WSU Baseball at UCF 04-27-18

Friday, April 27th
WSU Baseball at UCF

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Time for Wichita State soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K. Us now with the column to date to hear the voice of this doctors might Kennedy. A fifty John Galliano. In Orlando Florida campus use yep yeah. University of Central Florida tonight hosted Wichita State in a three game American conference series beginning tonight. Soccer's event with a record of 27 and well they are nineteen in the nation in the RPI. But only for an eighth in the American conference so far while UCF is 27 and fourteen. And they are subordinate in the conference they play one more series to the shocker there 48. In the RP it's that big series for both teams this weekend. Beautiful weather here at Orlando as you would expect to entrap temperatures going to be in low eighties. A light breeze blowing out to center right senator out of the west and southwest at about. Eight to nine miles per hour so perfect baseball conditions pretty much. This is a nice ballpark and a little bit smaller than their stadium at 320 down alliance re ignited straightaway center the walls that have been out here batting practice and so forth but. Couple of very good pitchers on the mound and Ireland for you see a change saint Denis by the way alongside you see half a team with some of the best pitching numbers we've seen all year. They'll see a guy that's been red hot since he's started he's only started three other games but pretty impeccable when he has. But through the next war. Series for Wichita State will be against teams that they are trying to chase down. And the league race at the exception being Memphis. You mentioned RPI. You mentioned that the place in the standings and the latter is the most important now for a long time. I about the accused Wichita State being on cruise control but even with the losses. You initially went to the RPI and salt Wichita State wasn't necessarily hurt all that much though. Didn't think it's much if you don't if that RBIs in existing and took it away. I've ever feel like the coaches and players didn't freak out we're right now. It's time ago we're halfway through the American season. Ornate still plenty of games left and obviously a lot of teams are real and but it it's possible and Wichita State. Number one can get off to good start tonight like they have not the last three Fridays that probably go a long way in determining but. The days of leaning on the RPI think are dwindling which I think frankly need to win games. And that's and that's really interesting point because when you look at the RPI nineteen and after a couple weeks into the conference season. There was speculation of Wichita State do you want to see good hosting a regional. And that has gone to nineteen men and let the record they have nevertheless both he loved baseball and baseball America. We're projecting that soccer's this week as one of the last four in the NCAA tournament and that's because they're currently in eighth place in and nine team conference it's very clear Shane said that chuck it's going to have to step definitely play start winning some serious as he also mentioned there are. Bloody games left and plenty of good RPI games but most of those are now in the conference Packers have played their best not conference opponents they've done well there but the games they have are going to help them much in this week. And the other thing that. That kind of piggyback on what we've been talking about this now. Think the coaching staff. The players. Are all pretty much in agreement that that for an eighth start doesn't reflect how good Wichita State thinks it is. But you are with your record says you walk you let opportunity slip away. Which nothing as they thinks that they're better than UConn I tend to agree but you can't take two out of three. Houston. I was on their heads a little bit of back what they want all three games which it does speak out flat line in this in the Sunday in the third the final game on Sunday especially so. You can you can do the talking to lamenting on you way back to the hotel but it daycare business before hand obviously you you'll have to go through all that stuff. Now they. There's any question which country has the talent. Everything you know to really make some noise in this league and only halfway done but times now. And this series it may be especially important because the shutters. Losing three last week if he's been hurt very definite need at least get one there. But also they lost two of three at home to you god if they can win two of three on the road against a team that you CS caliber of this weekend. That would cut and nullify an up a little bit even things out and then that got their next two series. Home but it yeah and and one team that wasn't that wasn't much expected from Cincinnati. They're right up near the top of the conference so. And then the breather. Happens to come on the road you know where it's always tougher to win a final oh series against them but felt. I get a lot lot of games to be played still doctors that the old. Axiom we need take them one at a time. Absolutely that's correct. Every one to a man in that they're they shocker that got me look himself in the mirror what can I do to make sure that we get those pills in the orient. And you mentioned the start tonight for UCF three things rocky was one of their starters for two years and 201516. And sixteen you lose at least close to me there ace. And that was hurt last year missed the entire season. But it brought back the beginning of the season his first nine appearances were released and a good start even admit we can't let him go three innings against Stetson. That he had a nice weekend start against Europe if we start against Miami its first conference start with last weekend he threw six shutout innings yes and that he's a guy that's capable of or doesn't 95 itself. They're getting him back in the starting tomorrow at a perfect time. And certainly that's a guy that can make a big difference for them the rest of the way. By the same token we've talked about this a lot also. Wichita State. It's going to be facing a stud pitcher truly see every Friday night you gotta repeat it prior to it that's inaccurate that's gonna have a successful and absolutely stifled. If you just gonna do. Take the opinion of the attitude play well let guys really good or that there's going to be a graphic that says this. Then you're going to be destined to try to salvage one game this year and if that's your attitude I think you're the guy. Ignores numbers and in some cases. Understand what they couldn't plan as to what his. Tendencies are but can't get caught up and now all he's a really good pitcher and and we'll get them tomorrow. This ballpark. John Galliano park is a stadium that was built in 2001. But it just went through some fairly major renovations in the past year. It was anger Richmond Virginia where these former baseball coach here. I can't really ought to listen to catch it exactly on their foundation. Alumnus who donated to one and a half billion dollars to a three million dollar project they renamed the stadium it is not as a lot of it had to do the do so that stadium club. Figures club they call it. And us them adding content plus box. Add. The stadium itself seats 3900 permanent seats they could put it more than on some of Burma along the baseline is also. A permit right center field people it's an onslaught that is some small bleachers in straightaway right field. They can get more than 4000 and hear their all time record crowd. It is a little over 4300. Because they only average 2014100. Game a lot of times in addition to see what they talked about it because. It's night that they have started doing annually in honor of the men. Name Joel Skinner who was a baseball recruit here a couple of years ago who contacted a rare form of leukemia and died. And a foundation his name has been established at once a year now they have this game if you've honored these donations take it and that I go to these. Skater strong foundation that's called combat cancer. And so they're hoping for a few clouds tonight at certain that this the F factory beat them off the goods. Artists yeah they they all the same number as the knights did during batting practice and while they have their normal numbers on right now the name of the back that your job all of them Skinner. I hit that that passed away from as mikes and an acute form of leukemia. They raced 33000. Dollars for that foundation last year hoping for a goal of a 40000 dollars as yours so that's this weekend and I'll be tonight. All of that going on here tonight big game between the shocker is that. Tonight's autopsy head coach not Butler when we come back on the pregame show a lot of action is always your drive to the game throughout the year. Rusty by Kansas flat tire and service were great tires and professional out of service is always a home run we'll be right back. Support shocker athletics near racy keep up that can't see the Comfort Systems into your air conditioner or installing new Levy this stuff. You can client conference citizens for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means. Comfort and keep in Wichita soccer is cool call today 265783. Wine org. Their website at Comfort Systems that now Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. 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Not that we're really looked good at your home they may have options you have that possibly not a zone you're ready didn't Florence. This procedure are exploring superstores 1816. North Broadway. And comments from shocker if that's not balances and by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. The work that's good that's where the case you run on Tuesday got out of the big conference series this weekend. Big talk which isn't going to affordably whether. Nice facility here support it and good weekends like him help which we can't duplicate compliment thank useful RPI. Split before this thing lives who we towards a world very competitive. Where were. It is there's still Karen Elba momentum from game to game just pitching changes and certainly some good games there's some guys on Tuesday. Well it's that you post time that we believe in Lebanon in which cultivates or five years. Something that really wanted here in inaugural which probably won this thing in the midwest and and we had success instincts and so. Now let's get the success in the conference play so well know their face right here in this will be 92 to 95 tonight. Both a lot of sliders to right handed hitters and put our weapons in the line up. He's 88% fastballs left handed hitters about 66 right handers so hopefully our lefties would do a good job in give us some good that's the tape would slide from from Pennsauken. And he's a guy that was in their rotation for a couple years missed last year with the injury and started out here in the bullpen and he's still a little bit into the rotation is the world so you have no loss we've. We just needed foul off pitches in mind that some. You know last week and gets Houston. We're very offensively it was backwards we didn't adjust very well. Thought we pitched well enough we played very good defense so we put clearly we just didn't win a game so this is a big weight gain and just keep. Grinding through the rest of the cup. Eventually get some. Left handed hitters in the line up certainly judge to back got off to a slow start he's been much better lately and Alex Jackson hasn't had many chances late edition for his last spotted at a couple other calls are remote from the lineup today the back will be in right field checks will be in left field probably MPH Gibson. And I'll see you can't give us some good at bats and they'll be at the bottom of the order. About 7678. In order and put rigorous second base you know one thing I have right now is to go sitting around 200 against right handers. Didn't like we were sixty can slap these borders and and 200 against right handers we make that change. And hopefully successful weekend. There's certainly Cody holier should have a good feel about him I went through one rough start but a step back of one. Unlucky start at one last week really really tough but I didn't. We've battled and he didn't have much secondary last weekend and after the game was over pretty frustrated. But next that's only pitched battles in god one always appreciated that he's been good. We need to win on historically we have not have been good on Friday so well you know tonight we need to get them from. Before he's gonna keep this in the ball game and he went eight innings last weekend since it's county road rock. You mentioned the weather and other guys enjoyed practicing here last night getting up from. Warm weather and he's got to feel good about behavior this week it's obvious the fund conference and then you know we twice and go to his nice facility were baseball's important. In the facilities in the stadium from the ice and it's great competition and the museum. You're seeing guys in the first round draft picks in our league so wow that's fun to see in a lot of good players with sleep on every team is good coaches. In the troubled spot in about going to new places is always exciting. Coach thank you so I think coach Scott Butler we'll have a lot of ups for tonight's series opener and welcome back. