Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, February 17th

Guy wraps up this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection of the "Wine Of The Week."


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Good afternoon welcome back in the final segment of the good life and my favorite part of the week it's the one in the week. This one is a lot of just tasted recently it's the 26 in addition of my cons this creek seven dome belong. But on this MA TA and CA SE RB case. But on this creek. Dot com you gotta go this avenue a block is. Rich richer than some it's still has bracing acidity. Beautiful smells of typical of this owner of one from California. Juicy. Pink grapefruit honeydew melon Meyer lemon. Maybe a little dried serve time. So in the background maybe alone maybe a little paragon. And it's just so rich in fluid in your mouth yet still has that that beautiful undertone of acidity makes and so food friendly. It got a one enthusiasm ninety point rating ninety point out of a hundred. Give me a little background it fermented stainless steel. But then it is store and it settles in neutral for a joke the two different types give you. That great acidity that grape varietal character of seven whom belong but more importantly the Angela richness and depth. And I think that that that little bit of time and end. Neutral friend joke neutral meaning for five year old barrels they don't have much in the way of flavored good quality storage vessel. But that flavors of figured lemon peel work on racy Pallet that follows with that beautiful seven to block or drift. This is such a great food one I had it with some really well prepared chicken wings with. And not too spicy. Typical kind of a wings saw us as well as a green and lightly seasoned. Two major style sauce and this avenue a block rocked the world. Okay and then I started to go when I really liked to have with this ought to pay this goes great with any kind of seafood. Works with some salads. But if you do it was solid. Try with addressing that as olive oil and citrus mimic what's in this a little lime a little lemon. Salt pepper maybe a little Reagan tower of terror on and blend that thing up. What I really would like to try this where at and I like you than seven Newmont for muscles and it at Costco recently they have live Penn cove muscles. These things are gorgeous. Steam those in the white wine with some garlic and parsley and lemon and then things like that and the the steaming brought. And you wanna make sure you have enough of the Jews is really going to be important. Little bit of butter into the bra off towards the end. A little bit of sliced red chilies if you want spicier or maybe just some sun dried tomato finally dies than thrown him with the that NN. You beat depend code muscles and you have good bread dipped in the sauce who the enemy and go muscles. With but Kansas creeks seven you'll walk it's a beauty. Your beauty for joining me. Check it out Jacob liquor Shenzhou east and west. Helen heard about it on the good life and with that my friends the party's over and got our good life join us here on K and SS every Saturday. Knew no one is on chart with that let god take care enjoy the weekend.