Woman goes on a shoplifting spree... on the wrong day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

It was "Shop with a Cop Day" at the Massachusetts Target store.


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Live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good fit in the morning Steve back in touch and go bird. A former Manhattan city attorney has been sent to seventeen and a half years in prison on child pornography charges. The US attorney's office announced that 55 year old bill Raymond demand over. Was sentenced to federal court in Wichita arraignment pleaded guilty in August to three counts of transporting child pornography and one count of possessing child from a pornography. Prosecutors say Raymond committed the crimes and Butler and rightly counties. Now the forecast with Kate and as a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning unfortunately we're going to see an end to the mild weather pattern we've been in for quite some time with as a blast of Arctic air makes its way into south central Kansas. Temperatures will be in the low 50s by late morning but then strong northwest winds will usher in that cold air this afternoon are low tonight 26. Tomorrow's high 37 and then Saturday night a system moves by that any snow chances would likely stay to our north. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now fog and been used in 46 degrees south wind at ten miles. The fire was in the shorten your part in building in the 200 block of north Topeka when fire crews arrived there was smoke coming from the roof of the building. The fire was in the penthouse Syria at the apartment building which is currently being used for storage. Another residence outside the building were hurt but it Wichita firefighter did sustain some injuries while responding to the fire. The fire was contained within approximately thirty minutes the cause of the fire is not yet known any web came in SS news. Kansas killers and Brownback argues as he prepares to leave office that his experiment and aggressive tax cutting pioneered a national debate over helping small business dollars. He said during a year end interview with the Associated Press that what Kansas did on taxes influence congress and other states. Even if his home state lawmakers rolled back the cats. Brownback is awaiting US senate confirmation as ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Tensions on the border between North Korea and South Korea after a soldier defected. South Korea is the only top news agency says its military fire twenty warning shots across the demilitarized zone after a soldier from the north affected across the line between the two countries. North Korean soldiers approached the border surging for the defector causing the south the fire the shots. Or an old dog. Can hold its own son Luke and confused and volatile South Korean spokesman wrote GH on CNET and South Korean forces helped escort the detector to safety. This is the fourth North Korean soldier of the fact from the rogue regime this year has tensions rise over Pyongyang nuclear ambitions. Might can't jerk Fox News. The United Nations General Assembly meeting today in a rare session expected to vote to. Condemn president Trump's decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem president trumpet issuing a stark warning to nations that voted to condemn his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Threatening to cut off their financial aid. Republican congressman rod Desantis tells Fox News he supports that plan we've seen enough of that I'm I'm glad the president say I enough that the resolution does have support even among some of America's strongest allies. As Palestinian leaders like their envoy to the UN Rihanna months or hope to send a strong message to the trump administration they've decided to me. More Israelis and the Israelis and says the US vetoed a similar measure offered by ally Egypt at the Security Council earlier this week some Angel fox needs. A. Right correction company's CEO. Seeking to reassure Kansas lawmakers that a plan their reviewing for Billy new state prison is the most cost effective alternative but joint committee handling budget issues review to Kansas department of corrections plan. To have private prison giant course civic. Build a new prison in Lansing and lease it to the state for twenty years. Course Citic CEO Damon hiding her touted the project in assessed used on now 6:33 Stephens in the morning here on a Thursday morning in debt. We have about four days to Christmas. And could see some colder weather related resentment if you're planning to do some Christmas shopping I think Ted frankly other a lot of people ever. Not work in these last couple days for the weekend. But he tonight. Recess play people out around Herrera yesterday afternoon on you out the traffic on the streets is Carl raised via. My daughter Stacy you know did some last minute shopping up got everybody taking care of them. So I like I think I'll get her 11. Was a you don't have everybody take everybody that it but the misses I've got her something that the regular new idea a little extra going to be I think it'll be generous this year also liked it Burger King get targets right. Actually you were to. The problem my daughter and I did the shopping in them look at you tournament capital happy little elves. It would be is very pleasantly had a chance to you know just chat a little bit talk about what was going on and it has little Colonia. A father daughter time there would be FD where her children at this that they were being well now my wife's getting her hair her hair done. And the girls were at Holman and Luke was watching so okay they were under supervision good. You can't leave those twin granddaughters unsupervised for a minute. Well it is and a good idea to steal two worst ideas of steel around christmastime. It's even worse when you steal a Christmas and a store filled with police officers who. A homeless woman accused of trying to steal more than a thousand dollars in