Woman shot in E. Wichita Thursday night...

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Friday, October 20th

Woman shot in the 7900 block of E. Lincoln hospitalized in critical condition . . .


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Is distinction Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 8 o'clock this is okay and is this morning news was even dead. I'm Steve Macintosh. Open shots he needs to Wichita we've got the story suspects waive their rights through preliminary hearing him for work custody dispute. I'm handled. Republican proposed budget barely passes senate time did what word those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday it's been nice ride a quiet weather throughout most of the week but changes are on the way this weekend with thunderstorms some of which could be strong. Our forecast is coming up. All of and is listed in critical condition following a shooting in these widgets on Thursday night. In an apartment complex in the 7900 block of east Lincoln. The woman and a man left the apartment complex walk to a nearby fire station to request help. The woman suffered a gunshot wound to her abdomen she was hospitalized. The man had a cut on his arm he was treated and released no arrests have been reported. The boyfriend of the Wichita woman whose three year old son was found encased in concrete has waived his right to preliminary hearing forty hero. All Stephen Goldfein made an appearance Thursday morning in a Cedric county courtroom. Over custody dispute involving Evan brewer. Tennis and news reports borderline also pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault and criminal damage to property is trial was set for November 7. Brewers body was found September 2 at the home bold dying shared with the boy's mother 36 year old Miranda Miller. She also waived her right to a preliminary hearing on charges of aggravated interference with parental custody. The investigation into the child's death is ongoing no charges in that case have yet been filed Dan O'Neill king and SS news. Republican lawmakers get one step closer to tax reform in the late night session Tuesday the senate passing the Republican proposed budget. On a party line vote the measure is estimated to add one point five trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years after the vote. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the budget is a step toward it needed reform our. We completed the first step. Toward replacing our broken tax code. But passing a comprehensive. Fiscally responsible budget that will help put the federal government. All of about off. Authorities in California say close to 7000 buildings were destroyed in wildfires have burned across the northern part of that state this month. The fighters for the deadliest in California's history leaving at least 42 dead. California insurance commissioner Dave Jones says early estimates from the eight largest insurers in the affected areas but claimed it just over one billion dollars she then. A number of the challenges that people are having. With getting into areas. And also. Given the enormous scope of these pars I would anticipate these numbers will rise significantly this. 100000 dollars spent to ensure security for an appearance by white nationalist Richard Spencer apparently paid off for the University of Florida. Violence surrounding the event was held at a minimum. There was some pushing and shoving his supporters of Richard Spencer's white supremacist views let the auditorium. When men with a swastika on its future was punched in the face but despite a crowd of demonstrators numbering in the hundreds of only two people ended up in handcuffs. One man for resisting arrest the other was a security guard hard or immediate team. At 28 year old from Orlando didn't realize that he couldn't carry concealed handgun onto the campus of the University of Florida. Jim in ABC news Gainesville. Every year in the US and nine and one is called by people 200 million times for emergency help. When first responders arrived they often need to quickly assess the situation. And need information to make life saving decisions. April Hazen says first file is an effort to have that information available to first responders arriving on any scene in the blue folder on the refrigerator. They community members are encouraged to put in their files they're medication Lance. There emergency contact information. And their advanced directives such as they're do not resuscitate or their living well. To assist the first responders. It is estimated that an emergency situation at 210 minutes of valuable time is Abbas while searches are made for this type of information. Starting this Saturday first final information will be available to patrons throughout Sedgwick county at all Wal-Mart super center pharmacies. Four teenagers who are running for governor of Kansas got a chance to discuss their policy positions at a forum in front of other high school students. The candidates all under the age of eighteen appeared together yesterday at Lawrence free state high school only discussed issues such as abortion taxes gun control. And legalizing marijuana case NS us news time now. 