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Saturday, October 14th
Guy wraps up this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his choice for this week's "Wine Of The Week

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Yeah. Yeah. And Abbie look back in the program mom got Aaron had just poured a glass of putting fourteen but no we have Chardonnay. It's the fourth Rossi view addition. And god likes pressure white ones and right now 1516. It is it is going to be with your drink in fourteen should be. Certainly at the top of that list. If you still have some fourteen Y one but I'll tell you this. Of all the ones I've had lately this. Is not showing any signs of age other than goodness. But over whiners courts and a Russian river valley but they have access to vineyards. All over Sonoma. And this wouldn't come from the port Rossi views she views of small town it's a little bit inland like about the second or third. Hill or mountain range peak area in from the the coast still gets coastal influence. What a fourteen was a really unique year if you remember back that was. Kind of the third consecutive year of drought in Sonoma. And and they're paying the price even as we speak. Had tickets at story. Less than half an average rainfall really dry winner. A little bit of rain in spring helped. To get things going good it was one of the earliest but breaks where the bonds wake him up. And that of course led to one of the earliest harvest. From a crop that was fairly large all things considered. And it. Effort smells so good one of the things that one maker Mike Sullivan said about this one the first imitates that with him was. It was a little bit higher now column in my normally do it's a tip fourteen point 1%. Because that fruit ripen so fast you could hardly get about the bond quick enough. And they did good oh treatment. And it's more Burgundy and in style this is not from our Chardonnay enough that we don't like rumor we do. With a different styles so it has a little bit of butter from my elective fermentation and as creamy richness. But it just. Could confuse this for a French Burgundy. It was made from do you Joan cloned grapes three different numbers 7695. And 96 though the mean that much Yuba. You gotta know that it was really treated well harvested at night. And sorted them whole cluster into both stainless steel tanks and barrel. For fermentation. With indigenous she's instead of being inoculated with the cultivated east. She sits on the skins. And then. The shark name is magnificent it was aged in 40% new French oak. And then. The wind is well I mean. Just smelling it. Who time and citrus blossomed. Contentious moment that it's a little bit of kind of pair skin in the skin of apparent end. When you put your routes all the parents got really Chris cool bright acidity. From the cold climate the the calls both upn. Little bit of they elect. Custard. My wife remember way with a little but the centrist Germany too and in. This one is so good I'm so glad that I picked this and the reason I did of course is 'cause I mentioned. But I over hit that winery was spared. Some of the people including Mike Sullivan's home to other folks lost their homes. A good left guide dot com below the one of the week today 24 team but Novi Chardonnay available object of liquor change. You'll see a list of ways that you can donate. These are all verified. No kidding I ever tell your money is deductible and it all goes. To help the communities of both Napa and Sonoma. And there's lifted by Pope open it and you can contribute some money appear prone to do so that is the one of the week spotted Jacob liquor exchange but events coming up. Add that BF presents pasta passion and pistols it's a murder mystery and it's gonna be really fun it's October when he first. 6:30 PM you can find out more information and he had Libya which talk about or G. That the first annual bikers treatment did Gould times roll this is put on by bikers bench guys a biker guy when it really is is kind of a trick. Her treats bad. Trump thing you know bring fruit Bradford. Bring candy for the kids. And it's going to be in the park a lot of Downey's mall there by Bubba is 33. It's October 29. And six to 10 PM kids get to trick or treat and grown ups get to our goal all the great bike meat that's going to be on display. You don't have to have a Harley you don't have to have any particular maker model all make a model bikes are welcome bring canned. This was due on me there are so many fun events going on this town all the time this one sounds like a hoot it's the first annual. Pizza fast 27 team that Saturday November 4. Noon to 5 PM it's at the which start area training centers and a BA UC campuses 4000. Poor north. Willbros which in this. All ages event that the dollar's slide through music might be Jake are prone. And you can learn more icy TP to fest dot com for tickets have more information. Looks like it's going to be really from the vet and they're on FaceBook and orders well pizza fast. Saturday November 4 go to IC TP that's not. There are goodness you've been. And get not angry but it's a good thing can they get the judge at burger fast. And it's right around the corner this afternoon the fun starts at 4 o'clock. October 14. And they'll have looked over every weekend feed.