WSU Baseball at McNeese State 02-17-18

Saturday, February 17th

WSU Baseball at McNeese State Game 2 02-17-18


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Talk state soccer baseball and 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan as fans. Now with the column to gain here the it's time for Wichita State shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan and stents. Now with the call the game appears aimed at. Joseph Miller ballpark here is. Lake Charles, Louisiana home of the cowboys. If it. Publicly state university driver shocker baseball game two of the three game series dedication is just a little earlier. The completion of the suspended game went the way of the shop there's the final was. Ten to seven inning game that lasted four hours and five minutes of on the field action from the time it starts. The time it started of course the game started last night at 6 o'clock. And wrapped up in about fifteen or twenty minutes or so here today. As it needs packed on one more run it today on the run that they got in the night last night. But they fell three short ten to seven Wichita State Victoria's. And Tommy barn house notched his first save making a winner out of Cody lawyer so doctors when the opener. Of the season for the third consecutive year and they'll try to win this series now for the first time. I nonconference. Road series. If they win today I'll be there first nonconference road series win. It's 2007. When they were in Honolulu and took his theories from Hawaii so. Road nonconference. Series wins have been few and far between although it should be pointed out that Wichita State. Generally the road nonconference. Series they end up playing are always early in the season always either south or west. I almost always against very quality competition you're talking about. TCU. You talk about cal poly long beach state cal state Fullerton. Cal state Santa Barbara on and on and on so I like Wichita State when they play a nonconference road series of point updates however. It will be nice to shock you can get one of the next two. To win a series from the meat state where the doctors. Come back home so here in just about twelve minutes or so we'll have game do. Of this three game series Wichita State will start William Eddy. On the mound and came Acker. A junior transfer will make his first appearance from the state as well so a couple of newcomers want a shocker freshman morning transfer. From the neat state as a shocker this little earlier polished off. Make me state ten to seven. To capture the opener. And what turned out to be opening day turned into the next day a couple of other. Teams in the American were able to play their opening night last night we'll get to those in just a little bit when we visit the out of town scoreboard but not here just a little bit. On a pregame show the weather is okay for now it is plenty warm it's very windy as you might be able to hear the crowd my. And though the wind is out of the southwest. And about fifteen miles an hour consistently. It on the weather maps says eleven but it's a little more gusty and Matt. The temperature currently 78 degrees. When they humidity level 66%. For the wanna warm. And with the wind blowing out the left that are pretty much every fly ball will be if not an adventure. Helped by the elements. If you're hitter. Mostly cloudy the chances of rain this afternoon. Are a big reason why we didn't wait until 3 o'clock. For the regularly scheduled. Second game of this series and honestly it makes good sense anyway that if they were gonna resume this thing one. And if the shocker it would happen does it through the last two out we've been sent around for an hour and a half really for nothing. So. Probably just as well to start this game forty minutes after the conclusion of the first which is exactly what we're gonna do. And become an app for you here right near the top of the hour. As far as the conditions though there is not expected in this. Touch and go force not expected to be any preset. Until later on this evening so if that holds we should be in good shape to get this when it is mostly cloudy at the moment. There was a lot of sunshine. You're twenty minutes ago when this doctors walked off field with that ten to seven victory. But black cloud cover. But often on sunshine. And we should be OK for the the start of this second game it should come right around 150. Force though. The drive to the game brought you back Kansas land tire and service were great hire a professional auto service is always a home run. Hopefully. You enjoyed the end of that first one shocker bands which I think and runs twelve hits in victory here drive to being number two of the series. Hear from Joseph Miller ballpark. Normally we talked head coach Tom Butler before games but with a quick turnaround it's almost like gave. A double header in between games is very little time together starting lineups and prep for the second game in addition to. Getting cod pregame comments so we will forgo those who would talk to him again tomorrow before the game. And his comments are brought to you always by express employment professionals on a minute on a mission to put a million to work. And speaking of tomorrow's game. In case you hadn't heard it's gonna be at 11 AM. And if you wanna follow it it's going to be on Sports Radio campaign. 1240 in 975. Or course that if they treat you dot com so we will be. Skipping over to our sister station morrow morning for pregame at 10:30 AM first pitch around eleven. As a shocker to get away day we'll. Back up the first pitch a couple of hours in order to accommodate travel and it will be over one K Antony. They'll make note that it be on 124897. Fine the shocker will remain in their road rage that there black. Caps and blacks whites. Make any day has let it go deep blue tops and the yellow. With the white pants loose Europe's and black shoes. As well. 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About to get under way a couple of newcomers to their first respective teams will make the start on the hill freshman William Eddy from Wichita State. Cain Eckerd junior college transfer making his first start. Or make me stay injury report brought Cuba -- you live your life your journey nor optimal you. Trade Vickers Cody Tyler couple lead veterans from Wichita State. Will not being in the starting line up will not not expected to play certainly not. I Cody Tyler trip Vickers took VP he's got it I hamstring issue. They hope for both those guys to be back soon. But at the absolute best case scenario you might see. Trade Vickers pinch hit it Wichita State gets in that dire situation where they get low on players that need sacrifice flies something like that where. Trade doesn't have to run hardly at all but don't expect to see either one of those guys. Here today. Hopefully shock and knock on wood crushed fingers they'll be back for the Omaha theory. That starts next Friday. Healthy tip of the game brought you by united health care. And did you know that eating just five fruits and vegetables each day may have to feel better help lose weight. They felt the shocker fifth brought to you by united health care and the real appeal program. Learn more at real appeal. Dot com. Starting lineup for a few buy equity bank where you'll never pay an ATM fees be sure to visit them on line. And equity bank dot com the shocker. Wanna know they'll leave off with second baseman Luke Ridder. Batting second and senator feel great and generous that. At third base hitting third Alec ball. Mason O'Brien the cleanup spot playing first base again and right field in his hometown batting fifth date you've got. Batting sixth and left field this Travis young. DA king and hitting seventh will be Alex Jackson. Gutter Trout line we'll catch that date that night. Shocker shortstop is Jordan Boyer aforementioned freshman Colorado we have any. Make that shot her debut here in game two Duggan for the shocker fifth grader gets the ball. O'Brien do guy young. Jackson trial wine warrior. William Eddy right hand pitcher start Wichita State. For me it means they ON one and they'll started off with their catcher Dustin Duhon. Followed by the left fielder Shane Selma. Joseph probe and gone out is in the cleanup spot playing first base. Batting fifth third base Carson Maxwell. Brett welcome DH and hit six. Jacobs racers in center field batting seventh for the post. Cowboy shortstop is three for about eight. Batting ninth is wells currently. In the beef steak second baseman came Acker. Make his first start of his make these state career and junior right hander on the map so again forming these state. Duhon Cochran's Delmon. Probe and Donahoe Maxwell well strafed their pork truly. With the pain Eckerd on the mound. Umpires behind home plate John killer expert based at Rogers. And at third base. Kendall Langford. Dark baseball brought in part by the bars covered all the flooring thinner 1816 north Broadway corporate art would slam but I'll you name it they've got area rugs. Final play a huge selection that's why. The quality product and lo every prices a byproduct of a huge selection plus they have knowledgeable helpful. Staff with no high pressure plus when you do decide to go with them what you will. Skilled and scholars will be respectful of you and your home so struck by CMX that we have anything to do with the war. It's ideal for business depart carpet outlet points and 1816 north Broadway. Take a look at the scoreboard to from yesterday at last night catch up on the in the American. There are a couple of teams that had to wait way they're opening day Memphis western Kentucky was postponed. Cincinnati and Powell was postponed due to travel issues Cincinnati couldn't get California but they are wearing the report aren't there now. And we'll try to open up their season today against the golden bears and the university of San Diego. Some final from last night couple that's upsets South Florida beat number six North Carolina 43. Killing me right state board history. Only crossed knocked off number 24 Houston three to two. If Carolina have came back to win over western Carolina 83 UCF knocked off nationally ranked Virginia six to three. Kennesaw State upset Connecticut seven victory. And soccer softball earlier today John Kerry beat northern Colorado 71 they are currently battling. Seton Hall. The future shocker part of Kansas beat Murray State five to three Oklahoma State beat Texas State 62. South Alabama. Knocked off Kansas State well the pie we'll revisit that. Mid game. Heard he appeared roofing and construction. He did shock display get 50% up your online order in Wichita area Papa John's water Papa Johns dot com need promo code shocker fifty. If you're shocker discount. Shocker and cowboys. For the fifth time ever in the program's history. And Wichita State trying to win a series they win the day. It will be their first nonconference road series wins and 2007. Find out if they can get it done. They're final break and come back through the first pitch where right after this. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks and suvs two years and wrote I am so fast and that's great especially tears in her Chevy Stephanopoulos Fisher gets behind the wheel and see for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability is a year content Chevy dealer today source based upon searching for a fourteen beautiful. When he seventeen most humble small car largest UB largely due to pick up and it's a sport coach toward sixty most credible such narcotic as you can largely due to company's sports car project or words commission has a JD power back on. 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This season's team ten to join us more things right here on KE NN has asked. Better tennis then foam gets set to greet right hander came Eckerd for. Make these state hearing game two of the three game series between characters and pokes here from Joseph Miller ballpark. Need. Biggest. Crowd at the head here came all the back in 2000 that's not a very big ballpark 2191. Crawled a crowded in here to watch McBee state beat. LSU in the eleventh inning and its largest group are proud program history when he won 91. Joseph Miller ballpark. Capacity listed at 200100328. Ring here last night maybe not quite that many here today. Might be struggling to hit a thousand but still have a decent crowd here on an overcast day and with the wind blowing out to left. Here at the GO as a college. Artificial turf infield grass outfield 330 down the lines. And 400 cute dead center field that. Blue batters die from heat that's left center field deep right center field. And Wichita State hit a couple of home runs here last night too long ones from grace and Jennifer now foam change Salman. Didn't exactly get it cheap be of these known in the first inning former. These days so. Eckerd has finishes warmup tosses and we're about set to go Luc grader climbed into the batter's box. Right hander against right handers the first pitch seem to stick to their it's one ball in those strike. Luke Ridder playing second base. Warrior short with the injured trade Vickers how and that is over but lo. And it's two balls in those strikes. You lose greater. Soccer's. Put up ten runs and twelve hits in game one that when mrs. Lowe three balls and those. Ridder old for three. Last night and today officially ended up walk scoring a couple of runs. 30 is taken right down the heart. Three and one. So Wichita State in field expected or asked to adjust just a little bit with the injury free trade victories if there's a five pitch walk to Luke Renner. He's on there with a free pass from Peyton Eckert. 62185. Right hander from Jasper Texas of being watched the first man that he faces. And now generous then bowl due up next. Grayson Janice last night as you mentioned in a home run also. Had three runs batted in RBIs singled to go along with a takes a strike on the outside corner. Walked the bases loaded to drive in another run and two out of four with a couple runs scored. 101. Nobody out just getting started here from the jump check of Ritter first and he goes diving back. Soccer's kind of spot their freshman right hand pitcher. William Eddy an early lead. First pitch was thrown pretty much right at 2 o'clock. Temperature. Period Lake Charles. 