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Thursday, April 19th
Ted Woodward with good sports news from WSU.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news JE SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's 7 o'clock Pacific theatres as sporting news team says the actually Macintosh. Which is up police are investigating two homicides that we've got the story. Guilty verdict for three men involved in western Kansas bomb plot unfit what lured those details just ahead a federal judge chargers Kansas secretary of state with contempt of bullying case. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday and another chilly start to the morning in south central Kansas with temperatures. Camilla the mid sixties throughout the next couple of days but chances of rain or on the horizon we'll tell you when we can expect that coming up. Police are investigating a fatal shooting itself Wichita police lieutenant Ronald Giles says it happened late Tuesday afternoon. In a neighborhood near the 2900 block of south hillside. A man called 911 dispatchers with bits of information telling them he'd witnessed a shooting at a house on south sales street. And that he would wait for police the Tony 600 block of south hydraulic. Police went to address on hydraulic but the man who called 911 was not there. At the address on sales police found the man dead from a gunshot wound inside the residents. Several individuals we're inside the house at the time of the shooting. This house. It's very active house in the 2900 blog itself so that the neighbors were familiar with. People coming and going from house. Oh times Sunday night. We know after this you're may have led. Police say drugs were known to be frequent at that location but investigators do not know what led to the shooting the victim has been identified as forty year old Emmett Olson. This was which of us fifteenth homicide in fifteen weeks this year. A man was found dead inside a residence Tuesday afternoon in south which it saw about three and a half days after he was shot. Police lieutenant oh Giles says a neighbor was concerned about 39 year old Trenton Custer whose car was parked in front of the neighbor's house and who hadn't been seen for a few days. The neighbor got into custer's residents through window and found his body he'd been shot multiple times investigators traced the violence too early last weekend. We know that there were some kind of disturbance that broke out inside the residence we believe late Friday early Saturday morning. And during that time. Shots were fired striking Killen is faster. Two or three other people have been living in that residents with the victim off and on during the past few months detectives are looking to interview them this is that was Wichita fourteenth homicide case in the year. A federal jury has found three men guilty of plotting to bomb a Moscow apartment complex. Housing Somali refugees. In western Kansas. Patrick Stein Gavin writes Curtis Allen convicted Wednesday. Of one count of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of conspiracy against civil rights. Wright was also convicted of a charge of lying to the FBI. Stephen McAllister US attorney for the district of Kansas as of freemen were indicted in October 2016. For an attack plan for the day after the presidential election in Garden City. Our prosecutors presented substantial evidence. That the defendants expressed hatred for the Somali immigrants. And Muslims in general and described in the most extreme and violent terms what they plan to do to them. A fellow militia member tipped off federal authorities after becoming alarmed by the escalating talk of violence and later agreed to Wear a wire as a paid informant. A federal judge says Kansas secretary of state Chris cope bought violated her order that some voters were eligible to cast a ballot. While a lawsuit challenging a state law requiring proof of US citizenship worked its way through the courts. US district judge Julie Robinson found call Bakken contempt of court Wednesday. She did not impose a fine but Porter cobalt to pay for damages including attorney please. The American Civil Liberties Union saw the contempt ruling after called balk refuse to update the State's election guide. Or ensure that county officials sent postcards to residents who registered a driver licensing offices without providing citizenship documents. Office and senate marsh that she made it clear motors covered by may 2016 injunction that she imposed or not to be treated differently. Call box office says he will appeal Dan O'Neal Kate and SS news. Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot and killed a man who all authorities say opened fire on the officers. Fort Lauderdale police chief Rick meg Leone describes a situation. We attempted to board the subject at the vehicle and the subject refused to come out so less lethal methods were deployed. Those methods were unsuccessful in fact the suspect responded to the less lethal leveraged by discharging a firearm at the police officers that were on the scene. The officers responded by discharging their firearms. It is has used time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Baseball and softball action right across the street from each other last night on the campus of Wichita State we'll have those results coming up in sports. Wichita police never suspect in a rash of burglaries that story as more news coming up. Deep in the morning Wednesday in SS. Even now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock. Wichita police have arrested a suspect scored numerous burglaries during the past eight months. Burglars took place a construction businesses clothing stores and liquor stores. Video and photo evidence showed the same. White GMT pick up used in most of these burglaries. The diligent work of officers on these cases I suspect profile as developed. And man was arrested fifteen year old Kevin bickering. