WSU Baseball at Memphis 05-19-18

Saturday, May 19th
WSU Baseball at Memphis

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Saint Denis alongside and it's good feedback as we're about ready to finally get this final game of the regular season underway between Wichita State. And Mathis rubber game of a three game series as the two teams split. A doubleheader yesterday election and explain why we are this lady is getting started this afternoon. Well. About. Owed 1215 or so others lightning popped up in the area literally popped up pop up hours and a lightning strikes fairly close to the yeah. The field. And because of that. We were in a holding pattern even then although it wasn't close enough to gain time to actually delay the game. But not long after that real clunkers right over the field literally. Dump fifteen minutes worth a hard rain on the field. And because there was a there was lightning in the area. The park and showers we're not expected. The big art that. Infield TARP was not deployed it was left. Beyond the barrier down the right field line all the things covered with. The pitching mound and after about ten minutes of rain the home plate area finally got covered up by then it was. It pretty much got game when you're at 1 o'clock and it absolutely war there all over the place especially on the infield and he. Warning track around the field. And so well Wichita State was told to head back the hotel going to be awhile and we were. I told there it cuts that Darren kill rock every effort will be made plays this game and he securities words that field will be ready yet. We're gonna throw the first pitched the bottom of the hour thereabouts not. Good for Memphis or. Going ahead today we we know that there's still something to be determined between two lane Wichita State. And violate complain UCF still eating out. The weather delay. That down in Orlando so they are awaiting the last are dead as they say he's so the only two games in the American delayed quite a while. Looks like Wichita State Memphis at bottom you know we get things going it is and drying agents hand raking dragging him. Squeaking out field and everything in between. Trying to get that and it's partly from one. And I just like his second what you said about Memphis there and show it rot because. Their season is over this is their last game period they are not going to be in the American conference tournament. They had their senior day activities that are five seniors yesterday. And so nothing really for them deployed four. It's just the right thing to do standpoint of sportsmanship then and all those kinds of things. To give what you just had a chance to play this game and they have really worked hard on this field looks like it's going to be. A pretty fair player. Surface here for this ballgame tejada and played area an amount very getting the most attention. Rightfully so make sure that. The mother doesn't pick up on the pitchers and catchers pleats and doesn't become quite Barbara looks looks like it's okay now. It's partly cloudy and there's certainly nothing guaranteeing another pop up Charlotte curve because that's just found itself is in. Early summer and those in Wichita and on an astute pick and pop up without warning that's why we're two and half hours late to begin with. Some might say that now we just learned after the got back we didn't think they even had a full field tar. And it turns out there as well it's late stretched out across the field from outside the right field line cross into right center field now. But we were told that the reason they couldn't deployed as there's an hour rule that if there is lightning in the area. That they can't put people out on the field to do and work and so there was you couldn't put a crew out there to put the TARP on if it. If we get rain again and there's no lightning attacks then the crew could put the TARP back on I guess that at snow covered field try to keep this thing playable hopefully that won't be necessary. And what was going at it play and talk a little bit about. Seminary seat doesn't seem like a big deal but it is fairly important Wichita State because of which day they were applied. And obviously Davis and it's also important. That if let's say which does state wins Tulane loses they get 78. Play South Florida. Another thing to keep in mind is USF authority and regional. And so why would they. Pitch either one of their first two guys. They could you know McClanahan we don't know about it I think he missed his last start because fingernail issue. And non stress Leckey. Who knows whether they would pitch him or not but there's a possibility that they would. Because USF is going to be in a regional. So they can kind of set up but rest people however they want which would obviously it would cost him a chance to win that game shocker it seventy. And the eight CE course playing Houston Houston only played two games against southeast Louisiana this weekend wisely you know what needs to. The play. Right up against the regular season deadline if you know you get cops turn in the coming around the corner so you get an X they get an extra day that awaits you so. It's quite important for Wichita State if they wanna make a run deep the American where you finish in the standings that's why they're so desperate at this game and try to went. And the eight scene plays on Tuesday against the one seed to seventh seed plays on Wednesday that extra day it was named Cody Hoyer who pitched yesterday. Could come back on four days' rest to pitch to turn it off better if it's on Wednesday's attack despite Tuesday it is no way he's coming back on three days' rest and so. That also makes some difference and forces the shocker coaching staff to just that's what you're starting rotation which is a little bit in flux right now I think. Yeah and 27 outs today. Who knows how that will turn out they're gonna turn to Preston's natively. Try to get to shocker off to a good start it it was a fairly apparent that. Plate Maginnis is not going to see much if any action today just because of what you're talking about my the kind of do we play Tuesday you're playing Wednesday kind of thing they have to plan accordingly and determine their starting pitcher. As we go because we have no idea what. 2 lanes Central Florida gonna do I think it's a 100% possibility that we're gonna start this game before they start there's there's there's still no. Game time that has been determined by. Folks out there you see out so. Which does they just didn't try to do everything they can't win this game and worry about later later on. But like you said the pitching. The rotation. Who's available. Pays off it's all totally up in the air impresses me please get its start here about a half now. I just got to question the attacks and I don't think I had figured. This one although I think it might actually you know the answer. If Wichita State had been rained out even if two lions lost. Two lane but still have had a slightly better won lost percentage in league play that Wichita State. It fits the other way of Wichita State wins and two Blaine gets rained out. Two lane will still get the edge on the soccer's. That right away. Which does they would be 914 and one. Two landed behind point 914 so the percentage that would be this game and shoppers want to a three from two line that's the only series of ones unfortunately so that would give the shocker the solvency. Go. Had thought about that one bit out because we were they aren't we we have great guys Peoria gathered there in worse shape than we. At etiquette that's the other part of the equation as the shoppers can't totally determine their own fate they have to win even give themselves a chance that. Elaine has to lose or get rained out for the shot it's two incidents. There you go that's our scenario for the day. Your drive to the game brought to you by icann's plan tyrants servicer retired professional auto service is always a home run. Joseph Hart up in the studio today Joseph used to do a lot of games lettuce and he's gone on to bigger and better things most of the time it's good to have him back at net. We appreciate all the guys who have helped us out through the course of the season. Coach Scott Butler was kind of a scrambling situation we didn't really expect to get on the bus to come back here until about 4 o'clock AM. Guys were told us to Iraq post here there's a number of places to eat is virtually right by the hotel. As a Soviet subsidies that stay close election now and all the suddenly get a text about 2 o'clock say relief and at 230 it had to play at 330. So it's been a little bit of a scramble we did an interview Todd that he has presented throughout the season by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a million. Work on getting back on witnessed that before soccer star play. In the conference tournament next week. The injury report is brought to you by your life your life your journey. Nor optimal use the only new thing to report evidently we're ecstatic enough if you're aware county farmhouse has not pitched for a while it is going to be out for the rest of the year. Connor along what is back on the active roster with the team and able to pitch. Jordan boy here. Strained a groin muscle in the last week. Andy actually to start the game last night had to charge ball and throw across his body and he. Feel a little bit again just decided along with trader Dan K Ellis to shut it down this weekend. Hopefully that just last it will get better and we'll be able to play this tournament. Yeah you wanna try to plane in this game and and miss him the bird all next week or. Hold him up for this game and hopefully it's all healed so at this point in time if you're afforded the opportunity. It's something under pursuit cleared up for you try to crank it up in that case you're bored. You mentioned that Preston's lately we'll get to start today at thinking there was that. And king talked about quite mcginnis that yeah. The shocker play on Tuesday which means that but he Hoyer would not be available. Coaching staff feels like Clayton mcginnis is the best bet to get them off to a decent start. Specially based on the four innings he threw against Oral Roberts in his only start this season as recently. And so. They switched from having him be the starter today to Preston's lately. Stately is a guy who has really struggled this command that time including in his last two starts had a chance to start in the last two conference series. That is also a guy that if he can go out with a strike throwing mentality of start to resolve this is certainly a team that he can do well against him and control them. Yeah he needs to get Memphis and swinging them. Normally. Teams to pitch against that probably not a great recipe one try to. They often there'll certainly would like to do so with with Memphis because. You fall behind him any team's going to be able to measure yeah it's but. The point being. Presence ably stuff is good enough that he's in the strike zone and he gets Memphis into Sweden mode. And they can help them out a little bit they are not a team that. Has done much damage all offensively at the numbers yesterday that it's staggering. Memphis batting average slugging and on base percentage up from 5%. 95%. Out worse not best the worst way down in there down toward the bottom it's game ranked so. If he can. Present his pitches well enough to where the tigers think it's healthy enough to go after they're gonna get themselves out. But as we've seen throughout the course of the series when they get something on it because Wichita State helped them a little bit hit by pitches and walked that sort of thing Siegel. In a very good man first date and that it did you run. So you make them earn it. We should be in good shape and Preston stately. The big thing with hand is that unlike most pitchers that have struggled that goes deep in the games it's not many secondary. Thanks for apple. And that's what really worries you a little bit hopefully he found something and hopefully that'll thing that he's gotten past and we'll get past that. The other element going into today we talked. Before yesterday's game that certainly Memphis was that a situation. Play their last three game series of the year. Nowhere to go after this their season is over really nothing to play for. Certainly after disappointing season they could well be in the let's just get this over with them and go home or on the summer ball. Well now they want a game yesterday and they were competitive in the second game. And now they've had this thing around here go through this weather delay and how it feels ready I'll bet. That's like what we're here reminds offline ad and let's try to win this thing so I think they. Their mindset has changed little bit and not the Wichita State benefit plus. They did have nine hits in each game yesterday which is. Above what they've been doing lately. Let you get just little bit account but you have to tell us they are close enough that that first game of the doubleheader and then it with the get into 184. Act feel like that would take you start right out and just be a just what she said let's get this over with let's move on to your graduating moving on pro ball so ball whatever. And they would be to me they would be totally checked out. Probably not the case now but that's nothing that big first inning the first place that cure to breast lately policy put them up here. Any day this Packers played it 50% off your online order in Wichita area Papa Johns log on to Papa Johns dot com. And use the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shop here discount. I think we have these starting lineups in place and change will give those to have presented by equity bank where you never pay an AT&T be sure to visit the on line and it equity bank. Dot com. For the final time of the regular season which does take starting lineup they are 3319. And 1814. And one in the American Luke Ritter will lead it off. And he'll play second base batting second at first base Grayson canister. The third baseman Alec ball hits third and the clean out not eighteen today is governor for outlined. All croft will catch a bat fifth for the shocker. Batting sixth and right field Dayton gaga. In left field again today it's Roth at vina he hit seven. Batting eighth through extra day we believe will be the center fielder Trevor is young and batting ninth that shortstop. Its trade Vickers. Pitching for Wichita State making start number and that Preston's lately he's three and long. But he aria for 63 on the year so again for the final time of the regular season shocker Ritter canister bomb Trout line croft Dugard. Pitino young Vickers Preston's neatly pitching. Wichita State. For Memphis twenty and 355. Any team in the American they'll start it with the left fielder. Carlos Williams batting second playing second detail tenement. Tyler Webb center fielder for the tigers who it there. Batting for the first base Kyle let. Nick bogeys in right field he fit the tigers. The B kidding six Alec for a lot Kyle who he is the third baseman from Memphis Philly seventh. Batting eighth and catching will be Josh Rucker. And then brooks' shortstop in the back nine. Making the start on the mound for Memphis is a lefty it's hotter Smith. Starting for only the fourth time this year. But he's appeared in nineteen other times and bleak totaling sixty innings altogether so again for the tigers idioms tenement web. Well let bogey for Allah. O'Keefe broker Brooks. Honors at pitching a lefty for Memphis the whole plate umpire John mile scheme. Jeff species act is the umpire first telling that at third. And just as I started reading the starting lineup thing came out so there's been a break in the clouds with plenty warm cloudy humid as you would imagine. After a pop up thundershower a couple of hours ago but. Looking more more like we're really good shape to start this thing coming up here just a few minutes. Putters Smith the starting pitcher Shane mansion for Memphis today. Is has kind of gone through an evolution like some of Wichita State pitchers over the last after four weeks of the season. He was in relief and threw five shutout innings in relief against USF. So the decided. Let's take a look at him as a starter. What eight and a third for a win over UConn gave up three runs on five hits with two walks and seven strikeouts. Then five and a third against Tulane last Sunday. Seven hits and two runs so he's had two very good starts against good opponents in the league NCAA tournament teams. And a five shutout innings of relief on top of that so he's a guy that certainly is going to be. A little bit tougher for the show Packers today that your typical third starter of the weekend and a guy that's. A left hander doesn't throw overly hard 85 to 88 those have been the kind of guys that lately have given the shocker some problems. Well it's because state destroyed a guy that struck out eighteen in game earlier this year yesterday so you just never know. And now hopefully the start state put together some good that gets under Smith and get into that Memphis bullpen again. Preston's lately it's gonna have to match him pitch for pitch along with season. They're healthy tip of the game his threat to you by United Healthcare. Filling your plate with vegetables leafy greens they helped fuel your body for better workouts with today's healthy chapter stiff rightly by United Healthcare. And the real appeal program learn more at real appeal dot com. As I think we have mentioned maybe more than a couple of times this is one of just two games remaining. In the American conference this weekend. There were originally going to be four league series played Thursday Friday Saturday that weather in other places. Either caused them to. Not play on Friday that play Delaware Thursday implant doubleheader yesterday. A couple of the series finished yesterday because of impending weather today it's only this game. And one between UCF at Tulane in Orlando. Left on the schedule of all places senator land so experiencing even more rain in here and change so that gave has still not gotten underway between Tulane. And that night's. Going into the tournament the seeds have all been decided. Except for the seven and I played in Wichita State one will be 71 will be eight eternal began at 2 o'clock Tuesday central time. With the number five seed UCF taking on number four. ECU and then the eighth seed will play number 1 Houston at 6 o'clock central on Tuesday night that could be the shocker is if they are the eight seat. If they are the seventh seed they'll play the first game on Wednesday and that's at 10 AM central time against the CC US after. Then at 2 o'clock Wednesday that number three seed UConn against number six Cincinnati. At 6 o'clock Wednesday evening again these are all central times. Will be the first elimination game. Of the term that the losers from the two games on Tuesday 845 loser. Against the 18 looser and one team will be gone in the first couple of days of the tournament. But. Shot it's could be either the seven the eight and that's with the seedings are set up Wichita State softball. Was going into the seventh inning. Just as we went on here. Haven't had a chance to follow up for shoppers were down to nothing to Arkansas. Pro life into the top of the seventh five I think for the sentencing this performance of soccer's getting the bad as the home team and Allen now huh. So it looks like they're going to have to come back. Play another game this evening that would be against the winner of the Oklahoma State the haul elimination game. They'll take place at 630. Arkansas would advance to the first championship game tomorrow 130 in the shoppers looking to come back. And get another shot the razorbacks at that if they aren't able to finish it off this afternoon so Wichita State coming up at eight to two win over Oklahoma State. Likely to drop into the losers bracket looking to come back and face of the Arkansas again tomorrow. If they can win a game tonight and that's what's happening at the other sites this is the final weekend of the regular season in College Baseball and most conferences have gone to the Thursday Friday Saturday format to allow teams little time to get ready for the conference tournament so. This is pretty much the last day of the regular season virtually everyone. In College Baseball to head coaches thought Butler Darren short rot meeting with the umpires at home plate exchanging lineups we're getting. Closer closer to getting this one under way. Tarvaris carpet outlook and Florida Saturday team sixty north Broadway one of our pregame sponsors they had been for several years before. Even much longer than that they have provided. Grateful egg products at super every day prices the best you're going to find everywhere. They're able to do it through keeping a huge inventory right here on site with their showroom and warehouse. On north Broadway part would Lebanon's top carpet area rugs. A whole variety and range of prices and qualities to fit your budget and even the that's stuff you're going to form of the hot this level quality stuff is going to be at a better price every single day you'll find anywhere else that would mean each floor goes to Javaris. 