WSU Baseball at Memphis 05-18-18

Friday, May 18th
WSU Baseball at Memphis 

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Wichita State soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K. Us now with the columns in his voice of this partners might activity. Good afternoon and welcome to FedEx park in Memphis Tennessee for the opening. Update final series of the regular season Wichita State taking on the Memphis Tigers. Why should have seen Dennis back alongside him he's going to quickly get you the starting lineup for today's game presented by equity bank where you ever pay an ATM fees. Or Wichita State 3218 and 1713. And one in the league lookers second baseman deleted off. Followed by the center fielder green and Jenna to step out on placed third hit third. And the cleanup spot to catch a goner Trout line. In right field hitting fifth that's hard Gibson all crop and VH yeah they get six. Batting seventh that first dates Mason O'Brien. Ross could see guys getting start left field today hitting eight batting ninth in shortstop Jordan Boyer. They'll be facing right hander Connor Alexander from Memphis making his sixth start. Start off the season in the hands shocker to counter Cody pointers we'll get the shocker here the first. Ritter Guinness that ball throughout the lineup. Trout line Gibson croft O'Brien Padilla and Boyer Hoyer pitching for Wichita State Connor Alexander finishing his warmup tosses. With a packed. The shocker is 3218. And one overall 713. And one. In the American conference Memphis nineteen and 34. And it's four and seven seen in the American conference they have officially been eliminated. From the conference tournament next week Wichita State has moved them out of the last spot. Ridder leads it off Connor Alexander's first pitch of the ball game as a fastball inside of all time. Gifts these back calling the balls and strikes today with Kelli not the umpire first. And John. The last three at third and outback moderator it's one of one locating 336. Home runs 27. Runs batted in this is the first game of the double header of the teams were rained out last night so who played two today. And mr. Ritter is driven hearted center field that right at the center fielder and Tyler Webb makes catch. The first Ridder continues to hit the ball well in the first inning as. He like five straight games after ending his nineteen game hitting streak the first inning hit and was hit by a pitch against Kansas State the other night in singled his second time. It's. Yeah at red hot for a couple months but I think I feel like my there a bit more and more guys kind of falling in line as far as getting hot at this time Wichita State position player wise and here one. Grayson Genesis and that would beating 313. Nine homers 37 runs batted in place just outside for ball one. Grayson had a game right in the middle of the USS series last week Kendry was O for five with four strikeouts and others that Matt has really been squaring balls not to sign outside the ball to. And even with that one game we ended that series six for thirteen. 20 pitch breaking ball inside corner for a called strike one. Janice to two for three with a walk against Kansas State on Tuesday. Hop fly ball in right field shallow right fielder calling off the second baseman. And the couch made by apple dealer right fielder for the second out so. Two outs in the outfield one more of a line drive that one hi shallow fly ball on two out quickly. Against Connor Alexander. Alexander. Making use their fourteenth appearance six parties to a three with a five point 31 ERA for 39 innings giving up 53 units. The twelve walks in 23 strikeouts. Started the year chains and the bullpen. Successes that we starter and they just moved him into the weekend rotation last weekend he pitched three and two thirds innings against Tulane. Give us seven hits and five runs in them like Bob drives one hard into right center field this at least it again it could happen and it gets. Maybe some fans had a 37 mark. All quickly in the second base with a standup double. At ball was scorched just wasn't high enough to get out. And vomit second base with a two out double. This park is grass and there it is small and mention it's 31738. Team to analyze the 360 in the alleys. 379. Straight away center and about a ten foot high batters I've background. At the top of the center field fence. Better for outline the hitter. Its second. Saturday 357. Home runs 43 runs batted it. Alexander turns looks bombed back to second. Alexander no real big put away pitch meetings fastball. Moreover it's not cutter slider curveball little casting their to a change now and then. Got my lines it to right center they should get around I'll practice lawlessness and the gap all the little offense almost scoring easily. Shot blockers again to see Clinton at the second straight double for the doctors and they spotted for a one that nothing. These guys that's accountable to my told me. It's it's to blame him one pilot Cecil gave up five runs seven hits and three in two thirds opponents hitting 343. Against him. This year so we just days after a couple of quick outs. Couple allowed two base hits shocker on the board first. Doctors have scored three runs in the first in each of their two previous games. Who's going back here they have scored in the first inning. And five straight games. That are Gibson a hitter. This is a team that. Threw out the first half the season hardly ever scored the first inning but as far recent than it. Gibson fly ball left field toward the line and it is now. Right off the end of the bat and I hit very hard and fell by about ten or twelve feet. So one strike two Gibson who had two at bats and his freshman season as hitting 27. With one home run fifteen runs that it did. As really settled into the starting line up over about the last three weeks or so sitting 345. In conference play on ten for 29. It stood his ground and right sides are acting in its foot in the batter's box and we fell. As a catalyst to. The weather here from the time we arrived late Wednesday. Through this morning has been overcast and at times raining rained quite a bit. Yesterday the latter part of the data into the evening that's my last night's game was called. Started overcast today but more sun and clouds right now of the ballpark it is warm 82 degrees. At humidity in the 78 is 75%. Range so warm and so when the sun comes out its pristine a year in net yesterday. They'll balls two strikes against them. Alexander a couple of checks to second at a ground ball to right side shouldn't be enacted it popped the second baseman. Sort of first for the out of out of there elected back to back doubles by komen try outlined a two out. If the shocker is that right in the first as Memphis comes up for the first time. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. 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I guess they engine guys back at Memphis Wichita State run in the top of the first to change as the Memphis Tigers batting order for today. They are 1934. Point seven team in the league Carlos Williams will lead off the lower left fielder. Hail him into second place tonight Tyler Webb isn't Saturday there for the tigers. Alec for Ella shortstop and clean up man Kyle let the first base hits fifth. Batting sixth that DH nick bogey. Nielsen right you're hitting seventh all by catcher Jason fan and a and then batting ninth Kyle who he faced code warriors making stark fourteenth so again for the tigers. Williams hit the web for Ella the last bogey deal Santana but he. They think Cody lawyer and everything you need to know about this Memphis offense inside the league they're 21 league games they have one guy hitting about 214. In the league that's hail element of that fact. Their league. Batting average is 193. Averaging two point six runs per game striking out eight times per game they have a total of six home runs in 21. League games and mentioned the dimensions in this park are shorter than bots are you think it would yield home runs somewhat easily although. Shane got some indication before the game that it doesn't play as small as it appears that would. Certainly they have not reached the fence is very often hear their opponents to hit 38 home runs and 53 games certainly hasn't been anything stupid here you would today. Carlos Williams leaped off the left fielder for the tigers hitting 247. Right handed hitter and Cody lawyers first pitch fastball skipped over the plate one ball no strikes. Saudi lawyer. Fourteenth fifteenth appearance fourteenth start six and five to four point 21 ERA. And his pitch fastball at today's audience corner bring to the one on one. Lawyer after two really rough starts. And after some consideration of moving him off Friday came back last Friday to pitch very well against USF. There's a breaking ball popped up just beyond the infield during the second baseman Ridder under to make the catch. It was first out just to reiterate. We read the lineup. Of course to dean has been left field just as senator O'Brien papers. And I think the message from top Butler was crisp clear. OK we have fielded all that great in conference. So let's put the best nine bats we could possibly put an error in the lineup. Starting off this week and we'll see what happens. Number no knock against hitting. It's not a position he's played. We'll see a guy goes out there here's hail Pannemon the second baseman. Left handed hitter lawyers first pitch to him a fastball right from the court for a called strike one. Pannemon hitting 291 on the year but 369. In conference play and that he's a 155. Points ahead is next closest teammate in our players a fastball down a little strike. And it's Owen to. It's that one guy. Don't want to have come up there was an opportunity to teach or this these guys have really mortal numbers and sometimes well south of that on notice he's he's a good hitter. Line by Hoyer and the other two at a fastball inside. They didn't have radar gun readings on the board. And lawyers in 88 to that low nineties on think of their guns a little slow a little slow. Though he's been consistently anywhere from 92 to 95 that most of his starts 12. Reached out straight it fouled on the left side well a lot of play he took out of the ball and two strikes. Kennametal left handed hitter he's a redshirt junior. From Ponte ill and all right transferred from eastern Illinois and a division one programs and had to sit out last year as a transfer. Starting at second base today he'll also placing third base 12 this one on and then I'll grant that went down an endless sink and struck him out swinging. And that's not easy to do statistically against. Hail him when he won punch out 275. At bats. It was a pretty good track record there things are. So are papers that Tyler Webb the center fielder. The other guy who's potentially. A good hitter to AD on the year with nineteen doubles and only 173. In conference play right handed hitter. He has meant the center fielder. Senior from prosper Texas. Fastball just low for ball one. Quite a few of the Memphis regulars are junior college transfer Sen Webb is from Galveston college transfer me your a year ago. Two out nobody on Memphis first. Hoyer into the wind. And tried to break that went off on the inside corner missed just inside it's too you know. Hoyer last Friday against the University of South Florida eight innings. Ten hits but just two runs and one walk with six strikeouts. Too low right down the middle of the asphalt principally to a month. Eight innings against the bulls matched his career longest yet and radiating performance at Houston earlier in the year. Here's the to a fastball low at three and one that much I want to talk about this right now but yesterday's rain out. Presents kind of an interesting dilemma for the shocker coaching staff and using Cody lawyers their opening game starter in the conference tournament next week we need more than out talk about that if there. 31 on the way and that's low bounces off the plate curve ball for head he started last night and if the soccer's. We'll let that play Tuesday as the HC. Then. He would have. Four days' rest which would be enough doable if now he pitches today and there are playing on Tuesday three days dressed as questionable these guys just don't do that the college level not much. In pro ball anymore either certainly at the college level. And so. You know soccer's hoping for a couple of things one would be that they don't playable Wednesday as the solvency. Here's Alex relative shortstop. First pitch breaking outside the ball on the other would be. That maybe they get off to a big lead in this Weatherly and commitment the only throw him five innings as the. Yeah I might steal a pitching coaches pretty real yesterday in that he got a bullpen some grass they've been. Dragging the ground after awhile but enough guys throughout want to go out try to calm down go to court. That the radar yesterday benefited guys like Kelyn Kilgore who had pitched in to the last three days and quite a bit but. Yet the the fact that I've never been involved in. Of course only one other league but all the years I've been around baseball I don't know that I've seen multiple. Postponement. When you don't even go to the field and give it chance that it's just a faded completely got terrain. Honestly last night about 7 o'clock on it right but it. Pitch dates up to third bomb has it near the bag well I throughout through clear all over Mason O'Brien. And a routers will move up the second and third. He had itself for that big highs bounced it came down cleanly at his feet under event than just completely air mailed O'Brien at first base. Dropping on big time and looked like he had decent amount of time it. The world on target the shocker to do okay. Now two out walk and collective potential trouble. Poor Cody lawyer. Will face Kyle who left. Who strikes out. Has some occasional power and soccer should be in the dugout right now. And is an error on ball on second and third two out allowed hitting 246. With three home runs and 27. Runs batted in. Right handed hitter who like most of his teammates well below his season average in conference play pitch fouled behind home plate. And let 156. In league play. This is the type team like that you can't afford to be doing this kind of stuff would mess around them. They don't have anything to play for their season will be over tomorrow around 4 o'clock so. Walks and errors not advisable and there with a shocker on the hill. No balls one strike. Reuters pitch swings and misses kind of breaking balls now that's owed to. The left is another of the junior college transfer is he's from Johnson City, Tennessee played at Walters state community college now a junior in this program. Two on two out the show Packers leading one nothing in the bottom of the first first game of the doubleheader. Lawyers pitch. Popped up. Right side of the infield. And O'Brien the first baseman right under the next exit and beginning acquired as a good job of pitching around his own walk in a throwing error that prolonged the inning. No runs no hits one error into middle left after one shocker is one tigers nothing. 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Chris post's Amy Yoder knee Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. You'll learn use traffic and weather station. 