Wingnuts win, Royals snap a long losing streak

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
Royals break a 10-game losing streak.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should toss number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The 47 o'clock this is the case as his 4850 intend to keep my kids on. Fire destroys a house in central what you thought we've got the story. Thanks for residents feeling of Wichita woman like that we'll work those details just ahead. I'm writing prize the city of what's job Wolfowitz and a half of federal funds to build a new water treatment plants. Meeting of court mandate on campus. Schools and led to exceed 900 million dollars I'm Dan O'Neill and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. More hot weather again in Wichita and across south central Kansas really get a break from the heat anytime soon our forecast is coming. I helps appears to be a total loss after an overnight fire in central Wichita. Around 1030 Tuesday night. First responders were called to the 500 block of east OC battalion chief Jim Wilson says one firefighter was treated for minor heat exhaustion there's. Different rules of the it's more important that they get hydrated the day before and in northern winner here this afternoon. They say utilities have Dell. The resident was not home of the time that fire on east policy. The Wichita City Council voted yesterday on whether to submit a letter of interest to the federal government to be considered for funds to help pay for a new water street. And plant if the city's approved they will sinden and formal application and 2019. The federal loan can finance up to 49% of the cost with state funds rate increases and other money used to help pay for the rest. The council passed a resolution six to one with councilman James Clinton and the only no vote. The current water treatment plant was constructed in 1939 and needs to be replaced the city provides treatable water for about 500000 people in the region. The plan calls for the new facility to be constructed at the existing cited northwest Wichita. You're torn persons who boulevard and is projected to cost over 500 million dollars Rodney price K in essence news' top. Education officials says Kansas would have to face in another 364. Million dollar increase in public school funding over five years to comply with a recent Kansas Supreme Court. Order deputy education commissioner dale Dennis presented his calculations Tuesday to the state board of education. The State's Supreme Court ruled last month that a new law phasing in a 548. Million increase in school funding over five years. Is an adequate under the state constitution. But he gave legislators until next spring to fix it. Under Dennis is calculation the total increase would exceed 900 million dollars. The court said the new law should have provided additional funds to cover inflation then noticed that the average rate was one point 44%. From the twenty channel at the school year through 201617. Dennis use that average in his calculations. Dan O'Neill can SS news. On the final day of June of 55 year old Ullah Duncan was found dead inside her apartment in southeast Wichita on your Harry in Iraq. Police officer Charlie Davidson says a suspect in this case is now in custody. Officers located and arrested. A 59 year old male. In reference to this accident. And he was booked into jail. A suspect arrested Monday evening in south which it songs being held on 750000. Dollar bond on suspicion of second degree murder. Police believe Duncan and a man she knew got into an argument that ended with him hitting her and an object. People knew about her injuries but she did not come out of her apartment for several days before police were called to check honor people and sun prairie Wisconsin felt the rumblings of an explosion filled with smoke and flames you to a ghastly. A spectacular explosion the area about a half but away from city all. Which will be closed until further notice police lieutenant Kevin come up tacky as more. We've also it's expanded view that you wish the evacuation area to a half miles on one unified block radius on a half mile radius however. Some of the senior. I was assisted senators that are in close in the area or they're able to actually shelter in place because most gas means have been shut now. Injured people were taken to a hospital but no deaths have been reported. President trump picked to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy making his first appearance on Capitol Hill Republican leaders and presidential Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh a meeting team's data center strategy to help them navigate what is likely to be heated confirmation process. Meanwhile GOP moderate Maine senator Susan Collins considered a key vote since Cavanaugh is qualified. And Republican policy committee chairman senator John Brosseau tells Fox News at night I would expect in the end that this is a judge who's going to be confirmed will be on the supreme court for a long time Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer he's hoping to lead his party in unanimously opposing Cavanaugh. As well as gaining the support of two Republicans to block his nomination. By painting the nominee as a far right extremists in Washington shall mantle Fox News in a serious news time now 70. 5:5 minutes past 7 o'clock. That the Kansas City Royals snapped their ten game losing streak last night in Minneapolis. Got some highlights coming up and we'll find out exports. There's a smooth criminal on the loose in Massachusetts. As story coming up on the case NSA sporting news even Ted this. The gators this morning you feel good now settled on 9:9 minutes and 7 o'clock. Wichita police are now stepping in new violent crimes hotlines. That phone numbers 165192282316519232. A murmur our motto is to see something. Say something ABC a crimes have information please call the hotline will have an officer that won't be responding to you. Officer Paul Cruz has a man and woman were shot Sunday in southeast which it on their area and went on there were several witnesses present anti hopes some of them. We'll call the new hotline with their information. More terrorists are about to get slapped on the Chinese goods by the trump administration Chinese are ready