1860s. North Broadway. Just might imagine that this is your last game with me for a while hopefully not the last of the season chain hasn't. Longstanding commitment prior to this season ever getting underway to. Return to the Missouri Valley Conference tournament which is in Dallas this year to do television and so to be heading down there next week but. Hopefully we'll get a chance to reconnect it to regionals somewhere realistically the doctors are probably going to have to win next week's tournament to be yet. Yeah it's unfortunate that the K state game in the first game in this series went the way they did that put which I think really behind the eight ball had they won those two. I feel like that there which does take the gun Clearwater not necessarily have to win the whole thing to keep going but that's just how fragile that RPI is an. How crazy baseball can be from one week to the next certainly from one month to the next which does state. You know they were talking about hosting if things keep going the way they are. But they just couldn't find traction within the league which does they couldn't couldn't win enough series consistently and I think they've they've learned certainly Bible lesson that we needed in the league like this. Sweeps don't happen very often can't get swept and just try to you know hold service at home with a steal a few on the road because. This belief ACC SEC big twelve. And it's. To lead cannibalize itself really quickly and which does he need to take advance so I guess things break right does that have to be it. And one thing that's kind of interesting about next week's tournament is that in any sport that has a post season tournaments. That teams that. Are not up there at the top of the league in the regular season almost like disable this is a new season and this is a new opportunity that we can still go witness go to the NCAA tournament. And in a lot of those cases honestly that's just wishful thinking they're not good enough to have that possibility this Wichita State teams certainly could win. The league tournament next week at one thing that we see. Historically with teams like Wichita State for many years in the valley where the players move their hearts knew that they were going to be in a regional. Whether they want to turn to better not. The tournament wasn't as desperately important to them sometimes they want it sometimes they didn't it wasn't like he did try but psychologically. You mentioned South Florida. Knowing you're going to be in a regional may not want to throw their guys the first couple of games and they're they're probably at least four teams in the league they could pretty lost count on being in a regional of that may affect how they go about playing and turn. Yeah and in tegra which got stake in the past. There were times where obviously they they knew they were going to be reached or they won the tournament anyway just because they're that much better than everybody else. That's no longer going to be in case you can't. Just how talent somebody Italy like this. And his role balls out there when conference term anyway. Tourniquet to long TP. And teams are too good so. But again I think Wichita State's gonna. Had a situation like you discuss Mike. They're gonna have to pick their way. To the finals I don't think there's any question about it and what better core group of guys to lean on in Wichita State's budget old experience. And pretty talented offensive guys so I think they'll go as far as profits they. And would you agree that the farther they go into the tournament the more that becomes a possibility because. Where they have not really matched up as well as the just the overall experience and consistency of their one and two starters were negatively series but once you get to a third and even a fourth starter. At hitting starts to play into it more Wichita State clearly has one of a couple of best offensive team delayed and pitching. Death from the standpoint that their cats could match up with these other teams and be competitive on the map yet. The third fourth fifth in the guys have all thrown at least three or four innings in particular stand. That that's Wichita State that's pretty much them all the way up and down roster and they like that when you wanna get no bloodbath for somebody. Wichita State South Florida probably could best equipped teams that are out slow again and to some degree maybe east Carolina preview beauty team to help. It's it's not our realm of possibility but which does state certainly coming up early next week would like really like get off to a good start when that person which oh by the way you should stay off the. The fifth of all things that the conference turned. All right the tigers have taken the field lined up for the National Anthem were about ready to finally get this thing under and here. At next market Memphis are nationally at the. I heard nationalize them here at FedEx cart it is warm day the temperature at game time it's going to be right around 8889. Degrees. Humidity. Has got to come and gone as these fronts that move through and at game time the humidity is high tech and he admitted he's going to be. Around 70%. Since sort of feel hotter than me. Upper eighties it's steamy here and son. More evidence now then the clouds are it's kind of get a document out I think the rest of the day but we do have. Mostly sunny skies at the moment and putters best. Completing his warmup tosses for Memphis Tigers. In these sort of off white all white took the shot you're square on occasion that sort of almost yellowish white that was more characteristic of an earlier time. They have white blue caps and letters and numbers a little bit more oil loose Sox and the stockings and black tops over gray pants today. Black cap with the golden served in the front. Putters Smith has made a total of 22 appearances frequently missed three starts. 31 with a 2.5 five ERA for sixty innings that's the best on the staff 52 hits just thirteen walks. And 61 strikeouts all those numbers lineup. Really well lesson here for innings pitched. Only watched one of at every fortified Atkins. And almost 8521. Strikeout to walk ratio so this is going to be a tough customer you really slings it from pounds down on the side you. Delivers to home plate I doubt 61200. Founder. Fastball slider change gonna throw majority sliders to lefties so his changeup to right. He's got a quick arm. And it really fast delivery it's abbreviate that he gets on quick so he tried to speed up a little bit and everything comes at all want so. He is strike the ball for the most part it's strikeout numbers might mention. Wichita State in the eighth in the previous schemes up until now been pretty decent again let him pitch. Suckers heading all right handed hitting lineup except for brace and jettison will be up second in the order in the first pitch the ball game is a fastball for a called strike one John miles ski. In calling the balls and strikes this afternoon. Luke Ridder hitting 3376. That would load inside the ball atmospheric. 3376. Home runs 28 runs batted in. Hitting 366. In conference float. Except breaking ball for a strike on the inside corner one and two Ridder steps out as he was not happy with that at all. Luke 448. So far the series plus he's been hit once walked wants those 600 on base percentage against the tigers. 12 fastball Holloway. And it stays at a ball and two strikes. Ritter Genentech and bump to the soccer's in the first. X and the way our speed pitch slap towards third. Ritter was out in front kind of drag it along with their baseline keeps the catalog that one ball in two strikes. Ritter junior. 12 pitching is striking out straight changeup that appeared down and away. Hunter Smith starts the game with a strikeout of Luke Ritter who's not certainly impossible to strikeout but has not struck out very often down the stretch this year. Present Grayson Janice did. Recent we'll start today at 3059. Home runs 37 runs batted in. Just 148. So far in the series and hitting 264. In league play. The only left on left matchup in this lined up 400 Smith. His first pick just one on in this. Doctor derby were hit it and walk many third team all year and give up that many extra base hits. I'm all right at the middle that's gonna get through to center field for a base yet. They were playing Janice pretty normal we've seen teams really swing around and shift against him they had the shortstop certainly station more up the middle and typical with the second baseman about it normal position that was just the right at second base. And right out into center field the one out single brings up now at all. Alec just two hits in the series both yesterday of course in double header. At a double in the first game and a home run in the second these two for seven. 330 to fifteen home runs and 52 runs batted in. 101 one out. And toss over to first base the runner back. Any time we do a game at home usually have to mention the wind and how much a factor is backed. In virtually no breeze whatsoever in these two days dad here. It's listed at about seven miles an hour out of the south southwest kind of blowing hot left. Not much for our spots ahead pit seven miles an hour it's somewhere else around town at that not here. Yes barely enough to move the flags that are. One iota Alec foam is a breaking ball was way outside. By the left hander. And it should bump thousands straight back. I mention Alex hit a home run yesterday it's maybe the biggest swing at the days soccer's. And it led early in the second game then Memphis it back to tie it up. At 44. And right after that Alex hit the first pitch the next inning to deep left center for a home run to put the shocker is back in front. 54 they went on to score two more runs in the inning and kind of regained control the gate. One on breaking ball hangs outside again two balls and one strike. Alex steps out looks status Andy as does veto coaching a third. He's got a long drawn out free that routine. In between every pitch out because. Is that it should a fly ball to right sizing it without territory and out of play. The candidate to have to. Where was this yesterday this is a grass and dirt field. And dimensions. Are not as big as most ballparks 317 to write 318 outlook the outline 360 outlays. 379. Years ago we heard that the ball doesn't scarier doesn't. John this park like you expected to mention the high foul behind first first baseman giving chase and makes only dropped it. Good try but I'll let you have a long way. And that's atop over the shoulder catch for a first baseman depict the ball up committed over your shoulder. And I thought he had it but it got out of his glove to the benefit of moments dockers. You would think that's part we give up a lot of home runs we saw us balls yet today we thought were going to get out that really you needed quite get to the stance. It's not quite what you think when you see the numbers that. So hackers hit two home runs in the second game won by a bomb had won by Jacob cats to. Different. Aniston back and looking questioning lay it up but I guess these Aqua net out of pocket is kind of an awkward looking move over there by Hunter Smith. Alec plummet to two on the count. You know wildly back in the box. Under Smith. As the sign. He is set. Holds it delivers breaking ball riveted to right center field Kevin Hart is where the center the other guys any can't quite get it it's not the end of his glove. And can bestow the third on the client base hits reviled. Jettisoning pretty aggressive base running near you got all the way down it's been anticipating it would fall they had. And we have almost able to make a diving catch once he did not bomb re accelerated around third place. And Afghanistan did. So first and third with one out in the first which honestly. We're gonna find out for sure you're shortly the web. With the glasses on its face on the dime they cut these notes I think he's got a laceration on that. Headfirst dive in Ottawa if you. And he's had on the ground or landed awkwardly enough where that. The bridge of the nose of the sunglasses. And cut his nose but we're gonna have a little bit of delay here he mentioned it. Grayson just as aggressive move toward second he knew that. In order to make that catch whoever's gonna have to die anyways he might still be standing on second base if he comes up with a catch them. You feel like he got a good chance to get back to first base. If he. You have to happens to make a circus catch. But with the way Wichita State had been going offensively. You really wanna be aggressive and take that extra base and he did so in selling out that web wasn't and they kept. Trout line will be coming out that the training staff that they're attending to Tyler Webb. It coach dared show on rock also went out. Looks like it is is that it's a cut. And they're putting a mandate or something on it now after. Initially dealing with some blood. It was obviously fluent. Gonna travel unedited nice conversation with catcher Josh record while relates to step in. We are on hold for just a moment. First and third one out. Sure as I say this. Federal hit into a double play and it will become moot at this hackers have scored in the first inning in seven consecutive games. Had a four run first inning of the second game yesterday. Pretty incredible run right there. Again this is a team that hardly ever scored in the first inning through the first at least 25 maybe thirty games of the season. There's enough going on with the web it's taken a little while. Patching up. Couple of members of the training staff. Holding. Something on the bridge of his nose to try to get stopped. Necessarily there's. Time limit on this but the umpires. At some point. Are gonna have to make a determination they can go or cleaning up your own. Now. It's the biggest detriment to his own pictures. Drew Stanton around and getting to throw. Webb is a senior. And they had senior day yesterday. Certainly not implying that he beg out of this one but the this is it will be his final game in tiger uniform. I'm sure he did he Wear that. And three batters into it because he got cut on his nose and face it would stop bleak. Scoreboard has the current temperature it says 84 degrees but it's one of those if you. Check on weather site he'll say feels like it feels like. I'm sure success rate increase by the like ninety like this Jack yeah. They are done. And he is devastated and go back out Sanofi obviously. Didn't seem to be any thing that. Would affect his ability to play under the who's getting the bleeding stopped giving it what steps of the that's not an issue. So better to outline will come up with Jenna stick third bomb it first and one out. In the top of the first inning. Gutter is 347. So far in the series two of the three hits are doubles. Hitting 320 with seven home runs and 45 runs batted him. Getting to DH today after catching both games of the doubleheader yesterday. Under Smith. If you're waiting around for a while ready to go back to work. And pick the first baseball was practically standing on the bag. One diesel step back to. Carolina has a really big hole to shoot at the right side of the diamond second baseman. Pulled wheeled around toward the bag. And first pitch a breaking ball wide so far Hunter Smith. Having trouble finishing that curve ball he has missed well outside to. Couples the right handed hitters. Well does not snapping back for a one iota Trout lines. Smith sat through as a refers to again bomb was standing on. Who have been an obvious investment. Schumacher's who have fallen on base has Rucker is thrown out just one of eleven. Would be base stealers he's not there everyday catcher. It's now Arnold ruler of the right side. First baseman is gonna come home on Afghanistan is out of the place. Grayson arguing something I don't know what I'm not hearing every tax slightly panicky but he also shorten in touch with it and I think he would. Arguing that he got around the tank. Well I couldn't work getting worse which does date was it slowly enough where it wasn't double play ball but unfortunately. The play for a Latin was home because jones' off on contact with its Ingraham so. No double play that no around it. Please runners at first and second with two I don't know croft and their delegates his second start of the series he was two for four with a double in the first game yesterday. As the designated hitter. First pitch to him his fastball outside. Crop Ian 55 at bats on the year hitting 3091. Home run he runs batted in. Said sixteen at bats in league play with five hits and 313. In the conference. Toronto and a fly ball toward the right field line that drifting foul play right off the end of the bat little flared on the right side. One ball one strike. Looks like he's going to be away away away and count wind pulled off the pitch that he swung at cross did as well. Basically run an out of barrel trying to. Pull a guy like congressman at least here in the first inning. In outer third. Drop the Tibet tucked behind his head ready to go. This pitch fastball and lined it to center field web coming on it'll make the catch him then again. A classic example of wanna crop hitter right on the nose that she's the center fielder to end the third no runs two hits to left. 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They've played in 35 innings giving up 28 hits and struck out 32 those are good numbers but 26 walks. Has been the difficult part for him there's strike on the inside corners to have to. So ably a sophomore from Fort Collins, Colorado. Tall lanky 65200. Pounder. Into the wind and the team to delivery and fouled straight back to the screen by Carlos Williams Williams a senior. At at this a four year player mentioned through the course this series they had a lot of guys that came here is transfers particularly junior college transfers. Just couple or three here and there that have been with Memphis throughout their career. Three to Italy and that a little soft pop up to the right side. His second baseman actually started out of the outfield grass and had to come back in to catch it. Ball really diet is got to the right side of the infield. So why not kill him and coming up the second baseman. And a three for nine yesterday they had the game winning hit in game one at two out single in the bottom of the ninth drove in the winning run that had a couple of hits in game two. He has Memphis is leading hitter to 93. Home runs eighteen runs batted it. Left handed hitter and stately spurs picked him as a fastball. Bounce to their purple on. Christians lately pitched an inning plus a couple of hitters last Sunday against US asked. Didn't give up they hit that walk for. And three of those runners eventually came around to score in his last two starts five and a third innings one hit. That seven walks and two hit batters. Leading to four runs in five evidence there's. 10. Yes lol at that 12 balls no strikes. Hale had a lot of junior transfer. From eastern Illinois. Ain't laid to rest. In the wind the 20 that's on the outside corner for a strike at its two and one. For instance enabling easier around 88 tonight he wanted his fastball. Is all about command with him. 21. High pop foul third base side out of play. And it's even at. And do. Liable arm mean negative smoothie with the velocity but he gets on you quick. He's got life to it. They'll sing too. And he's nice and easy so it's onion quirky thing but. That command it's all about command of fastball command more specifically. Soft wider and just over Vickers in the left field for a base hit. Automatic good hitter going the other way it was a pitch that way in just got a high enough to Archie over trade records at shortstop for a one out. That's how he's gotten kids. This series. Middle way. It is in on him he really hadn't even offered and safely gotten quite the man probably. The trusted Mike Steele or know crop to. Crowding with a fastball just doing greedy ones try to have him and digging itself out but he served one in the left field for their first they for a and that Tyler Webb the center fielder right handed hitters to 79 on the year. First picture from stately as a strike on the outer half. Well one home run 26 runs batted in but also has nineteen doubles. And had a triple yesterday's second triple of the year. 248. In yesterday's double better. You know one. Got the inside corner for a strike it so into it he's not only throw some strikes that hit his spots pretty well. Webb also. Left a little bit of himself out there in center field in the last half inning diving catch in. Led duke cut. Go to the cats they at least pitched. Fastball away pretty good 02 pitch that was close enough to almost get web their reach for a Webb a senior junior college transfer last year payment from Galveston college Texas. And about it first doesn't run much two for four stealing bases on the year. 12 pitch and off speed pitch heading out of his front foot but he managed a solid off. They stays alive. Pretty good pitch by singling out him off balance that couldn't quite get it by. And out one on for the tigers in the first shot present a couple of men on in their half that failed to score. So ably ready to work. And the one. The left side cut up my bald guy on the second one there record back to first and other times. It looked like Ritter was able to get much on the throw. Maybe trying to avoid the runner but not a real strong throw to first they get the force at second or two on in the inning when it safe at first on the fielder's choice bulls handled. Quite smoothly enough to turn into a five or three. Save that for Kyle or less they're hurt basement. Aladdin had the best day of any Memphis hitter yesterday going 448. With three runs batted in at eighth game tying single in the eighth inning of the first game. Raised his average to 256. He has three home runs and thirty runs batted in. Also only struck out once yesterday had 64. And 203. At bats that it stood as a strike on the letterhead. Just this just Dan from Orlando the game between UCF Tulane. Has been canceled. So that's that. Now the soccer's can turn in their own fate as if they win. They are the seventy. No one is low and outside one volatile inspect it that would beat by. A matter of winning the regular season series from two Lionhead ahead. Both would be attackers were dealing with this tie for Wichita State that played one more game and one the same amount. Did both the nine and fourteen in this accident the one time right right that's. I regret what I. Yeah Oden. We'll be right terms of percentage. Doesn't doesn't help your churches that was outside stood one. So both would essentially be united fourteen in the slackers have the tiebreaker on the head to head. The strangest tiger head to head series victory of the year by the way after losing nineteen to four incoming packed away in what eight to three and 92 pretty. Convincingly the next few games. Two balls one strike at least pitch elect grounds to short. Vickers rounds adopt throws across his body bounces and safe at first. And fright flight that went well it was just a slow roller he got to it as quickly as you can and it got rid of it as quickly as he. Just couldn't get it there in time. Oh let living the life this weekend he's now five for nine in the series just days so you know I little rollers sure. And that that figure it presses lately comes out with. Pretty darn good command here in the first inning and there's a couple of ground balls that got me out of an inning double play ball wasn't quite discern. And a little fourteen hopper to short that was kind of a no man's land. So here's nick bogeyed right fielder bogey DH in the first game yesterday and then. Plates in right field communion and big game in game twos one for five in the double header in the one here it was his first home run of the season. It came in the first game and tied that game 22 at the time. He's hitting 245 for the year with one home run and 22 runs batted it. And it should save weight lifted now lowered on third base side. That kind of play no balls one strike. First and second two out in the bottom of the first four Memphis. Tigers at twenty. And 35 going into today's game. They were one game above 500 a year ago. 01. Hi now analysts I think that involved give auditor on the pistons also admitted ripped them play and it can't act as. Made by a guy is down the left field foul line. Could play and bring your glove. Here and let it nicely play. Now he wasn't gonna have to fight anybody Florida and hit the ground but. Just look better had to move forward just a little it is. No balls two strikes. To nick bogey. Bogey or redshirt sophomore from savage Minnesota. At least pitch. Just this flow good pitch Chrysler lately continues to pump the strike zone here and offers. Since stepping off to look at straight victories it sure. Put out a series of defensive signals. Tyler Webb the writer's second panel all left at. It first from Memphis to out of the bottom of the first inning. I want to count on the hitter. Neatly set. And it delivers and they struck him out on a case that it appeared. Swinging strike three of nick both get a good for standing for Preston Taylor may not look like it on paper gave up a couple of hints that pitched well no runs on two hits and it's nothing nothing after one. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health plan sixty fine from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better help simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co face plus our proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance where recovery plan 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. Twins these bees is the place he did claim this Sunday from the floor yep join us for the twin peaks BJ car wash to benefit the our vs foundation. All proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officer Stacy Woodson and his son Braden officer Woodson and Brady were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27 held twenty. He says we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks bikini car wash this Sunday from noon to four at twin peaks beats. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry lost Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink porn and overweight Sawyer. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall camp. Happening right here on KM. Each team must have been on the first start second that nothing nothing. We thought game days did not rise to the end Travis talent coming up. Wichita State. It's left hander putters there. This pitched around a couple of one out singles but I tennis involved in the first. Do stands in first pitch to him over for a called strike. Eight hitting to 39. 