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone. You need a partner and jerky when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learning and trying something new can be exciting and power and downright exhilarated. See for yourself why Chevrolet is the most awarded in fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. Chevrolet find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales security suite fourteen through twenty. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Oh well guess what when you banquet equity bank you can. 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Pulse India's 6852121. That's 6852121. Enter commented equal opportunity employer. Quietly she Wayne's ready to win leisure world of information. Whenever you want as we all you have to do is. Alexa played K and assist radio finally thanks for asking. I'm doing on her own just ask don't even have to ask nicely for only job is to be at your Beck and call and I literally have nothing else to do is 97 and. Thirteen thirty NSA has just say hello. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita Aussie agent friend would be John Green which took place does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Let's enjoy your weekend mornings at nine right here on. Okay back to Orlando once again Mike Kennedy thing that is here at Florida after handling in the studio two nights injury report brought by I'll be live your life your journey. We are optimal you which touched it. Getting back to pretty full strength injury wise Tommy barn house still not on the roster this weekend but they're hoping to have him back next week. Alex Siegel has returned to the roster last weekend talk along with Scott sat on the roster. Alex hit for the first time and luxury weeks K influence or listening on Tuesday night that he is here available ready because this weekend. I'll mention I hope that neither of us are addicts that the injury report where they had to delete he had. Put it Regis this press box they put the visiting radio Booth at a point along the third baseline. But let's angle I am not candidate we've literally cannot see left field listening. Our model since she concede that lesson I can't. And we're both going to be literally leaning out the window by the way since he balls hit to left it into the left field corner. If you happen to hear a scream at the net. Well we won't be on the injury report include that I could slowly be somebody you know it's. Head over heels the second level of the thing. My whoever's left my. If that's with a walk towards keeping yard such it's. The perils of the or result this like that people kind. Obama and you know I've talked about it before not on here I don't think we did you surprise that come. Few people have the wherewithal to put together a solid press box and hopefully won't be bringing it up anymore this week and let. If something happens in left field and he's able silence her on that a lot. Add. We'll hear a little bit facetious but that's totally did that those you go back far enough to remember desperately as the voice of the shot usually used previously cited English perilously hanging out of this right can you describe each after football sometimes over. We're returning to another era against these incidents like him. All right starting lineup scratch and buy equity backward everything that AT&T here to visit to hop on that it was. First the Wichita State there 2712. Point eight you've only eight and eight on the road. Under head coach Todd Butler preach at us they'll play first place again tonight and lead off. Thanks for playing tackle Luke Ritter what moment third his third. And clean up spot catching for the characters that are outlined trip liquors in it that and I can't play shortstop. Batting sixth and left field Alex Jackson. Gosh you backers in right field that shocked entity that was. Betting eight 800 kids. And it's that are field batting ninth two doctors Travis yup. Starting British doctors in number eleven or the right hander Cody or hear coyotes five and three. So far this year and for the shocker Guinness career home front line Vickers Jackson. It backer Gibson and young at Cody or you're pitching for Wichita State. Where you see after 47127. And eight in the American second your head coach Greg lovely lineup looked like this. Dallas fever penalty option DH. Ray how I hope considered field hitting second. Batting third at first base Ryland Thomas. Tyler post it in left field and the cleanup spot. Batting fifth to second base Matthew Mike got. Jackson web they're basic six. Maximilian woods is in right field hitting seven. Brandon Hernandez hit eight who played shortstop for the nights and behind the plate and batting ninth Logan heights here. Or use yet the starting pitcher is being hit frock that's a start number four. As Mike mentioned earlier this verse nine appearances here came out of the bullpen yet for an oh. On New Year's slogan for the night's beaver allay hello Thomas 06 Micah Webb. Would Hernandez Eisner. Cree and Brock pitching for UCL a and the umpire tonight Mark Lewis pumped Strahan and Darren boot non. The board and look. Soccer is in candidate standard wrote great tonight letters and numbers in black white and gold all black caps. BC yes colors are black and gold but it's kind of that old goal like Purdue where's there's there's even a lighter version of that it's almost. The oldies screen column that's what color of their jerseys are tonight black letters and numbers white pants black Sox. Am black hat he CF nights at the end. Division one program since the 198485. Season they played is independent for six years and remembered the Atlantic's on for fifteen years. And conference USA for eight before joining the American and it's not years 2013 fourteen baseball program. Has made eleven NCAA tournament appearances most recently just last year and a large selection last year after winning the American regular season title. At fifteen and nine. This school was originally founded in 1963. Open in 1968. As Florida technological university. It was established to produce graduates the growing US space program. At Cape Canaveral just 35 miles from here a lot of the streets on campus have names like Gemma diet and change related to space in the space program. That is the curriculum expanded the school was renamed the University of Central Florida in 1978. From an initial enrollment of 1948. And 1968. Games now have over 66000. Students on this one campus it is the most. It's always on anyone campus in the entire United States and it is huge it's mostly it's. Aliens a beautiful day. So you tell me bigger than Texas and Wisconsin and Ohio State at. That is incredible hero and still growing one of the things that those mentioned does here in basketball. They've got all this land right here in August 5 and actually what against them some. Classroom buildings downtown. They have a lot of room to expand here on this campus whereas Florida Florida State are landlocked they have nowhere else to go on their campuses and so. They have the possibility more expansion across the dorms and things are brand news that's an attraction to incoming students. Offer a lot of different curriculum here including you know certainly it. Technology based curriculum. Oh and beyond its deepest right field and got it right field line is spectrum stadium home of the football night. And just a few days ago they had their pregame. And they have gone all in on this national championship thing they handed out national championship rings. And they also unveiled the banner inside the stadium since 2017 national champions course they. Defeated Auburn in the chick filet bowl and going down the line they defeated the teams that defeated. But he has no plans the national championship game so account of the fact of national championship game according to them. And I guess kudos to them because they're eightieth double and triple down on that and. And gone. Totally all in on the US UCF football team went in the national title last yourself. There are several important up with the sporting programs specifically baseball football. It has to have one of their players taken in the first round of the NFL draft last night which gives this conference five years in a row which at least one American conference players on its first round the NFL. You mention Specter stadium it's kind of right off the right field corner across and then straight out to right field and center field. If there's soccer stadium right behind us that right across the street basically from behind the press box is there basketball team and so. Oh facilities in here and nice complete area they have. It'd go work out facility of. We're here they have a nice recreation. Facility for the regular students and it's really good nights out of here facilities. And I don't think you've mentioned it yet but the playing surface here's immaculate it is all natural surface except for little ring around home plate with artificial turf which can fan but. Basically gravel and sand warning track and does that perfectly manicured baseball field and just don't see very many of those anymore not. Not only all natural surface of wanna taking care of business this beautiful beautiful there. I'm watching infield ball really stays down stays clean hadn't seen a single bad hop that. So it should play much like maybe not quite as passes through for the stadium. Very. Playing well mattered here we surfaces. Yeah. He's healthy tips for the game is brought to you by united health care if you know that healthier food sources like suits would be a great way to fill up and hit Orbitz that you guys. Those shots that he spot right health care. And the real appeal program learn more he'll appeal. Dot com. Nights just about ready to take the field then get this series under way. Shot it is looking to pick up Dave in Brooklyn. Getting a good start at one of the series really help is not I imagine it's not his struggled on Friday at home as well I was on the road loss of Friday's doubleheader I think that. Blistered by. Two lane not that cold nasty Friday and. If I get some revisions are short term memory loss though because we destroyed ECU and I'm very first game out there politically if there's. A lot of but it helps your outlook if you get dispersed them exactly. Our national action here at times nearly out of work. In Orlando. Not a real big crowds so far. It's kind of spread out hard to send our begins right. Now that it might need that is certainly enough to make little noise for the nights couldn't take in the field. Again that game time temperatures going to be in the low eighties little bit of breeze blowing out toward center and right. Not to help the ball a little bit to get out of here with not a real strongly as this very pleasant evening. And it and it tends to be just a little humidity here in the day and then last night the breeze that cooled out very very pleasant it's going to be a great night you. Sit out watch baseball game. Few clouds overhead they have this possibility very slight chance of some light rain in the metropolitan area hasn't happened out here or we've been around the university campus yet. Really not much of the chance of that tonight and certainly almost none the rest of the weekend. Pre. Then frock the starting pitcher tonight. For the University of Central Florida doesn't mention the guy who is in their rotation for a couple of years out with an injury a year ago. And so this year made his first nine appearances out of the bullpen twelve appearances overall three starts. For now with a 3.4 five ERA. For 28 and two thirds innings he's only allowed sixteen hits over that span of 155. Thought it batting average. He has watched fight if you take two walks in 22 there but also 35 strikeouts as the only two to one strikeout to walk ratio. Soccer loading up with lefties. As far as that in the batter's boxes concern Janice delete and off. It also got out Jackson in left the backer right Gibson BA itself is about as. Hey a line up against right handers as he put out this guy get loaded up. In his last six starts. And they were eleven days apart. Between may start against Miami which he pitched five hitless innings. And six shutout innings USF last Friday that it goes to starts at eleven innings he's allowed just one yet. And no riots no he has really been on this last couple of times it's just taking really good effort by Wichita State. To get to him tonight. And Grayson Janice so we'll try to get started. Comes up the lead it off remember Eddie Davis Packers played it 50% off your online order to Wichita area Papa John's log on to Papa Johns dot com. About coach shocker fifteenth you receive your shocker just yet. Race in tennis than hitting 3017. Home runs 28 runs batted it. Hitless at Kansas in the win on Tuesday night but had to walk. First pitch to him. Fastball low for ball one. Sure if there's any radar reading anywhere on the scoreboard. The almost impossible to see it even if there is not. Something that demon off of one note Tennessee takes a fastball for a strike and it's 11. Think it's the first time that relative humidity. Is the fact here Beth and the real feel is higher than the actual temperature. Nice combo to have finally. One wanted lefthanded hitting Jensen will be one of several she's glad tonight. Cut out in front of an off speed pitch bounce that first base line foul. Police walking in the first base coaching box and Sammy has his veto over third. One ball two strikes to Afghanistan. Race and over for four with two walks Tuesday was to fourteen and last weekend in the Houston series that. Time called these steps back in the box. One ball two strikes. Then brought back to work as well through the night swinging strike three out of this. Three fastballs he threw him all looked like. Sounded bad as expected it. That you strike gathered canister to start the ball game and brings up Luke Ridder. Pretense rocked it redshirt junior in eligibility 611 and five from Jensen beach Florida. That Ritter hitting 320 and climbing five home runs 22 runs batted it. First pitched against the past fall that low Hezbollah. There are coming off 83 for five night at Kansas plus a walk. Three hits included a double a home run drove in a career high five runs. 10. Well again two balls and no strikes. Ritter would have if you shot here's to have seen. Even decent weekend at Houston last week went four for thirteen in that series. 