to fire back. Fresh US tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of goods imported from China expected to go into effect as soon as September. The drug administration says the move is aimed at eliminating China's harmful industrial policies. China's commerce ministry firing back saying renewed terror threat is unacceptable. And that they will take necessary countermeasures. Last week the drug administration handed out 25%. Taxed at 34 billion dollars in Chinese imports. China and then imposed its own share of some 34 billion dollars worth of US imports in Washington Jill NATO Fox News. There's a smooth criminal on the loose in Massachusetts he must've been looking to save on a good shape police in Braintree saying a sharp shoplifter made off with more than a thousand dollars worth of razor blades from a supermarket Friday night a post on the department's FaceBook page Monday asking for anyone with information to come forward or for the suspect it turned himself in the post also saying police will give the razor bandit a big Internet high five for doing the right thing and video surveillance shows the suspect wearing a gray sweatshirt and pants and yes he appears clean shaven Steve Rappaport Fox News. They Unisys used now 71010 minutes and 7 o'clock. And continue avoiding the area we edit injury traffic accident this day injury traffic accident. Harry and it's dealt with west of George Washington boulevard traffic update from Kate and as as radio I'm here achievers and now the case is sand storm tracker report casts. With Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams good morning on oil. Well another muggy day ahead looks like it feels like it did yesterday. You know what I I'd I've been getting more complaints than I have. Raises when it comes to a our temperatures you know starting off 75 degrees right now I don't think this is anything that anyone wants that dew point. At a very very muggy 71 degrees and when you get those viewpoints and low seventies. That's when it's kind of hard to ignore you know right when you open up the door early in the morning the air and hits you right in the face. And I wins and about three miles per hour out of the south southeast so. The air pretty still pretty stagnant right now and that kind of sets the stage for the candidate that we're gonna have later on today ninety's again I'd do to the forecast and for the next 24 hours here. Okay that the next 24 hours get to the Al and whatever. Could fit into the afternoon yes going to be pretty dry today we didn't actually have a few showers yesterday that popped up just to the east of Wichita we may see that happen again today keeping Wichita drive on the forecast. Maybe somewhat fair weather clouds developing giving us a little bit of shade but either way 97 for high into the evening. It's going to be another muggy one temperatures coming down through the eighties very very slowly and then 24 hours from now we're gonna find ourselves right back in the seventies. Again as we start our early Thursday morning setting the stage again for ninety's it's really copy paste forecast I've been talking about now. Gathered for this week in week in coming up but it's a still several days away that. Could we see it could mean going to be hot for the weekend I presume you're gonna see any record of broken you think. No I don't think we'll see any records broken and all at once we get that time of year where we can possibly see triple digits this week and that's when a lot of people are asking that question. But for the rest of this month it looks like those record highs. They're really anywhere between 105. And about 113. So a little bit too far out of our grass landing we could see. Some temperatures around the area push 10100. Maybe even wanna one possibly one to. Let's get a records that I don't care and a tap the brakes you exactly usually no one that anyway right right I so what are we got right now. Yeah right now still in the middle seventies mostly these guys aerial wise guy actually looking beautiful. Sunrise those wins. Extremely light and he worked about three to seven miles per hour. The two point of 71 not really affecting our heat indices or feels like temperature on them because that's feel like 75 but in a way. I'll humidity at 88% so that you won't like making the airfield vary vary heavy mud Z. And you may mean give me a moment pull up to plug the source. To get some more words and audit or Monday. There it's mind he had these. Yeah they've got to be more women get a fight that's ours and come up with a few more died C keeps saying and asking the thing. I think closer thank you run I'll let CK us in store operator three forecast of run only in trying to partly cloudy 75 degrees and today is Wednesday July 112018. This is a big day in weather history by the way. In 1993. A mistake. The strongest winds ever measured at Wichita mid continent airport. That's now Eisenhower. Occurred when severe thunderstorms produced a 109. Miles per hour gusts at forgotten about this but. Fanning out over a two mile wide area the destructive winds began near the intersection of Kellogg and Dugan. Where fourteen powerful were sheared neared their bases. Five aircraft destroyed. Destroy. Twenty warmer heavily damaged. Part of the group of the FAA approached Howard was peeled off and blown into the tower itself resulting in a 145000. Dollars in damage. About debt now. It was in 1993 I'd forgotten about that 25 years ago Saturday no. I can get to the City Council. Busy yesterday put up some on Monica's Bonderman for the card deal follows you there expansion and I was in my site via today. Somewhere around this what got around to sentinel Cargill here Cargill in a couple of places where there. Do lots of things that big building downtown course where the Wichita eagle used to page Carolina yesterday it's coming right along that's going to be quite do we get a big Cargill presence here and temperature duke and to a think those folks are making a big investment which it probably. We we're gonna be they're good neighbors and we thank you for Gannett now the other thing and happened yesterday course Rodney price covering the city council for a wars here. The other thing was that the new water to duck and a new water treatment plant possibly now. Not an