Woman charged for embezzling deli meats

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Monday, September 10th
Ohio supermarket employee ate 3 to 5 slices of ham or salami a day... for 8 years.

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Favorite news subject is. It's all important. But you know I hate to see news stations. Just broadcast stuff that's a 100% anti trump there's a lot more news out there than just what's going all Donald Trump. 98713. 38 and as. He did in the morning 8:47 here on Monday morning if three big things free gasoline prices holding steady growth US the past few weeks could drop you. CNN Dallas police officer shoots and kills a man. The officer reportedly walked into an apartment she thought was. Please forward Mike Gravel northwest Oklahoma no major damage or injuries reported. Three big things even dead the. Traffic accidents east. Found us. Earth yeah eastbound on Kellogg right and it's Tyler should continue to watch for slow down there and we've also announced all that vehicle northbound and I won 35. This is just south of 29 street north traffic updates. From Kate and test as radio on the jets chiefs. Mostly sunny today with a high of 79 degrees and about that's mostly clear tonight. The overnight low 59 Tuesday sunny tomorrow's night he needs to. Now partly cloudy sky called and 59 degrees and take innocence. 848 here on 8 Monday morning H coming up on the Glenn Beck program just about ten minutes away at 9 o'clock this morning. And has been talking with the free us hotel TV producers the topic. New podcast project. We tournament little about them making Jim Carey is safe to socialism Chelsea Manning interview goes wrong like going on today in the Glenn Beck program comes up at 9 o'clock. Right here with beat enhance and very good get a cup winners on the list and the state fair. Pictures live. And we'll get we'll get a couple of our. Listeners up to the state fair. Sometime this week enjoy the good times and they get to go to Friday's too well how about after yeah. And take you missed it yesterday and I pretty much did yesterday was national grandparents day yeah. So you know I got I get nothing from my area. From my grandchildren seven of them complete these slap in the fastest is zero nada not a darn thing it. That's all right on my hurts the thing is when your grandparent you like to give your grandkids stuff. We don't need any moment light and you do and we want to voice your grandparents and mentors and done because I forgot about that today net. Well yesterday one of our people around here had a birthday nine and say which one. But Kathy but she's up there at the front right now. They hurt they had a birthday yesterday and if she had a party at a birthday weekend I think it's star man. Friday afternoon just. She slid in all the way to the big birthday a zone and officiate at a party she must have given because she didn't buy your meeting come to it you know well you know it's all right as we get a potter and nice I would butters to some might present with diamonds and it in dollars. Some like that don't miss an opportunity that well there's always next next year may be. Beaten. Here for camping. Are to Stephen Ted poll question right there on our web page and says radio dot com readers support. In the November general election for US house Kansas fourth congressional district right now the stands it. The Democrat James Thompson has 34% Enron Estes the Republican incumbent 66%. Our web poll. The Stephen poll. ST to ten poll question and cayenne assessed at our web page him right there are web page can Unisys radio let time take it out. Or store employee with a hankering for lunch meat is facing felony theft charges after she was accused of eating 9200 dollars worth of deli meats. From a Giant Eagle store in Ohio. The content repository. Of the loss prevention manager received a tip does wonder how they figured this out the employees have been nibbling on the meat at the Delhi. Eating three to five slices of and every day over a course of eight years ago Tay sometimes gates salaam. When admitted to the steps Friday. But you're you're the you're the daily back energy get us it was they did as part that writes he'd tell me. I think this is just but only some I didn't think you'll skipper Grady once in awhile over there and Lauren and this in this is baloney it. Only those people a pop eyes don'ts you know are the only Leon and again. I would in a that's why got the loss prevention officer on the case loss prevention officer. US stock indexes closed lower Friday after a surprisingly strong jobs report or investors too eager to for a higher interest rates. Always like to investors grew don't you you just you're reading a story because it has ordered ordered. Also president trump said he may intensify his trade battle with China. The S&P 500 lost six points the Dow drops 79 points the NASDAQ Composite. Felt when he points have you ever used out there and in radio land ever used the word occurred in the neighbor conversation. Course it's biblical over the talked about in the Bible. The warriors girding their Elian's right that's the that's the term you've heard all your lines which means you usually don't appeared third if you're going into without that phrase adult knows stage you've got to put something in front of the the parts to go I posted you girder your lines but I've never heard used in any stock market story you have but he I have now the new everyday. Now let's take a look at business news courtesy of the which stop business journal jump rope bridge has made a return to Alan Gibson Ehrlich. Drawbridge was vice president of the AGH tax division then left to become senior vice president and commercial relationship manager for sunflower bank. He returns to AGH. As senior vice president of business development. Says he's got a lot of people experience of sunflower but he couldn't pass up the opportunity. At EG eight directory you know a nurse's strike could impact HCA hospitals in Kansas City HCA is a parent company of which of us. Wesley health care. A union representing 7000 nurses at HCA hospitals. Could walk off the job as talks over a new deal remain uncertain. National nurses united had a deal that expired in May it wants HC eight to boost staffing levels. Union says the company is out of compliance. And that then Nike common kind of ad released last week has generated at least 220 million dollars of publicity for the company. It's an even split between those who view it positively and those who view it negatively. Wall Street analysts haven't paid much attention to the to. Nike shares fell 3% last Thursday but partially recovered down just 2%. And I'm I'm I'm gonna tell you right now this is not paid commercial of any kind but I. Bought a pair of new balance running shoes hadn't used him for years on about six months ago. The box on that you'd Ted is so much more comfortable. And fitting that a Nike shoes and real. I think just my opinion the Nikes are not as well made as they could be but he still got that great big brand. And it ought to Massachusetts to that's the way it's going to be right. I today is national and you got aware what's temporal for you that's for today is national boss employee exchange Tuesday. You know bosses and employees often have these brainstorming sessions. We don't around here because our boss knows your brain storm that's. Indeed he's gonna but it wept like a one way street man but if you are to have a good relationship with your boss and you can exchange ideas without getting you know. But getting fired or go ahead because today is national boss employee exchange. All right that doesn't mean I'm exchanging places. Four paychecks. KUSS news nine this forum knowing about earthquakes rattling northwest Oklahoma that's coming at a time in as fast.