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Thursday, May 17th
The New York Stock Exchange began on this day in 1792

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He's in the morning Steve Macintosh to have good results have been thirty years. On Tuesday morning a brief standoff in valley center following a police chase ended peacefully Wednesday afternoon. Elvis that a police say a man with outstanding warrants which pursued by Kansas Highway Patrol troopers. And followed to the area of 69 street north in meridian just south of Alexander the men exited his vehicle pulled up into the garage and residents near 69 and Charles. And after a brief standoff while you were able to talk the man who was on armed and becoming out. He was taken into custody without further incidents. A fourth conservative state legislator has jumped into the crowded race for the Republican nomination in an eastern Kansas congressional district. State senator Dennis Pyle a Hiawatha and l.'s Wednesday that he will run in the second district incumbent Republican Lynn Jenkins is not seeking reelection. Pile who has served in the senate since 2005. And tried unsuccessfully to once he Jenkins in the Republican primary in 2010. State senator Steve FitzGerald of leavenworth and Karen Tyson of Parker and state representative Kevin Jones of wells will also are running. For other candidates are in the GOP race they are former army ranger and defense contractor Steve Watkins of Topeka. Marine veteran Tyler Tenet hill of leavenworth ex Kansas house speaker Doug maze of the peca and base their City Council member Vernon fields. Phil hello Daryn Kagan SS news. We ride Kansas is a motorcycle group and Wednesday. Group members presented plaques of appreciation and guardian Bell's two officers of the Wichita police department's new motorcycle unit and police chief Gordon Ramsay. Edward Evans says the presentations from his group to the officers were especially appropriate here on national police week in the US. We're trying to grow what we're doing here promoters talk awareness within the state of Kansas. So today it was a way we can show our support for the local law enforcement officers. We're out there on the road they write every day is a job it's what we do a lot of us as a sport. To go have fun. We ride Kansas now has 9600. Members statewide motorcycle group started five years ago and FaceBook. And electronic cigarette is blamed for the death of a 38 year old man in Florida. While dozens of injuries have been linked to such explosions this case is believed to be one of the first resulting in death. Saint Petersburg fire department lieutenant Steve Lawrence as the number of. Are on the ride the course of the years we probably had two or three don't work. Minor injuries you know we've heard cases where they're not even report it. The pinellas Pasco medical examiner says the man died from a wound to the head from the exploding device from the vague Penn manufacturer Philippines based smoky mountain. Says its products don't explode adding it's likely another vendors battery or at a miser was used. Rich Dennison Fox News. A woman ordered her noose on with a tattoo. A mistake forced her to take drastic action. A woman in Sweden answered Cantu artistry in her arm with I love Kevin her two year old son's name. But the artists instead tattoos I love Kelvin on her arm. Tend to removal can be costly. The woman in her husband talking it over. Deciding instead to legally change their son's name so Kevin is now called Hilton. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. Now the. And a few thunderstorms come into the forecast tomorrow is a system moves in from the west. Breezy with a high again in the mid eighties. I'm KI SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy call and a 61 degrees to an assessment that brought you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. And all our coverage of military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in Toledo. In assist news time now 735 that would be embarrassing and if you go to a tattoo and the nightmare for the tattoo artist the name is spelled. But you know you gotta keep track of these things if successful at the buyer beware and and so they just changed it gives Dave directly relate to an easier thing to do is to change the ads and I don't interest. On today is Thursday may seventh 1728 team was on the state and 1792. And or New York Stock Exchange had its beginnings. As a group of brokers met under a tree the only Wall Street and sign the button would agreement and it retirees it sounds basically like a picnic yeah that'd had a little probably a little Dino hunters and Colton in ways that an idea. So we gonna do this you know it is you know trade stocks okay. They came up with that. Controller that does somebody bought the stocky old. Media companies now off we went about a pizza cut back and thirty cents and it and admit made out like him people. Not so much anymore there's a time when net socially movement of people with and in its well not outside the occasion in which it's. In it yet too much of that Pizza Hut style wise about a buck and she fired him. A lot of people had a chance to get in on the ground for of that and the parties are going around trying to raise money money they started out Franken and with. It was 350 bucks about for a bomb their mom and that breast is history at the pizza out museum right there in