78 degrees. Half swing knows swing but it was on the outside corner it's nothing in two degrees and Janice that. The pain Eckert after a shaky start it's. Jumped ahead of grace and Janice that nothing in two. In the win drifting out toward left and left that are pretty good clip. Outfield. Playing very deep. Eckert concept to the bell. Long holding time out called it home for boys. Genesee get tired of waiting. I'm trying to peek through the clouds are mostly overcast. Warm and humid day here at Lake Charles. Oh twos swing and has struck you now in the changeup again if that goes down swinging so. After Eckert struggled with Ridder went right Afghanistan and struck him out. So one out and here's Alec ball. Well two out of five last night one of those hits a double. One of those hits a Grand Slam. You pretty much dead center field over not only the about ten foot high wall but the battery dies well that goes down another 63 feet above that. And that would hit in the air to deep right center field Noah gonna get this one and it is off the base of the wall. Steaming around third on his way to score is critter you'll out of play. Alan Ball click on the first pitch and what we want to the basement wall in deepest right center field which doctors on the board first. The leadoff walk comes home to score. And now it'll be Mason O'Bryant. O'Brien left handed hitting first baseman one out of four last night he had a pop fly double and a run scored. Well Brian of course. The relation of former shocker Chris and Charlie and Tim Kelly. That connection down there and Oklahoma that then so fruitful for Wichita State Nathan a native of all watts Oklahoma. Changeup swung on and F pulled the string. Eckerd has saved his best pitches for the shocker left him battered no question about it. Got ahead of canister and then putting away over the change and that's street chain was change was swung through by Mason O'Brien. One nothing shocker stop the first. During another one that was low. And O'Brien laid off when balls and one strike. Ray or walk and two batters later the home doubled him in. Alec second double and fifth run batted in of the series. Outfield playing O'Brien just a little bit over toward left. Fastball in on the matter at the bell called strike one and two. Collect ball at second base. The only difference defensively from last night to today it Cochran last night's DH is playing right field. Lock Lynn Mayo. Who played right last night out of the lineup here in game twos so the infield from third over refers to Maxwell a third war at short who we its second. Rubens auto first base Duhon is catching Ian. Salman and laughed Strathairn sinners so. Seven of the nine are exactly the same the only difference pitcher in the right field. Cain Eckert. Ahead of Mason O'Brien won in two. Comes to the belt checked on foam shortly to second and an actor stepped off the summary. A base hit to right field. In most it's right in front of Cochran will likely score bomb because Cochran's. Almost got a heel on the warning track so he would have them not only a long throw the long way to come charging get a grounder to him. Changeup swung on a myth that down goes O'Brien so changeup certainly the pitch of the day for Eckert when he facing left hand matters. But he's daddy issues with the writing and throw a strike the Ridder and foam on the first pitch double off the base of the wall in right center for now here's date due got a right hand matter. He was one out of five last night. With a double and RBI in that seventh inning. When nothing shocker stopped the first ball that second Q now. First pitch to Dayton changeup and it skipped. Duhon didn't pick it up cleanly. Bomb and a little bit of a secondary lead where. Got off a few extra steps but no form. Dayton accords a native of Lake Charles would Sam Houston high school play against the launch of its high school. Teammates. And playing in front of a lot of namely inference. 10 it's in the thinner field and on become the center fielder straight through that god and they could yet. Took a ride out the top of the draft on a line straight they're. Robbed him god and the doctors of another round but which does things or want they leave one. As the and a half and inning its Wichita State one make these state coming up. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all plants. 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Making his Wichita State beat you 64170. From Brighton Colorado went too bright night school. He was. A couple of years ago the conference pitcher of the year. On the conference Cy Young award. 2016. Name. USA today all USA Colorado player first team all state and last year was. Selected to lead Colorado all star team conference player here. Had eighteen strikeouts in one game for right now time. They also as a hitter led the five days you Colorado State ranking in home runs slugging and RBIs so pretty good at overall athlete. Perfect game had him as the number two overall. Pitcher in the state of Colorado last year. So we have any leading one to nothing will. They do on here to start the bottom of the first that's when you know foul ball behind home plate and were underway in one. Dustin do on pole for four with a run scored. In game one. Duhon last year if you 68 for the folks in 45 starts. When the veteran. You are not a very big guy for catcher five in 175. For. Nearby moss bluff. Any delivers outside one and one. Do you on Cochran and Salman. Same order as last night. Do up to face any here this afternoon. Won't want. Curve ball heading giving ground and it dropped in their first strike one and two. So William Eddy meaning. The Saturday start for Wichita State here today. Head of Duhon. One ball and two strikes in the overhead the full line to pitch a breaking ball like wait a nasty looking now. California. Shocker fans in attendance here of course a bunch up and here on Dayton do guns but. A lot have become shocker fans those that do. Followed Dayton course plenty of other family and friends. Thirty Tyler's mom and dad here our homes mom and dad here. Blame other shocker faithful to watch William any strike out the first man that he faces. Here's Dick Cochran. These picks when it bounces up there one ball no strike. Dick was one out of five in game one. And a pair of strikeouts. He was the DH last night and today. He's playing right field here in game two. Any big tall righthander into the wind and brings it home and get strike at the knees on the outer at. Ball one strike. Last year but the eighth day of course 37 and twenty. And 22 and five in the south they won the league. For the first time in eleven years. Justin hill got the dolphins coach the year award eyes pop up. Shallow right center field everybody coming on chasing it and Jenna is going to be there and help blow it out to him a little bit with the lazy high fly ball up in the back. Yes defiantly. Low in their track it down here. Touching Selma last night and today's offensive hero or at least the conclusion of game one he's the one that. Basically ended the game last night hit one down the left field line that disappeared into the fog and maybe it's finished this one up today. But he hit the ball hard all night long. It's one that skipped in their one ball no strike. Shane Selma four for five off home run in four runs batted in last night. 511195. Right here in Lake Charles at fourteen home runs a year ago. Other breaking ball and Alan low again two balls no strike so. Not exactly eager to throw change Selma fastball first fastball he saw last night he deposited. Somewhere near the flagpole beyond beat that left center field. You'll pitch. And a little low I guess tried the outside corner and didn't get a call. From the home plate umpire snouts. Three balls no strikes. To Selma. Pro when Donahoe. Who did not make and how in game one. Waiting on death. Swinging valves that backers though say that Jane film and it's not up there to walk. Last year in 53 starts he walked exactly eight times. But he did it sixteen doubles to goes fourteen home runs flood the fifteenth though he's up there to hack. He just showed it right there on a good data hit by. Triggering on a 30 pitch. The Rangers right in here are the 31 and it fell back the screen so Eddie is. Worked the count full after falling behind three you know one another shocker is bottom of the first. Here in game two Joseph Miller ballpark. Lake Charles, Louisiana home of the cowboys for itself. Any of the big deep breath the line and the payoff to Selma breaking ball fouled back right on and now that back to the net. Thank you Joseph Miller ballpark the dimensions of it and it turf infield grass outfielders brick wall behind home plate that extends that. Both dug out so. The ball back to the screen it's the Walton. I'm bouncing back pretty hard when you talk about while Pittsburgh. 32. I'm swinging at a pitch out away from him. Outlined throws it down the first have dropped but we have had come all the way back strikeout of very dangerous. Chain Salman. And he sets them aside in order in its first inning as a shocker. At the end of one shocker one thing is that now that. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Here are the great American join me. Thanks Joseph Miller ballpark the show as it's known here in these parts shocker. Leading to these state wanted nothing. Mean Travis young. Alex Jackson got her trial winds examine it in the order. Travis young redshirt junior from derby. Playing left field for the second straight game any picks on the first pitch and it's one on the ground approving Donna who moves to his right to gather speed pitcher covering. At play goes 31. But Travis young picks on the first pitch started she won her right field but Romans on oh coupled shuffle steps to gobble it up and feed Eckert govern. Alex Jackson he came on last night late in the game to hit for Josh to backers ended up. Pinch hitting and settling into the DH spot went one for two. And late game singled to center. Takes a strike on and that's nothing in one. How much Jackson sophomore from double O. Texas. Changeup wave gotten asked that left handers can. Expect to steady diet change up from Eckerd he's got going against those lefties. Jackson to 51 a year ago and 179 at bats and home runs sixteen runs batted in as a fresh. An aide dumps one towards center field that's gonna drop for a base hit right off the bat like another changeup Jackson. Stayed back long enough. And served in the center field straight through overran it and it was this little flair to senator wasn't going anywhere beyond him. Jackson on two for three. And his 2000 any team. And I'll bring up Gunner Trout line who have very good night at the plate last night three for five a pair of doubles. And scored a couple of times. One nothing shocker one on one out here in the second. Trout line we'll have to wait its first. Pitch instead goes over to first base. In this shot Walker's three run seventh inning which turned out be pretty pivotal sixth to fourth time. Just lined a base hit to right field Trout line ran through the stop sign but ended up scoring anyway they're gonna Jackson and a high fly balls that are field. Should be playable frustration or he's back under they're good Jackson back deferred. And Trout line. Guys to center field for the second out. And talking to. Assistant coach Sammy that's the vetoes in third base coaching box he put the stop sign up for Trout line but he ran right through the big reason why. As the Zito wanted him to stop is out moments coming up next in the didn't wanna risk. Get thrown out by outfielder male who has just the social army anyway but it turned out throw with. Not real close and Trout line ended up getting away with it. So here's Boyer. Another throw to first check on Jack. Jackson stole four and five tries last year. Getting the start as the DH today only started twice. As the DH a year ago. Played center field put second. And when lawn outside the Jordan Boyer shocker shortstop today. Warrior one out of three will walk last night gore run. But there were the runner first and two outs top half of the second inning one nothing Wichita State I double by ball. Quick go to first the jacksons back. At first. Jordan warrior a year ago to 95 with 42 runs batted in. 61190. Spark plug and play a couple of different positions. He's taken outside to now. Occasional power. Had three home runs in his 54 starts. Started mostly at second base waiting handful of games at third figures to move back over to second win. Vickers comes back from his hamstring injury. Other throw to first. And diving back pretty easily every time is Alex Jackson. Last year McBee state. And a hard time controlled the running game. Part of the reason why Eckert paying so much attention to how it Jackson. Do on throughout. Twelve of 63. Trying to steal against them last year. Wouldn't be a bad idea for Jackson turned himself in scoring position does not go low bouncers short forecast to wait for the hop. Throw cross is it time. And that's that those shocker today one out single but nothing further at the end of one and a half but still what you tell us they want to make me think now. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which -- widgets on your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. Yeah. Screen is right around the corner and there's no better place to get prepared. Any outdoor living in landscape kill all you need to make your landscaping and garden the NB a your neighbors can be found inside century team. So come get inspired march 2 through the fourth. Equipment provider of the outdoor living in landscape chill is might start machinery. Your official bobcat dealer affiliate owned and operated since 1910. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight an eight on gay and. Join us every Monday night for the Todd Butler coaches show and they gave sports grill at the Alley. The thirteenth green which road broadcasting live. On 987 and thirteen 30 eastern right here on K and a sense. AJ exports go to the Al in home all shocker coaching shows there will be three of them scheduled Monday. We're. Shocker men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall coming off their big game against Cincinnati tomorrow keep that Adams after their game against SMU today. And of course Todd after the shocker here at home late Sunday night. At the conclusion of this series again tomorrow's game is at 11 AM over on K at age. All 48 and 975. Or Kayla and radio dot com and the fuel and terrestrial radio in Wichita or thereabouts. It'll be over on Sports Radio KFH tomorrow with a pregame at 10:30 AM till proven thought I'd leave off against William Eddy. Any takes a called strike if nothing in one. We have any struck out two of the three that he faced in the bottom of the first inning so solid first inning for the freshman. Roland Donell was a tough out indeed in game one. Annie takes a little bit inside one ball one strike. Joseph was two for two with three walks he had a single earlier today in the resumption of that ninth inning drove inch Feldman from second base. And off speed pitch bounces and skipped through the legs of better throughout wine you balls and one strike probe and done an excellent header hit 336 a year ago that second on the team. Twelve doubles six home runs 54 runs batted in on base at 437. Do what they gain strength to where you can tell you they confident hitter. Two strikes he let go by because they work is kind of strikes. Something always senior will probably offer you. Downers Grove Illinois. Eddie's three to pitch. I'm swinging at a pitch down smothered by Trout line and that's that third strikeout. Relief of Andy so Andy. Take advantage of probe and Donna's patient. Jolie swung the bat wants in the at bat. And it resulted in a strike yet. So forth and poured out and here's Carson Maxwell. The pope's third baseman. Maxwell in game one over three with a walk. It brought in Iran. And he lost one foul right sides can make its way how to play. Where is standing room down either line. And actually quite a felt groundout either lines so. In a somewhat cozy dimensions ballpark with the humidity heat wind blowing out if you can get the pop one up perhaps without ground as a pitcher swing and miss it changeup and Maxwell. Down in the count nothing into. I floor patio area especially down the left field line. Drilling going on picnic tables on the left field side. I said. Just beyond right field the football state Cowboys Stadium. Eddie's OT. And I would suspect in right center field hanging breaking ball Dennis is not gonna get it over to cut it off. And he'll hold Maxwell to this thing go any they've got a little too available and Maxwell. Punches it in the senator. For a one out single. So get our first look at Brett welcome. With the catcher getting this started the game. So there's the first base runner permitted by. Leann and Eddie goes the perfect game. Welcome. Up their from the left side waiting on Eddie the stretch. Maxwell home decently this swing and a myth well and swung through that one. Brett got 51 at bats last year as cowboy get to 75. Fourteen hits seven runs batted him. Well and did not start. In game one gets the nod as the DH today he'll want to him saying that same results wing elements into. William petty and come out public strikes. Nothing into. Left handed swinging DH. Of the four outs and he has three strikeouts already got welcomed by the throat. And it grows up she'll meet fastball upstairs one ball two strike. What nothing Wichita State. They got to run in the first courtesy of an RBI double by Alec moments fifth run batted in. Any game plus two innings. Outside. Try to nibble with a fastball that's too into it though. I could be just to set up another off speed