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. If the super busy weekend coming up in sports including last night the Kansas City Chiefs played on the road we'll have highlights and give you a rundown coming up in sports and few minutes. A local effort to help domestic violence victims that story on the way. McCain and there's this morning news was even dead at. Okay and as a sporting Kansas Stevenson down 888 minutes past 8 o'clock. October is domestic violence awareness month Karen Schmitt is executive director of the Wichita women's initiative network she tells K and assist news how the network helps victims of DV I. Women and our program have left there be user and they're working to get their lives in a different direction. So we just help them become independent both financially and emotionally. So that they can hopefully break that cycle of domestic violence for their family. Harassment is our guest this weekend and if you play 17 Sunday morning at eight on KMS stance. A Mississippi school named for confederate leader getting in your name. Starting next year Davis magnate I'd be elementary school will be called Barack Obama idea elementary school. It was named for confederate president Jefferson Davis and 90% of the students there this year are black. Some in the community told Mississippi news now they support the move up. Think it's a good thing that. Davis' tried to move forward and especially with the. Our first black president you know Barack Obama they've got something really does for the school others feel the renaming removes a piece of history. This is the first time a Mississippi school has been named after former President Obama signed into powers Fox News. Statistics show almost half of marriages end in divorce and it it can be tough financial going for single parents especially women. But one woman vowed to define the hogs and says anyone can do the same. When Johnson found herself divorced with two young kids Sheen new money would be tight but she vowed it would only be temp. We are investing in my career and earning it now the long term payoff was going to be much much bigger and it was Johnson who blog says the wealthy single. ABC news can assess. Used on now eight and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. Traffic at stake here on the Friday community we still have. Police on the scene of that injury traffic accident in southeast which it's on east of Mount Vernon and Oliver were car overturned that utility pole but victim at that location would. Potentially serious injuries have been tying up eastbound lanes of traffic just east of Mount Vernon and Oliver. We also have police on the scene of a burglary in south widgets on the 16100 block of east jump. Just west of hydraulic leaks there. Traffic update from Kate MSS radio Stephen tennis and on the forecast McCain in his since Steffi biologist Dan Holliday good morning. Dana and good morning it is going to be a windy day in which it's always clouds gradually starting to thicken up this moisture returns from the south. Our temperature in the low seventy's at noontime 77 this afternoon with a gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour. We will stay breezy tonight Carlos 66. And as a cold front pushes in tomorrow thunderstorms likely by early afternoon our high 76. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy fifty. And degrees we have a south wind now gusting to 24. Miles per hour. Aside from the more practical test it you can buy at half man jacks they also stuck various costume hat as well. Top pet steam box derbies and period hat to both times at the clock tower and delay know at man Jack's. A twelve Stephens and another warm autumn day across Kansas Thursday which does I. Yesterday eighty degrees don't like the date 69 and and it looks like another eighty degree day today in a win at the wind is already start to pick up. And has been expecting a windy day to. They just a note. Course usually on Friday morning's we have our weekly chat with me told us the play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs RT by rusty Eck Ford. But of course since the chiefs played last night in Oakland we had our chat with Mitch yesterday morning hope you heard it. And of why people tune in Friday mornings and late for that report but we did it yesterday a day early since the chief played on Thursday so. We will not chat with match today but rest assured it. A week from today this very same time we'll get back on our Friday schedule talk with Mitch on Friday morning once in brought to you by rusty at full imports are invited to join us everyday you know again I'm waiting for the Mitch up day relatives and since it's appointment radio furlong a phone I don't make sure there there for I noticed as a group of what is a group of doctors who gets gathered you have to. While docked. Sorry maybe maybe they were in there I'm sure they were listening probably knew about it it. A Halloween display in North Las Vegas that depicted tombstones. Of the Las Vegas shooting victims has been taken down. The Las Vegas review journal reports the display was a cemetery with 58 and stones one for each victim to the victims killed in that shooting him. Guy backed Nell who is live in the neighborhood for a decade said he thought the display was intended as a tribute to the victims victims. Another neighbor