Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, December 16th

This week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection for “The Wine Of The Week”


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If it. What about the program glad your still whether it's or if you just joined this club. Boo you just miss the dang near the whole show. It left got dot com Argo director Kenneth us radio dot com on up the good life and there you'll fun part infect Macs have been busily. Typing and editing and put it in so that civilian up there will be available. As it is every week that they we spoke about of course it's fine Mexican books it SI its not fair calling upon Mexican book it's called elements the Colorado. And it it really is. A unique insight into of those in specific neighborhoods. And the LA basin and that make. Somewhat. Traditional. But more importantly. Creative mixed groups in beautiful photography it's a great book and then would you hops off men go take a look. Would you hot sauce dot com I neglected to ask Larry if the product is going to be available here may be Dylan's. In a Kroger. Market is going to be carry in the thoughts we can only hope you can order it online they got some special deals. Flat rate shipping on five dollars on all orders in the US that is a great deal order by the case share your neighbors. Given as holiday gifts stockings suffered. You will not be. Disappointments that you do OK now. Now what we wanna talk about is what would you be with spicy food treatments by. Oppression that of course is one of the premier. Copper producers in the world. The biggest producer of sparkling wine in the world it's located in cents a during the day and the Korea and that. It is at Philips I'll call will be aids. I just got a note handed to me it's available ambulance. It. Sense under them Toya is a beautiful small community located to the south and a little bit west of Barcelona. It is the home of comma. The climate there is perfect the soil is perfect for growing through primary grapes those are Geraldo. XE RL LO. Arianna. And Mack a bail. Those three great for included in this addition it is wrecks and at. And it's freshen net that looks like bricks and met him people college Rex it's America you can call it the lawn and put this thing it just it smells so good in this is the car for Nevada semi dry. In Spain to a court was called summer Seko and when and when Beth and I were. Dating in when I was in a fighter squadron and at or own north of Madrid. We've we would have ripped cooking extravaganzas. On the weekend and that we go through caves and have two cases. Are the Nevada some sick and and tournament your ribs and Bernal of relief fund and this one is so diverse and so easy to use it whether it's on a parity or. Goes with any kind of food especially by some spicy food. And it's not just the celebratory wine you can get this wine and drink this on a daily basis the perfect line to take soup to nuts at Thanksgiving. Or your holiday dinner. But then. If you're gonna celebrate. What a great value and right now there is. They've rebate offer and you don't have to cut off and and peel off the the board the bar codes alternated. The receipt with you're fortunate. Circle. If you buy a case of twelve bottles you get 24 dollars back. You're saving two dollars a bottle. I'm what is say about a nine dollar bottle once you're dated for about seven bucks. You get nine dollar back on six or a dollar from one after gonna buy one and do the work that sent in the end the that rebate. I'd hope share with your friends with again great tips there's fresh Annette. Russia USA is. The stalwart don't forget the first Spanish Cobb. That acted upon and when I came back from Spain here in the US after about a year they imported courtroom may grow that beautiful black ball. If you go to oppression that USA dot com. You'll see that there's so many different varieties. If suite to drive. There's beautiful Cobb. Now in black balls and comes and splits. It's the great holiday entertainment beverage and when you smell this one is it just smells so pretty and there's just a hint of sweetness but. With that witness comes beautiful acidity and the voters until eleven point 5% alcohol by volume. Got that little bit regional sugar from the bills on equity for the Clinton bottle that dates to about twelve months and you know where you can get it done in this. Jacob migration is done nor properly got to give big display. Not only of everything quarter Negroponte they've got today part of Nevada semi dry that that word Jordan today. And they've got. So many great public on so I recommend impression that blend of parts of Nevada some months ago that is the beauty. Time for us. Do the rebate when if we're doggone it you can't read I'm government to good laugh out with draft party and you drive careful and I hope you'll be here next Saturday. On Ken SS thirteen 39 B it would seven have a good week.