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the suspect was apprehended last week in north west Wichita booked into jail on an unrelated pending case of aggravated assault. Suspect now has been charged at nine burglaries eight felony thefts for felony counts of criminal damage to property and misdemeanor theft. Cuba's National Assembly will elected new president to replace Raul Castro. Fox's Steve Harrigan is in Cuba and says even with a new leader very little is likely to change. Continuity is the word you hear over and over again in other words and nothing is going to change that's going to be. A real challenge when you have an economy that's crater it when you have. Three of four people still working for the state most of them making less than 35 dollars a month how patient. Are the eleven million people on this island going to be with someone who was not the revolution who's not named Castro. Moving confederate statues could prove costly for Memphis Tennessee the Tennessee state house has decided to move forward with a 37 point five million dollar budget that includes no funding for the bicentennial for Memphis but mayor Jim Strickland says in a statement the house's decision to remove a quarter million dollars from its budget bill should not have an impact on the city's joint celebration with Shelby county next year Memphis used a loophole in state long term of the statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis from two parks in December lawmakers in Tennessee's Republican dominated legislature had vowed to punish the city for taking down the monuments at 98. Lisa let's Dara Fox News. It is as used are now 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. Starting to see some pretty heavy traffic out in media Wichita area this morning and so what. Just a couple of Aries you need to watch four for traffic slowdowns. Think I won 35 northbound right around between thirteenth and 21 little while ago hasn't. Fairly heavy traffic. Things still moving at speed though in the gasoline price here in Wichita this morning to 49 a gallon I did see. Couple of better we'll. Couple of better. Gasoline prices up there but fifth at 249. A gallon in a lot of places traffic updates from K and at this radio I'm here at chambers. And other kids in storm secretary forecast with Kansas today meteorologist 80 western good morning Katie. Hey good morning to look at this forecasted. That they can maybe even some moisture coming up here today or do anything. Yeah yeah finally what are gonna get some good rated here but today's drivers now. Where quiet again but thankfully we're not dealing with the winds today that is he. There's only going to be a slight breeze is after and and with lots of sunshine I'm about 63 degrees today is a gorgeous day to get out enjoy it before the rain GeMS in this weekend. Yesterday was gotta nest Leah I mean. The sun was shining depicted a laurels when I was really blown up to have but 44 or five miles an hour at times. Oh yeah it was it was outrageous ones against a today's almost the same as yesterday with the sunshine and temperatures that we get the take away the wind CA actually wanna get out source of that yet. These are temperatures in the mid thirties or lower thirties to start every day of putting in the twenties sometimes the kind of weird and I get a little tired of myself I'll let you. Oh yes no it's athlete and usual for this time of the year for it to be down a school we got down to at least freezing in Wichita earlier this morning. And normally we only see low temperatures about mid forties right now so. It it is that not really good you are complaints and everything so thankfully temperature looked as climb back up again there was begin in the next week. So chance of rain may be Friday night into Saturday if America. Yeah yeah tomorrow stay mainly drawing to won't be until tomorrow night that some showers are to move in and pretty much is often on rain. All throughout the day Saturday Saturday night not exiting until Sunday morning so this is that good slow steady rain that is exactly what we need. All right thank you appreciate Patrick is in storm tracker three forecast for Kansas today meteorologist Katie western. 713 now Steven Ted in the morning on K and us as we did haven't the windy day across Kansas Wednesday to high temperature yesterday was 64 degrees. Normal life the date is 69 the National Weather Service tells us that. Wichita recorded a wind gusts of 49 miles per hour yesterday. Pretty good pretty good gust of wind out there. I it was a it was blown around today is Thursday. April 19 when he eighteen. On the state in net 1995. A truck bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168. People. Bomber Timothy McVeigh who prosecutors said it planned the attack. As revenge for the Waco siege of two years earlier that happened two years ago as a day yeah now convicted of federal murder charges and executed it. In 2001. To Ted you're never that debut it just to have. We debated broad camp where you broadcasting at the time now is that the news as you work and a sense did you note here and they've healing thing here. Right people some people thought that Buffett said he could feel the blast. Maybe our news director at the time was on the phone hold their respective employees that he was interviewing she lived in Oklahoma City at Daytona they heard. The explosion while he was on the phone with earnings of bubbles that. Of course in the figured out that was the Murrah building and have yet you stop at the memorial they have there but now my dad nine. Stop down there are few years ago. Very very moving very touching it there Oklahoma City are very sad as well of course we didn't as this came up we've drizzle researched this morning find out what happened to a the other guys Terry Lynn Nichols. As we told you McVeigh. Was executed. But what happened it Nichols who is an accomplishment you from Harrington rare in Kansas was Kansas connection and time. He after his federal trial in 1987 Nichols. Was convicted of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and eight counts of involuntary manslaughter. For killing federal law enforcement personnel. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole after the jury deadlocked on the death penalty. He was sentenced to 161. Consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole. Setting a Guinness world record he's incarcerated it eighty X Lawrence. That's a maximum security. Prison. In the near Florence Colorado yet he's done cholera is on Colorado doing his time and you'll never ever get added to 161. Life sentences you'll never ever ever get a prison. It's at for his part in the bombing. Fairly well what was a truckload of which most of the south of where that corsets and those guys did all the planning and bottle it's. Bomb material stuff in Junction City and I do there is a Kansas can resonate drove the bomb right here through which it's on the way down I 35 to. Oklahoma City that the hit a blown up here would be old adversary but it's not buy it. I was on the state in 1995 via Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City bombed killing 168. People they domestic act. Of terror that day 7:17. Steve into the morning. And Teva to Ted overtime or here. It's gonna talk about that about things all of it right to it. And little action last night and it acts stadium KM SS not ballpark lot of listeners on hand went on tickets. And the shock yours put together a nice performance for the fans showed up last night when he fourth ranked Wichita State hosting their in state rival the Kansas Jayhawks. Sox scored a couple of runs early in the game and kept on the pressure. Behind pitching a freshman Tyler Davis got his first career start in college in his first career win too he struck out eight. And got all the offensive support he needed it. Mike Kennedy had a column the game right here on tape and assess. I don't know if you guys slanted toward right field it's deep it's gonna get over the right fielder. Short hops against the fence generous it discordant. Intersected standing up. Its dockers have hit three straight two out doubles here in the fifth. 46 and ethically. Doubles kept coming in that inning shots ended up beating KUE eleven nothing last night from 3000 fans. On fifty cent hot dog night taking an SS knighted the ballpark shocks improved to 26 and nine with that victory. Right across the street and Wilkins stadiums soccer softball team playing in front of a big crowd wins as well shocker softball. Beating nineteenth ranked Oklahoma State nine to six. Second win this year against a ranked team for soccer softball as they hit four home runs and and win last night. And get a season sweep over the cowgirls. We've last night for soccer baseball and softball. Kansas City Royals yesterday afternoon lose in Toronto fifteen. To five a and now gives the royals an eight game losing streak. Worst bullpen in the major leagues right now the royals royals' bullpen has a seven point 94. Earned run average. Four relievers yesterday gave up nine runs in only three innings. After the game manager Ned Yost says. It definitely has not been very pretty I think general manager Dayton Moore and I will talk tomorrow. Whatever that me and that made yet. Though it's a royals have an off day today. Reflecting an eight game losing streak. Pro hockey in the playoffs last night first round playoff matchup game three between the Wichita thunder in the Colorado Eagles on the road the thunder which cited two nothing lead in the second period. But it was tied up by the end of the period Colorado got a goal was six and a half minutes to go. At and an empty net goal late in the game and beat Wichita for sues Colorado now up three games to zero in that first round playoff series. College bowl laying it up in Lincoln Nebraska of the national championships the singles championships yesterday Wichita State sophomore Joseph Rhonda and won his two match play matches yesterday and he is advanced into the national semi finals of the singles portion of the tournament. The team a portion begins today with qualifying and first two rounds of match play. The Wichita State men are one of the sixteen men's teams involved. And on the women's side you've got Wichita State and Newman competing the national championships were college bowling. And we got a big basketball birthday today here in the state. Happy birthday to former Kansas State wildcats Mike Evans who 63 years old today. Mike Evans. When he left K state he was there all time leading scorer I'll more than 2000 points in his career. And he held that mark for 33. Years until Jacob pullen. Became the all time leading score case state Mike Evans is still number two all time in scoring in Kansas State basketball history. Mike Evans what do what a guy he can't deacons doorman he 63. Today as sports the Stephen Ted K and a asset so that James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt concert coming up may 24 that interest bank arena here with stuff. And we've been giving away tickets every morning usually the announcer. I the pair to give way right now only right call 869 at thirteen thirty if you like UC James Taylor. May 24 of interest bank arena courtesy of speed and and I bought it. Senate Tony want you to differ Rush Limbaugh morning update a look at San Francisco tourism and the homeless. Steven in the morning on K and SS. Just yes in a moment. CNN you know you. And Suzanne the plan's name mainland and soon.