Alina trail said she was unsettled. By the display. Apparently. It's just a little too painful. To have something like that golf promote people some people there and in Las Vegas. Some of rusty keys for a locker on the Titanic. That belong to a cabin Steward who survived the disaster is up for sale. And these keys are expected to bring up to 80000. Dollars. They belong to Sydney Daniels an eighteen year old third class Steward who has a last surviving crew member of luxury liners doomed maiden voyage. They're the only known examples for current lockers on the ship and were four aft deck. Where a third class passengers resided there being sold at auction in England. And Garcia. Titanic few years ago. Right around the time the movie came out that there was a traveling display about the Titanic I actually. Saw the big when there was abatement and it's I think it's it didn't Union Station in Kansas City that. And Shelly and I went to an average and another smaller when I believe that it expiration place on both. And that where they're very very interest but Titanic. Don't know about the time Danica can just tell you that it's sack. That was a movie that everybody knew what they did in the would be 814 now with Steve and Ted and you know it says. Here on via right in all big story this week. Rahm is a Tyson chicken plant now we head to the locations that were finalists yesterday and Cedric county year. And in cloud county after the northbound out of the South Beach you got Montgomery counties with a three. And they're probably I can make a decision on this still. After the holidays. Intent but it's a chicken plant chicken processing plants. And landed fatigue becomes a Sedgwick county. There's no doubt about it it's gonna and it's gonna bring money to the counties and we look generates and some revenue in all around 16100 jobs people who. You know. They become taxpayers and fellow citizens and shots and hundreds families families that come and here and it then they help the economy right so there's so many. There are many pluses to it and I don't know we don't know at net. That night who we don't know for sure what the downside to beat Tyson has had a little trouble. In the plant and in the past with some other processing plants in Byron mentally speaking. This rules are pretty strict. In other gun control pollution to get a control air pollution gonna control water pollution house all I can work well obviously. Our community people who are involved in economic development Horry talked types and and we'll see you know what they're kind of presentation that at some point we'll see what can presentation they make is whatever it is. If we have to if we're gonna give you some sort of help. Financially or whatever the taxpayers and you know about it I think it's only fair. That's part of the process that got everybody up and tong and oxy all angry was that. It was very secretive secretive until it was announced a simple way this wasn't a very public process here and everybody all of a sudden had their. There are up and was angry about arm now and Reid Pelosi that's going to try to keep you posted as looks like this round of negotiation little more up front with the communities are involved with them. Boy had a got a couple of birthdays today probably a mention in Britain and I think we earlier talked about your aunt Sally amber that. This is your mom sister writes yes used to babysit you know about babysitting. Amy elegy is have a poverty Amy is one of our coworkers here at K and assessed. She started out here if it's months ago is say it was a weekend. News anchor yeah she helped us out on the air if you've been radio before and she hadn't really done that she shouldn't terrific job. And then she decides she was going to go into take it into a sales position here Iran and so Amy and our staff here she's. A big supporter of talk radio okay yeah knows he's seen as a listener of talk radio and T and she's been a good we appreciate her support. Maybe happy birthday to use today all right. 818 honesty content and Cain is incidentally but. Kids get a full plate when it comes sports and again they told to stop was this today because he's with a yesterday he would back on Friday that. Think schedules fourth suspect and they have including its. East last night. City chiefs on the road visiting the Oakland Raiders last evening you heard the game right here on KM SS back and forth game. She should put up thirty points on the scoreboard by the end of the third quarter looked like they were heading for another. Forty point plus game. But they do the offense kind of got old. So long known them chiefs' only had the ball twice in the fourth quarter did not score either time to punt it away meanwhile Oakland was taking advantage and coming back in the fourth quarter putting points on the scoreboard it all came down the very end of the game. Where on the final play of the game the raiders threw incomplete pass. But there's apparently holding against the chiefs defense. So even though the clock showed triple zero. They had and then on time down. So Oakland got another chance throw the pass to the end zone and temple eight. There's another flag it's holding again on the chiefs' defense. So we play yet another on time down at after the end of regulation