Wingnuts come 1 play away from American Association title

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Tuesday, September 19th
A controversial call and a 17 inning game forces a game 5 of the series in Canada.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. This is the case and as a sporting news receiving dead nineteenth Macintosh. Casey charged with the murder instead you'll Wichita psychiatrist we've got the story. More information on a toddler's near drowning in southeast Wichita I'm Ted Woodward those details just ahead. Media questions call box use of private emails for presidential commission. I don't feel I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday who moisture moving in from the south we could see if you isolated thunderstorms early this morning. But windy conditions this afternoon are complete forecast is on the way. A patient of a psychiatrist dad to death in the Alley behind his holistic practice in which has been charged now with first degree murder 21 year old. Lamar dilute. Made his first court appearance Monday in the September 13 death a much who are ready. At the holistic psyche at ia psychiatry services clinic in east of Wichita. Kansas secretary of state Crisco bock is facing criticism for using a private email account. For business associated with his work as vice chairman of president trumps commission on election fraud. Or Kansas City Star reports that a camp this press association leader and a media attorney are the ones questioning whether called baucus plotting nine year old state law. It makes public officials emails about public business subject to disclosure under the Kansas open records act even if they're on private accounts are devices. Cole bought told the investigative site pro public call last week that it would be a waste of state resources to uses state email account because he's serving on the commission as a private citizen. Dan O'Neill K. And SS news Sunday afternoon emergency crews responded to a near drowning in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says. There were three adults and three children in the apartment at the time. Point four year old male was giving him a bath to his one year old son and also three year old son. In the bathtub of a second floor bathroom. The kids were left in the tub with a low level water to play. And one of the children were able to get the water to turn back on. In the water to overflow. The father had stepped away nearby to take a shower presidential the first floor noticed water leaking from above. And wanted to see what was wrong the one year old boy was found face down in the bathtub and was hospitalized in critical condition. Monday morning he was reported to be in stable condition. The Caribbean island of Dominica is getting hit with its first ever category five hurricane. At least since modern day record keeping began ABC news meteorologist Dan peck has more on the storm's path. Are key Maria remains a powerful category five hurricane and will continue to move across the Caribbean impacting islands like saint Kitts and eventually moving towards the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico by Wednesday. Slight weakening is expected as it heads throughout the Caribbean by Wednesday and Thursday that this will still be a very dangerous hurricane. Georgia Tech students. Were told to shelter in place last night as protests over student debt on the campus turned violent. Georgia Tech spokesman Lance Wallace says three people were arrested late yesterday after a campus police vehicle went up in flames two officers were hurt. You're peaceful memorial vigil for Georgia Tech students now Schultz a group of approximately fifty protesters marched to the Georgia Tech police department. One police vehicle was damaged in two Brothers suffered an injury. That 21 year old student shoals was shot by campus police late Saturday outside a campus dorm. After ignoring repeated calls from police to drop a knife president trump had dinner with a number of world leaders at the United Nations Monday night said they had to pressing issues. The president hoping Western Hemisphere countries well restore democracy in Venezuela mr. trump telling them the other priority is what he spoke about would China's president by phone. We've discussed. Trade and we also discussed a place called North Korea president trump met with the leaders of Israel and France but avoided reporters' questions on the Iran nuclear deal in the Paris climate agreement in field ABC news. A show to open man has been arrested for allegedly growing marijuana in a city park in the southeast Kansas town. The Kansas bureau of investigations is 54 year old Johnson Scott ski boat. Was arrested Monday on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana. And criminal possession of a firearm after a felony conviction. Steve O was allegedly cultivating marijuana on an island and L Moore park and should top. Even attempted to flee law enforcement in a boat. Was arrested without incident. They necessities are now 8055. Minutes vested if life ever that is having a little harder maybe yes. A is. Championship on the line for the Wichita wing nuts last night with plenty of drama. We'll have details coming up in sports Seattle has its third mayor in five days. That story coming up on McCain as a sporting news receiving dead. It's. K this is boring you perceive it is now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock to the city of Wichita will be seeking the public's input on what to do about a downtown convention and entertainment facility. Mayor Jeff Long Will tell ski and assist you some changes may be needed for true for the around a part of entry to. What everyone seems to be totally count or out there is moving that convention out of that building. They just don't work on the ground building and so we're looking that adding onto the bench and then our. Removing conventions from the performing arts part of that ground building. Longo commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen Ted show here on K in a sense. Seattle has its third mayor in five days Tim Burgess was sworn in last night. Following last week's abrupt resignation of former mayor Ed Murray over multiple accusations of child sexual abuse from the 1970s. The president of the City Council had taken over following Murray's departure but he did not want the job. So Burgess now takes the Helm until any election in November he promises to help Seattle move forward and heal. That was a painful experience for all of us and for many people and our city and our region. Who themselves are survivors of sexual assault. Was Republicans moving forward on another repealed and replaced measured