Wisconsin man steals crucifix, then vandalizes TV station

Steve & Ted
Monday, February 12th

Yes, he used the crucifix to smash some of the station's property.


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873030. K and the answer as we are Stevenson in the morning now. 846 here on Monday three big things me. Presidents cup to unveil four trillion dollar plus budget for next year's. Increased security efforts have caused Jardine middle school after vague social media crap slot. Police investigate shooting death of an eighteen year old man in southeast Wichita. Mean big things even dead on Kate in a sense. And right now stalled out vehicle northbound Ike to 35 right around cape 42. And also we get a traffic accidents still what jumps up and I want 35 at thirteenth street. Stolen vehicle northbound I want 35. The exit to eastbound K 96 and retention. Try to get that from Genesis radio on jet achievers sunny today with a high of 42 degrees partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 24 Tuesday. Sunny and warmer tomorrow's high 52. Now partly cloudy in southeast wind at nine miles per hour seventeen degrees and Steve instead of linking innocence. At 847. Power restored in east which taught him how big of power outage because we had the lights went out here it was at least 700 customers. And your decision in light left for about what when he minutes itself. Maybe more than a private at least half hour with a maximum now. And I just heard from our bloody. Patrick he's sitting down at Douglas and raw from all the traffic lights are out there UC's it was complete chaos. Or it's. Or to get heavy traffic volume this time they ever is trying to figure out when they go when they can't get those he said it's it was a mess now let those lights are back on now looks like. When star got power back on after about 3040 minute story market. Kuwait's. Opened a week of conferences today seeking aid for rebuilding Iraq. After the onslaught of the Islamic state groups seeking tens of billions of dollars for a nation only a generation ago that invaded yet. Authorities estimate Iraq needs 88 point two billion dollars to restore a country smashed after the Sunni extremists seized the country's second largest city of Mosul a mass of territory in June 2014. Kuwait trying to come up with the money to. Rebuild Iraq and Kuwait you know right down there on the corner little tiny thing to an early exit. Hussein invaded enemy get a state and we get now. Start randomly mess back in 1990 that it is still probably some that are involved that's another story for another time. This could be anything day on Wall Street following stock market's worst week in about two years. The market edited first direction in two years Thursday stock indexes managed to close higher Friday after some big swings. The S&P 500 rose 38 points the Dow gained 330 points the NASDAQ Composite added 97 points. Okay police in nine green Bay Area looking for a man who stole a large percentage from a church and use it to damages sign outside a TV station. Activity parish members who were all waiting mass Friday morning we're terrified that a man hiding his face came into the chapel complained loudly about the Catholic Church. After being asked to leave he took off with a five foot tall crucifix from behind the altar. He soon showed up at a TV station and he can be seen on security video swinging the cross at the fox eleven sign them before an employee chase him away. He dropped it respects across the street local authorities say they don't know his motivation but Rory is bizarre behavior could lead to something else there you think. While. A crazy guy Agilent issues you know. Cold feet can't stop naked models from parading around New York City. Dozens of body painted models walked through the chilly streets and pose for photos in a drizzle Saturday as part of the polar bear paint. A new red star on the traditional polar bear plunges that scene people in swimsuits died in the frigid waters to celebrate the new year. The polar bear paint was organized by artist Andy Golub. Who uses body painting as a way to promote human connection through art. Body Pennington and the models were painted and at Times Square studio and then gathered outside. Where the temperature was about fifty degrees and a fairly heavy rains subsided and then stopped. As the models came out to show off on health ever oil based paints and water yeah be terrible. Hours differently in Wichita State just had a homecoming weekend and they did the nearly naked run this weekend that they rank in Chile for that. What's the nearly naked runs where you just I believe that there's self explanatory latest. I've been nearly every other identifying nearly neck and his goal with eight if you Stephen dead. A prediction of interest rate hikes in the future and that camps from editor bill Roy of the which to business journal good morning bill. It morning Stephen yet the president of that Federal Reserve Bank city. On the medal of the US economy remains strong but Lester George says she expects. At least three interest rate hike so up more than that 25 basis points. Rather at 25 basis points this year and three more 2019. Torque spoke of the which are independent business association and you'll beat last wicket Wichita. The test that or reserve district includes it was a Oklahoma Nebraska Colorado. Wyoming and parts of mystery in Mexico. At the state universities what are 25000 dollar grant from American Airlines. But he has to be used to train pilots that the key state Polytechnic campus is so at a part of the money will be used to and a mobile aircraft simulator at the it can be taken to events outside the campus beat your prospective students a hands on production to be a pilot. The airline industry is facing a shortage of and Cox Communications has been able what are we can't present ask oracle were. Given to a business that simplifies business and civic excellence in the state. Will promote economic help the state. Obsolete percent of the war can't chamber interpret or what it and peca out employs about 900 in Wichita Andy Levin on. In the state local breaking news everyday on campus that and it Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita there's mr. Lott from. Venturing Monday that it distillery to forty or the that you little town I'm bill or how many people actually show up root for your mentoring day bill. Well there are twenty mentors and their more than a hundred attendees. Who are going from table table and talking to these mentors get rigor buys but like that. So basic sets were really pleased with it. All right a today is national clean out your computer today. You know over time files and programs that are unused on your PC clog the memory and cause confusion. During retrieval and use of other dated than in May also slow down your computer so you need to. Organize your files and folders to league junk files delete duplicate files still pouring in Ted does this every single day so now the news to him right dead. And then you should probably read booted is that right there which would have. There again again and clear out and ignore it get a blank stare at ten I thought kidneys that is the most boring topic ever bought computer does this. Yes they sell won't I can do worse that. I can be more bond like to see a trial miles at a candidate tomorrow and I'll just I'll take that boredom of to a new level. Oh or it will be fun. I thank you thank you guys pay by the way. If you unless somebody had mentored me you don't have a radio at work listen to Stevens at all online at key and is as ready about count now do you have. And don't forget to download the free kick in SS app from the App Store. Then leaves a comment by going to menu and click talkback what future comments on the air in the 8 o'clock hour are you watching the Olympics yet what are your favorite Olympic events a year ago. Let's get some comments on there the free app. Or you like Stevie does not hate the Olympics not launch or you think that I'm boring. Okay born yeah well you've got to find out somebody. They 55 Stephen did governor came in that case resistance at nine. A helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon and deadly helicopter crash that story more news normally seem intent on K and assess.