Wingnuts sweep 1st place Sioux City, Royals avoid a sweep

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Thursday, August 9th
NBC World Series continues at Lawrence Dumont Stadium, they are down to the final 8 teams.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case and it is warning users even says that I keep Macintosh. Wichita woman killed in crash in Colorado. We've got the story. Still no final count in Republican primary for Kansas governor trying to put words those details just ahead. The state of campus plans do cover the fees for high school juniors these CT exams. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm okay NSF meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 91 for the high in Wichita today will see more of the same weather in place. Our full forecast is coming out. The Wichita woman has died after her Jeep wranglers slid off a cliff. In Chaffee county Colorado. According to champion. How do you share of John says he. 43 year old Jennifer Lynn or of Wichita was driving her Jeep and a caravan of several other jeeps when the vehicle went off the road and fell 600. Feet. That's usually or tried to drive over a large rock that was in the middle of the road with a deep slid and fell down the slope. The polls closed Tuesday night that we still don't know who will be either Republican candidate for governor in Kansas governor Jeff collier and secretary of state Chris called up. Are separated by only 191. Votes thousands of votes still have yet to be counted. Ballots that were postmarked by Tuesday have until tomorrow to be delivered to the election offices. And provisional ballots will be counted next week neither candidate is conceding governor collier says he's focusing on the next step. A race we're going to be waiting to see how this all comes together. And we're hopeful. And to be honest we're very optimistic that those votes will continue to come in on our side just as they did yesterday. Kovac is also optimistic about the outcome. That's very close race and so I am being fully realistic that it it is possible. And saying okay this is a tentative victory. And we are just gonna move the big time down the track. Once the count is complete either candidate could request a recount. The cost of that would be the responsibility of the candidate making the request. The process could take several weeks to dead and five wounded after a drive by shooting in northern Philadelphia. Police commissioner Richard Ross shares what is known so far excuse. Large caliber. Possibly being high powered rifle. You can't really glean a whole lot from the video of the day it looks like the minivan. Possibly life. We can't tell what that is more. One shooter. Police say the dead are a man and woman ages 34 and 32 a suspect has been arrested in connection with the California wildfire dubbed the holy fire. 51 year old forest Gordon Clark has been arrested for allegedly starting the holy fire more than 6000 acres are burning in the Cleveland National Forest east of Los Angeles. Several cabins have been evacuated at least twelve structures of art and clock been charged with aggravated arson and making criminal threats and resisting officers are strong as evidence is there a witness statements change Sherwood is an Orange County fire battalion chief. There are reports from a volunteer firefighter in the area that Clark ran through their neighborhood last week screening. And had sent him an email predicting the area would burn. Gasket Rosenthal Fox News. Ganges education officials say all high school juniors in the state will be able to take a CT exams. And assessments for free next school year the AZT work he's assessment major essential workplace skills. The exams will be administered statewide in February. But what started eagle reports that a Kansas Department of Education spokeswoman says. The free tests are being finance the additional funding from the state legislature as part of its new school finance plan. Students pay fifty dollars for the eighth CT exam and an additional 1654. An optional writing an assessment. State officials say they recommend but not require that all juniors take both exams. Kansas students ACT scores last year fell to their lowest point in five years Dan O'Neill ping an SS news. Skate and it's just used on now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. It is game night. Pre season opener of the Kansas City Chiefs tonight here on CN SS led a preview coming up sports a busy Tuesday for thieves in Wichita. That story coming up on McCain and his as sporting news feed instead. The K and us this morning used even dead down 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock on Thursday morning. Tuesday was a day filled with large cities throughout Wichita. On that day police investigated at least 67 cases of larceny. And that included 31 cases of items stolen from vehicles and nine cases of shoplifting. There was also a rough day for vehicles as eleven cars were stolen and eight others were damaged. Prison sentences have been handed out in a case that has horrified to Germany a German couple has been convicted of forcing their young son in a prostitution in the biological mother and stepfather were found guilty Tuesday of using the dark web -- -- -- files