20 pitch. Hi fouled they stay and play behind the plate catcher given the look over toward the stands and runs out of room that's just behind the dug out the first row behind it. And the captured or will be to have one. There is eighth. Pretty common about it solid ground especially around home plate and as you start down both lines fairly wide. Nowadays expect to narrow it down as you can't just pass first and third base offense starts dangle at little toward the snow line. And dropped a little more time into the wind that you want. The swing and a miss and high fastball by later. And rock not a real big guy 61 that found that. Targeted Jews pregame comments if you load it ninety's sometimes low nineties most of the time so. Generate quite the power. Justice social picture frame to to hitting the election older. Came out didn't look like something off speed and it caught Ridder on the left shoulder and shot we had a man on with one out. Forgot Alley ball. Allocating 3368. Home runs 36 runs batted in. But not innate particularly hot stretch for him right now it was one for five. And it can you. Two for eleven. Last weekend at Houston. Went over four in the final game of that series on Sunday ended twelve game hitting streaks just. Three for sixteen. Over his last four games. And her first one out. And trucks pitch bumped takes a fastball for strike cities. First time ever that these two programs have met in baseball. Which dusty UCF have never played. 01 count the bone thin front. Comes out. And delivers and don't take slow this time of the elements that. Lew Ritter two for two as a base stealer at first base. Closing based vendors are four for five with him frog on the man. Right now you gonna give out on the chance to swing the bat. 11. Low again to balls and one strike. Thought with those eight home runs. But hasn't hit once since he hit two in one game that he CU in the opening conference series. In the stretch. And the 21. That's almost three and one. You don't mind in the very beginning it. In Procter and great control or command at least not so far this year he walks when he cute they're just hit its fourth guy. In less than 29 innings though doctors figured two different points get in to hitters counts. Take advantage when they are certainly a lot here at 31 pitch coming to belong. Here is and he drives it deep left center field Satterfield dog. I snuggle and Bennett jumps at the fantasy. What comb homered to straightaway center field and let us statements it cry bias or. And it's just alluded to what year litigators can you consider that that's all you get one more you're looking long let. It's only the second home runs surrendered by. Creep in Iraq and 49. Innings now back. Home did exactly what you should do. I necessarily homer but put a really great pass on a pitch that is to your liking him as a welcome sign it's Alec. Goes deep yet again hold on number nine for him here's gutter Trout line. And got it takes tie for ball one. I had an RB I at Kansas actually a couple of RBIs Kansas on Tuesday night and that pushed him past Alec Bowman's team lead in runs batted in with 37 well. Just retook it was his 37 and eighth of the year. 10 fouled straight back football and one strike. That are Trout line hitting 3096. Home runs 37 runs batted in. He is another shocker here who was recently red hot button was just one for eleven. In the Houston series. 11. Project jackets in their for a strike as he got the bad out there might have been a strike anyway it's not just wanted to. That are 34. Or one for eleven against Houston. And had four straight one hit games. A week earlier. Now let's just barely hide even an aptitude to. Suckers are eighteen and one when they score first in games this season. Only time they losses from what up wanted nothing in the fifth inning of that final game at Houston last weekend. I. Tutu to Trout lines high three and two and then truck already happened to throw a lot of pitches here in the first inning. Not necessarily built back got it going real deep into games went six innings in a very clean game last weekend that US. Yet never her original deal one hit. If not exactly throw a lot of pitches under duress three to. Just slow for all floor. The fastball just a little bit down gutter Trout line has been getting run up but a lot of pictures of that same acidity lately gets the coldest time. Draws a one out walk. Under first portrayed Vickers. And the catcher Kaiser not to talk to been frock for just a moment. Trade Vickers coming off ain't much needed three for four game at Kansas on Tuesday also walked once scored three times. He'd only been six for 35. Over the previous seven games at the bottom 170 clips of three hit game. Really helped get him going again he also. But if you shocker that hit in every game that he's that you want to get in each and was three for eleven and that's series. Big Three 272 home runs thirteen runs batted him. Instructs first pitch to him as a fastball luck. Since Iraq. Like one and two on Genesis Stuckey not swinging that hit Luke Ridder attitude to pitch like 31 on bomb give up the two run homer. Just what Trout line three to. Stretch but right hander. One noted experts. Pop up middle of the infield. It'd be the shortstop calling for a Hernandez. Over kind of in the second baseman physician makes the catch today to call on the play early but the way for the second out. Sudan and the better we'll be eight Alex Jackson. Alex getting his first start in a long long time. Overall it's his night started a year twentieth appearance nine for 42 to fourteen. But two for his last five and two of the three outs in that stretch of five at bats balls hit right on the nose at somebody. It's Pittston. Driven towards center field and the center fielder on the Trot Nixon running catch for the third out really this morning. But on that by Alex exit run down by hello you know it's better to end the inning in which doctors get two runs on one hit. And leave the man after happening with costing you see Jeff coming up the pace completely. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars two hours from start things and I had certain class and we didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double receive your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray no call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valleys energy indeed born and over Wesley. Eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two default. Happening right here on CNN. To tell us they junior right hander making his eleventh start it's five and three with a four point 36. ERA. For 53 and two thirds innings. But it's worth mentioning again that then gives start against lady gave up eight earned runs that inning. And the third you take that out of the stats and it's CRA's three point 08. Four hits another time starts this season so it's been pretty consistently good. 45 hits in 53 and two thirds 24 walks 55 strikeouts. At last weekend at Houston eight career best eight innings on. Friday night about seven hits and three runs only one of them. Three walks and course right out so certainly could have they're better than. Ending up and say three to one loss. And this team makes it's staked to a two nothing lead before he ever takes the mound tonight they'll face Dallas beavers leaving us leading off trees and yet here. In the bottom of the first inning. The liberal left handed hitter DH him tonight and getting to 694. Homers and twenty runs batted in. Lawyers first pitch a fastball low ball long. We've mentioned they chose Skinner night then they yeah. Remembering Joe's scanners the former UCF recruit who died of leukemia a couple of years ago. Get to where I'm going with that after this pitch to one now. Fastball and activities for a called strike. As Chez mentioned everyone wore his number 38 and it's at Skinner on the back of their practice jerseys during batting practice this guy Dallas beaver was a close friend at Joe's theater. And where is his number 38 all the time. Now what is slow to balls and one strike. Fever left handed hitter. He is 62220. From Kissimmee Florida. Noted lawyer into the wind in the 21. Fouled off the plate and been an opportunity to. So it seemed that. It's 277. They've been quite a bit worse than that lately the last can. Only get to 49. And worse than that the last five to 42. So Cody lawyers maybe hopefully if I could kind. You too daddy started to go but bounced across the flight goes all the way fault at three and two. Cody Hoyer has had a tendency the exception was a couple of weeks ago against UConn to. Take a little while to settle in to games throws quite a few pitches early and that's what has at times kept him from going deeper into games. 32 here in the first is low for ball four. Leadoff walk through Dallas finger do you see ya got a couple of runs and as they come up already getting your leadoff man on. It has something got to find a way to not let happen and challenge him from the get go making their way on the team that has unbelievable. Team speed. They have already stolen 84 basis. You know 105 tries so this is certainly an anomaly. We're excited about College Baseball team especially on the shocker to face they have based team a couple of Democrats like this failure. Brings up the center fielder re a leg home right handed hitter with good speed to 92 no homers eighteen runs batted in for his pitch to him as a fastball low for Oklahoma. I'll let you know and Tyler Posey the left fielder will be coming after the cleanup spot. Both came in here this year as junior college transfers and both came in his middle infielders but after getting acclimated in the fall both work. Converted to the outfield we use the F needed some people. One hour delay ho and their effort called strike and it's one month. I can't. Leila transferred from Mississippi. Actually spent a year at northwest Florida State and then. Transferred from Mississippi last year in January that had to sit out the season as they division one transfer. 11. Sick to swing it's in there for a strike at its wanted to that it on the inside corner. Good breaking ball there from Hoyer. Really buckled rail lay hope righty vs righty matchup here. Cody got off to a slow start against Houston and and it cost him. If a couple runs early in shocker only to the ones though you never know it will turn into just one inning outing that beach. What time call just before it could deliver to LA hello. Is CF did not play a midweek game this week and in fact they've only played two mid week games in the last five weeks had gotten. At their conference scheduled. They played one. Two weeks ago week and a half ago the that he puts it this week that they did not play this week so their last games where three game series last weekend dad. US. That once high evens it up to him to delay. Dallas favorite first base for the leadoff walk. Not one they're leaving base stealers but he has worked for five long years. They have three guys the starting lineup with double figures stolen base total. Lawyers pitch goes and it checked swing it foul ball. Not the moment a lot of news. Now it's the way for better Trout one but he didn't try to chase. And it goes back to first half days to actually go. Not sure that was a strike but he started to go out got as bad out over the plate it ought to handle that fell straight down Austin play. Once again Hoyer ready. Long hold stretch in the pit should. Looked like it was right there from here we are panicked knocked around in the third base side of home plate so it will that hard detail in and out. At home it's easier to town inside and outside their little harder to tell hi that low here. It's little heart disease across the plate we could see up and down the 32 Natalie you know. If fever starts again on a 32 count. He does not and a unzip their interest right Rico playing out. Cost is that started differences instead we'll head to the door again it is whether it's it's Christina. Lot of pitches so far recovering lawyer that he has worn out one on it faces Ryland Thomas. And Thomas was these pre season American conference player of the year hit by the Romans coaches he's done nothing. Is diminished that expectation he's hitting 399. With ten home runs 45. Runs batted it. Right handed hitting software for days. Pitched it and fastball and their strike slip away from a. Thomas to four tan last weekend USS. He has reached base in all 41 games that you SF has played this season and going back to last year has a 49 gain on bass street. 