95 home runs fourteen runs batted it and it just one at bat yesterday popped out to the shortstop and us animus restrictive. Do not getting the start against left hander. He has both for his last thirteen coming into today's game. 02. Opt to hand style straight back. To count no balls two strikes. And you've got to. Dina young for the checkers here in the second inning. Andrew Smith with the glove clear up in front of his face and and quickly delivers misses the breaking ball outside its wanted to do. Still struggling did break off that curve ball in the strike them. And the pitch. Missed out there again two balls two strikes. Can't fault him or yesterday's starter Jonathan bowling as far as pace. Injury throwing. If you fastball and it did it's that a mile that way fouled on the left field line. Sit on the fastball he got on hand launched it that it is now by fifty or sixty feet down with the line. Stays tuned to. It with the next but he ball rolled the short. But it is Brooks over the first ad got into. Get rid of it. It's hard to look at they do you guys think I have got to hurry and get rid of it in one motion he runs. Like the defense to back and built like a linebacker. You go leg Saturday infield single is not present there leadoff man on for Russ Katrina. Haas getting his second start of the series in left field and not played there and you know yesterday's first game. As a hitter over four yesterday was open three starting the first game 041 in a late game appearance in game two. For the year he's now at 37 at bats with ten hits and even to seventy. It stood as a fastball high and outside. Could either right handed hitting freshman his normal position is catcher that he's been DH in quite a bit it. The chance to play a little left field just to get him in the lineup. 10. Line fouled the right side out of play. A sense not to do over the dugout today about just like riding a bicycle playing left fielder Jason. Yeah it's got to go right after the ball and catch it definitely have to hit reasonable. Throw it into the gadgets and he's been looked at the. Nobody out in the second Dudack first. 11 the cats this pitch at a offbeat breaker bounced to third and Bobble by the third baseman he throws to first just barely had time to me that. Wouldn't have been a double play ball I don't think it is not hit sharply enough but. They certainly had a chance to force you got circuit O'Keefe bubbled to the Internet giving Covina. I'm not second base of one. Brings up Travis young. Adding in the hole today starting at center fielder is hitting 248. Why not run seventeen runs batted in had just won it that yesterday going all for one. After entering the gamer originally as a pinch runner. The guy who runs well at second one out so the shocker for the second inning in a row. Have a runner in scoring position with less than two again. First pitch to young local bowling. Travis young after. Hitting a hot streak for a couple of weeks including a pair of four hit games over that stretch has. Really cooled at his last eleven games just five for 34. And it went in on his hands he turned and pulled it over towards the third base dugout that was a breaking ball that got writing and on his hands. It's one ball one strike. Factors that three hits already all singles. One ball one strike Dion. Under Smith nodded at sign and now delivers anti almost hit it not sure how that was good and here I'm curious. Way inside stood alone and left his hand I thought it was gonna get behind the. Going right at his left thigh. And just barely missed it. Two and one beyond what do you guys second and one out. The pitch. Lined into left field let's get a base hit did not rounding third he's gonna be sent home. Throw from left fielder Williams is cut off by the third baseman in the shock easily won that nothing. Kind of humpback liner right over the top of the third baseman by Travis young and that gave San yes you do a chance decision did not because Williams had to go quite a ways toward the left field line with wearing at time and a. And who knows how. What ball was by the time got to him if it is. It's not that's come out and helped to draft fields but there's enough going on there that Sammy could. Comfortably sit in Dayton did after the game's first run in a good job by young to elevate one over the third baseman he hit. Why not take shocker AF four hits already big breaking all the trade Vickers hangs outside for ball one. -- had hit it each game yesterday and a couple of pretty solid hits for the first time in awhile to for six overall. And hitting 276. With two home runs in fourteen runs batted him. Fastball and bearded deep right center fielder right fielder on the run it is over his dad. And it bounces off the fence on one hot young being waved around third you're isn't related to play that it is not at times that this guy's floors that I can and that's what's. Just days they've Vickers gave one ride in the opposite field and a good job by young he didn't exactly seen. Bogeys name on the back we've Unita don't have them but if you can read the name on the back in the union you're running the bases he catches and it was practically like that some young didn't just go part way he sold out so good job of base running by young and allowed him to score that was pretty darn strong throw plate right. Relay and I think it hit adamant just let's say the same thing as a very good relay throw but not quiet time. I thought out of these and it is gonna hit halfway up on the screen I mean he threw it from shallow center field and look like you've come up here with us that. He wanted to new dual waves gonna get young isn't he delivered a bullet without bouncing and got there in the air. Chapters have not gone completely through the order once and collected five hits to her stature that runs in and pitched Luke Ridder fell back. The screen for strike one. That struck out swinging in his first timeout. Trade Vickers at second base still only one out of the second inning. Take a little while to get to sign this time now nods goes into the stretch. A couple of checks it secondly O underwriter or any swings and mrs. ditched him. Which strikes hit. He saved his best slow stuff for Luke Ritter all arrest they just beat everybody else. It's been met. But the one mr. Ritter than get it off that was straight changeup or took a little off his slider or what but. And non fastball that Ritter came up empty on. Oh to the cannot. And the pitch breaking ball slap toward third over the third baseman diving back get a play about a shortstop. Only chances to try to get stickers off the second try with a good three not to straight to market back. It's an infield single for liberator. Great guy stopped by Brooks. And Vickers started and stopped in and start thinking and when he suck up past the third baseman that. Stuck right in the glove of the diving backhand effort by Brooks. So. No advance by vicar in the know how either now. After four of the five have reached into us to come up in the trip to the mound. Check on starting pitcher powers met. Checkers with four hits in the inning two of them did not leave the infield with a total of six now. In the first things first and second still only one out and canisters at one of the more solid at the shocker sits six hits that follow come up for the second time. Rest technical associate head coach and pitching coach making that trip to demand. No activity. In the tiger bullpen down there right field line. Hunter Smith pitched into the ninth inning. Couple weeks ago against UConn and gave up five hits. In six already. Makes perfect sense Wichita State just who blistered their two best guys right yeah. And struggle with the guys that you would think they would have gotten to learn and ERA over five. Recent jettison. A single up the ground up the middle is first time up to 49 now in this series. Edit with two men on and one out here in the second. Goes without saying anything look for something elevate. And Smith's gonna try to stay down around these with a swinging or three quarter arm angle. Just to get the hangings to swing and whether it's. Striker or not. Fastball low and inside one ball no strikes hardly talk Butler about that before the game. Yeah let's step has tremendous batting better maybe too good for his own good because he comes up there RBI situations sometimes. And draws walks which is good but they're pitches he can get you he can drive. That aren't necessarily strike did it there a blast to deep center field the center fielder back at the tracks help make the catch tanking it second victory we'll head over the third. Just to put a good swing not a drove it two straight away center all the way to the warning track it is the second out that Vickers moved to third after the catch him. Wrong part of Parker otherwise Grayson. Gives shocker it's three quick ones. Good pass on all that he. Got in a hitters count good for him for. Triggered that one. Certainly don't want to criticize him for all the walks because you know you get on base at today's score runs graces the best on the team. But in RBIs situations or when a guy falls behind. Punish him and he almost did it. Right there. Alec bum who looked a single into right center his first time out. Adding lists men on. And pitched it. Fastball at the knees for a called strike seemed like yesterday devers came up with runners on base in scoring position leading off innings quite a bit. One for one today 348. In the series. Trade Vickers at third with greater first with two out here in the second attackers have scored a couple of innings the ticket to not only. Editors this play action bombs laps toward third to third base and keep charging throws across his body first gets the outs in the F. The strikers are retired the pick up two runs on four hits and leave it there after one and a half Wichita State to Memphis. AJ's sports grill the only thirteenth and green which rooting widgets on your new home for shocker coaches shows to be sure to check out our. Proud supporter of shocker athletics you know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you the very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars to. Hours from start to finish and I had sixteen plants that we didn't. In retrospect I would pay double. Receive your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray no call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. The weather station 987 and thirteen thirty. Can access. The second thing here in this business game starting. Half hours late season race leagues since the end unexpected things happen out of nowhere forward for about fifteen minutes. Field in pretty good shape. We are under way in the second in Wichita State on top two to nothing. As knuckles and have sent up Alex relic Kyle O'Keefe and Josh worker against Preston's natively. Lately was sharp in the first working ahead. You give up two hits one an infield roller and struck out one. Alex Roland THE today he is the regular shortstop played it short of both games yesterday. Hitting to 34 as team leading totals of seven home runs and 39 runs batted it. Missed it stately ready to go in his first pitch to trot is. In the center and it's I can make it all the way to center fields. But fine after the second baseman. That's a couple of really weak little. Pop up civilians killed so far in the game both caught by Ritter. One pitch one out for statehood he faces pal O'Keefe the third baseman. It starts to slip hitting 1963. Home runs eleven runs batted in. He was one for seven yesterday and struck out three times. It's from the right side. Neatly into the wind and delivers. And a fastball for a called strike one. But he's a senior from Madison Mississippi 61 late about 200 pounds. You please don't want to swing and a miss and a good breaking ball away and so too. Definitely headed off stride on that one. He stepped sat for a moment. Right hander as the sun kicks and throws and it just missed and another breaking ball it was fairly low one ball at two strikes in the pit. Broken off his front leg and in written little is known but maybe a little low. Little. Who thief not a big guy out there just barely below the knees and try. The one to pop up. Right side Ridder the second baseman just in to shallow right field and makes the catch up to prop up to the second baseman. Two quick outs for stately here in the second. Is that Jive Records getting us started catcher today roker yesterday. Made me late game appearance in game two as a pinch hitter and struck out and finished the game catcher. Hitting to thirty on a year would no home runs and five runs batted in. It's his fifteenth start and at 61 at bats with fourteen hits. To that nobody on. Estes lately into the wind. And a fastball right through the middle for a called strike one. Whatever hailed him in his last outing against South Florida is. In the rear view. I figured some stuff out. Alone. This down and away one ball extra. XTO city to active but not. Try to take the weight of the world on his shoulders and everybody depending on him discuss their be selflessly devote himself to get your people out 1002 there I don't play. Yes there have certainly team game but. There is no more important guys in the starting pitcher you take that two ways I keys that you can. Let it crush a little bit or you say hey today's my day care what's going on around me the go out there have some fun. Has Rucker in the hole one into the pitch a breaking ball hit high near to medium depth right field negotiating his eyes and not loses it and it dropped right beside it. Let's two hits now charged as natively that have been really tough luck a little slow roller. In the first inning. That a lot was able to beat out of that was a routine fly ball and I think the guy that has sun glasses on but to date as Isaac just Alderson the last second loss dropped right beside. If it gets in the sun media partners sunglasses on C though the only thing there is continued. Look up out there and try to determine our there's a fly ball hit to me and it's. A line drive get to an angle where I'm not looking in the so it's easier said than done that and there's nothing you that that ground ball to third too hot to vote crow hops rose gets inside your body slightly annoyed him right back he gets banned drugs on the first pitch. Indiana good evening progresses innately know runs one hit one left after two of the shoppers lead to nothing. Another smile power experiment brought by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying all week and wow that's on them. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying home weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as powerful things he deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider to unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shot. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JD why again in the sense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell home. Loans helping with the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services you're saying I promise. Five right here on tape and as. It's just day today rain delayed game. It is just an update after two innings better Trout lines no property you've got to come up. Against lefties. Hunter Smith factories have. Forced him to throw 42 pitches through the first two innings of collective success. And balance. Got a Trout line 041 hit little slow roller to the first baseman that led to a out at the plate racing finished trying to score from third on the play things thrown out back in the first innings of gutter Oprah won today. 348. In the series. I outline the DH today. Kerry's probably not minding their out of this hot humid day after catching both games of yesterday's doubleheader. Actually little bug year Libor steamy today that it was yesterday. First pitch to drop on the fastball looked at it is for a called strike. There Trout lines senior from fairway Kansas Shawnee mission east product. Of one fouled straight back. No balls two strikes. Scott from the guys that it injury plagued junior year everybody's kind of wondering what happened it got picture outlined his guys as legitimate pro prospect. Way high outside of that that's fallen to. And guys that legendary beer there and now what is way outside to balls and two strikes. Yeah the beard has become quite the top of college based Obama. Two way outside with a changeup three balls two strikes. You know the only way that it. Is a topic of conversation. Is at its owners decent baseball if you think you're terrible who cares what you beard looks like the that are not. Takes just outside for ball floor because of leadoff walk here in the third that's the first walks surrendered by hunters this. It was funny he was on the weekly coach's show. Few weeks ago and I ask you about the name because he has a brother named Lars that's it. I didn't sound like a Scandinavian. Music it's not his parents reduced look at it names and but those cool nights there are coolness and yeah absolutely. Now it looks like it Norwegians happiness is imminent veered. Rendered first nobody out for no outcrop in the first pitch to him hangs outside for ball one dollar croft. In the last three games he's played his head about is that a lot because anybody that he had two hits and four trips yesterday but. Two at bats the previous and he gets USF and his first time up today's hit line drives Saturday that roll outs as the high fly ball to right. We'll see how bogey handles this in the sun and makes the catch for the out. He clearly was fine a little bit to the candidate to catch on the shelf level one down in the Munich. Is that date did Yahoo!. Get a fairly routine grounder to deep short and just let it out for infield hit in the second later scored the first round. You mentioned it last time is up there when he it's just as slow roller or. Room service grounder to the left side it's it's easy for you to lay back on it because you think you got it. It's a high towering fly ball to shallow right field again once again bogey at the end and it makes cats. Retired on high shallow fly balls to right field. It brings up prosecuting net bounced to third his first timeout. Her first down top of the third inning attackers leading to nothing. Prosecuting him. That hit it five straight coming into yesterday's doubleheader still looking for his first tip here in Memphis easel for five in the series. It's pitched to him is a strike on the other hand. A leadoff walk to try outlined two straight fly balls have two out of the inning that are still sitting at first. Under Smith as the sun. Oh on BP Dina and it breaking ball swung on that list its own to. I think rosters as split apart John miles if it was a strike and he felt like heated slate of very good pitch it. Drop down and intuit. Oh to account. Smith ready to Toronto. And delivers. And attack now the batter's box came in tied on in the game he managed to sell it off. Well the impressive thing to back it DA seems like one of those guys. Especially so for refreshments discounted unfazed by everything. Reacts well handles adversity fine. 02 again. Andy blare out. Tried to stop himself but he's out on strike second strike at this method is best hitting the ball game to view the leadoff walk. In a retired three in a row after two and a half still to nothing Wichita State. The law and ask Tennessee the past Tennessee chuck. I dream is to make chocolate that not only taste it but does the. He's our second that he was directly and not violence to share the profits that I am an American family insurance even your dreams are the most valuable things. So today we're supporting our history if people want to get your phone they can just buy some of our chocolate. Every dream deserves a champion find yours at and him dot com American family insurance American contingent staffing and Sunnis and American Parker in essence Carson are presenting me. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around much harder work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled the op delightful fill that void is an understatement. Opting like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness group exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This opted like it when he person leather on line it up deep Tyson life dot com. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest tumble. Adjacent JB joins us from. Radio weeknight. I'm okay. This does not basic questions lately that the starting the second time through the order against the right hander who's given up three hits all of two of them were of the rather cheap variety. No walks one strike get the first time through the order. Carlos Williams will lead off the popped up for the second baseman his first time up there. Stately and the line first pitch to Williams and a high drive down the left field line outing here that way foul for strike one. Williams got his pitch that you missed a little too quick to trigger on it. Drove it out and waste now. Does not have a home run on the year. That it did make bogey doing it yesterday. One. A lot on driven toward right center that's gonna find the gap dead in the gaps. Just short of the warning track Travis just picks it gets the backing in Italy a standup double. Or Carlos Williams hard as he is thirty yet. In eleven at bats in this series and two of them have been double hit one yesterday that he pulled right down the left field line. That'll bring out. Cahill had adamant that it had hit his first time apple liner over the shortstop that was the most solid hit. Up to this point against Preston's neatly into though Williams drove the ball in the gap in right center. Stately from the stretch for his fist ahead of him just a little bit inside for ball one. Stately down for the count 10 ready to work. Is it. And lines it'd center field for a base hit and get a run homers yeah that's the that is let the few steps to get. Coming around to score is Carlos Williams and definitely the one ballgame acoustics of the board the victors go. Solid hits were hailed him. Total of five now off vested slavery. Nineteenth run batted in brings home Carlos Williams cuts that shot lead in half. The good thing about precedents neatly if you've come out on strikes that is certainly. The thing that you didn't concern with him about over his last. Really for five outings. But commands not been issued today it's. Then throwing strikes Williams and him and ready for Tyler Webb but they're the right side nobody got in and getting a swing and a miss for Strickland. It was a around the shoulders. Cut at and missed. Lately ready. And it slow. And outside one ball one strike. In another honor at first base not a base stealer to a four on the year. It's eight to one game which does state. Two runs on six hits that does not two runs on five hits. At least you know high pop up. Shallow center field bakers and sure it's not just couple of steps behind his regular position makes the catch for the first. Web pops to short for the first out in the third inning and it brings it pal I'll let the first baseman. The let had himself a series five for nine including a little rambler toward short that he beat out an infield single in the first. This is maybe one guy. One may not be one but one guy that. Natively only probably just the one strike two he is not up there or walk the walk ten times all year struck out 64. So if you get ahead of him my nap Domino's. First pitch to him is a strike cities on the outside corner nothing and one. That was a close pitch but he has been what they call pirate them around the plate. Gonna get some of those close calls occasional. Both these guys that are distracts them Smith or Memphis and natively for the shocker. Long hole to Stan O'Neal and a high pop up on the right side. Jen Aniston may have apply it now territory and makes the catch this guy have the Netflix dot gap. Good it was getting close he tickets offered just a moment to check where he was in relation to the front of the dugout and then make the play for the second now. Too easy pop ups after the back to back gets the better nick bogeys struck out swinging his first time off. So far he has plead one strikeout victim or presses lately. Hale animate at first base two out now for about this in the bottom of the third Wichita State leading 21. And the first pitch is at high near down the left side that out of play for strike one. If there's definitely popping a lot of balls up here in the early innings against Preston stately. That five not fly balls that pop fly outs. In the first eight outs he recorded. A one to bogey. And the pitch. Low and outside that time one ball one strike. Now mother nature is just not Latin hardly anybody get through. This weekend without delays and lightning. All across the midwest in itself as it were. 11. On their hands popped up behind the plate brought haven't back to the screen and runs out of room. Does one volunteer strikes. Yeah Oklahoma State Texas Tech. Vanderbilt Missouri. Bradley. And cite you it's been raining and lightning pretty much all weekend long in southern Illinois them that all the time. Going courts and ECF two lane. They're game canceled there a couple of games throughout the Americans that they went double header to avoid impending weather. Time of the year I guess to a UCF plate to yesterday they got rained out Friday's two to three days of rain there. That's all odds I'd delayed steal attempt and nobody there Vickers got there in time to keep the ball off going into center field. Accurate field not alert to that crop made a good throw it the only could do was throw it right to the bag and hope that somebody got their Vickers ended up making a sliding catch behind second base to keep the ball in the infield. And a steal second with two out. It was a ball to vote either count two and two. Now base hit to tie it up. Elements third steal in five tries all season. Teach you pitch low. Smothered by crop three balls two strikes. Across sketching today getting better Trout line a day off behind the dish. Two out at second. 