the capsule which state. Now think 21 years ago if you invested a little company called Amazon honor or FaceBook now. I got Jenna did you know I'm Doug got Simba. And Starbucks. And I thought to hide that wasn't it wasn't on good and well. Wildlife experts say a male juvenile Bayer found dead in southwest Kansas might have been driven into the state by drought conditions. In surrounding states the bear died Monday in an accidental crash on highway 56 near Elkhart. In Morton county that is down the corner. The state biologist says spring wildfires in New Mexico and Colorado. Combined to the region wide drought might be pushing bears toward Kansas. So is even in those conditions it's rare to find a black bear and cancers that yeah last confirmed black bear in Morton county was in 2011. Another one was seen in 2016 just crossed the line. In Oklahoma so apparently had been having more wildfires down under New Mexico manly. But we've had a close as your real bad wildfires up and western western Kansas slack off a little bit this year and burned up. And in the drought. And so the bears looks like at least one here and coming up portable and like she said Al carts about as far in the corner there right down in the corner push yet stating cans when it comes to a wild animals. In the city in the state. I had an anti had a encounter. Earlier this morning. So unusual for people who get up and still start you ready coombs. But this morning it's like actor and I got out of my front door in my porch and I looked up and there. This'll critters and almost over my shoe tops. It was a possum now this bless his heart just skip it help that you stupid keep their legs. Out. That yeah and it always surprises you a little bit expect indices up my second. At a Boston citing earlier this week in the cross streak abusing guy. Might beat you know our must be want your own neighbors there neighbor there is hanging around and likes to hang out with you and if you live in Riverside you know talked about we've gone and I saw. Or is that on the west side. Earlier this week and it's only dead armadillo. Well I was a kid when I was a youngster growing up and can't remember army duels ever be here. They were down in Texas and places like San all the time in Texas and Oklahoma yen and it but here one of the year barrier over the past few years they're kind of a they can of apostle with a with a shell I sort. So they can remind media. It is 63739. I don't usually CM now armadillos on the move easily ideas there ceased they've been they're not doing my I like to squirrels and Riverside. When they're out on the street that don't move tuna. And they rise out of their element. But seeing yeah wild animals near man is becoming something pretty commonplace sports. A story of a federal judge in Ohio always says he is says that Ohio can't force convicted killer pick up his dreadlocks. Calling it a violation of religious rights US district judge well let's let's protect the religious rights of convicted murderer well that's that's pack that's tantamount. That's right he he's got his rights. US district judge now when he murdered someone he gave up they gave us that the right to vote and everything else and that. US district judge Patricia gone sided with the inmate Dion Glenn who says his faith the rest of hysteria and Hisham. Requires him to Wear his hair in dreadlocks. Don't rulings in Ohio's blanket policy against gridlocked in prison violates the law because it doesn't permit a religious exemption. And the state didn't proved and scared couldn't be searched for contraband. Or as a safety. The judge limited her decision to glance at other similar complaint should be analyzed individually yes. And who cheered when that assists came down the lawyers the law yeah hey well every case might be different. You know and that's good about this in court. When we were in school it was in school. They had. Coach stressed it. Guys here can be honest probably unconstitutional it was that would be glad he had a constitutional but you know you gotta you gotta get that got legacy of assistant principal yeah you should eat your parent should filed suit that was my son to be able aware whatever he wants right. But I was you know it plays sports and whatnot I kept my here oldest temporary or very shall owns and if you could see you in keeps washing quickly dried quickly. So my hero is very short but something in The Beatles for companies and and some guys wanna go a little longer now. At heavily junior high and add it's middle school Elton we had a man who we kind of overs. Oversaw the discipline of the of the people there of the students maimed. Mr. knuckles and he aptly named because he was about my foot ten and 250 pounds. And most of it was our time. And if you've got to analyze and ask her knuckles would it take you down to his office and give you talked into wow some time for the big paddle. This stuff. You had an ear to the dress code and the hair code who and then I got the high school Ted miniskirt came. It was a whole well that's a different discussion and yet we're looking into goers. Today but to their ego dreadlocks you can keep them if it's part of your religion. In that it. We'll let the Ohio courts because of that train change religions seven of 41 now. Stephen did on Kagan as this coming up editor bill Roy. Published oppositional movement but a generous donation could WSU. Stevens at the morning on Kate and as asks.