Wingnuts win, Royals lose in 10 innings

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Local and national sports update from Ted Woodward.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. At 7 o'clock this is the case and assists forty years receiving tonight these Macintosh. Wildfires still burning near Durango Colorado we've got the story. Fired FBI deputy director is suing the Justice Department on it would work those details just ahead. I feel global brand. Police are asking for the public's help in solving and robbery of a woman in northeast Wichita. I'm KN SF meteorologist Dan holidays become buy into the work in the fields across south central Kansas. And it looks like the hardest forecast improves over the next few days are complete weather outlook on the way. A building fire this morning himself Wichita thirteen hundred block of south Mosley. A passing police officers spotted flames around 1230. Fire chief Tammy snow. We thought that fire actually from the exterior of this. Excessive story. And then trying to gain access. When we actually found that they need to going into the building wherever the blower hose lines inside an athlete. But the fire out. No injuries no word on cause or damage assessment. Which the police are asking for the community's help in solving the robbery of a woman by two suspects in northeast Wichita officer Charlie Davidson says the incidents started around 415 Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in the 3000 block of north rock road. His 66 year old woman told police she was approached by an unknown female who ask her for a ride to the Walgreens in the 3700 block of north will want Davidson says video footage from Wal-Mart showed the woman and the suspect being followed out of the parking lot by a man and a silver Cadillac ST yes bought writing at Walgreens the male suspect got out of the Cadillac and into the victim's car investigators say the couple rob the victim at gunpoint taking her wedding ring and cash from her purse the suspect's been forced the woman to drive to a nearby bank and withdraw 8000 dollars from her bank account. They then got away in the silver Cadillac. Anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or the WPD robbery division at 2684518. Phil holed a brand Kagan assets news. Considerable debate at yesterday's Wichita City Council meeting the question was which pool will be renovated. It's more or Mike Adams park there was an outpouring of support for Mac Adams from adults and children alike we want. Food aid this school. Please let us. Councilman Johnson from district one and Clinton and from district three. Were in favor of a Mike Adams cool but they are just Longwell and others wanted more information. So I'm not racist or until I hit a better analysis and have staff that is saying this is the perfect place to put it. Because where. I'm not willing to take a four million dollar game councilman blue ball that propose a substitute motion to return the four million dollars to the city. The mayor countered with another substitute motion to defer the vote which failed three to four. Counseled and voted to place the polemic atoms which also failed finally the mayor put forth a motion to postpone a vote indefinitely. Until a council and parks department can gather more information. That vote passed unanimously. Rodney price K and SS news. Firefighters continue to battle a wildfire known as the 416 fighter near the San Juan national forest in Durango Colorado. It started the first of June spans over 23000. Acres and it's only 15% contained. Jamie night of public information officer shares some of the logistics for containing the flames. There are 970 personnel on the fire the that I think that'll look the part that says. I don't have a memory parents aren't as he has it exactly how many firefighters there are great you know. There's elements that are a thousand says working on the fire in some capacity. So far no structures have been destroyed their but the fire has forced more than 2000 people from their Holmes. Fired FBI deputy director Andrew McKay it is suing the Justice Department lawyers for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCain announcing late Tuesday they are suing the Justice Department and the FBI. Claiming the agencies won't give a files relating to McCain's firing. Alleging in the Los who got the DOJ is denying access because the concern documents could later be used against them. They keep this fire in March just shy of his retirement after an internal report found he leaked a self serving stories in the press. And later lied about it a present from comic inspired great day for democracy speaking its lawyers argue it violated federal law. In Washington Shaun lane so Fox News. Good weather helped boost attendance of last week's Wichita river festival. Which if off festivals and president Mary Beth Jarvis still skiing assist is another big deal. Is nearly 9000 volunteers. They sell tickets they cleaned up the record date you know where. But in sellers whatever it is it needed to be we're trying to get it and helped make it an amazing party. River fest attendance estimated at 460000. This year compared to about 4101000. Last year. Taken as just inside now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Comebacks blown leads lot of drama. Between the royals and the wing nets games last night we'll have recap story coming up in sports which does city employee honored for brave act. That story coming up on the case and is this morning news was even dead. OK and news or use if you did now 7099 minutes and 7 o'clock Jeffrey weeks. An employee with the city's public works and utilities department has been audited by the Wichita police department. Deputy chief and off hackers says the incident happened in late