Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, July 14th
Guy wrap's up this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection of the "Wine Of The Week."

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A governor welcome back for the good luck hope you come every Saturday here noon to one lunch hour good luck guy at Phillip who want him front reared lob lob ball most thing you do is tune in to talk about. I'm glad you did today enough tea. I opened the final arbiter or because talk into the gals from constant movement quote maybe hungry and thirsty. And this one is from Tuscany it's called bill up with Cheney's. And they called us to protest in an OK okay. Me. It's. It's mostly San Jim Beijing which is degrade of the region but it has 10% below 90% Sanjay temperature low. It's. They call it choice graves at age for a twelve month in oak. And then some time in bottle it's the 2012 addition. This one is ready to drink and the best part about illnesses. And I kid you not I'm not the biggest that tie in one and two easiest. I've had some magnificent. One. Both dirt cheap inexpensive long from every day at a big jugs. Are really high dollar bottles like 2004. That's a higher than them window opened the night so. I'm being perfectly objective when I tell you that this one has a high retail price or on sixteen bucks. Jacobs normal price would probably around. Fourteen. And it's on sale in the current ad for Jacob would urge change. Byrd ten dollars general and bill put chino it is the label gave villages right near where we were talking about with the go from those can women that cook. And when I opened at eleventh and permanent. And just. Black cheery and and there's almost like. It's. A sweep. Black dirt an island sound weird but I'm trying to put it into words here and then you put your mouth and it is like me. Permitted cherry compo. It's not sweep there is no sweetness. Announced witness in this one soft. Did. Fruit forward. If there was ever a time that you might consider buying a case of red one. This one is so pleasant to drink and and it could you know I had it in my wants seller so it was pretty chilled and it is. It's better that way so for summer. If you hadn't bought some inject public outrage today. I put the purge for an RB Friedrich. It is. Man what a great hot weather line and you can't say that about some high and that time ones. This from so pretty. If you haven't been Americans and your crazy well you get when that there's some magnificent lines. Generally a super Tuscan wine tends to have cabernet and that or an addition to blow so the primary grip for abuse Ngo and government. This one with the Murillo the Marleau had some softness that really surprised me when I first aggressive again at Villa put chino. Moscow on. Meaning is from Tuscany. That the 2012 addition twelve months and Merrill. And it is just the beauty and don't forget to take a liquor change that's where you get it I know they have it on the east side I don't know about the west side and I apologize. Call first. One of the things you can do though is download the Jacob liquor change app jail lease specials app. And the App Store for were ever. And you can order online you'll get the weekly email prices than the one that I have a problem is from July 13 of the nineteen. Great list of all of things that are on sale and take a blogger exchange. Go through with your. Eyeliner you go nuts and don't forget weekend patent and Jacob today. To deport Sam Adams and 76. They seasonal. Angry orchard road today and through various departments offer and and more importantly for the it. The vote from grace hill winery going to be their foreign some other fun. Five pasting just three days of record it and it. Dick Lugar dot com you can. To take a couple dates it took note and we'll tell you more about the in the future. Last Saturday in July that's July 28. At hand at the Kansas grow farmer's market its tomato best. Next week I have Marty Johnson on he's doing some really cool things. When I'm women and Jews August 24. And burger battle October 6 next thing you know it's Nolan were completed about that. Glad you're with us I hope you'll join us next and being here for the good.