pitch that he's gotten. Well in the swing in effect wife. Had he taken a page out of. Mean Packard's book thrown off speed change ups left in matters. Here is a middle grounder to Nathan. O'Brien at first that the second one back at first double play 363. When killing O'Brien a little bit of trouble getting out that well but he created the angle that showdown shortstop. And O'Brien's charge to 363 that one and the second innings though. Lee and any allowed these first base runner but faces just the minimum. And we head of the third with the score still Wichita State one. Mis statement. Another mile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again and sons for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. In assets. Doctor Turner's second double play of the theories wrapping up the bottom of the second inning for. Make me stay. And so we had in the top of the third with the top of the shocker order degree Cain Eckert. Charles Louisiana Schumacher's first ever trip here to make these state. Ritter a little numbers that shortstop charging it Bork he's got it throws across globe picked up by proven Ghana first fixed wing Luke greater. And he rolled one of the short stuff that came -- after a little bit of a rocky start to the right hand batters in the first inning and settled in. To get. You guys young Trout line Boyer an elder. Grayson Jenna study rare strike out its first time up there he got worked over pretty good bye Kane Eckert who went. Almost exclusively would change that well actually started with a couple baffled put him away with a changeup there's a good fastball right underneath hands for a called strike on the Internet. Through a bunch more changeup to O'Brien when he got up there and struck him out to. One out bases clearing the third one nothing shocker here's a changeup and a sales back the back stuff. One ball one strike. Shocker got a leadoff walk in the first two batters later home. Deposited one off the base of the wall in right center field. Me upstairs to balls and one strike. In that game tomorrow at 11 AM getaway day for the shocker they figured ago. With Connor along with Bryant king a lefthander will go for the cowboys. Or another changeup different way high and outside so. He is. On dangerous ground right now with grace and Genesis behind in three and one wind blown out. Gotten a similar situation last night he won pretty much over the white power right center field. I went nowhere near ball force against the walks with one out. And now Coleman O'Brien that. Let him loose around. Well last night that Grand Slam. We've mentioned that he and Grayson both on the golden spikes award watch list. Perfect game pre season all America college collegiate baseball baseball America you name it Ian jester on it at some capacity. Takes little low one ball no strikes. Ball last summer for the Falmouth commodores. Hit 351. With. Five home runs when he runs batted in in the summer he keep Cape Cod league all star. Really he was on the map but he adjustable. With what they did indicate. Opened everybody's eyes just to play it is to it he was the MVP. It three pan. And they both are likely to go on the first round in this June's draft. Way high on everybody's list list and other of the scouts all over the place all spring. Hit like a rocket between Sammy has been vetoes leg down third base line. When balls and one strike. But fortunately for the shocker Sammy at the vetoes not the that means they third baseman and third base coach for years that the celebrated her birthday yesterday pretty busy over the 101 account to Alec bombed just at first two as pretty good speak. Not going swing and a miss home. Chased one out away from him it's one ball and she's strikes. One nothing shoppers in her first one out. After the third game two of the series. If she joined us late shocker closed up Whitney's skate earlier today the resumption of game 110 to seven was. Was your final. Eckert stepped off the back of the rover. Re engage in try to hook up with Duhon and still can't do it. Being Eckerd is not comfortable with what do on wanting to throw. Duhon is a veteran of the program. Junior. And Eckerd in his first year the transfer. And they still can't get together time call. So three times. Eckerd and do on tried to hook up for this 12 pitch. Three times they fail. I began this that. They're goes to run the pitches outside the throat out on the wrong side of the bag skipped into center field and go get a for the third it'll be a stolen base. And anything. Yeah if they've got a good job took advantage do you want him as I mentioned earlier in a lot of trouble thrown out would be base stealers last year. An accountant evens out two and two is the home. Took a pitch that was little outside. So Bowman O'Brien if necessary will be enough. RBIs situation here. Of course that's. Not that there wasn't one anyway there's first base open now if you don't want to mess with the home. Good hitting conditions really for all. See what happens here on punitive. Janice go away at third catch adding reaching a little fly ball foul right side twisting out of play. Moment of little emergency swing right there to stay alive. You. That's his ego talking feet just over their third. Leach won't see former. Pitcher and DH from last year over verse that went inside Jack knifed below the way it's three and two. When nothing shock here's they look for more here in the third of overcast day here in Lake Charles. Fog has totally burned off. If you wonder flawed to be found. 32. Almost hitting open NN maybe it did it. Clipped either it is the abilities helmet or something home plate umpire. Making sure that. Like apple doesn't take too much exception of that John Schiller with a fastball company and is going to be a free pass one way or the other I think it was ruled a hit by pitch. The last two fastballs got a little. Close for Alex Holmes comfort though he will go down the first base. And looks like Yang of the gym Rickles then will. They can visit out to the mound pitching him. And try to calm down. Came actor one out walk stolen base throwing error on the catcher on the same play. A full count walk to the home. And now Mason O'Brien. May send the two time transfer once local and state wants from. How only hope for one so far with a strikeout. Got to start last night first baseline one out of four had a little bloop double that landed just inside the shock. In left field. Present to vote where. The middle infielder. Came running over toward either line on the homes and O'Brien's hoppers that landed right near the line first baseman third baseman both overran it. And after all said and done so both middle infielder to kind of get double for O'Brien's friend earned one here first and third one now. And I went well outside. One ball no strike so. Eckerd paint himself to a bit of a corner here in the third inning. Mason six feet fuel fine. Uncle Charlie played Wichita State cousins Chris and Tim Kelly both did. Change up little ground ball the second they got her if they wanna turn at second base Juan and no play first. Doctor store O'Brien gets an RBI field and show what. Julian Bork did all they cut the board didn't wanna make a throw and try to make things worse so generous to scores. Wasn't pretty but Mason O'Brien. Drives in his first on the run out two to nothing. And I am very up. They do go. God blew up two in the first. Actually hit it on line and a good running play by straight there. To rob him of an art beyond her to strike the front door slider dropped in there he had eligible at second base with two men out hit it hard that. Strafed their got a good read on it and picked it off top Bagram. Bryant decently at first now going ground ball to short backing up is more better hurry long throw across and he got it. And you've got up only for two. What a shocker if you want on people over getting and without the benefit of a hit walk stolen bases error. And one man laugh though at the end of two and a half or new scores now the shocker to me statement. Beat Loren asked in OC that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate and not only tastes good but does it. Lisa is second companies directly from not filings and share the profits back from them an American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. They can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at damned him dot com American family insurance American coming into insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American partners in Wisconsin Packers are entering. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working momma tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our need. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Thought you might think compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga. Heart rate based interval training and a stock. They even have childcare. This it opting like it when he first and whether online deep high thing in life dot com. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhancement. I believe he did nothing as we head to the bottom of the third inning single runs in the first and third so they played them. Situational baseball for the most part to take this student openly and meanwhile William Eddie has been impressive. Any shocker debut with the scoreless innings and three strikeouts. Tickets are based are laid off. Lower third of the order any it's faced the minimum through two innings. It'll be strays their Bork and Cooley. Andy the big right hander in the full line fits her ball bounced back through the middle almost hit in the foot. Have they fit in the center for Jacob's place there. The leadoff man reaches for the first time for me these day. Had a very up read or. Mentioned last night he's just a freshman. He was the only freshmen in the starting line up breathing machine alone. Work is from moss bluff. Louisiana. Which is. Basically Lake Charles. For that matter so it's full for where I'm mothers from. And checking the runner castration or those diving back flopping to the bag. Straight they're last year in very limited opportunities went four for five installed base. Jacob only played him. 48 games. And he comes at the pitch to Bork is a good strike on the outside corner 011. Cover up moss bluff soul for and Lake Charles only because. Justin Hillary head coach simply. And lucky just once he doesn't have to go very far find baseball players fourteen players on the roster either from moss bluff. Here Lake Charles Neitzel for. 01. Bouncer to second Ridder Hathaway Omaha he'll flip to the shortstop Juan first days not in time with not exactly tailor made double play. But Ritter to Boyer got the lead runner out at second base of one on one out for Ku. Wells Cooley. Pay 511 sophomore. Last night. Where one out of two with a pair walk so he was busy got bottom of the order yesterday. Scored twice. The hope that he made he struck out. One on one out bottom of the third shocker up two to nothing. Could strike from Eddie and there's nothing you want. The shoppers in game one ended up striking out fourteen. Cowboys. But they were split up among three guys. Starter Cody employer Chandler Sandburg and then Tommy barn now. Started to swing held up its dip low slider out away from him it's one ball one strike. Two wells Cooley. The eight strikeouts last night for Cody Hoyer a career high. And Sandburg retired for all of them by strikeout to walk man hit a man. Then barn house earlier today struck out both men he faced in game one. Throw to first and it's hide flagged by Mason O'Brien. One ball one strike one out. Overcast day here in Lake Charles starting skies darkening just a little bit. In the forecast says that he should hold off the refit if there or is any until later on tonight and seek. 11 runner goes swing and a miss Frontline strode out wrong side of the bat but in time. As he got rid of the quick enough. To get more iced sweet. It's more trying to steal money failed what it turned out failed hit and run. As currently trying to protect them originally from. Waved in this two outs bases empty down. That William Eddy has given up two singles but he still has an opportunity. The faced the minimum through three innings. Gotta go from the full wind up now here comes the 12. Upstairs to balls and Kuester. Shocker in the fourth inning we'll have young Jackson and Trout line if anybody gets envoy. It's or even to appease. These days made the game's only here instructors. Now played. Eleven plus airless ball innings and that one's in their current strike really didn't think so they're down. On a called strike three for Lee of any sport striking out. In three innings of a shocker gave you go ahead of the top of the Warren it's still Wichita State do you think animal. New mobile. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day. Games practices preparation. Then there's his second job. Recruiting. That means trample. He couldn't do it without executive air shared the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can star recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next to busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker just learn more an exact air shared dot com. Ever wonder how good your AC and furnace system is ever wonder how good bought a stock is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. The year plus doc started my train HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium of parents it's our new customer 1946. Special from foreign stock. And carrier. Turn to the experts punished doc called and I called acorn. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. I let back into any week day mornings and night right here on CNN. Go to the top of a fourth innings doctors leading cowboys did nothing here in the middle game of three game series. Dockers at the opener ten to seven. Travis young Lee and off against Cain Eckert. Which pitches in their first strike. The crowd is little late in arriving but arrived they have just about same type the crown as we had last night thirteen when he was announced. And you'll forgive most of them if they thought the game's gonna start at 3 o'clock to 49 right now but. They have filed into the general and happens in their first strike these young. Took hit after squaring around about nothing into. Young on the first pitch he saw from Keene Eckert. Grounded to first to start the second inning. The Walton to strike. After almost got it. Just barely got a piece of any foul that back to screen. Bounces off the brick wall behind home plate. Think it seems to Marla wrap it up at 11 AM he could. Here over on Sports Radio here fateful forty in 975. Free and start right nearly 1030. Coffee and donuts for the shoppers. Bouncer back to the mound Eckert got it gathers himself. And throws out crappy job. So young and very ground balls. And that'll bring up Alex Jackson single this first time up there. Tucker sports properties in Wichita state athletic like to think he shocker ambassadors Wichita State elite level of corporate sponsors. How to chew on delta dental Coke and Cox Communications. Jackson lined one right this second baseman Cooley barely had the flu. Do flag got hot ticket that too often cute out of the shocker second. You're just an advertising with which does being a political shocker it would properties. And 31697878552. The bases cleared for Gunner truck line. Throughout wanna get night offensively. In game one. Guide the senator's first time in there against Eckert takes slider first strike. Mentioned last year that are really. Lost out on some playing time to fellow catcher no croft once the season got going. Now one upstairs in May be crossed up enough to do on breaking ball. Plankton. Up around bill to cap. Gonna Trout on the gutter. Last year only ended up with six 76 at bats when he five starts we've pretty much. Played half the time but only hit two point war. Quite a departure from his freshman season we have to 98. When inside few balls and mr. Best overall year really with his sophomore year in 2016 to 787. Home runs 37 runs batted him. On base are respectable 371. Well outside the Packers three and one. But three home runs in the freshman stepped in last year but no 176. At bats. As a junior. Got the count his way three and one here. Annie bounces line up along Thursday it is that you foul ball. Right on the line. Maxwell through cross just in case. Their base umpire right on the line Kendall Langford said. Foul ball up until it gets the third home plate umpires called the feel the behind the bag by Maxwell Maxwell made there'd be some parts call. Three balls two strikes two outs nobody on the shocker four to nothing Wichita State the pitch. But global full filter out wind draws a walk. And that'll save at bat for Jordan VoIP. Or here it's grounded out earlier today. Annie is now one for four little walk and a run scored in the series. Two nothing shoppers hit three good to appease. RBIs for Ballmer and O'Brien. First pitch the boy. Think to strike on the outer at. Throughout wind. While he runs OK for catcher rarely tries to steal Louis is three for three. In his career nothing and one. It's a lawyer. And Clinton a little bit low. People a little jumpy back there behind home plate. Exactly quiet as they say. Her first two outs. Top of the order due up next Boyer takes slow. To balls and strike. Packard's kind of been up and Downey still yet he retired the shocker in order but. He's yet to face more than five in an inning yet so they've been able to minimize damage. Now thrown 51 pitches. It's Callaway debuted to one. Upstairs crowded for your little three and one. Shoppers are certainly. Getting an eyeful of Cain Eckert. The lefthander tomorrow. 