97 and thirteen thirty. Profits off the second for which does state that shot here's leading one nothing across the eighteen today takes a striker Anthony's car Alexander. Knowing getting to 9451. At bats one home run eight runs batted in. You know line breaking ball just outside one ball one strike. Crop got a chance to swing the bat twice last Sunday against US after that 99 game. Here's the 11. That's all just got the outside one and two. And both times he was not the scorched the ball to center field but both of them got caught on the center feeling going back and taking it up ovaries it. That would just missed out and in two balls two strikes and then the second one sinking line drive that might have won the game for the shot here's senator feel me sliding catches that your. It to. Prevent them right field side salad out of play. We've been kind of laughing to ourselves yet weed eater something going forward he then say they decided to build against artist and get that taken care today. Teaches. Will soft fly ball to senator shutter fielder come at harder it's gonna offer basic. There are some baseball justice there after the today it last Sunday that got cut. And off the end of the battle blooper that falls in the center for a basis. We should also point out to crush a long time take care of the stuff today but that there's. Acre of foul ground here behind home plate is probably. The fewest amount of acreage when you're talking about foul ground that both lines. Are the corner outfielders gonna have a long long way to go we're gonna have some foul balls that are in the air for a long time ago and drop in the field of play. And not get cock that felt spacious displaces and founder. Mason O'Brien takes a fastball outside mace getting it started first base today getting to 76. Two home runs 29 runs batted in. Left handed hitter. Alexander's pitch and it takes time outside again two balls no strikes. Mason O'Brien has had. That's a pretty good year Andy hasn't played as much lately as he was early but one thing he has continued to do. Is driving and a lot of runs bodies had the opportunity. 29 RBIs in 98 at bats. Exit fastball just on the outside corner it's to have won so. That's a really good ratio that's one every 3.3 years so at bats. Making up for the fact that he rarely scored the run. It's incredible. How infrequently. Comes all the way around. That's outside fastball three and one. And he scored four runs in nobody bats an however many plate appearances two of them he knocked himself and then go to alternative. And one of the other times that he scored was opening day. Incredible and he's been on 44 times either hit hit batter walk. Or fielder's choice or error for now 45 he's on there again. And he scored four times. Could beat up by the way is bad at 33 times this year and schools seven time to. I was a fastball high for ball four puts runners first and second that the idea and the aforementioned ross' it and coming up there roster can look down to. CM ES Zito at third before stepping into the batter's box. It even has now had 33 at bats with ten hits 303. No homers seven runs the edited. And like Mason O'Brien exactly the same average in conference play both are five for nineteen. 263. Stretched by Cotter Alexander. First pitch to Jeter swinging it drives hard to center field Satterfield has started again now goes back makes the over the shoulder catch. Peggy it's sect headed the third is no crops and so productive at bat cork in his as a runner from second to third with one out. If I put Obama on which I'm all for. Ross hit. Pick out pitch. And it's the one you like put your ace and a put your best way to that's what he did very clear though. And putting a little bit of faith and Ross could be even though he's just freshman. Made it pay off and good pitch to hit. But it could pass on first and third one out brings up Jordan Boyer in to start at shortstop today. Unfortunately trade Vickers has been such a solid players throughout his career just has struggled mightily for the last month or more. 86 weeks of the season a plate. And lawyers also good defensively in the infield at second to short. Little or competitive at the plate right now I squared around it but it got knocked down to fastball up and yet. Look like a safety squeeze there's crop came down the line but wasn't breaking all out. One another boy here. If it's been strategy you don't but he Dina but then maybe give him an out. Safety squeeze situation. We'll see if it stays on hears you borders got a peacefully. What value squares again and gets it foul authors' baseline in one on one to Jordan Boyer. Has that without that was a fairly easy loopy breaking ball to identify and bond. Jordan does not step down. That first pitch held I doubt it was intentional to be there is best way to break up squeeze play that right there head and it's not going to be. Very effective pitched about. One ball one strike runners at first and third one out in the second attackers lead one to nothing. A pair of doubles by a bomb and try outlined that the first. And back to first base and O'Brien O'Brien. That was the shocker as fast as strategy does have one stolen base on the year but most likely not going to be taking off. Is the stretch by Alexander. And the pit and a ball driven well to center but while the center fielder going back looks like he'll make the catch it will look at the warning track. Croft looks tankan score easily. And it just suited ethic which class today so good boy you're getting the job done after not getting the but yeah. It's not the sacrifice fly to bring in croft. I don't think we are. Got to see anymore squaring around to bond anymore not against Connor Alexander his stuff it's. Pretty pedestrian so if Wichita State can't drive and drive in runs and move guys over on their own in their dads. No no offense Conner Alexander but his numbers like it's pretty average include Ritter who takes a strike under Anthony's first time through the order. Reader ball drop line. It Dina Boyer all hit the ball pretty much right on the it is not all of LN but that's a lot of solid contact first time through. 01 reader takes in the gear to get locked but he catchers and Canada holder uttered first one Boland strike. Luke looked at Mason around here. He's a long way from home plate being extra base hit. Matter Alexander a senior veteran he's a guy's been in the program for four years if she Ritter bounced short. And I went over to second is flawless for the out. 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The year plus talk started about Trane HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any needed her parents it's our new customer 1946. Special. Lot of stock and carry your turn to the experts. Amish doc called and I brought Tony Koren. He had a great American morning. Think they're EPA actually adopt for Memphis and now. That he's changed a complete our thoughts. In the first inning of that. Cody Hoyer and the situation that may be having really facing short rest depending on what the doctors play it here and I'm not. Gonna go quite as far as the intimate. Kind of conspiracy theory but let's let's look at the facts here that this does that mean play. There eliminated from the tournament. And they called the game or the game was called last night. Or thirty via so we didn't come to the field but the players did they actually active postponed. They came in the field that hit the Asian players. But while that really benefited shocker relievers it did not benefit Cody lawyer not play last. Fastball for a strike from the right hander didn't bogey at DH leading up. As you all know by now college pitchers you have a week in between their starts though. When the conference tournament is right around the corner that's going to be trimmed a little bit at least by a couple of days. I'm now third base line and play relative button in case you going to play. On a Friday Cody Hoyer gets to start now it's Saturday Sunday Monday which I think very very possibly will play to his. And so if the game was played last night even truckers don't you know eighth spot for days' rest is still doable and you ought to worry about the quote unquote short rest. Now straight back you know. So. In my estimates gains should have been played last night. And I don't know about the demeanor of the coaches who were attitude. Here commuter. Or how they feel about playing double header which by the way it's hard this week there's another you know. The other thing about point 21. Breaking bought got a lucky on the outside corner really good slider by cutting writers strike that vote for the first out of the second. Well I'll get off my soap box I think. You know. It's not no big deal you know from Wichita State when you talk about the game played last. Athlete here today. For only. And I know I've mentioned this at those chains match at various times but it had the opportunity but in case you're not clear Wichita State leader be the eight for the seventh seed. In the tournament next week they can climb no higher than seven. Lawyers first pitch to call the only shows but it's time for all want to soccer's can't pass too late if they win one more game then the F. The green wave does this weekend Tulane already lost the first game of the doubleheader today at UCF that would went. Went twelve innings. It's it's just outside to an out of the shocker sweep into line loses to or attackers. Win two in Tulane get swept and attackers beat the seventh seed that would move them to a Wednesday game at 10 AM central time. 20. Swing and a miss on a fastball it's to have one so that would give Cody lawyers for days' rest regardless of how long he goes today but if we played last night. It better than I don't think it's little more in keeping with the is norm absolutist. 21 swing and an S on a fastball and it's too good to. That's another one of the kind of interesting aspects about the upcoming conference tournament which we can talk about a little bit. Two balls two strikes. And little more time between pitches lawyer ready to go. And this time three and two. But if you win say on Tuesday. You don't play again till Thursday at most it's been we have not experienced conference tournament the valley where he got Dave's office. The first three days or so of the tournament. And then with the say between Tuesday and Sunday for the championship game. Fastball high for ball four Hoyer he left his second walk with one out here in the second. It's very possible people of those Tuesday teams. And you win and get to the championship game. That you can bring your race back on four days' rest for the championship game at the valley tournament we see teams. On occasion bring back a number one starter on three days' rest. But certainly never had more of a chance that map to bring that guy that. Here's Jason Santander the catcher with a runner at first and wanna. Well here in the stretch in his first pitches the fastball and their activities. Santana getting 2061. Home run ten runs batted in. And just 169. In American conference play. Call me all the rhetoric first we'll run on it eighties if for nine as a base stealer. It's Santana fastball high one and one. Lawyers struck out a man walked one so far here in the second. Already facing his second quote on quote shut down inning. Inning in which pitcher goes out there after your guys who scored four shocker harmonies the first committee. It's tie again two balls and one strike. As usual according lawyer with good stuff today but. Not quite in full command of it yet. 21 account to Santana moderate first one out. And the pitch bounced up the middle boy you're in between hop goes right five at the center field will be a base hit it was a tough pick up. But if he gets it. And he's right there and stepped on the bag and turn it into a double play itself. But could have been a double blind not saying it should have been and so pervasive experts exactly what one. Grass and dirt field you don't get quite the same hops. Yeah that's not exactly is meticulously kept his. UC apps for example these you have to have that big leap for this one's. We'll have stepped down from them. I'm noticing on the scoreboard they now have two hits out for Memphis so. My only guess concede that state changed the scoring on the ball hit by trawler in the first inning to a single plus error instead of just an error all the languages. Certainly some beneficial compounds hooked instantly put that. Took two hits for the tigers in a foul ball off the bat of Kyle he for keep the third baseman. Hitting 203. Home runs eleven runs batted in first and second one out. Lawyers pitch at a swing and a miss on a fastball. That goes to Owen to. Kyle king it's hitting 152. In conference play. Throughout the season you're tried to the game has been brought to by Kansas land tire and service are great tires that professional auto service is always a home run. No balls two strikes that went a little high wanted to. Suckers with two runs in their first two at bats one any chanting. Two runs on three hits. At this with runners at first and second one out in the second. And then 12 count to Kyle O'Keefe. When his pitch breaking ball striking out. He has struck out three. And a breaking ball has been prominent in those three strikeouts two outs in the inning Hala has. They hit according lives that's so good call my name is given and hit it gonna hit and almost assess their own thing. Carlos Williams at the top of the order popped up for the second baseman his first timeout Williams started today at 247. Right handed hitting senior veteran. Serena via a lawyer. And the first it's the Williams did strike movement away from the right handed hitter nothing at one. Carlos Williams coming off a three for five outing against Tennessee Martin on Tuesday and was two for five. In the final game of the two lane series last Sunday 5:14 am. In the last two games that's going to hold for eight in the previous two. To blame her have Memphis 18 mid week game from Tennessee Martin tendon nothing. Players pitch just missed Taiwan Boland strip. Last weekend in fact over the last four weekends in conference play. Memphis. As guards 72 for 379. Pitch swing and a miss kind of a late attempt to Iceland to the island and Carlos Williams missed badly it's 12. The lawyer trying to finish off the second inning after a couple of enabled average was one out. Right handers that's. And delivers anti striking about it pitch in the dirt and any kicks it in fair territory so he will be out. And William strikes out players' strikes out the side with a walk and single stint leading to an on aptitude shocker is to Memphis not. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile she got command and I can't believe things can grant. Great now with asthma Cuban community it can't believe this content. Healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Hello shot. Nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on past let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same. I promise. Join me weeknight they've done. Not only his soccer baseball playing here in Memphis this afternoon about the softball team playing Oklahoma State in the NCAA regional in Fayetteville Arkansas and so far so rich and yeah I thought they cowgirls too early won't that is in Wichita State score in the game last four. They're threatening again in the fourth so four through Wichita State. That is eight double elimination edit like the conference softball tournaments a shot here's. Looking to advance that. Certainly in the double elimination in up to that winning started that you hold different situation. Recent Jenna still leads not a shocker third takes just outside from Conor Alexander recently a fly ball to right his first time not. The game hitting 313 Nancy sent fastball low it's too and now. Grayson Janice. With 47 walks in fifty starts prior to today taps that went down off the plate that one that. But given the top ten in the country or walks drawn. A 459. On base percentage. Which leads the team. Here's the line by Alexander at 21. This low breaking ball three balls and one strike against. Recently followed by Alec bomb and got rich Klein here in this there. 