while. So Oakland got a third track at the end zone here's Mitch told us what the calling you heard it right here on KM SS. No roll out. Action by cars zip a pass there's. That's what. Again. Well they got to get a BA team. Now they did make the extra point. Ouch from raiders 31 that she's thirty on back to back defensive holding plays in the end zone against the chiefs. After regulation. All next chiefs after that five and oh start to now had back to back losses. But we'll see how things progress from here that he's now have a week and a half often. Get healthier. And get an officer for the next game Tampa. Teacher five into now on the season after losing at Oakland last night. College football tomorrow both Kansas is on the road going down Fort Worth to take on fourth ranked undefeated TCU. Jay hawks have lost 46 straight games away from Lawrence's streak goes back eight years. They are is thirteen nineteen point underdog going into the ball game or are expected to lose by forty. But it's okay you gives up 45 points a game which is next to worst in the nation so. When your offense goes up knowing they have to score at least fifty points system maybe you've blown the game announcements and it's not a good situation. Well I've got to the jayhawks at 5:30 PM tomorrow the game of pick up at 7 o'clock tomorrow night. That's on Sports Radio TF 81240 am 975. FM. Kansas State football team is home tomorrow in Manhattan hosting ninth ranked Oklahoma. K state is a two touchdown underdog in this went on homecoming in Manhattan. K state hasn't beaten the sooners in Manhattan in 21 years they'll kick off at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon nationally televised on fox. K state K you're both playing top ten teams tomorrow. Fort Hays State is up to its best start in 100. Years they are seven and though they're ranked number seven in the nation. Fort Hays Missouri western tomorrow afternoon. Duke football. Great and ranked matchup tomorrow sixteenth ranked Butler community college visiting ninth ranked Hutchinson. Dennis and let live coverage of Butler grizzlies football beginning at 11:30 tomorrow morning. That's right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K in as best. It is week eight for high school football here in the state of Kansas it's the final week of the regular season for the big schools and class 6 AM 58. We've got some matchup tonight in class three days that that really grab your attention. Garden plain six and one there at five into chaparral. And the other side of that district. Cheaney at Connelly springs tonight both seven and oh all all all for those teams. Are the same district only two of those four will make the playoffs. Now you got Cheaney and Connolly playing a night. They're both seven and no one of those teams might not make the cost girl why Powell won a district. So we get some big games tonight in high school football. Do you back to back home games this weekend for the Wichita thunder hockey team they're off to a two no start they'll be home hosting Rapid City tomorrow night. And interest bank arena and in some afternoon at 4 o'clock. Soccer volleyball team is ranked number 21 in the nation the shocker is have home matches a Coke arena this weekend tonight hosting Cincinnati Sunday afternoon hosting east Carolina of course soccer volleyball team in the top ten in the nation. In attendance looking for more big crowds to watch this volleyball team. NASCAR racing comes to Kansas this weekend only five races to go in the chase for the cup the Kansas Speedway on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock will be hosting Hollywood casino 400. Racing tomorrow night at 81 speedway up in Park City the final four in CRE classic. And college men's basketball is on our plate this weekend a very special game in Kansas City at the sprint center on Sunday afternoon. Third ranked Kansas taking on Missouri. KUS not played Missouri in any major sport. Since Missouri Bolton the big twelve and defected to the Southeastern Conference back in 2012. Do you Missouri this is a charity exhibition game all funds benefit hurricane relief for the US Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Florida in Houston. They're expected to raise more than one million dollars for those causes with this game it's not on TV not being streamed on the Internet this is old school man. You either hear it on the radio. Or you're in the building watching it that's hit one of the and the course the game sold out in minutes so it's gonna be huge crowd evenly split between KUN Missouri. At the sprint center Sunday afternoon and we have live radio coverage beginning at 230 Sunday afternoon listen in that game on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. That's sports esteem. Instead KNS that time for our prairie fire coffee break or LO on Candace says prairie fire copies of freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Very fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. You can get very fired call via your office just like Stevens had by calling 2673771. Or go online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com cracked getter for the Hannity morning minute reported Russian kickbacks to the Clinton foundation. Do you get in the morning on K and as apps.