31 pitch to Boyer. And it's one in the air right field Cochran go on back still go on backing that the track and it. And it's off the wall. Wolf carried all the way to the wall hit a strong wind and you've got to school. Jordan border but it sure didn't want to right field to win not technically over the going on in that direction. Although pretty much anywhere you hit the ball it's gonna carry. But Jordan Boyer was a double off the wall in right field in congress never could get a good beat on it. Which doctors have scored again three to nothing. Lawyer drives in Iran that'll. Bring up Luke Ridder. And a two out walk the Trout line. Becomes expensive for Cain after. Lawyers first RBIs of the year. And that one's a little bit load of Luke greater. So in the first third and now the fourth innings to shocker set foot five men for the plight. And scored exactly one each time. Walking a double the first. No hits in the third running afoul back in a walk and a double here in the fourth. Gotta walk stolen base error. And fielder's choice scored the third so. Playing good situation baseball and here in the fourth. It'll fashion clutch hit from Jordan Boyer. Drew one over the head the right fielder Cochran. Ritter belts want to center field indeed. That goes straight there it's over his head I don't want an awful. Wall. Ritter's matches here. Jordan Boyer back to back doubles you know for the nothing. Here at stadiums now when he had shocker fans. Enjoy seeing this throughout explosion. I walk into doubles and how great suggest that. So came Eckerd in his league needs to date debut. Had seen all three of the guys that he walked. Score. Wichita State now with three more doubles here today. They had two home runs. And six doubles last night. And I'll bring Afghanistan who has walked. And struck out. Four runs and four hits. They've gone three walks been hit by pitch. For the free passes and scored. Three of the four rather have four. Your grace and Janice that first pitch to him changeup waves and mrs. Well that's the one thing McCain Eckerd has been able lean on. Is there really effective changeup to left handed batter. But he really hasn't had an equalizer to the right breaking balls been nonexistent and when he got predictable counts doctors have measured in pretty good. Swing and a foul tip. Something into. Polar opposite plate appearances for Janice struck out on three pitches in the first. And then worked a walk in the third. Now back down in the count nothing into again here for. For nothing shocker stopped for. Ritter second base. And it swing and has got to live another load up and Kenneth. Down on strike so. Eckert continues to. Flirt with danger as shocker hit two more. Thanks to a two out walk compared doubles. So we go to the bottom of the fourth with a new score. 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Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Shoppers forces draw do you buy American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger porn and overweight Sawyer. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on K. CM Eddie has taken only 35 pitches to negotiate the first three innings of a shocker debut. He has faced the minimum nine. He has struck out war allowed two singles. Gotten a double play it and yeah I caught stealing. Throughout the first three innings to keep things neat tidy form. Do on Cochran and Selma top of the order. Here in the fourth inning or make these days. Shocker one run in the first one in the third two in the war. Cowboys waiting to get their first runner. Beyond first base and only had two. Do on takes blown away one ball no strike. Leann and Eddie has done a great job of pounding the strike zone here in the early going has not walked the man. They go along those four strikeouts. Duhon struck out to start the game. And it takes a little bit outside two balls no strikes. So Duhon now a lot of time in the series. Shocker doubt hit the cowboys. Twelve him last night but again I just. Bludgeon them with extra base hits you on Jason picked up around his shoulders and found the back. Nick and the last key down and the third base coaching box. Slapping some encouragement to you on it probably case. It's out strikes him. Overcast but the rain holding off for now. And the wind. Letting up just a little bit for the first time all day tomahawk ground ball that short picked up there by Boyer the throw across this gets you on hustling down the line. So do on picked on Q pitches that were at the very least open the strike zone. And hit it up here shopping on the short stuff lawyer for the first out of the leadoff man retired for the third time in four innings. And I are Cochran. Cochran hit a lazy fly ball to center that. Blew out to a jogging Grayson canister. Back in the first inning. And that was hit ten miles but foul down the right field line never fair. And down towards more one strike and nothing to Cochran who is now one for six in the Theres. Dick Cochran a year ago for the folks when he six of 92. Part time starter and a getting start eighteen times maybe weigh in Q 36 games. Have been well run. Crowded with a fastball that didn't flinch one and one in this the team won 37 games a year ago. But really tripped up in the Southland Conference turned. Went oh and two. And their season finish at 37 and 20/20. Two and eight in league play. In the left center field guest on its Fuller still going still going rages open as a kick out of love for at a club on it but couldn't hold. And the second goes conference. He would double off the glove greet them. We got a good read and had to make it's Raymond left center field. And backhand is wooden stick in the club so. There's that big honor for me. Yeah involvement. Zelman a strikeout victim its first time up there after. Eddie spellbinding Perino. So just inhaled head coaches make these state became. It's the second cowboy head coach to lead the program to three consecutive thirty win season. He was the cell phone conference coach of the year. And they won the league last year for the first time in eleven years. Hired in 2013. Thirteenth head coach here make me stay. So for the first time today Lee and any will have to look any theories of science. From better Trout line. And Cochran the first man to reach second. An island golf high and deep to left. And this one is gonna blow out here. The series. Believe it happened fortitude. Felt as though there have been one. Thing. Then now you. Basically betting on that breaking ball. Golf hit over the left field there. Selma in his mountain Mike Shannon who. Six RBIs. So let players have often now William Eddy has any RA. We'll bring up till proven gonna. That they'll wind up goes Eddie and back to the plate and back in the strike zone nothing you want. Groban Zahn now a strikeout victim his first time. So a double that could have been caught it would they're really nice running catch. Room Afghanistan. And then a home run by Salman has got the shocker lead in half both teams scored twice here toward. Oh great data here. 11 pitch. Now it's up there in front of home plate. 21. So for the first time today Lee and Eddie will not. Just faced the minimum three in an inning did it. Virtually here on the ground hard with this foul past the first base bag by. Romans on turned on. And he struggled out of the second inning. And that was the first time any shocker retired Joseph proven Donna. That 336. A year ago. Romans on old native of Illinois pre season all self and this year not surprising after what he did last year. And that when bounces and from the plate street want. In 2016. To 71. They Louisville slugger freshman all American in fifty. It 31053. Hits senior from. Downers Grove Illinois. It's one hard on the ground there right at the second baseman Ritter stays down scooped it up and throws enough fuel. For open style impossible to get out in game one that's over to your game to. There. That will bring play word. I can Maxwell. A single. His first time up there with the second hit of the current pursuit of the theory. Fourteen shocker hits even at four. Swing a foul tip of the pits got away from me he was trying to make it 43. Shocker in the fifth left bald O'Brien Hindu god. He hacker could use a quick getting from a neat state. We have had he had three of. Swing and if it got away from Poland to. Pace is empty with two outs after the two run home run by chain Thelma and second in series. No balls. Two strikes. Need third base. Here's the pitch. I'm looking on the outside corner. Good morning good afternoon good night prices back well. But at least it's on the scoreboard. Two hits including a home run nobody lab didn't at the end of war it is now the shocker for me. He's staying in June. Which understands stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So if the spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to vote since what he's 66 are goaded stingers ripping dot com to go to each one is 66. Dinners ripping and construction your home team probe. Yeah. Don't miss the educational seminars at the 2018 outdoor living and landscape show going on all three days march 2 through the fourth. Brought to you by the Sedgwick county extension office along with McCain is heating and cooling or independent train comfort specialist learn all about shape gardening native Paula Nader's garden bugs and don't miss the bonds I demo for more visit outdoor living in landscape show dot com this marks. Living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as at. Like outlines. Got up off the deck they get a couple against William Eddy. They've really for one swing of the bat and William has been really good numbers or any. It is fortitude shocker is as we head of the fifth. Joseph Miller ballpark on the campus make me think changes here at the ballpark and Andrew handling. Back in our studios. Throughout the course of this happening we'll get the out of town scoreboard occupied bigger proofing and construction. Alex Holmes takes a wide strike gets nothing in one ball will Brian and you've got facing pain hacker could attack on Iraqi time of it. Through the first four innings still waiting for his first 123 inning. Right hander against right hander couple big guys tangling. And that went well outside looked like a slider what I want. Very residential or commercial roofing inspection repair replacement call 2022066. Three roughing inspections for fingerprinting. And figure drooping dot com your home team pro. How it started to swing held up and took a strike one and two. Mentioned earlier a couple of teams in the American could not get under way on opening day like yesterday or last night Memphis western Kentucky postponed. And Cincinnati couldn't make it out to California couple teams throughout the country had a hard time getting out their home cities. And going to warm weather climates to open season two and cute Alec ball. Purdue and western Michigan both were heading down to Texas for different. Matchups but. Flight cancellations out of Chicago made them go to Georgia to play each other. Per game complex. Home takes two and two. He was hit on the bill the captains last time up there Alec RBI double in his bat. One's in the American that did play there or it's pretty good showing mostly. South Florida knocked off north Carolina. Central Florida beat Virginia. Although Houston got beat at home by holy cross. Little tapper up belong third is gonna trickle in the program. The scoreboard in the American today. UConn after losing to Kennesaw State yesterday. We'll take on George's day. East Carolina beat western Carolina last night they'll play again today. Of course Memphis western Kentucky we'll try to get their opener under way. UCF after that impressive win over Virginia 63 will take on rice. Three and two out ball nobody on nobody out shocker fifth. In this guy Dave Ball for Acker wanted to Allen but didn't get the call and he continues to. Battle his command. Eckert has walked four and hit a batter. And all the previous walk to come around the school. Nathan O'Brien up there with that bold on the air for the third straight time. North Carolina and South Florida. Trying to play a doubleheader today. Later on tonight holy cross in Houston in game two of that series. And skips up there fastball was overthrown one ball no strike Mason O'Brien is. Struck out and a ground ball that brought in around. Tulane beat Wright State last night 43 that's series continues today. Eckert has this tiny ones the one notable Bryant. Hi pop up right side felt ground holding on though is there and makes the catch. Nathan O'Brien little overzealous. Pitch in on him. You're able to pool side pop up that was never fair. So one out Purdue got. The board to shoppers top of the fifth. In softball Wichita State with a couple of victories the last couple of days. Shocker beat northern Colorado seven to one beat Seton Hall today four to three. They are in Texas were turned. You've got scorched one fouled on the right side and make its way out of play. You the name over to fly to center grounded to shorten. And it's in Cincinnati they are scheduled played cal bears tonight at 8 o'clock. They finally made their way out of Cincinnati. Swing and as I do not going to. Slider away from it. Future shocker opponents in action yesterday and today K you beat Murray State five to three Oklahoma State beat Texas State six to two. K state fell to south Alabama. Twelve the five. And. Turn South Carolina what bowl and he strikes it. Showcase fastball out away from Uga. Bullet first one out off the shocker fifth. Overcast guys. Here in Louisiana swing and it might do god Downey goats lighter Horry came up at the end date now for three after a leadoff walk. Eckerd and they're down to get O'Brien do goth. And no one more to get it you grab his young young as twice grounded out. In a couple weeks the shocker defeat Nebraska they defeated. Cal Riverside yesterday eight to three to play with Washington State. Today. And next weekend's opponent Omar picking on northwestern. They can't. One ball no strikes do that was you know. Young had a big hit last nine RBI double in the seventh. In the shocker little breathing room. Swings and misses it it's got away from him. One and one. Cain Eckerd is now thrown 75 pitches with. Two outs here in the fifth. Long hold the stretch 11. It catches the outside corner young didn't think so slider. And now it's one and two. Shocker with one of the first one of the third two in the fifth or to the fourth rather. And make these state answered with a two run home run in the fourth. Fortitude. Young takes low. Duhon can come up with a two balls and she strikes. Ballmer really showing no signs of getting jumpy over there at first he's gonna let. Them as young hit. Alex Jackson waiting in the on deck circle. Hits or even at four. Windiz subsided quite a bit is still drifting or drifting out toward left. And foam. It's checked on by Kate Eckert. William Eddy would get. 67 and hated new order in the fifth. Two balls two strikes throughout the pitch. Swing at a bad. Down goes down and down goes shocker actor went to strike outs in the inning. That gives him more through five innings and he turns it really is best inning. Today. And here comes the grain and halfway through we'll go to the bottom of the fifth everybody is scrambling for cover. As the skies open up. Here in Lake Charles Obama out of it's shocker to the war now poised to. Another smile power experiment I brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. 