31. Eddie try to hold up did you're not they're gonna Felix's there he didn't get it stopped in time that's straight to you. Pitch was up an anti started to go try to hold up an editor really stand out a way to keep it from hitting him but he did. He got the bad out over the plate enough that it's three inches. Allen with his hips and shoulders of the heads I think that's I think that there. He is desperately badly the bat behind America. So the street suit from Conor Alexander ran afoul back. And distasteful. So Packers got a leadoff man on in secondly though croft looped a single into center and eventually scored him. To go into doubt in the first before Bowman Trout line both doubled with two. That's all loaded in Sicily gets the walking after all. Beyond their lead it off and Alex Vogel my second walk issued by Conor Alexander's. Alex bomb on the first pitch he saw a low wanted to deep right center in fact it hit the base of the all right if this 79 mark. And then he came around to score moments later is better Trout line hit a first pitch for a double. It's become a bit of a fun and interesting. Race going on and his team to lead the team in runs scored. And Alex on his back in front is regain the heat from Luke Ritter. Recent tennis also. Right in the middle of it for a while but he stayed back a couple from the posted pictures on his low and inside people want and how about the comparison Bowman Ritter. At bats runs and hits. There's a difference of one between those two guys all three of those categories. And doubles and doubles that hole but now they're tied yeah. Uttered it first. ONEOK not to be better throw over in Afghanistan backed Grayson Janice that. The eleven stolen bases in twelve attempts. Eleven shares the team lead the Travis young. This Connor Alexander on the map opposing base runners are just one of three attempting to steal. 10. Ground ball to the third baseman and a second one that to first double play. Pretty much of a good order double play ball once parked outside at the third baseman. And it's not it's. Your race in 8543. Double play to us now mr. Brings up gutter to outline his smashed one into right center for a doubled his first time up his 44 run batted in of the year. Hope that with two outs and nobody on. Soccer is up two nothing in the top of the third. Daughter Alexandria into the line. He had a ground ball foul outside third. And he data soccer's player get 50% off your online order today Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. And use the promo codes shocker fifty to receive your shocker discount. Alone. Got the outside edge restricted zone to. Alexander trying to work both sides of the plate. Go to the Trout line bounced it in the air one on two strikes. Hackers with three hits so far they've drawn a couple of walks from Conor Alexander bases empty right now though with two out the one to. Powell backs picked that one out in the catcher's glove found it back to back stuff. Actually turned into a very pleasant day here in Memphis humidity is an image a little high that temperature in the low eighties and just a tiny deliveries hardly any at all sunshine now. There's a ball driven to right center field center fielder tracking this one man that makes the catch him amniotic. For outline flies out to setter is not present only three men to the plate thinks that double play after two and a half Wichita State to Memphis nothing. We'd Lauren ask Tennessee the basket and Osi talk. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only tastes good but does. Lisa is second Philippines directly from not violence and share the profits back from them and American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone they can just ice and white chocolate. Every dream deserves a champions find yours at M tam dot com American family insurance American financial insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American organized in Wisconsin parkers and entry. Hi this is actually me and I'm a full time working mom of two of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. I'll be like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness these exercise classes yoga heart rate based animal training and Spock. They even have child care. This up you like it when he person whether online pop deep I think in life dot com. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Line a lot of his starts Cody Hoyer is throwing a few more pitches that would be ideal through the first couple of innings forty odd that he has allowed no runs on two hits. He has walked a couple of struck out four but. At a point word plants are economize field and I just look back at his Houston and USS starts. Add in either the second by two or three innings and both of those pitch count was fairly high at any kind of settled in from there and and really economize the rest of the way that's kind of been his tendency on here long. Be facing Cahill had a ventilated and up here in the third and an amendment to all hitters struck out swinging his first time off. We did not have our. Normal pregame show today because the early start time that throughout the years. Todd butler's pregame comments presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work. Lawyer with the sign and his first pitch to kill him and it swung on and felt tip for strike on. And in tonight one on the year and 369. In conference play both. Leading this team. Step that promote a but it backing. Lawyer into the wind up then the 01 fastball looked like gives you picked up the middle. Doesn't get the call and Boland you're right. May have been inside yourself a little bit Charl won the set up. Toward the other part of the plate maybe at retort to this little bit. 11000. Of their two balls and strike we've got a great vantage point right behind home plate low. It's a small ballpark and by that I mean also the seating capacity but it nice part. It nice here it's innate part itself kind of at a park area. And and other facilities nearby there softball fields close one hop the first baseman Mason O'Brien they'll make the play an assistant. Well the first not one of those balls that hit maybe six or eight feet from home Clinton carried all the way up the first baseman on that one long popped that one there. Almost double play like that although a little more well struck. Yeah I don't know that we can possibly get closer. To that action. As far as the press box is concerned it's crystal clear me pull you reach job cuts that the catcher in the hitter. So we've been no excuse for a better. Here's Tyler went out to center fielder squares around takes low for ball one and only time we've been closer and it was not. Enjoy at least so what we re set up right behind discreet in Illinois State or Craig time again right yeah yeah. That's not the best place now it's great place to call pitches that. Everything from Mayer's. Little bit harder work to figure out where things. Lawyer with a 10. And that's a little bit low balls and OSHA. Cody has retired the leadoff man in each of the first three innings. Tyler Webb hitting 280. Is nineteen doubles serve on the top ten in the country. Now balls driven deep to left field gone back contain at that track down makes that catch. What off the bat I thought that ball is gonna carry farther than it did. And it could be that. Had been put on the breaks little bit as he got to track and it died on and it made the catch for the for the second out first time that Ross has been tested in left field to. Well it could be that not all Tyler Webb had us do. One home run 202 that. And maybe got down on the poured into the back just enough the it meaning that a good job right now on the laughs yeah as Alec truck to shortstop. It's you can't sit on the ground a middle what you're charging from short clauses doesn't get to easily. As quickly as your one. Andrea three down men that seven pitches and editing for Cody lawyer after three shot lead you to death. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. And there's a second job recruited. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. There's always a jet on the runway waiting for an. He can star recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next to busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shot hurts he learned more and exact air shared dot com. This is KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. What is a severe thunderstorm warning for severe thunderstorm warnings this wind conditions in the area warned you'll likely causing damage but winds in excess of 58 miles per hour. For hail the size of one inch in diameter. It was severe storms break out. Two right here the KM SS four live recordings for the operation storm watch 987 M thirteen thirty KM SS. Shocker Schwartz is brought to my American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Brad would beat John Green which took place does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Game seven and thirteen thirty chain as fast and we should tell us number one off. Plus get back. Tennis market madness like Kennedy chain Dennis with Andrew handling of the studios attackers leading Memphis and nothing after three wheels and a hundred Gibson now croft. And it makes a Bryant here in the fourth. Connor Alexander. Starter for Memphis goes low and inside Gibson's verbal 100 shortened up on the that. Rented the second is first time. We scored single runs in the first and second so far Gibson drives one decider pretty well yet center fielder back. And that makes the catch for the out suckers are you could web busy in straightaway center field. One out to know what crops to hit a little blooper to shallow center for a leadoff single in the second and eventually scored the second round of the game. No I get a chance to DH today. And when they hit his first time up pushed his average back above 300 for the years now sixteen for 52. First pitch to him tesnus inside for ball one. No across the sophomore slowly through south high school. And it chopper foul outside third one ball one strike. Still has an improvement to make defensively as a catcher but he good batting runs pretty well so those looking for ways to get him in the lineup that drive to deep right center field well against the plug the gap. And it hit just short of pit stops a couple of times against the fence. Crop in the second hand holding up there with the shocker his third double of the ball game all of them good that same area right center field. And they continue to get good looks at Connor Alexander. Squared up balls pretty regularly. Now Brian had a chance to soccer's. Yet another round they got single runs in the first two. Dropped two for two. Factors have three doubles among their four hits. Ace and O'Brien drew a walk his first. Alexander. Leaving it to get design concept. And his first pitch through Bryant swung on and missed. Look at that outsiders looking to change him that's him. They said O'Brien at 27629. Runs batted in. Alexander's pitch low and outside bounce that went in there one ball one strike. O'Brien's job and tendencies. At played both the same thing here to pool and Connor Alexander try to stay away from keeping from doing it. Right hander set. And the pitch low and outside again two balls and one strike. There in the changeup split swinging strike that he spend a couple fastballs on the outside part of the play. I mentioned O'Brien's 29 runs batted in in 98 at bats. The only three players love him. Yeah I hit deep to right field down the line and now I think here and at the end of this bullpen down the right field line two and two. That the three players who have more RBI then Mason O'Brien. Which are in order from the top bomb Trout lines in Afghanistan all have at least a 179. At bats. So almost twice as many. Angles not give a man. Got five sacrifice flies. In those fewer than 100 official at bats. That's still too good to. The pitch. Ground ball outs for his baseline at a pretty good swing by O'Brien. So it is mentioned soccer's just continuing to get good looks at. Cotter Alexander. Croft at second one out. Out in the fourth soccer's leading to nothing. Right handers that. Profit of big lead at second. And the pitch. Missed outside three and two. Middle infielders or not. Really even making a pretense of holding cropped close and so he's taking it's much liberty out there as he possibly can't. 32 pitch coming. Keeps working is leading here's the pit channahon fell back and how to play. They said O'Brien redshirt junior spent a couple of years at Oklahoma State wanna say. Injury hardship. And played Cali college last year before joining the shocker it's still a junior in eligibility. Three balls two strikes again. Works is leave and Alexander finally turns bluffs that way that doesn't actually throw it. Draw the shortstop finally broke in toward the bag a little bit that time chase growth that. Three duke. And the pitch. I fouled on the left side long run for Williams left fielder he's gonna get there make the catch. Can't imagine the amount of foul territory that that didn't really stretched the bounds of it quite as much that it was not their high enough does the long run through Williams and he got there for the second and a. It O'Brien. It flies out to the second half brings up prosecuting them. Indeed it was a fly ball to Sutter his first time up the ball that he hit pretty well straightaway center. Cutter Alexander relating that'll work. First pitch to convene as pop up foul territory first base side to catch you Santana over near the barrier and hit sunscreen. And Katrina still alive and interest in trade Vickers has come out on. Deck forward Jordan boy here. He during batting practice. Kind of tweaked something maybe it in his groin area he got checked out by Dan Kayla can dictate to them up they have some. You know you look. Him over and then when he was still the starting lineup apparently it's he's well enough to go maybe he has re aggravated that during. The infield portion of BP. Pickett second base and close second bases time crop got in just ahead of the tag by the second baseman. Well time play and throw right on the bank by Alexander crop Afghanistan back in the Alexander will be quicker feet. Off of it now. A lot to counter us at the end and the pitch. And he takes a strikeout around the days that you could just tell by his body lying to thought that was one inclined to agree that count goes though it too. Boy your may have played charging the ball and throwing across his body at the end of the previous half inning maybe. Re strained something on them. Oh ticket agent crop that second base with two out. Got there on a one out double. Alexander. Venus laps into the right side of the infield picture over able to field and around the back himself up assisted. To end the inning. The soccer's unable to capitalize on crops one out double they leave you stranded at second and it remains to nothing Wichita State through three and hand. You felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big glut tire store date yet but then getting that service that feeling lasted about as long as the snowman at San Diego. 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Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink porn and overweight Sawyer. She's Stephen Jen played this morning right here on cape enhance and. As the bottom of the fourth inning baptists have they got bad doctors have made the change that we anticipated with trade victors going and it shortstop. Forward Jordan Boyer we think that. Earlier mayhem strains board what you may have strained something as Jane mentioned. Little bit of problem before the game that after making a play defensively and the third. Has come out of the audience that trade Vickers in its short and Memphis setting up Kyle less than a bogey and Colton -- it's good lawyer. Where was his first 123 innings in the third only needed eight pitches to get through the 23 and four hitters in the order. He has now retired five in a row since giving up pay back to back walk and single with one out in the second. Elect the first baseman leading off all for one little pop up. To the shocker first baseman makes and O'Brien. Stands in from the right side Hoyer has the sign. And goes to work. Stretch and off the strike right down the middle nothing in one. Kyl let's. Saint mention will strike at a little 6395. Vast. 01. Tennis ball a little bit hot one ball one strike. 