Wine & Events Of the Week

The Good Life
Saturday, May 19th
Guy puts the wrap on this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with details on some fun up-coming events.

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Hey I hope you enjoyed that program talking to Rob Davis Jordan Weiner order beautiful place I hope you get to visit the me tea a couple of things first go to Jordan winery dot com. At the top click on rewards. And and join the Jordan state rewards program for every dollar you spend. You get points you can use those for exclusive private tasting meals. Everything and more importantly you have access to Wyman it's firfer les. It's really cool way to be a part of the Jordan family and anchored to do that beginning go to Jordan Weiner dot com. Cook on rewards up at the top you'll Maria the funds that the do. And there's also Sutton I think that you'd have a lot of fun doing is following the blog sign up for the blog. Between Lisa and rob in the staff they put together some really great. And informative. And entertaining things that you wanna look tendon. Pass some of the videos that they put allergist. Filled with comedy fun. And information truly cool Jordan Weiner dot com that your source for all the information and more demo we just talked about this great program. All right good I hope you enjoyed that show I just love popular Rob Davis one of the longest. I'm producers and any major producing to also be in California. Let's talk about tomorrow up on things that are coming up with four do I got to mention a shout out to some of the great restaurants that and and cookbook authors and chefs. There were awarded it 2018 James Beard Foundation. Restaurant and chef awards. Outstanding pastry chef it is a really cool deal this gal and this bar and grill not only got pastry chef. It's dole dole Lester miles. Is the pastry (%expletive) up and they also got outstanding restaurant. And the restaurant is highlands bar and grill in Birmingham Alabama a minute drive through there this this summer. And I'm going to island bar and grow some of the things that I'm always anxious to see who wins the best wine program. An award presented by Robert Mondavi winery and big. In Charleston, South Carolina I heard about it I've never been much to throw live down that way. There's another destination and finally I think this is a cool one. And well deserved the outstanding wine and spirits are beer professional. Million go Gergen it's my garbage from garbage bills they. Of deputy amid a bunch more words if he just cruise up Google up when he eighteen James Beard award winners. You'll find that. And you'll be glad you did don't forget all month in May and a you know the months have over that you still have time. Twelve ounce slow roasted prime rib of beef. Buy one get one free on Wednesday is at the campus our casino in the wood fired grow as a great deal and again and the ship. Genworth daughters beautiful jobs to Nevada a great deal. See the other event that's all right around the corner this is may 24. You gotta make reservations. Thursday may 24 at 6 PM at Tim lizard. At the casino is ten lizard beard tapping. Which start brewing company has made it's special brew it's going to be available only had to lizard you can be a part of the capping of that today. And sample that wire listen to music by Jed Hopkins. It's only 19954. Person and you get the signature beer food stations games music. And much more. Then finally as we get ended June. Well around the world and whiskey Wednesday June 6 at 630 there's only 35 bucks. And Adam Cleary from standard beverage is going to be pouring small samples of knob creek old Forester Mika Avalon and a few more. All accompanied by online order for great whiskey tasting. With you're gonna love great by and I hope that you'll tune in every Saturday don't forget. Mark your calendar for June 5 that's Tuesday at five to 7 PM. Start of summer yours truly is hosting a rich tar river festival event. It's only forty dollars in advance per ticket. You get the ones from slow press Chardonnay cabin seven you'll walk. All mind your above award winners and then Breckenridge spirits be very own mistress of spirits will be year. To pour spoke Berber and vodka and gin she makes great cocktails is is Jenny Bork tells him speaking of by the way. Great cocktails will be available to taste and then you can page piece of the spirits. Individually. Every your nerves knock you off food. Exclusive appearance by Wayne Bryan and it's a music theater. Themed event festival of Broadway. Follows the event that you get VIP seating at that you also get reserve parking included in behind the injury plaza. This is going to be so much fun again start of summer a tasting event with yours truly good life guy it. Five to 7 PM Tuesday June 5 it's of the which stalled regional chamber of commerce that three of US Douglas right across the street from the heart. The river festival. Go to river Wichita were repressed dot com and and check about there's. Come on step I got Barrett to get life. That's it for this week's show I look forward to talking to you here next Saturday on K and SS thirteen thirty an idiot seven.