Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, December 23rd

Guy wraps up this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection for the “Wine Of The Week”


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Yeah. We'll get out there welcome back the final segment saying no less fortunate we're gonna Arafat and regards to that. It's time to human my favorite part of the show and that's the one of the weight that you won every week it come from victim quicker change because. Tommy Jacobs has been my anchor sponsor for a long long time before that a court to Hitler Ebert. And spirits. Couldn't do the show without them that's where are all the ones that speak of come from this one is from Australia haven't done many from Australia lately. Member it was of five years ago roster relieve movement in eight years ago when that release started. News of the marketplace and and back in 2004. When the first edition of this line came in the marketplace in this this line. Is tape and we wineries the ball buster they broke the valley blended rhythms of the 2014 minute it came in a market around 1516 bucks. And that was high for usher him wine than in. In 2004 were relatively high. And you know it's state kind of sub twenty right up through it's maybe twenty and smoke change right now. And it's got one of the best track records. When it comes to. Reviewing. Wine advocate thirteen straight years of nine. That's a lot. Wine spectator row Stephen panzer he missed a couple years and their worry gotten a rating from them but. Other men it's all 909192. Back step and and the one spectator for Tony seventy minute of the top 100 lines and Obama way. Jacob liquor change has one of the biggest gatherings of once spectator top went under lines and does that mean anything to you is that an important to. You know that means that. Several people couldn't work together it and decided these ones out of all the ones they've tasted and believe me a hundred as a small percentage. Of the ones that the ones but did. The top dogs. Number thirty six's. Tate the bought are made by Bruno tape. If you haven't heard of him you should it then make some killer winds in borrowed the valley and the growth of Allah is notorious for killer Shiraz. But cabernet has taken a big goal this one is 78% sure us or if your watcher you'd say insurance broker and they they knew he was. 14% cabernet nape percent below. So the majority is Shiraz. And Emma get this cab in the Marleau. Cabin Shiraz not a usual at all and the little Marleau. Maybe a little bit and then when I taste this wine and it has been called this for a number of reasons. One it's a big burly. Coach your mouth stay in your Retief. Height and then. Moderate probably print show couldn't find the deep you know. It is so cool and so are automatic and it's. I am fixing. For Christmas dinner you know we've done. Primary him for years and then moved to Namibia tenderloin beef tenderloin. I am fixing. Its top serve lonely in prime top sirloin. That is three inches thick. And Ed and about eight inches around. And it looks like a huge. Slice of polygamy known. So in honor of that I'm gonna wrap them at bay and around the outside its make it look pretty get a nice to hear from both sides move would indirect bring it up the picture. You know 130 or so that they can. And that meet. Sir Lorna for the my favorite it's so overlooked. Especially if you get really high quality Sherlund. Makah do a lot too about the marinated a lot of that is salt pepper. Maybe a little say is on. But then this line paid family winery this 12015 village with a 100% basket breast. Is it very gentle way to do it the old Karla. Ribbed. Basket like profane whether the a big handled you gradually. Russ they're very. This one is so cool. The ball buster number 36 of the top 100 list for months spectator you can find an object of Flickr today. If you're looking for holiday bubble suggestions. Anything from pressure met. Whether it's coroner girl or when I spoke about last week the carton of Nevada semi Psycho. If you wanted to go to a little bit different from Washington State. Trevor Ariza drove very that's why it's killer. They've got a ticket anything from core barrel appear on a budget. I've got my holiday party we've lived through twelve bottles. Of course well. Two weeks rose today and sweet doesn't fit its not really sweetest not long drive. And then of course rotor state whether California. Or brute premier from France and throw my favorites. If you forget all this stuff nobody listened to podcasts. What I want to do is have a Merry Christmas. And enjoy the season we'll see you next week.