49 pitches through three innings it starts to get Hoyer back into more reasonable pace. 11 tried to check his swing looked here like he water around and he did it went into. It appealed to Kelly not. First base umpire but it looked like what is pretty obvious ones. Hoyer back to work 12 delivery. Missed in the dirt two balls in two strikes. And the truth kind of holds enough it's nice to be able to stay in the dirt and seven in the turf as pitches. Due to. Striking about came down it and got it swinging. And that is strikeout number five fertility lawyer in the book you. One out of the fourth nick bogeyed the DH. Struck out looking his first time out. No he left handed hitter to forty sevens starting Plano home runs in one runs batted in. We're ready to work and the pitch fastball low for ball one. Bogey is spelled PA AE GE. 62223. Redshirt sophomore from savage Minnesota. 10 pitch and that would just missed everything. Off speed pitch and it just about its hands on it sailed way wide and back to the backstop. Two balls no strikes. Lawyer back to work to oh fastball hammered to right field got caught by the right fielder gets. It was a good break on the ball for its. And bogeys in a little too well here just Florida for Gibson to be able to make the yet. Best hit ball of the day so far by Memphis. Hundred Gibson. Primarily DH first. Any memory games that he played just recently pulled in more in the outfield and he's shown just enough to live kind of surprise you a little odd that an outfielder is yeah I. Brought rare around it'll feel pretty well against us I'm. Pitch load coal deal for ball one. He'll walk on a 32 count his first time out. You have to down in the fourth where Memphis. And Hoyer into the wind and delivers. And a foul right off the into the net effect of the screen it's one and one of Memphis was a member of the Missouri valley conference for seven years. The right at the end of the sixties in the early seventies but. The two programs to schools never met him face off during that time there's a drive well hit to deep left center in the gap. And hedging that makes it can't catch it deep left center field. Had a good Disney's right at the end of guess that he went along the way that they're before tennis citizen if you don't cut him. Kudos to the two freshman outfielders and make a couple of good plays doing Ambien and the fourth our runs no hits nobody left for Memphis in the lakers' lead to nothing. 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I'm happy TV we don't charge extra for delivery and setup good prices and in fairness it's what we do all day long after TV we've got our roots in which it's not not just our branches. I let Becky join me begin mourning tonight right here run. Doctors and that does not fit and trade pictures we'll get his first plate appearance of the day as he just added the line effort. For Jordan Boyer defensively. In the top of his fifth inning. So Boyer with one plate appearance on the day had a sacrifice fly to center drive it on the shocker run straight Vickers hitting 273. Two home runs fourteen runs batted in counter Alexander's first pitch drops in their first. Trade Vickers. Really struggling at the plate over his last nineteen games hitting 174. Fouls us went straight back at its own to. In the midst of all of that had one game at Kansas where he went three for four. With a double scored three runs. It's been about the only bright spot in that stretch. Oh to tie with a fastball one ball two strike stickers Ritter and Janice if the shocker here in the fifth. Try to add to a two nothing lead they scored solo runs and eight to the first two innings. 12. Driven in the air to right center field on the move its way up the center fielder and he'll make the catch of the gap that was just hang it up there a little too long had a chance to fall in. And one editing and soccer's right handed hitters are doing a pretty good job of going with pitches and Alexander is throwing away from them and taken it to that gap in right center they've had three doubles in the right center gap Lauren. One out Luke Ritter author has lined to center and bounced to the short stuff. Time colts for just a moment. Everybody ready to go Alexander to the lines that are takes. In just a little bit inside for ball one. Softball game in Fayetteville now in the top of the fifth inning Wichita State leading Oklahoma State seven to two and a ground ball right at the short stuff. We're first with a trailer too quick outs for Alexander here in the fifth. They'd say. Which got state meets its offense kicked in here but they've been hit the ball hard so it's not really much else you can do about it. Ms. Grayson Jenna still ahead a fly ball to right in the first walked. In the third. Checkers in all great today letters and numbers in black trimmed in gold. At this in blue jerseys over white pants with eight with blue pinstripes. Blue caps. Respected tennis changeup on the outside corner for a called strike one. And that one bounces across the plate evens it up for the ball to strike. After kind of a rocky start he looked back. Alexander gave up back to back to that doubles the first other really well hit ball by Ritter and single walk. Sac fly run off the bat the second he's hung around it given his team's innings in this opener of a double header and a three game series. Mr. outside did you distance to the line. And this falls high in the marital upfield williams' drifting back within it under it. And makes the catch it and yeah I think that's just a little bit under that what hit it was an authority to straightaway left fielder flies out. To end the inning chapters three up and three down in the fifth. And after thwart half they lead to nothing. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no Smart. Your parents are staying home weekends wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are seeing all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as an hour. Well I think it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important. And invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kids home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita Aussie agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at duke it's all happening right here on CNN. Six places the first game on this doubleheader today here in Memphis Wichita State leading. Two nothing but he Hoyer will be facing the bottom two of the Memphis orders to start things out. In the bottom of the fifth this is what Utah State's fourth double header of the year this Packers swept a doubleheader way back early against Omaha. And they've been swept twice in league play biking distance and time. Of letters sweeps are fairly rare chuck you've been on both ends of the so far this year have it split one. Jason Santana. Leads off for Memphis and he singled to center's first time. It pops it up on the first pitch right in the middle of the infield all kinds of people after it and on the third baseman I think that threat on the now. They've Vickers was coming out today you got it called hard work hard to call a period knickers on Papa bump if you hurt. Nine in a row sent down by Cody lawyer. And he has my implored him to really tightened up to go to him and efficient. Brings that Kyle keep the third baseman who struck out swinging his first time out. Right handed hitter. He's the 200 on the year coming in. Lawyers first pitched in this bounced towards third and now. One big long hop again from where it hit near the plate that planted outside today but about six feet. Mention the shocker double header situation. This is the seventh time in eight weekend's home series. That Memphis has had that just starting times and this is their fifth weekend double header of the year. At one bounces and there one ball one strike although. Chain pointed out probably didn't have to do it this weekend. Suited to a really nice day today sunshine. Temperature in the low eighties. On one pitch fastball low and outside to have one. There will be. Right adding one hour break between games they will have there. Senior day ceremonies in between games as part of that. Lawyers to want. Missed low banked it in their three balls and one strike. Allocate. A senior from Madison Mississippi. Transferred from hinds community college in Mississippi you 61202. Trip to the mound by better Trout lines did have a little chat with Cody Hoyer who was. Cruising along but it's gone three and one on a key here with one out in the fifth. 31 pitch shot to enter this is fair right over the bank bomb across the body good throttle and Bryant kicked it out putting out. At Ball State just barely fair right over the bag now. On the move behind the bank had a fairly long throw across his body to make the out. And up into down. The better Carlos Williams leadoff man in left field. Williams popped to second in the first inning struck out swinging his last time up there in the second. His pitch to anybody gets in to chase one in the dirt for strike one that's about three pitches out his last two at bats. He's got you to chase in the here. Those are sliders and Carlos Williams that is very afraid if that there could record your breaking ball that. That's all there and it was just fairly low involvement strike. Two out. Bases empty. One on the way. Channel line drives scare anecdotal at this alliance dedicated the corner Williams hit around a little bit and you know cruise into second base with a double. Well line right down the line. A row at home and just barely inside off and went home right over the middle place in a third actually. And those the only. Breaking balls that currently the office Cody Fuller in the Carlos Williams gonna get a barrel on. Hanging up there like it was on T so now. Cody is gonna have to face their best hitter with a runner in scoring position and Canada representing the tying run. That's the third hit. For Memphis and ends a string of ten in a row retired by Cody who ordered. Tournament so far today has struck out swinging in grand dissect and grounded to first. Tuna anyone on the year. Lawyers pitch to him low and inside the fallen. Had a minute transfer from eastern Illinois. Water. That are Trout line looking into the dugout. Before flashing signs decoding lawyer. Carlos Williams at second base that Sudan for the tigers attackers lead to nothing. Earlier in the stretch. And his pitch. Good breaking ball in their for a called strike it's wanted wanted. Top of the sixth now in Fayetteville still seven to two Wichita State. That's the end CA today. Regional softball action. Where with a caddie that. And deals and a fastball high it's good luck. Cody still. Chance for pretty quick inning here he could retire head Ayman. Well it's kind of felt like all shocker is it's only two to nothing chain mention its tying run at the plate. Tenement does not have a home run on the year. It stood. Fastball in gets a strike call it's two and two. He'll head of men from funny Illinois. Not very Big Five 9173. He's been Memphis is best hitter pretty much all year. Count two and two. Lawyers pitch striking out granted in on it strikes out swinging to end the inning after the two got doubled while runs one hit men left the second. 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Extra to bring a change of clothes look hotel room in your show and offer Wi-Fi and overpriced bottled water could really imagine my delight when I found out roadside assistance is now included with my shelter insurance policy over get a John I just call and they take care of me there's no additional cost some restrictions apply. More reinsurance treaty UC net Otis Deanna only Paul or or might render in Wichita. Your news. Get weather station 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS. The top sixty at best Wichita State leads the tigers to nothing changed got a scoreboard update for you brought to biking there's nothing and construction for reps and gutters to siding and windows. Let your home's exterior again discredit figures roughing dot com or call 316202. 2066. Figures dripping in construction or home team pearl all kinds of double headers. Having to be played this weekend. UConn and ECU. Have already played. Two games of their series they've split. UConn winning 32. He's winning 63. They are midway through the final game of that series already. UConn is leading the pirates 401. Standings to. Somewhere during this happening. Now it only up to shocker six Connor Alexander's pitches the fastball low and inside Alec has a double. And a double play into events today. Tulane and UCF having to play a doubleheader today he's you have won the first game in twelve innings. 76. One out Obama now it takes a fastball away for a strike. USF from Cincinnati playing two today. Bulls winners eight to six. Leading 41 in the second in the second game they'll have her. 11 devolved Connor Alexander delivers man this is a little bit inside to have one. Outside the conference Houston's playing southeast Louisiana could usually last night's 63. Houston. Is the number one seed next weekend's. Next week and weekend's. Conference term Clearwater. Q1 to bomb get the outside edge institute. So as it stands at this second. Meeting you at fourteen and nine iron second place. And then UConn has thirteen wins US efforts thirteen wins UCF twelve. And on takes lots all the way fall after their win earlier today. Cincinnati eleven and 112 lane with their loss nine and thirteen. You just had a shocker it's seven and thirteen. Three suit Allah the all that low and outside of breaking ball way out there and leadoff walk the ball here in the shocker sixth. Third walk issued by Conor Alexander. Is that gutter Trout line who has doubled to right center and flied to center. Dockers with their leadoff man on for the first time since the third when Grayson generous to walk the that he was immediately doubled up by Alex while. I outlined in from the right side here's the stretch. And it goes bump first pitch at Trout line lines foul them on the left side. Good job at a good swing but he used a little bit out in front pulled it foul. Well gotta get that jump to probably stole that would easily. And people haven't run much against Connor Alexander came into today's game with 39 innings only three stolen base attempts. Longer hold this time don't want to try outlines a fastball called the strike at the needs and it's going to. Gutters RBI double in the first gives him 44 runs batted in on the year's second. Seven behind bombs 51. The first bomb dives back. Alex fix it right handers starting loosened for Memphis down right field corner. At pebble that is. Yeah in the right field corner cutting Ingles. There in the corner a little bit evident usual setup the pitch. High and outside hotline one intuitive. Hundred Gibson on deck for the shocker. Which does state with a run of the first one of the second but. Nothing since it is remain it has remained at two to nothing now into the sixth. Its decline in a high fly ball shallow right fielder right field in the long run second baseman out the second baseman thanks so I think that's. I guess he called off the right fielder Neil had a bad. Had a tougher play going away at the end feels really good catch that deal was kind of their flat footed in position we could have made a lot easier appeared. Nevertheless one out of the inning and the better will be hotter Gibson. Well halfway through the game if you told. Anybody that which to us they. Won't have struck out so far you know really like their chances pile up some runs but does that happen single runs first and second. It about a game. It's an Oprah to a ground ball to second and a fly ball to senators he stands in. And pick the first of Obama's back at first. Sectors of the total of four hits two by no cross to his waiting on deck. Pitcher a ground ball to the right side to second base and over again it is only clay is the first. And it gets Gibson. That foam with a good jump off first able to move to second. Second baseman having to ranged to his left him and took a quick look if he had played on Bowman and wisely got the sure out at first. Too bad enough to know croft. Who looped a single to center. In his second inning and then drilled one to right center in the fourth for a double. Those have been the only two hits for the shocker since bomb and try out one doubled back to back with two out in the first. I was on the second the two that first pitch to north croft is fastball low for ball one. Crop DH today. His first start in a while he had two good that's coming off the bench against USF last Sunday. 