Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, July 21st
Guy wrap's up this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection of the "Wine Of The Week."

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Has been. Yeah. I feel welcome back to the program the final stretch and we just don't have enough time will make do Elizabeth. The Hillis. I cracked up that some want all that. I love group drops him. And believe me it doesn't necessarily comment made an expensive and impact. More screwed up somewhere and like this the one of the week from sea monster. Would be very appropriate. Sea monster is a they use a couple liberal on makers it sea monster wines dot com is where you want ago. To make the seven Limbaugh. It at a Lowe's there is the primary guy. And he's a white wine fanatic he's a big believer in. And not using oak or certainly not over using no. The wind that I picked the collective why. Well it smells pretty. And it's got a pretty label doesn't say much about what's in it but I think I told you in the beginning that this one is. Unusual in that it has. The only DA and Al Gore and you know and we're not belong. In about equal parts 3626. And twenty say experts and it was in and has 12% diverts and if you take a long slow and elation you can smell it diverts and if you know what diverge from international flight you'll never forget. And more importantly you'll know that it can add. A really unique dimension it doesn't necessarily. Mean sweet. I didn't detect she'd is really hard to read on their website. To see some Wanda sue at the residual sugar was. Fully review. No PH in total acidity thirteen point eight alcohol. On her face stainless steel in the note coming residual sugar but I know one way to go me. Oh dear. Oh my goodness. This one is killer did you taste yet to say it did and it. Well I need I need. Schooling and no snow you'd let you know exactly which you feel like it yeah Holler yea if you don't you know however that volume and a good enough now tell me this amnesty and no my wife would say what those camps say. Does this client feels sweet you. No good. It has some air medics sweetness. From the go over. It'll make your mouth thing goats can be sweet and Danny has really good prudent soft that has maybe. Maybe just a teeny hint of left over CO2 little a little. Dizziness it is not advertised that way than say in it that's my opinion. And it shows scrumptious and and fruity and perfect hot weather one. Too bad we can't combine that with the effort of the duke would because when you saw it. It smells so mills. It's a subtle spicy sweet with a little bit carnival acts on science now. So just seconds that it's fun to the hole. Time I was building you do and dog work in cutting out. Little sticks and perhaps like solar mistakes that white joke makes me think of oak barrels for Iran and every time mark would walk by and get in Thursday. I'm getting very thirsty. Anyway the wind leakage from paso Robles Santa Barbara. Were you thinking among array. And if you haven't been doing in central crows white one don't forget of course. Central coast league Rhone Rangers red ones from problem Obama zinfandel yes of course those girls still there. My wine class. Comes out in the Wichita eagle. I made a couple weeks but the website has opened. Go to Debbie issued dot edu. You're just continuing education. And and find the area culinary art and fine lines that I'm doing today. Americans it cultural area to class thing. Where he Mondays in a row. The first one news Columbia valley Washington that went fast so this one's going to be an. This one so. Well you get a ticket takers change again it's called sea monster. And it's the eclectic white blood as it right labeled got a big picture Letitia. I have a great weekend please stop by Kenneth says every Saturday. And he enjoys the good.