Wingnuts win, Kansas City Royals prepare for an 8-game homestand

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
Royals homestand starts with interleague series against the Cincinnati Reds

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Is this station which you talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. 8 o'clock this is an occasion as this morning news is Steven says ninety factions on president drop in North Korean leader meet in Singapore we've got the story. Motorcycle riders injured in north Wichita on to look toward those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday our normal high in which ties 85 and it looks like once again will be well above that this afternoon. Our forecast is coming up. A historic meeting between president throughout the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un became more significant after they signed a document confirming the nuclearization. We're very proud of what took place today. I think our whole relationship with the North Korea and the Korean Peninsula is. It's going to be very much different. Situation than it has in the past. We both wanted to do something we both are going to do something. Bad we've developed a very special. Thought. A hostage crisis in Orlando ended in tragedy. Police had been trying to negotiate with a gunman who shot a police officer to get into released the four children he was holding hostage. But Orlando police chief John Mena says that did not happen all four children as well the suspect Gary Wayne Lindsey junior. Were found dead inside an apartment. Lindsay opened fire on an officer who went to that apartment after Lindsey's girlfriend called about a domestic dispute. He remains in critical. Condition. So we're still asking for thoughts and prayers. And is. Police had been trying to negotiate with Lindsay for more than twenty hours Monday night a motorcycle and car collided on the southbound exit ramp. For my tooth I won 35 to twenty for street north police officer Brian Bachman says house. Who were just best injury accident. When they arrived. In the media victim and street he's been transport. In critical condition worsened. 39 year old driver of that motorcycle was not wearing a helmet to driver of the car was not injured. A man was shot and killed in southeast which it's on not far from Kerry in the Kansas turnpike. Approximately 3 AM on Sunday. A homicide occurred at factories and 7000 block of east series. The victim is identified as I think Lewis the 37 year old male of Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says officers arrested a 36 year old suspect. Was booked into jail on multiple counts including murder there have been 22 homicides in 23 weeks this year in Wichita. Fire captain Jose or Katie says a woman cleaning her family's restaurant after closing time has died. Her sister remained in critical condition this fire happened a month ago in north Wichita 121 in Waco. One of the two victims from below most best restaurant incident. On May eleventh has passed away. Rosa Martinez 51 years of age. The second victims still in the hospital and unable to speak in gather more information on the cause of the fire so the cause is still unknown. Last year levers six fired lists in Wichita this year that are already been five fire fatalities. It's a bit early for such a large out of control fire in Colorado. But for people who live near Durango it's not all that surprising. Looks like county spokeswoman meg in Graham says more than 2000 homes have been evacuated. Hundreds more are under pretty evacuation orders. I don't think anyone can say that that fact that we are having significant outside our. Is that surprised. The area around rain has been classified as under an exceptional drought. Fire information officer Cameron axis current weather conditions helped this fire broke quickly. We're facing extreme conditions with very dry vegetation hot temperatures. We'll immunity highlands and rugged inaccessible terrain. It's too rugged on the west flank to put crews on the ground but they're doing structure protection in every other direction of the flames. And Jack scope Rosenthal Fox News. It is just Utah and out Angel for 4 minutes after 8 o'clock. Little money called karma for the Wichita wing nuts last night we'll explain coming up in sports a planning a trip to Hawaii. It could cost you more that story coming up on McCain as his scoring is defeated there. KM. Okay this is sporting news Stevenson down 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Officials at Wichita festivals age estimate this year as the river festival attendance at about 460000. Over the nine day run that concluded Saturday. