Wine of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, June 16th
Guy serves up his selection for this week's "Wine Of The Week."

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Yeah. Every welcome back the deadlock well so much on top of the season jock vote yes. America the beautiful the charred land that they own and farm it in the corner of it is magnificent and I just wish them the best of luck if listen. This. Nobody can extra depth. Coming off of a innovative bottle that's kind of ironic we're trying to get the pap quarter broke on. But in the interim. I important some of the one of the week. It is in a bottle that when I first thought I thought oh it's up 500 milliliter that's different. But it's not at the 750. And then now here's the irony of today's show. Is in a plastic ball. And lightweight thin plastic. Ago with that in mind it Menem a part of up out Warner and replies. Recycle. Anyway this one. Comes highly recommended that 2070. Then digits from the south of France. It's. It smells. Blended and they have. It's interesting it is. League Pacman smear. With me. Unbreakable compact sudden fit the standard plastic bottle breeders feel a 100% recyclable. And it is garage. Think it's under an Akron. From the south operatives. And compelling just smells pretty. And it it's pretty. A lot of people would look at correcting one ago I don't drink suite one well dude that's a brick it is not a week. French pool boy. Vin dev phone. One of them able. I'm amazed this is an expensive. Pretty cool package certainly you could throw these in the cooler and and you know the word about it thing him back Libya the sales rep for this pick one up and threw it on the floor Jacob lakers' bench. I don't think Arnott should know a mile lactic stainless steel permanent. Really smells good. You. French school court. Unique label and it's available Jacob Lugar change in Olivia put one in two. As on the label there's a pink flamingo Flutie tool. Will board. And she's got. But a bottle sitting and one of those people. On display. French football is the 11970s. Or 1970. Twentieth seven Dane is the vintage. Agree or not throw today from the south of programs. That would be. That would be a fun one to enjoy. Up by the pool wouldn't any time. Within quick break we come back way hopefully we got somebody from tap water and have not out they all about it though going.