A woman with an anti-Trump decal on her truck was arrested in Texas

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st
The Sheriff placed a picture of the truck on Facebook in an effort to find the driver.  The arrest was for a prior warrant.

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This station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news kid SS which could cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. This is morning news superintendent. I keep Macintosh. Tyson Foods since each player for a chicken plant in Kansas so on all the other groups over with a tennis project. We'll Springdale Arkansas based company announced Monday it was built a 300 million dollar chicken production complex in Tennessee. That's expected occurring more than 15100 jobs when it begins operation in 2019. But Tyson spokesman said Monday the company has still interest in Kansas and will continue to consider potential sites in the state for expansion. Tyson withdrew their support amid public opposition over a plant in Tonga oxy. The company then began looking elsewhere and officials and said weakened cloud county as well as coffee bill then pursued the project Dan O'Neill came and SS news. A fire forced the evacuation of the homestead assisted living center in Augusta Monday the spread throughout often contain the fire. Thirty residents were evacuated by staff for about an hour before they were allowed to return to the facility. KS and use spoke with Augusta department of public safety major ray mar but. The building was evacuated Wednesday after we did an excellent job. On getting him out and getting killed. There were no injuries authorities determined that the fire. Began as a grass fire outside the facility. Bush are looking for a masked gunman who robbed a Jimmy John's restaurant their 21 north and maize road in west Wichita. When officers arrived they make contact with the twenty year old male employee who reported an unknown suspect had entered the business. Brandished a firearm and pointed it out employees. The suspect demanded money and money was taken by the suspect it and flood business. Officer Charlie Davidson says about 16100 dollars was taken just Purdue is a white heavyset male in his thirties. The Kansas Department of Labor pegged the Wichita area unemployment rate at 3.4 percent in October that's down from 4% of September. And below the statewide jobless rate of three point 6%. Which Tom or Jeff Long Will tells K and SS news. We're not finished mainly we know there are jobs in the park or in the we're working on right now in the drive that unemployment rate even lower. Well commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen Ted show here on KE NN assess. One airman is dead another injured after an air force training jet crash. The crash happened about fourteen miles northwest of Laughlin air force base near the Aniston Reza four on the Texas Mexico border late Monday afternoon one airman died at the scene the other rush to Al bared a regional medical center in Del Rio, Texas 47 flying training wing vice commander colonel Michel Pryor says quote when a tragedy like this occurs every member of the US armed forces feels that a T 38 talent is a twin engine high altitude supersonic jet trainer used to prepare pilots for Frontline fighter and bomber aircraft. It has an exceptional safety record according to the air force the T 38 has a crew of two a student and an instructor. It's unclear which survived the accident identities have not been announced pending notification of family. Kevin battled Fox News the White House has been promising to get its tax cut plan signed into law before Christmas. But foxes Alison barber reports the hurdles are mounting for the plan. Majority leader Mitch McConnell says he plans to take the bill to the senate floor. After Thanksgiving the question is keen he'd find the votes to actually. Pass it Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee passed their version of tax reform late last week every Democrat on the committee. Voted against it in right now there are quite a few skeptical Republicans the main concern is a provision that repeals obamacare is individual mandate it's a provision the cynic bill has. The virgin pass in the house did not touch it. The White House now seems unsure about keeping. Some fiscal conservatives also say they're worried about how much to cuts may add to the national debt. K innocent youth I'm now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 9713. Thirty K and as as we are Stevens had in the morning here on Tuesday morning. November. November 14 that's not right so November 21 I yeah I forgot to change my calendar well that's the that we each forgot and your calendar for two weeks I suspect that's extend Belichick gravity jet yet. Thank you. Found essay and that's what. But at a week and this morning we've got. Smoke in a building. Reported at the YMCA north wind CA that's in this 3300 block of north wood lawn. Smoke reported in the