Wine of the Week with Guy Bower

The Good Life
Saturday, September 30th
While the first beverage that comes to mind when thinking chili is beer you might want to try a little Spanish Cava!

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And yeah. Good luck I'm. Apparently hundreds. Here in Canada and I'm glad it's not I don't forget it's not that they're deep they're getting. It's also. The idea what's that. A lot of fun stuff going on here we're gonna be a lot from the eight. Wagon masters downtown chili cook off the crowd is. The weather's marvelous the appointment group. That's our mind that ms. Wynette thing and look at them anyway but it was a lovely life. I digress. Five bucks an. Eagle hole in the wagon man and it updates. All the competitors in. Order Don and eighty. Mediator 89 showed. It. When it a couple of things right they quietly. Luxury lines worth your money. I don't sense at all why would you spend fifty dollar bottle line if you can buy at great all. The I agree that it is. Absolutely true there's never been a better time to be a wine drinker in our country. Larger ones with them my ideas eight class here is done teaching at Debbie issue. It starts October 22 that's a month day and then the following Monday October 30. On the 22 prestige life. I think will be surprised. An issue. So really I am lines and are probably those rigor in there. And he he very inexpensive edition of one thing on. You concede that difference will talk about why haven't got so much. Why they're better in some cases. And if it. Then on the thirtieth that's popular red ones that you'll likely find this of the class you. One from all over the globe. Probably the lip of the California. I like O line. And now I've just come back from four properties that Sonoma so probably surprised that. Luxury line worth your money at W issue that accused Metroplex. End. Alternate news good news which got diabetes news. Which does not need you out. And it's they don't call it. Continuing education worth community it. Got a good Nikola it's under the culinary section luxury lots where the money now. I'm tricky one. This is a great line it's not a right if these ones were not in it and here you know Brad and it. But that at a that had to look people that they. The producer is Lima. Lehman is based Spanish outlook. Bob it is. The Spanish here. Sparkling wines made it meant that. Where are still lots of bobbled it and second equipment that they thought. ABBA is generally made with three different not that great. Back up radios Allah that accident are you know that snow and not out that those great in different forms make up. To it's the only a it's 40% at the Mayo will be relevant equipment Arianna. Joining me now I want him order. Partner. Partner yeah. Bradley from Canada that Leonard replicate that now. That yeah the first. The first cave was two. For me that this third fourth and this won't get much out. And it's it is I have a bit it's less strident that stuff. And it's got beautiful ever present that I think could be. Great now they do make an extra dry and those sparkling one is labeled differently than the other thing that drives really hasn't hit the sweetness you probably like that would better. Yeah this here's here's the group movement. 899. I've read them the affordable and it. Basically what I'm very. Like top of oyster and seafood I'll give you that little off with Julie. And look at this here's yet dropped out about this what is 40% Mecca Mayo learned present your hero at 30% Arianna. Again classic beatification still want to put in the bottle. And populated secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle well it traps all the bubble that there. That's the move was there yet and it's and a got it if weakness but while the US it's a great values it. I would suggest that a ticket record it. And buy out three or number if it's one of my favorites look at the color. Those who it is a fluorescent pink move beyond and it's and it's caught up group bravado. At this is not made for those three primary grades is made from the pack. For Canada and upgrade the growth of several different places across. But in particular it's really well and and in this region south and west of Barcelona. Where top quality compass made. We're just looking out of the picture in my room and cooler this mode and then what's been cited for I have to do what he's ridiculous you. And it looks just like this and this one is interesting so aromatic. It's now let's move to listen well and if you smell the rose autos it's a parade an extra. And it connected. While they did have a club. Covered who have clothed. It's been we network time Brad banks here. Act now aren't Brad. That's not right here there. Always good but I think accurately. Then that we've been here. I've got Aaron good luck hope you get your car come down plaque that that definitely. Both orbit you don't wanna come late. But it would they base they'll be late because the date and out of being late because of course. We might let pat it gently but there and country club. Hey you got. All right so but that's how it will tell you that death I'm off to the act can't market data to death penalty but I wonder if there have a great week of the attack that.