32 accounted uterine the bottom of the third. Wichita State leading to the one. Bogey awaits the 32 pitch. It's innately delivers and a foul pop up behind there. Final game of the regular season. That this Andy it's c.'s today this Packers will move on to the conference tournament in Clearwater Florida next week. You seem still to be determined. And it was to blame canceled today if the soccer's win. The eclipse the seven C. 32. Driven hard to right field looking toward the foul pole and fortunately foul but way out of here as well. I don't know how vogue he has no home runs all year get one yesterday that was certainly a home run swing there. Slated for a. Yeah they've we have forty to. 55 gains. So that in their 23 previous conference games. Three balls two strikes account holding. Check it second hand to pitch. This low for ball four. Missed by a lot just down a little bit that is at least first walk. With runners at first and second for Al trauma. Toe popped up the second baseman his first time. Every time trial walks up there and he's. He's listed at 63 to eighteen not to be a surprise he wants it to go that's a big shortstop that's his normal defensive positions DH and today. First and second two out. You please pitch low and outside breaking ball. Harrison was close to finishing off this third inning after giving up the double and a single started again. Two quick easy pop ups. Then walked bogey at 32 pitch one out now to Alex trauma. Only hitting to 34 but it dangerous guy with seven home runs. Stretch bison ably. And his pitch. And breaking ball low and outside missed in the same spot twice to throw and it's two. Time called for a moment no across heading to. Reconnect. We'll have his shin guards left leg. Your body ready to go once again as. Analysts steps back into the box for their rights. Lately still waiting to get the sign has. Too low. Fastball in there for a strike to have one. No it didn't seem happy with that called. Borderline whether it might have been high. Close pitch goes. To Preston stately two balls and one strike. The higher than the catcher's mask it's probably not a strike it was. There crossed face. 21. This guy outside three balls and one strike. These last two hitters of the first time. It's enabling us kind of struggled loses control. There's some outs to be head down here this far lineup but. Getting behind three in ones every good idea. Journalism 193. Hitter. In American play. Plus that pop out earlier. Three want it there for a strike painted the outside hit three to. Memphis of the team gains yesterday hit to 61. And scored eight runs that raised their conference averaged an even 200 they wrote 193. In 21 previous conference games before yesterday. Three balls two strikes the writers will take off with a pitch. And the pitches low for ball four. Now they are loaded up basically good not walked anyone. He's doing back to back free passes to load him up for Kyle keep. That's gonna get a trip to the mound. Jock pitching coach Mike Steele. Let her mind you there will not be eight Todd Butler show from AJ sports grill on Medina because we will all be in Florida getting ready for the conference tournament. Would like to thank H gaze at the Alley thirteenth green which wrote for a sponsor and hosting. Our coaches shows on Monday night throughout the year is slam Gregg Marshall Keith Adams. Not Butler. And if things go just right we might be back a week from Monday to preview the NCAA tournament and I missed it. Play their way into. All the conference is going on. Now crops getting into her shin guards apparently just could not get those others. State buckled. I steel heads back to the dugout. Croft trying to get the shin guards on it and we'll continue. That spot for precedence namely he's been throwing the ball well up until now. And now with the bases loaded no where to put Kyle O'Keefe to a guard against let those bad thoughts creep in your head still got good stuff these. Not missing by much but working ahead of O'Keeffe certainly Paramount here with no place to put him but. This same aggressive attack mindset. Preston's namely because he's been doing fine today. Almost had a pit crew. With the shin guards and if there's got to try outline is out there the other pitchers Sammy Esposito assistant coach was a college catcher they are out there and it checked and it all out. All right we can fix this. So here's O'Keefe with the bases loaded two out. Soccer is up by Toronto he popped to second is first time up that is 148 so far against the shoppers. At least first pitch to him as a fastball for a called strike. Yeah this is the guy you just attack he's six for 41. Inside American play. Get ahead of him put him away. I've called us neatly. Taking a little bit at times it looked for the sign and he didn't step now difficult time for just a moment he's ready. Stately sat. And go on pitch slider to right field yeah. Dot com and on and it could have dropped for a base hit what kind of hit another man coming to the plate but throw will be cut off at that please read it here. I was playing very deep had a chance to get to that ball winded. And you can just stick him series gives his team one run lead your listeners. I was very little power and certainly not the opposite field. Not exactly sure why. The death was the way it was as far as the alignment that. The liner to right that falls in front of big big guy. Q bases on balls really cost Preston's neatly is now pitching from behind. Activity getting started in the shocker bullpen. That's three runs on six hits now for Memphis. The better gosh Rucker. Worker right handed hitter and a pitch popped up. Crop coming back and it's gonna be out plight that behind the screen. You look at their their numbers Memphis offensive numbers 22 home runs. And trailers has 7UP so. When a guy comes on pretty much all of them. If their right hand batters. There's no reason in the world for the center fielder probably or the right fielder could be playing any. Deeper than medium depth. You know apparently hit an overhead take away as bloopers and liners in front of you and what they have the option field. The soft liner right this second baseman render aid drops it takes a tax policy killing time thank goodness. We miss read that a little bit enhance kind of backs him on it and barely got to him and drop it but now it's time to pick it up it's right now so rookie retired. Memphis scores three runs in the inning three runs on three hits. And nearly two men on base so after three complete its now Memphis three which dusty. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games and practices preparation. And there's a second job recruited. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can star recruit. Indeed practicing night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker just learn more and in that air scheer dot com. Twenty Stevens is the the place to get cleaned this Sunday from the four. Yeah join us for the twin peaks BJ car wash to benefit the owner of persons foundation. All proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officer Stacy Woodson and his son Braden officer Woodson and Braden were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27 helped twenty. He says we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks bikini car watch this Sunday from noon to four at twin peaks it's shocker sports as. If you buy American family insurance in which its policy agent Jerry Crawford seemed pretty strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. 987 and thirteen thirty. Yes. English because they find themselves race. For the first time Shaq scored two runs in the second. Memphis just had 83 run third. The last two runs coming on a two out hits the checkers out Iran as Travis young comes up deleted off will be young stickers and Ridder. Wall head hits in succession the last time around in the second inning. Under Smith all the way supplies given up two runs on six hits with one wanted to strikeouts. There's pitched a travesty on the strike call fastball away. Yeah hit a soft liner over the third baseman driving around his first time up and then later scored. Devastated game hitting 248. Breaking ball popped up. First base that'll let calling and that gives way to the second baseman and it kind of makes the catch for the first out. One down brings that trade Vickers who smoked one deep into the right field gap his first time up right center gap. To drive veteran. He's three for seven now of the series and two of his hits are doubles. In the right side first pitch is a big curve ball looks in their for a called strike one. Each team with six hits it. That the snow on top three to two acres drives one toward right field slicing away from the right fielder it's gonna fall for a base hit that. And don't hold up that first bases though he plays it back yet. Bogey got right up to that would as a valid took kind of a funny bounce looked almost like it might bounce back past team. Back toward right Saturdays it would Glover holed it to a single. Vickers two for two on the day. Four for eight in the series. Seven hits the shot here's the Ritter at the top of the order he has struck out swinging. And beat out an infield hit his last time up a lot of ground ball short stuff. Hunter Smith. Settles and the stretch first pitch to Ridder uses outside. Luke hitting 500 in the series one for two today five for ten. In three games here. This does play generator grounds and hardy to second base should be to hand it over to Brooks back. The first double play but the fact is that data before it runs one hit. Nobody left after three and a half it is Memphis three with costing him. You felt pretty good witness like about seven back to the big blood tires or did yet but then and that service and a feeling lasted about as long as the snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by a factor train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you had your card that you admitted. On line it into my entire dot com campus my entire you're out of bear Ernie prepared big guys here will help. Was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout the community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the chances health foundation and our mission we invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats because he. Every chance and deserves the chance to be healthy looking more at Kansas and I war. Oh shots. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad wouldn't John dream free chocolates dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas this. Join us morning. Bottom of the fourth inning Preston and able that's about 61 that you now through three innings. Yeah cut that down a little bit he's gonna hit you much longer had a 27 pitch inning in the third base eight hitters. And Internet getting up three runs if its first two walks and. The game inning which helped build up that pitch count they'll face down Brooks. Batting ninth and then start his third time through the batting order. Rex right handed hitter. Playing for the first time in the series usually plays second base he started all three games against Tulane last weekend at that position that starting shortstop today. Rather the third is first time up. It's a fastball away for a called strike Brooks 202 on the year. I know this if this is my last regular season game idea there pat mode when you taken any pitches. And it went just inside it's one and one. Do you think he'd let it all out today well especially after two and half hour delay. After this this season's over. Fastball for a strike it's one in two. That could be part of Memphis strategy is to make they would throw strikes me he's proven he's got it today so what didn't wait around for. Here's the pitch and swing and a miss on a breaking ball away good sequence. I Preston's lately to get his second strikeout of the game. One out in the fourth. You started three of the four innings now by getting the lead up and it gave up a leadoff double to Carlos Williams in the third of them let the trouble here's Williams again. Popped up to second in the first inning and then double to right center in the third. Thankfully nods at the sidekicks and delivers and William showed bought 61 in the dirt for ball one. Carlos Williams hitting 245. In his senior season. Three for eleven now in this series with two doubles. Right handed hitter. State Lee's one out. Plus he pitched a look like it was right in the middle but didn't get to call. Two balls no strikes. He stayed just a little inside so I think I configured. Too low. Fastball away and that's a little bit outside three balls no strikes grossly. That does with one out nobody on in the fourth. A 30 count did hitter at least pitch. And it missed part of awful. A four pitch walk to Carlos Williams. And that will bring up Claire hatton is two for two with two line drive singles. Williams a fast runner at first but doesn't steal very often these three for four. Stealing bases on new years. It's hard to tell facilities that this guy's just what kind of base stealers they might be because some of them who can run haven't gotten on base often enough do. Attempt many. And an intense for two the first pitch to him. It is a strike on the outside corner looked like it changeup and stately. Well getting thrown out half the time trying to steal is probably not get too many more opportunities regardless of who it is. Tyler Webb is their leader with seven birdies thrown out then thrown out six times. 01. This didn't hear smothered by crossed one ball one strike. At a minute two for two today has nudged his averaged just barely over the 300 mark. Released push and 400 inside the conference. 123. Games plus this game. The difference between him and everybody else in American play is staggering. The numbers are just ridiculous. There goes the Ryder got a pretty good job drove like crop wrong side of the bag about a pretty good tag but they're recently it's just dead and gone. And gets stolen base he got a good stuff. And it crops beta strong throw but to the wrong side of the bank shorts outside backers tried to bring it back quickly but it was just late. It was a strike. Tournaments count one and two that are moderate second that was wanna. Hammond coming into this game in American player was hit 365. Nobody else in the starting lineup was above 200. Neil and Santana. Not in line up 203200. Everybody else below the Mendoza line. Slap. Right back toward the pitcher lately hasn't. And over to first Afghanistan for the out will be the third Carlos Williams on the planet always hit too slowly. Force lately even worry about trying to get Williams is there it's the sure out at first base to go on. That needs to hear Tyler Webb with a runner 32. Kind of misspoke I Carlos Williams hit Kuwait but yet. Played in all the gains that these guys above him have played fourteen. Of the 23 coming into the game today. And his average is point 28 that he she is the point is that this is it the sanctity of. Here is where at all for two on the days neatly split swung on and vesta is breaking ball that slider rather write him. No balls one strike two not a runner at third safely trying to. Keep from letting a walk hurting again he walked two men after two were out in the third that eventually led to. Memphis getting a couple more runs on it to that yet. Rhetoric third of one count to theater. Pitched that bad this. And it back to a mystery crop shading his eyes on the way back and makes that catch and jumps into the street and hang on I don't lie well enough. And that was running back in it yet almost like an outfielder lie and then the screen has little gift that navigating jumped into yet it held on. Outstanding play by another croft and the innings no runs no hits the man left it there from Memphis tigers' lead to shocker it's three to two after four. 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Called nine foot being cool George story from coast to coast AM join me wait that's right here find PMS. And then it was just big lead at one point three. It's nothing nothing else related to the doctors have been held in check. 500 Smith over the last two innings he's allowed one base runner any shipping rates. One of those is a double play is only 37 and through the last two things will be getting into the heart of the order recent Janice don't want for two leads it off that Alec bomb. And better Trout line. Tennis that the only left handed hitters starting against the left hander today and he singled up the middle of the first flight to the centers last time not takes a little bit outside the ball wants. So he's had two good swings a solid ground ball single and drove one deep to straightaway center to warning track that went his way outside to balls and no strikes. Putters nasty compromising his pitches a little in the last couple of innings at 61 through four innings. That was way outside again three balls no strikes and he has not come throat close to throwing a strike yet to race against. 30 that's way outside. A four pitch walk and an easy one for Janice did you read it take he's at first base with nobody out for Alex well. Alec has singled in grounded to third and his two at bats. Packers down Iran have the time read it first with nobody out. Alec bombs. 349 so far against the tigers. Right handed hitter against lefthander Hunter Smith. First pitches way outside. It is way outside to get this done one side of the plate now way outside the bomb on the other side. His activity in the Memphis bullpen Alex hits since their only game that there have been up three different times. And punishments with a lofted a time. One notable how many drives it hard in the lefty and it's going to. A hit the fence on the plot bounces back left fielder Williams. Over to third Janice the bunkers in the second with a standup double my only hesitation because whether it was high enough to get out of here it was deep enough. It is more about flat line drive that hit a couple of feet from atop the defense. But you take dead fish here related shocker than. Get way under some of the pitches from hunters Smith's. Now they're in business Trout line up there with humans or position nobody out so strong wind croft and do got you up if they wanna. Stay with the left 300 Smith. And Todd Bachman wanna push some buttons if they don't but first things first count points and hit the MacBook. Bombs second double. Of the series. It's also his thirteenth of the year ties him with scattered throughout line for the team lead. Gutter it untie them right here he is all for one little walk so far. Swing and miss. Throw line. As two doubles in the series. Actually has a double and a triple its first triple of the season yes it is the second game I fly ball right field as they get Iran hard. Bogey over near the line makes the catch tennis tanking your accounts are here's the throw it a little short of the plate Genesis or standing up. As the throw was in the air to reflect the IV can be pretty close at the plate but balky muffled little short. At a state school recently so it's tied up at 33 a sacrifice fly for better Trout line. And bomb shortly tagged up what to third on the place and he's now ninety feet away with one out. It's only the first. Sacrifice fly hit micro ones here and number one pretty hard to leave. So one had a runner at third and no outcrop to heads. Lined to center and then fly calendar right now at the sobering the infield in in that breaking ball doesn't really break much stays outside. Croft didn't have a sacrifice fly either although he's. Been up about a quarter and make as many times got her hands on third. 10. Good breaking ball on the inner half for a strike and it's one and one. Volley hit in the first. Drop dead is to be good for a sac fly the won his last sent us for a little shallow. 11. Lying to the left field that'll do it too hard shot in the left for a base hit but go across. All scorers in the soccer's are back in front bias or afford three. That ball was tattoos in the left field by note dropped his ninth. And batted into the season. That might do it for. Connors Smith. And if it is might do it for. They do they have made the move so they're gonna go with Alex hicks who normally is starter. Hackers have knocked out punishment that war there we will break away here for just a moment. Trackers that in the top of the fifth still have only one out they had scored twice to regain the lead at four to three. Another smile power experiment brought to buy delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Yeah healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power with delta dental. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. DUY. Can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking going to sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita seeing agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry lost Alex Acosta in valley center are tending to porn and over west Sawyer. You'll learn you. It's traffic and weather station in 987. Alex hicks and if pitchers basic. Politics we'll have a seat. And he's sort of the opposite of hunter's death a starter putters miss that a relief pitcher most of the year who just moved into the starting rotation. Over the last couple of weeks picks by contrast was a weekend starter virtually all year but has struggled. And is last couple of trips out of the bullpen fourteen appearances twelve starts. Two and nine to six point 35 ERA for 56 and two thirds. Doesn't walk many nineteen and he is struck at 51. That 74 hits it 56 and two thirds and 306 opponent batting average and nine home runs. Among twenty extra base hit surrendered. Alex accidentally hit for duke yeah losing five consecutive starts. Right now in the rotation. They do it now one for two today and an infield single against left handers Smith and Alex Jackson. It's a chance to swing it. Alex heading to hit game of the second game of the doubleheader yesterday the pictures and is granted the medals runner moving with a pitch and he's going to be safe at second throw to first in time to get Jackson. Well actually. Brought the second baseman hit element right to where they'll croft was running with a pitch but he didn't quite get there at times crop was just past statements only makes it to second base. As Jackson is retired for the second out. Now cats he's gonna hit for it being. So he ready come this and then. It comes the cavalry for the left him batters are concerned. Jacob cats they started the second game yesterday it went two for. And a career high three runs batted in to score on first collegiate home run. Matter of seconds to go out and pitch low and inside gets through the captured all the way to the black stuff wild went by Alex hicks. At this crop to third with tuna. You can catch these two for five day yesterday puts him at 235 on the year twelve for 51. If it gets were his first since the great series which that two months ago or three months ago. To. This looks crowded part of the first base line that just fell one ball one strike. A long time. This. Farther back in any of us can remember Anwar look at it all the March Madness yeah that's how come you're around and that's the in a couple of games in that creek series now one hit. Last one before yesterday. 