building they actually evacuated the building there. Got a fire crews on the scene are saying it's blight smoke in a boys' bathroom but they. Did evacuate that building so avoid that area this morning. The 3300 block of north wood on. Traffic update from K and SS radio on jet chamber interrupting if you people's morning work out I'll bet now I listen to forecast now with Kayla said stamping urologist and a holiday good morning Dan good. Morning cloud cover thickened up overnight across south central Kansas we expect a cold front to move through and clearing skies this afternoon are high 56. Winds will shift to the northeast behind the front gusting up to 35 miles per hour of tonight's going to be much colder our Lou 23. Sunny 48 for the high Wednesday we're back in the upper sixties on Thanksgiving I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Oh mostly cloudy sky we've got to southeast wind and only five miles per hour. And 37 degrees alright it's Tuesday November 21. 2017 has that yes at a sunny breezy Monday across Kansas Wichita as high temperature. Yesterday was 64 degrees normal like 54 so ten degrees above normal and windy we had a wind gust of 39 the miles per hour recorded in Wichita. And on this date in 1980 an estimated 83. Million TV viewers tuned in. To the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas. The find out who shot JR played by Larry Hagman. Iraq turned out to be Christian shepherd played by Mary Crosby right that was huge I can't believe it was not long ago 1980. While. And time time flies yes it's three years old will be there. And Omaha bus drivers as a man punched him after he refused to stop to pick him up. Police were called in downtown intersection last Friday with a driver didn't answer his radio. Officers found the bus with a driver sitting outside complaining of dizziness and nursing a cup to his nose. He says a man tried to wave him down but it wasn't a posted bus stop so he kept driving. But twenty minutes later the same man got on the bus and punched the driver several times in the face. Before running away. Well then it's crime Eric there ago as he couldn't get on the bus. He's getting him you know they can't stuff there's no stop it that's what the rules it's not a valid reason for content and Nevada. A woman who's pickup truck displays an expletive filled the message to president trump. As edit an identical rant aimed at a suburban Houston sheriff. Karen Fonseca says. Fort bend county sheriff Troy mills messed with the wrong person. When deputies arrested her last week and an old unrelated warrant for fraud ought. Mills had posted a photo pat Nelson sheriff posted via a photo of the truck on FaceBook last week to identify the driver after getting complaints. Now says publicity about the truck brought the August to Warren to his office's attention. So the truck alerted the war and they went after her and now she's using exploded. Owner trucked about chair sounds like a classy lady. Yeah initially Guenter patent passwords on your truck. It seems like a person who's not very much about what's in a series series working type person who has a job or something like that and and I hate you know mechanical. I hate seeing any kind of political message oh yeah vehicle and I don't I don't care what side of the Iowa it is. So much of that gets left on for so long you seat people right and around with you know. Mondale bumper pool yes I don't. I don't put stickers on my past but today I I've dated back nine and my new Cardona everything on there but no you know car that I drive now they do use the 2002 tribute as. It has something to be it not be an air force stand honored so that's that's pretty negative pretty neutral in it is. Who have never have the lowest. Decals and what don't like it now some people do question get personalized plate and he got me and you've got those people who will love it. Don't let me hold on the column those that put. From cars or something or there was a woman who aren't Riverside neighborhood while McNamee in the car which covered. Well all kinds of things cheap pasted or glued onto it like ours and the world figurines and stuff like that and weird in general that. We called it are the proof cars implement it in the Kraft car well you know it's it's it's out of people's cars earlier in withdrawn yet but. I don't know that I would ever use swear no I wouldn't you swear words on a car right yeah and I would stay away from track nets the that's sort of thing yeah. 615 Stephen Tatum last evening Purcell looked my wife and I went to visit. But to two of our granddaughters too and his are the two granddaughter down and dirty. My son's the granddaughters. Of an in depth. As Sammy deal on their brother reached have a new goal. It's a little pop it is a Boston Terrier. Her name is Ali. And she is acutely in the grossly by other grand or have been bugging me to goes negotiate the dog so it down. So all the dog list and a good time. Might. Cellphone. For quite a while now. Haven't