Democrats are firing back. Senators Lindsey Graham and bill Cassidy or push GOP's latest repeal and replace effort hoping to Muster up the votes even getting the bully pulpit of the president involved but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer today attacking the latest GOP effort saying it cut protections for Americans with pre existing conditions and endangers Medicaid no matter how many ways Republicans try to dress it up. This bill is even more dangerous. And its predecessors democratic leaders argued Republicans are hoping to rushed to a vote before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office can quote expose the full consequences of the legislation Serena Marshall ABC news Washington. The CBO will have a preliminary assessment next week. Can SS news time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And in traffic right now we still have some candy traffic and that north junction. I want pretty fun 19301996. Expect slow downs there and of course this morning. Starting at 9930. Might see some smoke at the airport. You might death. This is postseason. Along you know. Flashing lights sirens that sort and then there at the airport. They're they're doing them a disaster preparedness drill there thank yourself and exercise and so whether it's what's your. And C yep they're traffic on tape and assess trustee vice. Jordan Robin Carl's Goodyear tire pitted downtown at market and Waterman in the eastern history Mullen on money frost dot com. Dora for complete pair that's going to be starting about 9:30. This morning. Now let's take a look at the forecast. We picky as if Steffi you voted down a holiday good morning Dan. Good morning you'll wind advisory has been posted across Wichita and south central Kansas as a frontal boundary begins to move our way from the west. We may even see few isolated thunderstorms this morning he will be breezy this afternoon with a high 94. Clear overnight Carlos 71 and it and not quite as windy on Wednesday with a high near ninety and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now affairs guy 69 degrees you've got to south wind at ten. Miles per hour. Taylor says weather brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of crap suburban it was feast in the state of Kansas. Them on our coverage ability. Or discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In delay you know 812 now Stephen Ted and yesterday's high temperature in which I was 89. The normal high is 820 and over going to be about ten degrees above that's an eagle and up around 93 as you heard in the forecast just a moment ago there was damn. A 29 year old woman says the person next in line stole her money from an ATM in south east of Wichita. Abu the woman was getting cash from an ATM near the Hilltop neighborhood west of all over and every Sunday afternoon when her child said he was going to be six. She left the ATM without getting the cash. Says by the time she got back the white car behind her sped out of the parking lot with her money. So were these people liver behind her Ted Woodward's. To this story from city all the police department or the people behind her. Criminal people or did they just saw some obviously some guys it's to guys at the same lists seeing it when he on the ground picking it up I mean. Someone leaves behind sixty bucks at Merrill but he would you do. You would probably get a run over your mother to get active and I'm that was a tough one yup. Public at a pilot Tony sit there I think you just take it public officials with the authority over the Las Vegas Strip are set to meet today to talk about pot smoking lounges. Well they have showgirls. This comes about a week after lawyers for the state legislature issued an opinion saying that. Nothing in state law prohibits local government from allowing pot consumption in businesses such as lounges and can face in Nevada. If they were to agree to a Nevada as Clark County could become the first and local government in the country to license and regulate marijuana consumption lounges. So that would be it you're just going there and smoked dope with a B any entertainment may be is. In India victim own type lounge singer and there's like dad what are they saying it would have been and in. Police say a drunken Pennsylvania man who didn't want a drink alone forced his way into woman's home but sat down with 212 pack to Bayer. 39 year old Sean Mallard faces charges including criminal trespass. And they remained in new York county jail Monday. Police say a woman called them September 12 to report Haller had entered her home and refused to leave. Police say Haller had done the same thing in another woman's home earlier Wednesday. Well on around him to country music song in the making here is police found howler in the second woman's home to say he refused to leave. Well yourself and loan officers went in and they got him anyway now to giveaway to the local. Who scalp aha now. An interesting guy he can be in that party with people in a holding cell the party on there Sean. Belgian regional authorities. Say an intact German World War I submarine. World War I has been found off the coast of Belgium. Contains the bodies of 23 people. Western Flanders governor Carl become movie. Toll Associated Press that the final before the North Sea is very unique help Nokia and a hundred year old submarine are you kidding me said the the impact damage was at the front of the submarine remains close and there are 23 people still aboard. Yeah. And then who will there come Moody's said the you vote was found by researchers declined to provide details about its location. Until the site has been protected good idea. He also said he had contacted the German ambassador because. There are people on board and oh yeah see what we can do with remain on the group human remains inside then there are under long time while captured the world's one you don't smell it inside there LP remember World War I ended. In 191899. Years ago right right. That is really a fine. And watch people those corpses via that's pretty pretty much pretty grim to think skeletal now yeah. That. And I imagine they're all kinds of things like that on the bottom of the sea a whole hour just we just don't know where Ariana. For the eleventh consecutive year the Dallas Cowboys are number one. On forbes' annual list of the NFL's most valuable franchises. The estimated value of four point eight billion dollars four point eight billion yeah last year it was four point two billion but they've. The third and there were Puerto. Although the cowboys haven't been to a Super Bowl and more than twenty years that hasn't stopped. Is it Jerry Jones. From basically printing money in Dallas. Nice return on investment for Jones he four point eight billion he bought the team in 19894. 