willing to pay to rape their eight year old son he views was then film that used to advertise for more clients some of these sixty of which paid over 8000 dollars per incident the 39 year old stepfather was a known pedophile who served time on prior convictions the 48 year old mother accepts full responsibility both were sentenced over twelve years in prison a tipster alerted police in Freiburg Germany of the abuse after a buyer asked whether he could kill the boy after assaulting him the boy and now ten is in protective custody is being treated for sexual and emotional abuse Kevin battled Fox News changes are being made to a controversial text vote. At a prestigious university. The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill revising it textbook for a required fitness course there referred to cancer as a disease of choice and included a theory and victims of the Holocaust failed to tap into their inner strength the book is part of online course where are sold the ball double universities and was written by two faculty members of Brigham Young University co author Ron Hagar defendant the bulk of promoting healthy lifestyles the university released a statement saying their invasion began in spring in cooperation with the publisher last week at Simon Wiesenthal Center demanded human teen dropped the textbook which it said insults the memory of holocaust victims -- -- -- Fox News there though is always a little controversy going on about what is right much thrown in but we're in most experts these days. It says 710 down 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. We've Stevens is authorities. Then gasoline prices in Wichita this morning now. Actually am most most of played themselves into 69 a gallon for gasoline prices go so not really much in the way of that change. In the gasoline price out there remember he's got a better one or big slowdown in traffic you can always give us scoffed at the traffic hotline that number is 869. Thirteen thirty traffic updates from cake and has as radio on jet jeepers. All right thank and the gales and storm McAfee fortune now. With Kansas State meteorologist Ron L Williams good morning Rondell. Hey good morning good morning looking in our Kansas weather's generator and it looks like over the past hour or so maybe some showers cropping up hours are you human to. Oh no now on I actually judges got the recording something and then. I'm elderly and sick right now would be some less nice to see how many certainly in order. Or it's April already in this is the little April fool's joke two I probably don't have the settings right in my radars and and I'm not a now on I don't know. So it might you know what an actually just to speak on that very quickly sometimes. Radar sites if it's dry sometimes they going to dry air mode and you may see some ground clutter that may look like rain or shallow right and that's when got there object. The right now been reviewed to look at look over the central part of Kansas were not seeing any showers and where is that correct. No yeah that's actually looking pretty dry out there and things should stay that way throughout much of the morning I think I think we will have maybe a slight chance of rain. Once were well into the afternoon especially for south central's south eastern Kansas where there might be if you pop up showers or storms. But other than that much of the area staying pretty drive he edited this and generate that we've been having richest. It's raining in mud on one block and out of the next point Benton. These nuggets gonna be hit it's gonna be what it's gonna be hit or miss its body should we see anything out there and I did check won that thing on radar and it looks like there may be maybe an isolated shower over towards. Ford County will play on their. Yet but yet way out their very spotty in anything that pops up release should come and fizzle out is just gonna be hot sunny day for a lot of us out there can. Tell us about the forecast what's coming up. Are yet today it mostly sunny skies in the heat of the afternoon no maybe seeing a few fair weather clouds develop and I think that's where that slight chance of rain will come from especially in the southeastern Kansas. That's why I mentioned due to proximity. Can't rule out maybe nicely to shower storm making its way into which atomic south central Kansas. Only about a 10% chance of that happening now high of 92. Right around normal for this time of year southwest wind at 515. Tonight anything that pops up or develops. Will quickly fizzle out once the sun goes down mostly clear to a partly cloudy sky dropping down to 68 degrees so. Not too bad for overnight temperatures still feel a little bit humid out there than tomorrow. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy sky and I think will see the same thing just a slight chance for maybe a pop up shower or storm in the afternoon otherwise they'll mainly dry high of 93 just hot again okay what's what are current readings that are. Yeah right now still sitting generally in the sixties or 70s67. Right now on the dot though. Overhead Eisenhower national airport Wichita south wind at five miles per hour. Don't point at 65 that's why it still feels pretty humid out there despite these nice temperatures this morning. And visibility at ten miles no issues there in no travel troubles for anybody get ready to head in the work. Sounds good thank you run LT OK a sandstorm secretary forecasts. With Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams today is. Thursday August 9 2018 and we had some pretty interesting things happen on this date in history. On this in 19453. Days after the atomic bombing of a Roukema. Or Hiroshima Japan. A USB 29 super fortress code named box car. Gupta nuclear device that man over Nagasaki killing an estimated 74000. People. Hiroshima it was a 145000. The at the man who flew. Did he fly both the to satisfy both those missions do you notice I don't know the answer and let's get a colonel Tim it's flew the first mission. The one that went over Hiroshima. And several years ago when I was at KFH radio. I believe one of our one of our news pyramids George Doyle got an interview with. With that it's. Pretty interesting talking about bombs dropping that bomb and others are huge blast and mill plain adding another earth can huge blast anyway. That was a hastening the end of World War II those Japanese would later after considering it for several finally. And have my reading of just finished a book on this and detonated their talking about. At that same courts the Emperor Hirohito and he Lucio. He was of it was the supreme being in Japan but his generals. Almost all of the signal caller wanted to can Wanda ward continued it would if you don't that the cash they edit and they had a before they even drop these atomic bombs. They also did kind of a fire bombing. Now if you don't know that is they did this over Dresden in Europe and Germany. And it's a thing where when the bombs drop that creates its own. Weather like up the firestorm. And just in the did it over Tokyo and it was devastating yeah. But and edited in Dresden devastating their tuba active in U nasty nasty business try to get the end of world war two and get to get them the people hold. And get on with things it was well a good thing about it is the Japanese people or get it from what I can tell. Very very tough resilient people obviously the way they fought that war that they have since that time. They can friends with him is it's terrific thing I mean that the US and Japan. Great relationships it's. Were those the only two bombs we had. Gosh I don't know I think they were I think they were in Japan did not know that now. And for all they knew we had 50 am ready to go I think we only had two. Somewhere earlier in the war I think it was Einstein who went to a fifty yard president Roosevelt say we've got to where were working on something in you've got to get on it is a doubt the Germans are not he's get it first flew in Q how world would've been different well. You know I probably speak German and fraud. If what if we were if it. I got egg got a story about a man entering into attempting to enter the United States illegally falling. From a new thirty foot high wall in California. He broke both his legs Border Patrol surveillance video shows a man lying motionless on the ground after tossing his own body over the the barrier Sunday night in downtown collects ago Humpty Dumpty had a great fall out east of San Diego. Spokesman Carlos the Tonys says the US government typically pays medical expenses for people injured crossing the border illegally and there. Deported right after their recoveries of this guy William mall fixed it'll send him back but he's going to be spending some time in the hospital. At taxpayers' expense but two broke lake trying to go over the big walled out there. We got on nugget to yet reveal the vote count going on in the in the governor's primary so we're not gonna really know who that. Republican governor nominee is going to be for awhile looks like apparently the absentee ballots are being counted analysts in Latin. There's a 191. Collects a 191 heck. Out of one quarter million. Votes cast in Austin that such a New Orleans are so tiny. And it lets us hearkened back to the when George George Bush was elected. And the hanging chads and all that everything at me and England offered Davis is another one where the margin was yet so all those votes. The margin was so tight now and finally the Supreme Court stepped in accidentally got you go with this and I'm before. I always say and I've. People disagree recently was obviously that George Bush cut to beat actually got to be president by five to four vote of this court the heck with the voters they could've skipped all of us just goes sprinkler dead that would you know. That and that's so. Football action was. 2002000. Yeah that's right that's right Seth gosh time is passed and I'm now in an amazing I was eighteen years it. Center week we covered the first and K and assess the first George Bush election nothing George hw but George W. About that 718 now Steve intent here on K units as it is sports time with Ted Woodward. And that we. We have got too excited or get tons she's just going geez what art that's game night pre season opener for the Kansas City Chiefs they host the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium tonight. The chiefs are two and a half point favorite. Don't know why or how they put odds on pre season games but they do I do think that. Teach some Texans