WSU Baseball at McNeese State 02-16-18

Friday, February 16th

WSU Baseball at McNeese State through 8 1/2 innings. Postponed until 1 pm tomorrow due to fog. WSU up 10-6 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Tune in tomorrow, 2-17-18 for the conclusion of this game at 1 pm. Game 2 will start at 3 pm tomorrow with pre-game starting at 2:30.


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It's time for Wichita State shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan and stands now with the call of the game he seemed to us. And good evening and welcome to Lake Charles, Louisiana for opening day. Soccer baseball. From Joseph Miller ballpark. Because state and make these states that it hit off opening weekend. The first of the three game series. Here about to get under way at the top of the hour. A reminder be Sunday game will be happy 11 am. And it will also be on pay at age. 975. And 1240. Dollar little programming reminder. The start of the game not on your original schedule and where you could find it not normally. Where it is as well Sunday 11 AM on getaway day will be over on the hey at age. I'd be shocker and that these things being said at the top of the hour I'm happy opening day everyone from. Go as it's affectionately known. Here it without the weather could be much better 75 degrees. Whitney south winds at about ten miles an hour we topped out at eighty degrees today. Here in Lake Charles these humidity. Is currently at 79%. Soul balls in the air it will certainly get a boost not only from the warm air but the wind blowing out to left field. At about ten miles an hour wars so. It was a little bit a threat for participation in the area throughout the day there will be here tomorrow but this close to. The gulf of course. Have a chance of rain virtually every day stuff. But it does state that if they get. Get things on time and we'll have a bigger crowds. Weekend. Getting away not let it be appealed by the way. Artificial. Nall hopefully. Locate it on the real they're the autopsy and looking down and unlike her field. Throughout. The nation and Clinton on his opening up. Artificial turf at least. In field and picking out in the morning. And not necessarily mean here got them. They're out and really that's help me. You're ahead Joseph Miller Wal-Mart this season. Plus it's not fair and the last. Now lives what you guys date and he's normally play three games ever. Shot lead. One. The last time that men and Al behind Johnson won thirteen boards and 75. The he wrote that game like. And Brandon mosque and that's a long ago was march of 2015. Which. What they don't doubt one. About war seven divine. 15 matchups here this evening what you guys they will. Go with the pony boy your pretty hard feelings here at the start here on opening night. Shocks and he'll be a mold by eight handers and it right hander that was primarily Weaver. A year ago. Warming means. The drive of the game right behind him this plan tired of their work pretty tired and professional auto service. Always. A home run. Real you can join us here tonight don't know ballpark widget on stage at state. Opening weekend. In College Baseball. When we come back we'll hear from. Head coach Scott Butler as in hey homecoming for him as well they god. We're actually on the Lake Charles with the ice wolf him. I'm not Butler also from the area from all over Louisiana. And of course the big player here and they head coach here. And former state aid in the postseason. In the early out what we come back well. Catch up but I thought Maryland hello again today ahead of tonight which does it mean if they opener in 2008 feet. It's been cold they're making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new Linux system heat your home now and pay over time with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State she. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. 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Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. The other coach Don Fowler opening day here like all the Louisiana shock there's. And make me say first of all look at the homecoming apartment Big Dig up virtually coming back on mechanics that it's exciting until they didn't recruited him hi slumps in Houston high school. In moss bluff which is really like Charles that we've we've come back to Louisiana play and we played Louisiana Tech and LSU last year we and so we come back and maybe some opening up there and it was too it's raining today. And tomorrow and right now the weather's beautiful in glad to be home actually my mom and Finley and announced baseball time. In addition to you getting to come home. Obviously don't have a they get out outcome on the game his state well because in the lineup but. The nerves are there the excitement there on top of that its opening weekend not nothing quite like opening. You know excel been working all call and our come back after Christmas and you know this is a team that is important to say refreshment. Now a lot of juniors and seniors and you know a lot of coaching amongst the team you know Detroit Vickers who probably not play this week it would hamstring pull. Try to get him back he'll feel with feel great leadership governor to outline. Chandler Sam Malone Cody Tyler. A lot of guys that senior leadership in junior leadership so. It's been a fun spring to get to prepare certain where good practice last night about an hour fifty minutes got in about 815. In that report based on about. It would be state let's get down to the nuts and bolts of them a little bit the 37 win team from year ago want to read don't oneself one. And up and coming head coach so it's not like you just he's in his scheduling it now just some really good coach he worked with smoke well coached LSU and we're admits gas for my good friend at Northwestern State up believe and our maybe Alabama. He's been real good coaches he's run a really good program. In the other won the conference last year and they're going known to in the tournament. And kind of set you know put their season in but they they lost quite a few players with they have enough players back to to be the anchor steam and southward problems. I'd have not your club we touched not just briefly a second ago. One thing you do not have to worry about her position players is experience I mean you look. All across the infield and outfield to get much of familiar faces plus a couple of the gotten squeezed got a little bit because of the numbers game as you mentioned going to be without trade Vickers though. When you fill a lineup card to get B film pretty good this year. I do you know right now wanted to put Jordan border shortstop Jordan's gonna be your second baseman looked really gonna play second they battle that position Vickers being down. You know it is third base you have Alec bone. Yet in this consumer do downright bitter. Excuse me young and left the DH the backer all experienced players catch go to outline. And I'm Mason O'Brien and I felt it was a big hit in the left handed bats they actually ju co player with experience. And the last name O'Brien for the shocker is a big name for us and those they know Charlie and and his son had a great careers here. Chris and Mason. No mice is gonna work with 22. I changed numbers the number nine and I'm haven't given that number and he's never good season for some exciting to watch him play in the governance. In addition had a guy that played quite a bit last year Alex Jackson now starting lineup tonight but he'll be at the ready. And a guy who had a really good summer and worked at first base of the ball in the early spring where you take out BC build up their wealth to left handed hitters or their right on my mind right now and I'm the nine today. But you know those two guys who get their opportunity both are great athletes that both can really run. In the kind of gave me a little challenge this week award pick up their energy in their confidence level and other two guys are to make it's better. Hopefully we'll have more left handed hitters in our lineup maybe 45 before it's all over with inflation right handers so. When they go to our lineup tonight make adjustments as the day goes on short Jody Hoyer. And I'll be a big start for him for Friday night. And hopefully he'll give us a quality start maybe 67 innings hopefully. I was looking out that baseball Americas top forty prospects in the American reports that Justin homeway a top. Right there on the custard cup when he was the guy you talk about Cody Hoyer big power arm Mike he'll pitching coach obviously work with him all summer long. I have a breaking ball and changeup. Is imposing figure out there who puts it all together he's good I mean he's really good he's ready to go Mike's been a great job within his breaking ball was to pitch that he needed. He's gone because slider that has some depth to it plus changeup. And he's learned to throw the ball in the least keeping the ball down commercial preaches it down is good and hopefully he'll still perform medal play and execute on the mound tonight. Now not to shortchange the pitching staff especially the back in because you got plenty of quote unquote bridge guys and a guy at the end got plenty of time last year talk about the three guys that you would like 78912. Mcginnis say and burn in barn house and you know the one thing as the number slash you're you're waiting on -- didn't have that Susan so. You know we. Roman Jewish though they put up good numbers when it the other guys to elevate their game. And with three guys in the book and now you have to left handers or three with Kilgore Tyler in single. So legal seems to be healthy Kilgore it's been very effective in working Cody tower to get him back on the mound so you know. I like role that you know are starting pitching we need more experience you know we don't have a ten game winner if you look at the American conference obtuse it really competed well in the league top three. They had tin game winners or Winamp that's my step up this year. Final question Torre no immediate comment or thought because it's opening day. You got a lot of bush because the experience you got the word allow those firsts getting out the way first that first. First outing on the mound because you're so experience with this is still opening day meaning you tell the guys to think hey this isn't what it does that take a deep breath. And you know I tell you this is my job is this for you guys it's fun. And that's fun game and how we approach it that way we want to respect the game play the game the right way. And you know these guys who have been through at all they played summer ball quite as freshmen and sophomores juniors and hopefully there will be ready to go there first at bat and first script but we have not talked they can. That is head coach dot butler's Wichita State getting set to. Pick up the regular statement 2018. Season is upon us and the shocker and these state coming up. At the top of the hour. It's time to let you know that shocker will be wearing there road grades tops bottoms black yellow hat black news. And he stayed in their white and blue with yellow caps and blues groups as well that would be. Anke first base dugout shocker in the third base dugout. One point out that obviously with that date you got beat from here without the others well others say. A really good representation of shocker in the black and gold. Here at Joseph Miller ballpark. Place seats about 15100. Standing room down the left to right field line. Volume. 456. Beat it wanna do for us. They packed house for example a brick wall all the way around it foul ground and speaking after they're not belt around here. The dimensions 330 downed lines 400 dead center field where there's an extended. Blue. Batting backdrop if you will and huge American flag. Feet beyond left center field. Just to the center field side of the scoreboard. In straightaway left field though. There's of the optics Oreo hopefully. That you did keeping your memory banks throughout the course of the game tonight trying to get to the injury report now. Brought you by aren't you live your lives your journey your optimal use. And put Butler talked about unfortunately. The the shocker are not at full strength trade Vickers. A week or so ago strained hamstring so is extremely doubtful. One of the match up this weekend. And so he will not be in the starting lineup tonight. Cody Tyler nobody available tonight either these days I lose him. We're battling. Really aren't an issue. Hey his entire shocker for me I hope they're happy healthy and available come up. We end. Jon hood shocker return there and do you take it easy and Cody Tyler right now. And hopefully we'll have him back home come next reunion. Shocker they are all the qualities here. Thought Butler did it should also Alex Singleton gave me much ballyhooed left and you're out of Arizona. He figures to be in the mix tonight they'll work him honorable man hopefully in between innings what you hear there. As he went to pay back from an artist he can't. In his brief shocker career wells over. There's days. Quick look at the injured or run by he lied or like your journey. Optimal view you are healthy tip the game is lucky by United Healthcare. And it's true eating fruits and vegetables. Knew at each meal may make you feel full faster and help you unless they've helped the Dodgers didn't. The strike by United Healthcare real field program. Learn more news and real people. Donald. Time now for the starting lineups brought you buy equity bag boy you'll never pay and AT MB be sure to visit them online. And equity bank. Dot com the first for Wichita State they will lead it off with Luke greater he will play second base. Batting second in center field is Grayson Janice. The third baseman Alec home hits third. Batting fourth for the shocker that first base is Mason O'Brien. Batting fit in right field is Dayton duke got. Left fielder Travis has done it six. Batting seventh and DA king and Josh good backer. The catcher and batting eighth you'll be governor outlined. Jordan Boyer hits tonight and placed second at play shortstop. For the shocker tonight on the mound we'll be right hander Cody Hoyer. Performing these state table started when their catcher Dustin Duhon. Batting second is the BH DJ. Cochran well. In left field hitting third cliche himself but he. And the cleanup spot playing first base is Joseph probe and Fasano. Carson Maxwell is playing third base hitting fifth. Blocked one male is in right field getting sick. And he developed for the cowboys center fielder Jacob straight there. At shortstop batting AT will be read more. And wells currently placed second base. And he'll that night. Pitching for me these state will be right hander Clayton Anderson so again for the shock yours. It'll be bitter jealous of home. O'Brien and god guns. The backer Trout line boy here and employer pitching for the shocker forming these state it's Duhon Cochran Thelma and programs auto Maxwell may go straight there Bork and Cooley. And Peyton Anderson pitching. Or make me stay in if you join a little bit late beautiful night for baseball nice and warm 75 degrees. No wind out of the south at about ten miles an hour has. Calm down just a little bit from the time we got here at home now but again for now balls in the air to left field will get some help. From the conditions. Proud sponsor shocker sports is your bar is carpet outlet warnings that are they're located. At 1816. North Broadway. They have carpet hardwood laminate tile final plank also area rugs you name it they've got to go large large collection. With thousands of options available in color texture and pattern. Quality product everyday low prices because of the huge selection plus they back up with knowledgeable helpful sales staff with no high pressure. And they have skilled and scholars do. Very respectful of you and your home. When you choose to pull the trigger and get something from. To bars carpet out again they are located at 1816 north Broadway bars carpet outlet and warns there. In Wichita. I get a programmer programming reminder. On Sunday. The game will be at 11 AM getaway day here from Lake Charles. He'll be on at eleven pregame canned thirty and will also be over on KFH. 1240 and 975. So tomorrow's game will be a three as scheduled and on CNN's Seth is scheduled. But make a mental notes or write it down jot it down if they can be the home shocker baseball on Sunday morning. At eleven again with pre game at 1030 here from. Joseph Miller bull market shoppers try to get downtown little bit earlier as they have a flight to catch Houston. And so it'll be a long day of travel for which does date but started a little earlier. Moved up a couple of hours to accommodate shock travel again if you wanna. Follow us you can go to CFH radio. And that is wolf 49875. At them aided shocker to play it 50% off your online order any Wichita area pop which got area Papa John's. Log on to Papa Johns dot com user promo code shocker fifty. You're seeing your shocker discount. Again as I thought Butler and in his pregame comments this is a big the state team. Coming up a very successful 2007 team they won the south one. For the first time in eleven years. This year they've been picked to finish third in the conference eighteen I hit 305 with six home runs a season ago. Now they did stumble in the conference term outlook of one to. To effectively end their season coming up misspoke earlier thing they went through regional but Justin hill. Who is the head coach at that means was he self won coach of the year last year. And guiding his team 37 win that was the first time that. It means that had a south won coach of the year in 2006. And in 2006 team gaga Justin Miller head coach. He became the second cowboy head coach to lead the program. To three consecutive thirty win season. The only guy previous at bat. To do it was Mike Bianco. Who is now the head coach at University of Mississippi. And in 2016 Justin hill had five victories. Over ranked opponent was hired in 2013. And back in 20012002. As a player he was a member of the LSU team owners get Berkman. And with two time academic policies the man a member of the regional championship teams both people want an oath to do so. Pretty good Lenny it's pretty good. History or just the hill not only as a player but now the coach as the ratings outlook conference coach of the year. And that these state cowboys beat reigning Southland Conference champs. So there will open up with a shocker again that the two clubs more that. Three times previously. And that long time since we've seen big piece date and that was in Wichita this is. The very first trip or Wichita State. Too late Charlton fans continuing to file could show as there. Care vaccine. Bleacher type meetings. In the concourse and out toward the press box all the way down toward either dugout. Left and right there is chair back would Karabakh seating for about four rows. Directly behind home plate all the way over to either dug up and again as a mention down right field and let the allied planes standing area and outdoor grilling going on down the left field line. To really let you know that. College Baseball is here. Cody Hoyer down the left field line taking his warmup tosses getting ready eight pander to them right field line as well as we get a little bit. Closer to first pitch. Between Wichita State. And the neat state elsewhere around the American and by the way this also the very first game Wichita State as a member of the American conference. Elsewhere in the American. Take a look at the the schedule. And it just wars about midway through the game but. The University of Virginia and UCF. Kicking off this season today Cincinnati. Is playing foul. UConn and Kennesaw State that game is under way Kennesaw State had a early one nothing lead him now one last check. Right state visiting two lane. Holy cross. Is playing Houston. A little bit later on Cincinnati will play. The University of San Diego. Another marquee match up in the American North Carolina taking on South Florida. West western Carolina at east Carolina that would guardian way and western Kentucky taking on Memphis. To round out American. Non conference play some other teams. Note for Wichita State in action today and tonight. Cal Riverside taking on Nebraska the shocker to see him at the very beginning of march. In Wichita south Alabama and Kansas State playing in it permanently coastal Carolina memory serves. Very state taking on hand this and already under way you'd talk. And all Roberts. Downing Paulson felt like I didn't think I look forward to mid game when we give you scoreboard updated. Good thing about starting opening day and night to me as a handful of those games if not all of them will be completed by the end though. Have some scores look back on it inning. And we'll revisit that then. Again Cody lawyer making the start for Wichita State. Big season for him no question that big right hander out of Windsor Colorado. Last year only made three starts may 23 appearances overall this would be certainly a step up. For him. 442. ERA last year but he lawyer. In 38 and two thirds innings against it this will be is certainly a departure from the the role that he was asked to fill last