Wise ways to spend that bonus

Steve & Ted mornings
Thursday, February 8th
Moneytracker Don Grant with some tips for that bonus cash.

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Relations too soon TE of what should zone. Clearly apparent tickets to the journey ends at liberty concert but I was impressed banks Arenas coming up Monday July 16. And we'll have more. A couple more tickets to your way later on this morning misty today congratulations. To Cindy over what you taught what to that concert received Steven Pitt and king is essentially. Loves to listen to Stephen Ted every morning. Now three big things three. Recruits on budget was shut down a deadline looming missy threatening message and restroom stall triggered heightened security at Wichita north. Flu related deaths up to 65 across and it's pretty big things Steven's dead 01 K and assess. And traffic volume was really thinking about they're starting to see some heavier traffic. What jumper heavy traffic around the north junction. At this time I was 35 might be deprived especially over one in 96. Just to be east of I want 35 traffic. Cape and SSI did chambers. Sunny and warmer today with a high of 57 degrees yes we're talking about a lot warmer yet. Yesterday's high was 3957. Defense. Partly cloudy tonight overnight low 29 then. Back to putter tomorrow. Friday mostly sunny and cooler tomorrow's night 39. 39 yesterday. And 39 tomorrow and have a spring like break here in the middle now partly cloudy. 45 degrees we shall we ended at nine. Miles per hour. Davis has weather brought you by the monarch offering fine dollars elects appetizers Monday through Thursday. From 46 PM for happy hour. Cool cocktail menu can be found at mark Wichita dot com the monarch in the Leino monarch. I'd stocks ended today down Wednesday after spending most of the day in the green. Stocks on Wall Street had another wild ride 127 on the bottom. 381 of the top at the end of the day the Dow finished down nineteen points at 24893. The NASDAQ Composite down 63 at seven 51. And the S&P 500 down thirteen at 2681. As we saw per budget approval that pressured stocks because of the uncertainty that's involved going forward in the billions of dollars to be spent. Following Wal-Mart United Technologies led the way apple Microsoft Exxon with big laggards Chipotle Mexican Grill after its quarterly numbers. Dropped ten and a half percent. And their concerns about its search for the CEO on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to call federally these Fox News. Senate leaders of brokered a long sought budget agreement that would shower the Pentagon in domestic programs. But an extra 300 billion dollars over the next two years senators hope to approve the measure today said at the house for a confirming vote before the government begins to shut down scheduled for midnight. Tonight. And it Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau says his station will not be pushed into any redo of the North American Free Trade Agreement that does not benefit and a speaking at the university of Chicago's institute of politics Wednesday. Through those said Canada will engage thoughtfully and constructively in talks with the US and Mexico that is can one party just. Redo it or they if they want to or they just reneging. I'd. The you've either redo uttered just sign off on that note could incorporate I guess while. A man who solicit from the US bank stadium after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots. This football has agreed to pay for a three placement and the stadium management company says it plans no further action against the Eagles fans. Video of the man with a purple seat in the stadiums. Coat check. Generated more than 190000. Views on FaceBook as a yesterday as of yesterday afternoon according to the star Tribune. A traveler later snapped a photo of him at the Minneapolis Saint Paul and an additional. Airport with a seat strapped to his carry on its hands you know hard to conceal what you bring Iran to the numbers and process. A Minnesota sports facilities authority spokeswoman said the fan regrets his actions and that he was exuberant and excited and he pulled. The chair out so did he get to keep it on little to believe well I don't think he's three he's paying for a new one so he they'll keep the way you know he's paying for replacement. It yeah yeah it. Maybe it's all gonna turn out real good for him. Yeah. I'm chair just cost him 1000 hawkers at it. It's sort of a sports fan often on all my life and there have been that radical about anything. Seat because somebody my team won. I usually just go and say it was a nice one about my life anyway via that's the seat rush said during commercial timeouts pretty soon. Did. Grassley believe I was standing yeah well and and not because you want to stand by because it isn't it fun if you withstand everybody had 45 rows in front of you was and it's. I it 651. Stephen did wise way to spend that bonus one what bonus not granting. See if you have been told yet hundreds yeah record Detroit. Other recent tax cuts in jobs acting Craig created by it enacted by congress has stimulated a number of companies to issue bonuses to their companies I'm sure you're to the employees rather I'm sure you've seen some of those. And the idea I don't need to tell you you know how to spend that money really but if your get an extra chunky cash I have some suggestions. That you might appreciate I'm like that uncle who tells you how you you do everything. With your life. Well the bonus will be added to your income so that means that date if you're getting 1000 bucks you'll only be able to spend about. You know that minus the federal state and local taxes so. I don't go out and order 1000 bucks worth of tools or clothing on eBay until you'd know the net amount to that you will be allowed to span. However if you put that money into a traditional Ira or 401K. It will be taxed it'll be tax free for the moment at least until you take that money out thirty years from now so. It's my first suggestion is put that poll thousand box away. Pretend that you didn't even get a bonus tax Pacquiao didn't know what was common anyway. You know use that money to add to your retirement account any invest for the long haul. You will thank me later because think about it is that gross to a few thousand bucks or more than that. You get that much more in retirement. Opt out some of that silly consumer debt that might be an idea for it if you like most Americans running a balance on your credit card. You probably don't you remember which is spent that money on. Paid down the debt so that it doesn't continue to grow line no that doesn't mean it does seem like any fun. But that debt may be keeping you up at night do it at least so you can sleep better. Or put that money and your emergency slush fund it is and have a double that there will be a minor emergency in the future. Either that transmission drops out of the minivan or not. House air conditioning stopped working on a 100 degree day you will need it sometime so relax a bit knowing at least you have some money there. So if you're one of the rare ones who has retirement emergency fund covered and no short term bad debt back. Spend it but not just on any thing. Some spending can be an investment for example using it for an update on maintenance of the house could increase a home's value so while you'll enjoy the update. It's an investment is well of course you have questions you give me call the number 6342222. Well today is national Boy Scouts day I do that and they are founded day and eighteen something or other since 1910. 1910 point eight. A close boys across America have been doing good deeds learning survival skills and developing moral foundations for the boy scouts of America yes. The boy scouts of America has roots in the British Boy Scouts organization. Which was created in 1908 after the success of the books counting for buoyed by Robert doesn't hold they don't have a different word for it scout team scouting and foraging your thoughts normally for a jury's Morgan for boys stole let's get out term from them. I was you know the other night that there was something on the on the news about them on TV I was I was reciting the pledge I'm the what is brave clean and our effort I've had part of it and have all Americans it's been it's been in more than fifty years since I was in the boy scout. Dot. What a fun deal I was only in for a few months that we or I wish that a troop and Dodge City. And we actually Ed in just a few months we look like on two. The weekend and yeah. Tune to weaken over nighter to that we went to a out at a jamboree or reader we were there a tent for three days that are rained every day I'll I slept in water to my naval Amazon. Fun I got a lot of work better one and you know I had unity that if act fifty mile hike we yes we did 64 miles. With some borrowed boots that apple are from somebody. From the second day on I was in agony of man I was put on three pairs of soccer ball certainly down. My mask that we got literally set an gossip I. Ever bought or Oprah I -- aside from that had a great time it and it tickets are that he and Monty might beat the Japanese it to he's a better man today because is that what it is that built character guy had it all felt I palaces instead Garzon. And like you learn how to make your fire and that stuff we did have to boil water relief remember that day not to sign points yesterday thank you gentlemen I think 650 times Steve intent cannot observable black. Top of the hour McCain is sporting news congress still working on a budget deal and it's not a done deal yet we got the story. Stevens had the morning on K and assess.