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells K Unisys news out. Want we've planned on that about the target number we've been hitting here lately that. It is great way to kick out number and I think that they might have been even a little bit better this year that they've down there coupled I've been down some. Pretty tasty and healthy choices. While both commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephenson Joseph here NK in a sense. Researchers think they know what's causing a mysterious glow around some stars in the Milky Way remember the lines from twinkle twinkle little star though what about up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky. Turns out three infant stars in the Milky Way are getting their glow from nano diamonds my new little diamond particles producing a shimmer of microwave light. Scientists came across that shimmer about twenty years ago but it wasn't until now they've figured out diamond particles were behind it. Space dot com reports that researchers made the discovery using the green bank telescope in West Virginia. And the Australian telescope compact array chill NATO Fox News you'll Hawaiian vacation to head is about to get more expensive. Visitors to Hawaii already paid the nation's highest rate for hotel rooms but those calls could increase under a proposed law expanding the State's hotel tax. At Texas currently ten and a quarter percent on the room charge which averages almost 293 dollars a night. Lawmakers have passed a measure expanding that to all hotel time share and resort transactions. Such as Wi-Fi bottled water parking and other expenses like resort fees. Analysts say that could add an additional eight dollars a night to the current average of just over thirty dollars a night in Texas. Hotel workers unions and tourism groups opposed the bill. Governor David he gave has until June 25 to veto the measure or it becomes law. Rich Dennison Fox News. Take an assist use time now 81010 minutes after the clock. And we've got some pretty slow traffic out there watching how we get a traffic accident now. Westbound Kellogg eye to 35 and yes. That's right there in the road construction where things have changed the last couple of days that death. Now he's got to traffic accidents westbound Kellogg. That tied to 35 to report here multiple vehicles involved in this one traffic on K and SS brought to budget Robin Carl's junior tire. We'll get downtown market into Waterman east every street ball and online at Carl's hired a bounce. Your home for complete dark hair and know the forecast we've king in his senate staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. And the good morning a stationary front is going to be across southern Kansas today and that may be the focus for a few thunderstorms to pop up this afternoon or high 94. The better chance of showers and a few thunderstorms will be late tonight as the system moves in from the west. Carlos 71 with the morning showers and thunderstorms Wednesday it's not as hot with a high 86 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy 77 degrees we have a southeast wind at fifteen miles per hour eight elevenths even dead in the morning Sean Hannity eat. I interviewed president trump on the sidelines of the North Korea summit in Singapore. Kennedy asked the president about tough. Rhetoric a lot of people. Critics. Quickly saying when you so little rocket man or fire and fury. Or you know when he said all I've got a red button on my desk he said well mine's bigger and it works better than yours. How did we had an evolved. From that to this list he did say the very beginning. We're gonna just basically start over and put that has been building behind the scenes. Well I think without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here I really believe that you know we did sanctions and all of the things that you would do but. I think without the rhetoric you know other administrations I don't wanna get specific on that front. They had a pick policy silence. If they said something very dead very threatening and horrible just don't answer. That's not the answer that's not what you have to do so I think that rhetoric I hated to do it sometimes I felt foolish doing it. But we have no choice. And you're good you're Sean Hannity daily from two to five right here on K you know assess right eight well now with Steve in two and today is. Tuesday June 12 2018 on this date in 1939. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was dedicated in Cooperstown. New York the hall of fame. And Ted and note hedge and I've never been there obviously give to upstate New York. And that's one of the things I want to do Ted someday as one of my vacations I'm dreaming about Sunday. Is for Shelley united visit not only New York City the state Hyde Park concede. The roosevelts homes and things like getting Cooperstown is pretty close around there is it not. And he is there I've not been I'd let him dinner okay. I believe it's up there around that area that means the top mullis yeah that's that be someplace you obviously is a baseball fans we have to see them uneasy to get to upstate New York from Wichita very handily no that's like you said we'd have to probably have the combine it with a trip to New York City to see it shows up like that. And then head to head up there at the highway if we could somehow. At the National Park Service by the way says it's working as fast as possible. To reopen access to the USS Arizona memorial. After cracks were discovered last month on the floating concrete pier near the metal accents rant on news and there's some. While the primary reasons I'd go to Hawaii and wanna see the the you know pro harper. The Honolulu star advertiser reports visitors to the memorial at Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. Are taken on a fifteen minute narrated tours of battleship row instead of the usual docking. Bode transportation to the pier was suspended in early may following the discovery of the cracks. A spokesman for the World War II valor in the Pacific national monument. Chizik cracks were minor. And the memorial is structurally sound. So all ego that's at the USS Arizona. A Minnesota high school pitcher console his friend. After striking him out in a playoff game. Mel's new pitcher tight Colin. Struck out Jack