Wine Of the Week

The Good Life
Saturday, September 9th
Guy wraps up this week's adenture in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection of "Wine Of The Week"

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Since. Yeah. I think that's. That's compared so. I spoke with Danny and I think maybe if we're gonna change abused its data that's correct that we could use of five. Glad to stay with us if you didn't got a good life got dot com OB links up there on the listened. You go to tennis of radio Owens. Pick your way through upon it lightened. Download podcasts from them. In good programming it's always great to talk about some of spectacular. Fund raising events here like the one opener for cystic Barbara isn't. And of course that cookbook group cheese and beer tree. Line of the week I was gonna do appear the week ago group chief of beer but. And I and this. Why now I had not had it. It is from. Ego bodega EGO bullet Vegas Spanish literature in who media I mentioned is the beginning of the media is a a booming. Growing region that the primary group is modest row and momma strollers in Spanish word for more veterans agree it is. Part of the blending great future Bordeaux. Why it's so different. And worthy of a different name in Spain. Is a terror war issues. It. Committee as one of the driest regions in Spain I'm I'm pocket and really Erin dry. It has some coastal influence. And it has some really cool rocky mountainous oil in the foothills where most the vineyards are and more Pritchard just seems to rock they've they've picked through right and they don't have to worry about mold and that kinda thing. And with that right this comes a little bit higher alcohol I think the loans like fourteen. You know 14%. I would guess fourteen arbor maybe even if the it's called el ballroom GO are you with the accident over the EU. Guru. It was a character. That's good enough but it is pictures from the front. Facial and draw on canceled of this and a we don't care about that what you wanna know is the label looks funny you'd turn around the back regularly this open. 60% modest Euro. And then two other great pride is that relief well in this soil and Malia is a rock and the deeper though it's got 35 or and 5% but deeper ago. Main. The smell when I'm corpus thing you could smell it even with just the bottle neck line coming now and then imported into. A pasting glass and it's got. Black cherry black black replied Ratner. It really is. There automatic. Example of what is computers. A little better. Leather kind of fourth floor some of that from the yolk. At first I thought maybe there was an Leo. Mean. There may not be joke I didn't couldn't find a and attack sheet but. Now there some oak express while there are globe and oak. Buttery cola. Like you know kind of like a Coca-Cola thing says some butter and black cherry and leather and little bit of spice and you hold your mouth for a little bit and it's creamy and there's. Make her mouth feel good. It would make your mouth feel good with some Spanish she use. Or may be one of those growth cheeseburgers with. A group she's NA hamburger combo. While Barea and pepper as it sits in my mouth and then that that that hint of OK it's I doubted that any kind of new oak. There were three year old French. Maybe. Really saw this one is. Something that they won in two years who is not big. And a red wine might be convinced. Really cool stuff. One enthusiasts given an 87. I think that's low but you got to understand this one's about you fourteen to fifteen dollar Ty retailer you can buy it at Jacob liquor change on north recruit today. Right near the front of the store in the new arrivals section. Ten dollars and change. As a lot of one per ten dollars and and you got to realize that the impart that brings us and bring some of the best value winds. Where's. Well they get they go wherever it great line. There's. Marion that I'd get that. Three weeks ago another great inexpensive high quality wines. Good stuff it is 2014. And go they go bird full day guess Ella guru. And net man he wants and Bart. Really. We don't mind. And may be offering this tonight I believe pour mine early pit the first opening session. The zoo's annual fund raiser and one of the biggest party in town through believe it's tonight. And a member of the start time and a word went out early cover coupled with set up and went over to the first thing. Come by and say beavers jubilee and and model of good live chat software is a great line they had to be of great ones. Have a great weekend Nanette tune in next week the.