march he. Is knowing on the north side of the river when he witnessed a male or female into the ground and be in striking her with its best. As a violent attack continued. Jeffrey began honking his board to distract assessment from the attack. This technique was successful. And a lot of the victim to escape. Officers quickly moved into the area located and arrested the suspect. For his actions weeks was presented an outstanding citizens plaque. Surging stock market and low unemployment making Americans more charitable Americans are breaking records when it comes to giving him when he's seventeen charitable donations in the United States topped the 400 billion dollar mark for the first time ever a five point 2% from 2016 according to the giving USA report released on Tuesday the biggest increase was among philanthropists. In the mega rich giving to their own Foundation's. Education health arts and culture environment and public society groups all saw increases one area to see a drop. International affairs despite the new record the average giving per individual remained at about 2% of income Kevin battled fox news' Kate and assist. News time is 710 announced tendon spent 7 o'clock. And in traffic out there right now disturbed remember we've got to. New road construction of course they'd been narrowed at Kellogg at over thereby heights in 35 in the construction zone they've actually closed the ramps. From westbound Kellogg the northbound Ike to thirty fives. They'll gonna go until October 1 and we'll have to get used to traffic update from cape and has this radio on gas chambers. Another kiss and storm trackers record cats we've Kansas today meteorologist Laura and get boring life. Good Wednesday morning here. These guys are good starts your day and it would got some clouds out there just kind of feels a lot like this halfway through the week we will keep but the clouds today there is a small potentially could see a stray storm one of those situations where might be ringing in your house and got three streets over and it's just hide dry and actually today easily be one of the coolest OC high of EA which is nearing normal for this time of the year. Small storm -- through overnight tonight before sunshine takes over for the end of the week and also warming temperatures will feels more wind due Thursday into Friday. And we have a hot week and had a must Father's Day still looks pretty toasty with a high of 94 hour. All right Father's Day high of 94. I'm just starts looking RTS and they came in as this weather center radar a moment ago and her whole life going round just from not only not. Really now it's just quiet we do have a lonely storm out southeast Kansas in the line of storms that's developing out in western Kansas. That's starting up right now wants the state lines that I have to watch for it. Did it pan out as we into its anticipated in your site it's more activity this morning but that's outs on ground. It always helps soap about a 20% chance for rain this morning. Really small potential to do dealers all year and I it's the mountain gorilla bank on one other. Father's Day is coming up and abuse I don't know if you're in the situation where you're gonna. Do anything for Father's Day but I guess it's too personal for me it hands. And I got notes called ally that's all I've got. An athlete like you know and that's I'm I'm gonna stay out there. That the new and ammo today. Thank you Laura seventh or Tina Stevenson Laura Brandon Lee is in storm trackers report has now partly cloudy 72 degrees. And we have an east wind at three miles per hour another hot day for what you thought central Kansas Tuesday muggy. Which allows high temperature was 93 degrees normal high for the date use 86 that's in the morning as this morning primaries. Were held in five states Tuesday and Fox's deal NATO has a look at some of the result. Sam Virginian Corey Stewart was fired by the Chung campaign in 2016 but managed to win the GOP nomination for senate Tuesday by promoting his support for president trump. It up with teen teen scoreless. Anti trump record check out Corey Stewart. Stuart will be up against democratic incumbent senator Tim Kaine says Stewart's been promoting bigotry in Virginia. In south Carolina Republican congressman Mark Sanford slowest is primary fight for re election. Sanford is the former governor who often criticizes the president and he's also known for having taken off to Argentina to have an affair with a woman. In Nevada it was a bruising primary race but in the end Democrats have nominated Clark Cammie commission chair Steve says a lack. Did take on the State's Republican attorney general Adam lacks sulfur governor in November. In North Dakota Republican congressman Kevin Kramer's won his primary for senate. He's expected to have an uphill battle trying to unseat democratic incumbent Heidi I can't. Chill NATO Fox News. I think you deal again reverend Al we've got to 72 degrees and it seemed intent in the morning here on Cain and assess and Ted. It was ten years ago today. That Tim Russert moderator of NBC's Meet the Press died suddenly while preparing for his weekly broadcast he was 58 years old as kind of a shocker. But 58 heart attack but defense Eddie was a small has set into a blood clots in public lots and he's just done a lot of flying and there was some sort of problem with that pretty popular guy eight academy that showed built in to something in the clinic the franchise for himself and he really you could tell that he was into what it was nobody knew he loved doing that show but Tim Russert. Passed away at the age of 58 Tuesday then I took talking about a little bit this morning that the renovation of Wesley medical center that would open the the Wesley folks went to the City Council yesterday here in Wichita lineman