World leader serenades President Trump

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 14th

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte sings a love song for our President.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on us. It's in the morning on faith in SSD Bakken zone Ted Woodward. Please about police need help locating three burglary suspects. Timothy Smith and I'm Jamar. Tina is in Michael baker. Are wanted on burglary charges to three have active warrants in reference to several burglaries in Wichita allow they were in custody two weeks ago but they were released. At the time the burglaries were still under investigation and the district attorney's office couldn't charged him in a reasonable period of time. Funeral whereabouts of these men call police or crime stoppers at 2672111. Our forecast with Cain is a staff meteorologist Dan holidays in morning Dan. Good morning we didn't cooled down much overnight so temperatures are fairly mild with a drizzle and fog cloud cover sticks around today only a slight increase in temperature with a high 57. Scattered showers this evening with a low near fifty we may get a brief look at the sun tomorrow sunny windy with a high 61. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. A light drizzle fog mist 56 degrees. Go to south wind at twelve miles per hour. Prosecutors say a man has been acquitted in a deadly shooting at a Wichita apartment. The surgery county DA's office said in a statement Kirby Lewis was found not guilty last week in the December 29 death a 28 year old Robert Young. Whose body was found by officers and a hallway yet woodgate apartments he had been shot multiple times. Police said that a fight began wall young was drinking with Lewis and his roommate at their apartment. Young and Lewis is roommate left the apartment and returned a short time later and hit the door of the apartment. Police said that's when Lewis grabbed his firearm opened the front door and fired several shots at younger. Willis initially told officers that young tried to rob him Dan O'Neill KM SS. News Amanda was shot Sunday and I just south of downtown Wichita police officer Paul cruise says officers responded to a vocational to peak at. We're 42 year old man had a gunshot wound to his cap. The victim reported that a friend was at his apartment and dropping handgun on the floor that discharge construct this like. He then left when 91 was called victim was treated and released from the hospital. Police classified his case his whole accident. A fifth woman has come forward claiming that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore sexually approached her when she was eighteen more is denying it Alabama State rules say his name can't be taken off the December 12 special election ballot. But Alabama secretary of state John Merrill says more could still drop out Merrill also tells Fox News the Alabama State Republican Party could just disconnect from more. They could disassociate themselves from judge Moore in his candidacy. And that indicate that he is no longer their nominee. That has to be done in a formal way. It would also indicate to us at that point in time that he would no longer be their representative even though his name would still be on the ballot. A suspected serial killer is indicted on murder charges in Louisiana a grand jury indicting 36 year old Brian sharp on murder charges after three members shot and killed in east police Siena parish. A rural area to the north of Baton Rouge. The victims were middle aged or older white men who were shot at their homes are on their property. Sharp is the owner of a plumbing company and is also white. At first he wasn't a suspect in the killings but an unidentified police sources saying sharp callable local sheriff's office and said he was the killer. So far no response from sharp's attorney till NATO Fox News. A jury has acquitted a man accused of stealing equipment from an animal laboratory at the university Kansas. Douglas County jury found 37 year old Matthew Reynard not guilty of one count of burglary and two counts of theft. The Lawrence journal world reports it Reynard was accused of taking thousands of dollars of equipment such as a veterinary camera from a lot hall in June. He was released from jail Thursday 834 now Stephen did in the morning on K and assets and it's the time of the day. Or entertainment news with Ted Woodward recall at the border it yeah see Carrie Underwood has. Had an accident she is now recovering. Country music star Carrie Underwood taking some time to heal after a nasty tumble missing a benefit concert Sunday in Nashville her reps saying in his statement she took a hard ball on some steps outside her home and has a broken wrist cuts and abrasions from the accident Friday just two days after she and Brad Paisley hosted the CMA awards on ABC where she paid tribute to Las Vegas shooting victims. Underwent on FaceBook and Twitter thanking fans for their support adding she's got the best hobby in the world that would be retired NHL hockey star Mike Fisher. Lilian woo Fox News. Actor Bill Murray is back with a new series can. The real owner Jose home. They'll marry has a new series the FaceBook original series bill Merriam Brian Doyle marries extra innings. Will be a Tenet said unscripted comedy series debuting on FaceBook watch next Monday the eight minute episodes will be available weekly on Mondays. Mary is a well known Chicago Cubs fan even shedding a tear after the cubs won the World Series and when sixteen funny. Well you look funny but are you funny. Also longtime booster minor league baseball's part owner of the saint Paul saints and the Charleston river dogs but shuffling no fox and its. Cink almost plays in the same league as that which you can't win. Remember when Toshiba used to be a big deal but he had to Toshiba products in her knees are not the best of times we're Toshiba company is once a major player in the tech world. Now it's receivers simply trying