Wisconsin middle-schoolers required to take a "privilege test"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 3rd
Steve and Ted talk with Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. 730 feet and in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward did. A pedestrian was hospitalized in critical condition following an accident in west Wichita. Tuesday night here and a street and west central. Man and woman riding in the Ford escapes at the man ran out and. Front of their vehicle. Ellis to go to the forecast with K and assist at the neurologist Jennifer and their abort -- Jennifer's keeping quiet weather conditions and our forecast for Betsy kick and a gusty north to northwesterly winds for today plenty of sunshine expected. Ever gonna Nevada to a high of thirty CU. Tonight partly cloudy we drop against the low to mid teens and then back up to 35 for tomorrow mostly sunny plenty of sunshine and low forties I Friday. I'm KN SS to meteorologist Jennifer narrow more now partly cloudy 22 degrees we have an old west wind at ten miles per hour. Two workers have died following a grain elevator accident at the gavel on grain is south of Wichita. Emergency crews responded to decide about 230 yesterday afternoon after reports that two men have become trapped inside the former to Bruce elevator. Deputy sect Sedgwick county fire chief Larry tiny says first responders encountered some problems in their rescue attempts. We never have great access points to find. People or or to gain access to them where they may be we had difficult time we were able to use some equipment that implements around here. To help us get up and gain access to one of the entry points. And we're able to utilize their equipment around here to you to help us they gained access to these bodies. Known names have been released Wichita police in officer is on administrative leave after a 99 year old girl was injured by fragments from a bullet he shot at a dog. Police officer Paul crews set and a news release Tuesday the incident happened Saturday when officers were responding to a call of a domestic dispute. The officer shot of the dog when it charged officers as they were looking for a gun around a broken fragments and a piece struck the girl on the forehead. She was treated and released from Wichita hospital. Officer crouse says a suicidal man in my home was taken in Torre metal health exam. A woman and three other children at the scene were not injured the DA's office will review the case Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Kansas reports it collected 75 million dollars more in taxes than expected in December and state officials say it's because congress overhauled federal income tax laws. The state department of revenue says tax collections last month for 711 million dollars. When the state had forecast 636. Million. Surplus was eleven point 8% the seventh consecutive about the tax collections exceeded expectations. Revenue secretary Sam Williams has some individuals made estimated personal income tax payments earlier than normal in December of because of a cap on the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes taking effect next year. The Sedgwick county commission has voted to turn its work release center at 701 east ferry into an annex jail. ASN news spoke would jail operations colonel Brendan treatment. Now we're going to be keeping people inside this facility so we have to make a little bit more secure. Both inside and on the exterior. He says changes to windows doors and ceilings. Part of the construction to better secure the building and an estimated cost of a million dollars congress is weighing its priorities for 28 team congress starts Tony eighteen facing some pressing issues finding the government beyond January 19. President trump wants to upgrade the nation's infrastructure. And then there's docket children brought to this country illegally by their parents. House Republican whip Steve school east told fox any fix needs to address some bigger immigration problems. As it relates to dock look we need and chain migration. We need to end this lottery system that is we've seen time and time again. Is a failed and flawed system let's get back to the things that war we let a million people into our country legally every year the most generous nation in the world. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. President Donald Trump is congratulating you top Republican Orrin hatch on a quote absolutely incredible career. After Hatcher announced shall not be seeking reelection after more than forty years in the senate. Hatch is the longest serving Republican in the senate he chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee. A man in northern California has been charged for the death of a Highway Patrol officer on Christmas Eve. Officer Andrew Camilleri was killed on a highway in the Bay Area his partner was injured. They've been sitting in their patrol car on the side of the highway when 22 year old Mohammed a bribe I'll leave slammed into them. Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley says they've charged only with second degree murder and several other counts relating to driving under the influence driving on highway it's speeds greater than 100. Miles per hour golden gate chp chief Ernie Sanchez says investigators have done several interviews including with Ali. He was under the influence of alcohol. And marijuana was in the system court documents say Aliev told investigators he knew he was too intoxicated to drive but decided to keep driving anyway. Jeff Kent Rosenthal Fox News. A woman bought a lottery ticket she did not intend to purchase. She walked away with millions the New Jersey mother of two decided to buy a one dollar scratch off ticket put the cork being mistaken hander a ten dollar set for life ticket instead 46 euros gone as are off felt bad for the court so she dug deeper and are pursing came up with nine more box went home and use that ticket is a bookmark it wasn't until weeks later that she decided to scratch and finding jurors surprised that she instantly won five million dollars of occasion in the Bahamas now win the family's immediate future. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. I million go to the Bahamas but that means 736 now Steve into the morning. Washington State Department. Fish and wildlife police say there. Searching for a suspect after a three bags of dead ducks or possibly disposed of illegally near Aberdeen. Police say all the ducks were shot but it's unclear if they were harvested legally. The three bags contained a total of 28 ducks must be big banks and wasting wildlife is a gross misdemeanor offense. Punishable by up to a year in jail with a 5000 dollar fine. The somebody shooting ducks putting them in bags and just an honor and a but does seem very nice. On this date in 1959 Alaska became the 49 state. As president Dwight. It was a Friday we had our weekly reader there in the fourth grade. Reading all about Alaska about that 49 state the weekly reader asked. I 7:37 AM Wednesday morning time for a an update Indo live conversation whether our friend Fox News commentator top stars get according to Einstein's Harry today. Well well good morning good morning how's it going how's the weather where you are right now it's a little chilly out it's. It's. I drink to do three way you during your sleep either. It. Well the first week he is frozen pole and if it's rock solid. I got you a couple of days ago I don't want to me wanna be the key of this state troopers. You guys got a really clever clever fellow out there anywhere he was reminding people you know to make sure that your pets are warm because they did call me yeah especially like the climate in the car you know and then try to stay warm leadership can't revolved. Or the photo that the state troop percent just I if you topic now there was a towel toppled a car. Art to stay warm bigger audience well you know I think it was total shock. I could be the tip sounds like attitude out Egypt now out of that out setup on the car. Well I guess some of the mark tradable but. We have bites waste beginning Calvert CNN news that. USDA say we're gonna you'd be we we're gonna eat about 222 pounds of a red meat and poultry this year each of us here in America or you think about that. That's because we're Americans know I mean country that basically aren't healtheon person yourself land. That's that's heresy especially forced out. If there's a battle to delegate to put on the church clearly the wait a minute wait a minute what about fried Okur. Not to blow up try to shut you. As you know here in the deep south and I know the folks should audiences you guys are much more conscious about teacher your health and wellbeing but we'd deep fry everything so yeah I mean everything. No. One another out Carolina broccoli. Know someone the best one of the best things I've ever tasted Zia. Fried or are fried artichoke hearts. In drawn butter and were trying to of those you know I have not that sounds kind of begin but it looks tasty. Well Michael Armstrong went up just here. Just so what are you getting things stepped in your craw that they do and our our great American culture that bug union today. Well you know we've we've got a strip a top stars dot com which has caused a bit of of consternation. It's right next to the the picture of the CNN anchor Wear them but the ball and gas masks can be your seats anyway. The it's a group of middle schoolers and Wisconsin. Were required to take a test it is called a privileged test and W. Yet to go through and you if you if you identified with what would be the items on the question are you had to check at all and then they determined that if you were privileged. And so basically if you happen to be a middle school work. Who is say a white heterosexual male whose parents own a car and can't afford continue to summer camp you're privileged. You okay. And you would call it and I would I don't know about the summer camp I probably went. Tough sucks. It's this idea though that the that your all of those the school is almost creating this victim mentality. That you know because of York. You know the color Peter's did or because of your you know socioeconomic. Background. You may not be able to do XY or Z here and therefore you are a victim. And I contend that what we ought to be teach the kids is reading your writing and arithmetic to Ed as science. And also bit this idea that if you work hard and you take personal responsibility for your actions. We can pretty much be whatever you want to be able. Well you can label people if you want to I don't think it's a very good practice. I had somebody yes high school counselor label me is eight and under achiever one time. Is that brought up UST I'd guess are at least he looked at my grades and she looked in my brain and says you're not abilities and she was probably right. But you're annoyed me. I might still under achieving I don't know but you know that it's the label things that I don't like you know. Well I I know I plucked out of the first question I am white tents. Malia watch sport it's downhill from there and he looked that's dive well look I I enjoy country music to disrupt and the doubt that a lot in there about religious beliefs on New Year's. Charge like. So wait a New Year's resolution get you into that kind of thing we got a new year here. We do have a new year and as you know I always mess up the a bit but you know I I think I'm gonna go to the gym working out so yesterday I went to the gym. Looked around and walked right back out to. But but you Danish and I'll try to get our aid and storms. I'd pay thanks to rid of us we appreciate insert that is a Fox News commentator Todd started with Stephen dead here on Wednesday morning it's a 740. To them now. And all the way editor bill Roy that would stop business journal a branding change for a local insurance firms. Feels really tell us about coming up Stevens in the morning on tape and a sense.