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The Good Life
Saturday, December 2nd

Guy wraps up this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his choice for “The Wine Of The Week.”


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Yeah. Yeah. Welcome back the program congratulations to Tiffany Hartmann here in Wichita she was lucky caller number five further east. Sonoma serve giveaway. If you're gonna love this stuff. The to put away but it does this hour mixes. I've suffers. My government. You can drink it straight but I think with sparkling water be released on again folks the Sonoma serve dot com dot com. Promised her company on FaceBook and on Twitter to get current updates and on a great recipes really good step so congratulations that that would come directly from. A paradise so there in Sonoma. Before that about the by the week. Jacob leadership agent through some really cool stuff. They have the biggest selection and Libby count. Looks like kid eighteen. Of the top one harder wines from one spectators 27 team edition. All of these are killer winds all of the men. June mid the active. Out everything from ninety point following up to 97 points. Some great lines and Euro available Chica quicker exchange and then it if you're looking for cool gifts. OK so your boss and if you think you're gonna spend a hundred dollars which use a cell like a lot of money nowadays it's not so much I really recommend. That case it's surprise case that debuted its. If it's a case filled with great value line's twelve bottles. You can get mixed you can get red or white and you get to pick and you don't interrupt the order they have them pre built. Ready to go you just walked in and pick him up. Wrap that thing up picket the office given to your boss and he's gonna give you a race. Some of the ones. This is a hundred dollars overwork it's obviously less than ten dollars a bottle. The white case for December. Has a great selection of both south American and French lines. Chile is represented that we got some a tie and Pino agrees GO. Argentina. Then of course California's got a good deal in there with. A couple great you know agrees and 88 white line from coast and to you know. A couple of seven whom belong release some some great ones twelve per hundred dollar. When a great gift idea or. Make it even better yet give them all wine rack. And then give them one to put him. The red ones just as good. I'm a big fan of red blends that's one of the ones that I have with me today in the studio. That got milestone red and Arlene head. Marion net from Spain that was one of the week about. Eight weeks ago. Beautiful red wine from the East Coast of but it. Three men Murillo never had that but that's another thing when you give somebody. A mixed case like this or too technical for yourself. You get exposed to once you may have never picked off the shelf to coach and heard of it. He did know the great for I needed another producer blah blah blah and and then. Whitney in and Jamie in the gang always took great job of pull a month from everywhere Spain and France California. Argentina Chu a I'm just reading off of this current December lists hundred dollars. Super case at them while you're there check out the spectator top 100 display. It's got it's got some of my favorite wines. There's a panel are for Marlboro and I'm pretty pretty drove with a call great wacky. Funny name great wine and then the highest rated one on the list. Is. And a high of mine for multiple Tiago. And it's on these six points. But check on the top 100 bond is Jacob liquor exchange and are talking about sponsor things and gift ideas. All things Barbara do has gone nuts if you've seen the TV commercials that Josh at bankers and has been do it. There's just. All kinds of great gift ideas if you go to next door from the main barbecue entrance area world a outdoor cooking. Supplies are. The patio stuff and some of them have got this real cool wind Bob Dole. Support system that holds the tray in the trade fits over the has a hole in it. One has two holes in it and it fits over wine bottles and and you put your snacks and stuff in there. Really cool stuff popping barbecue quartet were barbecue legends are made. Now I don't know a big fan of blended red ones this one is from Marietta sellers. It's say yeah beautiful Sonoma. Product and I heard mixed reviews but I hadn't had it so I wanted to try it myself really deep dark purple. The air medics are dominated by Zune which is the primary great but it's got a little girl notched urged Israel's Iran. And a little care union and if you take a back carry you into big BP. Kind of a red grape that's a lot of color. And it smells so good and mean. Mouth filling. Nice tan and but not overblown. Bright acidity. And then. Subtle poke. I Paetec sheet that doesn't have some of the technical aspects of production. It doesn't say anything that this is the this is the 24 team vision. The 25 team edition of this wind has. Twelve months and and an oak. That's when I think is slightly different because it's been dominated thirst emote but it's not overly done. This thing is so rich I am still slap in my lips together and enjoy in this. Let's call it. Liquor issue. Black cherry. Lou earthy meaty kind of where green tobacco. Herb graciousness and I'm thinking. Steak on the Guerrero. Gotta do it you know it would it work with tomato sauce stuff like a pizza. Yeah it would because it's got that big bright bold for forward from the Zinn. Rhubarb raspberry. Subtle oak I'd love to know appropriate it is it's softer than one might expect but. It's 2014 Sonoma County red wine is called and Julie Kuby. And I approve a rather strike element are. From Marietta sellers to Jacob liquor change of people online you'll find it anywhere from 27. To 34 dollars. It. Jacob's gotta beat on all accounts price was little hide out call but. You know in the big scheme of things. Fourteen point her fifteen point 3%. You'd think it would have some heat in your mouth warmth from the alcohol at all like it is sweet fruit and a long lingering finish. When he fourteen and Jolie Coos Bay. A lovely zinfandel is one from Merriam sellers. There's a link it good life got that comma if you wanna get more information about the one if you haven't. Had anything from Mary got to my area and I can't opt. It's all your fault acts. Date they have another wind it's right next to this bit is even a slightly bit cheaper. And I've had that Weiner have a featured as the one of the week it's it's a beauty. You gotta give his chances via refined the make a wine called OBR. Old vine read all of I'm rose an old vine riesling. Don't have it on the shelf and Jake about a money and insurance available here might even be winery only. But the really great stuff than that there's a family tradition here and history the two Brothers. Are are are run on the program. Now at the wineries. Scott bill Breaux who is the winemaker kind of a big cheeses brother Chris helps and they took over from there bad. A beautiful Sonoma property Marietta sellers. Oh me. I get my nose in the class a pick along Smith like this can you smell IMAX is well from here. It's just so. Who knows showing if you could say that and mouth filling swisher put your lips beautiful purple color and north to speak live with it could read do business. And make a red wines Europe uses a base. Put a little beef broth or beat polio and and it. The Canada a little bit with the someone grow. And this reduction of this line port on top of state. Maybe put some mushrooms in it. It's hard to drink that in front of you and another thing yet. Wind and there's is just put out. That not only their their top lines. Of the year. But they're also announced a one Star Wars. And it's fun to see some of the noteworthy folks who have. Made a big hit in. It and get recognized Roger Davidian. I had the pleasure meeting and long ago used him in Dallas in 1986. And he has earned Gallo and the super giant. Importer. Owner of vineyard owner of labels. Really great stuff you know Talbot figured that shark and it never made William knows phase. Columbia winery and walked in today. Do a Google search for earth wind and through his lines are awards that we have made. Some of the accomplishments of some of these people month. Yeah and the line of the week Belichick and that Jacob liquor changed. When he fourteen Sonoma County red wine Angelique who bay from Marietta dollars. I'm got Barrett get left open to the next Saturday here on that.