year cut bother Mike Steele really putting a lot of lot on his shoulders he figures to be a decent pro prospect. With that six or Raymond Floyd 83 to 95 consistently. Last year and also him all orderly thing. So we'll see. How he Steve being the guy on Friday night and I thought well I mean really your observations. Do. And then you're gonna this week one ago post season lives regardless. Expectations. Or. Otherwise you need a guy on Friday to put him position. Good for him to be a ten game winner now a lot of things have to happen for you actually get Atlanta's starting pitcher but you get the point. Everybody that plays at a high level baseball in the open regional super regionals beyond. Virtually all those teams have a horse on Friday is that when you double digit games and that's what they expect from. Cody Boyer. Here this evening and moving forward. The pitching rotation order the remaining part of the weekend. It'll be Leann and Eddie. A freshman will get the start tomorrow. Or Wichita State he'll be opposed by chain Eckerd and about right hander eight Anderson thank starters right handed well. Bryant playing a lefty from big east schools make that start Sunday morning. Joggers at the moment are uncommitted about it starting pitcher but more than likely be Connor long list. So shocker to go lawyer Eddie and most likely. Connor long waits on Sunday in the finale. Between which it does today. And the beef steak look at it shocker schedule. They will be home next weekend. And that'll start a seven game home stand for the shock. There will be no that we game this week it will be. Friday Saturday Sunday 32 and want them at the moment. As all Mohawk comes to town and then the following weekend Nebraska comes to town. They will be in March 2 third and fourth. And then SI you Edwards bill has the very first mid week game addict stadium that'll be on March there. At 2 PM and end. A quick game on quick trip down people's and it's all Roberts on the seventh chuck is right back home again so three consecutive weekends. At home for Wichita State. UT Arlington march 9 and eleventh. And Eck stadium so after we get this three game out of the way the shocker last ten of their next eleven games. And home the only blip being war Roberts on the road hole the on March 7 though good weather willing to be able to see a lot of shocker baseball coming up the next three weekend. Before they hit the road and go to Q misery and Creighton. In mid march the occasional look very closely at the schedule the American teams to come to Wichita this year will be two lane. The University of Connecticut. Cincinnati. South Florida shocker we'll take trips to ECU LB very first game. As a member of the American against. A member of the American march 29 at east Carolina. And then the other road trips. Out of town in the American shocker to go to Houston to use the F. And they'll finish up the regular season. At Memphis. And the American tourney this year will be in Clearwater Florida. So that'll catch you up to date on some goings on that future games would you tell us they. Here in just a couple minutes we are gonna throw the first pitch Wichita State. Being out front of their third base dugout lining up. As we are getting ready for the National Anthem. Likewise make these state the first base dugout that three umpires. Gathered around home plate. Getting ready to wrap up the pregame festivities. Here at the joke in the partly cloudy skies very warm very a little bit of wind out of the south southwest. Miles an hour at last check but it dissipating as we go about seven miles an hour now technically. Blowing out toward left. And left center field to Wichita State and big east day. About to get in on it shocker. In their fifth season under head coach Todd Butler. So 4196. And 211 here in this Indian 83. At any stage played here one year. The cord injury you university of Omaha. In addition to being a head coach here for three years. Years and in the play of course for that one. A homecoming for Scott Butler hopefully shocker. Make it good. What we got the wing will throw the first fits the shocker and cowboys coming up next on CNN there. 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River area of their from the right side will be facing eight handers and a righty a junior. From Beaumont Texas that most of the year last year in the bullpen and with not much success he was very notable year ago in the league or the nation at 344 against him. And 37 innings of work for it needled the outside corner. For a called strike right away. First pitch thrown ethics old war. And the game time temperature 72 degrees later takes a strike on the inside corner dropped by people on. And very quickly nothing in two. Big shocker leadoff man Luke Ridder. Anderson last year seven point 78 ERA mostly on the pin Ritter picks on those two pitches guys it to right field. Right in distracted may have to make it yet. So Ritter fell behind in the count but putting play flies out to right that's out 2008 Eaton Darden. Why the shocker yeah. Now general staff and bomb that much awaited junior's season above. Both of them on the golden spikes award watch list both of them had tremendous seasons in the summertime. In the procedures Cape Cod league. And Jenna stuff bounces one of the first baseman over to the right probe and don't go feed the pitcher covering. Annex Lagos 31 could benefit picks on the first pitch and bounces one deferred more than that now we've heard nothing. Wrong. Now ups that Alec bold. Although of course like Janice third set the Cape Cod league on its fear. The season that he had. Big imposing right hand batter from Omaha Nebraska. First pitch to him he is over but lol so that's the first one out of the strike zone from. Eight Anderson. Alec ball. In the summer for Falmouth hit 351. Feet league all star and those that. Know about the Cape Cod league it is packed with pro prospects most of them pitchers. Now when is upstairs to curve ball that stayed way high. Bowl wanted to take a walk around batter's box home plate umpire would let it had to get right back in the box to vote two outs bases at the top of the first just getting started. Here from the beach state. Two notable. On about it took it for strike on the outside it. Don't want to ball for the shot records a year ago it 305. Drove in forty runs in his. First team all valley. Here's a 212 it. Little love a wanna miss him mighty rip Vista punitive. Peyton Anderson last year did have 36 strikeouts and he's 37 innings of work begins. Very beautiful so that. Looking for big things from him make it jump from the bullpen Friday night's start. He too had a notion laid off of the slider outside three balls two strikes throughout the home. Ball very consistent in his first couple of years as a shocker 303 as a freshman. 305 as a sophomore. Freaked him walk out of there. Took a little off it's backwards eight and it didn't give him. 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Hefner TV re not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real would entertain furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger or an end overweight Sawyer. Jason JB joins us from. Become reality radio week nights at eleven I'm OK okay. How about the first thing. And now Cody lawyer. Dustin you on. Corbett faces today. Hillary Hoyer a year ago and it. 43 appearances made three starts. I mentioned earlier you two and two with a 442. ERA. Again most of that out of the whole bit. He struck out 35 and walked sixteen and 38 to third. He threw a season high six innings at Indiana State on main night pizza down the stretch. The kind of settled into a starter role. We'll. If all goes well tonight. Thought Butler Mike hill and are looking good for seven innings out of him seed again. Make it a big lead much like Peyton Anderson is from making state going from. Bullpen pitcher to Friday night starter. And the shocker will the heat. Eats up some innings tonight and chews up some of these state hitters. Duhon the catcher leading off. Any takes to strike on the outside corner we're under way here in the bottom of the first. Uninteresting that do on the catchers leading off then. Cochran the DH is hitting second. 01. And it was a little wide to the basket. Well ball one strike. You on taking a little bit time it back to that. The batter's box he is from moss bluff Louisiana too far from here course Sam Houston high school. There are a bunch of players from Sam Houston high school you would expect. On the make these state roster that breaking ball way right over the top of you on that. And many of them including. Duhon played against or played with Dayton deal Gunn high school. Balls and one strike to Justin Duhon. Year ago eight to 68 here. He was Arnold an honorable mention. All conference catcher in the Southland last year. You want. High three and. So lawyer jumped ahead of the line nothing in one and then the next three. Not particularly close including its first breaking ball that sailed all the way back stuff. Right hander against right handers. Soccer's outfielders shading them around left with a little bit what that's your little ground ball the second. And that will be easy for new critters so big hits on three and one. Head doesn't do on all kind of jammed me not only go to war three decades. Hanna again like it kept falling behind. Guy in the kitchen of death to do on a Cochran the center fielder of their from the left side there will be three left hand batters to. Cody Hoyer we'll have to deal with tonight. Cochran last year in 36 game hit 283 for the cowboys. Selena felt tip has nothing in one. Eventually for the shock tears from third over defers to the home boy here Ridder. And Mason O'Brien he she joined us late trade kicker to the hamstring injury will not play this weekend. Young Janice then you got from left to right in the outfield. And lawyer and Trout line the batter. Swing and a foul tip off that Trout lines love makes it back to the scream and nothing and do. No score bottom of the first one out nobody on for the homes standing and make these big jobless. And it looks like the grandstand to be for people. Only a few places that it appears the press box from the very top of the concourse. The seats going to be taken swing it may have constructed now fastball out away from Cochran. And Cody Hoyer blows him away with his first strikeout in the years to open Q down after the shocker Wimbledon we'll probably image. Okay. I think Selma to junior from here Lake Charles. Pre season first team all Southland Conference. He had a stellar 2017. To fourteen home runs and drove in 59. Strong right in batter right on top of the play. Respects to him. Is that. Ultimate high and deep to left field. In the things they. What did. Gelman yeah. Am going the fast ball and kid misses. What nothing count me. But no it was opening day I think it Thelma celebrated the last thirty feet with the things he thought that if you think that once held world. We'll animated as he crossed home plate who went on and he. Last night at six feet for got hit fourteen you think. He'd be used to hitting but anyway. What nothing. Whitney stayed on a solo home run by king Solomon on the first pitch doing. Now bring up. Joseph pro mcdonalds won't Lleyton lashes one foul down the left field line left field the left hand matter. And first baseman for britney's day. So one I think cowboys on Salmons throughout the long run. Probe and Donell and Selma and kind of the Jeanne Yang to Bowman Janice that too heavy hitters in their lineup swing and a miss for your guys wanna find nothing in two. Pro and Donald like film and had an excellent 2017. Throw in 54 runs last year it hit 336. Lawyers got in by the neck snapping into. Got the site he wants from Goddard for outlined in the 02 pitch. Mark bit high and pro would not invite pretty good picks them up around the shoulders. So really not much fault to be hand to be found for the shocker right hander is tried to get ahead of Salman in Selma was waiting for it didn't miss it almost at the flag pole in left center field. Swan Lake and found the left side out of play. So what appears to me. There's beyond a couple of swings by April when you don't know that he the Cody lawyers got a good fastball tonight. When nothing cowboys bottom of the first. Bases empty two outs. Poirier kicks in deals the one to. Little bit high failed in their looked like maybe cutter slider to add to. Drove in the Donna last year was the second leading hitter on the team their top hitter. Graduated so Salman and proven zeile were. Two and three as far as batting averages a year ago and pointed misses outside three and hit three has been able to. Command the breaking stuff it yet. In a bold fastball but so far in the first inning nothing to go along with a granted dig deep breath from Cody the wind to pay off. Proud of these inside ball or walk the walk her home runs and a walk. Here in the bottom of the first after the first few men out. Great to see my. Martina. Well now a fairway it's our honor first and threw away. I actual climbing into the right side of the batter's box. That guy from Houston Texas Lamar high school. Is they transfer from Galveston college. This is first year in the program he takes outside of the fastball. One ball no strike. Took away or you didn't have much trouble getting Justin Duhon or Jake Cochran to start the game. But then a first pitch home run serve up to change Salman. Full count walk. Programs on up. Alex chopped off the plate that third base bald guys on packet processing time in those. So eighth two run home run and that was pretty much hit warming these days and yeah in the bottom of the emerged that you don't want to double it won't shocker coming yeah. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends its own good with good health. 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Mason O'Brien will lead things off the doctors here in the top of the second one nothing to me stay at the end of one of the O'Brien give gun young. Facing Eaton Anderson worked a one Q3 first the liner right at the third baseman Maxwell right track. O'Brien lines out to third. And his debut as a shocker only last one then came. You. Players don't tell kids that did. Dozens of friends and family members he has. From Lake Charles went to Sam Houston high school. Four up and four down for Anderson so if you go try to become the first shocker to reach base fixed Bender in their first strike top of the zone. And its own one do they do god. Working quickly breaking ball almost hitting the back up in come around. Anderson. Got another breaking ball and it's wanna want. They can do god does physically imposing a baseball players you're gonna find he is the big big man. And sweetness and left. Handed out front. It's one ball two strikes today. 632 point 51 of the fastest if not the fastest guy on the team. Look like a running back built like a linebacker runs like running back. Ground ball to short charging to get the hoffa's court and the throw across the perfect. So fired up and five down four which does date to start the season and I'm proud as young. Newton. And. Young me redshirt junior from derby high school in Kansas. Thought Butler wanting to have a word with the whole plate umpire before. Travis young makes his way to the batter's box. So not exactly sure what that's about. But the conversation. Has come to a close and we're set to Travis youngest step in there. I was young had a good summer. For the TV diamond dogs. All league in that's that's overly. On the heels of eight to 31. Spring ball average in this nothing at one to him he did have a really good first year Wichita State hitting 370. In 49 games. But then dipped last year to just keep 31. Bases empty two out 21 nothing that needs topped the second. Fastball was over but loans. One and one of the young. O'Brien blind at third did they are bounced to short now this second inning and started. Here Joseph Miller ballpark. Eden Anderson winds that right hander brings an end of herbal X one content that's got a good breaking ball going. Here in the first couple innings. Basically been the difference between he and Cody Boyer although. Eight Andersons I can throw as hard for increased 8689. Most nights might touch ninety lawyer who lives in loan night. And that's weakness purple got to know them. But Fraser sharks. Who knew and opening day action forming these states here at the joke three up and three down shocker still looking for the first base runner. At the end of one and a half in these state leads the shocker won enough. AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road and would you tell your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today -- only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. Its highest IMAX with backs associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now RT missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associates time well spent money well invested. Security investment advisory services offered receipt point financial ink SPF number fender SIPC SPF separately owned and energies and or marketing names product service has referenced here are independent of us via faster associates 2103 north collectively in Wichita Kansas six and 206 got 3166520101. Iran want him when he dash planning dot com. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here on CNN. Lead things off the corporate needs state here in the bottom of the second. Cody lawyer. For a few more pitches and probably he should have in the first ended up going eighteen total pitches but. Got the first few men with how much problem solving give a play first pitch home run this Shane Selma. But again had to work a little harder than navy ship because. Issued a two out walk your overall I thought. Before getting cards do not only the he's got one. So locked when Mayo a native. Australia. Big right hand batter climbs in the box. Right hander gets right hander here comes the first pitch of the bottom of the second and it's right down the middle. No balls and one strike. Lawyer struck out man walked the man in addition to the home run for. Good thing for him the order of the home run walk with just that home run before law. What company and intended to be away. 11 so. Little up and down from the beginning for. Cody lawyer still looking find command of the breaking ball. Bases empty nobody out bottom of the second and then Cody backs off the rubber has little trouble getting together with. Dropped one. May oats traced her to follow. Swing and miss are that good breaking ball and maybe even a changeup there way out front. Was locked when Mayo. Straight through next then read Bork the freshman shortstop. Lower portion of the order. For the cowboys here in the home half of the second. 