01. Fouled off the plate and if so into. He's a feast. Period. The 9910. Home runs 45 RBIs and 497. On paper and it's all of that. 667. Slugging percentage. He is fifteenth in the nation and on base percentage nineteenth at batting average 28 that runs batted in 31 and slugging percentage second in runs scored tied for 47 in home runs. Leads the American in most of those categories. Ani thousands of back to the screen on 02. It's dugout some but if you UCL if you think fail. Sophomore from with regard. For Florida solidly built 511235. Right handed him. Freshman all American at the American conference. Freshman. Position player of the year last year. Hit the first fever dives back first time players go on over Bieber took off once. Fearing he would bet violate ho. Oh and tutor Ryland Thomas. Under its first one out. Ordered the plate and striking out. Guys swinging at a pitch landed cutting Reuters him back from the leadoff walk to strike out the next few. Well there's two down it's got one more again kinda OC he goes below. Island Thomas. Eight home runs himself. 45 RBI which is even with Bryan Thomas as team leagues so these two guys like Thomas who boy who struck out Tyler posted combined for eighteen home runs ninety runs than them. Quite a duo so. Lawyers I would quite yet another right handed hitter junior college transfer hitting 3248. Homers. Jane mentioned 45 driven in that pitched. Low it's not like Trout lines of older better versed. It conference play 06 missed three games but in the twelve games he has played eighties the team's leading hitter in America played 375. Has three home runs and sixteen runs batted in which also tops on the team with a fifteen game conference gets. Rhetoric first two out bottom of the first shocker scored two of the top path fought and now it won't home run. One out. Fastball just missed two balls no strikes. Tyler Posey is the son of Heath Posey who played at Louisiana State. And then was 89 year major leaguer most of his grew with the pirates he has now a division three baseball coach in New York State. Pitched well a lot of this that was good breaking ball flight Hoyer two balls and one strike. Posey comes remained strong baseball background pictures to add a little. Coaching him as he grew up those Fries and he was a late round draft pick last year of the pirates fortieth round. Came in from should puller junior college here in Florida. To water undergoes. And it holds up it was a little wide count goes to three at one. Beaver made a lot start off first base to retrieve hard steps have been just throws this pitch like that life. A leadoff walk to straight strikeouts and 931 count to be UCF cleanup hitter. But he Hoyer in the stretch and delivers its leg at a Minnesota pitch down and candidates reason to. On back out in full force and Mike in which it's it's a son field on the right side of the field. Josh backer right. They have the most science issues for a little while. Reaching those it rendered nobody's talking about it it's it appeared. Noting Hoyer walked the leadoff man comes back to strikeouts aside the first no runs no hits one lap. It was a nice after not Wichita State and it's the F that the. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. Planned sixty fine from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co days plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance worry free plan 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas would grow. Cross and blue shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. A schools and. They come in many respects indoctrination propaganda mills. He made it I don't teach liberating. Unmitigated. Her and overly stimulated. Now Mark Levine and these are. Foundational. Principal. You high schooler and college knowing more about mark's. I'm 5198. Cents. He birdied ten SS. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy owed indeed Angela Valentine in adjuster Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest tumble this. Mark living drawing. Weekdays at five right here on Kate and ask at. If you're religious Gnostic coming up in the top of the second Josh is back a hundred Gibson and Travis not. Doctors scored two of the first but lucrative was hit by a pitch followed by Alec bombs on the straightaway center. Good for two runs at two nothing Wichita State judge to backer getting started right field tonight. Hitting 258. In just 31 that's them a year eight for 31. Seven runs batted in. He was 041. In Tuesday's game chances. It may be to catch at the year home run robbing catch above the right field fence. It's fastball grief and frock for a called strike one. Then trot through 23 pitches in the spurs gave up the one hit the home run to bomb that hit one man walked another. Backer. In the box from the left side instant front goes back to work. Breaking ball in their for a called strike until it too. Just a backer. Did not have any at bats and Houston last weekend. Well 4:1 in the central Arkansas game and that week prior to that. And pitch fouled straight back. Isabella to. That's backers started out the season over for ten. And then his feet for his last 21 that's a 381 pace. Lot of actually. Couple of extra left handed hitters but in the line up tonight by not the only three of them in fact. That was a little bit blown away one ball and two strikes are all batting. In consecutive order in the batting order with Jackson six to backers 700 Gibson is up next in the capable. Next Jackson got very good swing his first time at the lined out to the center field. Instruct with the one to to to back. The ground ball to. The pitcher over the bag at second to shortstop up with it throws to first just barely had time for now. Fernandez pretty good play to get it backers who runs well but about a half step that first. Allen went right over the robbery count open it would hit the bag is ground hundred that you knew either. Fernandez or Micah could probably get to butt bounces off bags the backers say over the top. He's at hunter Gibson getting its chance to start and PH denies it 21 at bats with seven hits 333. One home run eight runs batted in freshman left handed hitter. That little bit outside wall on. This is just the fifth start this season for hunter Gibson appeared. Twenty games now. 10 from in front. Fastball high to announce that. Carter got want it. That educate you on Tuesday was hitless one for Juan is only chance to swing at Houston last weekend at a nice opposite field single to pinch hitter. 20. That's below three or nothing. Looking to see it's been a long time. Since senator Gibson had more than one at bat of the game was one for four. In the Friday opening game of the fuhrman's series. Three out. It's not the golf course four pitch walk classic rock 100 Gibson aboard with one out. Second walk by a thin frock and he's had a better alternative to that statement of trying to. Brings up Travis Yahoo! has been on it here. At his second four hit game span of a week and a half that Kansas on Tuesday went four for five with two double scored twice. And over the three. When oven for his last twenty. 550. And includes a four hit game and they. Series finale against UConn. Right handed hitter he's raised his average to 284. Year. First pitch to him this one on this later on a fastball up. Travis young making here's 28 started forty games enough checkers. And yes 95 at bats on the season. One out one on soccer's leading to nothing in the top of the second. Stretch by thin frock. And the pitch count swings and misses on another fastball also into. They have to. Here not just a little bit. Beautiful evening in Orlando. Then stepped up for a moment he's back in dense rock ready to go. 02 pitch and started to go big or not he did not. One ball and these guys yet who played on our right up. So he strikes out swinging at a pitch that was up out of the strike zone two down. In the second strike at 43 things rock. Grayson Jenna still get his second look at that rock and just the second inning of the blogging he struck out swinging deleted off. Instead fraught completed his first trip through the order by striking out young for his second strikeout. Runner at first. They suggest are coming into the game at 301. Stretch further right hander. In the first pitch to Grayson to fastball little bit high for. The ball on that we are talking with in the pregame show about Wichita State kind of bounced back from there ornate start. And you got a couple of first round draft pick types in your lineup you don't necessarily want. Afghanistan home to feel the weight of the world you don't do everything. These guys. Each put tee they're back one way or the other your leadership while eyes were numbers wise from here on out. Want to audit for a lot of roll up the first base line and it's now. Ball one strike down the seconds and guess what that he's head and two at bats against him truckers. That play out in front of an off speed pitch as he gets traded to the ground along with it while. It did go off speed stuff that has bothered him when he's not going well. Like any other really. Solid gifted hitter when he's going goodies to the ball line to line but. He's also human and Fulton it's bad habits sometimes present too much and it's way out front off balance struck people happy and off speed stuff. That's something Paul has been able to avoid. For the most part this year. One watt speakers outside two balls and strike. I think he is very good about it's not healthy pitcher out swinging at stuff out of the zone as a team leading 35 walks. 446. On base we've done it. Under Gibson the rhetoric first but not in the second. Two of the Genesis. Fouled straight back got a pretty good pitch to hit in goodies unhappy with himself that he didn't. But that wanna play healthy cut attitude. Two balls two strikes. And stepped out of box revolve it. That it in the leadoff spot again tonight which he did for much of the season and then moved out viable for about a week and a half or so. 22. Fouled straight back got a pretty good candidate that would also redirected back to history. That are Gibson walked with one out Travis young struck gap in Afghanistan is running out to two and two with a couple of two strike double. 33 in frock ready to go. And pitch. Our speed in the dirt races laid off but that's all the way full tanks there too cute. That Gibson can't go off with pitches count goes home. Ryland Thomas for his face legal. It off the bag and play behind the batter with two out. Did nothing soccer's top of the second inning here in Orlando. 32. And it brought up the middle the second baseman in position to get it and Micah over the Christmas yeah. All's well hit my tennis about right where the second baseless claim that it'll. Tactics in the senate could get no runs one that apparently brought on after inning and a half and nothing soccer's. 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The year plus doc started I trained HB AC tackle conduit system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free pass that on any needed repairs it's our new customer 1946. Special. From Ghana stock. And carrier. Turn to the experts. Punish doc called 948 core name's Jason Lee joins us from beyond reality radio weakness. Under the bottom so the thing here John Galliano park in Orlando Wichita State UD UCF two to nothing. And coming up tonight Matthew might get a second base bag viability followed by text web and Max billion would. For the nights going lawyer at first walked the leadoff man. And struck out side also it's ended when it hits isn't good at have to. Him that count down a little bit as we go forward if he's going to be your round two on. That's you might get second base that are I didn't hear. And wanna throw EE CF player's name bundle its coaches to the pre season all conference team. He's hitting it ten with three home runs and 26 runs batted it. Cody lawyers first pitch to him his fastball low. My guess spelled MIK eight. A three year starter hit to 61 and 44 starts as a freshman raise that to 278 last year. 33 runs scored 25 stolen bases. One of the low bounced it their two balls no strikes. This is not a guy you want to put on especially leading off an inning 23 with 28 and based it. Only get 8241. So far conference play fourteen for 58. Zero. And it's little lie three balls and no strikes. But he Hoyer. Stick to the two nothing lead in the first on Alec Gomes homered as well start walking leadoff men Avery and that's Rio. That's an effort strike 31 fastball down and around east. Michael last weekend one for eleven. At USF. I dropped to a three and a series after winning the series opener. That's in their for a strike fastball and a half three to. Sun shining brightly over. Most of the field the shadows and stadium it being out. And first base line into shallow right and all bussed out to the middle of the man. 32 to Micah. Ground ball to build trade Vickers has it in the bag at second and throws over diversity out. The good job but I hold dear to come back from 30 and get. Monica ground ball effectively wild that plate appearance might only got one swing. Way ahead in the count reform let's see him take pills for your rooms right. And so called free ones that. Kind of had his back against the wall as much as he did Hoyer on that. Payoff pitch so what is never gonna probably go through seven innings with 77 pitches but. Making pitches when he has to obviously his name of the game. Jackson let it very takes fastball for a called strike shortened up and obviously taking all the way there. Well this kind of a newcomer to the starting lineup on a regular basis this is his eighteenth spartans at sixteen at bats and it's well lately getting through seventeen. No homers six runs batted in that successful. 