The Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, September 23rd

Guy wraps up this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his choice for "The Wine Of The Week". 


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Stood up to welcome back to the program just a few minutes or wanna bring you up to date on a couple things that I think you ought to know about you just heard that Jacob liquor exchange. Spot. Man they've. Work on the web site they're doing a great job and you can go there and sign up for the email newsletter you should do debt but better yet there's a new app. Go to the App Store. Good for android or apple iphones. And put in jail eight. And you'll get the Jacob liquor exchange GAAP and what he'll do there as you'll get the current. Specials. The ad bird of all the ones that are on sale and you can order right outline what the quality you want and the ones will be there to pick up its. It's a great yet that's really cool they did a good job so check public versions dot com. But better yet download the JLP. App and beard or be able to order stuff. At the your phone often times Whitney and Jamie put stuff. Where. There's a special and it's only you know they only have two cases of this special one and you can reserve your underwear on your. All kinds of fun events come on up. The wind opener you know I talk to Tiffany Wilson a couple of weeks ago is right around the corner September 28. Man. It's a great event for cystic fibrosis. If you go to. Camp and the web address popular idiot. Just go to Google and type in Wichita but wine opener and September 28 you'll funded. Giving all the information you don't know buy your tickets at net and be there I'm gonna be there. It starts at six for VIPs that goes to a 9 o'clock 7 o'clock for her real Stoops in. And it's. Great food great line for great cause and also this one minute is another event that. I'm tacitly involved in wine women and shoes. A Wesley children's foundation event that was a big success last year looks to be even better this year it's at 7 PM. On Friday October 6 I can't believe we're talking about our own gritty. And then and then. This one I get the judges this. You know they combine the burger battle with blocked over pressed I think it's a brilliant idea it's October 14 five to 8 PM on the water walk plaza. And get your tickets that I CT burger battle. Kids under twelve free with a paid adult and there's so much fun going on them the bird contender distances to. This burger to bottles five guys ever to bigger and hungry hippo made your mark fields pub. That d'antoni acts. Heard of them liked the thriller reflection image Dempsey burger part gives our casino district North Korea and more. Again it's the murder battle at flocked over the last five to 8 PM on a brighter room and a comfortable but. But what I want you to do good good lap got outcome keep track of what we're talking about what's coming up next. And I'll see you here next Saturday in SS thirteen 3098 cents.