12 pitch. Yeah it's just outside right quarter. Didn't get the golf. May 062215. And or your brings an end. Swing and has had him out front to really good lineups in that sequence. Can lock when Mayo and Mayo is strikeout victim number two. Or Cody lawyer. Jacob street that is an infielder but you know he yeah. The lawyers got a good job to get that lead off man in each of the first unit. Now it'll be the center fielder raced there. Grayson also a native of Louisiana the vast majority of the players or make these state. Have come from in state. Outfield playing street there straight up Annie hacks at the first pitch fouled one behind home plate. Balls and one strike. Bases empty one out bottom of the second shocker trailing Whitney estate one to nothing else first inning home run by chains sell. Total under straight there. Waves about waiting an employer brings it home. Thrown well with just below may be outside ball one strike. There are. A lot. Good baseball schools in the state of Louisiana you know there's a strike if there. Wanted to do and not being very far at least. Here Lake Charles not be very far from the state of Texas won a head west a little bit look personable players. Pretty easy Pickens to meet state of course to plane LSU. And yes breaking ball got to the breaking ball coming around for Cody Hoyer he struck out the first few bases here in the second. I'll bring up read war shortstop hit him more maybe moment. A lawyer got the first two in the first and a little trouble closing them out but he has struck out the first few here in the second giving him but totaled three. Here and one and two thirds. Read or. The only freshmen in the starting line up tonight. Or make me stay. Read your team for that matter. There's a strike and there's nothing in one. Three strikeouts tonight employer. Only needs to board of equal his career high death plot. Don't write down a little to leave nothing to do. Nobody on two out. Bottom of the second one nothing cowboy. Soccer's. We'll be looking for their first base runner when they come from third Josh if backer of the DH wouldn't off. Or waves and this is a fastball away Cody player. Strikes out the side. At the end of two large storm and long may he may want to shocker. You another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Grade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Bill Cunningham had a great Americans join me. As we. Joseph Miller ballpark king did us here just outside the press box that. Top row of the stands so we are out amongst them. Can become an inside the by my side as shoppers looking for their first baseman 2018. Olsen and Josh you backer scattered throughout whining Jordan's lawyer trying to get it done. Foul tip off and Josh to backers that starts the top of the third. Eight Anderson has been really sharp sticks up in six down with pairs strikeout. The backer getting the starting out at DH tonight. And didn't mean to do it put it that too far crossed home plate and I checked swing a little tapper found probably would have been able want. The backer last year. Started off as the shocker starting first baseman. And its allies playing time dwindle after about a third of the season ended up making twelve starts appeared in 35 games the only get 176. He's looking for a bounce back this year and yet could cut about them right back in three. Anderson try to sneak a fastball past him. The background really get cut. Eight Anderson Valley not that big 6177. Junior from Beaumont. They will be starting in addition to Anderson. Two other pretty unproven guys. From their pitching staff slayings in and that's good changeup but don't go to guy in the back. 7UP seven down. Three strikeouts. Shocker hitters so far though they're still waiting for the bats Dura. When. They're scattered throughout line. Trout line last year dipped to 220 fours so look like Travis young. From 2016 to 2017. Was not kind. To be one of those players. Trout line. Only drove in seven rounds a year ago swinging a foul back to history. Evening Anderson it's throwing strikes. In gutters freshman season he had to bang up first here hit 298 drove in thirty runs. And aids. Smacked one into left center field heading toward the gap. And that's gonna go down and one hop along a little shocked at first base runners felt wine food that the second base wouldn't stand up double. Don't want Ghana hangar and. Belted it into the death. So now the ninth place hitter Jorge employer who steps and him. Wouldn't. Lawyerly shocker utility man play a little second little short and being forced to play shortstop tonight with trade Vickers injury. So he's looking to driving got her Trout line and get this game tied. Outline. With the first hit of the season for Wichita State. Boy your 61190. From Oklahoma City deer creek high school. Redshirt junior. Waves about waiting. Infield. Pulled way around. The plane to pool that's into the second baseman almost right behind second base that fastball. Just inside one ball no strikes Cooley the second baseman not only. Pounding. Gunner Trout line trying to keep you posted back but he pretty much parked right behind the pitcher. There's a lot of room on the right side. And it's put little pressure on province on the first baseman the cover a lot of ground warriors huge one for the right. Wanna know Anderson from the stretch for the first time. And it could cut me chopped it foul past third base coach Tammy that's the Zito who incidentally is celebrating a birthday today. First year who assistant coach for the shocker. Flashing some signs employer. And at first base box by the way who former shocker really want to lose the volunteer assistant this year. Tom Butler in the dugout. Let me ask Pacino. Flash designs and wave and then hopefully he'll be busy tonight. One on one to Jordan boys. Popping up. Had a breaking ball to handle and got under. And just from the outfield grass to reach up and make it grabs cook though. Lawyer had a fifty hit and simply missed it popped it up to distort our audience second baseman just. Beyond the cut the term in Newton didn't him. And held up a little critter with fuel right. Bring home better Trout line after his one out double what nothing. Make these state top that there. Anderson trying to. Wiggle out of little mini jam here in the top of the third. And a fastball upstairs and check swing. And Ritter went too far. They. Haven't over aggressive. Kind of approach thereby Ritter's fastball it's not a strike but. Luke couldn't hold up. One striking nothing. Shocker leadoff man Luke Ritter Ritter. Flied to right its first time up they're there to strike I think it is so. First two at bats in a role for Luke Ritter of these fallen behind nothing into. Anderson. Did all the leg work in the first inning and looked kind of helped him out the first pitch here in the third. Tiger had at second base to left nothing included Lou greater. And outweigh hide. You on had to come out of his practice night. What balls two strikes two outs shocker happened third and Ritter junior from Overland Park, Kansas and rockers high school. Still having to battle behind the count wanted to. Little bit low tuned to. The county getting out. Throughout wind its second with a one out double. Hayden Anderson. Trying to keep the one that nothing. Here comes that 22 pitch breaking ball and it was right on helmet back. How the hangar he made a couple of mistakes here in the inning. And Jordan's lawyer now Ritter kind of letting off the hook warrior popped out on loan and that one was. Foul right back to the screen. Movie night light into a new order from it these state. Coming up in the bottom of the third. The stretch. Anderson's 22 pitch swing and if talking about doctors. For the guys second and one away. And eight and Anderson. Answered the bell. The one hit no around one lap at the end of two or score remained in the big east they want him when he wouldn't talk. Another he didn't need lauryn ask Tennessee the that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only taste good but does it. We are second cookies directly from not filings and share the profits back from them and American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. They can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at damned him dot com American family insurance American coming into insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American partners in Wisconsin Packers are entering. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around which taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled I'll do my fulfill that Boyd is an understatement. I'll deal I think compasses everything in one place functional fitness we've exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a Spock. They even have child care. Visit up to you like it when he person whether on line it up deep high thin life dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. This is Michael Savage join me weak side today are okay. OK. To be a busy night at eight days sports bar and grill. Shocker and doing this every Monday for the Todd Butler coach show. At the Alley thirteen and green which road broadcast live right here on in assess 97. And thirteen thirty. HH Portugal at the Oklahoma the shocker coaches show and the men's and women's basketball coaches shows will be that night in addition to. The maiden voyage to the Todd Butler show in 2003. So. Filling this out there. In the morning on. Eight days before you go at the Allen didn't need him. Well schooling and nine hole hitter. And second baseman we'll leave it off. And then back at the top viewers so he has the final guy to face. Cody Hoyer for the first time and employers start off with a strike. Ploy here with four strikeouts and two innings including. The side last inning. Punched out may go. Straight there war. May really quick workable. Swing and myths. We nothing attitude of wells truly. Cody Hoyer. After thirty pitches is one pitch away from equaling his career high in strikeouts. Only the one blip the home run by Selma. Outside. One balls two strikes again Cody lawyer. Normally and we don't see any guns up here none that we can read but normally ninety Q 95 looks like he's. Every bit of that night yet really good life when he fastball. Nobody on nobody out bottom third ears though wanted. Champ shop basis. Right field was shot in the right field. With a little authority on it. Perfectly play. Between Ritter and Mason don't ride. So there's a first leadoff man to reach orbit each day. And I'll go back to the top of the order dust Dumont yeah accuracy and. Yeah. With that the property ordering it being this early would think that. Duhon would be laying down sacrifice bunt they're not a team that. Fun and a lot last year the only. Laid down thirty or more of a stolen base team when you talk about small ball course. With sixty home run that's not exactly the punch and Judy much but when they wanted to. Move runners round. Generally favored this deal as opposed to sacrifice but do not huge rips one on now this. Duhon got badly jammed in his first at bat he grounded. To the shocker second baseman Lou greater. He is all for one start the season. Runner at first nobody out bottom third first leadoff man to reach its Cody Hoyer. Balance and away from Carolina goes all the way back through history couldn't find it hurts and all the way to third. Goal. Yeah I've felt thoughtful. The catcher better now why did balance and from the home life. And the kangaroo hop over toward the first base dugout on. And that's a helpless feeling forget it is for outlined didn't immediately find it. Didn't wanna make a beeline to the backstop wasn't visible way back there but because he didn't. And currently listed. Whittle away from the while Pitt and now it's doctors would bring in field in with a runner there and nobody out. We counted wanted one to do on. Bowl Boyer Ritter and O'Brien all. In the base path. Started this way it just yet. It's didn't miss by much total. You on mentioned a year ago to 68. Just occasional power three home runs and 26 driven and last year. Swing and ethnic outlay coming this. Don't do so coating Hoyer wants it strand wells can leave it there you've got a big job ahead of it because he has beaten. Top of the order and infield in at least for the moment. Roy young pitchers out there it's not the end of the world that you give up a run with a run third. And nobody out. Especially this early breaking ball got it looking like on the outside corner he won't gave up on it. And that is five strikeouts now or Cody lawyer who is matched his career high and punch out. The other one didn't hit my. Am afraid to say that Steve kind of finish that thought on you give up one it's not in the world thing. If you worked so hard trying to stream and the guy at third with nobody out and not only Wear yourself out through a bunch of extra pitches try to strike everybody else. You'll be out there in the seventh. Certainly that's the goal every starting pitcher goes deep into the game can't. In it. And it it's kidnapping and industry again this beauty in the world for the shocker to Cody Willard will see. Cochran's struck out its first time out there it's wanna go to any length ride out the second baseman Ritter outnumbered two. Diving back at third goes Cooley who took a couple of steps toward home plate. So Cochran hit it right on the button. Body is outnumbered you know one more big one yeah. Yeah but it tough customers change Selma. Thelma and on about 420 feet his first time up there first hit that he thought 2018. He hit off the flagpole. That is for the moment the only run of the game in the bottom of the third. Ellman with fourteen bombs a year ago. Lawyer working from the stretch brings an end and poor's strike over the outside corner. 23 and four in the order for the shocker in the fourth. Just a bold and O'Bryant. Boy Cody boy you're this close to. Walk in the highly high wire act in getting away with a swing and a miss nice one pitch away truck. He gave up 82 strike base hit to right and then a wild pitch. Allowed wells coolly to go all the way over to third base to two basis on one wild pitch. But they strike out looking to do on a line drive to second both with the infield and now they've been able to move back. And Cody Hoyer way ahead of chains Selma nothing in two. Ask what if anything struck down that job by Cody Hoyer. In the fourth inning you know had a career high six strikeouts and can't get out of it and he didn't need a third of the way through we'll go to the hornets don't. One million movies venerable. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. And there's a second job. Recruiting. That means trample. He couldn't do it without executive players share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can stay out recruit. Indeed back the same night ready to start his next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shoppers learn more and exact air shared dot com. About a decade ago the government changed the rules for the type of coolant to prove for air conditioners. So if your system this ten or more years old and you have a problem. It could cost you over a thousand dollars just to replace the coolant. On the stock has a better options. How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system. And it can qualify us to get you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient model that's a win win. Cult plus stock for details 943. Cool shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent friend would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. In assets. We're properties which does the athletics would like to think the shocker ambassadors. Wichita State's elite level of corporate partners house Chuan. Dr. Phil Coke and Cox Communications. Call 9787552. Appearances didn't advertising Wichita state athletic. Well all those strikes first one wandered outside of grace and Janice Grayson first pitch that he thought bounce to first. Back in the first one nothing that these state top of the four. Hi tune up. Eight and Anderson. And Cody Hoyer as it turned out to settle and a nice little pitching duel here. Anderson retired the first seven men he faced. Answered to two out first inning home run surrounded by Hoyer it's been pretty quiet. Good backdoor breaking ball on to note dropped their first strike to wants. Recent Janice that will be. That's for prospects in the country along with bull batting back to back in this thing lineup three and one now it's generous. In the driver's seat. We want. Blasted high and deep to right center field and it's time. They suggested to get a ball nine miles. And it is one want. That's what you do when they Cleveland fans won't. Finish that destroyed. So there's your first home earlier won't do crazy jealous that you gotta tie game long home runs. Hit here tonight one place moment. And by agreed to give us that. But perhaps. More with. A little wind at shocker sales after Cody lawyer. Worked around a runner at third nobody out jam in the previous happening. Grief and Janice the rewards of a bit and guys left. Just ahead nine home runs a year ago after five as a freshman there's home run number fifteen in his career. Breaking ball to the home state very high. Wanna know what your case you're wondering eight in Anderson gave up five home runs. In his 37 innings of work so we use. Prone to long ball a little bit and again he gave up they bought tickets a year ago only to 344 gets home it's one. I do right side listing toward foul ground but it comes at him. It dropped the second baseman over. It's now a fair territory. And boom hopefully all the way to make it in the second day. Classic case of a right handed batter hitting it howling. Borderline foul ball on the line. And the first baseman rarely went missing college rarely has the chance to bring those in when they're that high. And they have that much top spin and there's a little bit of breeze blowing it back toward the field of play anyway. But Cooley the second baseman wisely hustled over there to try to make cats but he simply overran it and Alec the home. Is at second base with nobody out on a pop fly double. So now. After the shock troops failed to execute in the third inning themselves in a runner since it with one out gay man. They've got a runner at second nobody out in a run in. For Mason O'Brien. O'Brien first pitch swinging lined the third baseman and first gamma. Will hide out of the strike zone ball no strikes Pete Anderson. Just overthrew wanna test. Mason O'Brien wearing number 22. Like. Charlie O'Brien more like Chris O'Brien war. And like Todd Butler war the first four years and user. Mean units went down I get fastball came up empty. Though Mason O'Brien a transfer from Oklahoma State and how the college has had his. Issues with injuries. Throughout the course of his career. They're from the left side with bowl but second base. That would meet with the outside corner. And now want to. To both pitchers at different times it. Gotten themselves out of trouble. Eight Anderson and after. Work his way through the heart of the order with. Alex pulled out there at second base. 12 pitch coming you'll Bryant and way out front and barely got a piece of breaking ball or changeup. That Mason Chad's got a piece of O'Brien of course from that. Famous. Last name family in shocker history his uncle Charlie O'Brien. And his cousins. Chris and also Tim Kelly. Former pitcher for the shock. Swing has got to go breaking balls. The flavor of the day for eight Sanderson in that particular bat and O'Brien with a unproductive one goes back to the shocker third base dugout there's one way and now here's Uga. You got grounded out to short its first time up there. We Charles native. Playing in front of dozens and dozens of familiar faces. Only delay its second pitch count on and ask them. Even Anderson really backed off of everything after bombs pop fly double drop inside the line in right field needs. Gone with breaking balls and change ups. Trying to get around O'Brien do go. There was bombed a third got a good just up the college any faith and skipped off the tip of the below the third baseman Matt welcome home. Taking matters into his own hands steals third base there he got a good read on. Eden Anderson's. Delivery to home plate. So now do god will just have to get that fly ball to the outfield perhaps to getting him war. Ground ball to the middle infielders they are staying back. So it out a couple of different ways could mean soccer's. Take the lead. Al back another hanging breaking bones you which is he had that one back on Q. 11 tie top of the fourth grade suggest that lead off home run here in the fourth. As tied things up. What multi strikes Anderson from the stretch. To the plate. Front door to the breaking ball didn't come around and you've got. Waved his hand at the crowd that thought that was great green. That's steal buzz away from Alec Baldwin's number six in his career he has. Yet because. Three and two did you go for those statements digging in here. Trying to get Alec ball home from third 11. Shocker with three hits the cowboys with two. Outfield very deep. And seated around the left. Breaking ball got him looking down ago. Total shocker. Frankly the first. Three innings plus throughout you're in the fourth have not been very good job situationally hitting they didn't get a man on you know until one out in the third. But their batting average or India runners in scoring position they're now open for four. And it'll be up to Travis yup so much like Cody Hoyer worked out of real hot water in the bottom of the third. It's looking more and more like eight Anderson can turn the trick here the top of the fourth swing and a miss by young. Seoul home run and then frankly I'll pop fly it should have been caught it turned into a double within Anderson it really buckled down. Getting O'Brien swinging and duke got looking. 01 yup. Wayne Smith played in this kind of breaking ball field too young struck out his first time out there. Like warrior Anderson has six strikeouts. Or five and six due up in the order in the bottom of the fourth for the cowboys young. Hanging by its fingernails. And waves in this that a great ball. After getting hammered and gave up a home run and pop fly double. Strikes out the side. 