The winter weather roller coaster continues

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th

Steve and KSN Meteorologist Laura Bannon talk about the recent waves of cold weather.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case innocent sporting news was even Ted thanks Steve Macintosh. Congress pulls over nighter to deal with the budget and government shutdown we've got the story. Alleged rape does to the child at the downtown Wichita YMCA is back in jail trying to look blurred those details just ahead governor call your promises to launch new open government web sites. I'm Jim O'Neill and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Yesterday we got to sixty for the high in Wichita but it will not be that warm today we'll explain why in our forecast coming up. The federal government shut down for a few hours overnight could reopen before sunrise. The House of Representatives narrowly passed a bipartisan budget measure Indian government shutdown that started at midnight. The second shot down this year the senate voted early today to reopen the government and pass a 400 billion dollar budget deal heading the measure after the house for a predawn debate. Kansas congressman Ron Estes talk with Fox News after the house vote Estes says there's still a lot of work to be done. I ran because I wanted to make sure we address the deficit we wanna work on that that's a big concern of mine for a for myself for my children for my country. And and and we've got to address that. It's business as usual for federal services and employees this morning. And alleged rapists and child has been re arrested. 21 year old Caleb gassed and was first arrested last week. For the alleged rape of a four year old girl the downtown Wichita YMCA kids' zone read worked since 2013. His bond was set at 100000 dollars on Tuesday he made bail and was released from jail. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says on Wednesday evening gassed and was taken into custody again on a charge for another sexual abuse case. Captain was arrested at approximately 8 PM in the 14100 block of east crest hill. In derby Kansas. Which does that Drew Carey exporting and missing child unit detectives. Have identified a three year old female victim. Any child sex crime that occurred at the downtown YMCA. For a team or market. Gas and is now held on oh million dollar bond Wichita mayor Jeff Long wells says he in this city's director of public works and utilities Alan King. Will be at the White House Monday. It revolves around the new infrastructure plan that that's about the extent of those. And great opportunity and certainly it's nice that. We have friends of Washington now know where which is we think we can be a part of that discussion part of the solution. To help brain more opportunities to Wichita Kansas. They long list as White House staffers and president trump will be at the Monday meeting. Kansas governor Jeff collier is promising at state government will launch two new accountability web sites within four months holier signed four executive orders Thursday aimed at promoting government transparency. One quarter requires state agencies to set performance schools and develop. Ways to measure their progress toward meeting them so that the information can be available on line. Another order creates a website for posting notices of agency's public meetings and documents associated with those meetings. Polio are also signed orders designed to make obtaining government documents less expensive and to prevent officials from using private email accounts for state business. Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. White House chief of staff John Kelly is facing the fallout from the abrupt exit. At a White House staffer accused of domestic abuse while rob porters now he's chief of staff John Kelly who's now coming under fire for how he handled the White House's response. Kelly on Wednesday Tuesday and saying I'm proud to serve alongside him. But Thursday telling changing his team and as more details emerged about assault claims made by supporters ex wife's. In a letter obtained by Fox News Kelly says domestic violence is a boring and has no place in our society noting the shocking pain allegations of caused. Kelly says the White House is making council of L for staffers in the wake importers departure. In Washington some Angel Fox News in a says he is time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Busy crew this weekend coming up we'll have. All the basketball rundown coming up in sports just few minutes Internet giant is set to deliver groceries that story coming up. Only K and us this morning news was even says the this does seem to get in the morning now is a few times 7088. Minutes at 7 o'clock. Catholic Charities of Wichita helps more than 111000 people a year cross central and southeast Kansas executive director Wendy Glick tells K Unisys news. We're really addressing poverty and trying to help people address the barriers that they come. Confront when they're trying to supply a you know the basic needs for their families. Neglect is our guest this weekend and issued when he 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. A US senator is repeating the call for five minutes with disgraced former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow says she was disappointed at an enraged father was prevented from punching Larry Nasser and Michigan courtroom last week Rampage by its well. Those. Randy margaritas made that comment after one of his daughter's a -- a victim's statement in Nasser sentencing Barbary request was denied eventually asking for just one minute before charting Nasser and being tackled and escorted out by at least our race later apologized was not reprimanded by the judge they go on meet Paige actually set up to support the father of three of masters victims Marbury is announcing on Thursday that all 31000 dollars raised so far is being donated to Lansing area groups that help victims of physical abuse manna thoughts on how Fox News and Internet giant it is set to deliver groceries. If you can't get the whole foods whole