inexpensive. Probably say 500 million talk about a half billion dollar looking for some federal funds may be to help out with that and a and probably located out near a zoo yeah I was like northwest which it's on now is out now right there by liver Riverside park in the park itself that was constructed it. According to rod needs some reform and time in 1939. In the dike depression and I guess it technologies hole held up pretty good. The water in Wichita usually isn't is is fine and I think they're great water here sometimes we'll have a little problem when it but. I did not realize at that plant was built in 1939. There's been some depression area. Money work in on net or something but and a bit old course some of and we talked to Alan King it's public utilities and then those pipes that are so little water pipes in town or ancient they're older of the net. We're still out apria go back the early part of the twentieth century so yeah and climbed some of the infrastructure they're trying to get it. Fixed via the whole thing with with water though if you the united in a dense and interviews and so forth from people they say. This is can be an issue a lot of places especially in the west. But we've had droughts going on now for seems like years. Kansas is near drought condition and water is just becoming very a very valuable commodity mr. Austin before it is now. And so via the future of water. We got to make sure we've got a really tough flight water. Guess source and supply here in which themselves central canceled. That's interesting new water plan that would built in 19390. I'd come upon 718 now Stephen Ted on K and it says index taking a look at sports this morning. Stick with kids find out how the royals to do and Evan have kind of a rough June July and it rough. Ever since you started the front royals and twins last night up in Minneapolis. Royals trying to snapped a ten game losing streak. Kansas City finally put all the ingredients together to get off that losing streak. Innings pitching and defense it was all coming into play last night you heard the game on KDF eight. I drive right field back goes Cutler to the wall and gone under siege. Now undersea got a good look at that hit the bank get straight over the right field fence. Royals Saturday for the one lead undersea with home run number two. Pop from the youngster there and royals also had to go to the bullpen the starting pitcher Ian Kennedy left the game and injury after only three innings. Royals' bullpen has not been good. But Brian Flynn the former shocker did the job last night came out of the bullpen worked four innings and only gave up one hit. Exactly what the royals needed he also induced couple of double play ground outs and he is the number one relief pitcher in the major leagues and twelve double plays. And he picked up the way man got his second in the Major League win of his career former Wichita State pitcher Brian Flynn. Hero for the royals out of the bullpen last night as they got off that ten game losing streak and beat the twins nine before. Royals in the twins finish up their series of the day game today in Minneapolis live pregame coverage begins at 11:30 this morning game start little afternoon that's on Sports Radio KF eight. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Pro basketball day five of the NBA summer league in Las Vegas yesterday the Los Angeles Lakers in action starting power forward for the lakers. Former Kansas Jayhawks beat Mikhail look. At nine points all those coming on 33 pointers he also had three rebounds pilot trying to get a roster spot with the lakers. Minor League Baseball the Eastern League all star game is tonight that's the double A level in Trenton, New Jersey. Last night they help the home run derby and former Wichita State shocker Sam Hilliard made it to the finals. Against navy grew along. Grow on ended up winning at 119 Hilliard hit a home run know that apparently went over the right field wall and into the Delaware River at the San Hilliard former shocker was. Almost the home run derby champ in Eastern League. He missed out on what the winner got her on ended up with a case of cases port parole another six pound corporal at a championship belt pork roll. Yeah it is that it. It's the Motorola or under me was sponsored by cases corporal corporal. And when you're in New Jersey a great prizes for parole what you need there ego. The San Hilliard former shocker finish runner up in the Eastern League home run derby last night. We got post season soccer here in town tonight it's the in PSL playoffs since the heartland conference semi finals get under way. As it stood at C Wichita conference champs in the regular season taking on. The Saint Louis club athletic know it's 730 tonight that's at trinity academy. In northeast Wichita heading into the post season antsy which side's ranks number fourteen. In the nation in the NP SL among the 98 teams. It looked antsy which is targeting postseason play started tonight. And downtown what you saw tonight it's a well last night rather at Lawrence Dumont stadium the Wichita wing nuts. Feet Fargo Moorhead redhawks eight to three Wichita has won three of its last four. It's a day game today to finish up this series redhawks going nuts will start at 1105. This morning. Downtown and Lawrence Dumont stadium and this will mark the halfway point. Of the season for the wing nuts about this sport was even Ted KN SA is still well this year. Yup they're in a very tough division for him only a couple games out of a playoff spot here halfway through the seasonal sea on the second half goes okay. And speaking of the wing nuts. We've been giving away four packs of wing nuts tickets all season long the lucky listeners out another four pack right now umi call 869. At. Thirteen thirty we'll take color number four we'll get you a four pack of baseball tickets to go see the wing nut it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on K units as it. Very tired coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire called redraw office just like Stephen dead by calling 2673771. Oral online. At prairie fire coffee dot com. Seven what he needed to now activity for Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrats are arguing over feminine hygiene products that's coming up. Even death on K and a sense.