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You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry mosque Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink porn and over what Sawyer. She's Stevens and join this morning right here on Kate and as and. Forty lawyer planning hill for Wichita stayed out after hitting them reform. He has thrown 44 pitches 49 for strikes they've been pretty efficient. And it's also set a new career high in strikeouts with a six. He struck out decided in his second. Button that we didn't. Do. Don't rove is not the first baseman Lee adopting through a walk. Following change Salmons first inning home run. No official played. Official plate appearance. War for opens on no better hitters returning. This year from last for. Make the state takes inside one ball no strikes. Roman zeile and Selma to the bigger power sources in the lineup a year ago province on with six home runs. Delmon had fourteen amendment. One over but low balls no strike. Until proven sun LA 336 hitter a year ago. He lived. On day. Through thirty walks in addition to. Hitting 336. And he's one pitch away from drawing another look. Three and out. But the first real sign of trouble from Cody poirier at least his command wavering he's been pretty good province on island personally got the walk through four. 11 tie bottle for. Each team with a solo home run here tonight. And boy you missed it lost its existing outside. So four pitch walk focused on us now walked twice. Alec moment for a quick word from third base is very funny lines. Better yeah behind home plate with dean. Very brief. Well coolly led off with a single last inning and he was stranded at third. So we'll see employer can work around the leadoff walk here in the Fort. Carson Maxwell. Cowboys' third baseman stands in there. He grounded out moments first time up. Well thrown a strike on the outside corner foyer. Pops right back in the saddle. Wind continues to drift out to left field now nightfall. Completely upon us. Still very pleasant. Again 75 degrees at game time. Maybe in the upper sixties by the time we're done here. Swing minutes. I think into. Cody lawyer with proven Donna at first base and nobody out. You can beat cowboy half of the four. Pro and not only a year ago not much of a base stealer. He tried it six times was successful for. Boy you're way ahead of Carson Maxwell. No balls two strikes. Opens on no way. And immediately Gilbert birds. Not going chopper to second Ridder charges he fields tagged the runner coming by total first isn't time for the double play. Very lively little critter. Sprinted forward to get not only a cop but try to. Get there in front of Jobe probe and Donna he didn't know Romans on him running that and the loud yeah I Don and all the way. But that turned into it 43 double play. Just like that do outs nobody on the. Wichita State should be pointed out that last year was one of the best if not the best the but the season. Shocker pad in their history. Pitches are behind outside may be a little bit too Mayo one ball no strike. Last year the shocker is committed a program low 56 errors. And there's 974. Fielding percentage was tied for the second best mark. In school history. Swing MS. And a cat shows and maybe a pat on the back to look grader with his versatility. Normally boy here's the second baseman though with. Trade Vickers out due to a hamstring strain. Ridder back in there in the second base and played that chopper beautifully swing and speaking of beautiful that was good looking breaking ball wanted to. So after a four pitch leadoff walk. Cody Hoyer. Very close it shocker back in the third base dugout 11 tie. Basis clear to away. Lawyers want to. Outings swing at a ball the turf. And down goes. Mayo via struck out twice now. And Cody Boyer. And seven strikeouts. Move more innings but you know this game is turning into a good old fashioned pitcher's dual head of the them is don't make anything they want. A shocker one who didn't. His job board delivery and your TV how I just unpack it over there on you didn't pay haven't unpacked you're not gonna get up to my older equipment millions paid haven't hooked up can you mean I paid good money for a new HDTV boy I didn't know service exactly. I should've gone after teasing. Your TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and get fairness it's what we do all day long and have their TV we've got her roots in which talk not just our branches. Yeah. Don't miss the educational seminars at the 2018 outdoor living and landscape show going on all three days march 2 to the fourth. Brought to you by the Sedgwick county extension office along with McCain is heating and cooling or independent trained comfort specialist learn all about shade garden Maine native Paula Nader's garden bugs and don't miss the bonds I demo for more visit outdoor living in landscape show dot com. I fled back into any week day mornings and night right here on CN. On one side we have the top of the fifth inning. Here Joseph Miller ballpark candidates with you here. On opening night with shocker to me these they have settled in to a pitcher's duel first inning home run for Shane Salman. Fourth inning home run great suggest that that's pretty much been here. Seven strikeouts for Cody lawyer. Aden Anderson had six including striking out the side. In the form and swing and a miss by Josh to backer and that's how we start the fifth. The factory strikeout victim in his first time up there. It'll be the backer Trout line and Boyer lower third the order gets. Eight Anderson its own 55 pitches through four innings of one batter. It is scoreboards brought to you by being your opinion construction. Residential commercial roofing inspection repair or replacement needs all of 202206643. Repeat inspections. Gainers roughing dot com. Green top 25 years second down and ended the backer to balls and one strike. Voice and interesting matchups on opening day and really only a couple of real marquee ones a lot of the top 25 ranked teams playing and rank it. Here's the Q1 to the factory swings and misses of the fastball out away from intuitive on the swings and misses tonight. On both teams. Couple of finals then from the top 45 number fifteen Louisville beat Richmond 43. Unranked Oklahoma beat 23 ranked Indiana six the three. They're ranked Texas Tech beat Maine. Fortitude. The backer waves in this is that it's down it gets away from you on that brought down the first cut itself and the backers struck out twice. All kinds the case up and down the scorecard both teams. Now governor you outline new moon in a ringing double the left center field his first time up there but it was period. Second ranked team in the land Oregon State beat New Mexico five to issue number five Florida State beat Xavier beat eleven to one. Fourth ranked Arkansas beat Bucknell fourteen to fit. Future shocker opponent he state fell to twentieth ranked south Alabama twelve the five. Got wind kicks inside one ball no strikes. Elsewhere in the top 25 number eight Kentucky beat Wofford six to one. Number fourteen Vanderbilt leading number 25 duke eight to one in the top of the eighth swing and a foul backed by governor Trout line. And it's one and one. In a rematch of last year's super regional unranked southern miss leading. Number twelve Mississippi State eleven to nothing. In the bottom of the eighth. 11 pitch. Melted the left field over toward the line that's extra bases again for governor Trout line. And it bounces off the walls settlement cases around. In the second go strong winds second double of the game. So just like the third inning if backers struck out and they don't want to double win. Jordan lawyer will get a receiver here after he popped out with Trout lines out there in the third. In the American unranked UCF leading number nineteen Virginia at 32 in the fifth there halfway through that one of the night's. With a one run lead there. Ranked in a couple polls UCF. Pick play at second base and diving back safely as strong wind is second baseman. Coolly stuck in behind. South Florida to number six North Carolina nothing. After eating and half. The South Florida. Holy cross leading Houston to one. Early and now what. Breaking ball bounced into the dirt it job by. Jordan boy your layoff. At a couple of games to be played later on tonight number sixteen LAQ. Number seven TCU is that Grand Canyon that team shocker saw last year. Portland is that number eleven UCLA and broke it big when cal state Fullerton Stanford later on tonight. Upstairs to Boyer now he's in the driver's seat to a the Trout line with a one out double represents the go ahead run. In the top of the fifth 11 tie which doctors. Have not hit the cowboys fortitude. Jordan boy here. Standing patiently waiting for Anderson to get ready valiants. And an inside move anything Trout line back to second again. Boy your last year hit 295. Drove in 42 runs. After playing very sparingly in 2016. So he was a good run producer. Looking to try to at least. Moved gutter Trout line from second. And I would skip solely back to the screen went right through the wicket. I don't know how they'll be scored but Duhon I don't know if you got any other amount at all. But regardless the shock yours. Would say sitting pretty but neither team has done much with runners in scoring position the opposing pitcher each time it's really buckle down. So that will be a wild pitch. And over to third goes from one. Is there a one out. Boyer. You wouldn't figure will be swinging three you know the. Sammy has the Zito the birthday boy at third base talking to get her Trout line and he is taking. And Boyer is walking. Not exactly the worst thing in the world for eight eight Anderson that's. Then his double life you know although he has only recorded one out. Two outs rather on the ground. Yeah. And so now we have a that visit in the amount. You know I mean he's been pitching coach Bert one of those that we. Had to deal with so so far halfway through this almost. Player in the top of the fifth first and third. One out after the backers struck out Trout line doubled. Warrior walk wild pitch picked him there. And now live critters. A shocker leadoff man is overdue. Ritter last year drove into warning. But. Only get to 23 and it's 46 starts. Kicks off speed breaking ball drops in their first right. Luke tonight has wider right and struck out he has been behind in the count nothing and to each of its first few times up there though he has. Been fighting uphill. Trout line at third. Boy your first 11 tie top 51 now. Long hold the stretch of the pitch. Wail on outside the job might do on the go both knees. Behind the left hand batter's box. One run for its lawyers Wichita State one run two hits no lawyers make these days. Last year's Southland Conference champions. Mr. little firepower a lot of pitching from a year ago. They're the first movement stumbling diving back his lawyer. To beloved little step towards second base and even if Anderson and thrown it over there I don't think he really got me. Boyer just looking to get a bigger secondary lead. Anderson ready again brings an end. Campbell missed out side. And you. Know. What do you balls one strike. Tammy SP Tito flashing a series of signs. That not only. Luke Ritter with the base runners as well. Here's the stretch. And Anderson's too long and instead of third firstly does fired over their first and boy your wise to at that time back stand. Grayson Jenna still waiting on death. He hit a long home run deep into the night. To right center fielder's blast on out there. Anderson looking for a double play ball to get him out of the inning at one. Into the turf and smothered by Duhon. And Georgia boy it was huge secondary league. Drew his attention after he launched dugout for three and want. Peyton Anderson. Starting to wobble just a little bit of a lefthander loosens. Down the right field line from the east day. Runner's lead away the 31. Inside ball or they're going to be loaded. For Grayson Dennis. So a patient and productive at that. For Luke Ritter. The shocker though still waiting for their first hit with a runner in scoring position. They are both for five but now two walks in that situation. Here in this inning and that's gonna do it. For. Eight and Anderson so we're gonna have a pitching change has Anderson. Apparently very quickly ran out of gas. After for a third. Here tonight most of the night he was excellent. Had pretty good control very good breaking ball had Wichita State off balance most of the night. He ends up with eight strikeouts. In four and a third. You walk. Or did doing and they leave to exit. Has she comes off field could be handed. The bench players for the needs and pour out on the field to give him the night. So. For the moment and Kate Andersen. Florida third four hits. Two walks. Eight strikeouts. One home runs surrendered. But you know one more year and Ritter his responsibility who wouldn't. He wanted me. Thought Austin gray they left hander. Will come in the face. Grayson Janice does. Against Anderson just that bounce the third and homered. Austen Riggs. Let no margin for error. We'll face. On the golden spikes award watch list. Pre season and men and Grayson Janice done. Briggs is from Conroe Texas. Only appeared in eight games a year ago went seven innings. You know they grand total of 23 into the third inning and then as the cowboys. Junior lefty. Will inherit bases loaded Campbell. One out. With a shocker having a chance to. Punch a hole in this 11 tie in the fifth. A right hander is loosening. Or make these days so it could be that Briggs. Will be asked does he get this one here. And time called before you can through his first pitch. Rigs 61205. Again not a lot of action last year not much more the year before. How he comes set shocker away from every base. Big overhead curve ball dropped in for a strike happy one. Street last year. Six appearances all out of the bullpen totaling just those seven and curve ball well outside is Duhon set up out there to try to get. Janice that a chase that's all well and good but. Number one just as good batting Abbott there's no place to put him either. So. After her first strike down when it was nowhere close. Trout line boy here and Ridder. Third over to first. Doctors trying to take the leap. Strike called on the outside corner of the fastball well. Give us a rose a little bit but that was a pretty good pitchers pitch. And now it's wanted to. Against so far here tonight shoppers. Pulled for five with runners in scoring position and left trial wind its second in the third left bowl in the third in the fourth. Well hi to a two. Just that got ahead in the count against eight Anderson 31 to lead off the fourth. And then just hit one to the moon trying to. Lot of room on the right side second baseman Cooley. Way around toward the second base back. Outside. Three and two overthrown by Briggs. Phillies made two really good pitches. And three not so much. And now you've gone as far as he can. Gracious and generous to. Grace and left him battered native of Eudora high school waiting. Low and outside ball four loss of generous than that good batting ninth worked great for a walk. That's three in a row free passes and I everybody on the base pads aboard via walk. And Janice says. The two RBIs in the game from Wichita State won with a home run one with the bases loaded walk. And that we'll do it or Austen great though he indeed was only half to get the left hand matter. He lost them charged. That run through eighth Anderson. And we've got a brand new her world view right handers. To face Alan Ball. Those shocker do you typically if you want on. A double and three consecutive walk. So I won't do look now he struck out against Peyton Anderson in the first. And hit a bloop double just inside the line and pat down right field side that was overrun by the second baseman who. But he eventually was stranded there. When. The three shocker after that all struck out he's hitting the. Hey Mack what oriented pictures six in 35 junior right here in Lake Charles. So it becomes the third pitcher who inning. I don't know lefty lefty righty right business. Just that killed trying to keep. Maybe state within shouting death only to Dejuan one big hit certainly. Changing complexion had heard. Last year but more was pretty reliable and me. Pitch to him when he games ahead in the area boy time. 31 innings of work. So here's a guy that went to high school where a place where like many others. On this roster that you got him beat high school. So basis. Remain loaded after Janice his water. Give it shocker think virulently. Again or write your fans dollars every Monday night but he's not bothered coaching show what a big board's ability LA thirteen in Greenwood road. Live here again as the 9738. Feet portrayal of the LA home all the shock coach shows and they'll be three of them on Monday night. Keith Adams Greg Marshall. And Todd Butler. And speaking the radio the Sunday game there between the shocker to me restate the finale could be over on KFH. And it's going to be played at 11 AM so make that. Programming note either in your head or make the actual note shocker send these state 11 AM Sunday. And over on K app State's 1240. And 975. Mac McLemore and ball. Taking center stage big moment in the ball game top of the fifth shocker leading 21. With the bases loaded and one out. Well portable. And Swan Lake and last spelled out right field side nothing wrong. So ball one out of two we've got. Boy weird third. Grader second Janice that first plenty of good speed on base paths. Ball basically just trying not to hit directly on an infield. Did ground into five double plays a year ago. Not an overly high number forget it got that mania bats and sees. The guy's gonna try to hit the ball in the air that's where his bread and butter big time pro prospect. Ian Janice world. Garner a lot of attention not this from opposing pitchers and scouting report but. Pro scouts themselves there's plenty here tonight. Bill Walton one strike after brief meeting between. Do you on a map the more they get back together and here we go we don't want. Blasted behind the definitive feel cool way back. It's win. Crushed it over the center field there. Though the two golden spikes award watch list of nominees have both homered. Bulbs coming with a bases loaded. The Wichita State gets it first hit. With runners in scoring position. And it was wow I didn't mean. All three walks to come home to roots. Three of those runs charged to Anderson. And it's now. 86 the one shocker lean. Five run fifth. So now here's Mason O'Brien. And he takes low one ball no strikes. So the guys. That Wichita State certainly gonna count on heavily this year. In the middle of the order have produced. Janice two runs scored two more BI. Bowl and two hits including a Grand Slam outside new. Mason O'Brien tune up. And it probably should be pointed out through even those just halfway through game number one. Bass and O'Brien and they do go. Pretty big role on this team as well it kind of cleaning up after. Houston home they're going to be on bases much is expected to. O'Brien walks one now left side now ground. And the shortstop comes. No would you overrun with Atlanta on the chalk. Brian the second even maybe without applying. Like looking at a mayor from bombs pop fly double. Through O'Brien's. And but this one landed right inside the shock bone was about six or seven feet in fair territory this one more like six to seven inches. And so cruelly and thwart the middle infielders that what they can turn over running what should have been out. And now do guy. So Mac well. Or is now serving a Grand Slam me. And a pop fly double the second one of those hit by the shocker tonight. So Wichita State now with. Two home runs two doubles three doubles a big part. Five of their six kids. Have been extra bases. And her second. Do picked low approval. Bulldozed right. Actually all their hips. Have been extra base. Doubled him home runs or strike out basically that's what which does they've been doing them. Six runs six hits. One note to do now instead they picked the second and Michael Moore doesn't throw. So you can now closed the book on not only Peyton Anderson. And Austin Briggs forced the only face the one guy that was Justin walked him. Export. Anders for the third four hit three runs all learned to walk eight strikeouts. One noted you got. Curve ball pop sound boy. Matthew Moore got away with a war. Much like last night could shocker practice last night but much like last night the all of it this kind of starting to roll in now. Here in lake shore. Shocker said. Broken through with a five here in the fifth. Capped by Grand Slam by Alec ball. Back for more having a hard time get together with. Duhon has been a nightmare inning 43 different. Cowboy pictures. You've got takes over but little tune want. Dayton in his homecoming is grounded to short struck out looking. He left. Ballot bowl the third base in the fourth inning with that strike out looking. Mason O'Brien its second that his first it was a shocker of course. Do god trying to move him around. Still only one out in the inning. Her ball hit on the ground the third Maxwell smothers it through all crosses in time staying put at second base to drive. The so do dark Alley fishing a little bit but kept his weight back but just that little roller that Maxwell. And now it'll be travesty on the ninth man of that inning and then. The backers started this with a strikeout so evening Anderson. With eight punch outs was cruising right along within Trout line it'll Lazard double left. He walked Boyer and Ritter after that then left. And two relievers. Have pretty much given up the ghost here and that 61 shocker. If you could strike any insight cornered at Travis yacht young hasn't exactly had a game to remember so far he's open to a pair of strikeouts. So only one hit that the shocker to pat with runners in scoring position tonight. Has been a long loud what. Grand Slam by helical. Holed one to young. O'Brien away at second now its own studio. The Cody O'Leary has been spotted a five run lead. After allowing a leadoff Arcadia first inning home run. And you'll get lower third of the order in the cowboys' fifth whenever that comes. Noble's two strikes. Young trying to battle here. Bryant away at second. Pitch punched in the right field that I hang up there though mail is over a couple of steps to make the catch them put it quiet and find out tonight. And that's that went and I think it's a great round that they didn't do you want to get a Grand Slam. And they take the lead we're halfway through bargain scores now they're shocked. And to me they want we. Want him. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on KMS. Five pitches under the belt one Cody lawyer. So far itself. Assuming he doesn't totally lose his mind he's got another couple innings left inning they have built him up to around 8085. So. 55 play efficiently get through the first war and see what happens now the other thing you want a little on the moon. Beams. Kick it straight into the center fielder deleted off Hingis here. Joseph Miller ballpark Andrew handling back there which it does studios that he could join us here opening night soccer's. After spotting the beef they won nothing and you come roaring back a little roll back in the middle kind of brilliant career field. Four days. So straight here a little older than maybe play. Cascade. Diving. Jordan border perfectly placed 42 hopper's. Ironically in the theater feel him. One out no one on nobody no moon. Read more. Read more struck out his first time up there. In employer with day. New career high in strikeouts tonight he has seven. Thrown high with a fastball one ball no strikes. Bork was. A victim in the second inning when Boyer struck out the side both starting pitchers struck out the side here tonight. Eight Anderson no longer in the game. And that's inside two balls no strikes. Read more with the unit hitting freshman shortstop. Only freshman lineup tonight green team. Or from. Moss bluff Louisiana 61155. And extremists who want. Cowboys won in the first shocker one in the fourth on a generous to a home run. Five in the fifth. On a bases loaded walk. And a bases loaded home run by Alan Ball. A bit low of three balls and one strike. So leadoff single in the mental now born the no hitter. Worked the count as favorite three balls and one strike. Caught in the midst continue to roll in. Behind us over toward the left center field gap wind continues to drip down little. Grounder bright side fielded by rare only played at first he goes his glove side that throw out reach four dollars first down fifth inning. And tracer goes to second base productive out fiery war the U. Wouldn't. Well yeah behave like him better. My deal. Making his debut. Strolling out at third base coach doc. They're base dugout to around jock pitching. Wants to have a word with Cody lawyer Cody. For the most part tonight it's been cruising you walk. Oh Groban on twice. Those daily bases on balls that he won. He has permitted the leadoff man to reach. The last three innings it's one nitpick a little bit about. He's stranded currently third inning absolute Houdini act and there. It was a single wild pitch allowed legal if there. And then lawyer for key to this striking out two of the three at the very top of the order. To lead currently there. Cody walked province on notice start the fourth but it double play. Helped him get out of that inning unscathed. And now we're street corners. Roller up the middle start this. All right second one now meeting is adjourned. And now truly. Sophomore. Second baseman he and. His double play partner greed or just grounded out both. Made mistakes defensively. Kicked the door open for the shocker. Shows but takes low one ball no strike. Funny that both pop fly doubles allowed to drop by Julian war. Neither one came around score. So it just in essence made the particular pitcher at a time. Throw a few more. Wanna go to Cooley the nine hole here. Little bit inside you know. Think you came here tomorrow will be at 3 o'clock. Lead on Eddie shocker freshman. Will make his debut. You'll face fellow righty came Eckert. Permit me. There is distracted and won't. It's just going to shocker leading six don't want to hear on opening night. Joggers and make these state. Getting back together for first time in the dozen years. I'm Butler. In a homecoming of sorts he's playing coach here they do it's from here he's making a homecoming as well strike. Good fit. Also he joined his late you're shocker fanned the game on Sundays eleven and it beyond 1240. And 975. Sports Radio campaign programming reminder. Won't get away day on Sunday morning. Few balls two strikes one out. Straight there at second base did you pitch. Over the low breaking ball didn't truly held off preemptive. Him. Mickey state has had only one inning where they've had more than one base for a in the first inning almost that he qualified because king Solomon with the base runner for about thirty seconds. And he blasted a solo home run. Yes outside lawyers not even close down. Who we walk. And so now for the first time since the first. The cowboys have a little something going. We got to go home on the moment. There have been proven to help walk. Leadoff single in the third that I told about leadoff walk in the forward leadoff singles here in the fifth but that's the only time that. The cowboys today with a stack anything together first and second one now we're. Lawyers he'll just ground ball away from. Getting out of any further trouble. Leadoff man Dustin you on hold for too. Right against righty. You feel the double play depth first pitch. Balances blocked by Trout line everybody back to their bases. So Boyer. Who had to throw eighteen pitches in the first inning. Is. Getting closer and closer to that. Plateau here in the fifth. Two on one out shocker leading 61 bottom of the fifth. And admitted. Flipped his helmet on a breaking ball employer. Started to wobble here in the fifth bases are loaded. Pretty much a harmless. Seeing eye single to start the inning. But. Boyer has wobbled a little bit thin thin neck breaking ball up and it and clipped the top of the helmet. I think Cochran the DA. He. Needs. How good an activity down and shot the bullpen now. Put Guinness. And I think Robby Evans took a right hander starting off. On the left field line. Gonna draw a line out with a word to try to calm down Cody lawyer again still just one pitch away from getting out of this but. This is the first real big threat of the night warming beef steak. Dick Cochran is struck out lined to second. Straight there at third can leap second. Do on first. From the stretch foyer brings it home swing and meant nothing in one. Brilliant back at the inning so far was the walk do well schooling the nine hole. You. Believe they will go on having stellar season. In the Southland. All things being equal to the final hitter. Throw it right down the middle especially this late game field Torre had it but. How lawyer just lost him a little bit on it 32 pitch just off the outside corner and upstairs one ball one strike you. Jake Cochran. Of their from the left side. Lots and lots of guys from either. Here in Lake Charles or moss bluff. Cochran. From moss bluff Louisiana bases loaded. What I want swing and it got away from employer had enough wanna get mine now she wanted to. This is pretty big hitter right now by its sixth the one what you thought statesman. James Ellman. Do hit fourteen home runs a year ago and a long one here tonight is looming in the on deck circle. One ball two strikes. Cochran lined out with a runner at third. In the third with a shocker the infield in hit right at lucrative. After brief time out. Now lawyer ready. Want to. Swing and found that not held by community Trout line Peter away. Straight here went. Just beaming down live about thirty feet trying to get Cody Hoyer wins. By employer. Who is working from distraction over here basically. Facing. Third base he could seem out of the morning denied that. He stayed rock still. Still wanna do. Dick Cochran. Runner's lead away. Outfield shading Cochran around toward left the pitch. A feeble barely missed low. Fat or breaker. And Cochran. Little fortunate. Still be up there two balls and construct. Few balls two strikes one out. Bases full of cowboys. Here's the bottom of the fifth. Lawyers pitch and high three and two and now it's gone as far as it again with. Cochran wanted to make it happen right there. When it. Runners at every base and Zelman on deck. Lawyer. With the glove up around his chance looking in for the sign three balls two strikes one out. Runner's lead away from every base Cochran waits at the plate the pitch. Fly ball out down the left field line and out of play we'll do it again. So Hoyer threw him a strike Cochran just boiled. Wind continues to drift out or blow. As the this continues to roll in over the outfield. Cochran and Hoyer locked up in a dual. Here's a stretch by Cody. Three Q again swing and now back again. Don't think we'll look out want to. Everybody in the ballpark. Including Cochran expecting I heater on preemptive. Do you have number one. And aborted due didn't. And number two enough trust that your secondary stuff you get a strike on a you can throw something off speed for a strike here but. You also don't have anyplace to put. Cochran. And lawyers that's fit to these fastball. Greet you again. He threw a breaking ball struck him out. Back door slider and Cochran can't believe. You mouth. Big strikeout for a lawyer but he I don't look at home. Well he did have the guts to throw something other than fastball and it paid off. Well one more big one again. In what might be lawyers last inning he. Got 78 pitches. In the tank and only a few more left. Dangerous here waiting Selma. Already with a home run tonight bases loaded two outs. Breaking ball bounce one ball no strike is not about. Give Selma numbers picked out there. Could very well determine that make me stay stays in this game. Result of this event. With proven on our next guest is getting better not quite as much power but. Warrior stole work left to do. One ball no strikes. Lined an incentive motivation. Good score. To throw them into the middle of the diamond. The ball RBIs and lawyers killed in the cars. They can they build it. That's the long. Now here's probing Donna. Lee has been cut in half this six to three. Everybody staying put in the shocker dugout for the moment. Gunner Trout line out in front of home plate looking into the dugout for the defense of science so. We'll see if lawyers allowed to continue looks like he's going to. Try to get programs on up. Do right handers in the shocker then so wouldn't much matter. What decision not Butler makes as far as. Her words can be a right. And he and Mike Steele feel like lawyers got enough left to get out in six to three Wichita State. Inning started with a leadoff single. Aided by a walk. For over and done it takes I'm announced size one ball no strike them. It would appear that Cody is just about on me. If he can get one more round. Relevance Donald represents. The tying run in the ball game now. You walked twice. Very good betting night. And now it's you know. Probing Donald last year at 33654. Runs batted. So in a lot of pain every bit as dangerous as. Game Selma and we just singled in two runs. Here's our great got a little too want. Clayton McGuinness is now the only shocker relievers throwing. There were a couple now it's just him. Few balls one strike 63 Wichita State and a action packed it in. There goes the runners when it's now back to the screen. Soon to. Off was. Shane Delmon. Selma its fight these cases a year ago. Fifty ahead 79. Stolen back last year the 39 game one guy. And he is no longer on team. Two balls two strikes two outs. To win. Upstairs runner go to trying to steal around and they're going to. Floor. And pat down and down. Is Selma so that you sort of and so the state run down long enough Duhon who brought the blades doctors. Did not attempt the middle and you know. Lawyer did not at camp they've been really look you have won't play. Just wanted to get home and count me and the shocker in the Oregon with a lead which they didn't let me after getting behind in the top of the younger he had three back and still we had the top this particular sport now. Shocker six countless four. The jewel dishwasher struggled to make it to the quality meals and you better get in to win some points during their January clearance sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag can or kitchen. But this is over 25 miles on display to make your final decision easy. Plus their large inventory means you get same day or next day delivery and install on most models get installations today and get that cold noisy inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new world. Whirlpool Maytag amana for a kitchen aid Energy Star rated dishwasher and ask about free install on qualifying models. The shelter insurance we know landlords have to keep up with the renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just dropped Biden picked up your rent check. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy that helps cover stuff in case of fire theft and more wouldn't. I just moved back and smelled them you mean dad's new mini case. Shelter insurance through your shield we shelter. Or renters insurance CK eighty Shanle or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay dirt out than derby this. Martin living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as. For any thoughts very little offensive output and home. And the fifth inning. Got everybody. Woke up five runs for the shock first three or make these state walks were a part of both. It's about 63. Shocker as we had six. We offer Wichita state of the it'll lower third of the order. Josh you backers the DH and leadoff. Well more still out there. Or make the pitches outside one ball no strike. The backers started that. Five run sixth inning if you will with a strikeout they had one out nobody on. Within the next five shocker she reached. Capped by Alec bold and Grand Slam. The backer takes a called strike one and one. You backer Trout line and Boyer. The schedule hitters strong winds had two really good swings paired doubles one of the gap in left center one on the left field line. All six of the shocker here it's gone for extra base. In the back to pick the colts drive it. Wanted to. Trout lines got a couple doubles their bid to pop fly doubles and two long home runs great and generous there with nobody on. In the fourth. Ballot bowl with three men on in the fifth. What intended to backer. Through this starting nod as the DH tonight. And grounds won the first giving ground for over gonna take itself. And shot zero for three south sixth inning starts the backers now let off three separate and throughout wine with a pair of doubles and a run scored the started things after the backers started things last inning with a double. Down the left field line. Workers have cashed in on some charity. Couple walks. In that last half inning that they've turned into runs. Three losses matter back. Trout lines out in front bounces one to third match will lift them up throws low the dugout fight broke out. Up and you out of the doctors say it. And now here's Jordan border. Mean. He's a drought wind picked on the first bits and bounces one to thirty retired for the first time. Boyer worked a walk. After Trout lines double in the fifth inning. He came up with Trout line at second base also in third with. Popped out to the second baseman takes outside one ball no strikes. 66 and open the shocker 440 for the cowboys game one but three game series here on. Opening weekend in Lake Charles. Back to a more. Long hold the stretch with nobody on the pitch that's in their first strike. McLemore was the one that served up the Grand Slam by Alec the home. Inside two balls one strike. Nobody on cue up top the six shocker leading fixed before. They trailed one nothing after three. It was tied after four and a lot of fireworks in the fifth. Sliced foul by Boyer got. Pitch to handle and he did you want them. The. And I guess that earlier that. Eight Anderson gave up three of the runs he you know that you know all. The three that he faced and put on the fifth goal came around to score the course just a home run the previous inning. DOJ lawyer. When bounces and agreed to. If Boyer can reach back to the top of the order we we go through. Luke Ritter. Pro and not know who is up there with. First and third and two outs when they ran it the late steal we'll be back up there lead off bonds six from it needs. Free to swing and this guy if it 32 pitch down. 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Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work. Each year less help and we'll open doors for you go to express cruise dot com to find a location near you. Decent GB joins from beyond regional media week nights at eleven time and again. In the books is doctors hanging onto a six the four lane as we had the home half of the six. Cody lawyers tonight is done and he goes five innings allowed. Four hits. Four runs all of them earned. He walked three hit a batter. And also struck out eight. Allowed a home run. And he can only be the winner. As he exits. With the shocker six before so now it will be in the bullpen. And trusted minor. He had a right hander from what you know I think. Will be making his shocker debut blew that out of the bullpen. Minor redshirt last year native of Frisco Texas late night alone he's 6215. Do you belong to a fun yeah drops way down to the side is safe side army specialist. And he will get the sixth inning here and based fuel probe Modano left hand batter. Miners side arm delivery those figures bought but the next few after him Maxwell. And males or both right and back. So miners first pitch as a shocker failed in their first guy. Miner working from the stretch but nobody on. Kind of preserve the lead and eventually hopefully the win for the shocker here on opening night. When little bit outside a side arm sinker. Wanders off the outside edge. For Preston minor. Nobody on nobody out here in the bottom of the sixth. Shocker holding August 6 quarterly. Please foul back and out of line again the sixteen last year and make me state that could really hit. They. We're missing their top hitter from a year ago. And the fourth fifth and sixth best hitters statistically. From a year ago the hold overs obviously. Romans on Alcan Feldman lying on the left field line just now we're at now on the line. This twisted often found them made by a couple feet. Of proven silence on the left to carry the load offensively. Warren nick needs from a year ago a team that won 37 games won their conference with 22 and five. That means you in this now. Won their first conference championship in eleven years. Programs not only. Flare that dropped him. For a base hit to right field. For the Donald working on a perfect night. Don't little flare over the heads. Lew Ritter shocker second baseman. It settles in right field for hits leadoff man has been on there from the meats eat the last four and making a great team on that in my. When I hadn't. Analyses how Maxwell and Mayo if allowed to vote that. We'll handle site army right hander Preston mind. Maxwell. Waits the pitch slider low and away one ball no strike. Cowboys last year as a team hit 305. Mentioned sixty home run. This year they're picked to finish third in the south. Pop fly to shallow right field over. Borderline looking up into the fall makes the catch. Retreating to first base. Proven non. So one out. Before heading. The eighth that put the leadoff man on only last inning. They catch anybody. Here's Mayo who. Is glad to see Cody lawyer Gani struck out twice against. The Australian native. Now gets a side arming right hander minor any fouls on right back to screen etiquette cut. In Mayo big guy from Sydney Australia. Weatherford college a year ago to 92 with five home runs. Ended up with thirteen total home runs in his two years. That weather for. It's a little inside. One ball and one strike. And being from Sydney Australia. In addition to playing baseball. When he was the kid also played cricket. So balls bounce in the dirt don't automatically think he might not throwing it. When sales in their first strike slider. Broke with the play could be beautiful. One ball a few strikes. Shocker lead at six to four. Tying run at the plate. With one out in the bottom of the sixth. Mine her long hole stretch the one to. Half fitness center field. Starting back for the upcoming year and it is center fielder Jennifer makes the catch a big swing by. Mayo kind of what Grayson a little bit and hung up there are plenty long enough of course the wind drifting out left senator helped blown up killing zone that you found that need. They could street in the center fielder he started that three run fifth inning. With Dave what looked like harmless. Single up the middle. You walk and hit batter later. Helped set the stage for that. Three run fifth keep these data to divorce shocker bottom of the sixth. And I went flying at half price for a field. Wheldon Don around second and he's going to be held up a very good god I'd go with the good overdue. Preston miners. I got the tying run on birthday. But the thought I was off with the kids. And straight here this. Smacked it into right center field. Where the second baseman we'll and created a nominee long. That's gonna do it for Preston miner and his. Think Clayton yes. Going to be your new shocker reliever. So minor in his shocker debut. Couldn't quite. Negotiate the sixth inning. Gave up a leadoff single got a couple of outs in the run single. And pro Madonna and third it. Straight Murray and virtue may be his responsibility. And get us. Try to put out the fires at 64 Wichita State bottom of the sixth. No offense score Britney was quiet for quite awhile. But we'll go there and now the shocker graphite. Bob Maginnis. I get the final out six here on opening night from. Joseph Miller ballpark that jello. As it's known around here and because. It is here give me. Volume. Here in Louisiana. Or a lot of the longer owes sounding words. The agents around here little. Haven't spelled PAU ads and that football stadium which was visible. When the sun was out beyond right center field now that if the market now that. The fall if that's the rule him via CN. On the side of Cowboys Stadium says. Go cowboys but it's G-8 and some BP. Pat Buchanan. The gentle. As you walked into the ballpark is JP eight you acts. Joseph Miller ballpark so here's Clayton mcinnis put runners at first and third. We threw away shoppers. Now nursing a six to four lead they let it at one point 61. For the cowboys got up off the deck and now they are. Purely back in this one big down. They give us a right hander from. Amazonian Missouri's air it's a bad night. Appeared in when he won and do your own team. The ball. Out of the bullpen. So minor for two outs and now Maginnis. And read Bork. One of the three left hand batters. In the airline out. They elect bill mcginnis instead of Kilgore. Siegel. Or any other left hander down the pin their Gordon mcinnis. Friday in the thread here in the six to throw to first. Make sure that frustration or. Not up to anything over their first. Hits are now even six. Shocker we'll have the top of the order in the seventh. After going 1236. First pitch swinging and swan Lake Powell back over the roof on the left side read more kids. Struck out and grounded him. Safety teams tomorrow played it 3 o'clock. On the air with a pre game in June 30 right here on in assess Sunday's game is at eleven and it's over on the FH. Sports Radio 1240. And 975. Pregame starting at 1030. Mcginnis. And got her Trout lines catchers don't get together and have a little conference. What's gonna happen here on don't want. Leo and any who would get hit shocker debuts tomorrow. Shocker right handed freshmen that start on the mound. 