WSU Baseball at Missouri 03-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th

WSU Baseball at Missouri 


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So online and innocence. I'm for Wichita State shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in and it's. That's now with the culture of the game here same day. And yeah. Colombia is very. Home but he Missouri Tigers the SEC. Widget on stage and tigers rekindled their relationship that it. Along constitute shocker have been here. Seventeen years to be exact last met in this ballpark in 2001. They most recently met in Kansas City played Kauffman Stadium. Where they shocker loss extra inning game five the war. In ten innings so that allows shoppers and tiger's got together they've only met a total of eleven times all time lead to that. In just a little bit but. Which doctors and tigers come into this match up both ranked. The Missouri Tigers are number 24 in the collegiate baseball poll shocker number twenty. In that particular poll Wichita State comes in twelve and two Missouri comes in at thirteen. And three Wichita State coming off a sweep at home against Texas Arlington. Missouri coming off a sweep of LaSalle. Here at their home ballpark this wraps up a long home stand for ms. do. They are working on an eight game winning streak where they have played stellar baseball. So this is most certainly the biggest task that Wichita State will have to this point. In the season if you're an RV I already. The zoo is in somewhere in the mid twenties. Wichita State. As. Pretty decent RPI here in the early going as well so you would think if the shocker and get this one against the zoo on their home. Turf bat Missouri's. RPI will do nothing but go up playing in the SEC so long as they. Went a few here and there speaking of they would go to QLSU. Coming up this weekend to open up SEC play against the number sixteen. Tigers down in Baton Rouge. Again the series is. Eleven games old the shocker hold the advantage six the five. The most recent wanted to mention was in Kansas City dependent neutral. Three of the eleven meetings. Have occurred in the NCAA tournament. The shock and beaten well the Mike Pelfrey game if you recall that one back in 2004. The shocker in. Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas beat Missouri three to nothing. They last played here as I mentioned in 2001. That tigers lead this series in this ballpark three games to one. That last meeting with 2014. The one compliments in part of the hall. Maine classic. Fight for it went the way the tigers in two innings in that one as Casey Gillespie. Or for five and gala here bailiff went two for five a couple of RBIs in the loss. In that game so it's say a big time clash Peter it's statistic he's. Two very strong teams off it very good starts. Missouri hitting 292. As a team and thirteen year rate 2.4 five. So they are planned red hot baseball right now as far as the teams that they've beaten but played it took two out of three from you full international. And then they wanna admit we game against Miami nine from nothing. They kind of stumbled a little in a four game set against northeastern split. Four games with them then took two from Alabama and AM they swept. Missouri Baltimore. Maryland Baltimore County three games. And and one of the three games in the midst of its LaSalle here eight to 571 at seven nothing so. Say what you will about the schedule there will in most of them they're thirteen and three and riding an eight game winning streak coming to this one and Wichita State as we mentioned course. Twelve and two coming off this week. Texas Arlington at home. Last weekend. In hand. Shocker of course scheduled to go to. Omaha this upcoming week and take concrete on the east. Friday night Saturday and Sunday afternoon whether or not looking promising that will cross their fingers that that series can happen. At the TD Ameritrade ballpark shocker Lee Baca at home again on the twentieth. As Oklahoma comes to town for midweek and then permit them in 23 or fourth and 25. For a night game that provided 23 and an afternoon game on the 24. The 25 game to keep in mind at 11:30. AM oh make mental note that on the 25. When Herman there is that four game homestand. The Wichita State drive to get lucky by Kansas plan tire and service worker tires professional auto services always. A home run Casey wondering about the weather well it's drying anyway that's pretty much all we can say positively about it. Although. Both Missouri last week in shocker Paul last week in kind of used to this. At the moment it's 47 degrees. There is a northwest wind at sixteen miles an out or make it you. Cooler. The only saving rates for these players and fans and by the way all the fans will be fun and games start in the shade. As the suns at. The only saving grace would be if that northwest winds let them on as the sun goes down otherwise it's going to be a bitter raw evening. By the time these two. Finish up here this evening in their little one game get together before the story goes to LSU Wichita State goes decree. Well one thing to point out for those that don't know Todd Butler will not be the head coach tonight nor will he be in the opener. Against Creighton he has to serve 82 game suspension. After the altercation. With a couple of umpires in the Texas Arlington series will hear from him in just seconds ago but it's in great detail about it. But. He has been suspended for two games so he has not. Ballpark he made the trip but he battled a ballpark wants. The pregame festivities starts he has that an unknown location right now outside the ballpark and will be relegated to. They have to watch the game on one of the devices as he has not allowed to be in the ballpark here and Friday to against. Creighton it all off should that series take place. It was actually. Reported to be a longer suspension than back. But in an appeal it was whittled down two games. There was apparently little contact between. On one of the umpires last weekend. And of course he was ejected before that handedly field of the timely manner so this couple of things in play there that. That went into his suspension but again not in collaborate on net it will do so. We kept up with team here in just a minute these pregame comments are brought by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a million to work we'll take a break here on the pregame show and we'll hear from head coach Scott Butler. His pregame comments as a shocker and the zoo gets set at the bottom of the archive Butler coming up next. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't seek the comfort of the skin junior air conditioner or in selling new let this stuff. You can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means Comfort Systems is keeping what Josh is cool call today 2657831. 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That security investment advisory services offered to seize point financial SPF number ten SIPC SP if the separately owned and energies indoor marking names products services referenced here are independent of us via faster and says he's 21 of three north collectively in Wichita Kansas six and 206 Guthrie wants exit by 20101 or online and when he dashed planning dot com. Fled back into any week day mornings and night right here on. Flew here from Columbia. And what you're ejection on Sunday against UT Arlington it was more than just the rest of that game apparently right. They're two games or miss tonight's game on this Friday at Creighton. Part of the gained support our players Howard moments at the plate express my concerns. The way I wanted to do and I would do it again and that's a two game suspension. Not happy about it but it's officer mark and and before you move on from that I guess the rest of the game I was left to speculate OK who's next in line sowed now that you're actually not going to be on this night. How is gonna go with pecking order obviously Mike so that evidence and with Purdue I mean it's Michael handle pitching make the moves into ticket. The lineup now and you know control the offense and pinching and things like that so I have total confidence in our coaching staff reporters are program. And sometimes things like this are good. Our guys step up and do your job we have great competition night in Missouri there RPI's side. They're undefeated at home they have a new turf infield it's very nice it's grass self feel the conditions are. It's going to be chilly the win looks like it's me blowing in from left field ball might carry too right that. Great competition gets the FCC in the and we have Creighton this week you not to jump ahead to that higher RP. In you know played Ameritrade. So we have four games this week good RPI games and now. But we slipped up gets Oral Roberts we can go in should be nice to get this midweek game here. And as you know after this game they going to SEC place so. RBI while good right now is likely stay there they win their care whether they're gonna climb you know once they get in the conference play and go to LSU so. Thank you go to baton route so there SEC challenge starts were couple weeks away from start the I exe and and if you look at what's going on our conference Central Florida beat Florida two games midweek clash your last week. In Florida was ranked number one and so while our conference is really good troops in fact number four last year so. You know I'm there to hide somewhere in Columbia and right there and I watched on the ESPN three out. And a follow the game and and they get back on the bus with to even get to visit with a lot I can watch BP. And I'm excited show that's performed Nordson that we game gets a beautiful. This opponent we're talking about the zoo. Owners of an eight game winning streak this last mile long stretch at home. So they're certainly trying to finish up on it on a good noble where they don't account well I think they pitched well lit too to point something we are they think they're swinging the bat well they're going to be physical. Probably the big east teams were stripped. That we played them really good pitching in the big defended the field. You know since they made this is turf field their field adversity it's very good so when you look at their overall stats they're very similar hours. The pitching staff gives up less less hits than innings pitched and have a lot of strikeouts. And Mike Steele as you talked about our last couple conversations and really got this pitching staff doing. Great things if you take away that'll pick up by Alex legally your bullpen almost perfect the last weekend the other guys are throwing the ball well and tonight we're gonna start precedence natively dubious second start midweek. And you know to be 8891. As always he's pound the ball down on the knees. Hopefully those who have good success but I think Mike late in the game tonight was with Missouri. Don't pinch hit a lot left and right match ups and its going to be fun to see if we can match them up. No it our pitching staff with a single Tyler or right handed pitchers they can come here and and hopefully close up the game play. And I think access unsung part of pitching staff is it the ability to match up late in games. Baseball such a specialized port nowadays you actually have to have guys to come and say hey we need to get you one out one out for me that's what we're looking for and win or lose you go on to the next guy. Well you look at the games that no the two losses that we've handled the one loss. You don't Sunday against Nebraska we lost in the in the ninth and tenth and and the other day against UTA was late when they skyward so. You win games late in the ball game and I think our pitching staff do and I'm really pleased with Mike Steele we took just Zito. Will wish want to exco is Scott curse them. Guys are really responding. We were positive dugout hadn't been any panic we do you fall behind our pitching staff this step and about defending the field. And I think there's more laughter it's what we've shown so far. You're careful with Trey and net take cats because it's hamstring issues. You alluded to the weather on Sunday what most of that is right now kind of cool Ross how we look well I think Vickers who started short tonight he'll bat lead off. Catch street said he felt good while ago. Other wanna left handed pitcher so we're not gonna match him up with a left which could see him late in the game and he's done a fantastic job gets Diaz and you know with his athleticism I tell you what he runs the bases he is really pretty to watch on the basis he's so fast so we have a lot of options and you know a lot of opportunities for guys to get opportunities to perform. And finally I did like Sunday you thought maybe. With the weather the way it was then they got play small ball a pad might that happen tonight hit and run move move guys along when station that's going to be huge. Exam he'll be right in the opposite and so while you know it looks like the ball's gonna carry right field so I don't know right handed hitters. Often this left handed pitcher that might be right I've been trying to get with the wind and but you know as of Sunday you know I thought the big key card game to win which Josh the backers that bonds. With first and second. Something that you don't really see in the box now doesn't gamble that was early early move. The game moved by yah there was and I just felt like you know like pitch it right there would Gibson. Gibson's 141. But he's a freshman stored in the running and things like that in the backers and experienced player. He jumps in their budget right away and that we get a base and scored two runs and looking back. That was a decisive point in the game. And with the wind blowing the way it was he would play short game right here early in the ball game and we took advantage of the opportunities so we guys executed mesquite win. Well it looks like the indoor practice facility a lot of tall buildings around so there's no shortage of places to go maybe I'll watch watch the game from afar and it's binoculars. As thick of it. Is not Butler again not. Not in the stadium at the moment. And will be at TD Ameritrade ballpark on Friday answers she gave its author Alina. Candidate outlook about it. All things being serious he was that not pleased at having to to serve a two game suspension but that's the news and that's what we're faced with a genius to veto will be the interim coach if you will night materials David's name. I'm pretty much caught up to speed on the injury report striking back on the life your life your journey. York optimal you healthy tip of the game is rocky by united health care. Have post work out breakfast such as a veggie omelet or mornings with the may provide fuel for your muscles in the form of help people okay. Today's healthy doctors didn't it got you by the united health care or and the real appeal program. Learn more about them more the real deal. Dot com here. A little about Missouri Mitt Romney had wall eight consecutive games. During this nine game homestand that. It concluded. Here this evening. And in that eight game winning streak they're averaging seven point six runs in game one and allowing just. One point 88 so it's pretty much everything they're scored runs and not allowing much. During this current eight game streak now. It has come against Alabama and am Maryland Baltimore County. Analysts are now but bottom line is it when he wrote that feel pretty good about themselves the starting pitcher today for them is Tyler looked plant. The scheduled starter. Was TJ the camera but he has the flu so. They within the last couple days have determined that panel plant would. Make the start. In his place and that's gonna be the case tonight in the college transfer left hand pitcher Tyler plant. Start this shocker at Wichita State Wilson sophomore righty. Preston's neatly to the mound and he was really good in his most recent outings. Starting lineups like to buy equity bank where you'll never pay an ATM fee be sure to visit them on line. An equity bank dot com Ers the shocker is twelve and two under her head coach there. That's the Hedo trade records deleted off and play shortstop. Batting second place that are feel disgraced Jerusalem. Alec all the third base hits there Mason O'Bryant the first baseman and cleanup spot. Batting fifth the right field they do god bill croft it is catching today domestic. Batting seventh left field Travis young. Goddard Trout lines that would be eight and they'll be batting eighth Yonkers. And batting ninth at second base. Is Jordan warriors neatly getting his second start third appearance overall Preston wanted all the aria. 257. Delegates at the shocker. Vickers canister bomb O'Brien who got off. Young Trout line warrior pressed neatly pitcher or shots. For Missouri they are thirteen to three under head coach Steve these are this is second season. Or at its second season. The zoo. And his six seasons as a head coach overall. Coach previously. As the head guy and southeast Missouri his starting lineup will be kind of Broomfield. In center field lead in opposite pretty harris' right field and second. Cameron Meissner placed third at play first base rather hit there and clean up spot as the third baseman Brian sharp. Brett bond caption that fit for the tigers. Bedding sets in left field that Hannah. Mark Buehrle second baseman its seventh. That it eight. Making his second start. Previously won seven innings allowed only one run. In his previous outings we've wanna know the 129 era again for me to its Brownfield Harris Meissner shark bond Hannah. Here laying Ortiz Cornelius. Pilot plant. Pitcher left handed them. Or is it. Umpires I don't play Rick Allen at first baseman Harris in court deals that second Carlos Martinez. The umpire at third and he gave shocker played 50% off your online order and he Wichita area. Papa John's it. Log on to Papa Johns dot com. And use promo code shocker fifty and the pure shocker discount. Shocker sport struck him part behind bars carpet out flooring Saturday teens sixteen north Broadway. They have carpet hardwood lamb and I'll find a plank area rugs. 