listing mr. man. I don't mean to be you know an army to be critical but you're businessman and your farmer from Salina those are great qualifications. Apparently national political background that I can to Saturn. Maybe he was of dual port peppers up does it doesn't matter. Mitnick texture than you and I can be long time ago what are we certainly could. What a disaster that equity in I don't recommend that at least mr. Mann seems like a very thoughtful man and a good luck to him is usually. The be sworn in today rolled lieutenant governors who cares no one knows who you are but gosh. Twice recently that Kansas lieutenant governor has taken over the top spot as sensitive issues including our current governor. So another be it being lieutenant governor this will be an important to another person moving on up to the big house he hopes. Wichita City Council member Pete Meissner. Who is going to run to try to replace Dave untrue. On the county commission about that Dave's been on there for quite a while and goes back quite well while and a he's not gonna seek reelection I don't know if he's term I think he's done a term is that term now. They can't run again and told a peak mines there is served in City Council and I know his is real. Realty listed likely result mornings ago. But I can't do that so is gonna interest in politics but up in the August 7 primary he's got to take on former state representative Steve brought. And who's to declare that he's gonna run for the seat as well secondly a pretty good race in primaries. But our best luck to both men but six months to run their campaigns. He's on top there he Meissner who would love to have that she'll be the Pete and edge. If you get if you get over here and take over. Can't do it. Not all your in this house while they're baby now while I'm sitting here growing cobwebs it's 818. Was Stephen tit for sportsmen Ted Woodward. Jayhawk basketball labor on the road Iowa State would think. Pretty typical right to an Ohio State's been clobbered people at home so how to the jayhawks do last night in game well the jayhawks did get off to a slow start. Missed a lot of shots in the first half but Iowa State wasn't exactly setting the world on fire case you had a lead at halftime and they slowly extended that lead in the second half as the jayhawks finally started to make a ton of shots after halftime in fact 62%. Shooting. For KU in the second half and that's how you win games on the road if you heard the game last night on KF age. More Parker's tell you I'd go there are no no no overtime. New ugly year for Azubuike. Outfielders you've been in the second half but you've you've looked at a critical. Breaks. Off. Well one Azubuike is shooting jobs like that dunks easy to make a bunch and he did last night nine of ten shooting it. For nineteen points for Azubuike all five K used starters scored in double figures last night that's another good ingredient for winning on the road jayhawks do get that road win at. At Iowa State. 8377. The final score jayhawks remain in second place in the conference is to gain back the first place Texas Tech after the game Kansas head coach Bill Self. First is a great team win and now we we we we certainly didn't finishing games we can see game ride you know you've. It be terrific because I should have been a fifteen point win if we finish right at. But obviously did make a freak those Lleyton and it's shortened transition when you're not supposed to build offensive glass and those are some mental mistakes we got to correct. If you wins it this is the 29. Consecutive year. It K you has won at least twenty games that is the longest active NCAA streak that extended. They auctioned off twenty and six on the he's pretty impressive and it's very impressive they'll talk about it tonight on K you basketball hawk talk the head coach Bill Self. 6 o'clock this evening that's on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Men's basketball watching tonight for Kansas State the wildcats are on the road visiting Oklahoma State. This has not been a good trip for the wildcats in recent years they have lost fifteen of their last seventeen trips to Stillwater. That will tip off at 7 o'clock tonight nationally televised on ESP NU. A state is a three and a half point underdog going into this one on the road tonight Kansas State is in fourth place right now in the big twelve standings. We've got Jim go men's basketball tonight Butler community college is on the road at cloud. Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of the grizzlies beginning at 745. Tonight that's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and yes that's. In the NBA last night another win for Toronto the raptors at home to beat the Miami he had won fifteen to 112. Of course coming off the bench for the raptors former Wichita State point guard Fred van bully. They're solid effort off the bench ten points six assists five rebounds and a couple steals the raptors now on a six game winning streak. As they continue to solidify their spot atop the Eastern Conference in the NBA. Toronto another home win. Fred helping out. Top of the Eastern Conference great season continues for the raptors. And we have women's basketball tonight in Wichita at Coke arena at 7 o'clock tipoff between shoppers and simple. First time they've met in 35. Years but now other conference opponents though they'll be meeting regularly from now on. This is the annual play for Kay pink game for the shocker as they will be wearing pink uniforms. This is all up part of the and a effort for breast cancer research. Portion of every ticket purchased will be donated to the Kay Yow fund that is tonight 7 o'clock. Saint Valentine's Diet Coke a arena that sports was. Even Ted KN SX has come up this weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday at century to the what is there of the twentieth annual women's there. Saturday mornings from nine to 1110 and I are going to be down there. At the Booth you can stop by and say hi and meet Stephen ten we'd love to see you there right now I've got a couple of tickets if someone like go to women's fair Perseus Stephen fitness. It was a call here at 86913. 386913. Thirty if you would like to go. To the women's very nice seat when he can now keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. John criticizes news coverage of Korean dictators sister. That's all the wasting a terrible morning on Kate and SS.