64 righty from Colorado. Due to start tomorrow. Yes for the belt he'll want. I'll back this screen only. So I mean both times Morton has melt off both offerings. Now is gonna have to get on. Clay McGuinness terms for a little bit. Pain after it will be that picture form. Make me state tomorrow also writing him. TBA for the shocker Sunday morning. And Wichita State were facing lefty Brian king. In the finale. No Walton threw strikes Maginnis. Way ahead in the count. Steps off looking. Streets are back at first straighter actually without even throw went diving back taking no chances. The freshman read Bork went. The tying run at first base he represents the go ahead run. In the bottom of the sick shocker leading fixed before. Breaking ball low runner goes and doctors don't make a throw down there it was. Pretty apparent that frustration can be stopped about two thirds of the way into the brutal they're trying to steal another run but I'll wind didn't throw. And the last about fifteen feet stories you're just walked the rest of the way. They stole a run in the fifth inning. With runners at the corners. Shocker did throw down eventually got the out the runs scored. Just outside. Begins right behind me about it. But it's. Just 34. Out of time out of its second base a base hit the outfield. That does this thing up. No one down shocker then for the moment. Breaking ball stayed behind three include. Some mcginnis that in Poland do. And now he is gone the distance with re bored. With wells truly. The schedule hitter and ninth hole hitter waiting on deck. Mcginnis from the stretch. Comes set at the belt. Brings in the three to popped up foul back over the roof and again. News. She goes we're told our ballpark. Hey Charles Louisiana the campus of these states. Sandra Hamlin back in the studio. Here on opening night. It's a stretch by mcginniss. And again that 32 pitch here on the ground the second bishop doing Ritter comes charging throws the first time again has. Extinguish. The fire. But not with a little dramatic. Left out the old. Dude it's no runs two out shot the hanging on to believe him on the seventh we go. With the shocker six and nick Heath they won't. It's time again to go inside the numbers with beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help you strategize and make plays that helped improve performance and put pressure on your competition. Everyone needs entrusted advisor who's yours. Learn more about the many ways we help our clients go to eat Katie got comes and goes shot. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe things contract. Grade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Oh thank you deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk's harbor this is. Join us more things right here on KNS ass. Ahead in the top of the seventh inning. Joggers leading six before they'll send it. Top of the line up the face. Reliever Peyton McLemore. Has been in there since he gave up Alec homes Grand Slam. After that he gave up a pop fly double shooting caught. And with greater takes strike and they've retired everybody else you face it just made one mistake really to Alec bone but that's the difference in the game. The greater is all for too little walk. He scored in that five run fifth. The curve ball misses outside. Wanted to want. Six runs six hits no lawyers Wichita State four runs six hits no errors. When it meets their. One and wonder Ritter. Too and wonder hitters that mrs. Lowe. Again the chargers lead the overall series to want so they haven't gotten together too many times. Meet meet state wanna gain in 2003. In Lafayette 43. And then they went to Wichita for two gamer in 2005. And Ridder takes a little bit outside three balls and one strike. Since the program was resurrected the shocker dark 29 and eleven. In season openers. Hand mighty rip and afoul backed by Ritter preemptive. The last time is John. Loss they season opener was also a road games 2015. When they lost 85. At Sam Houston State. Three balls two strikes nobody on nobody out shocker seven. And that went on this so Ridder. Sure wouldn't wanna live on the fifth the difference there he draws a leadoff walk. And that is a big potential. Insurance right over there first for the shocker still ways to when you bundle more moment. Matt Moore is allowed to face great innocent looked like another lefthander going to be summoned him. To try to fix it mean. Washington bricks came in as they have them promptly walked just over the bases. Loaded. And it would appear that MacBook wars tonight is finished. And it is they have made it called the bullpen. Some actual war ended up giving up two hits. In one and two thirds innings. They're pretty good job once they hits but justice greens it could be a little fly ball that shortstop over him in the left field foul line. A leadoff walk in the late innings normally. Not fruitful for whoever doled out and which does he hopes that. Serves again here tonight. One and two thirds two hits one run to this point one walk one strike out. Or hate math anymore. Don't go back up all of them. Right okay. Brody Strahan. 61205. From nearby sulphur Louisiana. He becomes the fourth pitcher of the night. Warming needs today chargers got five out of Cody lawyer who. Miner for a couple of hitters. And they get it closed up six. The Brody stray hand and left the wheel base and grace and Janet step. With greater hurt and nobody out and see how god Butler likes to play here. Of course you probably don't wanna get too cute with a cup of golden spikes award watch list of nominees coming up and a wide open right side of the infield for. Grayson tennis that you yet. Mac is more a year ago. Or I'm sorry Strahan rather. He is just a freshman so. This is his debut. First pitch. Curve ball bounce and almost got through the wicket blocked by Duhon. Who closed door just in time. General still has grounded to first. Homered to right senator. And walked the bases loaded with one for two with two RBIs and he scored points. And throw to first. Well read by Luke Ritter. Shocker with their lead off man aboard here in the seventh. Hanging onto a six to four lead. Fastball sailed high is. Strahan dropped down a little bit and now. Grace and Janice. Upon the count two balls no strikes. Shocker to go on unofficially for walk here tonight. Three of them in succession. They all came in the fifth inning they all scored. Upstairs freeing up. Not surprisingly a right hander is getting loose behind stray hand so we figures. The face just jealous that and so far he hasn't thrown in the strike. Watch we're big part of the rally for the shocker in the fifth. High strike up around letters Greenwald. Outfield of course playing just a very deep. The center fielder straight there is almost out of sight. Between his depth and the fog. Here at the joke. It's got away from him just the took a mighty hack came up empty preemptive. The win that they've both been blowing here at Joseph Miller ballpark all night is no longer. Big American flag. It deep left center field that's now hanging left. Sort of first and diving back is. Ritter Ritter led off with a walk. Strahan as. Worked the count full after falling behind three you know. Kind of got a beneficial trio all. The high strike. Curve ball hit in the air right field pretty well here but back on it and at the track is Mayo to make that. Didn't quite get all of it it was a curve ball that was down. And give us that the good pass on it that. It has gone under new. Moon and owners won't. And Duhon looking into the dugout seeing it. Justin hill's gonna come out and go. Situationally yet. If he does that will be five pitchers used tonight but looks like bombs and get a chance to face Strahan left. One on one out. And a pick the first. So it's a big spot for. Strahan just freshman. And her first one out he's already got a big out in tennis after falling behind in three and out. Another throw to first. And that was just to stall tactic so he wasn't going to be allowed to face the home after all. Those Strahan is the second left the oddity that means wolf in. That was asked to get Grayson canister. They were one out of two. In an effort here tonight. So Brody Strahan we'll exit after getting Janice then they get a couple of throws to first. Justice. Stall for time. For the fourth reliever of the night we'll need to come in. Ritter first. After the leadoff walk. And Strahan after going three and two on Janice good going to fly out to the track in right. And now. Nick needs is gonna punt early start arming righty of their own countering Preston minor. For the shocker. Okay. Hey hey there. They briefly here. With the new pitcher. Or make me stay. Side arming right hander with a runner at first we want now. Laker eight junior. He is from face certain fans. Not terribly far crazy does that hometown. And he went to Kansas City community health. So be it from and a lot of time in game. And. He becomes the fifth pitcher of the night six the fourth top of the seven. Amy Anderson that the first born at third. And then breaks for one batter and back in the morning and see third. Strahan retires the only batter he faced. Avery flicker when you. Wolf had five appearances last year. And got ten out. Or in the weeks. So here our first. Runner first one out. Shocker leading by two. And the home of big Sweeney fouled off these foot on strike and nothing to Alec bone well struck out in the first. It'll flared double that probably should have been caught the fourth. And then hit a Grand Slam to center in the fifth. The game that was. Moving right along and through the first floor where the pitcher dominated has suddenly. Slowed to a crawl. Certainly a lot of pitching changes the salon visits to the mound from either pitching coaches are catchers. And frankly not as many strikes being thrown the last couple of innings did. Along the ball. I hope outside corner of his safe. Look like it was outside the lake called a home plate umpire now it's nothing into that. Side arming fastball had Alec bowl giving a little ground. Mason O'Brien waiting on that. All six of the shocker hits tonight and gone for extra base ward doubled to run. And that would smash to right field very well hit and Mayo go one back on the run make. The head on the track athletes yeah it was Ridder and he goes back to. Read that announcement go to second base. So a fly ball to right field over into the corner. That male had a run along the way full. Alert Lee Ridder went back tag. And march 2 base then went out to. Cut the ball off but no one else loose anywhere close and Ridder wins the race to second base and boy it. Mason O'Brien could somehow get him in. That would really be again. Wichita State. Shoppers have. Just the one hit with runners in scoring position tonight that was the home's Grand Slam. O'Brien has lined to third struck out. And hit a pop fly double that just landed inside the chalk. I'm not a 115 feet from home plate. O'Brien tired of waiting time call. So Mason O'Brien. Kind of catch in his first hit as a shocker or a first RBIs kids that. And double plays can get the chance they're gonna try to intentionally walk him but. Apply here almost threw a strike. On the first offering that was intended to be of course way outside. We're not that far off the plate either. 210 but. Even an unintentional walk setting those to be deemed as borderline pitches. That little farther in the right hand batter's box three you know. Do god. Due up next those of the big spot for him the hometown kid. And there's all fours so O'Brien. Intentionally passed. We're big and you've gotten. Me you. You garner has. Grounder to short. Struck out looking. And grounded to third. Peyton. Trying to atone for. A bit of a sophomore slump that he went through last year hitting. Just above 200 and little flare to right field than it was found on how to play. The balls and one strike. Ritter second. O'Brien at first they both want. Do go to as a freshman. Hit 304. Flashed a little power had four home runs. But last year slumped to three 206. And had a hard time put the ball in play. They're a big spot here. His hometown. 64 shocker stop with a seven. Inside move shaking Ridder back. Nine wanted to do up in the order in the bottom of the seventh format the state. They left the tying run on there. In the sixth when plate mcinnis got read more ground out. Alone that's hit the left field over toward the corner. And a score. And it just was you know it got an awful lot let's topside it was run through by O'Brien when you win the race back to the. A double life they do you guys given the shocker they get through. And boy how about that. Hit the. Base running play by Luke greater a couple of batters ago. That in essence is the reason why the shocker to catch it and and up they get back out and I great job by Dayton did got to hang in there wouldn't against the side arming him. Leaguer who. Swung on and therein Dayton did I was ready forty belt to get in the lap and out of the reach of Salman. Or 874 shocker lead now second and third. When Sammy after Zito was putting on that stop sign and a big way try to get O'Brien to put on the breaks. As young fouls one back. Fortunately the throw came into the third baseman. And he was far enough toward the outfield that O'Brien was closer to the bag he was. And duke got in the second base with a double that date with a big RBIs doubles shocker to lead it seven before. A big big two out base hit. With a runner in scoring position thanks to head's up base running by Luke Ritter. On a fly ball to right field. Strikes in the air it. Travis young ladies struggled tonight go through three with a pair of strikeouts. Sole lead off walk does come around to score shocker catch it and oh into the Travis yup. Dude got blazing fast to second base. Swing and afoul back to pitch stayed up one side arming slider it's fun there. And young. We'll get to see another one. So the seventh consecutive extra base hit. Wichita State. Doubled number five finish doctors. Has given him a 74 lead here in the seventh. Young patiently waiting to play. Inside almost hitting the slider that was meant to be outside. And wanted to. Donors lead away O'Brien from third. You've got from the second. You got against they believe he wants is nowhere near. The left field back until then it's over his new. And I'll pull all. You are gonna score. Any extra bases for the shocker rabbit hill with a two strike. Two out. To RBI double and a shocker here but behind the old. Amazing shocker. Every last one there hit. Have been extra bases. And after that drought mid game with runners in scoring position. You got a young and answered the bell. And a shocker to have their five run lead back. Three run scoring here in the Yonder mountain. Alan Jackson is gonna pinch hit or Josh if backer. It rays say last time to backer was up there he got the nod as the DH but. Shocker that two other left hand batters that either played a lot last year or had a good summer and that was Jackson. The former. And Jacob Capps beat the latter. That's Vienna really nice summer offensively. But the backers. Got the nod tonight would go for three and out Jackson. With a chance to get the shocker is yet another big insurance run. Any swings late coupon towards shocker dugout to Jackson up there from the left side with. Travis young at second base big big pair of two out doubles. Mike Dayton do gotten Travis you know. I feel good for Dayton do got to come back home and provide a spark here in the late innings. Alex a year ago as a freshman 251. And a 179 AB. And little blooper up the middle that shortstop behind the bag makes it can't. And pork. Stole him away from Alex's accident you play the shocker today. And why does that and they got on the golf long. Hours later than usual warm. And and then they do god and Travis done deliberately doubles and wearing out machines sell them. Eleven fielder here in this them reruns. They want to laugh. Scratch time here at Joseph Miller ballpark it's not a shocker behind him and he's staying warm. 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To volunteer or to sponsor class and we are glad inner calm cares. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm Kia. Hay ground ball in the seventh inning here on opening night you Joseph Miller ball mark him as unity state Lake Charles, Louisiana. Came to us with here at the ballpark injury Hanley back studio. Shocker for their five run lead back nine to form. Plays and again as we know how badly we created even. Face well Julie. Here in the bottom of the seventh. Full scoring update for you. In that play in question where it talked about Ridder but the heads up play worry tagged up on a liable to mail it right field. They have assessed. An error on the throw in Romania. That allowed greater to get to second base so was it just they. An advance on a fly ball to the outfield it would have been certainly unconventional that had been but. There had to be a mistake made for him to actually get second base. To Wilson who. Wells Cooley is one the one who walked. Single in the third. And walk and a run scored then. Maginnis is trying to retired the lead off man for the first time since the second inning. Lawyer did have a very good job overall bit. In the first couple of innings. Got the lead off man out but then in each of the next four. They've reached. But one. But curve ball strike nothing into plea Maginnis. Has coolly by the neck. 91 and two in the order here in the home half of the seven. Here's a stretch by mcginniss Nikko to breaking ball there. Against saint few teams here tomorrow it'll be 8:3 o'clock start you on here and 34 you right here on CNN offense. William Eddy. Pitch from Wichita State shocker rookie. Right hander against right handers one and student. Wells Cooley. And pitch. He started to swing been held up behind fastball loose swings. In my LA last year and in Wichita State then won the Grand Slam all year. Jordan boy here. Got one here tonight. Tune into the pitch. And now once it's in their three into some Maginnis. Got ahead but couldn't stay ahead of world schooling. And now he's on the count pool. Nobody on nobody out bottom of the seventh at Philips and it lost things that you could not close ball for. Five consecutive innings. Shocker pitchers. Have allowed the leadoff man to reach. And three of those five they've been walks. So back to the top. You you want him dead. Do on it didn't hit. Handed over to do otherwise. So Cooley is yet to be retired. Couple walks and singles. It dead a lot of base runners from the fifth until now. Not many the first four innings. Job like Cody Hoyer. He and. His opposite number guy into a pitcher's dual effort forcefully enough now back against jumped ahead of doesn't do on the catcher. Eight and Anderson started and went Florida hurt them. Or make needs. On the hook for the win a shocker to stand for a. Owen one to deal on. Here's the pitch. Swung like bow back same pitch and resolve. Bullets do. Nothing in due to the cowboy catcher grounded out the first struck out against lawyer in the fourth. And Cody hitting with a breaking ball in the fifth for the first time they see anyone other than employer. Oh two's outside scrambling back to first news Cooley. Under first nobody out bottom of the seventh shocker to lead by 59 before. Right hander against right handers. Do you on weighs about waiting. Here's the one to. And now when bounce avoid. Clayton McGuinness had no trouble getting ahead of hitters that. Is. Have a little bit difficult to put them life. Ahead of cooling but walked him. Got ahead of Bork. And then. When as far as he could put him in the sixth with a lawn but finally got Ingraham now. Do into the stretch. Pitch. Pat down and now back to pitch up around his eyes and you want tomahawk it back through history. Shocker about it the cowboys eight to six. All eight shocker here it's an extra base hit. Six doubles. Q diggers. Do a kid to do on. Long hold the stretch Maginnis pitch. And time was called he threw it anyway and. And ended up being a strike. But what at the last minute time was granted it home plate. And Al. Mcginnis gonna have to do it again. That was extremely late. Time out being granted. Stretch by mcginniss. 