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As DCE shut out east Carolina three to nothing so ETE is now twelve and four. And mid game and Lester floor that you can't just put it on coastal Carolina. Coastal Carolina twelve to five in the seventh and last report UConn exploded for seven run first inning and green's plan. So they were. Well on their way to beating the count clears. The games tonight. Bradley another Missouri Valley Conference speaking on Central Florida. Down in the sunshine state tonight. Also Florida Gulf Coast. Is that round taking on South Florida so. Couple of fellow Florida teams getting together. Houston is Whitney state today future shocker opponent or Houston and a former shocker opponent and opened up down. In Lake Charles that's what these state and so cowboys will welcome in Houston cougars tonight. And Louisiana will take on T pain in New Orleans. Inside the conference well not conference obviously but the the total records to this point in the American shocker yours. Are 12 and 2 Central Florida thirteen and three with that lost UC he's CEO I'm sorry 124. South Florida's Kennedy six. And then things still modeled. Lucky for around 500 in this league right at the moment Houston 8072. Lane 88. UConn on their way to going to 76. They win that game against the day Cincinnati seven heat Memphis. It's 610. So far in the pre conference in which doctors. For their schedule before they get to the Americans now have. A weekend series at Creighton and then a home series. With Furman before taking on ECU. In North Carolina march 29 and thirtieth 31. Salute again to be a little while before. The Wichita State gets inside the conference and cranks it American conference play. Mentioned that. The zoo is under head coach Steve Beazer for the second season. From 2013 it you know sixteenth head coaches Southeast Missouri State. Aniston's second year here in Colombia is a former player for Southeast Missouri State had a good too he was drafted by the Phillies. And 32 round back in 1989. Including his. Collegiate playing career may actually play the big leagues made his Major League debut the New York Mets in 1997. Also. With the Pittsburgh Pirates the next here played thirteen seasons pro ball. Nine at triple A or higher Beazer certainly. Heads. Add and continue their best of both worlds very good college player Greg college coach and has brought it here to Columbia. He has the winning his first your head coach at duke history if he won 36 games a year ago and one of only thirteen. Current head division one head coaches. To win 36 games. Or more in each of the last four seasons he was twice the Ohio valley. Coach of the year so pretty select company. Among those that have won that many teams that many years in row. Didn't heed your horse Dallas Baptist head coach is one of the thirteen to win at least 36 the last four seasons Pullman area. And knowledge you Jim slots Natal. As well at TCU. 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And third base dugout which cuts date him there road grays and black numbers and he told a lot of I'm black and gold here tonight obviously that means Helen Keller for both teams. As jubilant at the white uniforms black numbers. Old well shocker. And visited it yet for the first pitch. When they didn't take the field and it will plants these starter. All of the zoo this should be just his second appearance. He started back on the 24 of February gets northeastern. And couldn't pitch much seven innings. On five hits one run one walk. And five strikeouts. He's a big lefthander from blue springs Missouri went to Johnson County community college Kansas City area. Or two years so this is just his second outing. Of the season as a Missouri tiger didn't join this little late and long Missouri has won eight in a row and are thirteen inventory. They're ranked. In the top 25. And collegiate baseball as his Wichita State's shocker is that pointing out it was new at 24 them. Thirteen and three and an eight game winning streak. Alive former zoo and the other thing if he joined his late Todd Butler is not. In a house he's suspended for Q games. After an altercation Sunday afternoon against. Texas Arlington with the umpires. So he will be suspended for today's game. And the opener against Creighton. At home off this upcoming Friday night. So again as soccer's we'll have Vickers Jeff Ashton and all of the lead it off. Here in the top of the first inning glad you could join us it is. Sunny day it was a sunny day today but the breeze has really been the issue it. Got to. 47 degrees. I think that's where we topped out. 47 and 46 currently but that northwest win. Has really made things quite a bit cooler 47 degrees with the wind certainly. Bearable it was not bad at all the the northwest breeze has been pretty steady all day sixteen miles an hour at the moment. And this ballpark bases. In north north east. And the northwest wind means it's long over toward the right field corner pretty good clip so balls in the air to the left side of the diamond. I gonna get knocked down pretty significantly the sun field is right field. As the sun is setting here in Columbia and behind the stadium the stadium roof and casting shadows on him through. Almost all the infield but first baseman if he plays off the line of course right fielder for a while longer. That's going to be the sun deal it's going to be tough. If you've been to Manhattan and watch the baseball game at point and family stadium this place that's up almost exactly like that stands the amount of people that can't set a box seats pretty much touted first pitch of the game is called strike right down the middle trade Vickers. And it's only at one. Trade hampered by that hamstring injury making just his second start. He did pinch hit Sunday and got hit it. And it pops one up right side over toward the line long run for the right fielder Harris he's there makes the catch. So Vickers flies to right. And that's how we start. Here this evening Kris Jenner stuff. Now bats with the one out nobody. But. Again defensively for. And the Missouri Tigers. Jack Hanna is in left field. Are from field is in center field. And trade Harrison you're right fielder pitches low and outside it Genesis. On infield at sharp Cornelius doodling and Meisner. From third over to first. Tyler love plants electing to go from the stretch. With nobody on and he delivers inside to grace and two balls no strikes. Just comes into this one hitting 314 with five home runs and fourteen driven him. He joined the Grand Slam party over the weekend and he lost one foul left side twisting out of play. Down toward the concourse. Down the extreme left field line there isn't. Baseball indoor facility. Named after Jeanne Carter former legendary. Head coach here at the U. Swung late last into the screen. And it's two balls two strikes. Much like Wichita State the betting has extended. Beyond. The dug outs both ways to help protect the spectators that are sitting in the first couple of those. One out nobody on truckers and Missouri just getting started to integration Genesis Tyler look plant. Six to 215 lefty from. Kansas City area. Suggested tired of waiting. Completely didn't for the sign comes up with nobody on and delivers. Just outside. So says Rick Allen home plate umpire. Taylor stadium 339 down the lines. Kind of a cozy 366. To straightaway. Left and right. Ford begat anyway 390s and its deepest. In center field. Upstairs ball four he lost it. So. Pilot plant only walked one in his previous outing in seven innings he has northeastern and number eight. Walks a man here. In the first and it'll bring up out by home. Almost gone through a little bit of this balloon. That'll happen when you start. Eleven for twenty. But his current average 34717. And 49. Five doubles five home runs three grand slams eighteen runs then him. And that's over but lo tried to incite cornered it will play one ball no strikes. Artificial turf infield natural surface in the outfield there's no dirt. On the infield including on the mound which is really hard to get east. Stretched idle plant the one Lowe started swing took a strike that stopped in there it's one and one. And like Manhattan. The indoor football practice facility is beyond deepest sinner and right center field. And on this side of the building. There is a huge for twenty signs though if you hit the building itself laureate appear. On an end to Alec bombed two balls and one strike. Just at first base one out Vickers fly direct start the game. The wind. Blowing over toward the right field corner dare I say it's letting up a little bit so hopefully by the time it gets dark. The wind won't be effective. You want. I had drive left center field it was gonna knock that down and when it comes down Broomfield center fielder will make the cats and yet he does. So bomb got out front lawn. Got it Dejuan but tonight's not the night. They hit the left no room. Do away and here's Mason O'Brien. O'Brien sat waiting there on the gained 319 on home runs fifteen driven in. The tennis that gets me. Bright idea isn't their first days. Recent. Occasionally. Runs four for five high fly ball right center field Brownfield groups over the right center field gap. And makes the catch together that when it so. Three fly outs for the joggers. And a walk and expand but nothing becomes of it at the end of the half and inning it's the shocker nothing and the zoo coming up. Yeah. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball an arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. 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On a year for the doctors. 65200 pounder from Fort Collins, Colorado. And he started most recently went that was his only start but. His most recent outing was the start against the site you Edwards bill a week ago. Any could have been much better five innings on three hits one run one walk. And eight strikeouts. That is tied for the most by any pictures release shocker so far this year. Cody lawyer on opening day. Against Britney struck out eight and president turned the trick against the cougars. A week ago today got the win as Wichita State was victorious that one so all together seven innings six hits two runs in the ninth strikeout. Two walks you through two in relief. Against Whitney State's second day of the season. Connor Brohm feel deleted off. The zoo's center fielder up their from the left side first pitch to him and it's an outside Iraq. There will be five left hand batters in the Missouri starting lineup. Brown field so far to 2813. 57. Home runs and six driven him. They saved strike on the inside corner crowded he loved it. One ball one strike. From field they put a double header on the tenth against LaSalle and Brownfield played one of those games we know for war. Three out of eight in the series. Against the explores croft. Dropped one and in its call two balls and one strike Rick Allen in calling the balls and strikes croft is shocker catcher tonight. Rest of the infield and outfield. The usual suspects. State police to want. Well and outside 31 news. Disappointed in himself. And he's fallen behind Conner from the there's there's a team meeting cute 92. Amid today at the outset there it during his eight game winning streak averaging. Seven and a half run the game. Strike an outside corner three into. Brownfield true terrorists camera Meissner. First street agree Preston's neighborly. Near the bottom of the first. Here's the wine ads lately payoff pitch lying add Vickers couldn't quite get it off the tip of the glove and into center field. Vickers had a range to his left a couple of steps on line drive back through the middle and brownfields voluntarily announcing. This a huge huge inning war. That Preston's neighborly because Missouri. Is absolutely lethal. And first innings. And games. They've scored the first inning seventh straight games. They've scored the first inning and ten of the sixteen so far this season and they've ended up outscoring their opponents 22 to five. In the first inning and gains this year so they get out quick. And the leadoff man is on the annie's over to second base on a wild pitch. The press since natively wild pitches. Connor Brownfield the second base. And or crawl. Jog baseball. Halfway out of the mountain that is right hander other area and now that. From fielder's second base and also to discuss which series of signs they're gonna use. Now the Brownfield is in scoring position Trey Harris the third leading hitter on the team the regular. 3542. Home runs fifteen runs batted. This is an ultra aggressive. Missouri offense 23 stolen bases. That go along with twelve home runs. Check of the runner natively pitches breaking ball catches inside corners. Harris is looking for fastball he does. Buckling it's one ball one strike. Bottom of the first Missoula runner in scoring position and nobody else. The heart of the order. Coming up against Preston's naval. Single in the wild pitch. Here's the shocker right handers stretch. 11. Slice down the right field line winds gonna push it and a foul ground and off the barrier down. Right field side do you guys. Left to go chase it down picking up one and two room. Trey Harris. 23 hits five doubles those two home runs. Some pretty gaudy numbers all the way up and down that stat sheet form zoo again. They're nonconference schedule. Doesn't have a lot of huge names but they've taken it taken care of their business. Alabama and AM Maryland Baltimore County LaSalle. To two out of three against app by you opening weekend. And went down to a two. To three parents. Terrorists right handed batter. Powder springs Georgia. Senior the program 5920. Starkly built right in better. Don't do. They've checked the pitch. Swinging you're down and allay yours what it's like out. Or Preston stately big. We're. There. Tonight Cameron mice at first base for the next two hitters Meissner in sharp. That left handed. As big together a guy yourself. With a guy in scoring position at second base and nobody out because the next two now can make outs. And it's neighborly. Theoretically can get out of it. Over the low one ball in those strikes Cameron Meissner. 368. Five doubles three triples three home runs and sixteen driven him. Eisner. It in every game of the LaSalle series at six hits in thirteen at bats. We outside Crawford got spear tuna. So would appear in the early going and Preston's neatly overthrowing just a bit. In the double header on the tenth. Meissner went three for eight scored three times. Drove into. Leaves the that waiting for the left side. To know the count stately brings him any through it right path to walk. Reared back and threw a fastball. Mice your big guys 64 Q thirteen from. Poplar bluff Missouri. Brian sharp waiting on deck. No score bottom of the first. Connor Brownfield is second base who want out. Vickers trying to keep him close changeup from way outside three and one. Thus neatly adding some. Command issues here in the first. Try to keep the zoo off the board again they are. Lethal and first innings of games this year. Here's a stretch. Dangerous pitch coming demise there with a base open 31. Little bit low and outside wolf war. So in theory not the worst thing in the world so it's a double play. But yet be able to get Brian shark on the ground. And jumping ahead of him certainly would be good idea or. Brian Sharpe is hitting 420. Three home runs 21 runs batted in. Sharp who also pitches system. Has cooled off lately used to for his last ten. The we'll see what happens here with stately fallen behind each of the first three hitters he faced. Had fallen behind sharp one ball no strikes. Sharpen their from the left I'd. One of the five lefties in the starting lineup. 