11 pitch off speed pitches that he threw strike one and two. Rusty you know for two today. Exiting for Jacob Capps. Travis young out on deck as scheduled. 12 pitch speed pitch now sac state without a little better still out of front just a bit. Leadoff walk to Grayson Janice said double by Alec bulb. Trout line of sac fly no outcrop and RBI single shot here's have regained the lead at 43 at the top of the fifth. To that now crossed at third. Another run out there it gets beaten them through the two that hit. An eight as a shot past the first baseman into right field. Certainly Jacob cats we squaring balls up. Just out of nowhere starting that second game yesterday amazing what confidence can do for somebody attackers lead five victory. Well and Todd butler's estimation it was just about calming himself down slowing himself down you know he he said. Scouts call him and say why is catching up plenty of really good summer hits bombs I think six or seven home runs. And he just not able to settle himself down the play. Get out front of balls get all out of whack as far as balance but he's been on time last couple days. Here's Janice young one for two and RBIs singled his first time optics low for ball one. Have a slide went over the third baseman to drive it around in the second and then popped to second. In the fourth inning. That's it first with two out. It runs stolen base yesterday. By Nixon goes cats they pitches a little bit high throw down is legs taken cats even a steal of second. That puts him at five for six on the year it limited opportunities now he's in scoring position with two out. Not good pitch to throw on a few brokers slider and he winds up a little bit so. Unless he gets them really firm fast bones and clearly steel. One ball one strike the cat young took that one up and is on it he would just catch the zone for a strike. Pickett second cats be back with the second baseman moving it to cover. That's not three times now that we've seen. Memphis execute the timing play with the second baseman breaking it and they're pretty good at that time he's been good they've made it close on every occasion. One want to Travis young and the pitch. Started to go and they're gonna check it at first he didn't it was a breaking ball it ended up way outside. We became pretty close to let it go held up just in time the captain one. Soccer's after a two run second. Back with three years the lead at 53. After falling behind briefly. Yeah on driven toward right center high in the air but very deeply that ball is. Caught the very popular thing that's just does stay at play. You know stuff that second with a double and scoring easily. He has Jacob Capps to make it a 63 game. The easier it is trying to surprising isn't it. I mean he didn't think very long for that blog out there but you know I think. Savage and concrete is that things took off. And he almost went off bow on a dead calm day here in Memphis. And hit the absolute top of the Fayette and hit the yellow part of stance this bounce back you up. It's two hits and run charge two picks now. Yeah hick who give up an extra bases to. It straight Vickers. Texas swing at a breaking ball low one ball no strikes tray with a double and a single today. He is now 448. In this series. Attackers leading six to three. They've put four on the board here in the fifth. Nick's ready a couple of looks the second. It's Vickers way outside of breaking ball needs to an out. Hixon sinker slider guy but not much deception he's kind of easy thrower. Kind of a lower three quarter slot mid eighties and touching 88 now and and that. Doctor getting measured least in the early going here. Q oh grounder toward short charging is stretched out reps over to first for the out at the end of the Wichita State. Except for a bronze on floor yet they leave one man on and after Florida happens now Wichita State six. And Memphis three. Another smile power Germans brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first Santas with no smile. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying all of weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as powerful things you deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. DUYA. Can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your license. Little life lost too drunk driving is an unacceptable price today if you've been drinking find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita city agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carrying walk Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. He had a great Americans join me. Rested safely after a rough third inning came back with our fourth egos got in the fifth that chance to. Maybe qualified for a win here. And it's. Soccer's. At the chance to. Kind of put this one away if they continue to swing like they did the last minute jump back united front six to three state league needs to complete the inning to qualify for the win as the starting pitcher. Given up three runs on six hits three walks. And two strikeouts you're facing Kyle or let nick bogey. And Alec trauma here in the fifth. Jacob cat's feet. Alex Jackson remaining in the game cats theater right accident left. After pinch hitting. In the top of the fifth analytics outside stately for ball one. Time to check the scoreboard it's more a matter of what's not happening today which anal. Gene Taylor realist thing about. That a lot of places right do you buy bigger threats against his Russian slow grounder to middle fielded by Vickers of authors from the out. They play my tray and start it. Well there's only one other scheduled game in the league today and they waited for a long long time and Orlando. Lane UCF. Didn't get a break from the weather so that series is abbreviated to two games in three game sweep by you see half. And the nights are the fifth seed. In the upcoming American tournament. And finished thirteen ten. And two lanes fate is to be determined by which dust. And stately throws. Fastball inside and a bogey double. In softball Arkansas defeated Wichita State five to nothing. So the soccer's will play an elimination game 630 tonight in the hopes of getting another shot at the reason Rex. One out though it's hard to the right side for a base hit. Evoking that struck out and walked pulls a single through their rights at the end the only support with one out here in the fifth. Seven hits up Preston's natively. And it will bring up Alec trauma is DH today normally the team's shortstop he has popped to second walked. The scoreboard rat bite diggers and progressive gutters designing in windows let your home's exterior again by going to dealers roughing dot com. Or call it a 3162022066. Figures opinion construction is your home team pro. Rhetoric first one out. And the pitch to trauma if the strike at today's. One through six next weekend in Florida have been determined Houston is the one. Two seeded South Florida. And finished 149 and one then UConn. ECU. UCF Cincinnati in that order. Stretch but I stayed late. Indio won the trailer that's a strike at today's news got to go into that could too good pitches down in the zone. If Wichita State wins this game you can't ever at Tulane is finished now at nine and fourteen attackers would be 914 and want essentially that's tied up. Figured it. Tie into it. The shocker speak to lane two of three head to heads that would make the soccer's. The winner of the seventh seed. That's in the dirt smothered by snow across one ball and two strikes. Again the advantage of that. It is getting an extra day of rest attackers would it Wednesday morning. And it would enable them to most likely bring back Cody Hoyer on four days' rest to start that game which would be against USF. That's how it transpired. Got to win this one no six to three in the fifth. 12 breaking ball low and outside two balls two strikes. Human Kilgore warming up now the soccer ball then couple of innings ago Wentz lately was struggling a little bit. Click mcginnis was actually for loosening up a little bit down there. They would like to. Go ahead throw hold him out to only see what's gonna happen with the tournament when they play. Due to. I fly ball to center Travis yeah almost right in his tracks not comes in a few steps it makes the catch the second out. Didn't have to move much on that 12 out of the inning and the better Kyle O'Keefe. Shoppers have a bunch of center fielders by the way there are four of them out there pretty much right now. Chemists that Cathy young Jackson all those guys very capable place them. So here's O'Keefe who has topped the second and single had the biggest hit of the game so far for US after a two run single with two out of the third that gave them the lead for a moment at three to two. That's not all that common to have that many guys that it's an accomplice in the way. Swing and a miss and pitched down to a heat that if nothing is one that's entirely possible to have a lineup full first baseman he ate it yeah that's not ideal slogan that it not defensive. But yeah I have a bunch of guys that can run like the year. Wearing caps in place that are second game last night they wanted to catches in the years diving catch in left center field. 01. Fastball high of one blowing straight. Memphis has Alex Smith. Going down in the pen he's a lefty. So it could be picked is finished up for hunter Smith. And they'll be out for him. 11 the cat to O'Keefe. They at least pitch just missed low and away two balls in the strike lot of Alex's and Alex and on the streets and on a lot of teams that seems to be. Fairly popular name in this age group. To batter runner at first prevent this bottom of the fifth inning. Factories. To scored four in the top have to take a six to three lead. At least pitch. Fastball low three and one. Obviously he really wants to finish this fifth inning and coaching staff would like for a good finish have a chance to get a win that. I get a mess around with. Dangerous situations at this point. He is set. 31 pitch. There's a strike fastball just about the needs three incident. Three and one O'Keefe a few Milwaukee that brings tying run to the plate. Though record. Not that Kennedy hitter typically. There are no can't assume anything. Big pitch here for Preston's natively. 32. And they got it down around the knee again gets called third strike compressed slightly this work his way through five innings. The lakers' lead six history government. He's year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into that its opponents during their clearance sale save a quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen and Clinton has over 25 models on his way to make your buying decision easy. Plus there are large inventory BG gets same day or next day delivery had. And installed on most models fit and it is that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana. Kitchen aid Energy Star raided his Washington ask about free install on qualifying model. So yeah. There's no place Al. The team remembers get passed around like belongs ice cream it's free yeah. Coming along with the laughter and that's something insurance we don't just be sure your home. Mutual all the memories is the consultant ask your agent for future built shelter insurance yeah shield your patience. Homeowners insurance and Trevor Harris few or Adam McDowell and Wichita. This is Michael's. The only week I today on. And. Ballpark part of it is CEO as we get bored you think ours now. This game scheduled to start at 1 o'clock and two and a half hours late start because it ain't heavy downpours about a half hour before game time here at FedEx part. If you did a great job of getting the field ready to play and there have been no issues with the playing surface at all since we got this to go and we're going into the six. Wichita State leading six to three at new pitcher for Memphis. At left hander Alex Smith takes over is 63 at 215 you hear from Lakeland Tennessee. And Alex Smith making his 21. Appearance. 011 one save three point 80 ERA for 2120. Hits fourteen walks 41 strikeouts though. Like several the other Memphis pitchers we've seen is strike out and it hit numbers innings pitched a pretty good that. A few more walks that you would really here for fourteen in 21 innings. If basic Luke Renner at the top of the shocker order Luke has won infield hit it three at bats today. And the first pitch a fastball out to the right out of play. By the way with Memphis. Completed there at bat in the fifth I don't see any imminent threat of precipitation again that this game is official now. Ritter general Stan bump this Packers in the sixth they have collected six runs on eleven hits. Pitched a greater little bit inside one ball one strike. Memphis pictures of only walked. Two. Also only struck out two. The mayor chopper toward third that's a fair ball keep charging try to bare handed unable to make the play. Oh I think they'll score that hasn't hit hard to assume that he would have gotten many Lleyton he'd been able to pick up. Goes on the borders detractors twelfth hit. Second of the game for live critters who is six for twelve in this series. Students today both infield singles. Race in general staff has singled flied deep to sitter and walked one for two of the runs scored. Lead man on the strikers in the sixth. That ball is hit right at the village just senator exit shortstop into center field. Brooks one looking forward to his left couldn't quite get your face it the jettison its first and second nobody out. Thirteen hits for Wichita State. Things up Alec Baldwin who is two for three. He's single grounded to third then ripped one on a line off the left field wall for a double his last time out there. He's now four for ten in this series he came into today's game only hitting 319. In conference play and I say only that's. Below is 332 season average pick off play at second base router back quickly. Yet nine bombs in 91 at bats 126 rounds that I slowly equalizer yeah. So ignited his fifteen home runs on the year in conference play. First and second nobody out. And the pitch diplomas higher outside fastball analyst standard and I'm feeling that. Trout line Bowman maybe rigorous hardware coming their way. Conclusion of the season. Readers. 366. Hitter in the league that's gonna go up. Two for four so far today. 36 hits in the league that's all outside it's to an audience played. More second through the late than some in the outfield so he's certainly a qualifier as a utility player. Consideration. Which helped get him some votes probably. 11 account to bomb the pitch. And a hot pop up writes I see it stated my elected first baseman has room then makes the catch. For the first out. Smith Kelly you want. Foul pop up by bombs for the first down inning. It brings a gutter drunk one. And I'm prejudiced Steve every day that I. Debtors should definitely be the all conference schedule depending on what Zach CC did and I imagine he did all right he's kind of the incumbent. Pre season picked that you can't. Cutter both for one today and roller to first base since then he has walked and hit a sacrifice flies does the one official at that. First pitch to him the runners go and 8000 off. He's done a great job of making contact with I don't know how many times that is recently put a hit and run on with him up there he's gotten a lousy pitch to have to swing yet managed. Beaded into the ground at least. I would almost take my chances on a swing and miss there. Good luck the pick and Hannah and her dirt. And throw somebody out there. Poland's account now. And pitch breaks inside one ball one strike. It's going to be a few coaches and athletes coaches vote on the all conference elections. And obviously to see how it goes between Alec moment David alarm from the US it's ours a very good player. Excellent defensive third baseman with offensive numbers almost as good as cell phones. Lifted a pick toward second but they'll throw. I'm pulling at 11 beginners outlines. One out of the inning. Trackers have Ridder seconds she noticed it first. 11 pitch Jack swing and a bouncer now I tried to stop himself gotten bad out enough to bounce it toward differs based again. That's getter the whole ball and two strikes. Got wind 348. So far in this series. It's feeling at Memphis kind of hanging by thread right now that's yeah yeah. It reached the point where. Their enthusiasm gun out of a little bit I think. Alex Smith. Pitch to try outline Goddard beats and up to plate the State's life. Matters sacrifice fly in the fifth inning gives him three runs batted in three games here in this series. Second on the team with 46 bombed the leader with 52. Alex Smith has done a great job of keeping the ballpark this year. When he appears is no home runs given up. One ball two strikes. Now Pickett second does that Ritter backs standing up. This look back a couple of times and then. About the third look back at some the second baseman finally broke and that it wasn't as. Well disguised it well timed as their other attempts have been Ritter was easily Beck standing up. Accounts still want him to deter outlined the pitch and he just barely kept that one. He had played speeded off the plate that was down in May be out of the strike zone. Committed a little early on it managed to foul it off. Wichita State leads six to three in the top of the sixth. Attackers took the lead with a four run fourth four run fifth. After falling behind three to two. Another 12 way outside that fastball two balls two strikes and crooked catcher. Set up off the plate they were trying to get better to chase there. Count back even it's turned into a long at bat forget or Trout lines up with two strikes thousands will be the seventh pitch of the bat. Two on one out. Alex Smith delivers. Fastball lied to the left field and toward the line fair down into the corner. Ritter and easily generous they're racing over to third Sammy had his you know waving him home. Here's the relay from the shortstop it's going to be light canisters scorers in the shocker sleep eight to three. Two run double floor better for outlined his third extra base hit of the series he's got three runs batted in in his last minute that. Quite a battle between Alex Smith and governor Trout line. Outlined meeting pay more he saw that more comfortable got. Down down down for the majority of the plate appearance. And then after a showcase fastball out. Try to come in on him and got there was ready for. Eight runs on fourteen hits for the show actors and there's no crop edit RBI single hits last time up one through three. Sit well twice he lined a base hit his last time up and lined out to center. In the first. The other that was wherever routine fly ball to right perspective. We hide outs. Three hits in the inning only one out that was Alec bombs pop up for the first baseman. They're cycling through their boys as they say the bullpen. Anybody it's had a good years opened on or have been in the game today optics to strike it that he is it's one of one. Like Bennett is due up next right handers. If Smith could. Yet cropped here at the next couple of hitters are left handed so. Might help him stay around for just a little bit. 11 account a long look out to second base and finally time called by crop theater. It may have just been staring it got his beard that he was looking for a long time. Easy to do is pick Chad cropped held up just in time it stays outside to a month. Eight to three Wichita State top of the sixth inning. Final game of the regular seasons hackers trying to do. Played their way up to the seventh seeded next week's tournament Valentine outside the Korean won. If it happened here earlier. Two lanes game at UCF was canceled they waited for hours for the rain to stop it never did so they called it off. So soccer's win. It will get the seventh seed might benefit of tying two lane and getting the tiebreaker on the regular season series outcome now backed by profits three and two. Again the big advantage of being the seventh seed over the eighty gives attackers an extra days to. Rest and get ready get your pitching lined up for the tournament. Here's the stretched. Three to rot hammers it deep to left field the left fielder Williams going back looking up but it just keep sailing into the tree behind the left field fence. Two run homer for no across. At what it does state now leads him to victory his second home run of the year in his first one was hit his second appearance of the season they've missed a few games with a shoulder problem. This game you play. At an opposite field home run in the that against Nebraska. Can't win this won't about a million miles an hour out that way you slice it to right senator when did the rest but no what do all that on his zone. And it's four runs allowed by Alex Smith. He'd given up nine earned runs all year and no home runs. Shocker with two singles a double. Crossed long one that's home run number 56 on the year for which testing. They're third in the last two games they did hit one of the first gave yesterday Alex Jackson takes time for ball one Alex had his first at bat. As a pinch hitter in the fifth inning and grounded to the second baseman. Hopefully one on the day fouls back. And it's one ball one strike. I was a majestic. Mammoth home run by no croft. Alex Jackson came into the game hitting 244 the year was two for six yesterday. It's outside two balls and one strike. This makes things a little easier on my steel part Butler now now that it's ten to three. As far as who you pitch from here on out. Jackson fights one off in his hands thousand active discreet little more. Who you want instead of thinking dictating and throw. If not over yet but seven in little more creative. Into the count to go to Alex Jackson is still only one out in this inning. And he found a fastball straight back to keep that attitude. Packers last night in there eight to four win heading. Four run inning with five hits a three run inning with five hits. Today they've scored two runs on four hits in the second four runs on four hits in the fifth and so far. Four runs on four hits here is the sixth and Jackson gets another hit hard grounder. That left in the second baseman and right field. So if I hit innings for Wichita State. Five hits off Smith into 13 of an and it. This is our guest is one of the reasons why don't shoulder on Wichita State. You know that guy that they threw yesterday Jonathan ball and had to. It's dame where he struck out eighteen and didn't walk any. Against one of the best teams in the league. Soccer's knocked him around you laughed and path that this. And then you've got Alex Smith who's had very good year. How the bullpen the guys out there now he's giving up six hits in four runs already. And only got one out. They lit up Hunter Smith non that a 255 ERA for sixty innings having. Known as load cat's feet. That was they left on left base hit for Alex Jackson by the way that's the one for one little RBI single that a trip to the mound by respite nickel. I think he. Kind of wants to stay with Alex Smith at least for this one more hitter you got a left handed swinger up there and he's gonna. Hustle back to the dugout Lieberman. Only out in the inning a foul pop up through the first baseman by. Noble people know it well. Sitting at the singles by Ridder Janice stick and Jackson a double lecture outline and two run homer by croft. One old account to ticket patsy. Alex this pitch fastball down this low to enough. Wonder if they'll try to squeeze one more out of precedents may. Could if you wanted I think so. He's thrown. That's ninety pitches. And maybe borderline and over to first base Jackson back standing up and up to me but expecting one more out of the fees are thrown ninety pitches that. Seven run cushion from new to want now. Yeah but got it right at ninety through five innings. To go the kept casting notice throw to first base and a balk. Alex Smith getting a little frustrated. Arguing it a little bit the first base umpire I guess these act calling the block on the pick the person Alex Jackson. Down to second still with only one out of the inning. Well number seventeen. Permit the staff this year that Alex Smith's first. Might lead the nation that's and how to box. To know the captain Nancy. Nine different guys that have blocked at least we'll hooks. And it popped back out play two balls and one strike. Shocker at four blocks. Kilgore blocked twice. Lawyer and Keller wants. Memphis has nine. Different guys with at least one. Actually hit his first home run yesterday he almost hit a second that was against the left handers that does seem to see how it fares against Smith here two on. This is high. And it's three and one he hasn't had that he would bats against left handers at any point shocker career but particularly lately. Man Alex Smith is really laboring here six. One out Alex Jackson at second base four rounds of crossed the plate in the inning attackers lead ten to three. Fastball pop back now. Now record coming back and runs out of room all trickles down the screen that was close enough that Smith was already pay go back if I see it he didn't see it first. You know our laws. Three to an outcast everything's kind of been up. Yeah those two that he has swung at he spent under just a little bit and fouled straight back. Three balls two strikes. Alex Smith. Ready to go to his pitch. Fastball low and outside cats who draws the walk. And six of the seven hitters come up here and getting your reach safely that's gonna do it. And his spirit showed rock that hit coach from Memphis on his way to the mound once again to make it to the pitching change. We'll break away from all the attackers have taken their lead up to ten to three now the sixth inning kept him head on with one out when we come back. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament Tynes 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control of your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com United Healthcare. Service is not available for all plants. It's this. Come sport. Today for the tigers. Then it has made a team high 45 appearances including this one. 35 innings 32 hits well walked 35 strikeouts three of three. They three point 60. ERA so he's been one of their best out of the bullpen kind of a setup guy or middle innings guy for the most part. Two and a third hitless scoreless innings at to blame last Sunday. And picked up the win in relief is that what he has picked scoreless ball in six of his last eight appearances. Totaling thirteen innings. In the attitude outings against USF and Belmont. He has given up four runs on six hits in an inning and a third so easy to get really or just hasn't had enough a couple of occasions. Facing Travis young. With runners at first and second one out. More runs home for the soccer's in the sixth. Wichita State scored two runs in the second. And then Memphis had a three run third to take the lead. It's accurate sense comes storming back in their last couple of it that's four runs in the fifth going front six to 34 more here at the six. Make it ten to three at this point with Jackson's second yet he at first too fast routers that one out. And the batter Travis Yahoo! certainly having letting his good days to for three with a single a double two runs batted it. And the double came within practically inches of being a home run to deepest rights that are. At a steps in from the right side. Like that it ready to work. And it turns toward second. The guy that soccer's face yesterday Jonathan bullet listed at 626. And 262. Then at 63 to 39 but then it actually looks a little closer to the 26 Stephen Bowen did he is a big deal it. First pitch beyond his fastball hide the ball on. Travis young started this game at 248. He has pushed his average. Close to 260 by starting at two for three on the day. One out. Yet weld electing a left fielder Williams gone back still going back gives off the fence on a short top. Around as it catch you over to third holes there it's a double for Travis on its second double of the game. It's third runs batted in its eleven to three Wichita State. It's some kind of comfort level played in the and then he is squared up the last few balls won the opposite field when you pull side. He shot 360 mark in left center field. Five runs and a third of an inning off Alex Smith and he's still responsible for pets via third. Better trade Vickers is two for three on the day with a double a single grounded out to short is last Obama. First pitch to him it's out of their rights and out of play. Stickers that ninth man to bat in the I think there's still only one out. Now a five run sixth. For the Schumacher's. Blake then it facing his second hitter. And Vickers is lifted into center field. Web setting up to make the catch and throw here comes Nazi tactics drops throughout the plate but that in time. Yeah have really has a strong arm out there. Had a big play yesterday when he threw out. Trade Vickers at the plate with the potential go ahead run in the ninth inning in game one that was as stronger stronger throw right there but just not quite done. That's because really run tagged scored two sack fly for Vickers it's twelve to mystery Wichita State to not now. Amniotic. One last run charged for Alex Smith news. But don't force six runs and a third of an innings this season just got dumped one inning than. Luke Ritter up for the second time in the inning takes a strike he started it all. It was a slow roller towards third that he beat out for infield single. Travis young still at second base of the last runner out there with two out in the inning. And it along holding don't want this is low and outside gifts underneath the catcher just a little bit young gets a break it goes to third on the play. Would be a wild pitch record was able to slow it down the didn't completely stop it rolled between his legs. Travis yacht over to third with two out count one and one now to Lou Ritter. Luke has two infield hits in the game two for four. And it's pitch. And it's a strike at today's 12. Packers with seventeen hits in this game. That are hard to the right side the second baseman haven't slide but it's finding the right field for a base hit. I dislike headed off to shallow right field but it was already by him Ritter with his third hit drives in another run as Travis young scores. And it is thirteen to three Wichita State. There's a ten run rule after seven. Stern reminder others. Didn't know that. It seemingly changes everything in the center ethnically at fifteen in the opener and then. The final game that's different is that yeah. Bounces around. Here's grace in Afghanistan. Needless one pioneer to shallow left field shortstop and third baseman out shortstop kayaks and it he had thought he did Brooks couldn't hang on to edit may have hurt himself a little bit some miracle. Over a third on the play Lew Ritter. Brooks made a heck of an effort we really got its hand and arm kind of tucked under him as he slid. Try to make that catch it's a bloop single for Janice. What a nightmare for Memphis in the inning. And him fine now. Bolt was the easiest one found out the first baseman. Vickers had a sacrifice fly everybody else has reached. Ritter against every twice and here's bump for the second time it. But that these updated your best hitter all at all into making to our outlook and have. In the seventh spot there. Thirteen to 31 and third two out. And it stitched at home is a strike on the outside court. Seven runs on eight hits so far in this inning. Always two for four in the game with a single and a double. 01. I've applied all the right field should be cut vote either right fielder moving in Florida and makes the catch to end the innings and Alex evolved. Makes two of three outs in the inning his attackers sent twelve men to the plate they scored seven runs on eight hits. And we go to the bottom of the sixth with Wichita State leading thirteen. History. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids off Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com United Healthcare. This is not available for plants. This is due instead. Join us morning right here on cape end as fast. It will. Ninety pitches behind. Yeah allowed three runs on seven hits. And he has now a thirteen to three lead and it's shot it's just put seven on the board in the top of the sixth. The facing John Rocker Vince Brooks and Carlos Williams in the six from Memphis. Packers. Moving closer to clinching the seventh seed for next week's American conference tournament they have to win this game. Ten run lead down the bottom of the sixth inning. So ably. Gave up all the runs he allowed in a three run. Third inning having walked two and adding two of the three that he's given up that got him in trouble with two body had two on and had given up one run and then walked a couple loaded up gave up to two run single. Other than that he has been pretty sharp through the other four of his first five innings. Hasn't that been much trouble other than that one inning Josh worker is one for two. And the one was a fly ball to right that date and did not lost in the sun it's all right decided scored as a base hit little swim off the end of the bat for strike one to record. Broker the map this catcher making his first start in the three game series today came into the hitting to thirty. In addition to hitting it a little soft liner to. Raiders' second you'd gotten through Thursday the ball well hit for the gap in left center that's gonna fall for a base hit. Have a snap over to get a record makes it turn it holds up with a single. Eight hit for Memphis. And one of the most solid today record to retrieve it. Then Brooks who has threatened third and struck out it means to that Mets have fun. Brooks a freshman from good blitz bill Tennessee. Came into the game at 202. Whispers to him in his line toward right field that's the basic political currents down client they could cast lead. And back to back solid singles from Memphis here in the sixth. Gotta love that it hear from good looks billion got to think that's a pretty small town I'm. I guess that it is when he said. Deal was never. Activity at the shocker hand. Two on nobody out Carlos Williams is one for two of the law. The one that Hitler isn't. Well struck double to deep right center back in the third inning. Stay at least first pitch to him to breaking ball low. Carlos Williams won for two today 3411. In the series. But she's not a state building 813 to three lead as Memphis that's in the bottom of the sixth. Stately ready. 10 outside two balls no strikes. Don't crop sketching for the shocker today. That are outlined getting the DHQ his legs little bit of rest. It comes Todd Butler so that may do it clears innately. Laboring a little bit here to start to sixty thrown 95 pitches. Looks like we'll get a change. That. So ably. Worked his way through kind of a tough third inning gives the shocker is five innings and go on and I'm sure they would have said yeah we'll take that he got. You bet he's a nice job. Click on Maginnis is gonna get it. Tune up inning here in the sixth toast lately accidents. And taking over for the 20 count on the hitter beat clay McGuinness. It's looking more and more like this backers will not play Tuesday but will play Wednesday in the tournament which means that they could go with Cody Hoyer is the starter won't need to throw Maginnis in that first game start. Although he could still be a starter later in the tournament. And so it's chain said today really more of this kind of a tune that stay sharp eye at the beginning getting just little bit of work. Likely one maybe two at the most. The Guinness making his 32 appearance of the year to go with a four point 78 ERA for 32 things. He has been. Very good most of the time it is just had that occasional bad addict that is it that he RAF there a third of an inning against K state on Tuesday. Give up a hit and two walks and was charged with a run of his last two appearances. Against USF and Kansas State he's faced seven hitters only retired one of them giving up four hits. And two walks and four runs so that's one of the reasons it liking it it'll work today if you have a little success get a good frame of mind going. Well. No matter what when you go good or bad innings right now are for the greater good. Can. You just. Get as many as you're asked to get. Lara looks feels. And just get through this and obviously like to. Get out of this inning tack on a few more the next inning. Get out of here for good the little bit. Further down the road nestled. He inherits a two on nobody out situation and 820 count on the hitter. Carlos Williams is that hitter and he's ready to step back here that's because this is ready to go. By the way one bit of baseball scoring rules everything. That Williams does as far as putting the ball in play is to get this is responsibility. If you were to finish off a walk to him that would be charged just natively at this. Peter has to ball count or more. The relief pitcher takes over that watch it the walk goes to the guy who started the camp. 20 is in there for a strike a good breaking ball inside corner two at one. The film is neatly couldn't have given up nine hits four walks and win this could easily have there at the yeah that's possible. Two balls and strike. Megan's parents saving one of those walks. And the pitch data to chase off the plate and students do. One at London's well outside two balls and two respectively. Rucker and Brooks the 89 hole hitters are bored with back to back singles here in the sixth that it. The shocker lead thirteen to three. Spirits but to get us. And pitch and popped out let's side foul territory out of play. Well. Below zero. And after it looked like he was gonna throw his glove that he was disappointed he had a chance to catch and it's like the year with a two balls two strikes. I see a couple of facilities guys down there by the barrier. What I was talking to home plate umpire in between innings Paris thought there might be lightning in the area that's the only reason I think. Already tried to throw a breaking ball that didn't really snap that it hitting middle left shoulder. There are loaded up that is Maginnis is responsibility. The bases loaded with nobody out. That was just simply an intended breaking ball that didn't do anything that stay right at it. Things that KL Harriman. The first guy you choose to face with the bases loaded. In his two for three on the day with a pair of singles. Retired wants on account backers of the picture. Good series five for twelve against shot here's. Mcginnis into the stretch the first pitch to him and his fastball inside the ball one. Soccer's and I hit Memphis in nineteen tonight lead thirteen to three that Memphis threatening here in the sixth with the bases loaded nobody out. One I told batted now outside first. Those of you may have just accidentally tuned in wondered what soccer is still doing playing baseball at 6 o'clock. He games scheduled to start at 1 o'clock delayed until 330 by a downpour here is shortly before the original game time. Took awhile to get the field back in shape as they were able to put the TARP on. 11 broke the Guinness tap fell off the the plate and that's one and two to kill him. Collection of baseball is being run out to plate umpire John mile ski. Tenement. Ready to go from the left side once again he's a little hole what into. Hard to put away I was shocked you've done a few times that he's tough strikeout. And I calls times Guinness lose little slow for his liking. Bases loaded nobody out in the bottom of the sixth for Memphis. It is ready here's his pitch missed in the dirt. Plot but no outcrop two balls two strikes. That this. Came into this series hitting 193. In conference play. Averaging. Less than seven hits per game they've now had exactly nine hits in each of the three games. Only in the sixth inning of this. Two balls two strikes. It is steals and getting up. In Canada fastball it just drops it minute heat with a fastball and he any minute right leg. And obviously it was painful. Mean yes obviously he's overthrowing. He is still down on all fours Michael Steele headed to the man to. Tucked his picture. The Guinness as commander in plucked two guys in a row. Enemy gets credit for around bad idea of them. Not one you'll remember fondly he's obviously it's pain. Makes it thirteen to four still nobody out. Appears to have been. May be right around the ankle that's why it's a pain. I don't know says novels a lot needs. Where. He's 43 down in the lower part of his legs. And an option bonus the ankle. And it hit flush. Trader walking whether it down the first baseline he has really limping. And coach Gary Shaw I'm a little bit Elway in the world that you are big deal maker faces that he's no better off that he can barely putting weight on his right leg. So this is kind of regrettable beginning of the inning for save Lin Maginnis couple hits couple hit batters. Runaway game. Charters as I get out right now. I don't know. What direction it tends to move from here but I think it's candlelight in Kansas were the stuff sentenced to move through for of this. South and southwest were looking out over center field. Toward the northeast and there are lots of heavy clouds and rain looking clouds out of that direction. There have been really for the whole game beyond center field and then. Kind of dark out there. And okay behind us or to ourselves. And southwest it. It's still enough threatening clouds around to keep the facilities people on high alert. Elements trying to. Jogging off and he's bound and determined famous game. And he will continue to. He's still in some discomfort. You can stand there at least from the bases about go out to the field next step. Bettors Tyler Webb. As we resume play bases loaded still nobody out to soccer's leading thirteen before. In the bottom of the sixth Webb is over three in this one. Grounded to third to start a force play popped to short now that the veteran outstanding catch by no crop. Against his first pitch that web. Fastball low for ball one. Other activity of a shocker bullpen at the moment. Mcginnis facing his third hitter. 10. Ground ball fouled out of a lot lighter through the coaching box one ball one strike. At this finishing its season today. Shaq who's finishing out their regular season schedule. For moving on to Clearwater for next week's conference tournament. One ball one strike. And pitch. A fly ball left center field about medium depth young the center fielder comes in makes the catch runner at third tagging out will throw to third hole the other runners at first and second. So it's a sacrifice fly from way out that's the first out of the inning. And that closes the book on pressed its ably as the two runs runners that he gave up on the hits both have scored. Those these the last ones charged him with his totals of five innings nine hits five runs three walks three strikeouts. One out runners at first to second Kyle elect the first baseman. As an infield single foul pop up to first and a ground ball to short. That time called you know. They're gonna get him but I and is not able to. It's a nice and you got to give credit to catch he wanted to stay and that he's just hurt too much really do much of anything. While ball running four or is it. Taylor Bobo a senior left handed pitchers the pinch runner I can't imagine you play shortstop or second base that. He is going to run. First and second one out the last game of the year. The thing is that quite a bit of a couple innings at second base level everything amazed at like that idea attitude good breaking ball but a little bit high. To alert for ball one. We might have to worry about it this the banking dark clouds keeps. Inching closer to FedEx park. The game is official if they're unable to continue and I would think they'll. Wait too long to decide if it really starts raining yet. Fouled straight back or they're on or their lightning delays which is even worse you know. Kilgore is throwing now the shocker bullpen. First and second one out of 11 captain Kyle left. The shocker hitters would like to finish this inning so that that if it doesn't end here at the stats from the top of the inning we'll count. Guys that's good at bats that inning. 11 and now it ought to catcher's glove writers who left the second and third wild pitch. Likely mcginnis. So far this hasn't been exactly eight. Fine tuning in tomorrow for him for next week no it's not it's been a struggle and all over the place. Few balls and one strike to elect who has three runs batted in yesterday's double headers so far today an infield single pop up. And a ground ball to the short stuff. Hackers will stay at normal definitely thirteen defiantly. In the sixth. It is his pitch a strike on the outside corner it's to have to. It does appear it does those dark clouds. Moving our direction we get two more outs I think we've don't always think that here at the honestly. Stretch but Maginnis at the pit. Fly ball right field toward the line on the move Caspian to foul territory and can't quite get it and things in the sense that he's a cat thinking. He's toppling just a little but I think he realized defense was spared chest as he got to that put on the brakes just enough that he didn't hit it quite full force. They have. Slid his leg into editors put under a little bit he's walking a little bit gingerly as it goes back to his. Position. Chain link fence with a wind screen on it that says Memphis Tigers so. The fact it is a chain link is playing in his favor although he's. He still hobbling so now all of sudden we can get the news any of us and they hurt themselves. And the wind is starting to pick up. And the temperatures start to drop. And it anybody that's. Out from underneath the awning. Better take cover and Kayla for Wichita State the head athletic trainer. That's the that's not OK he's. Hobbling. And here comes the rain the wind really pick it up it is. Alien from Satterfield and senator cats she's not taken a seat. And the home plate umpires. Making some signals. The press box people are securing we've got all kinds of crazy activity now looks like that's fees. Good about the game to backer who's gonna go yet plays catch. Outside the third base dug out. Boyd. Her Nikki throughout boys and the. Lots going on right now it starts to Florida bank missile and after five. Ritter's gonna lose to hit Janice's lose two hits for outlined a two run double croft lose a home run. Just need to go ahead get these two got to complete this and it. Factor out there now. And I think the whole plate umpire very well where all that they have got to do it you can't try to get a couple of out. And left. Which doctors get it taken care of and then. The United States will reevaluate. It. The American flag there's one pretty much straight in now. Al let the hitter has account of two and two runners at second and third one out. It is the pitch line toward right field have an artist backward fast incredibly for a base hit. They'll run scores it's thirteen to six which. Cutters at first and third that so let's fourth run batted in of the series. Still only one out that run its charge to Clayton Maginnis. He has faced poorly retired Juan and that was a sacrifice fly here comes Todd Butler that's. Short sleep batting practice sure that he's wearing it got a little bit of policy institute its. Blow it like a flag itself is human Kilgore hits in from the left field bullpen. So mcginnis we'll get credit for a third of an inning. Hit two batters given up they get charged with won't run so far. The world beat him to face that poking your pinch hitter. It's soccer's scored seven runs in the top of the sixth attitude. This clearly is thirteen to three and it come right back you've given up three at the bottom half it's thirteen to six. The darkest clouds and let's seems to be the obvious weather threat has been out beyond center field and it seems to be moving this way would he seemed to win certainly changing blow the direction clouds are moving around it's usually. Moving toward finishing city's huge flag in center field it's comfortable the one on the Becker memorial right fielder next stadium that. So it takes pretty good win the movement that it was hanging pretty much straight down at times it's almost standing straight out toward us coming in center field. Now the darkest stuff that looks like it's. Least for now blowing around in May begin on this guy but that doesn't mean there's not lightning in the area. The umpires have nothing to do with. Determining whether we play on whether it's lightning in the area that's taken completely out their hands. So like is that you just want if you would you trust they get a couple of bouts. And move on to the next half inning and let the weather do whatever it. The umpires part in the decision at once it starts raining or whatever then it's up to them to decide whether to stop the game because it's becoming. Dangerous for the players to continue the ball's getting too slippery the field is slippery and and players but I heard via. And then they also have a handed deciding whether they whether we could start again out of it looks like they can't get good field and to include playing conditions. But facilities and administrator. Guys and gals that have little hand held things and determine lightning strikes they're the ones with the hammer when it comes and the rulers of this news. College Baseball lives once they make that call it's a mandatory thirty minute wait for you than anything else. So yeah you know that's how this all started 1215. There was lightning in the area. And of course. 