22. And now when bounces gets away from Trout line but not far enough what. Plate and again it's making things hard on himself after getting ahead in the count. Three balls and two strikes. Jake Cochran in the heat in the order. Due up next though. The pretty big hitter for mcinnis to get the game out you're feeling okay here's the bottom of the seventh that if not. Invitational at cowboys back in it again doctors have led by five. Points to the one and nine to war. That's where we are the bottoms up. Popped him up. Into right field and do guided CNN. First because the applaud him out of the second baseman Renner in the attack the first. And just in time getting back faith that hurt with the law or the best or whatever it is as heavy as it is. Do you guy I don't know beat whoever's on the very best he thought late. What a great job by rigor to get out there will. We're seeing here a medium there right you don't try to point it out but never stopped. And I think he ended up the one making me over the shoulder catch frankly it was hard to see. From here. Right fielder you've got courses it is gray uniform it's hard card to make him out out there is certain in the ball game. And they almost turned it into a double play. Hurt a fly ball to center field yes they're going back to the track. And he makes the catch I guess it's hard to see him out there clearly flings it back into the infield. That's the darnedest thing over the pliable that relatively deep center field but caught. Near the warning track it would appear blue moon hey yeah. Fly balls now are certainly no sure thing. But the outfielders good on Grayson pianist. Seattle and off the bat. It makes you wonder. It's not terrible that but it makes you wonder how much worse it has to get before. Outfield just can't see a flyable together. Playing in this my Salman. On a slider in his left foot nothing and one. There's an eventful opening night here at Joseph Miller ballpark. A bit of everything. At times good pitching at times some shaky pitching. Lot of extra base hits are base runners 94 Wichita State. In the fog. Here in Lake Charles. And little inside out liner to right field the base hit Thelma. It didn't work. Coolly to second base stuff there Salmons had a good night offensively. Three out of war. Good hitter and maybe stay. So any continues for. Opens on now. And we'll see if that's the end of the night in that is that the end line for Clayton again so we couldn't quite. Get out of the bottom of the seventh he will be credited with a wonderful innings of work. I hit a walk him. No strikeouts youth. No runs allowed yet. And like steel cot Butler. The bullpen again this will be the fourth pitcher for Wichita State. Penalty Chandler Samberg. Though Sandberg will inherit a two on two out situation there. It is. An interesting. The last few times it. Probe and the auto has come to the plate. Minor side arming right hander greeted him in the sixth. By the way he's been on their all three times. But. With the shocker having at least three left handed relievers in the bullpen they've elected. The last two times that well Madonna is come up with you let a right hander faced him. Of course minor right hander pitched through it to start this day feel the life. They were bringing in right hander striking out left hander in a big situation but in this situation. They're electing go with. Some experience that you didn't mean Chandler and maroon him. To probe Adonal it. If you walk in a single. Sandburg needs Avon Indiana native. Making his first appearance of the season last year. He appeared in. A career high 45 game. Made a couple of spots dark but for the most part he was. Wondered if you inning guy 35 innings a year ago with. Opponent batting average at 230 very good. He will be making me it's fifty perseverance as a shock. Right. So Sandberg. Against probing don't know here in the bottom of the seventh two on two out shocker my 59 to form. 89 and one due up in the shoppers in the eighth when we get there. It is. Still kind of an eerie. Looking outfield with a bogon. Nest as Chandler Sandberg misses outside. Left hander loosening in the make me stay bullpen so. It could be that Justin hill. Go back to the pen for six different pitcher. In the eighth mostly. Two and oh Sandburg misses with the first do. Carson Maxwell right hand batter would be neck home but. Romans on those guys that really had a good judgment and strike zone very good hitter to begin with but people helped. Sandberg behind 20 no. And that's misses three you know and Sandburg in one pitch away from them. Really inviting disaster. Shocker pitchers tonight have walked. Form. Cooley is walked twice. Perlman is not a proven not always walked twice. Samberg has fallen behind three you know. And now when captain. We were moving right along through four innings but pitching is. Given way to the hitting over the last three. Three want his high ball for their loaded. The shocker bullpen. Here in opening night it is. It's shaky at best they've managed to sidestep a bunt to land mines though to be clear. A great team. And in the morning minor and mcginnis combined to strand two in the sixth. And if Sandberg can get Maxwell here in the seventh. The cowboys will left five on in the last two. Though. This could be the ball game again. That's right in their first I cannot feel nothing you want. Bases full cowboys. Cooley at thirty started the inning with a walk. Then after few bouts Selma and with a opposite field single he's that second. Proven zeile at first after his four pitch walk. Another big juncture in the game. Inside and that puts him. Those embers come in and walk them. And hit a man. And just like that the tying run is that the play. Both full offensive band shaky. And. First guy I think yeah. Tennis and I. Could end up winning the game for his team whoever it may be. Blocked my mail. Big Australian right fielder who go for three. Comes up where with a bases loaded to Sandberg walked the man in the hit the man to force in a run. Now it's nine to five. Mayo looks at a strike down around the knees nothing in line. Again male in his first year in the program. And junior college transfer. Who had. Some power. At Weatherford college five homers last year 82 years ago. We're both low wanted to want. Robbie Evans. Now getting loosen shocker pin. Boy here than minor than mcginnis now Sandberg. Kind of put out another fire. Swing and yes good breaking ball went into. Shocker with one in the four or five in the fifth. Three in the seven cowboys won the first three in the fifth. And won here in the seventh. Nine to five at the moment one bowl Q strikes Mayo calls time. Sand berms working out of the stretch. Got the sign he wants from true. Outline the pitch strike three called on the outside corner. And nailed it represented the tying run couldn't pull the trigger and a shocker. Walked the line again. One run. One here. Who walks a hit batter. And the cowboys leave them loaded big screen to five in the last two innings. We'll go to the eight it's not a shocker nine that these state by. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Services not available for a plan. Yeah. Don't miss the educational seminars at the 2018. Outdoor living and wins deep chill going on all three gates march 2 through the court. Rod to you by the Sedgwick county extension office along with McCain's heating and cooling. Your independent train comfort specialists can see what annuals reels vegetables and trees are new for 2018. The more music outdoor living and landscape show. Dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad Woody's John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. And the other great American join me so. Yet another pitching change. Board Justin hill and the cowboys the victory today. After Peyton Anderson went born at third he's gone through brick Mac global war Strahan. Leaguer. And now. Glory. Adam glory you'll REE a freshman from Lake Charles. We'll be making his. First appearance. And a cowboy uniform. He becomes the sixth different Edgerton. And he'll get better Trout line and Jordan Boyer and Luke Renner 89 and one. It is like here at Joseph Miller ballpark. And the cowboys. In the last two innings of stranded five and scored just one. While Wichita State had a big big clutch seventh inning where they scored three runs. To gain a little. Distance between themselves and the cowboys drop wind takes it strike from glory the left hander. 511200. Pound. And now when missed. One ball one strike. Be listening later for the promo people post game show wheel. And final numbers game recap take a look at some other scores. Before you look to game two tomorrow afternoon. Count wind swings and misses and pitch got away from him Cali fishing one ball and she strikes. Trout line with two really good swings. Double in the second. Acutely double in the third. Double and a run scored this. Gory crowds in the fastball. Two goals and two strikes. Nine runs on just eight hits now for the shock yours that benefited from some. Bases on balls and all eight of their hits so form gone for extra bases and Allen lined to left field for a base hit. Over toward the line Selma to cut it off for outlining the big turn and finally a non extra base hit. But Wichita State has. The leadoff man on their Trout line has a three hit game. So now Jordan warrior who. Warrior has popped out walk. And struck out. Another insurance run that way this thing's going you never know how they were going to be nine to five. The last time the shocker Scott leadoff man on it was last inning and they that scored three lawyer shows but take one down around in Sheehan. And people's about back for bowl on. Trout line is it quite united play. Single to doubles. Boyer. Failed the game over in the third inning with a pop fly the second baseman but then walked with. Trout line at second base with one out in the fifth they both came around to score. Boyer pooled about backing faithful to. After showing bunt again and then in the sixth inning. He ended up striking out it's part of a 123 inning turned in by patent math the more. Former need. There's strike. Do want. They get the guy get the feeling that Jordan boy you're serious about. Lay in one down and try to move Trout line second. Third baseman Maxwell is starting even with the back. Two of the one do about whatever you want you now. Four run lead they bought again for your failed to get down and fouled it back behind home plate. Again Boyer last year very good RBI man but in this situation you can see the logic. Four late in the game. Just try to get one more here he's getting more over. He has not laid down a sacrifice bunt successfully in his career. And smacked one into left field thinking quickly it can drop in crime Thelma for a base hit. So border failed to get the ball down but he singled to left. And now the shocker that you want and nobody out there threatening again. Lou greater Beulah. And now this is. Not as much of Bunning situation as you might think because. Even if Ritter lays one down let's say and move them over they're not gonna pitch to great suggest that you wouldn't think it probably intentionally walk him. But it's always nice having ballot bowl back there behind him so we'll see how it played out here and we'll see if Todd Butler elect to give away an out here. With gory. And little bit of trouble two on nobody out the other place. Highs not showing what won enough. Luke Ritter. Oh for 22 walks. Bases on balls and runs scored in each of his last two plate appearances. On a foggy humid opening night. Here at Joseph Miller ballpark. Not the fourth inning the mist and fog started rolling in been here ever since. Fly ball foul back and out of play one and want. And with that flawed picks that are up. Not long after it got here the wind died down completely. One ball one strike two on nobody out there shocker eight. Nine to five Wichita State here in the open. Greater thought about it took time to launch borderline pitch. Game 2 tomorrow at 3 o'clock. William Eddy will make his debut for the shocker the freshman from Colorado. On the mound. 21. Spring and in this way I could cut me out lifting him two balls in Kuester. Again a reminder Sunday's game 11 AM. And if you want to follow it. You gotta go to KF eight cash. In Wichita Sports Radio 1249875. Over and KFC to eleventh Sunday morning. To do. I'm looking and down goes Ridder. Something out away from me that he just gave up on and Ritter failed to move the runners. He's now over three. Well that was absolutely the best thing that gory could've hoped more news. He takes care Ritter the runners don't advance and now it's a lefty lefty matchup. Although. Not exactly bargain but grief in Afghanistan. You he has grounded to first. In a solo home run walked the bases loaded and flied out to be right. Runner's lead away the pitch to him. Smashed in right field debate fit on comes may have to pick it up standing at the Yucca put up the stop sign in front line ran through it anyway score. And the girl got away for Trout line it's being held by Sammy that's the you know. And the throw the cane and was a little off line and its dockers again if they're violently back. Third different time tonight he led by fine. And generous not driven in three. Strong wind by the white mountains loan not a speed burner but. Even though he is the catcher he's not slow runs okay. And I think he realized that Mayo was playing deep enough. That that line drive low screamer to him was gonna take a little while to get to Lehman might be a little wet when he picked it up so maybe that three might get bill. Home takes a strike on the Internet. So after eight consecutive extra base hits a shocker now with three straight singles. Here in the sixth or any concern. 105 Wichita State eleven hits overall. All whites runner's lead away. Glories pitch. Strike on the inside corner and Alec home. None too happy with that that was inside he walked away a little bit ticked practice swing but. That one definitely favored. Gore read the pitcher nothing into. First one was right in there and a pretty well executed pitch that looked like it might have been inside. Runners at first and second. Alone to. Gore neat turn and boy if you get thrown at you had the runner at second boy your picked off. He turned to throw there was truly standing on the bag. And boy here we have been dead duck but gory never threw. Still in Q Alec won't. Here's a stretch. The freshman. Lefthander looking at second now brings them. And liner to the second baseman on a hop might be to second baseman text about himself won't make a row throws to third instead. And their two out so not exactly a tailor made double play ball. Just a forced out at second and border heads the third so feel destroyed. That sequence by gory too ball in the hole that there a couple of pitches inside been guiding to refuel on these right. Now here comes Mason O'Brien. We're warrior. At third base and Alec foam out first. Shocker since seen six different pictures tonight five out of the bullpen. While using for. Themselves. Three relievers. O'Brien hits one high in the air down the right field line foul I guess. Is it absolutely disappeared into the fog in the night who knows where that bowl ended up. Now over and of course is the one that. Knows more than anybody where that ball's going again and hit it and he can go anywhere else box so. He was apparently out in front of it enough that. He wasn't even know try to do a sell job on any umpires. First and third the pitch breaking ball hit back through the middle coolly to his right scoops it up put the short stuff or covering. Heavy hitting his old self. 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Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today doctor okay. At different times tonight. And foremost the last three innings. Shocker pitchers have really flirted with danger. But can their credit. They have fifth but not yet broken. Three relievers we actually got three relievers over the last do you any case. Have had. A lot of activity on the base path but only one run and scored. On soccer's. We're clinging to a six to four lead. As they came to bat in the seventh and a couple of really clutch at bat by Dayton did god Travis young. Gave shoppers. A nine to four nine get ya nine to four lead. And then mcginnis. Minor and Sam burned since then. Have given up just a truckload of base runner and only one run is come around school and Sandburg. We'll be back out for the bottom of the eighth inning. And he'll get the lower third of the order. It'll be straight spared the center fielders guard he's gotten hit these last few times up there. And popped one foul backing out of play for attacking. Poland want. I don't know the fog has gotten any worse certainly hasn't gotten any better but the shocker outfielders. Are honestly fairly hard to see except for that ghostly silhouette of Grayson Janice and thinner that's only because there's a blue wall out there. A lot. Half swing beauty you know no one want. Straight through a strike out. And she singled stole dates back in the thick. Shocker to body at the cowboys' eleven to seven. Make these statements made the game's only air. Blown away from sand burned to a one. 1328. Announce here Joseph Miller ballpark tonight. Opening night 2008 team. Nobody on nobody out bottom of the eighth. Shocker by five swing and a foul tip that took a bite out of Gunner Trout line. If the score holds. Or. We need fails. To take the lead. Wartime coding a lawyer will still be aligned with a victory. Got it his way through a tough fifth inning but left with the lead. Due to. An ASE struck him out it's down good slider by Sandberg. Down the first throws. Governor Trout line to complete the strikeout. Illustrates very strikeout victim for the second time he went more than 29 it's the third inning not start since the second inning. Pitching staff that's got the first guy out. Always a good idea. The one away in the freshman read war. Short stuff. Work has been on the outside looking in all night. He picks outside one of them though for three. You really can't say that about too many people. Really in either lineup although. Mitt meet state has had some guys on base. The individual guys on base all night long which makes it seem a lot worse. Pop fly foul back and how to play wanna one. Cochran is worn the collar you know perform. May those though for war. And war is over three a lot of the rest those guys have gotten on base shocker Kim got amount of all. Roman dial had been retired Cooley hasn't been retired. And Selma until have been retired wants. And I clanging off the glove of gutter Trout lines to have one bases empty one out bottom of the eighth. Can five Wichita State. Come virtually for the shocker it's only the DH spot. Has not reached between the backer in Jackson. In Ghana combined over war. Everybody else then on nearly one being a foul backbeat cut. But or. Now that back this green tinted. Tommy born house loosening. In the shocker pan. Don't know how serious he is. About pitching in the ninth inning especially shocker to keep this lead lap we find out it's like recalled right down the middle of war you know. To strike out here in the eighth inning. The city of Wichita State can turn in a 123 inning for the first time since the second one struck out the side and. I can remember. Do believe. Wells truly one of those guys have been retired yet I think when you walk. For your only faced three in the fourth inning on that true one Q3 innings as he walked the leadoff guy that can. I double play. So again tomorrow at 3 o'clock first pitch here on in assets of being. Lian Eddie giving his first start. And came Acker. Aid junior from. The meat state originally from Jasper Texas will get the start. For the cowboys. First pitches upstairs. Wells community squared around to two but but he was taken all the way he has. Think gold. And he the last few times up there he's led. Ended up walking led off with a walk and seven. Swing and Ennis chased a pitch up. One ball one strike we talked about Cody Hoyer in his velocity. Normally 92 to 95 Chandler Sandburg. And visit the mid ninety's now and then to the right moments last year you were humans. Throwing really hard. Swinging and missing its neighbors woke up around the shoulders of not wanting to. In the shocker ninth did die young and Jackson is scheduled hitters. Yet another big piece reliever getting loose down pin. Popped up foul back and out of play into the fog it goes. Well normally lazy fly balls are good for pitchers but on a night like tonight I'm not sure how many wanna serve up and sooner or later. And it's already happened to date due got sooner or later you can lose one in the fought. What a tip. And little pot funerals of two strikes. Taylor Samberg trying to turn a 123 any team in last inning walk demand hit man. And and hitting. May oh. Her arms are Maxwell hit Maxwell that brought in Iran. As it was with the bases loaded. And as he struck out. Not only 13 innings but champ car and learn strikes outside. Antioch thing that we'll need urgently and go to the night doctors leading in the bottom. 