The worst passwords you could choose

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

Security firm SplashData's list shows the worst password is "123456"


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's in the morning Steve back into Austin what word. A former Manhattan city attorney has been sedated seventeen and a half years in prison on child pornography charges. US attorney's office announced a 55 year old Phil Ramon the handover. Was sentenced in federal court in Wichita. Raymond pleaded guilty and. Albeit just three counts of transporting child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography. Prosecutors say arraignment committed the crimes and Butler and Riley counties. Now look at the forecast with Kate is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning unfortunately we're going to see an end to the mild weather pattern we've been in for quite some time with as a blast of Arctic air makes its way into south central Kansas temperatures will be in the low 50s by late morning but then strong northwest winds will usher in that cold air this afternoon and our low tonight 26. Tomorrow's high 37 and then Saturday night a system moves by the any snow chances would likely stay two or north. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now fall diminished in 43 degrees got to sell Windows 7 miles per hour. Fighter crews responded Wednesday to a two alarm apartment fire near downtown Wichita. The fire was in the shorten your part in building in the 200 block of north Topeka when fire crews arrived there was smoke coming from the roof of the building. The fire was in the penthouse Syria at the apartment building which is currently being used for storage. Another residence outside the building were hurt but it Wichita firefighter did sustain some injuries while responding to the fire. The fire was contained within approximately thirty minutes the cause of the fire is not yet known Amy web Cain SS opinions. Scheduler Sam Brownback argues as he prepares to leave office at his experiment and aggressive tax cutting. Pioneered a national debate over helping small business owners. He said during a year end interview with the Associated Press that what Kansas did on taxes. Influence congress and other states even if his home state lawmakers rolled back the caps. Brownback is awaiting US senate confirmation as ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Tensions on the border between North Korea and South Korea after its soldier defected. President trump issuing a stark warning to nations that voted to condemn his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital threatening to cut off their financial aid. Republican congressman Ron Desantis tells Fox News he supports that plan. We've seen enough of it I'm I'm glad the president say I'm not what this resolution does have support even among some of America's strongest allies. As Palestinian leaders like their envoy to the UN Riyadh months or hope to send a strong message to the trump administration they've decided to me. More Israelis than visiting museums says the US vetoed a similar measure offered by ally Egypt at the Security Council earlier this week Sharma Angel fox needs. The United Nations General Assembly is meeting today in a rare session expected to vote to condemn president Trump's decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. President trump issuing a stark warning to nations that voted to condemn his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Threatening to cut off their financial aid. Republican congressman Ron Desantis tells Fox News he supports that plan we've seen enough of that I'm I'm glad the president say I'm not that the resolution does have support even among some of America's strongest allies. As Palestinian leaders like their envoy to the UN Rihanna months or hope to send a strong message to the trump administration they've decided to me. More Israelis and the Israelis and says the US vetoed a similar measure offered by ally Egypt at the Security Council earlier this week some Angel. Fox News. Eight. 34 now Stevenson in the morning on K is this type for entertainment you in his apartment Ted Woodward. But words this morning dead right now the most common passwords of the year yeah they seem a bit silly. But if you're using one of them you might have to change it immediately. Let's look at some of the well not so secret secret codes. Hacker attacks have been blamed for cyber security meltdowns ranging from the ID theft breach at Equifax to the leaking of un aired movies and shows and yet when it comes to password security some people still using easy to guess word slick in the 1987. Scifi spoof space balls. H one time for far far. 2345. Yes that's the basic. I've watched now thirty years later 123456. Tops the list of worst passwords according to security company splash data which bases its list on millions of leaked passwords another variation 123 for 56789. Also popular the password password Star Wars is number sixteen and game of browns fans and dragging and is eighteen experts suggest instead of using super complex passwords used a phrase then tweak it with numbers and symbols or use a two factor authentication with box suntech I'm million whooped Fox News. That'll let Steve yeah. You don't wanna know about Mel Brooks and don't want to dominate silk roads that. Upload Mel Brooks of hey let's take a look at what's going on on the small screen. I'm Michelle police now Katsav is leaving. After finding out that her co host Jason Kennedy is being paid nearly double her salary. Chandler explained on a blog that your tired around the same time and the single mom double her workload in the past year taking on hosting duties. The daily car. Philly Kardashian announced via aims to Graham that she is pregnant Mears be Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars pregnancy broke in September. However she has kept a low profile. Until now there. And a possible early Christmas gift for