Wine Of the Week

The Good Life
Saturday, May 26th
Guy puts the wraps on this week's adventure in food,wine, & fun for your ears with his selection for "The Wine Of The Week."

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They welcome back the final stretch at all we have so little time element talk fast you got to listen fast. How about. Date or Tim theaters beautiful fund raiser liberty and Jeff cook off it was last Tuesday the 22 in drugs and it was such a great event so well organized and everybody involved worked so hard and the food on my good that's got to judgment probably why bad. And my other girlfriend Denise Neil. Josh wrath when takes home the grand prize. For his steak and asparagus and Aaronson much room. A Micah job freshman record of Fianna Tuscan steak out. Best use of secret ingredient which was Biggs Stephanie hand from where every coffee roasters what a great down and what are great dish. And now finally we have the mention district talk Korea they were one of the vendors passing out free food in their tacos stuffed with so. If you didn't go this year. Plan on it for next year celebrity chef cook off. At the or opium a great benefit her great benefit or vehement tree another event coming up that you got to know about it is for river fest. And it is put on a by the which pop festival of course it's on. Tuesday June 5 spot to 7 PM at the Wichita regional chamber of commerce on recruit US Douglas for only forty bucks. You get to be a part of event hosted by yours truly the winds of slow press a cab a shard ness avenue walk all of them non Indian above. Otherwise and that is. My girlfriend. Jenny cartels that here from Breckenridge spirits she's going to be having samples of Berman vodka and gin. And you make some killer cocktails out of each of those streets spirits. You get to use those. Great org herbs have new order by the way and then Wayne Bryan from music theater which is not going to be there with some performers. You get VIP seating at festival Broadway just after this start of summer event you get reserve parking included behind the broad view. And the tickets are only forty bucks. Stars of summer. It's a Wichita river festival event it's five to 7 PM Tuesday June 5 how to get tickets go to Wichita river fest dot com. Hover over events and on the bottom it says starve this summer VIP wine and spirits tasting event that's me. That's you. Get tickets. Tell your friends share it it's going to be a hoot and it's a great way than to have reserve parking get down Camby a part of the river fest. You're gonna love it now. I'm for one of the week you know I love sparkling wine my wife middle name is bubbles that you open is very carefully it should make this noise it's not a pop. But a little that is this is a sparkly and now back from Mendoza Argentina. As I poured in the glass the producer is O'Costa OOC a SO it's a rose extra brut. I tried to find information and I'm telling you it was like appointees the distributor of animal website so. This is ju Mahan a bottle having a discussion. Oh my goodness. This is some find value for twelve bucks at Jacob liquor auction beautiful light rose color. Natural effervescent I'm pretty confident. I don't know lists of back I'm pretty sure. It's for fermented in the bottle traditional method demented chimp maw. It's. Mouth filling Chris. Crackling cold this is a beauty. O'Costa OOC a SO. Rose after bird. Beautiful sparkling wine from Mendoza. And it's a 100% now back. You've had now back. As beer out of my back rose use there's some lovely ones but then the album now back sparkling road today and it's brut an extra drive. What's extra dry it's not a strives shows group. This one's so good and so food friendly this one will be great with anything it be a great way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. And if you don't know what that means it's not just the start of summer. It's not just the start of grilling season if you're one of those weird is that only girls in the summer. Europe where the buses to go and fix it you can grow year round charcoal lights even in the dead of winner and a blizzard. This line is a great way to celebrate all of those who have given their all. When called to duty in defense of our country and a new world development up. So with the growth from rim on Monday. When you just pick them up with the family. I hope you enjoy the good life and I hope you get a bottle of hope Costco rose extra brut sparkling one margin in. You can learn Morgan left got that com but the answer is. Go to Jacob liquor change Easter west and get a bottle of low cost so. Rose extra brut. What a lovely beverage you're gonna love it I got Barrett to get life but I hope you love this program. And how you put it on your schedule for next Saturday noon to one led chart with good left guy here on and at that. Thirteen thirty and 987 of them have a great Memorial Day weekend.