10 it checked. His swing man. They're gonna appeal and it looks like he didn't go. The cat goes to announce. Checked his swing just in time is that and stayed inside. It's kind of funny to look at there NC players with dirt all over their pants and uniforms today. 20. Check his swing at it caught the bad handle and topples Fallon the dirt stood on. Couple of the road and Alexander's really tackle working inside Noah started to go in the previous pitch held up just in time tried to stop on that one that. Got the bad out there a little bit. And it's got a base open and croft got in twice Phillies pitching carefully. To love mister breaking ball. To Boston two strikes didn't really stay on the Allen has moved away from any kind of pulled off just a little bit. Too good to now there are at second and two out. In the top of the sixth. Alexander set. And delivers and it's legitimate to sell that same pitch it sweeping breaking ball one. It's actors and organic order ethical leadoff walk home after Tottenham Wichita State to Memphis nothing. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament cents 22 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Service is not available for all plants. Finding the right employee to be demanded from recruiting ticket your views expressed what we're professionals does the work for. Did you know your business. Boy you're trying to fight administrative. I'm qualified people would support he's expressed for all your staff and let us help express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year go to expressed gross dot com to find the location near you. Mark living join me weekdays at. Five right here on faith and as bad. The heart disorder as we go to the bottom of the sixth the tigers trailing Wichita State to get nothing here in Memphis Cody Hoyer all the way three hips. To walk six strikeouts through five shutout innings these drugs 74 pitches. What are remind you that there will not be a top Butler coaches show on Monday night that soccer's will be in Clearwater Florida that practice day for all the team. For the treatment begins. On Tuesday. But we would like to think in case sports grill at the Elliott thirteenth in greens which road for hosting all the shocker because she shows throughout the season certainly. Courage is it is not by AJ has to watch your favorite teams because great food and beverage. Together at thirteenth and green which. Next to the Alley. Tyler Webb leads off for Memphis in the sixth. Web all for one little walk. And the first pitch to a shortened up the Arctic to strike. Webb walked in the first and then hit a fairly deep fly ball to left in the third that was caught by Roscoe Dina making its first started left field for the shocker today dieters. A couple plays of left field so far. 01. Webb takes just outside good fastball from point one ball one strike should be pointed out that. This isn't the first time in his life that entity that's been out there he played a fair amount of outfield. And high school and did so plate from left in the fall to him so he has been out there. Once upon a high pop up. She asked him to shallow right field and hundred Gibson right fielder calls up the second baseman Ridder could make the kit. But get a good job there are got a good drop step got out quickly but it was still going to be just a little beyond him and Gibson team and very quickly and called on so easy place to start the sixth. The better Alec relative short stuff. Problem was given credit for a hit his first time lucky bounce one right near the bag at third Alley ball sailed over the head of the first baseman as originally charges two base error. And changed to an infield hit and an error. As feeling was that he would have beat Canada so once to the ballgame. Came in hitting to thirty feet that. Really the only power threat in this meant the slide if he has seven home runs on the year 39 runs batted him. First pitch to him. Company and. And it. Caught him on the hand. Or to catch the bad it got the bad barely got the knob of the bat got something and troll is not going to first base Bosnia. Sheets are war Cody where. But it but I guess these acts act one hand on the other thought initially was signaling that it raised even handed apparently just. But the knob of the bat for strike one please tell trailers. That's the kind of you gotta be kidding me roll these guys and so you knew that wasn't something positive for him that happen. A long line fouled on the left side kind of a soft looking line drive it well fouls turned out. No balls two strikes. Rollout is a sophomore who has a true freshman last year started off 59 games hit 263 with twenty doubles. Eight homers 34 runs batted in in 38 runs scored an average down some this year. 02 for Boyer. Fastball low didn't miss by much pretty ghetto to pitch one ball in two strikes. Carol 44 strikeouts in a hundred in 91 at bats now through to that. If that's today. One out nobody on and the 12 delivery. Lying down the left field line that's trouble it is a fair ball. One hop against the fence that need to get back into the middle of the diamond that it's a standup double for Alex Rolla. The second double in as many innings for Memphis and the one of the fifteen with two out this gives them a chance to maybe get something going here. A total of four hits it all off Cody Hoyer. The two teams not combined for eight hits today at five of them have been doubles. Under its second with one out for Powell a leftist popped up in the first baseman and struck out swinging. Let settling in from the right side. Lawyer at the glove. Protect against his chest now it goes into the stretch. It's pitch duel at low and outside and gets under Trout line and that whole Lotta rhetoric and advanced to third. I got out here was out on the opposite batter's box he slid out there partially blocked it but it. Rolled between his legs far enough that I was able to advance them via wild pitch. First of those today for but he lawyer. A runner at third with only one out of that really increases the possibilities of Memphis getting around home here in the sixth. It your best candidate. That Hoyer has to get by himself because let's strikes out a lot. Wanna go to him and a swing and a miss hit that went down in the zone one ball one strike. A left junior from Johnson City, Tennessee right handed hitter. Strikes out about every three times up. One ball one strike. Lawyers pitch. And rolled toward third bomb has it that go across the first gets out front scores. It's now exceed one ballgame. Wasn't hit that well but actually probably benefited poll that bullet is slowly as did its. It easy for trailer to get home they're. So two out of the inning runs batted in rural that is 28 years two down bases empty for nick bogey. That struck out looking at lined to right. Lawyer into the line in his first pitch to left handed hitters outside the home loan. Okay. Soccer's a two runs on four hits at this now one run on four hits. Two out of the bottom of the sixth lawyers Pitt should add line. And now. And when I say lined I'd say it was reservation of a flat. Trajectory on the ball right off the end of that not hit very hard about it soft liners you could ever ask for work that fell in foul territory it's 11. The bogey hitting 247. Coming into the game. 11 pitch. Tried to check his swing that pitch was low Eddie did hold at that time balls in the Lidstrom. And Memphis started today hitting 193. The American conference play. Averaged just over six hits. About two and a half runs per game. Bogey stepped out. Got a two on one bases empty two out. Lawyer back to work. This low three and one. Start to get frustrating now which dusty has done very little of the nondescript. Former reliever Connor Alexander. Who's made his way through six innings. And Memphis are right on the doorstep. Lawyers for you on the high drive to right center field on the run his status to the center fielder and that ball is now. Then bogeyed two of his first home run of the season. That meant business and I just gave it to him to. Outlining three and a and I'm. And want to see how far it again and bogey. It's one that it has rights that are. We new game first home run and a 153. At bats and a bogey. That is now at five hits are a lawyer in the last three. Have all been for extra bases. Cody Tyler listening for the doctors. In their bullpen he's one of those guys really benefited from having yesterday off. COLT meal lifting and eating right fielder. The first pitch to him slice fell behind third respect on neo has walked and flied to left. Hit the ball pretty deep. In the last field gap is left tonight last time not atrocity that was able to write it down almost to the warning track. What are into the wind depth and the 01 that's popped up. Right so I hope Bryant Ritter both talking to each other in Ridder the second baseman make the catch to end the inning. But format this two runs. On two deaths and after six it's not tied up again at two apiece. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he Katie CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes hone their competitive bags. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy slide past challenges and hit home run go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Say this for me with no smile. She got command and I can't believe things can grab a great now with us Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smile as powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in widgets Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for hardening Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Jason and he joins us from non retail and media weeknight. And again. Getting better from. But it Melbourne what should I stay Alley Oklahoma State eight to the top of the seventh the first round of the NCAA softball tournament. But the situation has deteriorated a little bit here in Memphis for the tigers have scored their first two runs in the sixth to tie this game. Actually two attackers sent them Mason oh Brian ross' Katrina and trade victories against Alexander here in the seventh. Alexander is gone the distance throwing 87 pitches in his first pitch to O'Brien is outside for ball one. Four hits two runs three walks one strikeout for Alexander threw six. And photo Brian van and off speed pitch foul he was out front thousand off the end of the bat. O'Brien walked in the second in a foul fly ball to the left fielder in the fourth. Officially open for one on the afternoon. Alexander's started to go to the line O'Brien called time out after waiting a little bit. Soccer's last hitless in the fourth it will only had 42. Of those Plano croft. It's too O'Brien is low bounces away from the captured two balls and one strike. Doctors have not had more than one based router and it innings since the second. Alexander shipped off to sign that goes to the law to one bounced out to first base side. Two and 22 Mason O'Brien starting at first base today for the soccer's first game of two here in Memphis this afternoon. Couple games or an hour and shock and effacing guy that's been really capable all year and have really been really been able to do much with either one. He too. Low and outside three balls and two strikes. They said O'Brien trying to get on to start the seventh. That tie game. Antics that went low for ball four. Bryant draws the leadoff walk here in the seventh that's for walks for Connor Alexander. And it brings up Ross Katrina. And we're gonna get a pinch runner it appears for O'Brien at first Josh good factor. We'll go underground for a most likely also will take over first place. Soccer is looking to get back in front. In the late innings here but it went to their fastest men on base after a grinder leadoff walk. And see what type Butler path roster Dina to do here. As we get in the later stages of this one. Riley Cooper all right hander getting loose from Memphis now also. Alexander may be running out of gas. It Dina has not had that many plate appearances this year I'm not sure that is even then I don't recall it being asked to try to sacrifice he does not have a sacrifice bunt. That's where around though and Bucs fell back to the street pitch was up about letter high. Couldn't quite get on top of it that was under held it back on the screen. Pianist so far today a fly ball to center and had a little roller along the first base line that picture. Fielded it made the play itself. Josh backer at first base nobody out top of the seventh. 22 ball game. And picked the first and a backer back. Just to backer for stolen bases in five attempts on a year. Santana struck out 1951. Trying to steal about that. She bumps and again it's now all in the year back. Out of the reach and Santana Owen to that. Do not so good efforts by Russ giving it and try to get a sacrifice bunt down. And it failed at that needs to find a way now to move the runner. Fortunately for him. Alexander doesn't have stuff really. That scared to death forest put you away once he jumps ahead but. That also makes it all the more frustrating Ross what they would get bogged down because of the stuff but. Now the battle begins. Alexander. Long hold a distraction and throws to first de Becker returned safely headfirst. Wichita State with runs in the first and second. Memphis just answered to two in the sixth. Important only. OT it could be that. Now the right side out of play. Alexander two of the moment after that last pitch at 96 pitches in the ball games and I think he'd be. Getting near the end of his rope and infect your cubs. There and show on rock the better. What coach. I've seen a something twice in the last two games that I don't a lot of ever seen before. Somebody getting taken out when they don't they have a guy who wouldn't do it. It's not suckers are gonna talk it over to backer gras comes across the diamond tax cut Butler has. But this goes to the bullpen here in the seventh we'll take a quick break we'll be back suckers never runner at first nobody out in the seventh in 822 ball games. Steve and Teddy in the morning. In the works doesn't it doesn't prove that 25 million dollars and industrial revenue bonds for projects of greater Wichita YMCA. Seventeen and a half million dollars will be used to build the new grants from the Wichita State and innovation campus breast would be used for improvements to the east branch for the Wichita business journal I've been award. That's a good investment I suppose in public health I'm sure that which attends public have the highest physical fitness rate in the entire United States predicted. That. That's big news well they're attend and it is still why outfit northwest they get a pretty good array of vending machines in much stuff in there at each of them mr. Live in there were no one's sure didn't establish it Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine Montana zest. When you listen more art forms for educated you do more and more prepared more to talk about. Understand more of what's now. In 1913 we need to listen and SS Wichita it's number one talk. Your news traffic and weather station 987 and thirteenth earnings and assets. Kicking around and around them and if Riley. We're all CA ER AL five yen 215 pound junior right hander who is directly from our part of the country's Oklahoma City. Spent the last couple years and it should polar junior college in Florida. And brawl is been both a starter and reliever this year and this is his seventeenth appearance eight the bullpen he's made nine starts five and fire. The five point 11 ERA for 56 of the third innings he's allowed 58 hits. A rather large looking 38 walks and struck out. 55. Commander inherited an 02 count to Ross could be that with a runner at first and nobody else. Thank you wanna what they're up to here because. He does have one saves. Potter Smith has to say he's but he's tomorrow's. Projected starting pitcher. And Alex Smith has one thing. So. If things go good will they allow