11. Bad in conference play. Has played in seven of the fifteen games starting sixth and it's it's great being. Headed hitting third baseman. One out nobody on. But he lawyer with a 11. And it went in and asked if breaking ball down that timeline to do. Last week when he finally gets greeted Bowden pitched those last four or five innings at that Houston game. It was mostly his fastball he never really did it commanded his secondary pitches slider looks good so far tonight. Want to. That in looking with one veteran that is again. But he lawyers strikes out facts of what happened he has struck out four birds the ECF line. Things that Max billion wood's the right fielder. What another guy who has started to pull a little more lately thank you for 31 the entire season to 58. Three times that it is the seventh start the year. Four of those seven upcoming conference play. Bounce that went across the plate on all of those cynics. Not everybody on in the night's second Wichita State leads to nothing. Run homer by Alex well. Lawyer with the same time. Into the wind the 10. Fastball low again to Boston those strengths. And I want stepping out front of the plate to. It could be a little encouragement or kick in the pants. Pretty crowd on hand it just a nice atmosphere tonight beautiful evening. That's a little buzz go on in the stands. To a pitch. Hello again three balls and no strikes. Second time in the inning he's gone 30 on a hitter came back to get Matthew might get. That's woods standing in the seventh hole in the lineup. What are back to work with the trio. And that it's time for all four. It never really came very close to the strike zone on any of those four pitch walk into that. And we'll bring up Clinton Hernandez a shot. Fernandez only hitting all five. No homers twelve runs batted in has started all 41 games. For his love and his skis. A little five strikes out once every five at bats. Right handed hitter. Would the rhetoric first. I had for five as they dealers pitches Hernandez and for a strike. And for what that's five for five in just eighteen games in six starts so. Obviously he's a guy that can go. The balls one strike to Brandon Hernandez. And pitch. Just low one of one. Only hit of the buck Davis did that well home run with Utah State has drawn two walks and hit better. And Cody Hoyer has walked two of the nights through the first evident in the order. And one pitch outside to have luck. Tomorrow's game. Will also get under way at 5:30. Central time so that's another evening game. Data of the on the air time clock. The final game is a noon game here on Sunday which means 11 o'clock first pitch Sunday morning in which. You and pitch low three and Cody Hoyer is. With good stuff they're having trouble settled into that good consistent rhythm getting the ball strikes oh at home in a few steps to encourage. The London two starts out at ten where he has walked. Less than two. ECU we walked one in five innings. UConn wanted 53 but it goes and three on the balls bounced out of the third base coach's box and that brings the count to three and do. Haven't mentioned DUCF. Head coach he is great local in his second year as the head coach here. In Miami product graduated in 2001. And during his playing career was on three. College World Series teams with the views including 2001. National champions played one year pro all of them was an assistant in the for three years and went to Wright State for a long stretch. They'll tackle on third base line not keep it through into it to Hernandez. Love lady initially was an assistant coach Wright State for nine years moving that's the attitude associate head coach. That was the head coach for three years to fourteen to sixty. Average 41 and nineteen per year to his last team to the NCAA tournament at both of those teams won a couple of games deter him. Before they brought it here last year. And again Hernandez that check swing and sprays out to first base dugout settled himself because that was probably not at the zone. You could get himself stoppage time got the bad out there and tap to first base that yet. This will be a third. If you picture Hernandez would taking off each time from first base. When we delivers. And a fly ball to senator. Christiane in three or four steps makes the catch at the end it. So it was a little bit of a grind for Cody holier but he faces just sport and this could walk on les and student athletes in Wichita State tuned. He CF now. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sentence with no Smart. Your parents are staying all weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger smile our service is the same I promise. Joyner morning. And as ask. I think both pitchers had to throw a lot of pitches as both of blacks of command at times that it is too I think what you cut stipulate. The third. Grief that he thought he Casey Luke Peter and Alec bones and that are Trout lines start talking third. Been fraught with 42 pitchers he has given up the one he had a two run homer to bomb walked two hit batter and struck out two. Lucrative was hit batter to run on his left shoulder. Attitude to count his first time Upton scored ahead of bonds' home run. First pitch to dispel straight actress Strickland. Lew Ritter scoring that run. But his 41. In 38 games Alec thought. Spark right behind him his 41 they remain tied for the lead in runs scored. That's ball strike call on the outside corners Poland to Ridder has routinely for about fifteen seconds yeah there. I don't want it you know like they're on behind it. Nothing in tutor her. Instructs pitch. Fastball high one and two. They came into this weekend's tie for sixty not in the nation. It runs scored as well as tied for the shock the team lead. A 12 pitch. Top towards third foul ball. The cat's case that went into. Bitter at 325. Home runs 22 runs batted in in those 41 runs scored. Also has ten doubles which ties him with bomb for the team lead. Greek and frock that. Should a ground ball up the middle cut off but he shortstop almost lost it coming up with a picket. The first time Hernandez. Almost left that would on the ground it was hanging at the end of his glove as he came up with the that he makes played for a retirement. Bring up Alec bomb who worked cannot. Three of Juan and then got money could easily jump on hit it over the fence in straightaway center for a two run homer in the first his ninth home run. He now has 38 runs batted in. Steps in for the second time they screens and struck. Right handers first pitches the fastball right under its cap bill for belong. All the his first home run since the ECU series and that's. We're win games ago. 10. Inside two balls no strikes. Both of those came and that Thursday night series opening blowout. So maybe that's a good omen for him to hit a home run first game of the series. He has everything that we didn't think man. To hope that's all it does get the outside corner for a strike. It pretty much good pitching to him after Friday night. Only had one at bat in the Saturday game I think that Thursday he put on clinic so you know. Big guys from hugely baseballs signed that I'm probably didn't see need to see much more. 21. Swearing at this late on that fast on its two twos although. Now I bring it up talking to it Greg Miller former shop assistant coach and now current doubt in the airport on the way here. And yet interesting observation about that in a local scout as opposed to cross checkers here this GM when they come indices big guys. Teach you now back just got a piece of they're human just like everybody else that GM cement and the big brass and Greg. Mentioned to me it's kinda have to remind them now and then just because they see him one time. Those seriously I see these guys. 4050 at bats and others they see all the tendencies that are the good the bad things to win more awards than. Pat Gillick for example going to use you know and only one game being sold on him because. He took it the opposite field. It is hot. Foul down the first baseline. Ad it's gonna get in the stands violent Thomas Kemper as far as he could go but it ended about three rows back involved still alive. Now the trick is for those way way higher ups who really trust these local scouts. And it the ones that have seen them over and over again. I certainly would not wanna beat. In that position to be a local scout have to answer and honestly tell the truth. To achieve them where you know who maybe it starts these guys that have not yet Alan ball's fool he's a legit first rounder but. Guys like him got to be able to tell the big guys truth. Well they wanna hear not. Attitude too now back at bow hanging in there get a lot of fastballs. Has been able to square one up please fouled off about two pitches holding the candidates in two. Under Trout line on deck of that for sure for an inning with one out. In the top of mr. And Brock again to two and a ground all the left side can. But the third base and in the threw across the web at times yeah. Don't hit it big so hopper right up there basement and two ground ball outs in the inning which actually. And even though he made out there that probably will earn him some points with whoever's in town watch him here you know Fallon fastballs up. Back to stay alive in the count and then I'm breaking only stayed on this pounded the third baseman so. Basically proving that he rarely over swings it great idea strike zone. But home's gonna make a lot of money here about a month and a half. Here's scattered Trout line you walk on at 32 pitch his first time up solutions attack now along with their baseline. It's doctors are getting. Fair share gets things off at the rough and I think it hit. Therefore hard grounder it's pretty much at some blog at Alex Jackson ended the first inning with a line shot to the center fielder. Making good contact against of one truck line a bit low involvement strike. Listening as again. Forest and Procter and throw a few pitches even know originally facing three hitter so far. One ball one strike the gutter Trout lines. And the pitch. Fastball and at the knees for a called strike and this is a team you get their starters that he still did a face that people. They have a two point 98. TE operate its ninth in the nation. There's starters have a three point oh OERA. And the bullpen a collective two point 96. Fouled off the plate top lines it's fun. And it's basically four guys that they trust and the worst fury among them is 405. So. You might wanna get to their starters because certainly that the pin there's no drop off. And Judy got to try outlined two out nobody on in the cocker half of the spear. In front ousted out front of the plate and it's two and two. Central Florida has not named its Sunday starter yet they have a couple of guys who have pretty much the end. Every weekend guys in the conference go Sheridan started the first four series did not pitch last weekend. And that. They have another guy. Who has started heading four series also that they haven't seen one yet because then frogs got into the weekend fastball away got it looking. At scattered throughout lie strikes us as the third so three up and three down for the first time for the shot here's the third inning it could have. The league likes it enough. These Lauren ask announcing the that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only tastes good. 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This opting like it when he person whether online or off deep I think life dot com. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs further hardening Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber George story from coast to coast AM join me we'd starts right here fine KLSX. Mug night in batting ninth in the order we'll definitely not easy out. In the third event but he lawyer we'll start is set at times through the night lineup with Dallas beaver. And ray LA hook but he threw two innings as well auction struck out four has melodic yet but he's also. He's 44 pitches going through some long counts and get through adversely hitters. But it does take two runs on one hit. CF. I'm over it. A good basis to capture fleeting it off left can't actually rented him. He's a senior from Jupiter Florida 5917. In. It is 350 was no home runs and thirteen. That is. These little time to get into the box and then right up on the inside line in the batter's box right up on the plate. And lawyer into the wind his first pitch to Kaiser's loaf of whole month. For the most part when he's been missing its bid loan have been very few that he's thrown up above the strike. Trying to keep it down at times this kind of thing didn't it appeared. Look at times they're making his thirtieth spartans 42 gains for the ninth. Takes that one play low balls no strikes. And that's it Heiser way up on the plate he leads the nights in hit by pitches with two hands. And Trout why not amount to. Pumped up but he lawyer maybe give little tip on something he's doing. Heiser start two of the three games last weekend USF. Adding one for four outing of the season finale. Takes that would three had nothing. That's three times in the last five hitters. It to a U lawyers go on three and out. Came back to get. Actually it's four times in the last five back to get to the previous three. We go to Heiser. I interval or. That's his third walk in the first time through the order or a stupid four pitch walk. It's also secession he's walked leadoff man sooner or later that's gonna come back the night. And I hitting. But either way one strike and again he's like Mike said come back to get them most of the time but that won't last. Or not. Continue to work behind in the count here who have here. Eric thirst for Dallas beaver who walked his first time the leadoff man in the order. 