fans of the office. Hollywood reporter's stating that sources confirmed that NBC is eyeing a potential revival of the country about the paper supply company. Gender Mifflin. The search now under way for new regional manager. To replace Steve around my god that's fox suits on Fox News. The office a lot of the offices this spot on that is funny shift the way they treat its. The manager found a new fan of the office somebody who's never work today in his life here precedent setting really. My nephews Logan's. He's a freshman in high school how does he get that he loves. The office. Think it's one of the funniest things he'd ever seen. So the funniest ethicist at that so close to real lives and I know that yet but yet they do in this teenage kid. He loves it Afflalo has latched onto at least I'll areas agenda that's pretty good you know him. And it's not so much a stocking stuffer more like the paper weight. Look more into a new book about Broadway in the talented man who wrote it. Nineteen bestseller. Forget that sixties TV show suffered jet ski as mr. Broadway. A composer accompanist actor. With not one but two radio shows. Until weekly played they'll column safe to say he knows just about everybody and everything to tell. He does and another new book sets. Broadway Gary it's 93 people tell me stories out there sedition there was additions and all the stage. He is hit musical disaster now perform all over the country. He'll be heading with it to London soon reduction deal also known for rallying his famous friends for fundraisers. And. Yeah. None of that song still raising money for the man Joseph massacre victims and that's fox onstage. But they sit down with Stephen Spielberg look at his newest film the post. Director Stephen Spielberg has an award seizing contender with the post the story of the 1971. Pentagon papers starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks had already been nominated for six Golden Globes when Spielberg took on the project he was already working on ready player won a highly anticipated scifi special effects production I asked which of his past movies he's most amazed she was able to do I think. Think maybe close encounter at certain times when I now look back to see what digital you know cinematography can do what you can do anything our imaginations have been freed because digital can basically create anything for any close encounters not everything can be done that result doesn't work through the analogue arts when I look back at that movie and I realized that Doug trumbull and his whole team and the special that she created that film not just my original but it's only 2001 space Odyssey there's still that 2001 the storm pretty impressive picture back in the old days still works pretty well. Actually more kin Fox News good news in the wires holding his bishops that it is back those doubters and the the sick a look at some of the a late night funny last night let's check in late night with Seth Meyers on NBC. A couple incentives he recently gave birth to a baby from an embryo that was frozen 24 years ago. Which explains why its first word was glad. Yeah. And could it into the eye about though the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon on NBC. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that the tax plan is an all out looting of America and it wholesale robbery at the middle class. Which incidentally is also the slogan for whole foods really. And I'm good now. Policy we have good birthday today out of Hollywood of big time. Jane bomb blew oh Jane Fonda is eighty years old today wow I know really. I don't think you can use that I won't act I look I would not guess that he liked Jane Fonda is eighty today. And so let's take a look at though we don't know all of our Vietnam vets out there. I know you Reynolds. We do have a movie anniversary today ten years ago today the musical Sweeney Todd didn't even barber of fleet street team. Movie. For them. I'll miss meetings on reunited with his barber freezers at years. Prison. Thing. It's this is creating history it's crazy show but it's interesting. Johnny Depp Helena Bonham Carter. Great villain Allan Friedman and the blues the villain in yeah I. Now that's some good stuff that I enjoyed I was really want to. The demon barber of fleet street Sweeney Todd sweetie I became out here in the years ago on this day. I got one for you here's you're gonna enjoy this year about little action last night from Ozzie in Jackson world. They have a discussion about Mars. Listen I love the fact that that whole goal is to promote the idea that we gonna be go to monsoon and helps get people excited and feel like there involved in the process. I like that like these and yet there and. Relates to those that good on loans and no bids and the women. But where's it all is in. Absolutely phenomenal. Isn't it. I knowledgeably about. Simply my listeners figure there's got to be at least to swear words and their minds as it probably 200 you can tell he's been injured drugs for fifty years. He's gone. It's it's they want to tear it all on terror. You know the human joke election since Ozzie in Jackson world tour last night all right let's finish above one more joked about let's check it would Jimmy Fallon. There's now a NORAD Santa tracker app you can watch Santa travel all over the world on your phone. So they're great idea until mrs. Claus he sent has been at the same house for over an hour. All right entertainment news in the blur. But do you by are good friends at pizza John didn't you talk about a place that like to spend about now are you babbling guys such tasty pizza. Right there ought to 08 south Baltimore down to 815 their open Monday through Saturday 11 AM in. They'll pay homage in matters of great stuff. Answer pizza Johns in sturdy. Forty you've now given your for the which is a business journal updates. Which the City Council approves tax abatement extensions for three companies. We'll tell you know coming up. Stevenson in the morning on KSS.