1215 plus thirty minutes is still 1245 but we were technically that delay before we even started or even tried to 1 o'clock. Here's nick bogey one for two little walk facing Kelyn killed gorgeous first pitches to strike fastball away. Bogeyed two for seven in the series to left on left matchup for Kilgore is making his 23 appearance three and one. The three point 16 ERA for 31 and a third inning. Redshirt sophomore from Wichita heights. A lot of big breaking ball just missed inside one ball one strike. There is a double play possibility for the shot through with. Rhetoric first runner at third. One out of the inning. 11 from Kilgore fastball fouled straight back and wanted to. Sometimes. Rain will add to humidity of course that. It seems like it's at least fronts that move through it's really cool things off a little bit temporarily. One ball two strikes. And the pitch big curve ball hitting. Crazy on the right side bases loaded thirty hit batter of the inning. I shot pitchers. And it brings out Alex Alex trial on who has their best power hitter. Is seven home runs are for more than anybody else on the team. Right handed hitter now facing a lefty Kilgore. Bases loaded one out soccer's leading thirteen to six. In the six assists. Starting a little longer now unless Kilgore commute out here. It pitches fouled straight back for strike one. Now granted Memphis going up they're free and easy when they care for the first two guys came up guy gets down thirteen to three but then. The next four guys that are reached have been hit. My shocker pitchers so. Wichita State is kind of cracked the door open for the tigers. Hello all for too little walk today is two for ten in the series and he pops this one up. It's back toward the screen crock of of that scandal it'll help push it out of play. And the captives only two. No across made a heck of a play on a foul pop. Back in the fourth inning but Tyler Webb. Running it actually almost spreading back towards the backstop backhanded running catch it jumped into the vetting. Held onto it. No balls two strikes to Alex grow up. Tell us off or returning starter from the year ago. Kelyn Kilgore facing his second hitter. 02. Pop up. Fair territory now south territory there or Bayside Vickers calls up all that makes the catch and now territory for the second out. We and playing without one and it was not an easy play the Vickers held on for the out. Two down Kyle O'Keefe coming out. There's actually little. Sliver of light on the field coming from somewhere there's practically clouds behind this. How low key one for three had a two run single to right in the third that gave Memphis the lead at the time three to two. These 214 and in the series with four strikeouts. Of course first pitch to him as a breaking ball low. O'Keefe is the ninth man to back in the attic for Memphis. If scored three runs on three hits with the help of three hit batters and a sacrifice fly. The bases are loaded with two out. 10. I fly ball left center field Jackson on the move young's gonna call it off the center fielder makes the catch of the jackets make it through the sixth inning. And get it completed three runs on three hits for Memphis after six Packers thirteen and the tigers six. 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Chris past Sammy and he Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a stumble. Enjoy your weekend mornings and night right here on. Bonus this time. Think you're scoreboard update justify has won the preakness. Two steps forward Triple Crown. Doctors come up in the seventh. Better Trout lines leading up got to find croft and Jackson for Wichita State. Not leaders gave some kind of wind up to the plate umpire Joseph miles. Like that it on the mound for Memphis their fourth picture of today get credit for two thirds of an inning. In the sixth. Better try outlined today one for two officially with a double as last time up also as a walk and a sacrifice flies driven in three runs. Four for nine in the series. With two doubles and a triple. That its first pitch to him is the strike it that he didn't want to throw us now playing shortstop. Is. That. Move. The shortstop Brooks over the second tenement. Exited. Hitters strike cost Taylor Bobo doesn't stay in place. In the field. That takes away their PH. The thrill of playing shortstop. They'll Boston's thanks to get her Trout line. Then it's pitch in the dirt won in two. Right hander in the stretch. 12 pitch. Slice fouled another writes I don't play. Wichita State thirteen runs on nineteen hits. Yes it's right up there among their. Best outings of the year. Onto a candidate there too and you. Backers had twenty hits. In that series opener at ECU. And this is their second most of the year they've had seven team three times. Nineteen hits their second half of the season just need one more as the game continues to match their best of the year. Outline takes low. And it's all the way forward three and two. The musical Neil. The latest to get loose cannon right field in Memphis. Three balls two strikes to got to try outline. And it's pitch that are hits it high in the air right field drifting toward the right fielder bogey waiting for it and makes the catch them yet. Wind flies out to start the seventh or bring up though croft. No two for four in this when he was two for four to start yesterday in the first game. His last two times a passive RBI single a two run homer so two for four with three runs batted in two runs scored. Now with two home runs eleven runs that in the end it 59 at bats for the season. Takes the first pitch low and outside. Ridder's three for fine on the day Grayson Genesis three for four with a walk. Alan Ball is two for five. Outlined officially won for three. There's little roller sports second charging is Brooke's little flip to first for the second half. Chipped it down to the factories in the seventh north product not two for five. It just goes one for two Alex Jackson his replacement one for two rusty Dina was over two cats he was one for one with a walk. And I did backers playing and that's not track this young threw for four with a couple of doubles. Trade Vickers two for three with a sac flies that's been everybody up and down the order getting in the act today. At times called they're gonna COLT the only. Left hander Neal has played it right field into the games of the series one as a starter one off the bench. He's only been in three games as a pitcher. Three or 43. And he pitched last weekend at Tulane. Making his first pitching appearance since late February. In the past. You know last year as a freshman was more of a two way god made seventeen appearances that was actually two years ago. And a 3.4 seven ERA for 43 experience. And 88 appearances last year. Four point 38 for twelve in the third so far this season it's only pitched four innings giving up. Three runs on three hits and five walks with four strikeouts is an RA six point 75. By getting two outs in the inning like that it. Those one and a third. So called Leo becomes the fifth pitcher today. For Memphis. In the seventh Wichita State leading thirteen to six shots except that it nobody on. Left handed hitting Alex Jackson will be coming up there. O Neil completing his warmup tosses. Alex Jackson. Is one for two minutes yet is less than came off of a left hander Alex Smith. Thirteen nineteen and O for Wichita State six handed out the line. For Memphis. And the darkest of those clouds seemed to be blowing right in here McCain's credit he asked. Around this little bit still lots of clouds out there of the darkest depths. Not on the horizon at the moment. So here is Alex Jackson won for two. In the ball game. And 348 in this series. Bases empty two out top of the seventh. Alex in the box ready to go call Neal. Into the line did his first pitch fastball inside. Alex grounded to second on his first and then after winning the game of the fifth. Signaled his last night about the schoolwork picks that went outside to and a field a couple of fastballs. Mid eighties. 20 fastball fell back to. The street. Should Jackson get on Josh get back here we'll get his first plate appearance of the game. 21. Inside three balls and strike. Doctors scored two in the second. That this got three in the third soccer's for the fifth seven in the sixth and Jackson thousand back to the backstop the three into. That this had its second three run inning in the bottom of the sixth. Again it is thirteen to six Wichita State in the top of the seventh. News plant baseball's provided the plate umpire it Jackson back in 32 pitch. Bounce straight back. Alex out of the box reduced the moment. Back here. Colonial is 32 count on negative lefty exit deals. Fastball hammered into center field where it's got a company won't get there it's basic for Jackson. But it that's relics Jackson worked the count full fouled off the couple land line to hit in the center nearly stupid tree on the day. That matches the shot here's how I hit total of the season now have twenty in the book game. And Josh to backer will bat for the first time. Just entered the game in the bottom of the sixth or Jacob cats the right field after Katz appeared to hurt his foot or lower leg going into the Cheney like stance in foul territory trying to run down of south libel. It goes Jackson pitches low throw down almost hit the picture in the face of Jackson's steals second. Very easily. Pitch was inside to the backers. One ball in those strikes. And I say strike that's not Dellums out of the zone but no balls one strike. Backer one for four at yesterday's doubleheader going one for three of the second game with a walk and a run scored. I should city to 67. In 45 at bats this season has nine runs batted in. They sit here to get another one in Jackson at second base with two out. Pitches a breaking ball low and outside now it's 11. Packers won for three of the second game yesterday. But it may twelfth for his last 35 after starting the season oh for tenths of a 343. Pace since that bad start low and outside of the fastball to that one. Should the backer get on that deal left hander has. Thatcher right handers coming up after that young and Vickers. And then even Ridder if it goes that far. 21. I fly ball left Williams. Looting under toward the allied now running markers that we had groups that little bit let's get to the is it the seventh get no runs on one yet Jackson's rated second dead after six and a half still thirteen to six Wichita State. When it comes to driving drunk they're the everyday adventures then there are pretty jobs and another. Yeah jobs she'll be offers the right trust between myself from Colorado to Silverado 15100 and Silverado HD. From the family of the most dependable longest lasting full size pickups on the road. So from the week. Ventures to the really big job. You can count Chevy trucks to see your hometown city. Dependability based on Tuesday night until it's a people's history of registrations the word in this story I. Story the story of Korea is found in the water in history history. Happening happening with the North Korea story. Happening in history. Winning any wrong. Stories happening. Employment at excellent stories that make. Are sold every day this. An SS. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet. Every week they had to default have. Happening right here on CNN center. Billboard at last. Outs of the sick. You'll now face Josh record then drugs and Carlos Williams. As go to the bottom of the seventh. Plus state leaving it thirteen to six. He'll gore faces three men in the sixth hit the first one but then got a pop up and a fly ball to finish off the inning. Cache record catcher will lead it off these two for three in the ball game. Memphis with ten hits in this went nine and each of the first two games of the series. Parker started this game is at 230 hitter on a year. Of course for his Pittston fastball bounce straight back for strike one. Just to update you it is still overcast here at the ballpark. Just appear to be as much of an imminent threat of rain as we had for a few minutes back in the sixth that. A lot of breaking ball swung on and there's no balls two strikes. Pressed it safely still stands to be the winner shocker stay in front in this game he went five innings. Doctors were in the lead when he departed. To account. And the pitch. That it is very. Late signal but miles deep but it obviously. Record knew what the call was he started toward the dugout so Kilgore gets record looking to start the seventh. As only the fourth strikeout. I shocker pitchers in this game which is. Pretty get usually averaged nine point three per nine innings. Here's Ben Brooks who started the game at shortstop now playing second base signaled his last time buffet is now one for three on today takes outside for ball one. Slackers in yesterday's double header struck out eighteen. And seventeen and two thirds innings in the two games. When all those strikes. Of course they lifted now to the right of home plate 11. Alec trauma. Is batting sixth in the order. Cahill had a man who left the game. Was batting second and made moves Charlie into the line out. And so the picture we'll have to bat in the number two spot in the batting order picked tourists pinch hitter here's another fouled the right of home plate it's one and two. That's just a couple more hitters. Through the lineup after Brooks here. Both cold meals stays in there it would make a little. Many levels Louisiana Brea here as c.'s. Most of the time position player. And thought about that. That was just outside two balls two strikes. Yeah true although of Wichita State knocked him around a little bit in gate and then come up here in seventh then. A real move would have community. It may not be part of the reason they've brought in Finland they did maybe so. YouTube breaking ball slapped now passed there. Now holding a two balls two strikes. A lot of base hits in this 132. Thirds and up by Wichita State. Actually thirteen to six. When out nobody on for Memphis in the bottom of the seventh. Hewlett Kilgore attitude to the Brooks and just missed the outside corner three and two. Stuck if you heard this already but. Two lane rained out at Central Florida game canceled. 32 pitch out of the right out of play again. What that means is if Wichita State goes on to win this game they will be the seventh seeded next week's turn but they would essentially be tied with to blame. Elaine has finished ninth fourteen shot is of the wind would be 914 and one that figures that the same percentage. The shot he's won two of three had to hit it to better out there right. No gorgeous keeps coming out Brooks then Brooks is now several. Of the right of home plates keep the count going. Agreements and vaccines clock just pop them up foul back over the screen. Halfway between home of the first base dugout. But. Phil Gordon need to keep this. McMurray playoff. 32 again threw a breaking ball and got me looking got the call the outside world war via the so on something else. Two straight strikeouts and innings repealing Kilgore both looking. And it brings that Carlos Williams it's not the orders. Williams is one for two with a double and has walked. And they hit clap yet so he's been on three out of four times that he has scored two runs. It eight to 73 of the series on three for eleven. Do not bases empty. You know of course pitch fastball hit hard to left field looking toward the line and foul off the top of the fence. He has hit two bombs down that way that have both been fell one got out of the park it that would hit the top of the fit right at the top of the fence in south near earth. Again this guy doesn't have a home run all year that. Obviously has a little power at least that he could turn on one little early. The balls one strike. Bases empty with two outs healing Kilgore. Bidding for a 123 inning that has not happened today. Fastball for a called strike at its own to. Not for shocker pitch. And Wichita State has not been down in order either. No balls two strikes. And at times calls. Williams. A little something in his spikes at the ticket they're a little bit. That in the bucks. 02. In the year to left field seminar. Air's accident at a left the other gets sort of make the catch. All was that I have as high that it was dying fast and Jackson runs it down a 123 innings for humans killed or. In the bottom of the seventh we go to the eight the story remains Wichita State thirteen Matt. This six. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. I'm. Laryngitis. 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Get weather stations. 987 and thirteen thirty K in excess. I'm in the eighth inning airing an investment to die state having the madness Travis young will be happy it's great thinkers. And look rhetoric gets left hander Fulton the only place to live in the seventh gave up they hit. Got to fly ball up. Deal with that picture of the game for Memphis. Travis young three for four with a pair of doubles. And three runs batted in also scored twice. First pitch fastball high affable one. Travis younger right handed hitter facing a lefthander. And the first three guys come up in the getting to the suckers you hit from the right side. I wanna drifts outside two balls in those strengths that this does have a right hander. Up in the bullpen. 20 on the way. Yeah and swings and misses it a fastball to that one. At its Xeon three runs batted in his career high four. On three different occasions the house that went off the plate. And it's two inches. Two doubles and game for the second time this year. Back on the 24 April. With four out of five with a pair of doubles against Kansas. I'll say four hit game of the final game and you can't series went four for four. YouTube outside street to mention that since he has. Three today. When you get today go on he has a that's enough to me. Three to slice the right field and just now not just now look now but maybe six or seven feet. You know holds three and do. Joshua shear is the right hander loosening from Memphis. If and when he comes in that beat tiger picture number six. It's duty on the pitch fastball fouled off the plate. He's fouled off a pair of 32 pitches. This will be pitched number eight. And his deal with Colton Neil Neil also had a long duel with the first hitter he faced Alex Jackson Jackson finally singled up the middle. Slackers matching their season high with twenty hits today. 32 young south of there and again. Played up her job miles he's had a tough time because supply baseball's. Do you glued driven toward right field pretty well hit the right fielder bogey go on backed turnaround to defense makes the catch that he had. Captaincy they keep its bid for another extra base hit just a little high carried almost all the way to the fence about this 350 mark that it's the first out of the inning. Not to trade Vickers whose two for three with a sac fly today. Double single ground ball to short sacrifice fly to center. 232 runs batted in. At the best series he's added a long time for for night in the three games here drives out 1000 the right side. Makers stepped out of the box for vomit back yet. Old time hit up the middle and whatnot but the short stuff. And over to first when it. This problem for the ball was well hit this one Lowell popped to shortstop. Knickers thrown out to them. Except Lew Ritter. Luke is three for five on the day to infield singles. And then finally drove one to the outfielders last time up and drove in around three for five today seven for thirteen. In this series. Respect of this at that high and outside three for five today it's got to put him. Close to 380 years so it conference like a half of the season. Fell back and it's what it was. Once he started hitting he just hasn't stopped he has them machine out there. 378. At the moment. In league play. Access fastball low and it stood at one. 72 hits on the season as well. After Eddie is nineteen games streak stopped he's hit in nine straight now takes that loads really wants 28. Of the last 29 games cities hit hitting 398 over those last 28 in the day pops this one up into shallow right field. Bogey drifting with the toward the lines right fielder makes the catch is that the other factors that would happen. For the first time today in the eighth that is go to the bottom of the eighth at Wichita State thirteenth man. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider to unleash yours mile per hour with delta dental. This marks the. Five right here on tape and as as. This case. Alex eagle eyed about the math Wichita State Department signaled that he started yesterday's second game. Yes that fine place. 