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Well almost the instant after. Young woman miss for the final out of the top of the fifth the skies opened up. And chased everybody off the field. Chased about eight make these state players on the field with our. To go to the mound. And no sooner did they get. The mountain TARP and it all anchored down its operating. So everybody went off the field. And now everybody will go back on the field in the shortest rain delay. In the history of rain delay hopefully that little cloud burst was. Just that and we can continue. So it look like there's going to be a delay. But actually all it will do is delay Lee and any warmup tosses. By about two and a half minutes. And now that the rain has stopped. All those in the lower. Chair back section that went scrambling up underneath it all money here. We'll go back down to their feet hopefully on her towel clean. Now we've got up at the bottom of the fifth shocker leading 42 granted it is. Totally overcast now one of those days where you can't tell where the clout hands and it's usually. Never great. But according to the forecast. The rain. If any is significant. It amount. Won't really start until it gets dark 789 o'clock. And then the forecast for tomorrow if it's cloudy. And 74 but no real rain in the forecast though that was the cloud burst of below 45 seconds or so. And then some light rain and now it's not raining all though Lee and anti. Deficient warmup tosses. And we will continue here Brett welcome. The DH league and off near the bottom of the fifth changed us from Joseph Miller ballpark here on campus. Make these state university. We hander hit my producer back in the studio. It at the kill as a college. Here make beef. Well in the leadoff. Well grounded in a 363 double play its first time up there. The wind the first pitch to him and that was found that the screen it's nothing you want. Any and four innings. Has allowed four hits two runs. No walks. And five strikeouts. Brett welcome. Left handed hitting DH. Full windup than the O line failed upstairs one and one. Mentioned earlier Joseph Miller ballpark in the history thereof opened it. 1965. Course since then added a new scoreboard that was about thirteen years ago beyond left field. Two balls and strike out and Brett welcome. But four years ago they've. Part of a multi phase upgrade install the field turf on the infield. To want to welcome swing and a student to. And with the capacity that 2000. The show has been. Much more than half full each of the first few days of this series again thirteen 28 the announced attendance. Last night just about the same number I would guess here today. 22. Down and NN. Got Trout line couldn't quite the rally goes back the 332. Bases empty nobody out bottom of the fifth fortitude shocker. Game two of the three game series. And he lost in ball four inside. So that's the first base on balls issued by Lee and Eddie and I walked to lead off the fifth. We'll bring up Jacobs traced it to center fielder. OK okay. There are. Four jerseys or pictures of him out there on the wall in deepest left center and right thinner. Among them the only number that has actually been retired Ben Broussard. All time home run leaders make these state it's 43. And cowboy uniform. Right bunnies weigh on our block well over straight here about the back screen. That bush won the right side. Ben Broussard these state hall of fame in 20072. Time all American. 27 home runs in 19892. Round draft. By the Cincinnati Reds. Probably their most famous baseball alone although Bobby howry win here too White Sox pitcher. It is outside snapped third out of first in diving back safely as well. Bob Howry. Fifth rounder by the giants in 1994. How to make the state. A couple of pretty notable. Baseball lump Ben Broussard Bob Howard. Perhaps swing didn't mean to do it a little foul ball by street you're on facing in the dugout. The first base side. And houses that the state one ball and she strikes. Better first nobody out in the bottom of the fifth shocker for. And the folks to. He stretched by alien any. And after over first. Well actually shocker bullpen Preston minor. Up for the second straight game. Swing at a bad support Rand curve ball straight there almost came out of Hughes go on after. He thought that has got to be up that he wanted to tie the game but bottom dropped out of it and Downey goes straight the one out too. We believe it's. Six strikeouts now for Eddie. Read for short stuff you up. He's gonna talk things over with the third base coach nix the lesbians though better Trout line picked up through it and jog out have a couple of words of wisdom. Or is freshmen. Notre outlined its senior catching. Lee of any freshman. Facing fellow freshman. Read or. Work up there from the left side with a runner first one away. In the fort cue ball game. Checking over on. Welcome as Lee and any. Bret well last year was one for one. And stolen base to tip and play that much only sixteen games. First pitch to Bork is little inside. One ball no strike. Hits or even at four. Shocker that led throughout got one of the first one of the second and two in the fourth. Bork it's a tailor made ground ball to second shortstop Juan first base double play in the leadoff walk into the race could shock her second double play. Of the game five innings in the books dodging raindrops for now we'll go to the six. Doctors or beef they gave me. Digital dishwasher struggle to make it to the quality meals and you better get in the ruins of once during their January clearance sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag can't kitchen. Witnesses over 25 miles on display to make your final decision easy. 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As you play here in the top of the sixth. Cain hacker goes the first five. Gave up all four runs. He really played with fire virtually every inning led off the first with a walk. Ended up walking four hitting a batter. He. Struck out. Five. As it is. Debut we'll make me stay peculiar transfer it gave up four hits so much filled up all the columns. Christian Campbell you. A transfer from. Lumber and Texas to reject from there are 64 to thirteen. You're right hander will. Inherited no on no out situation here and fixed in the clean inning and a faith. Alex Jackson's star Chris Gamble on the hill college. Hillsboro Texas. We're from the stretch with nobody on brings an end. Through the curve ball low one ball no strike outs Jackson was one for Q office came Acker. Bruce Campbell. Six and one. And it hill. College last year. Fastball now back. And one bowl and one strike. Jackson Trout line in Boyer in shocker six. Vastly different game today than its dockers. Provided last night it's worth the extra base hit power although doubles two home runs. Well they have mixed into an extra base hits today. When lofted into right field on his forces Cochran and there are incredibly incredibly fit. As Jackson served one indirect thinner leadoff single. The shocker got two doubles in the more than he had brought in who runs in a double in the first. That brought in another. Wichita State has now put the leadoff man on. Three times in six drives better throughout Winans. Might be sitter and walked. Yours is stretched by the big right hander Campbell. Jackson not going to happen sales outside one ball no strikes. William Eddy has been really efficient. In his shocker debut he's had one true 123 innings but three others where he faced the minimum. Couple of double plays and caught stealing helped him out. Through the first to Jackson had plenty of time. Back on its stomach Chris Campbell stepped often wound up through pull over at first but. That is more than enough time for Jackson that they're gonna. Nobody out in the shocker six. Blasted high and deep to left field and at 62 good. Lord. His first home run in over a year. Older crowd wanted to hit that one in the late. That's not lose another formally done. Third home run of the series for Wichita State it's gonna feel great. Gutter Trout line. Who now has four hits in this series. And crush one over the scoreboard and land me. So we'll start over again Jordan Boyer the shortstop. With nobody on nobody out. Boy here is doubled in two trips. He smacked one off the wall in right field over conference hit. Brought home gutter Trout line who walked. Sliders in their first strike from Chris Campbell so. Campbell. Gave up the single the Jackson. Had a home run from Trout line. And a shocker to now. Warden three of the six innings keeping the pressure on. Make meet state pitching. Campbell wants a new baseball. Before. Throwing Neal won the Boyer gets one from home plate umpire now. Goes into the stretch. And the pitch. Her ball well thrown drops in their first strikes nothing into it. So they had. Eight extra base hits last night. For more today. Three doubles and a home run by Trout one. Boy yours started this swingman held up on a breaking ball. Do on gonna tagging just in case they'll appeal no we did not. One ball in two strikes. Jordan boy. The finale of the series tomorrow being 11 AM. And by all accounts. Connor long woods. Would get the start although it's. Didn't TBA a form now. Make the status committed. To a left handed starter tomorrow. And warriors swings and misses strength out curve ball got him out for a fifth enough. Mighty rip goes down swinging. So one out shocker six. Make these will go with Brian Kane. Left hander to. Appeared twenty times a year ago including twelve starts to have. Rather inflated 635. ERA. Her ball over but well all three of the meet meet state starters. This weekend. Either. Had some redeeming to do from a year ago Anderson and king. Yesterday and tomorrow. Or was making their debut at the actor today. Balls and no strikes to Lew Ritter is one for two. And of course shoppers. Going with Connor long woods who's a part time starter couple years ago. Rigger takes a striking and on and two and one. Last year. Along what's almost exclusively in relief made one start nineteen relief appearances. And ERA of them even four point seven and now when almost hit Ridder and playing out of the global view on three and one. Bases empty one out the shocker six they've struck again. Cut dinner Trout line if you run home run. Lou greater than junior from Overland Park weights and take tribal war. So look Ridder whose. Then in the leadoff spot and each of the first two games that are nice job of getting on base and piling up pitch count the opposing pitchers walked twice here today also double. He's over there first with a one out. You. Even though Luke's not a very big guy 6190s. Does that pose much of a stolen base threat and run off. And then figure to be going anywhere with. Grayson Janice that you up to play generous struck out twice and walked and actually probably. Pretty happy that he came after Lee. Patrick got him on strikes twice. My name steady diet change up I guess we're find out what kind of change up Chris Campbell has. And time called. And the pitching coach wants to get everybody together and discussed the strategy and how to pitch to Greece and Janice with a runner first. And one out. In the sixth inning. Jim Mickelson. In his second season. Second stint. At McBee state. He was an assistant way back and the late eighties early ninety's. And then for a time was the head coach. That make these days. And they spent eighteen years at Lamar. Including fixes and associated here. And he played under Wayne Graham at San Jacinto. And it writes back in the eighties though. He's got a lot of skins on the wall the coach. Runner first one out. Jenna still wait and takes lawn outside look like changeup. Whose surprise there. This is part of the the idea of hitting Janice. Second ideally. You would look at him and Bowman make 34 automatically in the lineup. Diving back and rigor but. From a very early time last year I think it was time Butler was committed to getting Janice. At least that one more bat in the fuel. Where the line it's turned over and by the end of the game. He comes up in the two hole instead of three hole. And if it ever comes that you be glad you had him up there. Out hot so. That's the reasoning. For having Janice hitting second. And as the season ago you would think would be more more pressure on Mason O'Brien in Dayton do guy hitting behind those two. Outside. You know three you know rather. So first base is an open with second and third arc and it doesn't look like Chris Campbell it's a whole lot to do what they do go. The F Todd Butler turned him loose. He does not that's just global war. So Ridder goes down to second now ball home due up after two walks. Following the strikeout of boy. Would he didn't know. Ballmer has doubled been hit. And walk. Play a speed on the bases. Bolton just okay runner at the plate but. His job as not to get behind runners are. Chopped the ball on the ground. Campbell's first pitch doing. Service slider and a good loving and want. Ballmer apparently was looking ambush a fastball didn't get one. He got a breaking ball hung up a little bit last night and crushed it over both wall in center field for. A Grand Slam shocker went all of last year with only one. Bases loaded home run. Paul takes another breaking ball first strike at one on the inside part of the plate. And now it's nothing until you. Six runs six hits no wires Wichita State. She runs four hits one error. Make me stay shocker shocker to lead since the first. You know cued a ball. Golf in this their fields race here on its course he's going to be there in the gap in right center that twist away from him both runners bag and Ridder goes to their. Obama put it in play and Ridder tags and advances to third base on the fly ball to center field. Street you had to go over in the right center field gap right now. So runners at the corners now or. These Mason O'Bryant. O'Brien hitless in three trips has an RBI. Drove in generous to the ground ball. The potential double play ball they beat out in the third. Is this stretch by the righty Chris Campbell. And the pitch bounces and a great block by due on Allen bounced in front home plate. And him right in the center of his chest protector and dropped right down on home plate. And ball no strikes. Chris Campbell sophomore transfer. Originally from lumber ten Texas. Given up two already in the sixth courtesy of a home run. And O'Brien have big cotton velvet back to three. Shocker led and at one point four to nothing. Cowboys answered with two to make it fortitude now they have their four run lead back after governor Trout line. Destroyed bait ball to deep left field. On line in the left field for a base hit O'Brien goes the other way. The shocker gone. Mason O'Brien with a opposite field single. Shouted at me. Alley between third and short. Reader walked home in this doctors have it briefed on here in the inning and pianist of parks and at second base. And here Dayton did god Alex's seventh hit of the day for Wichita State. Goes oh definite bail for three with a strikeout. They think Campbell for the first time who's had a hard time. Making it through the sixth inning. He right hander getting loose. Or make needs down the right field line Gammons on yea. Heath Campbell can't get out of trouble and hanging breaking moment. Swan on miss by a big do you guys that are frustrating afternoon it's kind of showed he struck out and pounded his bat with the hand. In the fifth inning. Had one hit here last night I RBI double. Kind called. We'll see if we have any. Heads back out for the sixth inning Wichita State has been little action now the shocker hand mcginnis. It's plain little catch miner was up earlier. Two on two out three in in the shocker six. And stepping off his. Chris Campbell. Jackson's single to right Frontline homer to left. Ritter and Janice to walk O'Brien singled to left to score Ridder. 