The Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, June 24th
Guy wraps up his visit with Alan Viader by opening up and tasting one of Alan's fine wines as Alan reviews some of the varieties of wines he makes as well as the process they go through before it's bottled.

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After a welcome back to the program if you read got the first two sections good for you as you know that I'm talking to Alan bid there. About this glorious one producing facility that is mom. Do you started. Maybe you've seen his sister Janet out on the road and my brother at a dinner down in Miami words and it was there and and it. Got to be there dot com BI AD DR Allan let's talk about line in the fund part of this. I've been Suton here's swirl and sniff them a little liquid Cashmere will talk about the last tell us about these couple it. Now back imagine that something that has roots in Argentina. We. It is. In. The label it. And it. Rupert they're part of well our own people out and mediator neater Boehner. My I grade teacher were on the dollar. And you know my mom though. He would fair that Ryan was clear that you. And there was. So. Because I. And here are a lot. With the brand. Were trying to do. You know vital are not comment and she started at average crop. Huge part of Tibet land that component though it. You know you know. A lesser variety. I mean you only deserve wondered Christina. The plans to. Last 40% in Iran off the bat and the airline though it. I never ever title decades really focused on. Getting right mr. Competent patient kept on that we may. Is under oral you'd he. Beautiful than moll neck and make is very. Bright vibrant red group might. Term where I mean a very special very well. But it girl while production on in court on her father in being. The main point that we do it that liquid catcher in the glass. But yet there aren't but are. Or traditional plan. That he regretted. And I'm on Mitt. And the first release her grin came aren't. So it's a or at 70% cab and 28 cab Franck. Talk about what you did in the Weiner with this with this Jews and OK aging and that. Well noble block the wind is making good expression of the property and we are we at a single diet though. Surrounding the on our television. 200. Of their bottom. And although it. It's huge range of labor profile oil. Differences and there are things that it means. You know nice how. And aren't a player. Thank you Spicer. Curator and illiterate sir Arnold. Cooking oil in we have 28 acres planted in Elkhart all these hand. And Britain called euphoria at different communication from the mall near. And all of it. It is in French and Errol. Or. At least the first six on and then my mom and I'll go through and paste every single lot. And we'll pick our favorite and best of the best. In Paris they'd figured that either exposed her expression and the and look around it out of it. Third of the percentages girl. Sometimes. 6% cab or expect Prague. Sometimes that every step cat and then point on we've done in the past. Is it. Really whatever kind of ripe for the whatever advantage is that not something that I try to be very much early. Show or tell stories of how engaged migrant he's wired and how are vineyard represent that. You know that its site swirl and snip and put my mouth and I'm a proponent of and encourage every woman that put. One in their mouth hole there for few seconds rodents and and it just gives you everything that you intended for me to. And on behalf of the group formation man thanks that is really a beauty and an unpopular when things that what. One enthusiasts at 94 points. Yeah they give us an answer and it did really. Couple. Candidate. They're great marketing and I don't know we're very happy with regard. In the fourteen of the query going in the you know what whether drought years. The water came occur I of that antigen in it came in immigrant is not march 1. We got rain and now or what kind of put a port salute to the aren't. And not quite that nice round and my which has yet. Their king with a great great years while. But we didn't get. Bring rain and we got very early in the U and then. The cane and they're very very powerful and very concentrated in the thirteenth. I had great down the thirteen drink port we now. If Sharon really cannot talk to grind it. Were essentially farmers. Well I'm gonna during good tonight and I'm thinking lamb chops. But this doesn't doesn't scream for food it's his screams to be put minimize them where and and sipped on a great stuff ballot can't they are much. I appreciate your time today and you're busy and it's Saturday and he got a family in and work and things like that but the again everybody here in the midwest appreciate hearing your story and it would agree story it is give me a favor tell your mama that I said hi and I hope to someday. Stand up on top. That beautiful vineyard overlooked in the vineyard in the lake in and watch the suns and I think that Abiola and. Yeah and it can't have a particular tour when you called me the other. Clearly going down through the vineyard in and it will drive for low blocker on. And the companies have the experience and personal technically yeah. Sure that pictures well. Thirty degrees slow. You know that's a lot. Yeah have a great weekend my friend thanks for your time. Here in order what great publicity. Another quick break we'll come back and say about some of the events that are going on and and one that's come enough that you can't wait to hear about.