The Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, November 18th

Guy wraps Up this weeks adventure with his selection of "Wine Of The Week."


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Well good afternoon welcome back glad to stay with us for the final portion of today's show is of course about the one of the week when my favorite topics always in this one is it's kind of special. This Tuesday value prize and it and the twelve dollars. Seven you belong from Edna valley vineyards. Court said the valley located about halfway between separate Cisco and Los Angeles. One of the stalwarts of central coast and have been around for thirty plus years more than that well the first shark is ever had from central coast with the that the valley vineyards addition. This avenue blonde is a typical. Of both revenue block that got all the characteristics you did not hesitate to guess the news revenue belong when you put her nose and a blast it's got. Honeydew melon and grapefruit and some support keeping them some support for moral thing and would you pick a fifth in the diplomatic wobble a passion fruit lime zest. The Christmas it is the but that you go oh wait this city's great. There's something else here that it is a little softer a little rounder in the mouth and you know a problem may be they'd been a little well I think fermentation may be the initial choose an assessment was. Too acidic and they wanted to show off the thumb and an added two more big and and call around and while the food come from what some of the best places to growth revenue Malone commitment for coaster for from them with a bit spoke Santa Barbara Monterey counties. So you get a mix of cooler and warmer climate effort to start with. They're from the mouse and you know they use some spiritual gees could be part of it and then it was permitted in stainless steel thankfully it. It cool temperatures with a extended please contact him. Pelican rumors all week flavors state there but they've got to have the costs to be the complexity. Well it was page on the leaves for two months before blending those with a separate laws. But orbit was also spent time and acacia barrels. Not oak. That is kind of a trendy thing that's going on occasion barrels. And too soft on the line allowed to mellow out. But don't really at oak flavor and I'm adapting and haven't found anything where it talks about coach levels. I'm pretty sure of these girls are just storage rentals and the interior of the wood is not goes to show. Really interesting stuff this seven you'll block is so good by itself you can district and any time. But it's also pretty good with who have been there for many things that come to mind you know muscles used this wind is a to make a soft this team. And Coke muscles are local live fresh purchase muscles. And and it meant all the things that you would add to that choose fresh parsley and garlic and and and maybe a little olive oil does that give it a little but that's the richest maybe even a little chicken broth. And then when the muffled her vertigo grade up all the muscles. And then you're waiting for British did all the muscles out so you can get at the Jews and dip that French president. Edna valley seven a block of the 2015 edition. Both the public opinion and the 2014. We equally got 88 points. From those who rate whine if you're an earth that that. And you take any point. Well it's really good in this one is so expensive you get the club fail sometimes for less than ten dollars. It's just a bottom just so glad that I had it again when it's if this thing we give that little bit agreement pepper him with. Pittsburgh peach and peachy nose and a little bit citrus and then there's that minute rally. Softened by acacia barrels like wet cement like it kind of a deal. Rain on the driveway when your kid out there who played in the front yard. A great seven you'll walk the 25 in addition from Edna valley vineyards it's that Jacob liquor changed both. These side and west however you heard about a from good luck guy. Your local sort of a habit is definitely get a bit of but in good supply and he's a begin anywhere. Well that's the one of the week I hope you enjoy it here at about Robinette part and her book is stumble beyond hope you'll. Join us next Saturday here on the good life for more through one of bunkers take care we'll see you next Saturday.