Wingnuts win, Royals lose again

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
Wichita gets a win over Cleburn, Tx., Royals lose to Cincinnati.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should talks number one yeah. News talk and weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the deal is this morning news was even dead at nineteen Macintosh. A Wichita woman dead after a crash in Marion County we've got the story. Top police looking for a couple of suspects in the abduction and robbery of a woman and had what word those details just ahead I'm aiming left. Gamers who's online as you go over video game allegedly. It's that hockey for. I after their first day in court. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays officially we are one week away from the start of summer. It's going to feel very summer like throughout the next several days before cast in the big warmup on the way. New Jersey's strict gun laws just became even more rigid it but the State's gun lobby isn't taking the new rules sitting down. Fox's Mike Sachs has the story got. Under Phil Murphy signed six bills designed to make New Jersey big gun control capital of the country that Smart comprehensive and common sense gun safety laws. Will do much more to keep our communities safe. Then the guns on every street corner and guns in every classroom thinking. Of the gun lobby the new laws passed by the democratic controlled legislature a lawsuits have already begun. Just minutes after governor Murphy signed the bill into law a New Jersey gun rights groups sued claiming high capacity magazine ban violates constitutional rights of gun owners. A Wichita woman is dead after the pick up truck she was driving collided head on with a semi truck in Marion County yesterday afternoon. It happened on highway fifty west of Florence 22 year old Shelby kind of Wichita died in the crash that semi driver was not injured. A motorcyclist injured Monday in north Wichita has died at 39 year old Joseph gun of Wichita was injured. When his motorcycle collided with a pick up truck at I want 35 and 41 street. To gamers use online dispute over a video game allegedly led to a slotting call. That resulted in the death of a Wichita ma'am are prohibited from any online gaming while they are free on bond. Eighteen year old Casey viner of north college hill Ohio and nineteen year old chain gas bill of Wichita. Pleaded not guilty at their arraignment on charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Wire fraud and other counts the two gamers will have to live with her parents pending trial and the judge also told them that they are forbidden from having firearms in the household. With the only restriction being providers father who is it law enforcement officer. Prosecutors allege viner asked 25 year old Tyler barest of Los Angeles to swat gas deal. Police went to a Wichita home in response to the call and shot injure finch who's not involved in the dispute. Aslan viner were released on a 101000 dollar bond in UNK and SS news six. The bandits took the woman's wedding ring plus 8000 dollars the woman was forced to withdraw from a bank. The suspects then growing Cadillac. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the robbery was reported more than four hours after the woman was originally approached by the suspect in the parking lot of the wall market 29 in Iraq. We do also allows them footage from a Wal-Mart. That shows the suspect contacting multiple individuals. From wal marts beginning around 10 AM. Up until the point of contact your victim around well. We are asking us well if you were contacted by the suspects who wore more. To again call our WPB robbery detectives to 6845. Point eight. Anyone with information may also contact crime stoppers at 2672111. Or call 911. There is a video surveillance image from the rear of the suspects and the suspect's car those images accompanying the story on our web site Kate and as as radio dot com. Firefighters in Colorado faced several more days of tough going against a wildfire that burned thousands of acres. Not to China is the incident commander on the fire near Durango Colorado and he says as the fire moved south it's got a very close to homes. It's the fired danced above us we kept up with that in we remove seals. Between the structures in the fire edge. So the buyer could not make an aggressive push towards us. He's at a works no structures burned. It's hot and dry throughout the mountain west some areas are experiencing drought. Homes have been evacuated in southern Wyoming due to a fast moving fire and eight homes were destroyed by another fire in the last few tall. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in China now he held a joint news conference. Before that was foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea the world should rest assured that the United States the Republic of Korea and Japan remain committed to achieving that complete. Verifiable and irreversible. Denuclearization. A North Korea. The US alliances with these two countries are absolutely ironclad Pompeo commented after meeting in Seoul South Korea Kahan is just in time now 804. 4 minutes past 8 o'clock. The top of the ninth inning deal last night for both the royals and the wing nuts we'll explain coming into sports. A gun in his face scares it would be Florida carjacker away. That story coming up it's even death on king and a sands. The UK and us this morning users even now 808 minutes past 8 o'clock. Dozens of elected officials in represented Kevin Yoder his congressional districts. In northeast Kansas are pushing him to demand an end to. To the forced separation of families caught crossing the US border illegally. A bipartisan letters signed by more than sixty people was delivered Wednesday to your owner's office in Overland Park. The Republican congressman is chairman of house subcommittee on Homeland Security. And said he's heartbroken. By the separations. Another billion dollar fine for Volkswagen amid its diesel emissions cheating scandal. Volkswagen says it's accepting a fine of one point two billion dollars by the German city of broad choice for failing to properly oversee the activities of its engine development department resulting in an almost eleven million diesel vehicles worldwide to skirting emissions standards and using so called defeat devices unit cheating scandal that's already cost the auto maker tens of billions of dollars. In settlements and fines VW says it hopes that pain the German find would have an effect on other proceedings being conducted in Europe. Jeff from and also Fox News. A gun in the face skiers who would be Florida carjacker away and cops in Jacksonville State 36 year old Christopher Raymond hill managed to successfully rob a Wal-Mart liquor store but that's where his good luck began and and did they say his SUV wouldn't start so we try to cart your command at knife point but then Manning had gotten more lethal than hills knife so we scoring the way and tried to Jack a woman's car but she pulled her gotten scaring him away again that's when cops caught up to him and arrested him. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News a state. Lawmaker in northern Arizona is in hot water for comments he made about school integration for Scott Republican David Stringer said garnered a YQ school round during a speech at a Calgary GOP event. It gets better in this speech was watched him on FaceBook and saved to his campaign page. It was later removed the clip widely circulated on social media by Democrats. So stringer making controversial comment. Stringer is apologizing. And says he plans to re post the entire seventy minute speech. Because he wants people hear it in context. Thomas got a Fox News. K Unisys news time 810 Timmons they're cynical amateur that's good idea. 53. Free throws the whole Reagan tried over again. Now just just don't hide it just let this guy did it let it die down a little bit you know England the Pacific traffic and that's what dad's neighbors. Out well right now out there in traffic guess things are looking yes. So Katie at this time. Except for that growth construction that's right. He's running slow in the road construction especially eastbound on Kellogg right there by 235. In west Wichita traffic on K and ask ask. Brought you budget problem Carl's Goodyear tire but it downtown at market and waterfront. He's cherry street mall and on line across our dot com your home for complete car care. Sunny breezy hot today let's find out more about Cortez Smith can't insist death meteorologist. Stand holiday good morning Daryn good morning if you high levels cirrus clouds are spreading across south central Kansas this afternoon if we can expect to really heat up 982 by noontime 97 for the afternoon high with a gusty south wind as high as thirty miles per hour. Breezy warm tonight down the 74. Sunny and 97 on Friday it I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 78 degrees never south wind. At twelve miles per hour. When you're thinking about Father's Day forget about that next time ask for a Tilly hats in hand and Jack's. Still he has a world famous stopping and find out why in the clock tower in the Leino have been Jackson just a quick note about the silly hats. He never seen you don't know about the Philly at first of all it's machine watchable. If you take this thing you want an up and a ball put him back. Pocketed eighty need destroyed in the washing machine and comes at saying we were times built Nady and then invading Canada. And an event around the top. That lets the aryan but not the UV rays it's from I got to. OK I've got to them because anybody's had the you know skin issues on the top of their head served like yours yours purely. This is a good idea of any rate now Jack's got a and I thought sheriff said and yeah the F ethnically may go up. It jacks ease the VIP Wichita. In mid June big magazine yet ended at the same issue the tablet newsstands right now at at Dillon's it is. It's free. And you get a copy and Stephens and are there as well you get a picture Steve to edit a call yesterday at three go off the air. Yeah from a from a person I know man I knows how to pick up one of those magazines that I could fire at the store at that. What's it called VIP. Wichita all I guess he left off the VIP yourself. But I gotta be gotta go find concede he watches it definitely was a collector's item just like heroes why not. Let me why do you have to Tilly hats and was meeting ass out with a different colors what are different colors okay and what am I use for yard American the other you know when I'm. Wanna impress on the people. Okay. UH it's an interesting ad comes with a little. And instruction book our statement. I have seen them is sold in dermatologist office as well. Because the ball fairly outerwear pat apparently India well how what to do with a lot alludes it's kind of a okay folk hero or a pride legend type thing. South Texas woman you know you were talking earlier about Mexico where they. They can't find fuel overall run for office because we get murdered. A big deal. We have ways of expressing our displeasure with elective officials here in America south Texas woman gave a small bag of dead cockroaches to a city official. To protest nearly planted poultry is that he blames for more on what the bugs and era I don't know. Patricia poll last street told the Corpus Christi City Council she's seen more broad in Saddam wanted to insects including cockroaches. Since the trees were planted. Austria also complained that the poll treaties blocker view of Corpus Christi bay. She gave the plastic bag of cockroaches city manager keys cell Lynn and and asked council members to reconsider the landscaping which includes more than 150 Paul isn't too. Planted trees across corporate if you pay the issues nice about it she just had a bag of bugs you know using it prove your point yeah. Council members a took no action on the remarks during a public comment period. That and like court of corpus Christie is a neat place. But that day there is that the most attractive water after the seat mile line humid out there to have been done corpus now in the South Padre Island in that area. Of course very popular with the through spring break at all and it. The wanted to elders not exactly yeah beautiful. Just put that out aka put you on the gun owner of commerce yet Jaber coverage Corpus Christi ABBA I've enjoyed the town thing to be place but I opened ever in law. So that maybe she's got palm trees and she thinks the bugs in the and the rapture coming up the palm tree and you get a few general ideas about just can't see debating more rats. Yeah. There. Countdown