01. Happens upstairs god throw a slider and not much happened of that one and one. The sun's starting to peak through the clouds now. In the middle of the fifth inning we had about twenty seconds downpour that was pretty much it. Stopped shortly after that and we've been right since now will be sunshine. He slow breaking ball. Campbell but he threw a strike sort of who want. Just sit second O'Brien at first shocker too bad. Runners and every single and. Scored in. Four of the six. 21. Swing and MS from another breaking ball. Dayton do got reverting back to the trouble they had last year identifying breaking balls. Swung and missed a lot in the game and a half here in this series. Dig up pretty good pass on one in the first inning and lined out to center field. That's grounded to short struck out two balls into strike. Runners know pitches inside notes road either based double steal. For Jenna fed an old Bryant. Pitch to do go I was into tonight. So. Now two more big insurance runs. Full count of Dayton do god. And we'll see what kind of fortitude Chris Gamble and it's gonna try to sneak a fastball passenger thrown another breaking ball. We shall see three balls two strikes two out two more in scoring position. Seven it can shock early pitch. Nodding looking at a breaking ball could offer and Downey goats and you guys. Frustrating afternoon continues but the shocker given three more they lead issue. Two walks three hits including a home run we'll go to bottom of the sixth ballot shocker seven. 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George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm PMS. Doctors have been pretty relentless offensively. All day long. And we have Eddie. Has been really good news shocker debut. Evil. Head back out to the mound for any numbers six. Williams 63 pitches. 41 of them for strikes one walk. Scattered four hits one left the ball Martin's. Me and bring up wells Cooley. Okay. Hey strikeout victim looking. To end the third inning. Seven to Wichita State. And he brings it in and I expect that to validate their. Feet and leadoff singles go. That these state obviously understanding now by now that we have Manny is going to be a strike throwers around the strike zone. And certainly with a five run lead is gonna continue to try to do so. Wells Cooley took advantage bicycling is going to be easy. Leadoff man has reached now three times in six innings against William. Although he was up to the task in the third in the fifth inning with a walk and a single greeted him to start those francs here's due on hold for too. Catcher with a strikeout and ground ashore. Eddie brings an end. And a little bit. Two height one ball no strike. Late Maginnis than throwing Wichita State just in case. In any. Fine as far as the pitch in on its concern. Fly ball right field you guys. Got a track he is under it makes cats went away. You on reaching toward the fiddle in a corner right field when now. Not does Dick Cochran has doubled in two trips. He hit a ball to left center field this last time out there and it was slicing away from. Grayson Kenneth that the wind was helping to push it even further away from tennis that got there. On the dead run reached out backhanded it and couldn't get it to stick in the glove went for a double. And then change Salman. One pitch later golf one out of here that one's in the air down the left field line long run for young Heath why did the barrier and can't get it. Just ran out of room it was an up there long enough for him to camp under. It's one strike in nothing after a long run by Travis young. Looks like he's okay feet first slide wisely. Trying to make him act dramatic do or die yet. In the brick wall down there that's the other thing. That wall is not gonna give. This maybe last Chuck Norris runs into it but. Brick wall all the way down both lines and behind home plate. Hello Aaron. We'll want to Cochran. Fastball high one and one. Again Leann Eddie six strikeouts. And five and a third. Walked one. And it's faced the minimum. In four separate innings. Another ground ball double play any could do it again. Happens in there at the fell one and two. Dick Cochran the DH last night to. Went one for five. One out of two here in game two it. And he's one Q Pitts kept coming. And here it is over the low. Selma and probe and not go neck. Questions. Dynamic duo and the gates starting lineup. Two balls two strikes one out. Stripped by William Eddy in the pit. Liable shallow senator you know if they got a late start still coming still coming. It dropped in front of the last ball that got little flair to senate candidate could fly tracked down. A Texas leaguer to Saturn now brings up change Selma. Selma has had himself a first game and a half. Four out of five with a home run and four RBIs last Friday. Yeah. You run home run in two trips today. And Mike Steele coming out of the third base shocker dug out. We'll see if this is for maintenance. Or for removal. Plate mcginnis. Is ready if needed down shocker Danny you're 23 victory last night. You talk in all the infielders on top of them. Take that book was so. A very good they view or Leah Andy. Got their hands and recognize. Gave him a nice ovation. You go. Into giving up six it is my evidence there. With one walk six strikeouts one home run. And Cooley and Cochran. Are his responsibility. So now Clayton McGuinness. Will replace him. Again last night when he three pitches. Was credited with an inning of work I hit a walk. And Iran allowed. And he'll inherit that. Q on one out situation here in the six it's still 72 Wichita State. So they have a little breathing room at least for now but fell and one of the better power hitters in the south on conference. Last year at 33314. Home runs 59 runs batted again. He is a pre season all Southland Conference that he can. Anyways good morning ninth in the nation last year RBIs per game. Well over one her. All league outfielder Greg Olsen semi finalist. As the breakout player of the year. Because in 2016. There. He only hit 225. And more all or nothing then it hit home runs. As a freshman. Back that up to fourteen more last year. And has. Food and his games. Against Wichita State. So quite McGuinness. Who was in the low nineties last night. We'll have a little hit and miss as little up and down with that. Walk hit and run allowed you won't need any mass tonight. So here comes settlement. To launch one out. Film and last year in case you're wondering. It into six double play. Right hander against right hander mcginnis. Come set comes to the plate little bounce Surrey is foul went fishing. It's down. Similar to the one that he got in the fourth inning from the in any any golf get out of here left. It's not fully bill but powerful right hand hitter I have eleven. 195. One strike and nothing wind continues to drift off the left. On this overcast day here at Joseph Miller ballpark. Along. Outside love. When balls and one strike. Seven to Wichita State in the bottom of the sixth. There's this stretch by mcginniss. And the 11 coming in. Way outside to one. Easy to overthrow when you're pitching in chains Selma that's what play against it there. 61180. Junior from Missouri. He's made. Now 45 appearances as a shocker all but seven of them coming in relief. All 21 of them last year can't. Becomes a 21. Swing and MF Salman healthy habits that last time a couple of times ago up there Salman is not up there walk. He was ahead in the count three you know in the second. Against William Eddy current the first rather and swung at a 30 pitch he only walked eight times all of last year. So he has Hackett. He hacked on that 21 pitch that was borderline best. There's a runner to third has popped up. Shallow center. Retreating is truly under it is pianist they got them to. But it's bigger that one is. Pro opens on though it is may be a little more polished cater. And not as seniors as far as the raw powers concerned coming up. The result mcginnis and gets himself yeah. Cooley was playing games were against dancing around at second base timing up timing him up and took off for third. So two outs in the inning. Proehl and Donna is. Struck out in grounded out earlier against William Eddy. Clayton from the stretch. Shorter lead now this time by Julian pitch. How did him good looking pitch that didn't get the call one ball no strike. 770. For the shocker to fix in one for the cowboys. Leon any turned in a dandy. In his shocker debut those are his runners out there Maginnis trying to strip. 10. When it there'd be pitch on the outer half went into a ball went away for strike. One and one. One of the first one in the third two in the fourth three big ones in the sixth and shocker. Selma and homered for two runs in the fourth for the cowboys. 11. Swing and it went past you could do. Or one of the few red. Ricky Ramirez they're leading hitter from a year ago with 345. It's one of the volunteer assistance this year he was their top hitter but. Pro and Donna and Selma over the next best. Soccer's couldn't get proven Bono out game want. 12. Curve ball well outside low. Two balls in two strikes. On dancing in and out behind the clouds. Here as we approach late afternoon. The jello. Your Lake Charles seventy shocker. Here's this stretch by Maginnis. If you pitch. I'm all right feel. You guys got measured now comes and he got out and the inning is over mcginnis. Get Selma and Roman god no. Hands brands that do well by Eddie though Lee and Andy. In five of the third gives up to any shocker debut. And we'll go to the top of the seventh. Wichita State leading the estate seven to Q. It's time again to go inside the numbers with beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help you strategize and make plays that help improve performance and put pressure on her competition. Everyone needs entrusted advisor who's yours. Learn more about the many ways we help our clients go to eat Katie dot com and goes shot. Another mile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing. It deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means per Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Here are great Americans join me. We get all the other things on EA will take over on the mound. For MacNeil stay Gavin is 6390. Pounds Louisiana native sophomore. Chris Gamble had a rough first. Inning as a. Cowboy and eighteen and one inning three hit three walks three runs. Strikeout guys working and that's for sure. Sunday last year was that pretty much a warning kind of guy and didn't make it into that many games did okay when he was there and although he was wild. No record in the ERA at 338. Seventeen walked three and seventeen strikeouts in thirteen innings. So they had to just kind of sneaking in and out before he walked the world war. And in some cases struck everybody out though he was. Blood pressure waiting to happen in the coaching staff from me steak and now when crowds young. To start the top of the seventh seven runs seven hits for the shocker two runs six hits for the folks. Charters have played error loose ball the first fifteen innings. One note young and here comes. And it's over but lo que uno. So Gavin Sonja big. Tall righthander. With command issues a year ago it's fallen behind young to know if they turn him loose. No it was inside we'll never know freeing up. Six walks issued by. Cowboy pitching today. 30. That's in there. So six walks today. To go along with six drawn last her. I've drawn last night. The shocker. Overall been pretty patient. They've cashed in a lot of those walks today. 31. Upstairs checked his swing and did not go lead off walk. So the shock yours with a leadoff man on there with and seventh walk issued. My cowboy pitching. Him you. Alex Jackson's had a good day at left the you hit the line drive second. Shocker tips scored in four of the six innings so far trying to make it. Five out of seven. And young girls leadoff walk and he is a path. They throw. That is outside the Jackson. Young is also not a guy. Because Shane omen never walking ya I'm not big on broad base on balls either but. What he's been on as a shocker fourteen and seventeen steals and hard to catch. And Jackson's swings and misses. Wanna want. Redshirt freshman Alex eagle. Losing in the shock herbal that we may see his debut here especially. Dockers and tack on a couple you'll get a clean inning if they wanna running out there in seventh meeting at least seventy. Well they got to pick off young. Caught in between they throw over to first and Roland nanotech is now. So guns and a little too far off there and Sonia a pick. So young back to the dugout. With the first out and now it's one and one with a bases empty out Jackson. One ball one strike. Tanya delivers. Inside corner called strike one and two. Doctors and hope to wrap it up tomorrow morning at eleven. Be on the air on KFH. In Wichita at 1240 in 975 at 1030. Jackson lofts one foul breaking ball stayed up that'll get out of play and left side. So if Alex Siegel does. Make his way. Into the game in the bottom of the seventh that will be a long awaited debut for him. Injured all of last year there was some hope here and there that he make it back be able to at least. Be functional if not thrown a game. Check swing a fastball away. And those swing but we've got to check swing for strike yet. In this series. Don't do the Jackson. Bases empty one out the shocker seven. Here's the stretch on news too cute. In the air right center field pretty well ahead heading over toward the gap is Cochran and the center fielder straight there's gonna get there. And make the cats. Right to gap between straights during Cochran but rates in the center fielder after long run. Gathered it and that now. He. There's got to Trout line instead. Quite a series so far. Gutter with four hits including two doubles and home run. Hitting mammoth blast. You know doubters part of a three run sixth. Think she curveball for a called strike. Throw line working on a pretty healthy. Opening weekend beard did he. Hands down get the best one on the feet. He'll want to him swing and if you recruit a fastball. Sony's got to live arm and that when path Trout line. That alone to. Looking ahead to the bottom of the seventh it'll be Maxwell Wheldon. And straight there. I've six and seven. Or perhaps Alan Siegel will find out. Upstairs from Sonja. One goal and two strikes. Be listening after the game for the remote depot post game show. I ever play in the game game recap final look at the box war. Look around the country as well. We'll Popper foul ground to the state of play province on over near the barrier to catch. The shocker from retired. In the seventh inning. So. Don't run. No hits a walk. Nobody left the stretch of time here at the cure. It is darker seven cowboys Q. 