140. Million dollars you imagine. Yeah I have to buy that for a 140 Mel now it's now it's worth almost nearly five billion dollars. Now why all according to Forbes the five most valuable franchise in the world are the cowboys at four point eight million followed by the patriots. At three point seven billion dollars that's a team that did the chiefs beat the other day. Yankees' New York Yankees three point seven billion along with soccer clubs and it's always amazes me the soccer clubs in Europe on their massive. Manchester United worth. Almost three point nine billion. And FC Barcelona point three point 64 billion dollars so. While portrays a massive organization itself we got in on the ground floor of that to the line. Years ago and invested some money with the Dallas Cowboys will be rich millionaires now at the probably wouldn't need me doing the show we'd be shall rich right. They had to add mentioned earlier there is a team he could have bought into the mint Green Bay Packers are publicly on T wherever they just sell stock to people anyone who would buy it the now. To finance their ventures or they're done. Then there we've been talking about this this morning but I do want to remind you that the Wichita airport authority has scheduled a large scale disaster exercise 9:30 this morning. Little over an hour from now this Libya. North of highway K 42 between runways one Ellen fourteen down south of the Eisenhower. Airport Federal Aviation Administration. Want to do this once and every three year every few years yet so it does disaster exercise include approximately 300 officials and volunteers. From various. Emergency management agencies they're going to have already seen it a simulated plane on the ground out there and yet so. Go through that you know rehearsed what would happen. If they had the sense probably about an hour from now you'll see a large. You think plume of black smoke coming up from the airport area throttled smoke can only do that many you'll see tons of flashing lights and emergency vehicles responding and it's it is a drill. It is about 9:30 this morning Paula being prepared the new Boy Scouts that was our modeling you know. Be prepared hot. 819 now Stephen did it on kaine is says Stanford sports content delivered this morning. And and talk about that like the royals were not an action that night but the Wayne gets. Playing for the championship up in Canada they played it and all game enough champagne. On ice dance looking for one win last night to win the championship. Thinking on the Winnipeg gold rise up in Canada of last evening. Game four of the American League Championship Series which Tom two games to one looking to close it out last night. And it looked like they had it done Wichita had a three to two lead with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. The next batter for Winnipeg grounds out to third base throw to first. Good game over and that's when it whereas start to celebrate on the field but no. Act. The umpires called a balk on the pitch. Game not over. Winnipeg would later tie the game. With a double. Consented and extra innings. The balk probably the most misunderstood ruled there is but has to do with the pitcher. Doing something accurate in his deliberate yeah I'm in this case it was him not fluently umpire says that he did not come to a complete stop. Before delivering the baseball US and which years with general what you have to do. It's got to be pretty darn. Clear that that's the case opened up an umpire when called balk. On the pitch that decides entire season. But the balk was called in Winnipeg stayed alive this game would go into extra innings boy did it. The wing nuts had chances but did not score in the final eleven innings. The wing nets went over for thirteen. With runners in scoring position after the sixth inning. They had runners in scoring position stranded in the twelfth the thirteenth the fourteenth and fifteenth and the sixteenth innings. Winnipeg finally got to run across in the seventeenth to win it for three a six hour game. It just ended about seven hours ago in the wee hours have been candidate. So the wing nets have to. Put that behind them because tonight is the final game of the season the game five of this championship series will decide the whole thing. It's tied two games apiece in his best of five. Wing nuts at Winnipeg at 705 tonight winner wins the championship all the marbles yeah this evening. We've got some Major League Baseball tonight the royals continue on their long a road trip here towards the end of the season there in Toronto for the next three nights to get on the blue jays. 6 o'clock tonight victory listen to the royals on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. The royals right now are four and a half games behind for a playoff spot only thirteen games remaining in the season in the city has lost four of its last five. College volleyball the new coaches poll coming out yesterday the Kansas Jayhawks dropped three spots K you ranked number twelve in the nation right now. Wichita State moved up three spots and back into the rankings to shocker to ranked number 24 in the nation this week after beating a top ten team over the weekend. Volatile coaches pulled out. And I a couple of good birthdays today former. Shocker baseball player one of the great college baseball players of all time Phil Stevenson missed 57 today. And coach at a Dodge City community cannot play a little late early Baltic and it may yet. Built 15100. I don't know very well the times have been around a lot of good times with the bills and use this guy yup. The big guy good family feel Stephenson 57 today. Abner Haynes former running back in returner for the Kansas City Chiefs back in the 1960s. Is number 28 is retired by the chief sees the chiefs hall manes on the AFL all time team well Abner Haynes is eighty years old today happy birthday. And speaking of the chiefs. We talking chiefs tonight on the chiefs kingdom show at 7 o'clock tonight. That's on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as answer right near your home of the Kansas City Chiefs Pete will be. Taken on the chargers on the West Coast on Sunday afternoon Casey opted to know start should be a good addition tonight the chiefs kingdom that was it. That the show hosted by Mitchell decide our friend play by play voice and Steve Schmidt told all right. And tonight at 7 o'clock the chiefs kingdom Theo. Sports with Stephen says Kate MS SE 23 to better for the Hannity morning minutes. Editorial writer blames president trump for his physical ailments. Johnson tells them. Seated at the morning on tape and assess.