269 hitter. Under those that holds on strike in there at the knees nothing in life. I series a catcher deeper than hinder. And DH tonight is also a catcher Anheuser four for four stealing bases and deeper four for fives and it got a couple of normal size catchers who also can run a little bit. Fastball just inside one on one strike shame on you for not knowing but 30. Do we have precedent there is that I think they hit hit that they're just take precedence over the law. I just can't you know devils. But bullets strike. Reuters settling in it now. And delivers. And it's loved it blocked by Trout lines keep the runner at first base. We're a lot of pitches in the Gator to start this third inning. Went through you know unload Anheuser that we think cliff's been with one. And I stunt that one on Dallas beaver. Right hander in the stretch. 21. That's in their city's respected seated differences. And get better. And has it ever been a thing where something takes precedent over you know. To me keep hitting you hitting the minutes for you know yeah it. Somewhere along the line I've heard you know out of a dividend to give them and then that's always confused me which way it was them. Rhetoric goes stops checked swing water around in Dallas beavers out on strikes. Like reluctant to leave box. That didn't editing but we can appeal did at the home plate umpire he's got he's got. Get a good help to anybody else he's already run up Travis young guys don't do it. We have seen a whole lot of Mike Steele curiously after strikeout and then go pay a visit Cody Hoyer. Not totally gets this right here it's like all right. You're trying to settle in here he's got to get up the world who don't play let's not go back and forth back and forth like you have been. Loses control the strike zone come right back in thank you gotta feel it felt. Exactly sure where that's. Where that falls concentration level or comfort on the mound or. What it is that's like seeing job figured out that's what they're just hit it out there. Started by putting his arm around he's obviously trying to encouraging men. And play off for the positives of this performance of Florida has struck out five the first ten hitters. Walked two hit one. My kids back to the dugout. Conference break stuff then stepping in to be re elect homeless center fielder struck out looking his first time up. Since 92 hitter on the year. Leino but it seems leading hitters anyway it to 92 but even better in conference play has also started off fifteen of the previous games city 323. Unfunny ones for 65. Stretch by Hoyer in the pitch in LA coach takes a long way for bowling. Thanks for some idea seems to be. Consistent. Kind of small. Let go very fast based rhetoric the attack guided double has suited to this season. And picked the first. Rather over there Heiser did a lot of bouncing around trying to inspect lawyer a little bit or that it may think he's going. That was percent Easter throw. It's two nothing much to our state bottom of the third inning here in Orlando. Lawyers sent. And the wanna. Fastball in there but load. He also knows rights lawyers. Is a big guys 640198. I've and four's Big Easy is his deliveries about as compact as the but that doesn't always mean he's been able to repeat his delivery as a tough. Tough proposition or long lever guys like him get everything seem up every time. There is a strike like oh shortened up was gonna take all the way opposite the runner for Chris flopping again as if you might be going. Hoyer completed their for a strike it's 21 that's really key free picture and any size right hander left it whenever repeating your delivery. When you're eight to throw strikes and it's not the lawyers battle this year but. It's understandable. Then again. Long armed Atlanta that he it as a good strike down and let the fastball and he's got a even though the game they'll tell it to him to. It lead us hit better followed by a strike out here in the third and after 20 start he has only goes back even on the camp. Stretch but the big right hander. And it picked the first. Move Anheuser scrambling back. And speak in all the heat newsstands. Across checkers and whatnot. Are sharply CNET pretty. Pliable PC player out there are now. If. Not the lawyers professional career if we keep getting to do it. Hello Ellison that one over the head of racing Janice and nice leaping grab by the first baseman nick off the well. He has that we're not seeing radar guest tonight that he has been consistently 93 to 95 and his fastball and that's up to hit T I don't you can't teach them at their heart exactly right. He's ready. Do kiddo I know and that was most gifted there. Three balls two strikes. And he has gotten away with being erratic from the first. Two in the third so far and bonds' home run stood up to this point but. Again. The more it if you work ahead it is murder on writing and batters but. He struggled to settle in. Shocker for crossing their fingers and be able to do so sooner rather light. Reaches the low for ball four but. Two of the first street and on here in the third inning. And nice getting into the really dangerous part. You go to the next guy's machine that you have a combined eighteen home runs in ninety runs that is. He struck out both violent Thomason Tyler owes it in the first. That's not sort of thing you can expect to just keep doing overdose. Thomas 39910. Homers 45 runs batted in his first and second only wanna. First pitch to him announce his past if you. Haven't really all that close four feet from home plate. Cody lawyers start to wobble here in the third and two nothing lead. While it sending the runners to second and third and only one out. Trade victories. And a shocker veterans in short to have a word with Cody lawyer. Island Thomas super dangerous hitter up there are now second and third with only wanna. One ball no strikes. Lawyer from the stretch delivers. Popped up now a lot of play behind her space. One ball one strike. Thomas the sophomore first baseman. Freshman all American a year ago. Pre season player of the year in the league this year. And this guy's sitting 488. With runners in scoring position that he just briefly a screamer at somebody. 11 block by Trout line and other ball in the dirt two and one. Or 88. And that's pretty outstanding. First name spelled RYL. A in. Sophomore from winter garden Florida. Last name's bill through our own the only effect that. Keep your history. 21 fastball low three and one. There is a base open that if he locks him. Next guy cosic is no bargain either. I don't let that next thing was of these guys from from a choice instance Florida 23. The players on their roster are from the state of Florida and his scattering of other states wanted to hear there. 31. It's chased one in the dirt track and it's three and two. Thomas's ability to work employers favor that time very confident Peter wants to swing the bat at these kinds of situations and a little over anxious to do something and chased ball four in the dirt. Now at three to us the employer can find an F command to make him go after his pitch here. Second and third one out shot here's leading to nothing in the third. And three to. Just this flow forgive him. This time. Just down below. Both slider and I thought maybe. After so many off speed pitches. Employers find out that might be a good spot to try to freezer and lock him up with a 94 miles Applebee's turn it loose if you could cooling. When you multiply that they went back in the slider barely missed. Another loaded up the clean up and kind of those two walks and hit batter an inning it's four walks. Issued by warrior and he Wear. Out the homes bonding with two to nothing lead in the first. More walks and hit batter and here comes Todd butler's attackers. Have seen enough. Coaching staff has decided Hoyer is not gonna find get lazy and he's going to exit after two and a third innings. Didn't give up and get five free passage. To go along with five strikeouts. Jacque we'll have to make a move here is that the second trip of the inning but one of the countries according Hoyer. Had good stuff they latch locations the night and he'll depart after the third to shoppers are leading to nothing. UCF has the bases loaded with one out when we come back. Steve and 10 in the morning they'll roll into the -- stuff as a frivolous this morning good morning bill good morning Stephen don't teach you haven't heard British prime minister threesome may has offered warmest congratulations to prince William and the duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their new son plow the couple's Kensington Palace office is that he gave birth to a boy weighing eight pounds seven ounces babies couple's third child and his fifth in line and the world so now all we need to come up with a good name for the new prints in addition you know yeah I usually get like Charl. He never come up for Floyd. Darrell green and Gerald my other brother there are real LeRoy and there. Stephen dead mornings from six till nine on an SS. Bail except clay there you go again tossing me around 20 wait I didn't mean anything by and I just wanted to see what that means it's all of us and I agree with them. Humans Jeremiah bouncing it around female may I almost sorry maybe people generally prefer they soothing and comforting sound of a female voice apology accepted it's okay growth solicitation did you want to hear it again and SS radio there's nothing that I can. There's no doubt there are intelligent. Ha ha ha whom. It's. Still guard and kind of what you think your own hole in the sand as. Seattle had the bases loaded one out here in the bottom of the that are Wichita State leading to the nothing. He'll gore making his seventeenth. Appearance three and one little one. Point 31 ERA for 22 thirds innings nineteen yes ten walks. 21 strikeouts. And flooding there. His most recent outing three shut out innings in the first game last Sunday's doubleheader Houston allowed two hits no walks than strikeouts in one. He has really been in a good group of links. What is on it doesn't seem to matter much it's basic right hander left handed hitters and a lot of confidence in Connecticut and here at this jam them and him. Facing right handed hitter Tyler Posey played up and struck out swinging his first time up. The city 324. Living at home runs and 45 runs batted in. IOC is just him for fifteen in the last four. Games. Standing going on fourteen had it USF last weekend he struck out eight times the first time up was his ninth strikeout in his last eleven at bats. I was coming in real handy right here. It was first pitch those take slow them skip place. They'll place the putting a lawyer left the bases loaded as the departed. Those nick junior from show that New York. Threats from the front of bullets in the college. You're trying to line only time that they ask Buffy. I should signal out there. Back in the box Kent wanna. Gordon pitch fastball chest boat when it looked pretty it appears to nothing. Mark Lewis changed since the early tight zone tonight. Two balls no strikes to both it. Kilgore with sun and. Delivers that ball bounced to third. Obama. Now maligned by the corner they're they're they're meant it would come into play it is I don't know. It's just. Glad I got nothing but a lot. Not bouncers here. Part of the Bengals hope it won't blow but it landed about six inches didn't fare. Romo led the poor three free passes corners playing even with the bad eggs. Going home ground balls and that luck is in the favor of BCA I thought the thinkers. Actually if they lose those those free passes. And other rail accretive. And it rhetoric second still one out government to again that in the short his urged him up another right handed here. Kilgore pitch to him at best ball I've triple. The big pit accident to OK out. It just it up with that. It to make these actors some. Pay dearly for those 33 best. Spectacle. Best ball popped up my on the air first base side that is good news first base and lost it and look at all the other. Could you hire a public this time I'm home doing that. Dennis had priority there at the corner infield priority over the at the he looked just for a split second it Gunner truck line and I'd like to let him behind if thought. This little flat here for third of the game safer ones going from mountain home. Right now handing it over out of her this third in three yes. I'm on the last might it. The pitch. Fly ball. That idiot guess right now I didn't at cracking it next to camp veterans active tag go to third is that it makes the catch entered Sudan. Thin now you do hope that backdrop for that pop up that dropped untouched for now. That is that the two. Days on the infield turned into Iran unit that can carry it the next out and I have at it. In posted that orange. But now while this I'll definitely play. Two out grounder at third Jackson Webb took a look at his stuff. They seem Cody Hoyer now faces mile ovals first time. And losers it's doing now straight back. Expect. They you know it's it's one of those funny baseball think what you're going to really good things like that his pop fly. And that not hurting and it sounds like when you're struggling they will find a way to get this guy homes and now. Swing and it. NASA chase one in the dirt tried to stop himself went around the hole into the Jackson slipped. Three runs on one yet. For UCF two runs on one hit for Wichita State. No gore comes at. Go to the web. Gets away from catching the Ronald score and here's where the hot spot him. Pop ups bodies still at second base hit score and had instead it's fortitude you see him. She and honestly that's could hit a lot of blood they need to be caught and nowhere near the ground. We'll figure passed ball there that run discharged Kilgore of the it would appear to be honor. Four runs on one hit for easy yes. 12 the count data Jackson live. And pitch. Got it looking on the outside corner and it's too late as good stuff. So idiotic four runs on one yet. And nobody left on base after three. UCF for Wichita. It. