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Saturday, March 10th

Guy wraps up this week’s “Spicy” adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection for the “Wine Of The Week.”


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Yeah since it. Well good afternoon and congratulations. This is a rough about a beautiful downtown when the she was elected for in a copy of cooking with boxes. I really recommend a book it's just so chalk full of simple. But pointed an easy to use. Tips and techniques. For using spices and some great story background for each and then of course. There is some fine recipes and we didn't really talk about the marinades and pace and things like that but. I'm a big fan of both. Dry rubs it won't web rubs pace or certainly marinades liquid marinades courts use a lot of while on the net. That the book good for the and speaking of wine he says pouring a small taste of being a state you know agree. It's the 2016 edition from Willamette valley will limit now Willamette or anything like that limit adamant that you remember. You gotta know that king estate realty. Started this whole process when it comes to people agree. Peter agree PO greed GO from Italy. Austere high acid bone dry ones from Italy and then Don king and family. Planted. A huge amount of pinot agree in in the Willamette valley and have been making some really spectacular. You know agree you know whether it's. Whether it's this one that that is the basic Frontline every day they have some it's one or two other. Borrowings of acting as they can agree immigrate Chardonnay. Really good stuff and it's just one of those things that it's for some reason it's easy to overlook you know agree you know. Chardonnay seven you'll blog they get all the press and and you don't think of it in the one thing that I like about pinot agree is they can just be so different. My brother Roger court three and assign an effort make it once. It's a good program to get that taste a lot of once from. Young up and coming. Future one makers and and your money is used to help them get started and I had a pinot agree. From nick at once that was just magnificent. And guess what. I'm thrown some of the that same things in this and may be even better what what those people agree with that mean with a look like. Greed GR IS gray day. And if you look at this one look Max. The outcome has a great into that are you know it's it's not crystal clear. It not golden. It's it's kind of gray and and that's that's normal to good characteristic. There's there's so many. Fun things you can do with pinot agree you can open a bottle sitting on the back porch tonight with 75 degree weather and you'll be happy. You will be very happy you can Coke with the at and more importantly it goes great with things from the Pacific northwest. Dungeon this crab crab cakes. With they scout you and Remo laws. Crab cakes and just with crispy. Maybe use some Banco bread crumbs on the outside are crushed up corn flakes and then in the inside more crab and filling. And in and you take a bite of that hot crab to approve of that Mayo and then pickets have put this one. Yeah. Don't make it too cold. It's an easy thing to do. But this one is you know it's the flagship one. Everything is certified about dynamic continuous state. And when I put this in my mouth it's indicative of what a great growing season 26 beam was. It really was a vintage. To remember a bit remarkable year that has produced some killer one's not only you know agreement everything else from organ. This one has act kind of I'm right here. Cantaloupe may be. Maybe some white flour floral kind of a thing here then we you put your mouth you don't swallow right away he got to trust me on this hold it there. I do that right now on demo for you but you couldn't see in and you could hear about being pulled my one moment. But it just pineapple and in this race he has city could feel on the outside your tongue and and yeah. I had to do it lingering finish. Something that's often lacking. In some inexpensive pinot agrees. Clean quick acidity gone a few swallow. I'll have another of another of the but you get the picture this one is rich it's got a lot of body it's a 100% pinot agree no oak. Know now what that fermentation or if there is I can't detect it I don't see anything on the web site. They would do that. It did get four months certainly aging that is on the leaves that was split off from the final process of fermentation and allows the wind of or some of those flavor to truly come upon. So that is the one of the wickets 26 been paying a state you know agree from Willamette valley where you gonna get it. Jacob liquor strange. Oh yeah as I agree. At this camp. It's a smells so pretty it's floral and freshen. While on one amphibious gave a 91. With the day's they knew you'd. A should've done a Wilford Wong David and anyone what for bong used to be a Bev mode now he is at one dot com. He's the fire and big cheese if you see a WW rating WW on you wonder WE for one and there's just under one. Will for long and he says stalwart performer amongst organ white wines the king estate Peter agree. It is omnipresent in the marketplace IE it's everywhere at a fair price. Excellent freshly superb ripe for aromas and flavors. Nicely complemented by a smooth texture on the palate. Chris. Aftertaste with simply prepared Steve traditions. And just a beauty. Finishes claim long and generous the one ladies beautifully. I haven't had any older pinot agrees so a camp back then but I will tell you this I just given a five star rating. One dot com this thing is. Worth your money in get it. I think it was sixteen or seventeen books on the show for Jacob the Havoc in the cooler you can get it there. You'll you'll Cubans. Well there is that music I like the sound of it that much different him penciled to Columbia ivories don't forget. Ticket exchange today is pouring some Washington month for watched him one month Columbia crest H three is on the ballot this afternoon poured thick. Next week. It's called bring it. And bring it means. Cool recipes and techniques. For bringing food to potluck or casual entertaining. LB Ali Rosen joined in the next week that'll be a moment we'll have another great one week maybe it's up from Washington display more homage to watch one. I'm got. Check out the sponsor prejudice left got dot com and see all the great sponsor. We'll see right here on Qaeda threats. Netstat it.