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Nationally. So he doesn't. What are your contention coming out icy cool but again these night debut it's been not been put on hold quite a while but. They will unleash him here. Joseph Miller ballpark. And against the state match a lot of butterflies. And he didn't wait long time for the Siegel and Maxwell in the seventy shocker game. You work from the stretch. Hannah swing and a cap profound so Siegel poured one in the strike zone. Until one. Maxwell one for two single in the strike out. William Eddy went five and a third McGinest got the human that he faith. And now Alex Siegel. Pulled one. Outside. One ball one strike. Safer but 22 down war it's been. Playable today as far as the conditions. And cloudy old day. And down and end. Few balls and one strike. Carson Maxwell. How one for five in the series. And that. Base hit in the second it's William Eddy. Hi pop up shallow center field. Generous the looping in he's under it and make the catch. Alex Siegel retires the first man that he faces. And now he'll get left hand hitting Brad well so they're gonna leave him in there let him hit. Millions lefty Alan Siegel. Well against Eddie. Get into a double play and walk. The walk issued to him was the only one. Surrendered by Leann Eddie. Right down the heart of the plate nothing in one. Looking more and more like Connor lung which will start tomorrow from Wichita State. Again. Make these state going with a lefty Brian king. Curve ball buckled and strike call. These strikes and nothing to Brett welcome them tough assignment for him. Seven to shoppers home half of the seven. His district by Siegel in the 02 got him looking on the outside corner. Whatever it was perfectly thrown slider cutter stump than. I'm away from Wheldon who couldn't pull the trigger three pitch strikeout there for one of those mountains made me. Now here's braced for the center fielder singled been caught stealing and struck out. Always street here's beard may give. That are Trout want to run for his money different color but still bushy nonetheless. Bases empty two out bottom of the seventh pitch. Swing and a miss pulled the string on it. The hawks Eagles for not reading fire here in his debut. A fly ball to strike out. Straits there with three hits in the series 347. It mean to do it but. But that has the bad out there for an up or did get behind home plate. Straight here three for seven had a couple of hits last night. He's deep in the hole Owen to. You're distressed by Alex you know to pitch. Got him swinging at a changeup away and how Siegel. What they really quick 123 innings striking out two with a shocker has struck out eight today. And single make it through the bottom of the depth goes DA still a shocker seven. If they do. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament and 122 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. 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Joggers and let your round. We. And Jordan border early enough. Evidence on the day after a scoreless seventh. Back out there for more. Seven runs seven hits for the shocker she runs six hits. Or make me. Leann Eddie and Alex Siegel her freshman. And made their debut and they both. Really sparkled and Jordan border to cut it on the fly. And that's though the one thing that Wichita State is really. Hung its hat on today and that is what the leadoff guy on there Ridder started to gain Milwaukee scored. Bowl walk to start the fifth. Jackson singled to start the six. Young walked in the seventh and our borders been hit here in the eight. Not one time of the shocker. On an order. Here's Luke Ritter for the fifth time. And that's in their first strike. Luke has walked twice doubled. Driven in one scored two. And that's after he walked twice and scored twice last night though. You've now won four times in the series and scored four times. You can. Good fastball out to the low one you've got a good arm that. Yes it's late last year anyway I have hard time locate mister excel. Is walked in hand and hit a man here. In his inning plus one batter. Hi fly ball right field. That there's Cochran now in a few steps and makes cats. Ritter. Hit the lazy fly to right for the first out now Genesis. There's a lefty going for make needs right now but it's also heaven the Jews know. We'll see it's on is allowed if they Afghanistan who was a little closer. Would have my doubts but not that it's over but. Wichita State top five even make these would rally basically be. Wasting a left hand pitcher one guy but could happen. Tonya checking on Boyer first. For extra base hits today to go with the last night. The strike well thrown by Sunday on the outer half of the plate nothing in one. Shocker by my count eight doubles. In the two games they've also. Walked seven times. In this game and hit by pitches twice in this game. The naval base runners. Pretty much all over the place. In each of the first few games. Made the pitching staff of it means really work. Another throw to first and actually went down in order. Three times last night. Any game where they ended up with. Double figure runs and hits. But once they. And it's all Eitan Anderson. They were run around the bases like Jack round. Upstairs. And outside one and one to Grayson Jenna say struck out twice walked twice. Stolen base twice. Holiday Bowl waiting nets on an overcast and breezy afternoon here from the job. Were below the changeup. Grace it's been on a few balls and one strike. Shots one in the first one in the third two in the fourth. Three big ones in the fixed. And clutch hitting. Hi pop up foul ground. Third base side. Actual over for a look. And if did not catch it he disappeared out of our view read over by the shocker dugout. Ended up with a ball that apparently didn't catch cleanly. Went to the home plate umpire word for. So two and tune out too great to Afghanistan. Under first one out the shocker eight. Gavin on DNA. Comes for the help and again over at first she's convinced that. Jordan employer's gonna take off. Shocker winners tend to seven. In game one they lead to seven at two. Here in game two. Another throw to first. Jordan Boyer one way or another. Get worn out. And he's gonna readjust the belt buckle up repeating that. Hubble's. Stuck in there and maybe his buckles worse for the Wear diving back on his stomach. Or at least 45 times soccer fans to enjoy every Monday night that he thought Butler coaches show that AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth green which road. Live right here in Canada says 9713. 33. Coaches in there on Monday night at eight feet Portugal at the Alley. Belted to right field over toward the corner and had trouble and it gets down old track. Here comes Boyer around third and Sammy got would veto holding back on a double by grace and Janice that content from analog but if he can't back. And just served it in between a regular Cochran and the lines are era double anyway. Or great suggest then probably. Could he present Boyer the ball made it all the way to the track and that the cut off man was well into the outfield but. Again with ballot bowl coming up next. Sammy Escondido. Didn't wanna take the chance announced second and third with one out the first hit of the day for Grayson but he's been on their three times. As has ball. Double hit batter walked. Equipment with this when honoree any guns line drive base hit to left center field you're gonna score. Over the kind of off deep into the gap is straits there not before Alec foam. I did two more and makes it nine magnitude. Bolton second double of the day. His third RBI. We're. And he has now knocked in seven. In the first two games of this series. Holy shocker. Keep pouring it on. Than it needs bullpen. Home Mason O'Bryant. O'Brien RBI single stolen bases part of a double steal in the sixth inning RBI groundout in the in the third. Sonja aide tool Bryant bounced back through the middle shortstop gonna have and only played a first. There goes bull the third and O'Brien got 63 goes the put out and Alec. We'll be at third with two way for big dude got. They no longer for him today though for more. They haven't saw any day. And Chris Campbell both relievers. Touched for runs today. Who inside that flipped it. Oh you got hit by pitch. Six relievers threw last night for nick needs and for those. Gave up run. And we still haven't seen. Eight duplicate relievers so. Everybody. Save for. That writer. And Brody Strahan has been ERA. Or make peace. Jacob cats B is gonna hit war Travis young. It's. That you got clipped by a pitch. First and second. That's beginning his first plate appearance. The 2008 feet nine to two shock here's where in the. And out time called and they're gonna make pitching change after cats he has announced. And they're gonna bring a lefthander. So Wichita State trying to run away and hide when this one. Gavin Sonja eight. Will be replaced after. An inning and two thirds got out of the first inning that he was the end but I hit batter. In a couple of doubles. Muddy up his outing. For the first time in 2018. And give them. Few hits. Hit two batters. Walk command the strike anybody out if given up a couple of runs at least so far too long to out. Here any shocker happening eighth inning. Nine runs. And nine hits. Now for the shocker. And left hander Austin Briggs who has gone really briefly last night becomes the first guy to pitched twice. In this series. Rick last night he faced one batter and walked him. Yeah thank came around to score. So ticket Kathy was just trying to get its feet on the ground again maybe here. A runaway type game in the eighth inning. Justin hill decided to bring in Griggs and try to get him a feel good and because he's likely be a specialist I get him to get sexy. Here to retire the shocker in the evening K 631 night from Lee's summit. Outfielder by trade though played a lot of first base and this summer. For the winner mark diamond dogs in Florida and of course being late fall early spring Wichita State played a fair amount of first thing so these. Becoming more and more personal hit to 64 in limited advanced last year. Kathy started twelve games. Most of them and laugh. He had fourteen hits drove in six. So came Acker what the first five. Actually made it through five. But then gave way to Chris Campbell laughter. They were up four hits or walks. Or runs Campbell gave up three runs on eight give it to. So far. So varied Obama third. You got first. Pat's data pinch hit. And he facing. Let the Austin bricks. Briggs and Conroe Texas. And it brings in the first pitch and Jake watches it. They alone one ball no strike. Kathy last year did hit it it did have a three hit game against war Roberts. And his career high. Still waiting on his first shocker home run. Because you got a Y drive base hit into right field ticket that hey bring home home and it's hit it too. Those big cat the levers. To right field pinch hit RBI single. And the soccer's on the bill. Or a third time here in the eighth. I was off with a pitch and of course he made it to third without what. Now Alex Jackson and other left hand matter. Stand in against Austin Briggs. And now three runs assistant. Gavin Sonja. Right down our nominees. One strike and nothing to Alex Jackson. No action in the shocker bullpen that legitimately Alan Siegel will get the eight. Or currently. Duhon 891 scheduled. Shocker now leading ten to two. Breaking ball bounces all it back to the screen but off the brick wall right back could do on any ailments that out of the glove. As Dayton did god slide in safely all the way to third goes to Catholic. What do on what I held on. He might of head Dayton did god yet breaking ball mentally either bounce passed him through his legs but all that brick wall behind home plate. We pretty much right back through it but he couldn't hold it on a headlong dive. Trying to tag they did go ahead first or the first line and not eleven to Q. And Jake can't be makes it all the way over to third. On the wild pitch. One and one Alex Jackson. Hand swing and miss the cut on a fastball. So the shocker strike for more here in the eighth it's now eleven to two. They've got crooked numbers in three innings single runs in the first in the third and assault on the scoreboard. Little bit outside. The walls and threw strikes. Jackson with a two hit game Trout line waiting on deck. No across displaying little catch down the left field line so we'll see if there's any deep into replacements. Come with the bottom of the eighth. Bounce in their blocked by du Juan Kathy was about a third of the way down what I've picked block that was bite you on. That was about a 57 foot breaking ball that landed in the right hand batter's box. And do on my cat just. Smothered it it basically stopped right in your feet. But cat's feet with a pretty good read and anticipation of the ball in the dirt he was ready to come home that got past due on. Flights now by Jackson out of play. The three balls and to strike to Alex Jackson after. Jacob can't be RBIs pinch hit single. The inning started with a hit batter. Shocker to really cashed in on the free passes. Briggs to Jackson. Got a fastball upstairs and down again so that's the innings but what you thought they had a great round. And now are well within striking distance of winning this series four runs. On three hits there was one man blah blah about it it's not a shocker in the eleven Bigby state to. 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Well thank you deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on KNS and. Our employee eighth inning for the shocker after a perfect seven. And he'd start over there for awhile and some doctors. Plated or in the eight. But you could've asked for a much better game to not only for the shocker but Alex Siegel has been waiting all this time. Due to injury all of last year trying to getting. The right situation at Pitt and yet coaching staff wanted to get him in at some point this weekend. Of course you ideally it's like he's somebody back into it more into it start with a with a clean inning. And the scorer. Out of hand but not high leverage situation. The staff and think about all the remaining in the afternoon. So read Bork a lefthanded hitting freshman shortstop will greet Siegel. Who's struck out two of the three men that he faith in the stuff he does your ballpark in handling back the studio. And looks like Roth had Dina. Is now catching from Wichita State. Freshman. Getting his first action of the season better Trout lines day is done so as it turned out. It Dina was playing catch with. No croft now bullpen to get to Dina rating coming into the game two balls no strikes. Bork over two reached on a fielder's choice and grounded into a double play. Two balls no strikes to. Read war. Hats in their first strike. So one of the U freshman position players. To make an appearance opening weekend it's going to be tough for those guys with all the veterans returning from Wichita State. All over the field. Now Clinton barely missed inside. Good look at Pittsburgh. Apparently the home plate umpire doesn't have anywhere to be today. Eleven to two here in the bottom of the eighth. More action in the shocker bullpen. Siegel has put more gone with a five pitch walk. We'll behind. Covina a 59189. Pounder from whom do you snowflake Ferrell high school. Number 36 overall player in the state Kansas sporting a perfect game so. Ross covered big guy but. Certainly earned the trust. Of the pitching staff. In the fall and early spring in their now here's me. Cooley takes a little low. One ball no strikes and. John Schiller. Home plate umpire he. And if money's worth today yes. Who is struck out and single. In their first strike one on one. The other Davis who was considered at least briefly to finish the suspended game earlier today. Is loosening in the shocker in the tall righthander. Maybe making his debut later on. Started to swing Cooley took a strike. And Siegel jobs that went in there wanted to do. When launching strikes. What are first. Doctors holding them on some reason. In the nine run game that went outside. The balls and she strikes. Gosh if backer. Is. In left field for Wichita State. After catch the pinch hit for young. Playing and it's an afterthought of a swing by chameleon Downey you know. Three strikeouts for Alex Siegel one out here in the. They never bring up is due on the catcher. You