61 junior from liberty. Missouri North High School. One ball no strikes to launch a one out bottom of the first duke got something cooking here. Blown up. Powell back this way wouldn't want. Pretty good amount of fans it showed up here this evening on. Blustery and going to be wrong the evening by the time it's over. One ball one strike one out. Rump feel that second miser first. Sharp at the plate outfield straightaway and he. And a foul tip wanna do. In the wind today. About the size is probably twenty miles an hour out of northwest. It has calmed down just the past. A lot just a little bit probably 1518. Miles an hour time her at the moment I mean and blowing toward right field corner and help them. Dead pull hitter up there from the left water into the county shark. They believe pitch. Started this swing held up on a pitch that was really close anyway it was a slider. Tried to back footing he did not go. According the third base umpire Carlos Martinez. Could do. In just a few more minutes everybody will be in the shape. Greece and Janice are do you go rather that shocker fielder deep right field still haven't battled subtle bit. State leads to too weird kids and it's inside low three entries that is. On truck load of pictures here in the first inning. Did get Trey Harris to strike out. But sandwiched around that single wild pitch walk. Brett bond the catcher waiting next. Shocker got a one out walk in the top of the first. It's neatly tied at. Dance through a minefield here in the bottom. For twenty hitter waiting and Brian sharp pitch. Check his swing on slider didn't go and they they didn't you call either. So now they're loaded. The broadcast. Position here is. The third base line and hold Tim Peters though. I am not directly behind home plate. But. And I would guess that each of the past two sliders that. Were checked swing knows swings that were called balls I'm gonna assume were low because they had to have caught play at some point. So it's natively there's a couple borderline pitches didn't get either one of them didn't get a check swing on either one and out there loaded for Brett bond bond. Q 91 home run in ten runs batted in. And as news. Nine for 47 on the year with a bases loaded. I had to wait Lana I'd cross at the stab at one balls no strikes. An inauspicious beginning might. Soccer shop more Protestants and ably. Especially coming on the heels. Of that stellar outing he had just one week ago. From field at third my second sharpened first one away. He really dying for a ground ball. Any misses inside to know. And he's really laboring now. Bond had a multi hit game it. Each. Of the LaSalle. Games three game series. Six for 94 RBIs. In the catbird seat now to go. The bay is loaded with tigers. And little chopper belonged third net electrical now so. Not his best effort there on Q and now. Since neatly gets back in the count two balls and one strike and. Taylor stadium campus. The University of Missouri. Probably. Old. A thousand feet away. Beyond right field as a football stadium. Practice football field. Beyond deepest left center field over the scoreboard. No hard campus. To bow to distract Brett on the pitch. Slider low and outside ball three. Presses the aliens. Really worked himself into a corner here. Single and two walks you don't walk to. In his previous two outings combined. The is struggling to find home plate here and. Here's the stretch. 31 to bunt. In the sky at both Hillary walking around. Those neighborly. Hey part of the pitcher tonight than it was a week ago and you walk in Iran. And Missouri's scores in the first yet again. And Mike Steele making a mound visit far earlier than. He could have anticipated. Here tonight. Again and he joined his late Todd Butler. Not in the building. Serving the first of the two game suspension. And so. The acting head coach you say what would be Sandia vetoes most. Black. Like steel. This is active and really in all phases. A shocker baseballs to pitching coach. So C meeting is adjourned in. Steel heads back to first base dugout after. Pat on presence neatly backed bonds Daley really struggling with bases loaded one end. And Jack Hanna left hand better. The strike late word. And oh it four out of 63. Runs scored and two RBIs analysts now series. Last weekend. The two leading ninth home run twelve RBIs if successful the tigers still. And it takes way outside one ball no strike. Suck that bad out there as if the bond but does to distract aliens neatly. Missed badly right hand batter's box. The shocker bullpen incidentally is down the right field line. In foul ground out of play. But no one going yet. This game is they've please at least for a little while longer. And he misses outside to you know this is nice day out a couple of shocker should make their way down the right field line. Missouri a tough enough team. Without then getting free passes but they are patient team 106 walks. And a 110 strikeouts by their hitters. Coming into this when it's almost evened out now it's 109 with the walks and a 111 strikeouts though they're very selective. That gets easy cycle or 21. Mice or third shark the second bond at first. Jack Hanna left fielder. Digs back in there. They've really come set. This night he wants from you know across the pitch well but lol. All 33 and one. This may lead really playing with fire here in the first inning. Struggling with his command hasn't been able to. Working head consistently. And in this. And dangers military team. You've been hot elite eight game winning streak. 31 Dana. Outside ball four he's walking another. Yeah me. Well this is certainly a departure from the norm not only for namely but the shocker pitching staff. That's four walks and parole after striking out re harassing him. And again if he can get a ground ball right at somebody that he can avoid disaster. Nobody's really making things tough on himself and the shocker. Came to nothing already. Mark beer rolling the second baseman. Right hander gets right hander merely. 304 on fourteen out of 46. And time called at home plate. Right hander loosening of the shocker bullpen. Q nothing Missouri on a single and four walks. Inside Wimbledon strikes. Well even if Preston stately does get out of this inning. It fairly short order he's not long for this one even if he really tightened things up. Starting in the second inning. The bull is certainly going to be a part of this game that shoppers and just hope it's not in the first and. That's in the air for gold strike one ball. So are merely the board's leading hitter on the team. Very lengthy freshman. Saint Louis. Big body here for him big buffer. Preston's naval. Stretch run a shocker right hander. And the one wall and shows but takes a strike and everybody goes scampering back is no croft looking for a base to throw cute. Nobody was off Florida. To. Barely played in two of the three games against we'll sell one out of five. What multi stripes one out bases. Ably ahead in the count. 12. Slider inside almost getting in the belt buckle to that duke. May really struggling. Two balls two strikes. One now. Julian. Two nothing was due bottom of the first pitch. Ground ball block third foul just passed. Alec bull with he crossed in the found ground. Balanced one. Between the bag and answer roads. Third base coach. It's natively work and on about a four pitch first inning. Still tilted mark nearly. Zoom. Second baseman. To pitch. Angry little flare to right field on count Gotti slides it makes the catch. And don't let the second best it's a double off the runner eight huge base running blunder. As the runner at third first ball Brian Sharkey didn't either. But Brett bond was way off the bag users to record the way that they're basically convince the drop. And barely lines into a 96. Double play. Shocker avoid a complete catastrophe. By giving them big help. My Breton bomb itself and he runs one hit four walks. Through the left. At the end of one misery to shocker. But. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. Plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co pays plus our proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance worry free plan 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. With spring's arrival nature resumes activities. Giving life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear and get to Warrick yeah this is the balance of nature. With this balance whether must also find harmony. As it does we find ourselves. In the middle of it stay alert tornado season is about to be. Oh yeah watches warnings and what you need to know 97 and thirteen thirty KMS fast. Shocker Schwartz is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and overweight Sawyer. Please join us for not really radio weeknight. It took about an hour to play. But then worse from Wichita State they trailed two to nothing against the Pope and hot was duke. Baseball team but if not for a base running mistake. Tigers could still be hitting. Soccer's Wilson dot Uga croft in young against Tyler plant that sent over there for awhile but he. Or one night in their debate and one strike and nothing. The plant walked one and got three fly balls fairly quick top of the first inning. Do smashes one to right center field in the Brownfield on his horse he is in front of the track and makes it yet. Did I hit it well and couldn't quite take advantage of the elements. Is that. Northwest breeze it didn't look hard enough away from Brookfield before he was able to run it down the gap to one up or they'll crop there's. For fly balls. Register by Tyler plant. Croft takes an off speed pitch Walesa against one ball no strike. Grow up getting his sixth start. Five for sixteen. And he cranks one into center field but not tonight Brownfield on the track in frontal all makes the catch. Prompted at that time to center field but. Not going to be much money in the air either there or laugh the F really crunch one. So Q outs. Now Travis you know. Brett bond ultimate reason I want you know feels it necessary go out hawk pilot plant kind. Jogged back behind home plate. It was Brett bonds base running mistake that short circuited their first inning. And as a marathon press this neighborly labored through but got a line out to right field. That you've got teams spreading in a sliding. Feet first to make a catch. And bond was way too far off second base. With the bases loaded. Dude I just lobbed at the end of trade Vickers for a double play. Young takes a strike. I was young to 316. Doubles a triple. He's driven five. Young led off against UTA last weekend there's big slowed jug in their first like nothing to. We're in curveball and Tyler plant. Sunday against UTA. Travis what one out of five. The net ten inning victory by Wichita State swings Lleyton shoot one down right heel line now. Two nothing Missouri where the top of the second. Bases empty two out. Shocker with four five fly balls four of them in the center fielder Brownfield. And continues to blow up toward the right field corner happens. I'll put away one ball in Kuester right. Here's why by a plant not one to. Right down the middle to the Q. And we'll plant apparently can't decide whether he wants pitch from the stretch in the wind up through the first inning out of the stretch nice. Throwing out the wind up. Here's the line that you do. Popped up foul right side twisting how to play. So we'll do it again at two and two and I was a little lucky to still be up there. Rick Allen. We called a whole lot of strikes a little. For good reasons that last captain there's a swing and despite young teeth Sheen joke and Downey goes so. The first strikeout registered by trying to look plan and we go to the bottom of the second Clinton. It was very leading shocker student nothing. 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Have one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system and it could qualify ask don't give you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient models. That's a win win cult plus stock for details 943. Cruel. Join us morning. They probably thanking his lucky stars for a visit base running mistake last half inning and Polly is that it probably. They're a little prayer for a quick and easy bottom of the second is out there for a long time. In the bottom of the first. Gave up a leadoff single. And and that's in the wild started wild pitch Conner from field the second. After strikeout to walk him miser Brian sharp Breton bond that is backhander for guys literally walk. Bringing home two runs for the got a line drive to right that turned into a double play thanked them big time. Base running blunder but really not only Greek bonds Jack Hanna our Brian chart he didn't tag at third so even a shocker didn't get a double play. They wouldn't got a run on a line drive but as it turned out shocker a few outs and they're still in two to nothing in the bottom of the second. Tony Ortiz the lead it off. And it takes one right down little. Nothing in law. Tony Ortiz getting his fifth start he's five for eighteen. And productively employed one home run nine RBIs. In eighteen at bats. 89 in one form zoo. Strike called on the outside corner of the into. Ortiz. Against LaSalle went. Throughout the seven. Nobody on nobody out bottom of the second. Here's the line by Preston's natively in the 02 pitch. And struck him out on three pitches about that. Ortiz. Goes down on strikes second strikeout victim. The president's they would vote for. Chris Cornelius. Shortstop and nine hole here. 261. He is started thirteen of the sixteen games. For the tigers this year. Here's the line by its neatly in the first pitch to Cornelius. Splits the plate in their first strike. So four pitches for strikes for stable and here in the second. Cornelius sophomore from Saint Louis. At least a one. In right center field just on this horse was blown away from him but he cannot make a running catch the warning track right before. Bouncing off the wall and play and read. Night recent jet setter. Cornelius gave that are but he is not number two. Just the start. And that they've they wanted in the that very quick outs. Here's Conner from field. Brownfields started last inning with a drive into center field and just out of the reach of tree Vickers. Shortstop. Here's the wind and slave Lee's first pitch. To brown field went inside making skip I'll away. In the zoo there white uniforms. Black numbers. Trimmed in. Gold at the white spikes going tonight shocker in their road grays two black hats with the yellow Debbie on the front swing and us. One ball one strike. Soccer's. Still looking for their first hit the sin throw wind Boyer and and Vickers. In the top of the third. Neighborly I get back and at first base yeah. Here is the 11. Hi safely on a cool and very brisk evening electing to go without. Long sleeves underneath the dangers. Asus MP two outs bottom of the second. Q1 to Broomfield. Hi fly ball left field shallow Lewinsky up stopping its tracks anyway young makes the catch. And a 123 neat and tidy thickening. Despite the doctor ordered for Preston's neighborly. At the end of doom is new to look at shocker nothing or. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe that's contract. Great now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shot. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping TH EY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm Kia that's. Third and god has been done. Better throughout wind started. But he gunners then Jordan boy here in the trade Vickers. Facing left hander Tyler look plants. It. Plan. Has gotten five fly balls and strike out. He has walked one that's up Afghanistan vs the only shocker based prior to this point. And geography did you join us every Monday night for the entire Butler coaches showed it to a sports grill at the Alley thirteenth Greenwood road broadcast live on in assess. 9713. Thirty AG's fortunate the only home. Shocker coaches shows. There's gutter Trout line stepping in there getting started the day. Andy pops one Fowler right side and you know play. Got one of the heroes on Sunday three hits three RBI including the game Ender in the tenth. Trout line twelve for forty minutes and even 301 home run ten runs batted it. They won their first strike nothing into. And body on nobody out in the shocker third Trout line down for the count. Pull into the plant to pitch well outside and probably higher as well. Once it. Trout line three doubles to go along with that homer. And ten driven him. One of four shocker at the moment it 300 or higher mountains. Pup tent right side over the flight standards and how to play. Missouri with two in the first. Familiar theme for them they aren't just. Killers and first innings of games this year. 12 Trout line. Try to backdoor in the curve ball and didn't quite come down. Don't sit down and Trout one. Now Missouri's updated stats are soaring. Opponents of the first inning 24 or plot. Hi pop up. Middle of the diamond right behind it pitcher's mound in shortstop. Cornelius and intimate bench trial winds. Popped to short. Six. Outs in the air rigid registered by title plant. Now here Jordan lawyer and look. Yeah yeah. Last weekend against LaSalle Missouri allowed six runs. And took a no hitter into the fifth inning of each game. Outside of border one ball no strikes. Shocker incidentally is not having hit so far in the top of the third. And their last eight games Missouri pitching limited. Opponent batting that stood at 180. Now ball to short and he listens got guns across the country boy packers' first out of court and now. Plus. And you look at his numbers. Right it. Mentioned a late 240 we are coming into this game as a staff 407. Innings a 168. Strikeout. And it's even better to cut states. Very good more than strikeout per inning. Stat line. Vickers pops one back and how to play. Missouri's second in the SEC. In batters struck out trailing only Kentucky. Ranked in the top ten or top five herself. Outside of Vickers one ball one strike. So Missouri is hot anyway you slice. Pitching. Hitting. Defense for that matter they tighten that up as well that and shot pared down the left field line past. A diving shark and over toward the corner Trey Vickers will be able to coast in the second base. And he does so with two way. Those doctors have their first it and it goes for extra bases. They Vickers now one for two. And that moved him to five for eight so far this season. Yeah. Yeah. Recent Jenna still walked his first time up there. Up until that Vickers double Grayson is. Malone shocker base for a last season. Missouri struggled defensively. Through sixteen games last year they had 25 errors. They only have thirteen at the moment there's a strike. So. Through this point a year ago they had almost twice as many heirs they have now. Fielding 979. Coming into this what shocker very good defensively 987. Hit harder right this second base on one hop and dealing takes care canister. And that takes care of the shocker here in the third Wichita State gets two out double but nothing more that the individual and apple still Missouri to the shock there's nothing. We'd Lauren ask Tennessee that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only taste but does. Lisa is second companies directly and not violence and share the profits back from them at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. 