cook called of took Tino grace to end the game in the class four A section five baseball final last week. The wind touched off a celebration near hole played as man owns view advance to the state turnabout. But before joining his teammates in the celebration Colin console Coke all at home plate. Video shows Cohen giving his friend along hug and walking him back towards dugout before joining the celebration the two played youth baseball together. They were former teammates and their buddies saying you know that's a waste. Athletics in my opinion should be you don't disrespect your opponent respect your opponent in this case. The guys they are terrific friends and he just wanted to express it. I don't necessarily. Favored guys hugging in public but in this case it's probably all right attitude. A case starting fires. Yesterday we had a story about the German shepherd you got to promise though right. Getting on now to get a raccoon story can Mauricio right Kuhn. They got into the power lines was the culprit for a small brushfire in Weber county. This is in huge saw a Riverdale fighter keep Jerry Shelley says Reich who set himself on fire on accident and then fell. All of the power line to start the brushfire. Buyer was extinguished in about twenty minutes nobody was hurt. But I think somebody was a raccoon and now we go rocky their argument. Into the big raccoon and a nest in the stat whatever it is this with Morgan Freeman would saying. The raccoon did not so. And he sixteen Stephen tit and just a quick note about VIP Wichita it's on the newsstands now they're at the doubles villain store at no charge. Pick up a copy you'll find in there as you peruse and looking at the photos of all the famous people in town. You'll find it and toward the back the magazine about innocence radio featuring photo. Steve into it and we look very stylishly do. It's panic out the we've airbrushed in a lot of things that we look good. And you may want it just got a copy if you've you've you've curious about what we look like. And I don't know who would be but if you are there it is it's the right stirring photo of the night we want our Marconi awards this one of the high points and career now and unity sharing with us now. And it doesn't cost you up and taken out in VIP I don't know which is a magazine right there and you may want to just take this you know photo. Trim it out. And put it in a little you know some short of the frame there and keep right there in your now. As a little momentum may be a little something up behind the bar over here or in the kitchen where the kids can see it look and see what's fire them on a daily basis he would uncle Steve intend to actually look like yeah. What ever the IT which it's a magazine 870 now Steve dead it's forced I would Ted Woodward talking about. Royals baseball this morning I did. Yeah Kansas City is after a day off is ready for an eight game homestand. At least they get to sleep on their own pillows they haven't played very well at home this season but soon the royals can do is they bring in the team that doesn't come to Kansas City very often the bottom team in the National League this Cincinnati Reds. Couple of days of interleague play for the royals taken on Cincinnati for the next few games. The reds have not won a game in Kansas City in nineteen years. The royals have in fact beat the reds five times in a row and Kansas City. And if you like home runs he might like this series both teams give up a lot of home runs. The reds and the royals Kansas City has lost seven of its last eight overall. Like to see if they can take care of the reds for a couple days live pregame coverage begins at 630 tonight. The game will start at 715. Listen live on Sports Radio K at age 12:40 AM. 975. FM. Little of action for the Wichita wing nuts baseball team as they began a week long road trip in Texas last night visiting the cleaver and rail or murders. On Twitter the wing nuts posted a wing nuts watched the movie money ball before there series opening game and it's cleaver and immediately drawing a season high thirteen. Walks. Or six to one win thanks Brad Pitt. About that we know for patient at the plate last night. And made money balled the railroad from six to one game we know it's only got four hits but they got thirteen walks. Seven of those walks were during a five run second inning in fact at one point Cleveland pitcher walked five wing nuts in a row wall. That may have to couple easy runs right there go back to back wins for the wing nuts. Are at clean burning in the night and simplified. Itself Fort Worth. Get a Minor League Baseball update on Tyler buck nerve from Annandale he is playing in single a ball Colorado Rockies. Butler went one for three plate last night spent in 278 in his last six games. Product and dale in the Newman jets Tyler Buckner single day with the Rockies. And we you have a baseball. Anniversary of note today it was. 25. Years ago on this today. Wichita State played at Louisiana State for the national championship in College Baseball the college World Series. Fortunately the shocker lost that game eight to nothing. That would be the final time ever soccer baseball team played in the national title game that was 25. Years ago on this day. Sports with Stephen Ted KN SSI did eight body now all activity or for the Hannity morning minutes. Group Robert Byrd and arrows comments about trumpet the Emmys. What does Johnson talked about more than comments in. Stevens at the morning on Kate and and stance.