121 pitches. In two thirds of an inning. Three batters gave up one hit and discharged to run that was just all over the place. He comes back dated Friday. Straighten things that a little bit regain a little mental balance going into next week's tournament he had been really good. His last several appearances prior to that outing yesterday in fact its last five outings kind of a third innings seven hits in just one run. Four walks in twelve strikeouts. Yesterday just out of character and he gets right back out there today if you try to get a little feel back be facing. COLT meal the pitcher. Or Memphis first pitch to him as a breaking ball in their for a called strike. Designer there that's what wasn't working yesterday. Neil is batting as the pitcher because they use the DH to move into the lineup that shortstop after injury there's popped up now back and how to play. The needle exchange pointed out is more of an outfielder that he is pitcher this year and he's sitting to 22. In 176 at bats. The balls two strikes me ill web that'll let it up for Memphis here in the eighth lakers' lead thirteen to six. Anti struck him out of a breaking ball down and away it's a good three pit sequence by Alex Segal to strike out Colton Neal start the eighth and. Six strikeouts aftershock pictures three of the last four hitters punched out by Hewlett Kilgore. And Alex he. Brings that Tyler where he is over three of the ball game ball for three with a sac lot. Right handed hitting center fielder for the tigers. So eagles' first pitch to him as a fastball on the outside corner for a called strike. After hitting the first batter he faced Hewlett Kilgore retired the last five that he pitched in an inning and two thirds. A lot. Fastball in and almost got to missed him and missed the inside corners one and one. Packers have a right hander up the double him. Siegel in the stretch what one pitch and honestly gonna miss them a breaking ball again and it's wanted to do. That long what's gonna look let's get loose. And I changed to validate at the big seven run inning Nick Cannon do whatever they want here with pitching get. A couple of guys will go to work. And be ready to go next week and yes did stay a lot of other breaking ball down tapped that in the spirit counts days want to do. Tyler Webb both for three today two for eleven. In the series at one hated each game at yesterday's doubleheader. One ball two strikes. The Eagles pitch bounced it in there that time two balls two strikes. Alex Siegel's numbers coming into today twelve appearances. No decisions or saves at three point 72 ERA for nineteen in the third only eleven hits it ten walks. And six hit batters with 27 strikeouts. In nineteen at third innings. And now it is just not the outside corner goes to 32 fastball tonight. 32 to Tyler Webb won out nobody on the bottom of the eighth from Memphis. 32 pitch struck him out off speed pitch down. And Siegel a struck out the fruits and then here in the eighth. It Dinah Washington says it best what is different today in an affair left with that. You know like glad to looking up back and help that after those first couple breaking balls that he just couldn't find yesterday. He's Johnson standings today. I'm glad that I had to look at that could not remember Diana Washington when I was a kid like that she wasn't the only one that. Saying the English rendition what different payment to you the most most things. Are you scout Ol let two for four on the day. It's low for a ball we'll let. Drove it around with a single in the sixty is six for twelve against the soccer's with four runs batted in three games. Two out nobody on a 10. At the outside corner for a called strike 11. So with those two stray cats. Siegel now has 39 strikeouts in 29 in the third innings. On the stretch the one want to add a swing and a miss that one dropped right off the table and it's one and two that'll let. A letter has only struck out one time in twelve at bats this weekend he averages one every. 3.3 years so it that's for the season. 12. It part of the middle ad buys victories at the center field for a base hit low liner to the left of the shortstop. It carries through this veteran outlet has had himself by the weekend against Wichita State pitching. Rendered first to out that bogey will come up. Yes the left against left wrist eagle bogey. One for two little walks and a hit by pitch in today's game. Went on to doctor Memphis in the eight attackers leading thirteen to six that's the eleventh hit for Memphis of the ball game. It. Go from the stretch delivers a fastball on the inside corner for a called strike. These kind of picking up a little bit again appears blowing in from center field not nearly as strong as it was back in the sixth. 01 breaking ball bounced past the map the second baseman raiders groups throws across his body and gets it first. So good ending for Alex secretly did give up that two out hit retires the other three and struck out two after eight. Wichita State thirteen Memphis six. Hello soccer nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carney Andrew 58 he won again and for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping his first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on yeah. Let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same. I promise. Its ease as the place to get claim this Sunday from the floor. Yeah join us for the twin peaks PG car wash to benefit the autorad vs foundation. All proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officers Stacey woods and and his son Braden officer Woodson and Braden were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27 helped twin peaks as we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks big city car wash this Sunday from noon to four at twenty speaks to. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seeing agent Brad wouldn't John dream which took place dusty cell or an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Jason please join us to become reality radio we now. I'm okay. Headed for the night. Wichita State leading thirteen to six in the final game of the regular season Grayson Janice deleted off of the shocker is an Alley Bowman cutter Trout lines COLT. They don't. He's pitched an inning and a third scoreless ball relief from Memphis that got to the mound. And left handers throws a strike on the inside corner Grayson Afghanistan. Grayson three for four today with a walk he has scored twice. He had one hit in yesterday's doubleheader this was fouled back got to play. And if so it too so now for for twelfth in the series. Soccer's a thirteen runs on twenty gets one more hit would be debut single game high for the season. Those two. Fastball outside deal set to doctors that in order in the eight the first time they had been retired 123 today. What to. Fastball low and outside and that's even. Did you pitch on the way and he chased one off the plate and strikes out that was low and outside in Genesis one edit. Strikes that the first out of the nine. For strikeouts for COLT Neil. And listen this one only three by the Memphis pitchers. They'll work today five of them at all. Alex like a pitching change that left him and defaced the lefthander Janice. The F bomb Trout line croft coming up in six sessions that are gonna go for a righthander here. Joshua sheer. This'll be his sixteenth appearance all out of the bullpen. And he's a tough year eleven innings. Eight hits thirteen walks. Ten earned runs fourteen strikeouts. So he's hardly yet but. He's. Missed the strike zone a fair amount. Times this year. Is last. Out it was a week ago yesterday. At some length. Got one out pitched a third of an inning and didn't give up they hit but he walked three. Of the four men that he faced and one of those runs scored. Prior to that here it's a 123 innings against UConn. As Chad mentioned is really struggled with his control. Most of his recent addicts hi walk totals. They say Alex almost one out of nobody on. Here another big right handers 6230. Junior from Hickory Kentucky. Transferred here from John Logan college John Logan college is right down the road from Southern Illinois University. Literally about thirty years of miles away. Completing his warmup pitches. Starting to look like we're gonna finish this well and given all the things that have transpired today that is. Almost amusing first. Major downpour early in the afternoon that. Delayed the start of it by two and a half hours it badly. Had a major threat. But look like is going to be a storm in the sixth inning and it editing the shot results that give themselves to possibly make it run rule gave them that went away at the bottom of the inning so. Vincent possibilities that this case would not go to nine several times and here we are in the ninth inning. It doesn't appear to be a real major threat of anything right now. Paxton Wallace. Is either just inaudible hander. Maybe the ninth inning belongs to him. Which gusted up seven at the moment. So that's usually entertaining. He's not boring that the here is Alec bomb he is two for five on the day adding it's a towering fly ball to right field slams the net debt bogey. Come and end calls not the second baseman make the pitch. Well he has had a busy day in right field. Two out of the inning better Trout line after he won the bogey is last time that he's liked to have twice what it was sacrifice fly. Gutters officially won for three. Plus a walk a sacrifice fly. Three runs batted in giving him 48 on the year. First pitch to him is strike on the outside corner. Joshua share the sixth picture of the day for Memphis. And balanced valve off the end of the bat it's with Leo and too. Could that nobody on the chapters in the ninth Memphis pitchers now retired the last six in a row. Soccer's lead thirteen to six. Cheered nods kicks and deals big breaking ball striking let's get swept all the way across play. Does not preclude out of order in the ninth skills Memphis fans hanging out enjoying it. After eight and a half which Packers lead the tigers thirteen to six. AJ's sports grill at Delhi thirteenth and green which rooting widgets on your new home for -- coaches shows you should check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger days of agents and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day don't you only in the excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here let it go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of minutes AG spores grow a gallon home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations and widgets on one and Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. 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We'll get a standing in the bottom of the ninth then this is an opportunity for him to get back at him kind of a low stress situation get a little work in before next week's conference turner but he made his first appearance. In eighteen days against Kansas State on Tuesday only ended up facing three hitters gave up two hits plus an error was committed behind it two runs scored one of them earned. Right that is last appearances have been at the University of Central Florida he's worked in fifteen games of the year eleven out of the bullpen. Wanted to with a four point 26 ERA. With 31 and two thirds innings of solid veteran guys certainly can get the shocker some innings especially if they stay around the turn it for a while next week that. Yeah haven't pitched for eighteen days takes awhile to get a little game sharpness that. Be facing Electra let Kyle O'Keefe and Josh Rucker in the bottom of the ninth for Memphis Wichita State leading thirteen to six. Throw all for three with a walk as he gets ready to leave. Throw a two for eleven in this series ask. Played shortstop in both games yesterday started as well as the DH and move to shortstop and hit him in the second baseman was hurt. It is extending the big shot down to third base line foul for strike one. Wichita State took the lead to two in the second but Memphis scored three in the third on front attackers and scored four in the fifth. For a six to three lead. And a seven inning outburst in the sixth but put it out of reach. They'll balls one strike. Well let's pitch. Breaking ball outside a bullet strikes. There's been a long day. It's not this doctors originally left the hotel coming your planning to play to finishing this one off. Breaking ball in their for a called strike and it's one and two on top of about 99 and a half hours here yesterday for the double header it's. We've seen a lot of FedEx part of Alaska lettuce. About eight and a half hours ago shock who's got the team bus and headed over here for the first time. One ball two strikes. Language pitch missed low and outside. Fellow Keith and record to three hitters due up in the inning all right handed hitters to face the righty condolence. Working from the stretch and the team to. Tech slang and either so Roy say did not go around I thought for sure that was straight through them and that was. Easy opportunity to bring it up then at first base but. Part in want to venom for Ellis hands went too far he his chest was basically. Out toward center field which leads you to believe that passed. Halfway as well. 32 breaking ball hit high in the air toward the left field corner a long run for Alex Jackson will get spirited stating here long enough plants that it is shocker bullpen. And the caps series three balls two strikes. That's listed all of the scoring in two adding to this 13 in the third. At three in the sixth. And it's relentless. I drive to left field deep Jackson go back heel in the wall not comes back here that makes the catch. That would guide short of the warning track all of flies out to start the night. For Ella thought that he got that one and the wind while not a huge factor wasn't in his favor. Kind of drifting in from left before we see a lot of guys give their best bolts not be able to get out of here from Memphis. Here is allocating funds for four today two for eleven. In the series is wanting today it was a two run single back in the third with two out that. Gave Memphis its lead at three to two. They stood. Strike on the Internet. So accurately it now thirteen to six with two outs to go at the bottom of the ninth. This win will move Wichita State into next week's tournament as the seventh seed in Clearwater. 01 outside the breaking ball 11. Stretched by Lott wants. 11 delivers you know hard on the ground one hop it Vickers a short takes his time throws prostitute out. Always hit right at trade Vickers the short stuff. So two out nobody on this one with the look for it at that and let's though. Josh Rucker. Potentially the last out of the game two for four on the day at a pair of singles. Doctors have had one. Previous 123 inning by Q and Kilgore in the seventh one what's the chance to do it here in the night. First pitch to record swung on and this good breaking ball nothing and I want. And it seems to have pretty good feel for his slider today. Their own at a lot. 01. Little tap up the first base line and add lot which gets it before you go Fallon tosses to first to end the ball game. Hugged the line about halfway between home plate and first base and kind of along with making the plight of the first baseman for a 1239. And attackers when the final game of the series thirteen to six. And capture their second conference series of the year two games to one. 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Mr. Omar delivery in your TV how I just stunned that it over there on you didn't have an impact you're not gonna look at my other equipment you didn't pay them enough don't you mean I paid good money for a new HDTV glad I didn't know service exactly. I said a gun at her teasing. TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and good service it's what we do all day long Catholic TV we've got our roots in which tot not to start branches. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita Aussie agent Gerald Amato. Chris past Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest home. Join us this morning. Anything Dennis back in Memphis where Wichita State has stated Memphis thirteen to six and eight rain delayed game that. Takes its dockers in the next week's tournament. As the seventh seeded the American conference Packers win the series two games to one with two planes rained out today. Soccer's type two lane at nine and fourteen. And soccer have the tiebreaker for the seventh seed based on taking two of three from Tulane. Head to head that this was a game with a shocker hitters really got going at that game meant certainly. Should go into next week's Florida with some feel good after the lettuce one events today. It's better. When the last two if you don't win two out of three especially against Memphis it was it didn't really disappointing first game of the doubleheader. On Friday where Wichita State could score much Rollins couldn't hold lead. And credit Memphis and they did what they had to do but they scored a couple late that steal it from checkers but since then shocker got 21 runs in the last two games and played more like we know they're capable of for sure. And one thing that. Has really kept us about it yesterday second game and the game today he has a lot of different guys got a chance to play at some that due to circumstances that left handed or right handed pitching. And most of those guys playing in sort of platoon roles and situational roles did well in the opportunities they had him and it should have them feeling good when they get a chance to. Played actually they just won't be playing and a high level baseball period. Going to plant clean baseball they actually played it airlifting today which is. I kind of surprising considering conditions. A long day but that they were sharp defensively and you know you just want as many guys playing at a high level and as many facets of your team. Playing clean baseball this time here because all it takes really one inning against the schools in this league internment that'll do you know for not playing well. And numbers wise just look like press stately had a great day but he really was British are in. Three of the five for three plus of the five innings that he pitched gave the soccer's five innings. And they republic had to choose from there how they wanted to split up pitching in so. Again getting the extra day also be able to throw Hoyer on Wednesday puts him in the tournament about as good a situation as they could be in pitching. Yeah we'll see how USF wants to play it again you're going to slate. USF is that two seed and they also are in a regional period they don't have to worry about. Killen themselves try to win the American tournament they know they're in the Caribbean. And how they pitch who they pitch will be Paramount and probably a big. Reason why Wichita State has looked forward to that one because it may not be one of their two really big dogs as far as starting pitchers are concerned. That's our game recap brought to my ability to comics have exit Cummings as your criminal defense and do you want government which it's not give them a call at 2641548. 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It's Memphis like Kennedy on site change Dennis and I start the game brought to by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become millionaires and KS lottery dot com. Well the most current jackpot about like Kansas lottery and dream bigger. But Travis young yeah I think so yeah this is stud today offensively three for 53 runs batted in two runs scored paired doubles. Of course but picked from Greece suggested three its nuclear had three hits and Preston stately. He met findings went into the sixth. A situation what are last couple of outings and kind of hit mrs. hall's Amanda. Maybe nervous a little bit but what you can not throwing darts from the very start. And exactly what it but I scored thirteen to six. Voted the deep freeze play they gave his presented by lives appliance. Rock hammers it deep to left field the left fielder Williams going back looking up but it just keep sailing and do it for being behind the left field fans. Two run homer for no outcrop. At Wichita State league's tenth century. His second home run of the year. And what not to make it thirteen to three final score. Thirteen to six. Not much on the scoreboard today it didn't look ahead the chain has the scoreboard rescue by diggers terrific in construction from roofs gutters deciding when does love your home's exterior again go to -- terrific dot com. Or call 316202. 2066. Figures drifting in construction your home team grow. Yeah only one other games scheduled in the American date got canceled due rain through lane and you east UCF had to settle for two games in that series. Two so two lane missed out on the opportunities they had the shocker shocker one tooling in play which does days now the seventh seed to blame me eight. Houston is first the two seat goes to South Florida that's in shocker to play on Wednesday UConn three ECU the four. UC FB five Cincinnati to succeed. Rounding out the tournament in Clearwater starting. On Tuesday Arkansas beat Wichita State softball five to nothing. Knocking which does state losers bracket they get a rematch another one against Oklahoma State they aren't second scoreless. Down in Arkansas as Wichita State tries to stay alive and NCAA regionals off. Well. Andy Davis Packers play at 50% off your online order and Wichita area Papa John's like not a topic Johns dot com is the problem coach shocker fifty. You received your shocker discounted chain has the final totals brought to you but BK DC PAs and advisors everyone needs trusted advisor who. Yours. Wichita State thirteen runs twenty hits no errors nine left Memphis six runs eleven hits lawyers. Eleven left me your Preston's namely foreign one. Lost Hunter Smith he's three and two no save in the ball game. Once it started it took three hours and 41 minutes to play 458. So it. Home runs in the ballgame there was only 11 you just hurt by north croft with man aboard. In the shocker seven run sixth inning multi hit games for the greater grace and pianist. No croft Alex Jackson who didn't start the game three bickers and Travis young among the twenty hit attack. For Wichita State shocker her 3419. And one thing finished 914. And won their maiden voyage in the American. Memphis a long tough season falls to twenty and 36. I've been nineteen in American flights doctors will take on USF coming up on Monday now Wednesday in Clearwater in their first ever American. Conference turn it down floor. A couple of things quickly note Todd Butler show Monday night because we will be in Clearwater so we have to be it a case that. Hopefully we'll get back here a week after that because this season will continue. And the tournament starts at 2 o'clock central time Tuesday afternoon with a 45 matchup. That's the 1:8 at 6 o'clock Tuesday night's shocker will play at 10 o'clock central time on Wednesday against USF. And right now I can't honestly tell you I'm guessing that that will be on KFH. On that 975. And 1240. That that will be the case sensitive. Got a prime time here in the middle of the week day so run 975 at 1240 KFH. For the efforts game for this Packers on Wednesday. And either way that they'll play on Thursday could be at the same time thirsty the losers bracket elimination game. Or in the evening at 6 o'clock central time on Thursday if they advance to the winner's bracket so that batters. Far as we can speculate that the attackers. If themselves about the best situation possible by getting an extra day for their pitching and giving coating lawyer chance to maybe start against USF one. Forties dressed FC gear when you get another day off so I depend on how employer does and and what kind of favors he does for the rest of the staff and shocker can get away and then they're really decent pretty after the game on Wednesday morning so. We will be listening. I imagine very early sharing will be. Working. TV and longtime commitment that he's had it's a sale at all my friends at the valley down and Alison. Well the Judd -- we get a chance it gets you back for a post season action after knicks would be nice that he now I think it is that'll do it from here thanks also to Joseph part of that Andrew handling in the studio again will be on 975. At 1240. The first pitch at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning central time when attackers take on USF. It the American conference tournament they closed the regular season today by beating Memphis thirteen to six. You've been listening to shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS brought do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance department and group. Optic lines. Clinton's appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental. BP. 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