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Here are great Americans on. Very. I did a charity in the first inning so they lead to do nothing. As a player in the bottom third will be the Q3 and four hitters due up for the zoo and its presence neatly in his head that far different innings. So far first and second. Really struggled couldn't find the plate first. And then zipped right through dealer can do and the second thing. Terry Harris lead it off fees one guy that. Didn't have much problem with the person. Struck him out with a runner at second and nobody away. Here's the first pitch to him. And straightening up crowning of the fastball one well. Two runs one hit for the zoo now runs one hit for the shock yours. Then he swings late golf's one foul. One ball one strike it Missouri right fielder. He is empty nobody out bottom of the third here's the one nice namely the pitch and hit. Came right from the Walt. Harris. Poll the so. That's the fifth free passes issued by Preston's natively. It hurt me yeah. Here's camera Meissner and miser started that merry go round going the first of four consecutive walks. After Harris struck out the first. So pay trio of shocker to go scurrying down the right. The line yet again. And we'll get busy in case Preston's neatly gets in any more hot water at first nobody out here's distraction. Its demise. High fly ball left field line twisting in the foul ground and bomb couldn't quite get it the wind was playing tricks with us. And bald actually may have overran a little bit win deeper than where the ball actually balance. He was he the ball. Both got to the barrier pretty much the same time it was a hung up high enough long enough formed camp fun. And the wind was blown away from him from the start. So now in line to Cameron Meissner. It taller left handed hitting first baseman. It's neighborly come at the bell the pitch. Slider and then in their first strike back nordic wanted. Connecting the zoo bottom of the third. Mentioned at the outset this is. Even though that teams are only about five hours apart from the rare game between these two schools. First. And it ceases entry heiress back. Harris six for seven steals this year. These two teams met four years ago Kauffman Stadium. Or one in 54 in ten innings. And I've met three other times in NCAA regional play so for the eleven meetings. Have come here in neutral site or in the regional. I went into the turf wanted to. This is the first time in seventeen years teams have gotten together here. One ball he strikes. Her first nobody out. Here's distract my press since neighborly. And no one to miser. Slider down and end. Two and two. My idol strike up some but he's. Got a really good batting 21 walks already drawn make it twenty cute after the first inning. He's on base percentages. Well north of 500. 368 batting average and 21 walks. Should do. Slayings in this they've got away from craft a little bit but back to first goes straight parents so. Meissner didn't go fishing. It's blown away from him and he started on number won't. I'm Brian sharp. Sharp also walk. Through stand up there. So here's the first one now. Harris really didn't. Show much in the an affinity war. Even pretending to steal second base back to back left handers up there when bounces off the glove across Berry goes the thrown out wrong side of the bags say. UCL a scored. Terrorists. Down the second. On the ball that bounced off the glove of canola crop that was well outside. And will be wild pitch. So so much for the double play ball early to conventional one anyway. One another sharp. So ably after disasters first inning trying to. Right the ship and settling in here. Way high and outside him off speed pitch and yet they'll find that changeup. Two and a. In the shocker she. Road trip will continue this weekend in Omaha weather permitting. They're scheduled play that game Friday night. At TD Ameritrade. 630. First pitch. From the air line drive base hit right field. You got coming on and they're gonna wave in the runners careless and he's gonna make it. Cruelest cut off not physically strong throw him. And from the guy anyway probably wouldn't and I want to keep instigating. But Brian sharp. Not CNN. He is. 22 run homer of the season were wrong. It was 22 RBIs. Tops in the SEC. That he's been on the both times not street and nothing in. Then hit batter and wild pitch and ground school. And now Brett bond bond. Did stable in the shocker is the biggest favorite ball in that first inning he was doubled off second base. On line drive to right. Hitter against right handers neatly brings it all. Here are on the ground right ball might be to second base out there throw the first low and athletes and O'Bryant. Let's just that was absolutely tailor made double play. Fielder's choice and a layer the minute she didn't do what Jordan lawyer just. Short armed a little bit. It was in between hop nation Bryant the ball bounces off the barrier which made of brick and it went right back doing so. That was heads up by a bond not. Make yet another base running mistake and head toward second. That one. Ricocheted right back to Mason O'Brien. They'll see a stately can pitch around that one. Way outside again and boy croft has been. For active and he'd like to be tonight he's gotten quite work out. Writer first tool way one in three to nothing the zoo now. Croft is gonna go out and talk to us naval and here comes Mike Steele we'll see if Steve Lee's night is done. The. And it is so. Mike Steele squeeze what he thought he could out of Preston's vaguely after that disastrous start. He ends up going two and two thirds should be in the dugout for the rest of his teammates. At the moment but he's not in Wichita State and ethnic pitching change so stately goes two and two thirds. Gives up two hits. He walked four. Hit a batter. And struck out three innings giving up three runs. To this point responsibilities. Is their grip on his first days. So. Let me seemingly took forever in the first inning. So that time he's there again. It could've been worse. Or as much as president struggled to find the play only give up too. It was something of an accomplishment really. Tyler Davis. This new shocker pitcher. Davis appearing for the six. Stymied them pretty good this year fourteen thirds only allowed one run. Struck out seven. And 143. Namely officially. Credits include 59 pitches in only 28 distract them. Performance he'd like to forget. And Tyler Davis takes over with a runner at. First baseman to out. Tyler is 63 tool time. Spring Texas. Last pitch for a week ago. He pitched a perfect inning against those of you that were still striking out Sunni. And each of his last three innings pitched. I'm sorry in his last three outings he's done exactly one inning. And struck out two in each. Omaha Nebraska. As that you Edwards. You're only had one blitzer his five appearances. On. You have to hit. It's been retired anybody in the middle game of the mid east series. So he faces Jack Hanna here with fuel I pinch. First pitch swinging popped out foul back and croft back for a look at it. Bounces on the concourse though. The Tyler Davis. And there for the sixth time. Overall no record stage 193. Hearing that's one earned run and four and two thirds. The stretch by Davis. 11 swing and found that and Tyler inherited a one ball count but this is his hitter. Either way. Walk hit strikeout this will be chalked up to him. Three nothing the zoo bottom of the third. Zach can't up. Like Brett bond laps in the first inning walk. With a bases but it. Davis 12 pitch. And a slider in the foot. So the second hit batter of the inning. As David strident. Go back foot slider and technically he did. He hit me that Hannah in the back the hero. And now right hander mark beer link he was really good. The plate appearance of the game so far. With them loaded in the first and stately and walked four men in a row. Gut feeling. The line wonder right. Ball do slid made the catch on in and fired to second base to double off Brett bond. One ball no strike you can never assume a double play. But Brett bonds ground ball to third was tailor made around the horn double play but the throw from Boyer got away from. Mason O'Brien to continue to inning. And Wichita State is head virtually nothing go its way in the first third in this game. It catches inside corner one on one slider. On 10. So clearly with a line drive double play the right. That's ably out of first but not before two runs scored. It is a stretch like Tyler Davis pitch. Reaching pokes one fouled on the right side not apply. What do you do. Charter sports properties which does state athletics Mike thank shocker ambassadors which does stately level corporate partners house which one delta dental Coke industries Cox Communications. You wanna advertise a shocker athletics on 9787552. Shocker sports properties. Went to. Gotta swing at a breaking ball on the turf and barely looked bad doing it to tie the Davis came in throwing mostly strikes. Strand the runner in scoring position after hitting that Hannah is a one run. One hit to left. Now they're the top of the fourth is now Missouri three shocker nothing. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Then there's a second job recruiting. That means trampled. He couldn't do it without executive airship the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can star recruit. And he backed the same night Brady's start is next to busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shot it's learn more and exact air shared dot com. Rushed somebody asked me the other day have you ever thought I found it was the old it's a wonderful life question. Reverend Clarence the Angel was telling George Bailey you know. How would be different every once. There's something what would happen if you hadn't started your show in 1988 if you can't imagine a world without him. Size and I've never thought about neither Jenny because I didn't start my job easier. 20 and I don't do yeah. I'm 97 and thirteen thirty. And SS. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. This is Michael's. Stormy week nights they've done. I long for its three nothing was due. And Utah State left the home O'Brien do god. Coming to play here before they think lefty tightly clamped. Well planned three innings one hit one walk. And strikeout. They hit was it out double. Green sticker on there. Here's moment you put charges on the left his first but the conditions conspiring against him. And others it will try the same thing tonight in blowing up northwest. In from left over toward the right field corner. And bond. Has to go jogging out. To talk to Tyler we'll plant. Before we start the top of the fourth. It's an. Now bone climbs back in there. One of the few shocker golden spikes award watch list. Members takes down an end. Well just two for his last twelve mentioned first time up there in the east. Cooled off after a blistering hot start. It's a one harder righted the third baseman sharp in his tracks goes across. And gets blown. The moment it's sharply that on the ground and ran it can't. Sharp the base. After getting. Or six. His first seven outs in the year and appliances. Record a ground ball outs. In each of the last three. Here's Mason O'Brien. And now. Lou plant is like to go from the stretching. Freaking ball in the air for cold start to grind it. And I guess after watching a little more closely maybe he is working out of the stretch to certain hitters in the wind than others but seemed like he can't. Get comfortable or make up his mind wants to do what role to second. Hearings got it throws to first doing. So tiny little plants has. Had firm grasp of the strike zone today no shocker pitchers haven't yet you had. Now here's Uga. Yeah I think that is the case. Pitching out of the stretch to the shocker left hand batters and how the wind at the righty and he's gone back in the wind up. Uga. And he had broken the left field for a base yet they do guns. You know while last couple games. Two out single. Comes on the heels of a drive into the gap in right sinners first time out there's so he's won around two. After that Sunday game where. Duke basically single handedly rescued soccer's four hits and three runs including game winner. Croft fly ball right field. Wind can blow over toward the line in over for the quarter and long run by their right fielder parents right in front of the 339 mark. And runs it down. So soccer's no runs. One hit and one laugh. At the bottom of the fourth Stillman 33 shocker it. Yet felt pretty good to save about seven bucks at the big flat tires or did yet but then getting that service that feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by factory trained text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you and your card the good news. Online campus land tired dot com can't just plan tired you're out of bear Ernie prepared big guys here. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the proof that comfort symptoms can junior air conditioner or in selling new Levy system. You can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort. Keep in Wichita shocker is cool call today 2657831. Or. Their website at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems proud partner of shocker athletics. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Brad would be John Green rich cutlass dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. No one talks to. Head back out here. The book is officially closed on Christmas neighborly. He had worked hard at night and two thirds to it's four walks and three strikeouts a hit down. And he leads trailing through it and nothing. Tyler Davis. Shocker freshman righthander will get them 89 and one in Paterson Mueller started. Tony Ortiz. Don't they release that evening was a perplexing one. He really struggled in the first he breezed through this second. And I have a little mixture of both in the third hit the first batter. In the third inning and struck out cam Meissner won the better hitters. But then gave up a wild pitch in the single. Strike to. Tony your keys. And then after what should have been a double play ball in the end the inning. Wild throw from the second baseman extended the inning and ended stately night. Tyler Davis throws turf wanted to one. So Ortiz after eight. Second inning strikeout is now five for nineteen on the year. They're from the left side he's doing it the air foul. And it's probably gonna get out the entire state. It's an earlier than the football stadium. Is. Due east of here. And directly behind us track and field. Complex slash but soccer stadium. One ball in two strikes Tony Ortiz. Kind of back going to slider and its call to into the. Davis went one and two thirds. Opening weekend and a game against nick needs that's been his longest outing and see what Mike Steele asks him to do. Here tonight. At the same pitches same result. Couldn't do it. Ortiz Cornelius brown field. For the tigers here in the fourth. Here's the stretch and the pitch. Hit hard on the ground but lawyer to his left scoops it up those off balance and accurately on verge. The lawyer had to hurry and ended up making inaccurate thrilled. Running over. Directly toward the foul line. Short armed one definitely and O'Brien for the first out of fourteen children. Here's Cornelius. He gave one varieties first time up there but. Fly balls run out by center fielder racing analyst. Tyler Davis. Concept but nobody on the home even with bad protecting against the but first pitch blown away one ball no strikes. Cool and crisp evening and the wind has not. Died down once the sun has gone down. And strike in there. It adds. Others say it's not died down is not accurate it's not blowing as hard as it did earlier today but hasn't stopped altogether and still. About twelve to fifteen as opposed to fifteen point. Tapper all the mound charging is Vickers fields throws and play out it hurts. Kerry Vickers. Really his first major best. In the field that he's been back he would play the one game. Yeah last weekend against Texas Arlington that was a Friday game and and Saturday and Sunday. The hamstring that'd been. Kept the that had kept him out of action for the first ten games battle sore on him. And so Todd Butler arrested him. Saturday and Sunday although we did pinch hit on Sunday that its first real test these have. Strike in there. And Tyler Davis to honor Broomfield. Brownfields singled and flight left. Davis trying to turn an 8123. And it. Opponents died. When one. Namely what two and two thirds not Davis. Got one full inning under his belt now. It's slider in there for this for a strike back Doherty of went to. The shocker fifth level lowered the third of the order young Carolina border. Try to get something going against Tyler plant. Once it hit. Third hit batter by shocker pitching. And that one has probably. The most excusable. Because. David you've just got to come in with a fastball but then too far and hitting and thigh. If you hit batters last happening breaking balls. Taken out of the one thing that Hannah I was Turkey bowl Davis hit him. What you believe they've hit parents with a fastball but anyway that's three hit batters down four walks. So here's Harris he was the one hit. And eventually came around to score last inning three nothing Missouri bottom of the fourth. The ball. Inside edge. Bullish right. Shocker outfield. Just to straightaway you can be. Pairs the third leading hitter on the team sort of first runner back resume again. If you joined us late working on an eight game winning streak this is the final game. A nine game homestand. From here they will open. SEC play that weekend and go to Baton Rouge take on LSU. No one outside one ball one strike. Mentioned earlier in shocker is scheduled to go to Omaha this weekend take on Creighton. Friday night then Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Into the church smothered by crop there goes the runner on second and throws in the wrong side of the bank. And from field will make a second base. On a wild pitch and that's really the second time on a ball in the turf. That's gotten away from. No crop he he makes an accurate though the outage reporting its second base. But from feel the safe. Both times croft throws down have been short stops I'm back. The brunt field and scoring position. And now it's 31 to. Barry Harris. This is not normally a problem for the shocker pitching staff became in this game. Having walked 4427. Innings. And hit eighteen so a little more than one hit batter per game on average. But they've been wild tonight. In addition to four walks and three hit batters again two wild pitches. We swing ground ball foul. Three wild pitches they. So they pretty much Chad. No croc catcher on roller skates back there. Three balls and strikes. Pretty heiress or check. He gets ready. It's time games. I. You are on the ground back indicted Vickers plants draw those got a nice play trade Vickers who got there are set up. And unloaded all the same motion and keep the zoo off the scoreboard no runs no hits. One laugh go to the top of the fifth film with 33 shocker not. She understands. Fingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial row. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. 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Two of the first one in the third for the tigers. Hackers trying to get on board. In this and a strategy and started here in the fifth. Scoreboard update rod Q. Binding or tripping instruction from roof and gutters to siding and windows love your home's exterior you know. But bigger throwing dot com paltry 162024066. Being here trooping construction. Well home team put up. Couple finals in from the American. Already here in the mid week. Afternoon games. On the East Coast. Young first pitch swinging each one out grounder to shortstop Cornelius. Then across one pitch one out for Tyler plant. Who was getting a ton of fly balls the first two innings and gotten pretty much nothing but ground ball since then. Yeah under reform in America. These CU earlier today shut out east Carolina three to nothing. He's few falls to twelve and four. In the non con. First it should governor Trout line is definitely nothing in Iraq. UConn got seven in the first and had to hang on for dear life they beat coastal Carolina today. Twelve to ten. Now Connecticut. But 576. Little bit too low and let him pitch one in won't. Rest of the game the American like this one night games. The line the 11 to Trout line. Hi fly ball shallow center from field cruising in these hundred. Makes you can't do it. You open to them shocker this. Louisiana leading to lane. I want to do nothing or court. They are in the fifth inning. In New Orleans. Jordan Boyer. Basis that he threw away. The outside one ball no strikes. South Florida leading Florida Gulf Coast eight to one the bulls. Chicken tonight at ten and six. Curve ball drops in there. What I want to Jordan border basically that the two outs three nothing to do top of the fifth. Bradley is that UCF. This evening. Houston at let me state this evening. Two on one account to border. Bradley jumped out big on UCF but now the night's meeting of the game five to force when it fell back. By Jordan border. Student to shocker second baseman. Bases empty two way top fifth. Hackers have a hard time solving piloting the plane. Making it second start of the year. Strike three call right down the middle Jacques particular order. But the second time tonight halfway through here from Taylor stadium. And it's Missouri three in Wichita state of the. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile this first sing this with no Smart. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power with delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds. Is that every life is important. And invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities. That's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver and kiss home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. Let's enjoy the weekend mornings at nine right here on. The heart of the order has been resumed. 34 and five hitters get their third trip to the order but their first look at trying to dates. Cameron Eisner. Pulled for one. Brian sharp one for long with a walk. Brett on the old one with a walk as a trio. Do up here in the bottom fifth. Free passes and Bentley. Whom story the first half of this day. Shocker pitching has issued four walks and three hit batters. However only one of each scored and that's. Mildly surprising in and of itself. Miser started to swing held out and pitch down one ball no strikes. Wind continues to. Blow from the left field corner over the right field corner about fifteen miles an hour blown away from Davis. To Meissner. Eisner secondly here on the team as I mentioned 368. Coming in. Eleven extra base hits. But his point one. Man that's outside Drina. I. Bases empty nobody out 30 pitch. That's in there three and one. A stretch by Davis. 31. Shot in the left field for a base hit over Bowman over toward the line you know the long run my sister's gonna try for second. And the thrill is not in time and leadoff double from Cameron Meissner took one of the opposite field. The lead off double. And now Bryant shark. One of the best hitters or at least the start with the SEC. One for one officially. Keenan hitting port twenty. His single in the third running around him his 22. Run batted in. So a runner at second nobody out. The stretch Mike Davis. Pitch. And around and he's on the inside corner called strike to Brian shark that can't matter. Some action now down shocker rake field bullpen is. Tyler Davis. Enters his. Third inning of work came in with two outs in the third. The balls and one strike. That's low one ball one strike. It. We have seen C op Massoud does. In SEC play. Gotten off to a hot start thirteen in three. Getting votes and it coaches pulled me. Now ball sharply and through the legs lawyers he moved to his right about a couple of steps and runs goes floor and shark is in the second day. Is it sharply by sharp. And it went through the wickets and it's gonna be any fluent today. No RBIs career here for the shocker and it's not been their nights so far. The cool thing. Now it's reported nothing Missouri law. And you can chalk that up to look so. Charity by which you just need as well as I guess it was hit sharply. But a couple of steps to lawyers write it wasn't able to close the gate quick enough. Right between his legs. Now Brett bond with a runner at second one in shows bunt lays it down a long thirty good. They're gonna let you know it won't pick it up. It is the better off but it roll. But. Apparently he was convinced when Google found similar to third news. And I am sure are influencing the vibrant bonded now series. Really in his. Zach and I know official yeah. Is the first guys based Davis the third. Again I hit it on the foot. And that man may be home for Tyler Davis. Michael Steele is gonna go to the bullpen. Tyler Davis the night is done. Double pair of bunt single ingredient here in the fifth. That is credit marketing in the third. Couple hits and. Couple hit batters. Oh yeah. And. Credited for one strikeout. It looks like it's healing Kilgore. Lefthander. Soccer fan. Yeah. Did you wondering. Those 41 inning walks shudders up walk anybody sits. As I mentioned it's not something that has. This issue very often this year that. Game high for walks allowed night shot pitching depth it happen twice. But after. The latest first inning started and got that market might be perilous don't like that. Instead of bases on balls went out. And hit my pitch has reared its ugly head. And it's. They only hit one. Basically on his way out of the human. Davis hit two. Even ambulance or an error. And a bunt singles really the catalyst. For good big potential inning or do. Here's the deal until or it is maybe pitching for the game right now Florida nothing Missouri. Shocker of them got much going offensively. And they haven't given. It basically. As soon base runners. 83 tasks between them walking hit batter partner. He freebies. And feeling Kilgore is a pace that cannot runners at the corners one end. Nobody out. Palin killed the war. As Nikki appearance number three. He got the start. A week ago Wednesday and again who'll Robert. Man he had all kinds of me Anderson walk. Three himself in that game. Ended up allowing two runs those are the only you know are each scored. Two innings allowed three hits three walks struck out four. Vienna. Mounting a lot like stayed late throw to first get away from. O'Brien or runner gonna try to score filmmaker. Just kicked off the glove of Mason O'Brien on a pit. Play. And they'll be another error I'm not sure it. Assets to. But now it's five to nothing. And a shocker you're just giving. Missouri the golden opportunity to stretch their winning streak to nine games. Two errors in the inning after leadoff double. So that runs charged to Davis I think it's unearned but as it is two runs in the inning. And Kilgore misses low one ball no strikes. So this is really really. Pivotal and potentially dangerous time of the game for which custody right now there teetering. And not looking good in the process. 10 bounce it O'Brien he tagged the bag throws down the second and a double play. So 836. Double play. Takes care of bond the base runner. The Kilgore. Gets it just when he needed spot here. And I'll Mark Buehrle. Bases empty beer link. As line in a double play and struck out. Kilgore. We'll stay in the stretch and nobody on three of foul tip. Nothing in one so it's five to nothing is news they got two of the first one of the third two in the fifth. The shoppers. Meanwhile offensively. Only three base runner. One out walk the first two out double in the third two out single reports though. Really nothing resembling a rally. Kilgore try the outside corner missed one and one. Very cool crisp evening here in. Columbia. Breaking all over the low two and one. Kilgore pitched opening weekend against me needs. Face to walk one. Gave up a hit to the other. 21. Low three and one. Three balls one strike. Nobody on two out. Here's the pitch to the disease second baseman. Here's a striker and I think he's hands free tip. In the sixth shocker might wanna pick it up at the top of the order Vickers Janis and my home. Do not Wichita State did not hit fortitude they've made both of the games errors. And that's lol it's called Norwalk. Nearly. That's the first balked at the truckers issued since the first. But that is five now. And Tony Ortiz is going to be replaced. But pinch hitter Alex samples. So now that Kilgore lefty isn't there. Or Keisel lithium batteries out of there. And samples will hit. Alex is 5% and T but sources tell the parents. Alex samples I pins senior from. Bridgeport Texas. Spent some time Navarro. Community college rudder first two way. Answering an immense. Triggered laid out a fastball right down the middle on one. Kelyn Kilgore. And keep things right where it is and if Mike Steele had his way be out there for a couple of innings. The rest of the bullpen a breather and try to get the offense going one and on the count. But again he had command issues of his own against Oral Roberts it's never did settle land. It's the Golden Eagles. I have nothing Missouri bottom of the fifth. 11. The outside corner missed two little. The last thing you want when you. Face and hot offensive team is that. Give them. Golden hitting opportunities if not bases on balls hit batter altogether they shocker to them networking hit and it's three and want. Because it is a long bus ride home to begin work. But if you don't make him earn it it's made even longer by thinking what could have been. If you just make him hit their way on but most of the time tonight they haven't had too. Nine free passes. Issued by either pictures or the defense. Selena foul. Couple long third. So he combined to walk the hit batters. And errors. Nine have reached due to death now that's not to limit things. Because wild pitches and other errors have allowed. The zoo to advance on the base paths but it's been really easy game for them. Strike three called and down those samples pinch hitting or keys so Kilgore. Register to strike out leaves barely at first two runs galore. There were two hits two errors. A double play and one man left them. Why did it happen in Miami and definitely not much good Wichita state of the sick and joggers trail now five to nothing vote. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the deployments during their clearance sale. They won't quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. Bless their large inventory BG gets same day or next they delivery and install on most models good intelligence that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new. Whirlpool Maytag amana kitchen aid Energy Star rated this wash ask about free install on qualifying models. The shelter insurance we will landlords have to keep up with the Rangers even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just dropped by the jugular when check I'm running a little short this month. Not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy this helps cover stuff in case of fire that's ten more wins. Just look back and smelled them you mean dad's new mini case. So through insurance we're emotional we shelter. Orators insurance he Katie Chamblee or Jesse mice in Wichita when Lindsay did nothing derby. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on KN FS. Gone to eat cold weather apparently has him beat three five nothing zoo and a forgettable first five innings and pretty much for every shocker out there play makers will lead off. One out of two. Meanwhile Tyler we'll plant. And get through five innings and that'll of the tigers. Giving up just two hits. Walked just one. He struck out two. Bodies. Lived ahead in the count. And not too many hard hit balls. I guys in the first base dugout one ball no strike straight Vickers. He flied to right and and grounded one past the diving third baseman short cut to the left field corner for a two out double. Lifts one foul down the right field line and out apply. One ball one strike trade knickers trade. Playing in only his fourth game. With his second start. He played defense of league. Last Wednesday for a happening. Inside underneath his hands to one. And they started last Friday of course and went three for five including a home run. Got a Damon three quarters off pitch yet on Sunday. Delivered a single. He's back there and ground ball just found out tried to shoot one down there again pat down at third base line. Just wide of the bag. Given to. Vickers. Rock solid very dependable a year ago it to 96. Started every game swing and fell back so I'm sure the first ten games this year or particularly painful beyond. The hamster. Overall as best offensive year last year. Four home runs thirty to prevent to 96. Curve ball stayed with a fountain back. His sophomore season was a better average wise 306296. Foot. Much more production all the way around. Last year. Two balls and threw strikes. And I once ruled foul off the facing in the third base dugout. Trade. Try to be passed. And frankly during this is that this is probably longest at bat that tiny little plants had to deal. Only faced four batters in the first. Retired the side the second the fifth. The only place faced four batters in the third the fourth and swing and miss condos Vickers is deep. Went fishing look like a changeup that faded off the plate and Vickers. Uncharacteristically. Cases bad ball the one out. I just walked in grounded to second. I've nothing Missouri confidence six. Curiously Tyler look plant works. From the stretcher at least ideas against left handers it and it goes from the full lined up against right. One strike Grayson jealous that. Nobody on one out the shocker six. Then. Stifled by little plant. And he wasn't even supposed to start the game. They're gonna go with another lefthander who fell ill with flu. And the trainers slash doctors. Determined. No go to. Popped up now back in how to play me they knew this a couple of days ago so it was PDA. The last 48 hours. We'll plant gets the nod he's been good again. Oh and Judy Grayson Janice step Grayson came in hitting 314. Can't swing and has the curve ball down he got three straight strikeouts for title plan. Gives him a total four out today. To a computer down ballot bowl. Very. Well. Alec is flied to center. And ground there. In Q1 of the shortstop on three hops Cornelius crow hop first. Title plant making picking. Pretty easy here tonight six scoreless innings. With a junior left the lower the bottom of the sixth. In the 35. Shocker nothing. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids off Jason one ball arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. I. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for a plan. One company is on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like the big number doesn't not to express one of professionals. You're still ACC operator of a welder or maybe you're looking to find new jobs and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success and never charged was beatified John expressive player of professionals is on a mission to. People to work each year let us help and good to express rose dot com to find a location near you when. Mark living finding weekdays at five. Right here on tape and as bad. It's six years. Stadium. Qaeda charitable Clarke Andrew handling back in our widgets studios. Hackers. Look at first barks five to nothing to do. Five runs four hits. No errors for the tigers. No runs two hits two errors. Wichita State after six at bats. The good guys there's Cornelius lead enough equipment new report. Cornelius. Flied to center grounded to short. So they're beginning his first look at Kelyn Kilgore ago. One plate appearance against its name William Davis. And first pitches up and away one ball no strikes 91 and two in the order Cornelius. And Connor Brohm field. The entry Harris. Kilgore going from the stretch and nobody on. Any needles the outside corner of that time. When one. Here's a stretch by Kilgore. One. We're gonna blow something off speed to the one. Tigers got killed in the first one of the third two in the fifth. That went just inside three and one. They got a leadoff walk from our lead off hit I'm sorry from brown field in the first. Namely wild pitch in the second. And then after a strikeout walk four consecutive hitters bringing to home swing and now back so there's your Q and offers. And then in the third ably fit Trey Harris. Wild pitch him to second. Brian sharp delivered an RBI single. Street and nothing after three. And then last half inning. Cameron miser opposite field double. Pair of errors. Helped bring him home. Cornelius founded back in history. Five runs on just four hits. The Missouri. Three balls two strikes nobody on nobody out here's the set. And the pitch again Cornelius. Strokes went into the gap in right center field nobody's gonna get this one's done settled between Aniston did got. Digging for second goes Cornelius when he dived in head personally don't know. So long battle won by name. Chris Cornelius. And for the second straight inning. Tigers have a leadoff double. Well. We're. So please do keep the pressure on. Yeah. Connor Brohm field. One for two. He has. Been hit by pitch in addition to that bursting thing. Slide Travis younger in the second. Hundreds that nobody up zoo turned attack on here. Kilgore come set. Strike called downer on the knees Brownfield shorten up to bunt. So brown field. And then. Two batters from now. Meissner and sharp all left in matters. Scioscia Kilgore can take advantage of the perceived advantage. Of the lefty lefty thing. 01 chilly but again does back to the mound killed or kidnapped her he only played first just in time. And sacrifice works. We're at that goes Cornelius. Let it dissolve. You couldn't write these sacrifice plus. Employed I'm resume. Already up I'm not. Kind of attack on an insurance run dockers. Predictably you bring these helium that can afford falling further behind. Trey Harris is hope for two. Every shocker in even with a baseline. And a ground ball to second lawyer's gonna come home whether it and out of the play. Taylor made. Sharp one hopper right Boyer. Shocker handled that went flawlessly and cut down. Cornelius at the ladies often contact like that. That helps but alien if you can move back. Kilgore will be facing. Camera miser certainly none of the woods yet Eisner aggregate here. His walk and doubled scored wise. Doubled the opposite field start last inning came around to score on. The ball that went between employers legs second. Kilgore delivers outside. The shocker guy hanging by thread but. Cutting down Cornelius at the plate gives them left. Meissner takes a curve low. Should go to Meissner. First inning walk. Struck out the third. Then doubled over bombs hit last half inning and Matt Sloane outside three you know. What nobody. The shocker to run an out there can settle into a rhythm on the hill. Three go to miser. Sharp is next. And that's at belt high strike three in one. Again my eyes they're sharp both left ten batters. But Kilgore at least of my listeners pitched himself and a predictable. Pit selection here and 31 in my joints so on one. And it's over but low ball force Uri. And really get the chance to hear. Kilgore is second walk six. As the staff at times. I came behind. Are issued night shocker pictures. Sharpton has yet to be retiring walk. Singled and reached on there. Drove in Iran with a single in the third. And scored actually on an error in the fifth at the after he reached. On an air. And Kilgore misses low and outside. First and second two outs. Shoppers. Got a bit of good fortune. When. Trey Harris hit a ground ball right at Jordan border with the infield in and Cornelius try to score Boyer cutting now. But the walked in my eyes they're keeps things going. And I when misses badly to an up. Brett Wagner right handed hitting catcher will be next. But I can only imagine that it killed or loses sharp. That the shocker food. Be moving on to someone else try to get bond. Her vault swing and a miss whatever it's a gutsy pitch. Sharpen a big swing no contact. Few balls one strike. Two outs runners legal way. Same pitch that one was taken first strike could do so worried about. Schumacher's in the seventh level Brian do gun croft. No offense to Aniston getting year. Stretched to two pitch. And as he got it past him and struck him out so Kilgore. Worked his way into a bit of a GM fell behind chart the thinking back to get one of the most dangerous hitters. And as you say no runs one hit. They're work to laugh it's now go to. The seven shocker still trailing five to nothing. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy slide past challenges and hit home run. Go to be Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe things can grant. Great now with us my Cuba committed I can't believe this content. Healthy smiles of power. Oh thank you deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy would need Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Jason JB joins us from non reality radio week. I'm OK okay. Tough sledding. Shot news. Mason O'Brien will be enough. Truckers in their first six. That's been held just two hits. Elian. One other base runner the us to walk. Information O'Brien we'll start things here in the seventies shocker trailing Missouri five to nothing. Tyler look plant working on sixth shutout inning performance out for the senate. You know Brian fouls one off from his foot. Nothing in one. Mason is flied to center grounded to second. Wind continuing to drift over the right field corner. No balls one strike lefty against lefty. Yeah swinging misses slider looking into. Makes you wonder. When the next time that title in the plants going to be in married only pitch one other time this year it was against northeastern on the 24 of February. And the good champ seven innings one run. And so here we are about three weeks later with him. Backing up that outing with a even better one against Wichita State. O'Brien takes one that bounces the other batter's box. When multi strikes. Again. La Plante pitching from the stretch against the lefties and how the wind up against Israelis. Al backed by Mason O'Brien still wanted to. I had nothing Missouri. In the seventh. We'll plant leans in reading the signs from his catcher. And I fastball is a little bit high bond kind of hop. Back from behind home plate. Maybe thinking and it just got strike three. Good to pitch. He did there breaking ball audiences like corner froze Mason O'Brien. Soccer's. In London for. Well for bad luck this necessarily when the book way to put it but not much going their way up to share builder or what. Yeah that is now four strikeouts. In the last six batters. And they can do guy. Is that you really good swings one for two. And it smacked one into right center the other the other days here over toward the epic goes. Over to second goes dude got out and is that going all the way to the wall and this doesn't have a triple Dayton did got two out of three. And he becomes the first shocker. To reach third base today. On a standup triple. Dayton do God's first triple of the year only the third. Three base hit Wichita State. So do guys these hot afternoon for game on Sunday. Catcher Rick. No wrong. Search for off the ias. Flied to center and flied to what turned out to be deep right field over toward the corner. They're third one out. Soccer's kind of snapped the shutout string here and croft. She is the first pitch 2000 back. The balls the strike you know croft over to today. I for eighteen now on the young season. He's been hampered a little bit by the shoulder soreness but we have seen catching very much. Excel when inside one ball one strike. One ball one strike. One out in the inning. Promptly to strike. On the outside corner one and two. One ball two strikes one out. Croft. That's out now right back him. Once you hit sharply on the got the second that'll get the run home but croft is out it. Tyler on the plane slams his fist into of the wanted to get croft himself. Croft. Breaks up the shutout with a ground ball to second base when do guys scored by the war. What do we want that. Yeah. So tired Travis young. Young takes a strike Travis over to today with a strikeout and groundout. John rocker's. Will not be shut out for the first time grounder to third flagged by sharp in the throat at first is in time so. Dig and dig out with a one out tripled that. Not not much else going on in the shot so that they do break up and shut out there at stretch of time. Clear Taylor stadium is now. 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Side arming right hander but finishing his warmup tosses minor hearing for the sixth time. All of a relief and record saying she's seven ERA. It is up three in the third inning. Kelyn Kilgore went to. Give up one hit he didn't want to know runs struck out two. And throwing 34 pitches. And. Preston minor. It did not pitch last weekend against. Texas Arlington. He did. Finished the game. A week ago Wednesday against Oral Roberts struck out the side. Part of a seventeen strikeout performance by shocker pitching now there. That's what. Maybe. Among them made so painfully Djokovic couldn't get a win struck out seventeen Golden Eagles. Still got beat 21. So miner will. Face Brent bond. And they left handers that Hanna. And then mark merely another right handers zip he cited army right hander. Preston Boehner and being urged shocker Hugh. Corral the strike zone consistently been here redshirt freshman democracy go to. He delegates poured upon and one of his audience well. He retired two batters against navy state. On opening day. They got it for one run in an inning of work in the final game and had tears but since then he's. Not giving up any runs. In the limited times he's been out there. As a strike in there at Brett bond. Single walk fielder's choice. I've won the zoom out of the seven. He stretched by minors and the 01. Ha I pop up right side of the diamond O'Brien. Got it measured he's in foul ground down makes a catch. Brett bond. Skies few shocker first baseman program went away. We'll look forward. Here's Jack Hanna. Can't I've. Bounced into a double play his last time out there that was for values return drizzle for one he's. Also walking in here. They Suzuki one away Preston minor set brings an end that's outside one ball no strikes. The ball no strikes a stretch. Myers pitch. Very high and outside made no across come out of his crouch to you know. Soccer has been out at 523. But the shoppers. Have. Played far from a clean game lot of free passes that went outside three you know not just walk she's. And it gets to the outside corner three won't. Shocker back in action on Friday night from Omaha TD Ameritrade ballpark. Side of the college World Series and home. The big east Creighton blue days. Way outside ball foursome minor. Can't avoid the base on balls but either. That is now a season high seven walks. Shocker pitching. Hand has won twice what a year ago. Mark Buehrle. Barely has lined into a double play struck out. And killed locked him in the fifth. And I found. Her first one out right hander against right hander some minor figures. Had the upper hand on dearly here. Checks on Hannah over first. In that game against or use last Wednesday shocker finished with. One run and three hits it's what they have right now. Now is a season low. But the shocker offensive output one ball no strikes that slider. Sales slide him dearly. If Missoula hangs on this will be nine wins in a row for them. And then they'll hit the road to go to number sixteen LSU runner goes swinging a foul back. One on one. Told you earlier this is Steve these search team loses second year it's. Head coach at Matsui came from Southeast Missouri State. It was a two time Ohio Ohio valley. Conference coach of the year Tino. Long cold stretch the 11 as well outside shoot one. These are before. Becoming a very successful coaches southeast Missouri. It was a four big leaguer. He played in sixty Major League Baseball games between the Mets and pirates. Runner goes again Allen's lofted into center field Genesee coming on got played on a hop over to third goes. That Hanna who was off with a pitching going to be dead duck. If tennis that was able to get it so he knew he was too far gone to go back even if it was county just kept going. And our runners at corners. And yet another. Hitter in this spot in the order that Chad McDaniel. You'll hit poor samples. You hit the floor or keys. Chad McDaniel. Is three for fifteen so far this year. Let him better hitting for the righty are on Alex happens. So Steve Beazer couldn't. Really ask for. A much better start obviously to his. Ms. duke coaching career. But the ways. Progressed through the game of baseball. He played at Southeast Missouri State got drafted by the Phillies. Made it to the big leagues with the Mets. Played briefly in the big leagues that pirates thirteen seasons overall. And then. Coach that is on the modern after. A stint as the head coaching high school in Saint Louis. Was an assistant. Her a couple of years that he knows the head coach from thirteen to sixteen. And now here. And I'll do it for. Preston miner after Mitch Daniels announced. Mike Steele comes out at first base shocker dugout. And brings the hook with a. Those shoppers who go to the pin up. Minor third of an inning hit a walk. Yeah. And Clayton mcginnis. C'mon for Wichita State so if the shocker wanna stay in this one and have. And he designs on making a comeback. Barely trailing by 451. But it's late in the bottom of the seventh and they cannot afford. The falling further behind the plate mcinnis who's been so good. It stranding inherited base runners. It's the ultimate test here first and third one out. Up against one of the hottest teams in the country. It's facing Chad McDaniel. Then announces pinch hitter. And the Guinness being right handed. There's no really good. Change appeared. Steve Yzerman Ernie announced lefty and pinch hitter. Shocker didn't bring in lefty out volcanism. Probably stay as it. Maginnis. Is appearing for the tenth time it's tops on the team. 10 no no say it's three point 12 ERA. In his previous. Nine outings. He struck out both men that he faced on Sunday. In that five to four shocker win in ten innings. Well yeah. It's. And so we will have. Writers at the corners. Wit. One out a big part he struck out two but hit a batter. To him is touting. Sunday against. Texas Arlington but this latter rounds. So area well. Ideally. Mcginnis hits a ground ball I didn't infielder. But at the very least you wanna non productive out if you're shocker came here from the pinch hitter Chad McDaniel. 