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Your next great thing in your outdoor living space can be found at the outdoor living and landscape show march 2 through fourth century two convention center. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep for an end over what a lawyer. Sauce number one talk station. In assets. Exactly right here. The baseball player now. He is picture number 7 of the evening he did two way guy. Who got a little bit of action as a hitter a little bit of action as they position player a year ago not a lot of success. And either. The other 8707. ERA. In nine appearances four of them starts. Over fourteen inning. The little better than that as a freshman you by the way 646 ERA in 23 and two thirds as a freshman. He is not a native of Louisiana blue and his cousin is none other than Louisiana lightning himself. Ron kitrey so good bloodlines for Zack Ryder trying to. Really become one of the few relievers stop the bleeding. They do go out will face him. Any takes a strike in there right hander against right handers do got turned it really solidly be in the seventh inning. This has to end up until last inning. A real back and forth game. Ever since shocker she. Sees what they thought was. Control this game that it's been missed by much one on one. It was one to one going to the top of the fifth that shocker broken open with five runs but then McNeal scored three right back. Swing and this new guy. Upset put himself that writer was able to get one past him wanting to. It'll be due guy young. And Jackson is scheduled hitters here in the ninth but shocker that. In the five. And the sweetness writer drop down through the slider. Maybe look that good fit by writer though. The duke job finishes it would seem that one for five. New moon it's me. And for his vigor as an at bat that duke got turned in and it was big because of two out RBI double. That. Made it eight to four at times. Young then followed suit. What they'd double of his own driving into. Actually it made seven to four and then young drove him to make it nine to. And makes sense padded one in the eight shocker to have. To counter the run that. But these states scored in the seventh. Strike in their 11. Now the score holds in the nation loses they're really gonna look back. At the sixth and seventh inning. Where they had a chance to make it while it is interesting at time they had a chance to really. Have Wichita State on the run went inside to one. In the sixth they came to bat. Trailing six to four. Got the leadoff man on against Preston minor. And then a two out base hit. And then a stolen base swing and ethnic due to gave them second and third with two outs now. Throughout here and obviously a lot they have consistently. In the game of baseball but. They had the tying run scoring position the plate mcinnis got read Bork to strand the tying run second shocking statement ever since. Little tapper to shortstop Bork's charges got to hurry throw in times. Don't confront the port handled it perfectly. The niners Jackson getting his second at bat of the game and then go to the seventh inning. Where Wichita State. Still in front. But they ask you what looked like it was gonna be put away three run. Three rounds of insurance. As we just mentioned by you guys you know. Meet meet state actually load them up scored one but then. Couldn't get anymore there's a strike in Jackson so between the sixth and seventh innings. They had six base runners and only scored one. Leaving them loaded in the seventh. Jackson takes a little outside through tech writers face to retired to. Top of the order in the ninth. Warm acne state will be down at least five. We'll see who it is they face. Jackson takes strike one to. Can runs eleven hits no errors Wichita State five runs seven hits one error make me sick. First eight shocker hits were extra base hits. The last three were singles. Jackson fouled it back but. The final single among that trio was screeching canister that brought in Iran. Even though Gunner Trout winery in through south side. Though there are ten to five. Again straight ahead the promo people post game show and final stats and scores. And a look ahead to tomorrow and this into the game recap Paula. Coming up at the conclusion of the game two balls two strikes two outs nobody on the shocker here at the top of the night. Writers to chip. And that barely missed you really working over Alex Jackson in and out. And Jackson. Walked up there but when. Apparently missed about three and two. Ryder Jackson. Mind in this thinner field station how active. Interest shocker full nation of the game huh. So Alec Jackson. Who apparently is. In front of some family and friends while they're plenty of shocker then you're tonight between. The folks that are from Louisiana. Not Butler they do go on track them fair amount kids from Texas to so. They have had a pretty big cheering section tonight. And that. Interesting. Interesting opening night between shocker from cowboys there's a strike in there. It got her trial one. The big boys for the shocker have delivered Alec ball. Rationed Janice. Between them seven RBIs. There's been all good. There's been. About a warning stretch where everybody. Picks their rear ends off their little twister down the right field line it's gonna land foul I don't know that. Luckily Mayo ever saw it. But it landed foul just widened jock. And again it. Appreciate keeps hanging in there his game working on three and a half hours but. Ever since about the fifth inning. August rolled in it rolled them last night Q did the same thing last night. Unfortunately. Needed teams have to worry about the next couple days because we'll be playing during the day. Sort of first diving back is Alex Jackson. But I'm amazed at only one well not say that Mayo didn't he got fly ball you'll never know it landed foul but. I'm pretty amazing only one fly ball as he didn't want to miss judge because of the fall. Now back might throw line he's had a good night play three hits in four tries. And you feel good for him to especially with last year. Season that he had do endure. Offensively. Only hit 2.4 after nine years of freshman. Didn't hit a single home run in 76 that's only drove in seven. Jackson goes and throwing a felt tip the mixup between you on legs. And Jackson. Will be sent back for. 105 shocker stop of the night. Alex Jackson what they. Two out single to center field. Giving a shocker is an even dozen units. Barn house starting to loosen and maybe loosen again he he might have already been ready but. Has gone back down there again if he was already. Brady go out for the bottom line. And I mean I'd go out for the night that. Shocker is put on another runner to hear mostly. The first runner back it's 02. To better Trout line. Is stretched by writer Tyler Davis is now loosening. And it's going in the cue ball foul over toward peace Duggan so my Mike Steele thought Butler have some options at least they can. Get barn house out there it is outing out of the way or are they saving for another day of much closer day if they want to. Trying to work in another new pitcher we see. I'm a lot depends on what got a trial wind does right here. Hang in and they're going to another throw to first. Since Jackson diving back. First of all the fault it's kind of hard to see all the way down there who is warming up but beyond the whoever's on the mound. In the bullpen. You can't see anybody so it's hard to tell a drop Arafat barn house is ready and already in the dugout. Four pieces sitting in the dugout knowing you didn't have the mind part they'll. This at bat is taking to have a lot of throws to first lot of fallible. The writers sit through do guide young. In another foul ball. Gonna Trout line I would. Say it's pretty safe to say it's in the ball pretty well tonight. Are doubled grumbled third. And leadoff single. In the eight. 02 again. In sign almost hitting. I'm a lower three quarters slider didn't come around. In a reminder of the game on Sunday it will start at 11 AM. Parker's. On getaway day trying to allow playtime for them make the flight home. Swing and it finally beginning to close. As writer went the long duel. But Goddard trauma that you needed some and we go to the bottom line is what you thought they can't think he's made mind. 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The shopping the outdoor living and landscapes still won't open Friday march 2 and runs through Sunday march 4. Century two convention center shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. She's Stevens can join this morning right here on Kate in this event. I'm coming bark out not Tyler Davis Robby out of be a shocker looking for the final three outs. Try to save it for Cody lawyer. Top of the order in the bottom of the ninth. Or maybe they. Wichita State leading ten to five. They have. Out hit the opposition and I twelve to seven. After a slow offensive start mammography. Doctors really cranking up the mid to late inning Joseph Robbie Adams. Well they've Dustin do you want to start. Dick Cochran he's changed moment. You're up. Those doctors have employed. Five pitchers tonight. And if anybody out of Bobby Evans scored. 62200. Pounder. From Frisco Texas. Evans last year. Think pretty well at times especially down the stretch here. It seems a little bit cool and covering 35 inning and you're hit hidden. You ma. Milan Italy and off. Evans was here. Where it all along with notes day. In his 35 and a third innings than any RA of or 33. So Evans against Duhon who's over three. Cochran scheduled up next hole for war. Went upstairs one ball no extra secure our bottom of the ninth inning. Markers up by five. Evans and work from four wind up on the relievers beyond the stretch even with nobody on the comfortable enough to go from the full windup. And little chopper toward short. And 63 goes to play nice job by warrior to come charging if the hop that he wanted and Evans retires. Have to do on new audience. Oprah forced a tough night play as Dick Cochran. Always gotten a warning I needed. He is over four lineup. Couple strikeouts. They need state led at one to nothing into the fourth and but its dockers cranked up the bats. Starting the date just a home run in the fourth. At home Grand Slam of the fifth. Some clutch hitting in the seven. Helped pave the way this ten to five lead. And a fly ball the right center field and I have no idea or is gonna end up. Yes that didn't see it in the right center field. And Cochran's gonna have a quality triple. I could sit and you could face and devastating it standing in center field. And the ball ended up. In the gap in right center field. It is safe to say I've. Never seen anything close to the. Again minor miracle to have happened more often globally you hit me. Hole. Not judging by the crack of the bat where they ended up I'm not sure that Afghanistan watering it down anyway. But it would have been a triple he's seen. So. They fought aided triple. He has Cochran its first tip your cell. He takes strike on the outside corner nothing you want. Runner at third one out. Adams to shame Salman. Outside maybe high two. Salman has homered. Struck out. Driven into the single. And singled again in the seventh. One want. Slider Whelan outside the blue Lofton. Broke late Cuba flowing away. If you want us. In the air to left down the line. Over toward the line goes down. Another day maybe. Ground rule double life inside. Run scores someone's. Great night continues got four hit. An outstanding six. With Selma at second base and thought Butler. Has had enough he's asked the umpires to go out there and get together now obviously. If either of those balls were caught or seen or even remotely. Close to. Being picked up off the bat you won't see any thing when you're leading by five but. Now you got to do is hit a fly ball and it's not gonna get caught. The infield is doing the best job to point out. The ball to the outfielders. Even if you take time to look at an infielder. To have them point you in the right direction not every pick it up in this fall. So all the umpires are getting together. About halfway between home and third. And trying to determine. If we can finish this thing. It's ten to six. With a runner at second. And now they're gonna call up Justin hill. They head coach or make these state. Not popular with some of the fans but none of them have played the outfield. So my best guess here is if we can't continue Ruble. Played the bottom of the ninth inning tomorrow afternoon. Before game two commences. Which. In the first of a three game series would. Make all the sense in the world if you want to suspend this thing to tomorrow be just like a rain delay. Or weather delay that. Pushes things back today. Thought Butler. Justin hill both talking to all three umpires right around home plate now. So we're gonna decide here in the next couple minutes whether this one will continue to moral. Or they're gonna try to. Gut it out I mean. If you're here in the ballpark you understand that I've personable with the outfield you can barely see them. And the fog is about as bad as it's been all night. It happened last night of course when that the shocker were practicing the best practice who cares. By the end of or by the time it got really bad. They were gone they only worked out for about it. Are fifteen minutes. Selma and the second base. He knocked in a Cochran to make it can fix. Probe in Plano is the next scheduled hitter in shocker haven't retired yet. And so we're just having off. Long discussion now both head coaches have I think made notes on their scorecards. Which would lead you to believe. That we're determining. Where we're gonna leave off and then pick up tomorrow but. We will put cart before the horse is yet. I think in all my years being around Wichita state of I don't know that I can remember seat gain. Well it probably happened but suspended from one day to the next but certainly never beautiful. Rain has pushed back games from one day to and after the conclusion of games from one date for the next. This ball is the first. And all three of the umpires. Are walking over toward the first base side so we're not gonna finish this one tonight. Those shocker has come off the field. Fortunately we will have the problem people post game show without resolution so. We'll take a break come back and wrap things up from. Joseph Miller ballpark with the game suspended in the bottom of the ninth in the sixth take a break come back and start both games show after them. Individual dishwasher struggled to make it to quality meals and you better get in the clintons of points during their January clearance sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag can or kitchen. This is over 25 miles on display to make your final decision easy. Plus their large inventory means you get same day or next day delivery and install on those models get installations today and get that cold noisy inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new world. Maytag amana for a kitchen aid Energy Star rated dishwasher and ask about free install on qualifying models. 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God the number for my promo dot com. This is not post game show because this game is not over but we're not finishing it tonight it is ten to six Wichita State the bottom of the ninth. When the runner at second one yen and one out the game will be completed tomorrow at 1 PM. All right so 1 PM tomorrow. Wichita State and make these days. For the shocker will try to get the final two outs and wrap up opening night. Tomorrow afternoon then regularly scheduled game will be at 3 o'clock. Game two as William Eddy will make its debut from Wichita State though. They're just getting the game will conclude one way or another tomorrow at 1 PM. Course weather permitting hopefully. Rain doesn't come in like the fog did the last couple days. It won't be the final stats but it's time go inside the numbers look at the numbers are occupied be KD. CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Who's yours. Well Wichita State Cody Hoyer stands to be the winner he went five innings allowed four hits four runs struck out a career high eight. Offensively Alec bowl with a Grand Slam. And Grayson Janice with all home run and three runs batted hand Luke raiders scored twice Gunner Trout line with three hits and two runs toward. Or this Packers. For make me stay the guy who just basically ended the game by hit the ball into the corner in left field that. Travis young couldn't see. It change Selma he ends up wit or at least to this point four for five. Win. Four runs batted in he knocked in. Being recorded. There's a game recap did it strike you by bill and me becoming comings in coming from all looked at the right law firm with the job. In the call 31626. Or 1548. Or visit them online at bill Cummings LLC. Dot com coming to becoming law where he needs always come first. We come back with a quick look at the scoreboard. 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Don't miss the largest Garden Show in Kansas the outdoor living in landscapes show come see beautiful landscaping displays an outdoor water features attend informative seminars and learn how to turn your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary. Outdoor living space plus shop tons avenger boots it's all going on the outdoor living and landscapes show march 2 to march 4 at century to taste Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two to fall camp. Happening right here on KMS. Welcome back to promote the the goal post game show again the game has been suspended here in the bottom of the ninth the scores and six Wichita State with one on. And one out what we hope will be a put it in the deep freeze play of the game and it more at the conclusion of tomorrow's. First game which this one will be at 1 o'clock. And it's rocky by latins appliance so far at least Alec home the author of our play of the game they get back together here we go you know one. Blasted kind deep to center field away back. Grand Slam. We'll got ahead practice. Over the center field that little bit. Two golden spikes award watch list nominees of both homered. Doubled coming with a bases loaded. Here's our play of the game we hope will be a put and put it deep freeze play the game is this game will be finished tomorrow at one. And then me regularly scheduled game will be at 3 o'clock keep your fingers crossed. For that scoreboard update brought you by being her writhing in construction kitchens bathrooms basement and outdoor living. Love your home again go to digger tripping dot com call two of 2266. They're writhing in construction. Nor home team pro couple finals in from the Americans so far today and tonight we recap these more tomorrow. It's Carolina beat western Carolina 83 Kennesaw State beat UConn seven to three. Elsewhere Virginian nineteenth ranked in the country that's playing ETF. Cincinnati played a couple arrogant like Hal and south keeping San Diego. Holy cross and Houston North Carolina USF will update all those tomorrow at the conclusion. The suspended game that take place tomorrow at one. PM. Writes an area that Wichita State leading ten to six in the bottom of the ninth with one out. 01348. Saw it. So far Cody or your stance to be the winner. If the Wichita State bullpen and hold the lead so tomorrow will be a runner at second with one out and one in. And soccer's leading hand that sick so have a bizarre conclusion to opening night. Here's the Joba shocker in it too quick outs it'll all be worth it or Andrew handling back in the studio ashamed of saying thanks for listening we'll talk to you tomorrow. At the conclusion of this suspended game will be a 1 o'clock start and then regularly scheduled game at 3 o'clock. And tell them thank you so much for listening and so long from Lake Charles. You've been listening to shocker baseball along 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS brought to you by these fine sponsors. United health care the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance the Carnahan group. Popular line. Lleyton appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. BP. Mike Starr machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship. Kansas land tire and service comings in coming Wallace's. Apology. And dinners roofing and construction.