Reilly come brawler asking to open. Hope that he pitches in his game or. These are grander plan. Sleep the first base dugout at this tiger coaching staff Poland whose accounts to Roth at the. He is and therefore the brawls first pitch. Instead of toss over to first base. Soccer so that's the Riley Cooper all of his last appearance he pitched in giving it to light last Saturday gave up four runs on two hits. And three walks. He has sat. And throw over to first base attacker scrambles back has yet to throw a pitch couple throws to first base and it is over in Fayetteville shocker softball. Beats Oklahoma State for the third time this season winning eight to two. It dance to the winner's bracket second round. It hit it and grounded to short him between hot picked up cleanly over to second Wada and then had him and couldn't get it out of the glove and but he does say the first. First I was kind of an in between hop that trauma so he could not load it quite as quickly as he would have liked and then. Gentlemen couldn't get the ball out of his glove on the pivot and continue to say first of one. Which does state softball will. Played a second round winner's bracket game against the winner of that game between Fayetteville resident who want seated at regional and DePaul. Great start this doctors in Fayetteville and now. Travis young running for Covina. Or in the seventh game is tied it two. Better first one out and trade Vickers up for the second time flied to center his first time up. Girls picked Shannon Vickers takes outside for ball one. Young needs to steal her. Roddick were all 86 to 92 of these fastball it's flat and straight as out pitches slider. We'll see what happens here how aggressive Vickers gets within early in the count. The first jogged back got a close place got a big lead he's already taken about as big a lead as he reasonably can still get that. He's eleven for fifteen. As a base stealer on new years. They're all leaning overlooking and. And that is through our young scrambles back in the ball gets away and got out of right field line yeah I don't think they're easily a ball still over there that Dick foul territory Sammy has the Zito holding him up. As they just now got it back here. An error on the pick it up to first bounced past the first baseman I'll let. And Travis got not only easily reach their habits MES disease that got ahead lined up whether to maybe send humanize Shane mentioned earlier there's a huge amount of foul territory in the right fielder had to go a long way chase that one down. And that barrier in the sense that. Separates how to play from him play obviously angles down toward them. The foul pole so the ball ricocheted off of its theatrical further away. Down toward the corner and that's what it did so that there's gonna bring in field in. And it's a 10 count of Vickers huge spot for trick. And it pitch low two balls and no strikes. Again a brawl. Declined to walk a few 38. In 56 and a third. Behind two and on Vickers. He uses pit straight checks and the breaking ball is low X three and nothing. He wants to get you out of that breaking ball especially with runners in scoring position. Trade may end up in a fast ball here and get me over three you know that's not likely to swing when things. 30 pitch that slow it throw the fastball but he missed down a four pitch walk to victors. Bill most likely move the middle infield back to double play depth now with one out but you gotta deal with Luke Ritter who is overdue the way he's been slowing adequately offer three on the day. At its best swing his first time up with a line drive to center field since then he has rolled the short points. Travis young at third stickers at first. One out in the seventh in 22 ball games. Riley can brawl. The world given ten home runs and 56 in the third. And ten doubles that. Pitched Ritter is a strike at a dinner today. They're bringing healthy snacks to work can help you stay away from the candy machine that's today's healthy shocker stepped. That's but I United Healthcare in the real appeal program. Learn more real appeal dot com. All one dilute Ridder the pitch. Why don't the third baseman into the left field for a base hit young scores stopping at second is stickers. The doctors are backing front by a score of three to do. So Ridder. It's a big time for his first hit of the game so I respected friend here in the seven. And that was a slider but. Ridder was sitting on it hooked it over the third baseman will keep. And in the left went so shoppers. Retake that leave greeted news of Janice. Hopefully you'll be able to get Wichita State currently backed by. Marketing and treat Dickerson second place. Grayson today to fly ball out sandwiched around a walk he flied to right in the first and won the left in the fifth. 37 runs batted in on the year. Respect him. Breaking ball and takes it low for ball one. And it hit by Ritter was just a shocker his fifth of the day so far. First and second one out. Ehrlich a brawl into the stretch. Pitch to Denis fouled straight back had a pretty good when the swing at a fastball down. Redirected back to the screen it's one and one. Okay. That run. Is charged as a starter Alexander for the moment it remains on earned although it still could become an earned run. Rolls pitch Genesis two accidents in there for a strike. And the captain wanted to. It's honored for now because of young able to advance all the way around to third on the error. It would have been first and second on the hit an element you can assume there on would have scored there are so. Unearned for the moment but another hit it make it earned. 12. She has missed the outside party concede just season it played empire really look at it over. Few doubt that doing that slider right there almost that. Two balls two strikes to Afghanistan. In the runners are vigorous it second grader at first only one out in the seventh. So Packers just gave up two of the six that if come back to regain the lead. Too cute. Lifted fouled out of left field size and ripped out of play. And minister hangs in there two balls two strikes that was kind of a borderline pitch down and away with two strikes that's one that you. Probably got to do just that Janice did dig that out spoiler. Close enough it could have been called a strike. For all nods at the side. And delivers. This low and away with a fastball threw balls and two strength. Few more gray clouds on the horizon we've had for a while. Think the chances of rain are. Slight this afternoon but still. There nevertheless. Three to. Ground ball right side the second baseman closet down the second one there back to first not in time there. And victory over to third on the play with two out. Ball was hit to the left of the second baseman Pannemon a little bit they had just been around to make the first throw to second base. That slowed the play. Down just a little jealous that beats it out on the back end. First and third to down. And the better. Alec well. Alec one for two on the day doubled in the first grounded into a double play in the third and walked his last time out there. And beat it out gracious generous over first. Most important part because foam will get a plate appearance with runners off chance that. Again lengthen out that lead only 32 at the moment. Alec in from the right side. Team leading 51 runs batted in on a year controls pitch fastball away catches the outside corner for a strike. First baseman a left holding on just as the only guy on the right side of the infield. There. Dead set on Alec well being dead pool. Who nobody. Nobody over there on the right side of the. Palawan. Lawn outside great saved by the catcher I was close exploding short hop fastballs really tough for a catcher to get in front. Santana made the play it's 11. Live play any of that big shift around the left the first two pitches of that away and he's gonna go on the other that they think field. Didn't pull mode here open. 11 swing it and yes I was a breaking ball away it probably wasn't the strike that's. Not a pitch it out like well we'll usually chase that out of there it's one to. About it ninety hopper to the right side score another run here for the shots. Ray Vickers there at grace suggested first there are two out the soccer's have scored around here in the seventh. To regain the lead at 32 but they would like to add a little more. There goes Aniston pictures on our destiny got to be chastened on that went off the plate. Slider away strikes at the home. Slackers in the inning get one run on one hit there was an error mixed in in two minute left after six and a half soccer's back in for free to. When it comes to driving a truck there are the everyday adventures then there are creating jobs and then yeah. Are there really been jobs she had the opportunity right trucks to insure myself from Colorado to Silverado 15100 and Silverado HD. From a family of the most dependable longest lasting full sized pickups on the road so from the everyday adventures to the really big job. You can count Chevy trucks so your hometown shabby either today definitively an excellent job in 1972 points of people's eyes registrations quiet sleep she weighs. Ready to unleash a war world of information. Whenever you want as we all you have to do is. Alexa played K and it says radio finally thanks for asking. And do it on her own just ask you don't even have to ask nicely her only job is to be at your Beck and call I'm literally have nothing else to do. 97 and thirteen birdies. Hey an assassin. Join a morning. That's that's. Tell us they have to go to the bottom of the seventh Josh if backer pinch ran for ace Brian Hill take over his spot defensively at first base. Travis on pinch ran for us to CNET egos in the ballgame in center field and Grayson canister. Moves from center to left where indeed it was plain and Cody Tyler takes over on the amount if you've seen your left hander. Taking over for coding Hoyer who threw 91 pitches in six innings gave up. Two runs on five hits two walks. And six strikeouts Cody is back around well. First Cody Cody lawyers back in position to get the win in this game at chapters of regain the late. Three to two. Cody Tyler making his twentieth appearance all out of the bullpen for a novel one save at a 3.2 nine ERA for 27. And a third innings of numbers that really stand out just five walks and 34 strikeouts. In 27. And the third innings. He's facing the bottom two in the order than we thought that Carlos Williams here in the Memphis seventh. Cody Tyler his last appearance and inning against K state on Tuesday night gave up around on two hits. What a season long. Four innings against USF on Saturday giving up two runs on six hits with one walk and three strikeouts. Jason Santana won for two as he steps in deleted off bounced a single up the middle. That's in the second inning and it popped to third in the fifth. Cutting out pork from the stretch with the bases empty. And his first pitch to Santana fouled straight back to fastball coming right at. After sports properties of Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors Wichita State's elite level of corporate partners house of shuan. Delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. Your interest and an advertising was shocker athletic skull shocker sports properties 3169787552. 01 fastball little bit hot one ball and strike. It's Santana. Kyle O'Keefe at the bottom of the order that leadoff man Carlos Williams for the tigers here in the seventh. Mostly cloudy skies over the ballpark here in Memphis. Theory still breeze. Temperature in the low eighties in the pitch. Inside it that fastball to and one. Santana state to a six hitter on the year. Junior from Chicago. Tended lane tech high school in Chicago. And I put two on one. Alex pitch fastball and a swing at best out even up to him to. Almighty is raise the debt slightly Cody Tyler editor. That are Trout line asking for new graceful. And tennis stepped out for Obama back to the bucks. Cannot even at two inches. Of the caller's first hitter. And it. The Vatican prediction time on the plate Tyler stepped off nice back on the Revver ready to go. And seek the delivery fastball away just missed the outside corner. Throwing with a setup up that's directory that is leaning in underneath the hands of the right hand matter Santana. And Tyler usually lives in on those right hand matters of that. It's out on the outer half it looked as good. 32. Struck you about. Big pitch fastball down and got it swinging. And Cody Tyler did not want to come back after his team just scored a run with a leadoff man on him right edit got a one down Kyle O'Keefe who has struck out of grounder to third in his two previous best. Starting the day it even 200. The right handed hitter. Cody Tyler. At the belt the pitch fastball right down the middle for a called strike one. But he Tyler nearing the end this collegiate career he's really given a shocker is that good solid seniors keep inevitable end. 01 fastball in just missed inside one ball one strike. Tyler the active career leader in strikeouts. And innings pitched. Starts to for that matter to me 21 of those. 11. Pop now back in how to play. When ball and two strikes another fastball that Hokies couldn't get on top. You don't decent guy if you get deepened after the tournament in Clearwater is that. And they stayed away from starting this year because. Fella he didn't have the stamina and strength he would do that much during the season but one last time. College setting itself. One ball strikes the pitch. Big breaking ball struck him out swinging kind of hug it out there designs and O'Keefe swung right through it for strike tree. Two up and down on strikeouts for Tyler here in the seventh soccer pitchers have now struck out eight which is what. Memphis has averaged per game pretty much both on the season and in conference play. Things have Carlos Williams who doubled down the left field line back in the fifth he also has popped to second and struck out so one for three. 247 hitter on the year two out of nobody on. But he Tyler in the stretch delivers and we have shortened up but then. When that almost hitting mid sized ball one. Memphis that two runs on five hits the shoppers now have three runs on five hits both teams have committed one error. 10. Papa. It is gonna take it right in the middle of the infield Vickers the shortstop with golf with the way I want to Korea thing for Cody Tyler in the seventh. After seven Wichita State treatment there's too. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. Twenty speeds is the place to get claim this Sunday from the floor. Yeah join us for the twin peaks BJ car wash to benefit the owner of persons foundation. All proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officer Stacy Woodson and his son Braden officer Woodson and Braden were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27 helped twenty. It's as we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks bikini car wash this Sunday from noon to four at twin peaks speaks to. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Brad would be John Green which took place dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas George story from coast because they enjoy every week starts right here I'm KN SA. Hundreds outlined laid off from Wichita State and it's the eighth and it'll be hundred Gibson. And no across against Riley can brawl who has. One official inning under his belt in relief of the starter Alexander in the seventh which is not state leading Memphis three to two. Who brawl gave up a hit and a walk also struck out one in his first inning on the man. That are Trout line one for three of the RBI double his first time up in the first inning. Takes us right that are underneath. Better came into today's game at 338. In conference play. The double in the first inning gives him sixteen runs batted in and 22 conference games. 