Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, August 5th
Guy wraps up this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his choice for wine of the week.

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Or not. A. They've got back to the good luck congratulations to dress that's a fire and it. They will lock and that's good observed that there listened to every week planet coupe also I think she's won in the past. That we giveaway it's just nearly every week and I'm glad you do that you called in and folks listen. Go to good laugh got dot com learn about ms. thomas' book and and net. She's donated her share of the of the money that she gets her royalties for the books ago. To a great cause and it really is a cool book and it. I guarantee a moser friends and have a collection equipment don't have one like this. Recruit who's shopping now. I'm down at the table rock lake with some great friends get cloture on we got one Mike and and three glasses and organ pace of one. You can handle welcomed it. And my good brother Brett how to thank you and that we just port disposed of the big stack this one. And in the middle of the aisle object of liquor auction incidents from Chile and you know Chile has been making a lot of great stuff it's called VA hope failed VI EJ ago. FBO and essentially what that means of the oh man today and there's a picture a pace or drawing a pencil drawing. And aluminum on the front but I digress we don't care about the ugly home and we care what's in the bow. And net. Which we were talking about an article that just came out about this December it's Kobe's group of three boy is Smart guys chemist. That are making line without grapes. There chemically reconstructing lines out of grain alcohol and spirits and water and then adding chemicals. I'm not interested. These ones are made in Chile. So far we just opened the seminal belong it's a 2016 and Jean and you and I both have similar. Knows desires that lines coming what you smelter. Iconic product used varied little bit of a grapefruit and lose. And and it does it smells really refreshing. And well it's typical seven you'll want but then when I put in my mouth. It's a little unique there summer spaciousness. And it's real soft little bit of a short finish but we think Brent yeah your neck. I like it's very clean crisp one recruiting. I think you know like with the shrimp that we had last night. Instead of with cocktail sauce with horseradish. If you made like an IO elect today. Manage with ranch dressing or. So the assaults. Off softer or more shuttle. Dipping sauce or no dipping sauce at all. Stir fried shrimp shrimp off the girl. This is a lovely seven you'll walk and out a US I'm Beth may not get to try and do this when she gets them today. Com so we have we have three ones these are the three that are available Jacob aggression and again in the name is. Viejo fado. At the O and its a cute name for a middleman so now we're gonna pour this is the 2016 Carmen there. I went to the web site of this producer and there wasn't a whole lot of information. I gave them a little bit seat in the seven walks now entry using just one last. It. I just use my lips of the dump bucket. Thanks cleanup after me. If you haven't had commoner lately I think the evolution of Carman air at this bottles leak. I'm not these are that messy pouring but Carman air from Chile was the it was the red grape but back in the beginnings they called Marlowe because they thought it was low in the league structure of merlot governor raised similar. So member read one from Chile was Marleau. That is our great we make the best Marla. Then they discovered science group that know everything you've been column is commoner well. In the early days. Must the we these -- basis. Not necessarily come pleasantly but different and I think that. They've been proved and went you know there from a Earth's here. Smoke yet earth deity. Smoke media. Forest floors used to describe that some think of damp leaves him and black Erden and then those are pretty typical. Permanent scriptures and then if you take a long slow inhalation backhand is where you get some of that work through it. You. And beaten. I home while I'm pulling this one in my mouth he should do that. One should ever be the first sip of ones should there be swallowed for emotional for Procter for a second minimum. Rom. Soft hand and fruit forward. You know it's not Romo trying this will be great I'm with simple stuff burgers the black beans sterling actually. Not to spy as low salaries. And that kind of stuff. I like this one off. Which would which should open this last night. We're speaking of and label that has three different lines VO VA hello Seau. It's right in the middle of the main aisle when you walk in the Jacobs and there's a whole big stack. And the best part is. And now. And day and Kennedy is. You can probably buy this by the case on Monday Tuesday. And and make it like eight dollars and this is a lot of lot of Jews. For the money but it's let's go to the cab. The Carman air is nice. Look at this dark and tense color significant do it without hose in the hall floor. You know colors one of those things it can be manipulated somewhat but the reality of it is to come from skin contact. And there's. Nothing other than a little bit of time required but look at that beautiful dark purple. And it's both completely the accord under which we would hope. And Allah. Coke and hosted oh light the oak is very subtle. It's. Oh yeah work it's it's noon and we just finished tasting tree great moments. I think this campus Poland. Under ten dollar and ten dollar bill limits UT. Yet that's intense do that again and pat pat pat pat. Our tongues are Deep Purple and we've just adds that over outline these are great lines and I'll tea. There's never been a better time to real one and two he has if you're new to the wine tasting business the one drinking business. Finally welcome aboard if you're old had and you wanna spend hundreds at the inaugural ball Weiner 600 gonna borrow one about it if it makes you happy do it. But if you confine some than for less than twenty bucks less than thirty Boxee relies. And then you find this for less than ten dollars. I just love it it's just such a great thing and like I said there's never been a better time. For one drinking what are you what are you that would you Brent would you would you be. Excited to bio one that is manufactured. In the lab in San Francisco with these guys. But that would. You know they say that. At taster sitting side by side with day. A real one made from grapes and one that they've produced can't tell the difference well I continued reading further down that are all. In the Dow that was there that at one knows that you absolutely could tell a difference and it wasn't a Petit. The the first flight one name made it was supposed to be a a drive style Chardonnay kind of 11. Came out and they said no McCullough and Scott like oh. Cause it was. A little sweet. And have little effervescent sudden. And I just think that were at a point in time here we're. Great for expenses. Of the production process uses a good bit walker. The sustainability. Lipscomb agree and but were also in this stage of Watsco natural. Earth to earth God's earth in our grapes grapes I spoke grapes. And don't forget you can make one out of anything I mean look rhubarb blinded and the Liam one he needed water. Liquids source you need sugar and yeast. And them whatever you get that from or whatever you put into it. Would be then the flavoring elements so you can take dog group. And water and yeast and sugar Annette pan and you would make it flavored. Alcoholic beverage. And that would really be there and dog group wine and frankly I just the incident happening. You know through wanna love their some. Great line being made in Kansas out of different fruits and and I think that we've depicted the great shoes should use the fruit group of each one and apple. And tomato. Doctor Bob views this it's done it's so great to be done here on table rock lake I hope. Your heaven as much fun this weekend is I am with my friends down here and more importantly I hope that you go to ticket Flickr should buy a bottle of the VA who fail and it column you heard about it on the good life and if you don't like at home I'd give your money back you've got to give me developed over one. Your. I don't think you be disappointed at all three print outs and what was your paper. And Gina temple. You know I'd like to catalog and on the go with us W law. You know. This avenue block is just unique and and a slightly different skills I wouldn't want to be able to pick inaudible. All three wander great that's Diego Mayo you'll learn more good life conduct commonwealth a year next Saturday in.