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Tenders his second job recruiting. That means trampled. He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for. He can star recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker just learn more and accept their share dot com. Glenn Beck program. Blake's mom and I know emotions. We're all gonna die it's logical that we're all going. Let me ask you do some weird. Stuff you'll how did she tell us to be six threes and intercede for a second stop feeling and injustice and news. But as for your own good field. Just very very uncomfortable. Your mistakes Hollande and mornings a dynamite and SS. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent friend would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. This is Michael's. Join me weeknight they've done. It's up to. Fourth Saturday in how things have changed in just happening Wichita State ticket to nothing laid out a first inning home run by Alan Ball. C Atkins scored four runs and only one yet in the bottom third inning thanks to. Three loss in its path of this popped up. In foul territory that gave runner chance to get to third score on a passed balls attackers down fortitude as they come to bat in the fourth. And pretty thin frock through three innings this round 61 pitches it's not like to keep. Working him making him throw a lot more here in the next couple of hitting straight Vickers the leadoff against. Trade takes a fastball low. Predictors that are towering pop up right in the middle of the infield this person was caught by the short stuff. We followed. Alex Jackson and Josh the backer here in the fourth. And trucks to pitch grounded to third. Easy hop for went over to first for the out. Still early enough for the game queries can let this get to you gonna have innings like that now on but just the veteran group. Of position players. That have to absolutely flushed down last happening and look ahead and you know states for that. One well struck home run wearable got ahead in the count. Nobody's done much offensively so it took the team thing no question about it but again it's still early enough worth tenor of this game can be changed could have it's going to be their particular job. Alex Jackson appeared to exploded outside of the bola Alex. Lined up to the center fielder his first time and since that out which ended the first. The last seven outs but then rocketed five ground balls and two strikeouts and starting to get a lot of balls hit on the ground. 10 fastball for a called strike it's 11. The only hit it thin Brock has allowed does that first inning home run by phone he also has hit a batter and walked to. That is retired the last six in a row. One Wanda Jackson swing at this late on that fastball once you. It's getting his first start a long time tonight chances when it against a right handed pitcher. What outs nobody on. And the 12. Fastball struck announcement. It for a kind of overpowered at that time in those last two pitches that's his third strikeout. Represent just a backer who grabbed one up the middle his first time up was thrown out by the shortstop but all right over the top of the second base bag. Not nobody on the shocker for instance rock started to find a little bit he's retired six in a row whereas Cody Hoyer just never could get comfortable out there. First pitch to defector fastball high. Opening game of a three game series game two tomorrow night once again same first pitch time at 5:30 central. One of and sliced foul down the left side athletic. Will be on the air at 5 o'clock with pre game to a night then Sunday. First pitch at 11 o'clock AM central time we won't have any pregame. Netscape because of already scheduled programming thought we will join right on the first pitch at 11 AM. On Sunday. 11. Fastball high again two balls and one strike to Josh to Becker. With his second at bat tonight just for its time Josh has had more than one at bat in the game since the middle game that the UConn series two weekends ago. It I just went toward the right field line. Yeah right fielder over to play quickly it will hold it to a long single put a solid line drive base hit a nice touch to backers. That will bring up. Hundred Gibson walked on four pitches his first time out so he has yet to see one you could swing and against creep in front. Second shocker here broke up a string of seven and wrote retired. Fortitude UCF top of the fourth inning. And struck in the stretch. First pitch to Gibson fastball outside. Again if nothing else to backers that extends the inning just a little bit forces and proctor threw a few more pitches his countess. Climbing. 10. On the way. And it takes loads of most of those strikes. Gibson needs to articulate panel this swing right here. Then frock content with one. In the DH spot furries young man. Let it get that account. It is the stretch. Tebow. Any grounds of my the third baseman down the left field line for the quarter left fielder to get it quickly though and actually holes to accurate second base. Announces await third baseman was back in the back yet but picture. Solid base hit that Mike Gibson right inside the mine just left fielder. Oppose it as if it over the line quickly hauled it to us. Good solid hits back to back. But I had a factory Gibson to come with two outs it's a travesty undeniable to try to get somebody. Does state has now out hit it easy at three to one trails 42. At this young struck out swinging its first time. Standing in waiting has been struck. That while he's ready. First pitch DR. Now off the plate. Best swing he's had his first time out. He was late on everything. You know it just the second time through what. Backer broader its second Gibson it first at bat to run very well on its. Big strong young man runs OK also. A lot. Fouled straight back nothing into the Travis out. See a lot of fastballs from then frock it's. Party the first time out there. Start to get timing down now but is it to relate to what do. And he threw it in front mercy for the next couple pitches and extended that. Stepped back took a deep breath back in the box facing I can't. Pretty thin for the at the stretch. Oh dude. I thought ball shallow right fielder right fielder drew the line what is there and make the catch right up the foul line. Actors get a couple with two out hits that we've both been stranded after that I happen to steel fortitude night. You felt pretty good but to save about seven back to the big life tire store did yeah but then getting that service that feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by a factor train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you had your card that you admitted. On line at Kansas plain tired dot com can't just plan tired your out of bear Ernie repaired they. The systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the proof that comforts of the skin junior air conditioner or installing new Levy system. You can rely on comfort reasons for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort. Keeping what Josh is cool call today 2657831. Org. Their website at conferences and dot net. Comfort Systems proud partner of shocker athletics. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita city agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and over west Sawyer. Phil Gordon gave him to get the last two outs in the the third goalie coach Cody poitier. Start things off here in the fourth for your tonight. To add a third innings no hits. Those yards with three runs all earned you walk or get a better at also struck out it's been awhile that. Kilgore was charged with one of the four runs in the third inning but it was a hot. Pulling on a passed ball. This is the bottom three in order here in the fourth match woods branded Hernandez and Logan Heiser. Even though it right hander Moyer started this is a predominantly right handed hitting. UCF lineup that's just out of their regular group have fever hits left handed and webs with kids that's it. As far as the guys that get consistent that we sponsor right there. Max would walk to his first time line this was one popped to shortstop Vickers. Over the first had a pick stretch digested just barely kept still on the bag. Makers took a little time that time dude get the three along the way any kind of sailed. Really good job by pianist to stay on the bag grant them. But one pitch one out. We're Kilgore here in the fourth. Granted Hernandez who shortstop. Worked the count to 32 before finally getting a fly ball to saturn's first time out. I handed hitting shortstop. First pitch to hit the fastball in there at the needs for a called strike. Hernandez. Junior. From royal Palm Beach, Florida transfer from Santa Fe community college. No balls one strike. Who Gore's pitch hit him in the back crooks. I didn't know the breaking ball edit. Broke bet on that back foot at the right handed hitter he's bored with the. Second hit batter by shocker pitching tonight. Things at Logan Heiser who was the first one to get by a pitch that was on me. Three and out pitch flexibility Hoyer. Leading off that third inning. And he ended up being the first of four men to come around and scored third. Step since the the second time right handed hitter gets right up on the plate. First pitch to him. Off to the glove of Trout lines that. Holds on to that it is strike one. That official call for pilgrim was a strike that a lot of times the catcher boxes that you don't get that echo. Moderate first time called. Youngsters were playing with the ball over there at the outset on warning tracks and they called time don't want the ball girls to get it out of play. 011 account to Logan Heiser she fifty hitter on the year. And the pitch. Waiting outside involvement strike. And as a runner at first is one of the leading base stealers he's eleven for thirteen. On the year. Posing based routers have only attempted one stolen base successfully. Against healing but gore. As it did lead. No of course that hosts over there and the rhetoric that standing up. Kilgore with. And it classic left hander lead foot moves Rory tries to keep you guessing as long as he can't which direction he's going with a. 11 account to Logan Kaiser. Router goes got a good job pitches top throw down his little too high season at second base. It's really good throughout might have had a chance even though it looked like Hernandez had a pretty good job but it was not above the head of Luke raiders. And Hernandez took himself out will they count Libyan people that the bag. He's okay and it's just all stolen base of the year on bill that he unloaded and hurry back. And and it still left on on Q and Kilgore. This was high so its two and one to Heiser runners in scoring position now with one out. You know gore settles in takes a look at Zach. Throws a fastball high and Austrian one. Ratio of strikes to pitches round. Not real good for shocker pitching staff coordinate. And this has not been a good offensive team last week or ten days. We talk about US you see up to 49 team batting average the last ten. One I hit the ball and they can really hit him so. We've got to be absolutely attack mode appearance opposing pitcher you guys. And there's been nothing of the kind. Like that at least so far soccer's honestly my notes fourteen had at fingernails right now. Here in the game one of the fears because. And rockets settled in. After basically making only one mistake that arguable whether it's. Never been comfortable out there he fell behind home well at nine miles off like Paul that. Besides that the offense has been quiet the pictures and the field work consistently hitting hitters breaking all the rules that they explore. Two on one out the battered Dallas beavers the leadoff man that left handed hitters outside for all month. Fever a balk and a strikeout swinging so far. It change mentioned a while ago talking about Carolina the only true left handed hitters in their lineup tonight. An opportunity left on left for Kilgore who needs it now here is hit batter and walked one. Seven free passes. And eight bouncy ball double what they've got. Swing and a miss on a fastball kept it down pretty well one ball and strike. You see Jeff with four runs on one hits afford to mess up again and either one of them had a basis. He recanted not need crouch from the left side. Yeah or deliberate. Fastball low and long. It's amazing how they play especially last month of soccer's player in the mid week. Compared to the weekend. Who look like either team. Kate mentioned the last ten games BCF they're only hitting 256. Of their fifteen conference games. Check its second pitch. Way up and in almost hitting three balls on strike there a lot like Houston I think very hoses to make that point numbers are almost exactly the same. It's not going to last week. They usually get just enough and leave it up there picture. They score five or more runs they're twenty and three. Seven and eleven they scored four fewer than it just doesn't with the pitching excellent. 