01. And he takes that right that same spot down around the knees for strike you. No balls two strikes. We're all deals and missed lol that 11 ball and two strikes. Relic for all and Oklahoma he's from Oklahoma City. Carl Albert high school. Count it one into the gutter Trout one. And the pitch low ball to its banks that are left giving you had a couple pitches that the peace. Alex Jackson. It's coming out swinging at bats. Another reason why we should of played last night. Got a trial wind didn't have cuts double and it's true. Due to. Not often hands salad lefty a long run for Carlos Williams that he makes Redding Pitt Medea. Always fairly high gave Williams a chance throughout under. After one got jammed with that when one out in the inning. Alex Jackson will hit 400 Gibson. It's an O for three today with two ground balls the second baseman and a fly ball to center. Alex Jackson with 69 at bats on New Year's sixteen hits and 232 average one home run eleven runs batted in. And I would anticipate that he'll probably go in the game in left field and tennis dual moved from. Left to right when we go to the bottom of the eighth which would put. Jen Aniston is third position of the day. One out nobody on. And the first pitch to Jackson is low and outside. Shocker is with five hits today to buy a book cropped you singled and doubled. Foam and trying to wind both had doubles in the first inning it looked Ritter and RBI single. In the seventh the big hit of the game right now the jockeys back in front 32. And I hanging breaking ball and pioneered its sister come and hard as well of the center fielder makes the catch for the out. Jackson timed it up pretty well but got Andrea at a high soft fly ball to center for the second out. Could have had a lot of outs in the air today. Better know what croft who has singled doubled and struck out swinging. Senator Alexander got it with a couple of breaking balls his last time not associates who broke goes right after it with that. And he tried to check on wanted this for strike line scouted out here. The balls one strike. Just a backer on deck is crop should have been negative board here. 01. Breaking ball outside that time wanted one. Ross got a pretty good looking sliding you can see lights had some success with a it's pretty sharp and hard realities that command and 11. This outside of another 12 balls and one strike. No across two for three today. Seventeen for 54 on the season back above 300 after starting today at 294. It. The inside corner at the knees fastball at times stood to. Two out bases empty soccer's leading 32 at the top of the 81 game of today's doubleheader. He too. Pessimistic that slider down and away three NT. Crossings VCR and a little better the last time he struck out a couple of big sweeping breaking balls from Alexander it. We're borderline if even in the straits of laid off a couple of big influence from abroad. 32 pitch struck him out Guardsmen on the breaker down. And so shot restored order in the eighth and after seven and a half it's still three to Wichita State. Won a little fun. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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As we anticipated Alex Jackson who hits for how to get to remains in the game in left field then Grayson Janice. Who started the game at first base them what to left field I'm moves to right field to the sharpest defensively have Trout line catching Josh give accurate first. Luke rigorous Beckett trade Vickers short Alec mall at third. And the outfield left to right Jackson young. And Janice. Which means that the only guys who are at the end the same position they started the game and our Trout line rigor and a ball. Bottom of the eighth soccer's leading 32. Historian horror that this order against Cody Tyler that 1237. Striking out of here in the face chaos Pannemon Tyler Webb. Alex trauma here in the eight. And that will be he has only left on left matchup in the first six hitters that he looked things. And a model for three with two strikeouts today the first pitch to him a fastball right down the middle. So far out of the sitting on that first pitch fastball but he's just come right at forestry hitters of the fastball right through the heart. Adamant to 91 starting the day. The balls one strike. Alan delivers. Curve ball a little bit inside one ball one strike. He runs five hits for Wichita State to runs five hits for Memphis. 11. And a breaking ball throws in their first strike and at one and two. Here guess that we times he struck out three times one game. Zero. That's incorrect ethnic. 12 the count. Cody Tyler. Ready to go. And delivers fast ball in just missed out on set up away that time pitch was inside. Two balls two strikes. Yeah yeah. The overcast. Afternoon at the moment that. Very pleasant day. Two balls two strikes. Delivers fastball away I look on the outside waters there is tale elements. Kursk's three strike at game of the season. Unions Clinton now wants it that. Three strikeouts for Tyler I need now for a beleaguered Tyler in the seventh there and it's. That is Tyler Webb center field that walked fly to left far right. Web senior from prosper Texas 61205. Pounder. Cody Tyler. Another Texan deals and a swing and a felt tip for Dracula. Notice from Terrell Texas. One out bases empty in the bottom of the eighth from Memphis they're only down around them it's 32 Wichita State. Packers with a single runs in the first and second Memphis tied it at two in the sixth. Soccer's. Now one back in the seventh to go back in for a a lot of and the pitch fastball away driven to senator gone back Travis yeah I'm still on. Rhonda attractive it's off the wall that's Lincoln Center field Webber on second headed for third strong throw over there by young but not in time it's a triple. Court I want to ask. Young spreading back. Had to be done and all the way that just ran matter of its 379. To defense there at straightaway center and you and the ball got there about the same time both bounced off the fence and and Webb who has nineteen doubles on the year has tripled with one out here in the eighth. Young didn't slow down one bit and me. Crashed into the wall in deepest left center field does there aren't 375. 379 time. And he's pretty lucky to still be up right. Yeah that ball hit where the batters background. Is still there extended a little above defense that could have been a home run that that is six or eight feet left. Looks like to Sharpton gonna bring the infield him. Tying run at third one out in the eighth. That are Alec trauma. This two for three. Infield single a ground ball to short and it is last time doubled off the left field fence and Todd Butler. Headed to the man they wanna righthander here it's like Chandler Sandberg. Is ready in the shocker bullpen. Throw up. That'll let the next two hitters are both right handed. Usually when tiger comes out he's. And make the change. Right now just talk and everybody. Dan Cahill. Soccer trainers and take this opportunity to go but make sure that. Travis young's OK after he banged into the center field fence was forced to and it's not the others. Jackson and Janice over checking on. Feel his chest a little bit out. Now he's gonna make the move sent bird comes in love and Katie ultra checks on Travis young little. Bringing up to date on all of that when we return to Memphis is soccer's leading 32 in the bottom of the eighth tying run at third with one out. Stevens had in the morning James Taylor doesn't sound impressed banking rate of major flooding forth and this week. To that I definitely VIP tickets in the first five rose today a couple of seats in row four fortunately didn't. From what she told good morning Sheila nice to have you with a serum Stevens ahead. Had you ever been to a changed her concert. I have not. Excited about it and the uncertainties and being in the foreground off. You've been. You're right up close and personal Sheila thank you for for listening to Steven did we appreciate that and you know they wouldn't be completely out of mental for you to pick up a couple of extra large T shirts for a while you're there. Are our. Dad liked it but I. Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine on an SS. Once and talk while you're doing laundry just ask. Melissa and played K and insist radio no problem there huh. She's try and we're. Seven and thirteen thirty K I SS. You hear the great American morning. And bird makes an appearance number 26. On the year. Thirty of the third innings 42 hits ten walks 49 strikeouts. Oh and two with eight saves. At two point 97. ERA in his two most recent appearances he faced senators or retired them both against Kansas State on Tuesday striking out one. And three scoreless innings in that 99 ball game with USF last Sunday to give up five hits and Alan. That didn't walk anyone and struck out four. He inherits the tying run at third base of one out here in the bottom of the eighth. Alex problem the most dangerous power hitter in the Memphis lineup coming up batting in the cleanup spot. His left the infield AM looking to cut off the ground to play this standard chemists and not come up with a strikeout or pop up. They could move back to normal depth. The game pretty much on the line right here at least keeping the shot Greece in front certainly on the line. Time ran their base that's the one out triple by Tyler Webb. Travis young remains in the game in center field after it looked like getting a little bit banged up going into the wall trying to. Tracked down that long drive by a web. Doctors are kind of start to run out bodies involved changes they've made big cats he's still over their own deaths fell. Youngstown State and there. Here's trowel it two for three on today. It's nice and burns perceptions popped up. Going back Trout lines near the screen is we have through a many guys that extra cats falling into the screen for the second out of me. Now I'm getting closer now. Leaning against the barrier and actually leaned into the screen as he finished off catching that one. And everybody alert lead moving in to cover the plight just in case the runner at third. Had a chance to try to advance of two that's a big out on the first pitch but I Chandler Sandburg. The outset Kyle left. Over three. Let's test popped up struck out and grounded daddy did drive in Iran with a ground ball to third got a run on. Third in the sixth inning. Let is strikeout ground in Chandler Denver's pro striking people out the first pitch is lined up. A base hit to right center field. Iran is Dan let turns holds its first. Tying run is in for Memphis it's 33 down the bottom of the eighth. Let left no doubt on that one now. That was a line shot over the second base and that's the second run batted into the game. Has run will be charged you Cody Tyler. Now Sandberg will face nick bogey. He tied this game with a solo home run to right center in the sixth his first home run of the season he also has lined out sharply to right. After striking out its first time up. 101 Sudan. Standards pitch in a fastball low for ball one. 33 bottom of the gates. Make bogey. Left handed hitter. And birds wanna. This low and outside two balls no strikes. The Packers have now been out hit in this 17 to five. A left the runner at first. Not a base stealer one of four on the year. Sandburg had to assign. And into the stretch. And the two go way outside of low ball three. From the law which isn't it put the leadoff guy on all day by. Wants. Still lead or tied that thing like it. And watch Lucy go ahead run to second base. There's a strike fastball down and away three balls and one strike to bogey. It's seven hits that the says a couple of doubles and triples home runs. 31. Outside the law again. Just about every pitch he threw it that sequence Vista that same spot low and outside the left handed hitter. A two out walk puts all lettuce second bogey at first. The better COLT Neil left handed hitting right fielder. In the third walk given up today by shocker pitching. COLT Neil drew one of those back in the second he also has flied deep to left center popped up to second. And chat with third base coach clay Greene before he steps into the box. We talked before the game this of Memphis team whose season will end this weekend and really don't have anything to play for. Probably ready get the season over with but you let them hang around in the game like this that it becomes blame but at the windows live right here. You know steps in from the left side first and second two out. Standards first pitch swing and a felt tip that was almost out there that same range Marie was missing. The previous here bogeyed eleven after fouled it off the end of the bat. Aggressive first swing by the left handed hitter. It cold meal in 27 coming in this game to fourteen. In league play. And believe it or not both of those among the better numbers on this team. Neil also does an occasional bit of pitching he's a lefthander. Junior from Cordoba Tennessee. A lot. That would missed low and outside Guatemala. They haven't started yet by striking out Cahill had a minute tough guy to strike out. If it gave up that tripled Tyler Webb. Hamburg came in got a foul pop up from Alex relevant that gave up a line drive single to Palo let that site to gain followed that with a walk. And pitch and he swings and misses a pitch in the dirt. And deals in the hole one and two that he has helped Sander and out twice swinging pitches neither were not strikes are firstly it best was borderline strike. Shocker in the ninth we'll have the backer young and thinkers do up. The guys that did not start this game. It. 33. Bottom of the 81 game of the doubleheader. 12. Breaking ball just missed lug of a pretty good pitch at times just dropped out of the zone at the end. The other they're looking for fastball when he does that change up and then watched that sweeper. Dropped just a little bit low. It's. That dead Brett. As soon. First and second two outs and the standard and get the shoppers at the eight for the time. And his pitch. Hi foul behind third out of play. He'll stepped out of the box for mama's gonna try outline looks into the dugout. For the signs. Another 22 pitch gunning Jane Alexander. Into the stretch. And delivers it. And he struck the matter of breaking ball in the dirt suckers out of the inning but Memphis. Picks up her on on some hits and lately to amount we go to the ninth. It's soccer's three tigers three. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and overweight Sawyer. Stormy week nights they've done. Crawl back to for his third inning of work feverishly here Memphis says to go to the night they'll be facing the bottom third. Of the Wichita State batting order. Josh to backer travesty on entry Vickers and of these three. Only Vickers has actually had a plate appearance before the game the backer and young both entered the game is pinch runners in the seventh. And remained in some of the coming up for the first time. The backers the only left handed hitter in this trio facing the right hander who brawl. And the first pitched it she is low and inside the ball on a walk. Young's sacrifice. And through Vickers please if you grow drives in the go ahead for a like that for. Actor eleven for 4168. Years after starting well for ten. Pitch. Bounced up the middle second baseman to his right asked to wait a second hop ros close quietly just got by about a half staff. That last little wait on that last hop almost giddy man that Packard she it out by it on a close play to start the inning. It was a travesty not. The answer that question and I had it's a brawl coming in and finishing this thing he's not. Gonna settle for just don't a couple of hitters. When he came into the game with nobody out in the seventh. Travesty on getting to fifty right on the nose 32 for 1281. Home run seventeenth runs batted it right handed hitter. Stretch back to Roland young was get a buck takes a strike on the inside corner pulled it back. Pitch was on the inside edge and it's on one. Not a bad thought he is a good water. This these guys that shocker is that like to get on. Oh balls one strike the pitch. Slices a foul down the right side out of play you know and to. For all has retired six in a row now since giving up the RBI single Duluth Ridder that gave the shocker is the lead in the seventh. Now all tied up in the ninth. 