run. Over three today. And he is now over seven. In the series. She's 68 hitter last year. Bodies found it tough going and shocker pitching and first. Nearly two games. Siegel delivers high outside one ball no strikes. Again Connor along with scheduled to pitch tomorrow morning for the shocker to be able. Take place at eleven. Over on the FH. Now Mike Steele it's gonna go out the mound. After Ross could deal went out there. And he is gonna go to the pants so. Hopefully Siegel's OK but. He exits after. One pitch. To do on. And goes jogging off the field though. If you get a fair about it College Baseball lot more than you and professional baseball perfectly some guy will be. Taken out sometimes it count after one pitch to. Duhon. That's got to do it for Alan Siegel though. An inning and two thirds current inning and a third for him. No hits no runs to this point I walk. And three strikeouts giving shocker 59 today. And so now they will turn it over to. Tyler Davis 63205. Pounder from spring Texas. Davis becomes the third reliever used by Todd Butler. The Davis will inherit a 10 count. You Derrick Duhon. Davis from Oak Ridge high school. In spring text. Very rather in Conroe Texas born. And spring Texas. All Houston area utility player. In classic today. Tyler Davis. Trying to. Finish up the eighth inning. Get this when going the night that he won on and one out. Doctor pitching has now walked fear today. So area. It'll be Orkut first. And Duhon with a 10 count. Case. It's all right hander Tyler Davis. In two seasons it. Oak Ridge high school age seventeen and five of the 136. ERS. Comes death. Sun comes peeking out of the clouds after Davis comes in any delivers outside low. It is two balls no strikes. Do on a strikeout in the first grounder to short in the fourth. We'll have all the right. In the sixth. And it's free you know boy you've got to throw it over the plate today. Scorer. Those score had a hand. Good day to be hitter but that way. Rios in their first strike. Jake Cochran would be next. Shocker about it cowboys. Ten to six. In the game 22 to sixteen so far and here. 31. Mobile fourth. So it's not always got to be silky smooth with the gotten some freshman. Making their debuts at. They don't want it and here in the eighth then. Davis complete the walk to do on following him now Cochran so. A little bit of baptism by fire for Davis here at the wade through the heart of the or Cochran. Two hits in three trips today singled and doubled. And gets in this guy wanted to center field Guinness that started back now comes in. And makes it gets you away so. First it's not to Cochran and I have to. Make Davis. Free desire early. Well one more again and I don't know the furnishings. Ailments that. And Salman has homered in three trips. Two run blast off of Lee and any. The only runs of the game so far for make peace in the bottom of the eighth that the eleven to two shocker. Davis staring into PDF for this time. First pitch. Outside low one ball no strike. Salman has struck out and flied to center. In his other two appearances besides the home run. He's now five for eight with six RBIs and two home runs here. Swing and miss let up. And Salmons going to down again. When. Installment. 26 career home runs now this is his junior season. Now high drive to senator Barack goes pianist he's at the track he's going to be there and in front of the track. Make the catch though. Zelman hits it anywhere but dead center he's probably a fuel run game but a good job by. Tyler Davis to extinguish a threat here in the 83 more outs to get shocker coming up to the top of the ninth leading eleven to two. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry marked Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. I just let back into any week day mornings at nine right here runs. Shocker three outs away from taking the first two games of this series stable. Hit one more time and rocks could Dina. To replace better throughout wind behind the plate a leadoff position markers. Facing Austen great. Andrew Bryant is now catching. Replacing Duhon so if that's the night. So Ross Covina. Getting his first plate appearance after catching the last half inning. Open stance from the right side first pitch grounder to third Maxwell got it throws pie and a audit first on the tag by coral and Xena. Came down off the bag. And elected and convenient coming by to jump and a foul ground so they didn't. Was enabled jump back our land back on the bag. And the sweep tag gets Padilla. For out number one. And her boy here. Borders been on there twice. Scored both times. Strike in the air from Austin Briggs. Bridge a lot of RBIs singled to Jacob Kathy last inning but struck out Jackson to in the bases empty one out the shocker night they put up double digit runs again. Fly ball right field. Shading his eyes it's Cochran comes in and make the catch you up. Two up and tear down in the shocker night. And you know. Luke Ritter's been on their three more times today scored twice and one for three officially. And RBI double before. Strike called in their looks like the shocker here for. Rated take it back to the hotel I'll blame them it's been a fairly long day anyway with the resumption of the suspended game. And this game approaching three hours. The shocker scoring eleven more runs. And to strike in there to Ridder into. And the bottom of the ninth that'll be. Probe and not know Maxwell and well those are the scheduled hitters we'll see if Justin hill wants him yup bench down nine. With three outs to get up. Bounces Ritter wanted to. Luke walked twice. Also grounded to short flied to right. More action in the shocker then we'll see if they run somebody else out there. In the ninth inning. That handle foul ball down the left field side past. Sammy after Zito. Preston's ably right hander. Plane gets shot her and if it's for real little bit. Bases empty throughout shocker night. Austin brick through the whole lineup he used in the sunshine. Andy. Scott Ritter to chase in this they change up and down ago thanking him. You completed is. Andrew Bryant but the shocker it's going order actually for the first time today but the bottom like shocker to eleven feet. Needs to. 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Your TV week and helping families find the perfect TV in entertainment furniture for over the years we offer free installation and everything we Al ethnic TV and battery and Wichita not just start brands. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita Aussie agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at until the fall camp. Happening right here on CNN. Well yeah Hillary or Obama an on duty. Ross could penalize throw down after the final warm up pitch by Tyler Davis. Almost. Took Jordan lawyers flip floppy was not looking and it sailed right by his mug. And settled in this that are field. They'll get on the same page from here on out thankfully. Lawyer doesn't have a monopoly to let the whole lot of we go. Rollins on of the schedule hitter Tyler Davis. Oh please give you can't figure it. Out okay shake hands at the end of the game. Over the auto Maxwell and well. Scheduled hitters limited to shocker he got hit cowboys. Ended Q if not for a home run by Salman. The cowboys would not have much to hang your hat off. One ball no strike. And they Davis. Anything proven zona. And a fly ball left field over toward the line of the flight. The backers got it measured any Mexicans. What away. Again be listening here shortly for the promo people post game show. Yeah it'll take a look at today's new vinyl box score giving green Greek captain. Player of the game's scoreboard. Player of the game much more. Here's Maxwell one out of three. His swing and a foul that nothing in one. Maxwell against William Eddy went one for two Alex Siegel got him to fly to center. There will be no midweek games. This week from Wichita State wait for Friday. Arthur welcome Omaha. The pits on the outside corner to another Davis. Got into it from Davis to Maxwell. Davis got Parker and Selma and and now proven gone out and pliable. Here's the wind in the pitch slider low credit front door and when ball and two strikes. Friday Saturday Sunday Omar mavericks come to town and and the cornhuskers of Nebraska archer in the month of march the next day swing and miss slider Maxwell goes down. One more to get for the shocker. Becomes Brett welcome the DA over to law the beauty. First I got for Davis that can't for shocker pitching. We shoppers are closing in on a road conference. Series win. It's been a long time since they've been able to say that. Outside one ball no strike. And I bring it up because generally Wichita State when they play a road nonconference series it's against the best of the best. Last year of course cal poly. Among those they've been that TCU a couple of different times when you know fell back. Long Beach day. Cal state Fullerton. Hawaii. Lots of quality. Nonconference road foes. That they can get this done. It will be the first time in over a decade that they having. Nonconference road series win. And now have one strike away. One ball two strikes. Davis into the line that I pitch. Stroke in the center field yes they're going back he's going to be there and he's got Wichita State. At stake in the first two games of this series. And they'll go for the sweep tomorrow morning at eleven. Eleven through the final big news for the promote you know one game before. Digital dishwasher struggled to make it to quality meals and you better get in to win some points during their January clearance sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag can't kitchen. Witnesses over 25 models on display to make your final decision easy. Plus their large inventory means you get same day or next day delivery and install on those models get installations today and get that cold noisy inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new world. Maytag amana for a kitchen aid Energy Star rated dishwasher and ask about free install on qualifying models. 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A place that haunted them last year they were five and 22. Away from X stadium a year ago. They have won the first few games of this series they scored ten runs last night in earlier today. Complete game one of and eleven more runs on ten mortgage hearing game two and they have now won it nonconference road series for the first time 2007. When they swept Hawaii. In Honolulu welcome into the promo people post game show your full service partner in creating a promotional products. Promoting both called at 316722. Point 500 or visit them on line. WWW. Or my promo dot com that's the before my problem. Dot com. Well game recap striking by bill Miki comings and real that the story was Wichita State offense although you can't totally ignore the pitching staff Peter we'll get to that second. They got on the board first in the very first inning leadoff walk to Luke Ritter. Handed out Mike Kane Eckert whose losing pitcher that ballot bowl doubled off the base of the wall in center field to drive him home. And it may wonder nothing that I run scoring fielder's choice scored Kenneth in the third and make it you know I think. On a day when hitting and the weather. Really it was optimal for hitting. Wichita State never stopped and really make these never got on track they got seven runs last night and earlier today. To make which I think west there's really no such trouble today shocker there. Few more war on two out double by Boyer and Ritter. They got three in the sixth. Two courtesy of the gonna Trout line home run that four more runs in the latest poured it on all afternoon long. And Leann and Eddie was really get five and a third innings in his debut the freshman scattered six hits. Really only one mistake and I mean no he qualified out of the mistake chain film and ambushed breaking ball golfed it out of here. Or is second home run and as many days but nobody else scored so that was pretty much hit eleven Q is the final. And there is game recap coming in coming secure criminal defense and Eli law firm in Wichita. Give a call 3166. For 1548. Or visit them on line bill Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law we need to always come first. When we come back we will have our play of the game which turned out to put it you'll be freeze will take a look Leon County school board. And name a player in the game and wrap things up from the jail. Right after this. You felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big glut tire store date yet but then getting that service and a feeling lasted about as long as a snowman and San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by factory trained text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. 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Lian Eddie pitched into the sixth inning you up only two runs struck out six and shocker debut. Threw sixty pitches. And 34 of them for strikes we committee got good relief from Maginnis Siegel and Davis. The latter to make their debuts as well but. Lot of good candidates but we have Eddie is our Kansas lottery. Player of the game. A quick look at the scoreboard in softball Wichita State defeats Seton Hall for three women's basketball beat. SMU and today 52 to 47. Doubt it moody coliseum so good on them in the course shocker men will take on Cincinnati. Tomorrow. And Wichita State tomorrow and baseball go for the sweep it'll be tomorrow morning at eleven over on here faithful forty and 975. Have them. Let's take a look at our. Listen to our put the deep freeze play of the game for the second consecutive day shocker they're able to put it deep freeze its rocky by letting appliance in the sixth inning. It was for it to Wichita State. Win. Shocker catcher got her trial wind came to the plate after Jackson hit single. Blasted hot and deep to left field and at 62 good. Lord. His first home run hand over a year. Their trial on who hit that on the late. In the shot there's another four run lead back. They went on to add one more in the inning and they've never looked back from there again and he and three relievers. Combined to. There was six hitter and give up just that few rounds. But the final box score a look inside the numbers that is lucky by BP DC PAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted visor. Whose doors. The Victoria shocker the eleven runs ten hits no lawyers for the second straight day eight left on base that each state to runs six hits one error. Four left on base winning pitcher Lian Eddie wanna know. King you the actor the loser full and one. No save in the ball game which doctors ended up with. Five more doubles another home runs so they have fourteen extra base hits in the first two games of this series multi hit game. For Alec home and Alex Jackson. Ball drove in three more so he's got seven already. In this series Mason O'Brien got his first two runs batted in. The lone hero for me me switching Selma to run home run. In the fourth. 1059. Saw a game time was three hours. And the Wichita State shocker turn out to an oh on the season. The neat state falls to oh and two. In tomorrow morning 11 AM purse it's 1030 pregame over on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 am 97 time. Have them so Kurdistan in new listings it shocker to finish off. This week. For hander handling that the studio shamed us here at Joseph Miller ballparks and thanks so much for listening once again the final score. Wichita State eleven make me stay too. And so long have a great evening from Joseph Miller ballpark. In Lake Charles. You've been listening to shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United health care the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. The Carnahan group. Popular line. Lleyton appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. BP. Mike Starr machinery McCain honoring American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship. Kansas land tire and service comings in coming losses. Pop a giant and dinners roofing and construction.