been able to log into FaceBook like don't want to. Because the icon. Or however at the icon it's on the the face and a it's some guy in me X. Well how this happened but has been like that for a couple years really. And we do it yourself be an advocate of FaceBook to my you know put my FaceBook and of course Evan my thirteen year old granddaughter takes over to let me do it. Tease of what's stunning is pretty soon after about ten minutes for and it uninstall and I twice and install me again. Yeah that's about Tim it's got mixed up thinking. In and we got guys around you and I don't talk about you but I don't use I uninstall and reinstall your face and it is always wrong yeah we had a twice for some reason but. I was gonna say you didn't get it done but we were we were limited on time and and and ask you about it does beg the question. We have several guys around here that brought me the real good money. Yeah as computer experts yet and definitely let me tell you Don I know you talk about me now but that's about it. I get a thirteen year old girl in derby who probably do it part time but at the for about maybe one. They are just a little bit more than what's important and that's the lucky with these guys. And ended in the into the evening she got better guitar and at the song for me and sang a song out an art computer guys around here you know they don't say. So many others such Kremlin and asked him to usher so you business people out there I don't think at the computer guys have got to convince that they're the only ones who know about the stuff. Junior high school yet. Or anybody under 68. Stuff is that is my generation I don't I don't know if generation that's that's. Passed me law he's cute she is on and I got a problem gonna go out Evans and would have to do it via oh I this salty saying was it that George Michael song never gonna dance again. The anti had her own rendition that played over ukulele so we agreed evening derby with a grade kids. Speaks eighteen was even dead hey it's time for leadoff force jets on the sports desk today and we had a game in Hawaii. That they'll seek the quite a barn burner the Shia Packers played out there are you against calendar. Hey I I was listening on the radio and I gave up on it. So you half yeah I thought they were got the shocker would go off yap. Let me down eighteen. Yet they were down eighteen at one point. Came out Cole the first half was just terrible. They they trailed at halftime mine nine. They were down by eighteen at one point but soccer's eventually. Eventually turned it up in the second half you heard it over on Katie. If you heard over on TY and won a three point seven my sanity with echo. 8280 Wichita State on top five most Boris Kurds looks ten footer. Yes Jack Black took over yeah he really really turned it around. And we the course Landry Shannon at 23 points on the night itself. But yes they came back number six Wichita State beats cal nine to eighteen to 8210. Point victory. And the shocks earn a spot in today's semi finals against mark at. Pregame coverage of that in begins at 11:30. This morning well. Over on one of three point seven taking light and now here's an interesting contrast. Wichita State got a ten point win yesterday that he what's the state women's basketball team. They lost 6856. To Tennessee. Number twelve Tennessee but you know let. Comparatively I think they might have come out looking a little bit better there's the shocker we're just getting. Destroyed all the way up until the end of the game which does state women they only trailed by one at halftime. To beat number twelve lady vols. And they matched the bulls with twenty points apiece in the fourth quarter the difference was only one quarter they were outscored nine to eight in the third quarter. Yeah so the the lady vols get that. Not sorry labels get that 6856. Win. But the soccer ladies looked pretty good there's about a ten minute stretch that. That made him lose that game in Tennessee ranked team yes. But that so what date they look pretty good yesterday. Next up for the which dusting women that you and and Thanksgiving classic tournament. Truckers taking on host New Mexico in a Friday night at 8 o'clock. Fairly routine win for the K state men's basketball team last night and eighty to 58 win over northern Arizona in Manhattan. Next up for the wildcats Las Vegas invitational. In state will face Arizona State on Thursday. The number three or four depending on which poll you're looking at KU men are toasting. Texas southern for their first on campus game of the hoop hall might Annie invitational. Pregame start at 6 o'clock tonight on tape at age 12:40 AM 975 FM. And we got Butler basketball right here on KMS asked tonight but the grizzlies posting hourly. Regain starts 715. Good friend Dennis Higgins with the sports and Stevenson won it six to anyone now keep it here for. Fox News countered and start in Garden City and then my hoops that are aftermath. Let's put up with Dodd Stephen did the morning on KN SS.