02 pilot that went on ball and two strikes. Abroad got roughed up by two lane in his last appearance at practice that it thrown for a third consecutive scoreless innings in three appearance facilities that. Good more often than us in his last several times now. Once you stuck it out and a high fastball came up but it didn't let behind. Two out of getting through Wichita State. Third strikeout four brawl just four total for shocker hitters today. And the better trade Baker's two out nobody on. Jack is had been held to. Five hits in this. That's coming off day. Very sub par performance against Kansas State on Tuesday night. I present just six hits in 32 at bats and that one. Victor's steps out of the way of high fastball. Just prior to that. Just dated 328 for the weekend against pretty good UNICEF staff. Averaged almost thirteen hits a game pickers takes a strike on the inside corner it's one and one. First ever baseball meeting between Wichita State in Memphis in this. One ball one strike to trade knickers. Rules. And toward right field slicing toward the line it's gonna drop in fair territory and get the corner Vickers headed for a second base. And nobody they're standing up with a double. A trip Vickers who have really struggled of late at the play coming through with a big two out double to keep the doctor's hopes alive here in the top of the night. And one of their best hitters coming up in lieu greater. He came through last time I'll ask him to do it again. That is the first few base hit by trade Vickers. April 24. Cannes. Well as changes pointed out he couldn't ask for a better guy out there in this lucrative one for four on the date line out its first time. He collects single in the seventh two Dryden and rowdy it's. The base hit to center field. Pickers around third Pittman now throughout the flight's gonna have a chances. He's not my violent home plate. Vickers not a very fast runner you've got to said that there were two outs. Pretty good for a bio weapon actually was not the law that little bit is led the catcher right into him and so. Ritter when this is single up the middle but maybe to get it to bargain Vickers is thrown out at the plate. Q in the innings no runs and hits one lap we go to the bottom of the ninth tied it three. 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That security investment advisory services offer precision we financial in SPF number ten SIPC SP if the separately owned and energies into a marquee names products services referenced here are independent of us via restaurants are sees when he won a free of course to play in Wichita Kansas exit in 206316652001. Or online at my dash planning dot com shot. Or sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forced fumble. One talks to. As labor. Waiting for this game to start checking the score board as a disdain of others your worst nightmare was to blame him UCF playing a double header in the first game was in the twelfth inning now left to hope for extra innings here first game this doubleheader at Wichita State goes to the bottom of the ninth at 33 time. And hope it doesn't. Keith green residents started to rain in between him. Chandler Sandberg back to the mound two thirds of an inning in the eighth. Gave up they hit it drove in the game tying run he also walked one and struck out one. He's facing Jason Santana and Tyler Heath. At the bottom of the batting order and effective leadoff man Carlos Williams. This will be the third time. In the last five innings this these two hitters and tan and O'Keefe have started an inning for Memphis. Antennas one for three on the day O'Keefe over three. Santana grounds single up the middle back in the second inning right handed hitter endurance for Kitt stood in this poll found on the left field line that might restrict. 11. Throw from Tyler Webb and last happening. Bullet from center field. Two out base hit to center feel again second thing. You'd like your chances Warner run but. We have gone out straight record quite a bit. Breaking ball outside through December and one of one of the Santana. Top of the seventh in the second at two games in Orlando two lane leading UCF 21 UCF came from behind to win the first game seven to six in twelve. Fastball away gets called strike it wanted to. Actors need to win one more game. These three game series this weekend to one more game than to blame to move past the green wave into the seventh seed in the conference tournament. One to. Pop foul back and out of play. Headed out of his front foot candle and almost a one knee that is that legacy foul them off. Ten at 206 hitter on the year 169. In conference play. Hits or even between the two teams that the lines are exactly the same three runs seven hits one error for both teams. Once you get on the crowded category for the shortstop pickers in the left field. A leadoff single for Jason Santana. Now Memphis with a chance to determine its own fate. At the winning run on that nobody out Kyle O'Keefe spoke for three with two strikeouts getting up and almost certainly will be fighting here. Heath lists and on sacrifice spot on here. San San at first base not particularly fast runner. I gotta say all the pressure right now on Wichita State the question. Just not takes a fastball low one ball no strikes. We'll go. I will keep square Peter out early. And Byrd's pitch anti bonds Citi gets it down between mountain first baseline Sanford tosses over the backer flipping out. He does his job sacrificing Santana down the second phase one out. It's not the order Carlos Williams. Williams one for floor with a double in the fifth. And now also ensures that hail and then we'll get another plate appearance. Barring any weird line drive double play. Pinch runner at second base and believe this Evan bell and Richard freshman outfielder. Now running for Santana. And mentioned Santana and out of a real fast runner bill. Does give the speed at second base. With only one out of the inning. First pitch to Carlos Williams is a strike dinner at the knees nothing and watch. Williamson 47 on the year. Pulled a double down the left field line in the fifth he also has popped up twice struck out once. Either one of those would be very helpful right here pop up for a strikeout. 01. Driven into center field Travis on going back dad runs it down their rhetoric sex tech and heads for third. Apple always driven deep to center field Travis young guys to Johnston going to his backhand ran it down for the second now. And moving the runner over the third would now. Guarantee. That a basic Olympic Games. Plus it gives them the opportunity to possibly score on a shocker the state well good fastball terrorists that are. Cahill had a bit up there Jane mentioned having to face him again. It's feel like you're running out alliance with him it struck you about three times first time on your I don't know why you'd Pittston here. Oh for four with three strikeouts that he has by far the best hitters statistically on the year first of them is low and outside the ball on. A left handed hitter right handed Tyler Webb. Is on deck. Two out bottom of the ninth time to go ahead winning run. At third base with two. One O line. By far the best hitter right hander coming up next. His remarks but. And burned through the strike. In the burn. Some Memphis comes from behind to edit with a run in the eighth. Run of the night to the final score in the first game that is double header is that this war. Wichita State Street will be back with our first to post game shows that there right after. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycled well then you better get into the supply routes during their clearance sale. They want quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen. Clinton has over 25 models on this flight to make your buying decision easy. Bless their large inventory BG gets a day or next day delivery had installed on most models fit to let things that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new. 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They even have child care. This up to you like it when he personal leather on line it up steep price and life dot com. Plus. No big box hi I'm ready to get an LG four KTV delivers streak all right let's restarted of course every extra. Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge plus alt plus innings start than them. What's my name my service fees extra starts charged sunny day in the college student on behalf tires yeah. TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating and that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we now LT and Kathleen TV watch cap. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Seven and thirteen thirty chain access. We should tell us number. Hannity say maybe. Right now our post game show for game one of today's doubleheader. Memphis with a run in the bottom of the ninth when it over the shock there's four to three. Wichita State with single runs in the first and second it looked like they were getting off to a good start but then. Hardly anything offensively through the middle portion of the game that this came back with two runs in the sixth retired it's doctors. Rallied for a run in the top of the seventh to go right back in front but had an opportunity to scoreboard just couldn't get another big hit. At whistler run in the bottom of the tied it and then they went at one out base hit the bottom to not face it the bottom of the night. And Tyler left their center fielder came up with a huge row. On a base hit up the middle from kickers in the ninth inning or why Ridder in the ninth inning Vickers trying to score from second was thrown out by quite a bit of that. Herculean effort by Tyler Webb but just another disappointing performance from Wichita State coming on the heels of that game against Kansas State where. They surrendered the first complete game by opposing pitcher and a guy and the RA and closed seven for K state cap and then. You know. In the back it up without a loss here today where you get two runs in the first two innings and really not much fit and a big problem here too Mike isn't you know when this when Jonathan bulletin. By far their best starting pitchers got really good numbers keep getting dark mean it is so. Not too much too much time it. I feel sorry for yourself it can now play another game double header coming up later on the balance that was ahead scratch that that's hard to figure. Memphis he's the only 193. Inside the American play god. War runs and six in the sixth inning on to beat Wichita State. That's pretty much sums it up that's our game recap threat to you by Dylan Baker Cummings coming and coming your criminal defense a DUI law firm in which give them a call. At 2641548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law. Where Europe needs. Always come first. Star of the game brought you by the Kansas lottery if Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become millionaire US lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And it dream bigger. Ritter I would say so because he came this close to putting Wichita State back for a few different times that ninth inning. Base hit. Was the one that. Wasn't quite I guess to one side or another away from Tyler Webb and that rob him of them RBIs weird thing about well. We'll be back to close Dow gained one right after. Is it a little bit helps one's infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. 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All proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officer Stacy Woodson and his son Braden officer Woodson and Braden were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27 held twenty. It's as we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks bikini car wash this Sunday from noon to four at twin peaks it's. Houston can play this morning right here on hate tennis and. The post game show shocker is falling four to three demand this giving up runs in the bottom of the eighth time bottom of the ninth. To win. Let us appliance presents these shoppers play of the game for the day. Hole on the lucrative yet. Why don't the third baseman hit the left field for a base hit young scores stopping at second stickers. Doctors are backing front by a score of three attitude. Ritter big time for his effort to gain that back right here said. As you mentioned another well in the ninth with two outs that period knickers thrown out it played out that they see it. Center fielder Tyler Webb to rob greater and his second go ahead RBIs. Of the game. Scoreboard back to bite fingers slipping and construction for reps and senators deciding what does what your home's exterior again that it figures ripping dot com or call 31620220. 66 figures dripping in construction your home team grow. UConn has. One it series with TCU there already done on winning three Q and fortitude losing 61 so the Huskies fourteen and ten. ECU also fourteen can. In the American USF beat Cincinnati earlier today 862. Game of the doubleheader they also only the bearcats. Gain U 722. So there on the way to double header sweep today if that's world. They're in the seventh that a moment USF thirteen and eight lead. Cincinnati's eleven and eleven of course you have separate them one tiles at Cincinnati at the moment eleven and a lot of two lane to UCF Juan there in the eight seconds in double header UCF won the first game. Twelve and seven to six little bit later on outside the conference Houston and southeast Louisiana for the second game of me. Three game series outside the conference shocker softball victorious over Oklahoma State. They beat cowgirls ate too so the second time in program history shocker softball team and the post season win. Through Wichita State at 55550. Central time 5050 minutes from now. We'll try to get up off the map and win game two against Memphis and here's the other thing in my opinion talk about. The last segment Alex Siegel is scheduled start the shock at the very first start he got a guy making his first start again. There arguably their best starter. Shocker like that seamlessly through the things. And an eight to eighty shot display get 50% off your online order and in Wichita area half the time so logon Papa Johns dot com. And added promo code shocker fifty. Receive your shocker discount. Final totals crunchy bite beat KG CPAs and advisors everyone needs trusted advisor. Insurers for Memphis four runs nine hits one error shocker it's three runs seven hits and one error. Winning pitcher is Riley Cooper all pitched three shutout innings relief the starter Scott Alexander six and five on the year. Kevin Sanford gave up the run in the ninth to take the loss he is Poland three on the season one home run of the game and that was by nick. Bogeyed the designated hitter from Memphis that tied the game in the sixth it was his first home run. Of the season for the soccer's Luke raider and know what croft with two hits a piece of the soccer's total of seven of the ballgame Memphis not twenty and 34. Five and seventeen. In the American soccer's 3219. And 1714. And one. In the American conference Tulane has changed at leading to the ones still a close lead late in the game of the second game that doubleheader but if they win. It means attackers have to win. The last two games of this series we're sure to have a chance to be the seventh seed. In the turn. More on that later second game coming up at 515. Will be back with our second pregame show. At 530. So until then we send you back to regular programming. We'll be back at 530 with pregame show for game two from them. You've been listening to shocker baseball along 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United health care. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. The Carnahan group. Caught the line. Newton's appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. BP. White star machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sportsmen let the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship. And the plan tire and service comings in coming losses. Pop a giant and dinners moving in construction.