The Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, August 19th

Guy's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his choice for this week's "Wine Of The Week"


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Welcome back to the good luck I'm glad you stayed around the final segment I had to think about it Jen for a number of regents here but bottom line is go that would bar girl. I think I'll put that that we had to guard not just in out of boot from the net what we have was the one deal momma stroke. It's a more retro it is a beautiful one from the media JUMILL. Say in the south eastern part of Spain. Really good stuff the one that says. Pretty spectacular Leggett has got some older religions. No matter what you like and in the course it's got current release stuff as well and the need to check out the year the warrantless. One of the things that I like it there is a couple of great Spanish ones like that one killed and monitoring that we had. And really enjoyed that. But I got to pay it we we did a pasting here that was kind of a hoot at the house the other night. I was blown away. A friend brought over in 1964. What they guess you need ass clo SI GLO. 1964. Limit this is a pretty old. Spanish wine. It was a little tough to get the cork out it was kind of dry but we did that we'd be candidate which with the requirement to make sure there was no corporate than it. I almost would have preferred not that big and it just a prudent level at superb bit. The 1964. Campo BA program Rivera broke what Beth and I drank. When we were dating in Spain and many moons ago and it was such a beautiful wine and I had hopes. First Sid personnel. Have a little disappointing. And as you might expect a little past prime. But for the longer it sat in towards the end of the rim before got the builder line. This one was magnificent. I wish I get ready to get it it Jacob liquor change but you cannot. But you can find a whole bunch of other great tempered you know based ones Reno Rio. We're notched some of the ones from whom media monitor drove more redder than other word that. Beautiful ones in this stuff I dig a bugger change. Arabs they're in the right direction we finished up that evening notable ones with the 1964. Pedro feminist PX. A beautiful sweet line 1946. And it was spectacular they have a chance to do some searching you can find some of these ones on line old Spanish wine truly cool stuff. Stop by Dick of leadership is look at the news Spanish wine to their thumb even there some of the grand reservists Wear authority eight years in the bottle so. Hunt had a that's how we got on imported them but I just stop by enjoy the good life and hope to do it next Saturday here and can SS thirteen thirty and 987. FM so law.