foods might soon come to you Amazon is preparing to unveil to our delivery service that you're getting grocer which it bought last year. Those Amazon customers who subscribe to the company's 99 dollar a year prime membership. Can get to our delivery service for free with orders of 35 dollars or more. For an additional 799. You can get one hour delivery fresh produce seafood meat and some alcohol will be available. The services currently active in four large cities with plans to expand to other markets. Rich Dennison Fox News. Macinnis is storm tracker report guest government in seventy and now than it's been 7 o'clock. And out there in traffic at the moment weekends. CS stalled out vehicle. Northbound on I want 35 hits Kellogg's and northbound I want 35. At US 54 we've got this held up people there and watch very slow down traffic update. Kate and SS three align Jeno James. And now that is in store secretary Cortes the Kansas today meteorologist. Laura Bennett and get morning Laura. I used are excited that there isn't that going I am I'm beside myself with the excitement about how the weather's good days turned cold again this pain is back. Ari yesterday gorgeous right yeah I. In point with today's weather and that's right have a great hope that it'll take these. Okay put out there about this morning we are trying to. Particularly without wind out of the south or now out in annexed it one to Q hours. We're just see the winds get and that's going to be a bitter cold wind out pack on throughout the afternoon are captured really or were up. That's how will be working with today Warren 30 that morning. And most will. Warm up a couple of degrees but that still is definitely going to be felt all day long your wins he'll easily in the twenties. We have a blanket of Al that we go to the nighttime hours it's early Saturday morning. These kids safety we are talking about winter weather across the big portion of the state you're in the metro I think a big mostly quiet and just an east divide. That's where it could be a light wintry mix it acted include the reading raid that allow for them. Like odd and really banking on that the outside the metro but nonetheless I wrote out there it all potential happy. I found that then do the day on Saturday it'll be nice and quiet. There was no tacky and I rocked western can't ask him that now here at the metro is going to be Saturday night. Into Sunday and I'm not into it if yapping about those notes that most were looking at a dusting. But you're hired a world Arctic and worth anywhere from two to four inches along I have a beeper went against that. Not so much now. The metro once again I don't know what it is about this pattern that we're kind of in but it's been dry air hit that just eat that all away and just take the layer notes that. But nonetheless that could be and that you weekend definitely count on the cold water act. I just confessed you right now I am not a big fan of snow okay. Now I'm and it was about eleven or twelve years old it was canonized and if that doesn't mean this is under house a nuisance. North of up to the Chicago area right a lot of now relieved to get now I've got its bid and it went out. It worked with Ed and I am not that excited about it I'm OK okay if I'm off work now they Saturday. So he have you outgrown snow or not that you're used to host Oprah and it still underground make it's don't do to make a snow Angel right outside the studio where yup. We know okay. The quickest snowman looks like to turn and yet. We try that I thought that it happens here at their current. You know the head would be the biggest part. I. And are you still it's. We did we know him. We kid and and and then you can do this or I can't wait on line and what that I hope I don't listen yesterday at an off at a meeting. But he felt. You yesterday afternoon I got I just worse is out in shorts in the long sleep teacher run yesterday. But today I know I'm gonna have to bundle up a little more art and I. A look like that Geisel brother in the Christmas story. You never know about that apple is about. Okay this is taking search so much for the great forecast and we'll talk you again Monday the tea sensed a fact of street forecast of Kansas today meteorologist. Laura band 714 the Stephen that. I don't know that lower the bar was a little surprised by my joke there it here at Ted now. A good friend Jeff Hurd and having known this guy for years you can and yet he's not gonna get anything away with anything that says. Of course not ever let us in a way running in itself straight yeah. All right this just checks and balances it is 715 here it's Friday February 9 2018. On this date in 1960 for the bulls. Made their first black American television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Broadcast from New York on CBS. It was a Sunday night and I gotta confess I would watch tech. I could not believe it it's a black and white you know on the musical lines are jumping up and down the TV screen. And here these four guys are we'd already heard their music so we were looking for this and date panned the audience there and at CBS in New York. And they had a loaded with teenage girls yes or even reality is going to ever really crying and tears run down they're now seeks you know I see people respond. Two entertainers that way anymore. So those times with Stephen to go out make an appearance that they scream for us to leave right now at ya that's tied up doesn't but it was amazing because. Ed Sullivan the most the weirdest TV host you've ever seen guy. Wrote a great column and what the New York Times and yeah and even newspaper guy and very well known a great writer and if he would bring all the great acts on it. You know Beatles are hot so here they work. And I think he knew a little bit about. Mean not much but not much he knew there was hysteria about and he says here's the bottom up he if he can generate some writing to bring an Obama so they again. And generally was that considered to be. An event that kind of woke America back Kennedy's assassination of yet we started just kind of in mourning for a long months ago appointees like