51 Missouri bottom of the seventh. Hanna third dearly at first. Mcginnis working from the first base side of the rubber comes set. And throw to first flopping back on his stomach is severely. Mcginnis looking in for the sign. Croft gives him the when he wants here's the stretch. In the pitch fastball outside one ball no strikes. Mcginnis. Has made a quantum leap. From his. Previous couple of years to this one is really reliable so far on the year. Choppy moves. Just bow right over the bank. That was trouble because I've got past Mason O'Brien down in the corner. In his first 43 appearances. At Wichita State McGuinness. Came out bullpen and 36 of them. And I had an aggregate ERA. About seven and a half. But this year he's been rock solid. One want. Breaking ball strike caught the outside corner. Daniel didn't think that one's gonna come around. What multi strikes one now. In the bottom of the seventh. Shocker trailing five to one. The stretch by mcinnis one to router knows is swinging a foul but I don't play. The Steve Beazer even though he's been ahead from the first inning on. As shown a proclivity to be active on the base paths. You know sacrifice bunt in the last half inning. A hit and run earlier in this inning. And dearly at first was the motion there. Want to run or not going and half swing a breaking ball down he goes on strikes and gets all the way back to the back stuff. A wild pitch scores a run. Down to second go is merely. Yeah McDaniel is out there and expensive. Strike. It turned out to me. That's alpha or wild pitches thrown up on the day and arrogant five run lead is back. Shocker got to run in the top of the inning that. The zoo answers. Charged at rounded. Preston minor. Now Cornelius. With a runner at second. So when McGuinness second wild pitch of the year. Fastball split the plate when striking nothing. Chris Cornelius is one out of three in a leadoff double in the fifth in the sixth inning months. Cut down trying to score a ground ball with soccer's infield in. Six runs six hits from a zoo one run three hits for the shoppers. Or. Into the turf block micro oft. One ball one strike. It's just one run but it's late enough to where. That runs scoring. Could effectively take the air out of a team's dugout. Down 51 with. Two more chances left he's at least feel like you gotta puncher chance that that one extra run hurt. What I want. Capacity one and two. Shocker in the eighth would have 89 and one of the order. But they are going to be down at least five. Shocker spoiled the shutout on the top of the inning. But they've. One out walk it's come around to score yet again. Pop foul him off the light tower. Behind home plate still wanted to. Of the seven walks the shocker serve. Doled out only two of those have actually scored. But walks have helped create. Two other runs. Wanted to. And Allen broke down the left field line there. Another let's go to school learn as it may just put this move on ice Cornelius into second base. When an RV idol it's now seven to want. Yeah his second consecutive double. So the ninth place hitter for Missouri is now to reform. That brings home. More dearly from second base back into the top of the order or go and ripped it apart from field. So both those runs charged you Princeton minor. Yeah me and very little is gone right shots tonight seven to one. Brohm field a single hit batter. Sacrifice bunt. Takes a strike right in Maryland one. I guess the breezy gonna continue all night that. Continues to blow over toward the right field corner again not quite as brisk as it was when the sun was up that. Still enough to make him comfortable down there it's. And raw evening. Little bit outside wanna one. Shocker will. Rekindle that. Relationship with Creighton blue jays. Coming up this weekend former. Valley mates. Great moving on to the big east amount shocker in the American. Bounces and now one block Bancroft. To a one. Shocker will be an Almonte this weekend and and home for four. Starting. Tuesday at twentieth and be a night game against Oklahoma. And then Furman comes to town for three game weekend series. 23 through the 25. To launch. Home back and how to play. The balls two strikes throughout throughout her second two in. In the disease seven that seven to one. That's pretty much what they've done two opponents during their eight game losing streak. Outscoring teams seven point 61 point 88. Doing everything well on this homestand. And they continued it here today to interview. An entry into. Three balls two strikes two outs. Now mcginnis finally got society once. And sent the belt jacket runner three to. And Allen's loop and had leaked buying lawyer he makes the catch right off the end of that camera. On top spin lob the lawyer got back in time easily just well enough. And doctors. It out of the seventh inning but. Unfortunately the tigers had gone to law and a shocker the final six outs with six runs again. Go to the it is 701 visit Iran. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available from plants. 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And if nothing else is trying to knock him title and one out of this didn't report he has turned in almost a carbon copy of his outing on the 24 and February against northeastern. That day seven innings five hits one run one walk five strikeouts. Today seven innings three hits one run. Count wind fouls one back the screen. One walk. And at five strikeouts. Though he has turned in two beauties. We'll see what. Steve Beazer and pitching coach frank corral haven't mind for him. During the SEC season or feed. Maybe you'll slide into the number four spot. And stay there. Certainly earned. One and one that got her trial wind. Throw line is parked out in flied to center. Through the law. We'll plant has not faced more than four batters. In any inning. He has set the shoppers down and ordered three times. Wind pops one foul back and how to play to a two. Two balls two strikes bases empty. Nobody out shocker. Lefty winds and brings it home. Any delivers low three and it. We'll plant walked Jana stuff. The second batter of the game. In the extent. Of those free passes and really that's been at the tale of the tape that's the game. It just inside both war. The drought on walks to lead off the. Missouri has been aired high tonight in the shocker happened. And then it's like seven of one. Here's Jordan lawyer and report to work well here. Groundout to short. Strike out looking. The plant. Out of the stretch the pitch. Down and and wonder though. Shocker base runners are as follows Jenna to step with a walk. Vickers with a double. Do guy with a single and triple. Venture out winds walk. Sammy asked the Zito the acting manager and third base coaches that a lonely man over there. Butler. Being suspended has mailed watches when that was belted into the gap in right center field and over goes Harrison makes the catch. Boy your long way but. Here's get a good jump on it and back it first goes. Better Trout wants to walk away again Don Butler suspended for two games not permitted. Once the pregame activities start to hang around the stadium. And so he has. And an unknown location most likely bus. 21 on one out for Vickers. Tray one out of three. Curve ball jumped in there. The plants have all going. Vickers uncharacteristically. Chased the bad ball did strike out. The start the sixth. 71 Missouri cavity. Ruled on the ground in their basement shark to his left 543. Double play. Tyler plant. Eight brilliant innings but the bottom of the eighth or is due out seminal. Wanna have a little fun. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by award. 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Closed up seven. They're obvious evidence room preparing for the sixth time no record here's a 6103. ERA in his first. Born third this year. He'll have the 23 and four hitters in the order crabby Evansville Trey Harris. Cameron Meissner Bryant shorten. Trio has been busy bodies that is tonight at 701 Missouri and harmony. In him. Trey Harris. Is one era over three officially. Hit by pitch scored third. Through right fielder to start things off you know what your audio and children are called him right there. So right hander against right handers start the bottom of the eighth inning. Robbie Annan's. Texas native comes but nobody on. Brings it home delivered a strike. Evans. Fastball slider blower three quarter arm angle really slings and in there. 62200. Pounder from Frisco. Now when needles the outside corner owing to. Ronnie threw a scoreless inning. In the opening game of the Texas Arlington series. Actually close the game. Game one by the shocker is twelve to three. Crowding inside wanting to. Well one and two thirds against or Roberts. In the mid week last week. Struck out three but hit four batters. And tied a program record. In the process. And through that went behind. Trey Harris slider. The two and two. Two balls two strikes nobody on nobody out bottom of the. Stretched by Robbie Evans. And the 22 pitch. Inside three and two. They jumped ahead of Trey Harris but now it's gone as far as he can't win. Evans. Concept. Comes to the plate. And he hit it. Bobby Evans. Almost hit him coupled pitches ago that slider. Hit Harris. The left cheek. We're statements were going to be. There. The fourth hit batter. I shocker pitching tonight. Here's my Isner might there is walked twice doubled scored twice. And struck out. Fastball inside corner strike won't. Missouri seven the shocker one about it the shocker seven to three. And I haven't spanking her right field sinking in front of big guy who last played on a hop. So miser. Humiliating 368. Now who got a three. And its first and second nobody out threw. Bryant shark. Sharply the better hitters in the SEC but one out of three car. For the two on nobody out. This is one last thing you want. To appear shocker it's. A game that's pretty much out the gate. Outside low one ball no strike and then to kind of limp through the bottom of the eighth inning. Potentially. The drag out of already otherwise. Miserable game. Leap of really bad taste the shocker coaches and players mouse if this one gets ugly date. Strike 11. So Evans trying to make sure that that happened but this is a dangerous part of the order. Chart RBI and the third was his 22 run driven in. First and second nobody out. 11 pitch. Over but load two and one. Two balls and one strike. Here's a stretch by Evans. Checking the runner at second the pitch. Right down the middle tune into. Got a strange it. Robbie Evans has hit five batters now on the season. But he's yet to walk one. For the third. No walks eight strikeouts. Five hit batters. And tried the outside corner of the slider and missed. It's three into. So is gone as far as he can Brian sharp. Brett bond to catcher waiting next. Writers lead away the 32 shot foul down the left side we'll do it again. Sharp not an easy guy to strike out if you wanna turn it getting yourself and that's what you're thinking he only strikes out about every five times. To the plate. He also has not grounded into a double play so far this year either. Three until it. Chopper fouled again. Paris a second miser first. Evans battling with. Brian sharp from third base. Here's the stretch by Evans again and again that three to. Lifted into center field that's kind of drop in the air for a base in Iran's got to score. Honor goes to thirty you'll make it without a play sharp. With a soft single into center field has made it ain't the one yeah. As. So here's scorers. Again. More free passes. Come all the way around. I don't want to score in the first. Terrorists now has twice been hit and twice scored as a result. Sharp reached on an appearance Gordon fifth. And I'll walk but they seem minor last Vietnamese who were. It's been a rough one hallway around for the shocker tonight eight to one. Still nobody out. Strike in their. Brett bond. Kicking himself for not swinging at them when he spun out there heard. So I hit batter and two singles here any. A lot. Our fly ball to right field over toward the line. Did gotti's portion of foul ground getting near the barrier makes the catch. Mattered tags and we'll score. Do got dropped it goes on the exchange. And a sacrifice fly. Into foul ground good play by do got to get over their. Make the catch. But unfortunately my finish scored. Announced nine to one. It will be reporting corner. So Hannah with a runner first and one out. Two runs home. Missouri four times tonight has gotten two runs in an inning. Our ground ball might be 246. And off the bag safe at first. Oh my goodness first base umpire said he on the back in Yonkers. Got their first big good news all night long. O'Brien was well off the bag. And they may end up. Re looking out yet. The first base umpire. Gave the shocker the huge gift but we'll see if it stands. Dwayne Harris. On that. Shocker frankly they've had to absolute tailor made double plays. And they're gonna overrule. Lane garrison call. Cannot say that's the right call them men. Shocker to them to this. Room service double plays that they haven't been able to complete. And pulled the phone the economy not over yet should be but it's not. So I didn't take long mark severely and it's gonna. Be afforded the chance maybe hitting here and hey I'm just before umpires got together and made the correct call it. What boy I tell you shocker I can't get out your quick enough. This has been a nightmare you up to the first one of the third two in the fifth two in the seventh two here in the eighth. So Hannah at first with a fielder's choice. One ball no strikes it was a hard low ground ball to Boyer right. Easy flip the Vickers. And Vickers go to first as to the home plate side of first. And O'Brien had to come off back to back him. Struck or slider in there wanted to launch. Nearly 21 for three. And as to second base. Nine to one tigers. Low and outside. Through it one. 31. In Evans. Come set. The play. That handled ground ball right back in the mountains through the first is in time and innings over last chance for the shocker it's nine to one is it. Hello shock. The nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the current ten group that JP wind and incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Didn't know with the news that's now. Coming off the top of the hour I got to know what's going on in my sit on 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita hosts number one talk. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent friend would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca shown or Stephanie Thomas. Join me weeknight an eight. Here in the ninth didn't see your period for the order. Tiny little plants going for a complete game he has been in complete control all night. Is scattered three hits allowed but one run. He's walked two struck out five. And pitches into the ninth inning with a nine to one week. Great suggest early enough. And go home than O'Brien if all are allowed to hit himself up pretty much out digging down nine and one. Okay. Just as reached once in three plate appearances no two officially. They don't bother you won't burn treatment yeah. Tyler the plants. Hence. Stay off barrels pretty much all night that only gets all news Dayton Duca to a three. Jen Aniston takes occured first strike on one. From the stretch against lefties. Believes in this of the curve ball into. The plant struck him in the sixth inning. With that exact same pitch. Curve ball just off the edge of the play. Now when bounces left hand batter's box. One balls two strikes. Shocker again back in action. Friday night from Omaha it's playing anyway. The weather looks. Less than stellar up there. Her balls loaded you know stay tuned to. Chance for freezing rain. On Friday. At least. Right now. Few days and wave them promising and cue shot up in that Jonestown Obama hanging breaking ball. Good to. Nobody on nobody out shocker not. Infield straightaway and pretty neat against the benefit that went upstairs. Three into. Wind is been. Drifting toward the right field corner at various. Degrees of speed. Throughout the evening. Just barely moving the flags now owns upn and it just up. Back out of the way and leads off with a walk third walk issued. My Tyler we'll plant. Okay hurricane. Well. That's the first guy that. The plant. Are the first guy that the shocker have been able to. Put on base to start an inning not time called I think it might do it for the plant. His head coach Steve Beazer given the chance to throw CG. And yeah. Nine innings was one inning committing. Great nonetheless he ends up going eight plus one batter. Three hits. Three walks five strikeouts and only one run Lou's line. That's gonna do it for a little plant food. Turning to Jim. Cameron usually. An attorney its final three outs. Don't plant goes eight. And it. The sparse crowd here and likely the ones that. Still remain relatively good handle my outfield. Solar Plant City junior college transfer from. Johnson County. In his second start. Has that tiger. Turned in another view. Cameron duly appearing for the fifth time. You want to know what apple usually three earned runs allowed in five innings. And walked one struck out eight. Nearly 63208. From Saint Louis. Okay. So all will face. Am duly. Bomb over three. He. Guess we'll plant. Flied to center grounded out twice in the face right hander now into Cameron duly. So it's looking more and more like tigers will win nine in a row and take a nine game winning streak. To Baton Rouge. Think on LSU this weekend. Hell yeah. Moon faced the tigers 730 Friday night from battery. 