tonight now in Casey Mitch whole list. And that she's radio crew we'll have a live pregame coverage beginning at 6 o'clock tonight the game of kick off at 730. And that of course is all live right here on your radio home of the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty. Kate and as S food in tonight for chiefs football. And coming up. At 8:15 this morning about an hour from now we'll have our. Daily chat with me told this millions game preview tonight leaning in that. And we do have a pre season football tonight on KM H the Dallas Cowboys visiting the San Francisco 49ers. Live coverage that begins at 830 tonight over on Sports Radio okay FH 12:40 AM 975. FM. The 84 national baseball congress World Series. At Lawrence Dumont stadium yesterday was day thirteen of competition the final day of pool play and Neil late game last night. Was basically an elimination game in the national Jew go team to shut out B Everett Washington merchants ate nothing in the game ended at 12:39. In the morning. Few hours ago. No we are down to the last eight teams and they all play tonight it's the quarterfinals single elimination of four winners advance today to play in the final four tomorrow. 1 o'clock is the first game today the San Diego waves in the San Antonio angels at 330 this afternoon San Diego stars in the Santa Barbara forresters. 7 o'clock tonight the Seattle studs in the Wellington feet 930 tonight. Did you go national team in Colorado cyclone. We have the national you go team one team from Kansas won from Colorado one from Texas and four from the West Coast all right. Is your final eight. The quarterfinals today at the NBC World Series. Speaking of which is thirsty Thursday there are four dollar twenty ounce Wichita brewing company draught Beers tonight. All seats are the same price whether you're in the upper or lower levels ten dollars an advanced twelve dollars or gate and walked up party pavilion is open. And there's the New Jersey give away the NBC World Series it's the quarterfinals today. We're during the World Series the Wichita wing nuts are out of town on the wing nuts just finished up a fantastic three game stretch in Sioux City sweeping the top team in the league ten to five it. Suppan a three game sweep sin city had not lost more than two games in a row all season long when it went and slept in three and arrow in Sioux City. And in the bottom of the fourth inning the wing nuts. Coaxed sin city to ground into a triple play war first triple play turned by the wing nuts in a decade. It's a rare way back to their first season back in 2008 year old wing nuts when they are off today. During their nineteen game road swing the wing nuts who traveled to Saint Paul Sioux Falls Chicago Gary Sioux City. It's an off day today is the wing nuts travel to clean burning taxes. Or a game set by 800 miles. Leon how long stretch. Though they probably get drive right by Wichita wave and on that ballot Texas until finally get back home. The Kansas City Royals in Major League Baseball last night they nine at nothing to win over the first place Chicago Cubs. John two about to see who swings it drives a high in the air did to left center that's the way. That's always the guy home run out of a job on this city. Royals scored seven runs late in that game and snapped a six game losing streak but that nine nothing went off day today for the royals in the middle of their homestand. In golf the 100 PGA championship the final major of the season is underway at bill read in Saint Louis that just got started this morning. And a couple of birthdays today happy birthday to former Wichita air owes catcher Steve swisher was 67 today. Played for the aero Scott called up to the cubs made the all star team the following year. One magazine writer called Steve swisher one of the five worst all stars of all time. But he made the Olsen is 67 today. And one of the great Kansas athletes of all time Dick. Not Steadman is 87 years old today. Who is Dick not humans the and I am unfamiliar I'm sorry he was from one meego Kansas until he was an all American basketball player for the Kansas State wildcats when they were national runner up in the early fifties and went three straight. Final fours right. And he's still he still is in the top towards the top for the record books in case statement in basketball time. Diagnostic and is 87 today. That's sports with Stephen Ted take an asset you have got to compliment our no. There's Ted because from Kansas listeners elicits even Ted because it wanna hear the best right right you're the best radio living in here. Well you just heard the best sports casting Kansas. All right in Kansas radio. First place in the KAB awards Kansas associate of Brooke Kansas association of broadcasters. Ted Wilbert complete forecast congratulate ABBA yeah thank you my yeah my socks under it all right it's a tie for our prairie fire coffee break. On K and us as prairie fire coffee is a precious copy in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very prior coffee you're office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com. Seventh when he borne out Stephen did give it to her Rush Limbaugh morning updates liberals. Dealing with the biggest fire in California history that's obscene content on tape and assess.