to Father's Day coming up on the seventeenth that is Sunday Ted. And I don't know your price makes his implants for dear old had the Alex part of the problem over plans for gathering. And and the family gathering and we didn't discuss in Dallas than big family you'll like to get together in these you know almost any occasion right. You're exactly government OK you know it helps us celebrate today ending in Y two Woodward's that kind of thing after another doing since nephews graduation as a money that's been a month ago and until just about time to gather them gather together in and do something and of these coming up it's gonna be it's an answer that there's nothing till my birthday in late August that's the biggest chunk in our family or done anything about fourth of July. Now no really. Not a big deal have. It's a day off there I think everybody's kind of does her own thing okay is the well and a bite. Some alone usually buys and a fireworks stood by about 75 or eighty. Thousand dollars worth for his four children and they're all illegal any need violates some employees to do this year. He could get arrested but the yeah the fireworks come up before July. With what they Italy Tuesday and then a week like Wednesday ams and Wednesday so only a one day deal this year and going to be interesting that's coming up and in the well the fourth of July Independence Day oil east saying it's gonna be a one Dayton deal. Now well there's not a case I was saying a day off yeah I don't want it does not attached to a weekend right yes fireworks to fireworks is gonna start up the season starts selling right it's just cannon. You know. In just if you go yeah. All right does well but we put on all these new rules this year it's going to be great for me I only fine yeah. Everything's going to be great city could and all those new regulations it's going to be perfect Italy she's going to be absolutely fantastic all right and a Ole. The day after Father's Day. The eighteenth my wife and I will celebrate our anniversary. Number 48. While 48 years if they'll have waited to bless. I'm sure she agrees with me. She's done you're through objective at that at. But the founders harboring geragos 817 making 8:18 Stevenson in the morning here on cape and it's as it is sports I would get over the. And he's got the baseball talk about sports rights. Yeah how we had some action last night for the Wichita wing nuts sitting down in Texas to conclude burn rail rotors. We knights gave up two runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to fall behind. Right away came back and scored four in the top of the ninth inning. And it was good for the comeback wing nuts when it's 63. That's four wins in a row now for the wings notes from art now in third place in the division five and asking back. And the wing nuts will go for a four game sweep tonight as they are in cleaver and one more time to wrap up that series. Major League Baseball last night in Kansas City for the royals taking on the bottom team in the National League the Cincinnati Reds this one was scoreless. Going into the seventh inning. But the reds got a couple in the seventh got one more in the eighth. And they loaded the bases in the ninth they see this team coming in here we go we heard it last night and camp H. When patients pitchers. This high end deep and I beat Steve Phillips field. And gone and improved all told the news they. Yeah absolutely. Grand Slam home run. Like I don't triple last night into right center. Paul's flown home run tonight but. He will put this game and I each. Seven did nothing Cincinnati look. And that would be the final settle final royals have lost nine of their last ten. Their last eight games the royals are averaging one point four runs a game the parade in the win when your only get no one running. Off day today for the royals as their long homestand continues we'll have. Major League action tonight on KF eight to listen to the New York Yankees hosting the Tampa Bay Rays. At least 6 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio K at 8:40 AM 975 FM. It was a year ago that I K state reserve wide receiver Corey Sutton wanted to transfer from Kansas State leave the football program. He says he was blocked from transferring. To 35 schools like coach bill Schneider. From a lot of public. Pressure and negative attitudes toward K state before the wildcats finally relented and let him leave. Now the NCAA is putting let's put a big reform on transfer rules. The process where college coaches are able to block athletes from transferring to certain schools will soon no longer exist come October student athletes will be allowed to notify their current school their desire to transfer. And then require the university to enter their name into a database within two business days. And then they are allowed to freely conduct other schools without permission of their current program now the previous rule came under heavy scrutiny as players were limited to what schools they could go to. Notably in the SEC where some coaches refused to have players transfer to other programs in the conference the NCAA also approved a measure that will allow athletes to compete in up to four games without losing a season of competition. Matt default title Fox News. And won another Major League game last night and baseball lax in first place Milwaukee Brewers hosting the second place cubs at. Only one run scored in this game that was a home run by former Kansas City royal Lorenzo Cain center fielder batting lead off the brewers hit his eighth home run of the season the brewers beat the cubs won the nothing. Cain has a 388 on base percentage this season for the brewers back to back wins for the brewers now level one and a half game lead atop the division. Sports with Stephen Ted KN SN RA Daytona among keep it here for the Hannity morning minute Hillary Clinton's email server. And we've got traffic and weather coming up. Was even existed. It's time for our current higher coffee break on CI SS yes that's right very fired coffee. Is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because for every fighter copy being directed at fresh right here in Wichita. And you could get very fired Karl Theodor office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com or eight what to do now Steve until the morning on tape and as fans.