7 o'clock Saturday. 3 o'clock Sunday. Does it does not have a game tomorrow. I ordered the shocker stable. Here at home after the game tonight and get home wee hours of the morning. We're getting ready to turn around Goran back on the road again Alan rocketed to left field a base hit over toward the line. And up against the wall Alec Baldwin's crush on the left stopping at third. Is great and generous to. Odd ball and greets Dooley and maybe in the process. Let out little pent up frustration or make her. Go run. So it's shocker second extra base hit. Insurers that they want not maps that are. Season low and hits and game. That they established last Tuesday. Last Wednesday rather in falsely against door Roberts here's Mason O'Brien with runners at second and third nobody out. Duly into the wind. And through the breaking ball below one ball no strikes. So just at third is the plant's responsibility that would be the second round. If he comes around to score. Charge to plant we'll see. Over the blow to balls and those strikes commencement Brian. Two balls and strikes he's in a brown. And I don't smacked in the left center field and that's gonna get down. One run as in another run is gonna score ball right behind Janice now it's nine to three. Mason O'Bryant. When they have RBIs two RBIs singled to left center. So now they can do go. Right no god yeah you do guys six for his last eight. After really slow start at the plate. Four hits on Sunday three runs scored. Two for three today triple runs. And a bouncer or short if they heard him I get to 64. And safe at first you got too fast. If so do god. In the last couple games. It could be a byproduct of this very aggressive early in the count. Hey good racket that is the wrong these two out of war. Cannot crawl up there. With a runner at first one away. No hope for three and skipped up there. So the shocker with five hits. Will not match. Last Wednesday's output and the three runs now that they have. Guaranteed it. They won't tie that game against or youth where they had one in three shocker from stuck on that through eight. That would also skips to. And now bond it's gonna go after talks with Dooley. Nine to three top of the night. And wisely mercifully. Bond spreads. Out there and back. Doing photograph. Three don't occur. I was young would be next. Just walked against wolf plant. Then Cameron duly came on a face ball ball greeted him with a double. Mason O'Brien singled them both men and croft takes little ball for. So this one inching closer. To being enters thing. With the joggers who have. Well from a low base runners again you know before I get to that point so far so good. For the fly here in the inning and reached to score. Young still for three. And balances of runners are gonna move up the throw down a third. It there. Doc. Gunned down trying to advance the ball. And that will pretty much. Do it for Wichita State it was a tough broad decline but to get thrown out on the basis. In the ninth inning. Down six. We'll probably do the shocker him. It is good job buying bonds scramble over his left and throws strike the third. You got absolutely make shooter 100% you can make and he got it. Institute noted Travis young in addition to a struggling Cameron do. You did him a big favor right there by. Letting him exhaled and now. Two and Cody young. Three you know and it's always back to the screen wild pitch. That makes her even worse. It's three and already young. Croft is now third with two away. Trout lines next. Took two walks. Double a single in the wild pitch. Now Dooley can go back out will wind up. Any completes the walk too young. This ninth inning is turned ugly from a zoo. Runners at the corners throughout the Trout line. Didn't report game better problem best he can do is get shocker is within six. Fred corral pitching coach. I go out and talk to. Cameron duly. Missouri got two in the first one in the third two of the fifth two on the seventh two and he. They have been. Applied vice grip to Wichita State from the start. And only now they relented. After retiring type Tyler looked plant. And now struggling can't do it. Shoppers have been out hit nine to five. That issue is made it. Games only two errors. Fred corral had as much to say. Through either his catcher the umpire both. That he did to him duly. News. Rick Allen home plate umpire went out there and sitting. Let's go. Nine to 32 outs runners at the corners she runs over the shocker night. Trout line. Takes the ball. And that will make Fred corral any happier Rick Allen an Emmy award these night. Five Trout line on the street at this one either. Now that and bounced up there to know. Well kind of fittingly in this game started ugly. That's gonna end up. Can't Dooley had walked one. His previous five innings this year. That's deemed to be low three and up. Somebody from Missouri picked off Rick Allen but good. If you if you call strike here in the night. Here's one right down the middle three and money was forced to call out. Croft the third youngest first. Three and one Trout lines nine to three in the zoo were in the night. Straight two goal. The Bronx cheer for those. That's stuck around here Taylor stadium three into. Young will be off the pitch. Here's a stretch Mike Cameron Dooley. This blow up there loaded. So now boy here with a bases loaded. And of course shape. There were pitching war. So Cameron duly. Really got huge favor given to him by a base running mistake by the soccer's. And handed them out. But he couldn't close the deal. He hasn't given up to yet. He walked three consecutive batters. He's given up one run. So far. So loses had a hard time. In the final three outs here and. That duly exits. And now my old ball. And if they're closer. Has been summoned out of left field bullpen. All. What the problem. Has thrown ten scoreless innings to start this year. I see scoreless no earned runs too concerned. That now many RA one in three cities. Ten inning six strikeouts no walks and it's. You'll face Jordan warrior. With the bases loaded suddenly. And of course. Shocker fans know. Wichita State don't let them loaded this year. To be precise they're six foot eight with five grand slams. But the best lawyer can do. Who by the way hit the shot is only Grand Slam last year. It would be taken nine to seven. But. The real. They're bid or walk here in the ninth inning. After little plant walked just two of the first week. And I hope ball. 511207. From Decatur Georgia. Trying to. Put the finishing touches on this and he's got to work from the full windup the bases loaded. And now backs off the rubber. Borders over three. Strike right in there. Lawyers grounded to short struck out looking. Like direct. Shocker it scored two here in the night. And now they're down their final struck. As the walked bombed double O'Brien singled them both then. Did guy into a fielder's choice and croft young and Trout line all walked. Slider and that was fouled back to the screen onto. If not her base running mistake this my eighth I think might might be a little more interesting with only one out and one more run in a B nine before. But we can't make that leap. Fly ball foul down the right side and do it again. And now. Bond. Jogging out to talk to dial ball. Everybody. Between the bottom of the eighth at the top of the ninth. Like we've been here for a week and a half. Well into the water right hander gets right hander. Ball into the line that coaches. Hitting the slider of course nine to four. So boy org it's an RBI the either the easy way or the hard way whichever you choose. So it's become a three run ninth inning. What and Vickers who come tonight in an event. Four consecutive free passes. And Janice. In the on deck circle. Suddenly represented the tying run when a dream a little bit. Fast strike in there to Vickers nothing and look. So shocked yours are still six for eight with the bases loaded. That's up 23 RBI. Five grand slams the double. And I hit batter. But the bases loaded this year. Outside of Vickers one on one. Trade is one for four. And third inning double. Line and off the facing of the shoppers. Railing of the dugout. Boy. Somebody came within a distraction and it's taken one of chess that. Glanced off the very top of the facing the railroad dugout skipped into the stands. What did you Vickers. Bull rings again. And now handled. Look for foul and it skipped away from the first baseman that was right on the line. And the the first baseman Mike Eisner. Tried to stupid off the turf reported the ground and it kicked off his glove. Can that be and a fraction of an inch closer affair grounded its shock that would have been two more runs which doctors. As it kicked away from him went trickling down right field line. And Jenna still would have come up with too long and she now representing the tying run still good. But they were that close from. Still one into the Vickers. A weird game this has turned out to big. Ball into the wind 12 again. She asked this outside slider. Good to. Young at third shot on its second. Moyer first. Three runs home in the inning nine to four visited. Ball brings in the cute too low and outside three into. So now with ball in the full windup everybody will get at least four or five extra steps. The head start in case Vickers. Can plug the gap and find a line. Here's the wind there they go the three choose strike three home games over Vickers. Then pulled the trigger. And that's that the zoo wins they're night and alone one final score four Missouri nine shocker for most games shows credit card. 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And assets. And knocked off Wichita State shocker now. Twelve and two. Missouri improves to fourteen and three to 19 in a row. Game recap bracket by villainy Cummings coming to coming your criminal defense to the line law firm which atop. Give a call 3166. For 1548 of his them on line at bill coming to all C dot com coming from becoming law. Where he needs boys comfort. Really Wichita State painted itself into a corner the shocker pitching have been so good to this point. Really let him down today too many free passes. Four walks led to runs in the first inning two hit batters led to run in the third. A double and two errors led to the zero on a two runs in the fifth. And then a one out walk started a two run seventh lead off hit batter. Was the culprit for a two run eighth inning that led nine to one. At the end of eighty innings shocker for some cosmetic runs in the ninth they gotta walk a double and two run single. And then three consecutive walks and hit batter brought the tying run to them on deck circle as improbable as that might seem. Trade Vickers went down looking to in the game of the bases loaded. And how's that for Wichita State nine to four it was a final. A player of the game brought you by the Kansas lottery each Kansas lottery Mega Millions. Ticket today for a chance to become millionaire that he has lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. Critical distinction actress had a player of the game to be Dayton do diet cute it broke up shadow would lead off triple. In the 87 inning I'm not I'm sorry one out triple in the seventh thinking around score croft ground ball. Do go another multi hit game that's two Euro for him he ended up. Two out of four it is shock at play get 50% off your online order in which tired Papa Johns like them Papa Johns dot com. 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Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with a proven support while they're improving lives saving lives and restoring lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment. Compassion. Community. With spring's arrival nature resumes activities. Giving life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear. And get torched. This is the balance of nature with this balance whether must also find harmony. As it does we find ourselves. In the middle of a stay alert tornado season is about. He watches warnings and what you need to know. 97 and thirteen 33 and SS. The twin peaks the ultimate sport slots where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your screens and -- who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something on the menu to satisfy every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any of our Cheryl items for the table twin peaks full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in months no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of these detainees so there's never a bad seat in the house heads we're twin peaks eats drinks scenic views. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry marked Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. She students can join this morning right here on cape enhancer and. Yeah production from the groups and gutters to siding and windows slugger homes exterior again configure stroking dot com call 3162 to 2066. Tiger proofing and construction your home team pro shocker to lose here today 94. They're not twelve and three on the season UConn defeated coastal Carolina earlier today twelve the cancer now Huskies are 76. VCU shot out ECU three to nothing that drops the pirates 124. South Florida beat Florida Gulf Coast tend to three USF is 116. Make me stay just beat Houston seven to six false. Has the cougars fall to eight and eight. And two games and extra innings right now Bradley and Central Florida in the twelfth Louisiana and complain. Are in the eleventh. They never put it in deep freeze play the game shocker loss but. Mason O'Brien brings you our list of clients player of the game as he made things look forward to stink in the ninth inning here this. And don't smacked in the left center field and that's gonna get down. One run as in another I was gonna score ball right by Dennis now it's 93. Mason O'Bryant. When they have RBIs two RBIs singled to left center. Target's got one more that was that they'd lose nine to four after a three run. Ninth inning. Not to go inside the numbers and look final stat strike you by be Katie CPAs and advises everyone needs to trusted advisor. Who's yours Missouri nine runs nine hits no lawyers can laugh. Wichita State no four runs five hits two errors six left winning pitcher Tyler in the plants don't know. Preston's natively that the loss one and on those save in the game. No home runs in the game game took three hours and twenty minutes to play 510 paid to see it. In a really brutal game to watch. Both on the field and in the standings 44 degrees. With the wind blowing pretty much all night long so Missouri wends its ninth in Rhode soccer's. Head back home after the game and then head to all monolithic concrete and three game series once again final score. Missouri nine Wichita State for for Trevor and an hander Shane does saying thanks for listening. And so long from camp stadium in Columbia. You've been listening to soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United health care the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. The Carnahan group. Off the line. Newton's appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. BP. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas might start machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley. Tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship Kansas plant tire and service comings in coming losses. Pop a giants. Dinners grouping in construction. Thirteen thirty K and is as widgets Austrian SS FM Clearwater in Entercom radio station listen online ads in SS radio talk. Eight NFL. News now I'm Jim O'Neill. Rex Tillerson isn't the only trump administration official to get the boot today. The White House also dismissing presidential aide John McKenzie Fox's John Roberts reports from the White House and says it and he was known as the president's body man. It would literally be the president's side. And I'll just about every trip he'd be the guy that would bring out. The speech. Bordered on the podium before the president spoke he suddenly left the White House and was escorted off the property. In a great deal of curry in fact the he had to get somebody to bring his jacket out to him and apparently the White House said that they're gonna mail him his personal effects we we do.