The Beatles arrived and it finally. Got everybody good ploy. Out Garfunkel having lived has been to a young team your teenager to Tanya. Here's something going get a little more than happy about now my wife Shelley was huge beatle mania I mean. Beatle mania she hue and huge fan she said she watched that. That first broadcast with her dad. Who just set there issued its hadn't had their Communist you know. They're Communist Vegas pretty much my mom's meant to. Generation gap was beginning youngsters were into it and the older generation was and what's up with the hair. Not at all what's going on but there. Some big speaking of hair mayor Jeff Long Will traveling to the White House Monday at about I don't know I don't monitor anyway either. That's a weird transition that day he's going to be at the White House. Wits of the present you've been hearing our news stories in just an added caveat to this Monday is when their president trap is going to apparently unveil. His big plan to rebuild the infrastructure. Up and Jeff Long was going to be their right in the middle of that on Monday morning. I'm not clear yet whether he will be was Stephen Ted on Mondays with the mayor of gaga emailed it to find out you'll -- take time for it to be pretty busy. Well imagine their schedule on the nation's capital on Monday morning might be lol yeah I'd be a little hectic well probably have mayor long wells usual two hour stop in Denny's. If the Grand Slam breakfast there today but he added that Connecticut the moon over Miami price are there priorities there to protect the 78 east and it. Punt and assist courts die with dead whoever we get some shark basketball this weekend I did. All sorts of basket Elvis and and including the shocker sent home tomorrow. 21 ranked Wichita State hosting Connecticut for the first time ever. Soccer's right now are in second place in the American conference. Sox beat the Huskies by ten points earlier this year on the road that. Marat is the rematch in Wichita might get. My Kennedy and Dave doll will be on the game on the air with pregame coverage beginning at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon game will tip off at 5 PM a tomorrow and that's on the 103 point seven KEY and and join me after the game I'll be taking your phone calls on the shocker locker room show will be broadcasting live at twin peaks in east Wichita when he first in Iraq. The Mumbai and ceemea twin peaks tomorrow after the shocker game against Connecticut. College Jackson tomorrow for tenth ranked Kansas and the jayhawks are on the road at Baylor they Yi who has beaten the bears' eleven times hero. And bit them in the last. Five or six times these teams have played have been really close games including earlier this year just last month cage you beat Baylor by three points in Lawrence. Tomorrow will be the rematch in Waco live pregame coverage of the jayhawks begins at 11:30 tomorrow morning game tips off at 1 o'clock. Tomorrow afternoon Kansas basketball on Sports Radio tape at 81240 AM. 975. FM. Kansas State has a night game in Manhattan tomorrow night against a top ten teams seventh ranked Texas Tech. At K state tomorrow night. Tech comes in winning five in rural Kansas State has won five of seven both teams playing well. That'll be at 7 o'clock tip off tomorrow night in Manhattan nationally televised on ESP NU. In women's basketball Wichita State is on the road visiting the number one ranked team in the nation tomorrow at noon at the shocker is visiting undefeated. Connecticut. House lady Huskies are 23 and oh on the season first meeting ever between a shocker and Connecticut. That'll via noon tip off tomorrow and Steve strain we'll have all the coverage live right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and SS. Connecticut has never lost a game in the American conference plow 81 and oh all time wow now. Thank a terrific program. Well that's. Beyond god now they're just they steam roll everyone anonymous. Kudzu go men's basketball they'll Laredo tomorrow night sixteenth I'm sorry it's not an old rate notes and Hutchinson Butler community college is on the road at. At sixteenth ranked Hutchinson. Tomorrow night both teams have won three straight. And of Butler does have a winning record on the road stuff to beat Hutchinson and home now they are Wheldon won on their home court the defending national champions. Dennis Higgins level live coverage of Butler grizzlies basketball at 715. Tomorrow night's Mets live right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Case and aspects. In west Wichita last night. Victory for the Newman min they beat Saint Mary's 81684. Wins and are open to new and men who are now tied for first place atop the heartland conference in the host Texas they NN international 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon first place on the line. Human Menem won four in a row. In BA basketball last night the Toronto Raptors at home beat visiting New York Knicks 113 88 coming off the bench for the raptors former Wichita State point guard Fred van beliefs. He led the live raptors with three steals tied for the team lead with six assists and Fred also scored ten points. Boy it's just tough to going to Toronto and beat the raptors they're the best home team in the NBA 823. And a four. On home court this season and again another win last night forced former soccer Fred van bleak. Coming up big again. Don't forget shocker basketball at home tomorrow at 5 o'clock on KEY and. Shocker in Connecticut at sports was even dead 722 now hey it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on Canada's president. Very fired coffee's the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Retired coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita our eyes and of course you can get very tired coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling. 2673770. Block all online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Haven't what he do now if you've ever Rush Limbaugh morning update the southern border illegal immigration and politics. On the way Stephen dead on tape and as. Environment in which it's always.