got a hundred. Million dollars in bond of money to make some improvements out there again renovate the thing and a apparently make a lot of improvements and renovations of Wesley medical center and the promise of adding ads sixty sources if I done more job ASEAN. And it's interesting to me because all the west has been around forever in my area. Both of my kids were born at Wesley and you know it's it's a big hospital we've got to several large hospitals in which about this week. We were talking with a course of mineral soil Newton about the fact that. When it comes to medical. Medical. Facilities medical the medical trade whatever. It's like march 2 biggest customer or biggest that's one of our biggest in this industries here in Wichita. We're very you know as rosy for your centrally located in which helps. And every passionate apparently some very fine doctors in new and terrific clinics here in Wichita and that this looks like pretty good investment to me get them. What's the medical summerall to indefinite rating of which it. Until Wesley medical center the growing complex yeah. How commercials IRVs helped them keep up with the times and make improvements they need you heard read or legal 66 jobs. Come to fruition as well did you keep the employment in this thing for everybody everybody. Hey you know you heard talking with about Father's Day there were floor bathroom and now. And from K as sin and you could do forthcoming about their parents to bring Father's Day that. In maybe I was being too knows anything. That's it as Kemper's. Policies coming up here on the seventeenth well it's tough when you don't live in the same city as you really I've you don't even have a distance in things like not around in all the time that he can be. You know can be a problem so the Detroit just appellant. Heads up it's coming up on Sunday you don't become an awareness and all wedeman is today father I'm glad to live in the same. Same town as Monday and I did two year old dad and my my dad was it was a lively he would have done far sold you know when needed any advice he would call me up and tell me before I ask you Wednesday. Ask that pitino's dad asked dad coming up on 718 now. I was even Ted and sentences sports time is more you've got to it all we have baseball talked about right. Pretty much so we got just kind of get it done a year or weary candidates it all as we we we wrapped up the NBA NBA I got that are not yet done hockey's I don't know just right in the throes of baseball right now what's going on this and we got courses have golf snuggle next we have that and now this week to all of baseball all right. And Leo talked about Kansas City Royals last night taking on the Cincinnati Reds a team that doesn't come intensity very often. Reds in the royals going out it. Both teams in last place in their respective divisions of low scoring tight pitched game yesterday. Ian Kennedy was fantastic for the royals he threw eight scoreless innings and handed it over to the normally reliable closer he'll be Guerrero in the ninth inning last night try to preserve that one nothing lead it. That did not work out. The reds got a lead off home run in the top of the ninth tied up 101 only for a second blown save of the season. So it was a one a one game in the top of the tenth inning. And the royals got a chance does get a guy out rundown between third and home you heard it on KF eight. And the pitch swung on grounded back to McCarthy got his glove on it. And now there's a rundown. Between third and home. Whose stock is to Perez Perez big thrill back to escobar's. Billy Hamilton. Looked like he was out. And he got around escobar's tag and now the royals think that he was out of the baseline. McCarthy. To for a as to whose stock is. Back to Perez back to Escobar who was running Hamilton down that Hamilton just hit the brakes and Escobar just simply missed him. While. They've yet to question just tackled him the ball. That. And then of course the next guy out it's bases loaded triple area. Yeah I don't reds win it five to one in ten innings as the royals have now lost eight of their last nine. They still have the worst home record in the big leagues at ten and 22. In their 32 home games. As the reds get their first win in Kansas City in nineteen years. They will finish up this very brief two game set. Tonight at Kansas City live coverage of the royals in the reds at 6:30 this evening the game's start looked at the scene of some Sports Radio KFH. Well forty. AM 975. FM. But the big league action yesterday the last place San Diego Padres going to Saint Louis beat cardinals 42. Big hit for the Padres from former Kansas City royal Eric Hosmer the first baseman hit his ninth home run of the year of the Padres have won seven of ten. Minor League Baseball update on former soccer Casey Gillespie was in AAA with Chicago White Sox he was on base twice last night scored a run. Plus he has a career 341. On base percentage in the minor leagues and soccer Casey Gillespie's AAA with the White Sox. Pro baseball the Wichita wing nuts last night in Texas visiting the cleaver and a railroad workers clean burned up four runs right away in the bottom of the first inning. We nets had to go to the bullpen for a long stint last night. And that's where they got the win because this wing that's bullpen worked seven and a third innings only gave up a run. And at that allow the offense time to come back and win that game we met when it eight to six Wichita its third win in a row. At cleaver and again tonight for game three that four game series down in taxes that sports was even Ted Kate and as allies had 721 now given her for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Brush as the last is splintering. That's on the way he stated that the warnings on Kate and as stance.