clothes accessories and home goods from a target store in Massachusetts. Boston Globe says the suspect Melissa Allen decided to get sticky finger during a shop with a cop hot day event. Attended by dozens of police officers. Allen is charged with larceny and resisting arrest. You couldn't possibly a little more of serving about who isn't well she was shopping with a cop he just didn't wanna pay for what pay yeah. It's not but it's not cults shoplifting of the count shopping OK. Okay we get more taste of what three days Christmas 23 or four. Pork legal like doing would be the correcting or get about four hours from now. Winter I get it right 10:30 this morning. Here comes the solstice. The finally get the son back harder to good old solstice. I can't way to thank goodness. Today organs and about short day's drive me crazy and I got done about Christmas songs today and I just you know and it debt are both through some you know cement. Research on this try to find top tens and what does indeed hardened and everybody's got different lists. Dependent Mr. President ever got their opinion yeah so you go to these web pages and now I've got one here on should know Oregon it. This incidentally a discussion point all right. This insisted number one. Popular Christian or this is from digital camera digital dreamed or dot com today and never heard them. Like Christmas Bing Crosby number one. I'm not in our you know that it actually pretty good choice I think I think you know as a you know Irving Berlin wrote it what. 7577. Years ago late thirties or and it's still a great Buena Vista is still a great solid rock solid song and we hear it. Listen to this list of the quality of beings boy's well being it was president is mine bootable rarest. Even that old recordings that the wasn't that sophisticated he just now he can deliver. Think drugs are Irving Berlin. Rate lyric Jewish the other 100 Christmas songs it not be seminal Christmas song of all. But. What what better way to show America. At its best number two on the list the chipmunk song. And it's shipments. Of cases that I'm already off the off with these rank a little high but I do like that song. Number three Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Gene Autry. Another classic that was written about 75 years ago won four in number four I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus but Jimmy boy dances. Novelties on novelty song between. Jingle bell rock comes in at five. The Christmas song acting col six others and I think that would ball to the top there's another super that may be must savor classic now. Suit priest Christmas by the royal. None numbers and novelty song. Eight here comes out clause Gene Autry I love that song and you get little drummer boy. In and rocker on the Chris mystery of new year all I want for Christmas based version Anderson energy if there's any others. And that that many big guy you're starting to be very dismissive here's according thirties frosty the snowman but you're not tree did not result there's three times in the top 23. The singing cowboy. Yeah like frosty the snowman and today. So there are it's either a note released religious songs on the apparently not necessarily it's mostly a secular list of this list it looked outside and I radio play is basically sound bullet. Okay and everybody's got through a list members have thrown favorites and I think yes. Christmas song by enacting Cole is. Very closely at stake pretty hard to beat that that's the beautiful slow mapped Matt just knocked it out of the park on now. 638 Stephen to attack the McCain and assess commodities update when mr. Tom Loeffler of muffler commodities how's the egg market's going down. I overt easily. At the white cattle feeder cattle when he's playing them load for the current move damning clothes make you could be older do losses. Additional long liquidation took place in the cattle complex by the many money they can help. We've okay channel trading at that point dollar level in the north and the south yesterday during our futures trading hours only dogs couldn't make it closed. Yesterday were triple digit gains. That's close yesterday did kill them but can I have a 11895. GMP three dollars and forty decent flow of 14177. And certainly won't develop 47 iron 6837. All yesterday's trading action a quiet pre holiday type trading for the great. Soybeans continue to make new loans include negative for the tenth time in the past eleven sessions. A week course called positive by a couple of pennies. At the moment the march PC week campaigning in a court. The work when he won an accord with its cold and a quarter beginning at 349. Game beamed them to may have been a combined 51 and they have. February crude oil pulled them slower 5797. February gold down two dollars and twenty cents at 1216740. Participant PF five and airport. 2687. Large dollar index sixteen cents fired 93052. Parts they're just futures are up 36 point. 2400775. Commodity trading like marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the poem on the web by using 86622. Top. Don never sing in the shower. Yeah it's good. You're. Ready to attract did you discounted yeah but you have a favorite Christmas song. I'm not really much in the Christmas well. Not really I. I know my paid a person can save this but. I really get tired listened to Christmas music on the radio media drive them. Really are you. Okay Ebenezer have a debt dry out block all look for yeah. I don't even like grandma got run over by arrange. I don't like this. Do we plan would use. You know I spoke this might have a farm animals have to listen talk radio like. Wash your program well I am just a little music now on the roulette you okay. It. This is nice but you have a good day. And trying to be too tough on Bob practice they're in the office okay. And we laughed and the best. I just loved it says 641 now Steven did you could've done grants upbeat about money records. Planning for what we don't know dom don't tell us about that coming up even took the morning on Kate in SS.