to stay afloat the company selling up 95%. Of its TV and visual products. The Chinese electronics maker. She was financial situation taking a beating its suffered a lot of losses from its nuclear business. Sheba selling off a lot and its business. Amazon studios is going to take on the middle earth. We're gonna rain is coming to the small screen though long rumored project landed at Amazon studios which green lit JR tokens masterpiece. Until multi season commitments and resemble explore news story lines proceeding The Fellowship of the Ring. According to a company release implying that the show may we can aspects. Of tolkien's the Hobbits since that story involves a number of characters. Who later reappear in The Lord of the Rings Amazon believes this series set mythological middle earth has the power. To compete in this genre forking over close to 250 million dollars which helpfully you know Fox News. Singer Taylor Swift is going to bring her new album the life and hit the road next year's pop star announcing the first dates for her reputation stadium tour. Kick off in May university Phoenix stadium in Glendale Arizona tickets where folks on sale December 13. Swift announcing 27 shows stretching through all the way through October of next year. Stopping all the big cities her last tour also visited stadiums. Include a number of special guests as well singers like Justin Timberlake. In the weekend not musicians even showed up Ellen DeGeneres Kobe Bryant you never know who will show up. With concert she recently released her sixth album reputation last week. Featuring its songs already Taylor Swift touring next year. The right here in Kansas 120. Years ago on this day it famous Kansas painter John Stewart curry was born. When in Donovan Kansas course you've seen his murals. All over the Statehouse and speak including very famous mural of John Brown. This hands outstretched one's holding a rifle the other holding them by viable now standing up for abolition inning. They turbulent times and cantor flickering on this guy yeah plus he's like fifteen times bigger than any other human and that your ass. Now that's quite an Earl and there's a tornado in the background yeah yeah. Good stuff Peter Jon Stewart curry one of the great regional gainers in American history was born 120. Years ago on this day well. Right here in Kansas. Let's take a look at but guys still. Music. Herb Albert. Albert is still making music gap says he what he wants to do it used 82 years old. He is still to glory news really. He just put out the Christmas wish his second album this year. It's six album in the last five years and he says he's got another one is almost finished the game. Feel wanna breaths Herb Alpert says he would not be happy just sitting in a rocking chair wants to make people happy with the music. There's hundreds it was all right there. Although he describes himself as an introvert he says he can't wait to perform for people. He says the reason he does it as simple because onstage I'm not an introvert yet. It all comes out yup. Philip Herb Alpert is still making music. Utilities got a Christmas music coming. And we celebrate. One of the greatest album covers of all time. League you're not talking about south of the border you're talking about we've agreed that dream and now. And which isn't very very attractive. Dark haired woman. Is partially covered. With pretty strategically comes at it let's close but at that point. Yes now the album girl was worth it just by the yeah I agree that's a great and that's one of the great album covers of all time out herb Albert now. 82 and still make it music. It for him. All right we're going to finish fourth by going to Manila the Philippines in the Philippines yes it is or what. We can only describe as what would be unique moment that happened at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations gala dinner in Manila are Filipino president. Rodrigo do terror today now. Gets up out of his chair while the band is playing grabs the microphone while the band was on stage and he starts singing it. You claw classical love song of his country which translates as you are the light. And he started serenading president trump I'm. Okay. Yeah. I gotta say this. If the president listen that without this breaking decked out. Atlantic when rear end off when the Prez I got to salute when president your country grabbed the Mike Nolan is going to say no. Detect they said afterwards that president trump requested the song really. It's not there yet Avant. Sterling renditions. By Filipino president Rodrigo declared to think about it president's singers you know the losing revenue karaoke particularly now our you know. George H. W. Bush. Now sing some of your favorite tunes now. Maybe Ronald Reagan. Man maybe non W many musicals that they could Dick Nixon saying sock it to me up slightly and I think it. He just sent delivered to the line. There you go. Entertainment news in the blurred a little bit more wanna hear more present now in my own standing. In. Great. That was meaningful. Entertainment news in the blur brought you by are good friends at pizza John's end of may here's what you did you drive on Medicaid fifteen to 08 south Baltimore and ask yourself. The super duper tasty pizza. In the picture Stevens says right there on the ball in even added attraction when you had to repeat their jobs and hurt me 842 now Stephen did keep it here for editor Gilroy. Other which style business general probably not be singing. He's going to be talking about a new business lobbyists in Topeka and he adds editor bill like coming up with Stevenson hey it's time it's. Or are prairie fire coffee break on K and assess now prairie fire coffee is a precious coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans up. Are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very prior call for federal office by calling 2673770. Bought online at prairie fire coffee dot com favorite. Seated at the morning on K and a sense.