31. Hide the ball flew out. It better to Watson Kilgore is loaded it up again with one out here before. And this has not been him at all lately not early in the eyes of his early appearances he had a high walk total. That has not been hit an all lately it's been kind of contagious tonight Todd let him announce that they do it repealing Kilgore. And for the second inning in a row. Whatever shocker pitchers out there is going to be getting into the toughest part of the UCF order with the bases full. No gore is going to come out see who comes in to face ray allegro with the bases loaded one out after this. Stephen 10 in the morning today is a national animal crackers. Animal crackers revert to type of small if you think in the shape of tradition we're zoo animals that his client who do or elephant and the most common variety are likely wouldn't slightly sweet however chocolates and frosted four varieties are also available I deduct ability didn't have that bonds. Grossing team in that little cardboard box with a string down and crackers for about a tastiest boxing you know they're not there for three dollars and that they were fairly bland I would favorite did tyrants who have limited she peaceful settlement puts its policy and I thought that Stephen said mornings from 69. On each and. That's. Our speakers are only as Smart as their owner for sale so. So latest with the car's dash the only known only way. New easy earth really glad you mentioned someone please don't let me friends since June listened to. Correctly isn't known for just fast gives emergency room wait so they're earth isn't flat. With the latest news and information. And thirteen 38 and SS. She's Stephen can join this morning right here on cape enhancement. Good pitchers in here right hander Adam Keller these doctors could use the Adam Keller. Through an inning Cate you on Tuesday night 123 innings struck out all three days. Previous Wednesday in which it's not pitched two perfect innings against. Struck out three. Of those six dollars making its ninth appearance before ten innings giving up ten hits but just guns one error with no walks. At fourteen strikeouts aren't a whole point 90. That's exactly what that you hear these oddities of the strike thrower not walking anybody it chance maybe strike somebody out. Basic re a Lake Tahoe. 292 hitter bases loaded one out of the fourth. If he's not able to. At least limit the damage considerably. This is the real trouble it's really fortitude. That's eight beautiful margins certainly answer is getting into the middle of the game that they score a couple more with their pitching staff it's going to be really really difficult. And the chance to them that. May allay ho has struck out looking and walk is to plate appearances both were against the starter Cody holier. Kelly will work from the stretch with the bases loaded the first pitch his way high of Oklahoma. Hewlett Kilgore I faced seven hitters. In his stint on the man. Four of them reached. Its credit for one full inning of work he's responsible for all three runners out there on the pants. One out. Good curveball in there for a strike it's a lot of fun. Better at third Hernandez stood all kinds of dancing around making false starts down with their baseline trying to do anything you can't do distracts an appellate. Speed is probably this team's greatest asset offensively as they try to use it anyway they can do upset the the key thing. All sliced out down the right side pretty much came right at it with a fastball Lago with played lights tree that won them. Right field line well phone. One multi strikes. Bases loaded one out. And of Keller. Sent. And delivers. A ground ball to third right. Under won't slow them down the line. And runs through it. Those elusive quarter three runs against Florida my home over there. That'll be it tripled but that was the moment now it probably. Could answer it. You couldn't have. He should have bad. Well you reap what you sell my hands. You can do with handout face about it. Lucky unlucky should have made it could've made it. It's gonna hurt. I heard that. That was potentially double play if he could feel it was only about a step. Of the bags at a rally very possibly stepped on the bag thrown over for they still haven't scored yet today debating whether that's a triple or three base error. Batters Riley's promise of rhetoric there's only one out Alley 62 ball games the F one time. Actually seventy. It's a fastball for a strike entities to Thomas who has struck out and walked into play with periods. Three runs in all charged to Kelyn Kilgore. He is charged with four runs three earth it's wonderful innings of work. Has gone up as they hit. That's a three run triple. 01. Given the right field pretty well hit the factor. Gonna make the catch runners that are tanking fast runner coming home and you'll decide. But. As he is being. And yet. Violence thomas' 46 representative of the year. It's hard to Keller will be another round just kind of change business and that ball probably shouldn't play days. Eight runs on two hits for you see if it snows you know you need to know about exactly performance on the mountain field. Tyler Posey. Doubled his first time out or added three runs hot closely now that inadequate. His double was a big copper down the line that bounced over bombs glove that was one that home. But it did have a chance to make plays on. Back to back four run innings for the night stood third and fourth guns down two into an eight to two lead. But one. Fastball low one bullet strike. Posey struck out his first time then doubled so one for two. He now has 48 runs batted in Thomas that sac fly a moment ago. Tells it like to now at 46. Bases empty at the moment. On one. That's fallen at least for a called strike and it's fun to. And tonight it's been a long time since I've. Seen any rally getting flu runs on one hit and to see it twice in two innings both times it's been four runs on one hit. Caller's one to just slow to balls yesterday soccer's. About hit the nights are down six. YouTube account to Tyler OC two outs in the inning. Spirits by Adam Keller in the pitch. Just below street to. I had that stat ID CF 43 units were five or. Almost credit their undefeated they scored as many as eight. With their pitches I'd be surprised if they've lost it all this year. Scoring eight runs or more. Three balls two strikes. Miller's pitch these lovable fool so he. Join the parade is he locked his first man that is 93 passes. Drawn by UCF. Seven walks and hit batters in the first four innings. That's you Mike had a second base that is grounded to short fly to right. I handed hitter 310 coming in. Posey hit first four for forest base stealer. Alex it's. Evident the center Travis down on the hood of the mayor makes the catch to end the enix. And another dreadful things defensively through Wichita State four runs on one hit. Nobody actually left right or left after four excuse the F eight which dusty. 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TV we've been helping families find a perfect TV and entertainment furniture for over sixty years we offer free installation and service everything we Allen ethnic TV battery in Wichita not just start brands. Let's enjoy your weekend mornings and night right here on CN. Yes leaving anything to what they've scored seven or more runs this year at thirteen and out. Anthony. Six run lead going the defense that story for the third for the fourth on a total. He hits hackers at the top of the order out for the third time truth. It's pretty thin rocky. Three hits. He's walked two hit a batter and struck out trees around 77 pitches through four innings so. If so hackers could extend him to do the same type that the he's been having so far he might be done by the end of this. At over ninety pitches. Recent Janice oh for two is struck out and grounded to second Dixon outside for ball one. Alec bomb get a two run homer in the first following a hit by pitch that that blew greater on that's been the shock for scoring. Yet back to back two out singles by Justin back here. And Robert Gibson. In the fourth Dennis Powell went back and it's 11. Big game. He may not come back to win this one but third time through the order like these shoppers would make them sweat a little bit bloody their noses I don't know that there are in for a fight. I'm talking about the night's look UCF. It's not going to be this way the rest of the game or the rest of the series. To make a statement. 11 bouncer up the middle and Hernandez diets comes up lit scrambles up and throws it now that's a really good play. But you see that's yours not first just his range to get to lift off because it was pretty sharply and then really got up quickly to Mexico. Why isn't there room to post something making plays like. One out in the fifth. The better live critters that it but pitched it's grounded to short. Greens then struck. Into the wind first pitch there it. Test all high. That's right still a good velocity you know radar gun were. Anticipating he's thrown at least low nineties. That's typical of him. One out swinging at a best fastball up that time one ball one strike Ritter. Look at 320. Coming into the ball game. And why did a 11. Swing and ask if that was down slog overs went into it. And drive his only had one. 123 inning that came in the third and again Ritter bulk and try outlined. One tutor Ridder low with a fastball to him to. It. The grief and rock. Making his fourth start of the season working his way back from an injury that kept him out all of last year started the year at the bullpen. Gradually expanded his pitch count to two. The way into. Walked two hit on those were all back in the first eight hitters that he faced. And since then. Making a little longer to get to sign another three to. Straighter drives it into center field pretty much rightly consider fielders play a couple of steps over that's. LA help I think yeah for the second out. How I wish I should start hitting some balls hard occasionally they'd had a tough time finding any openings. The batter Alex bombs hit two run homer and grounded to third. Home about in the first his ninth of the year. Adding that two out of a bases empty in the fifth and dropped one out away from. Qualifying for the win denied. It has bought these. Strike. I bomb. Call time trying to get adjusted in the batter's box is now ready. You know one pitch. Now it's torture or actually cut up but the third baseman went with a quick throw over the first thing out there and try it hasn't affected lots entry into the game if he sets it's accurate data in order. In the fifth midway through it is UCF eight to Wichita State to. 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Chris post Sammy out and Angela Valentine in adjuster Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall. Happening right here on me. Seller got a couple of bouts in the fourth he'll go back out to start the fifth of his basic Jackson wept acts would end branded Fernandez. Torre's Seattle Central Florida it logs on he hits no errors packers' two runs three hits and technically no errors may have had passed ball that. A triple that drove in three runs for us all probably playable at third base. It is not that very strong defensive performance but Shaq is certainly on the mound. Three pitchers combined to walk seven and hit two. Jackson web over to a pair of strikeouts looking. Set from the left side against Adam Kelly shows but it does not now. At the curator at home plate. Webb struck out looking left handed against the starter Cody Hoyer then struck out Wright had faith healing Kilgore. Get the bigger drifting its scoreboard out of town scoreboard as time allows here in the fifth hacker's feeling here he too. They can make it for. Friday in a row and conference that shocker come up short policy relative. Oh on the about a Fallon that your it's fallen to the scoreboard rescued by diggers roughing it construction for the rest gutters deciding what does what your home's exterior then. Figures reflect dot com or call 31620. Through. 2066. Figures roughing it construction or home team room. Full slate of games that the American people. Think winning Greeneville. Vote to. Just this to pass slowdown in the woods. ECU got a home run. From Spitzer brick house's fifth spot he see you do that early 31 lead over Houston but. Wendell champions that can run home run its first year for Houston at 54 cougars. In the six. Yeah popular native client last week series against shoppers on to distract you that's what it pitched out of the way by Adam Ellis. Jackson got to. Be kicking himself right now I'm just got a hat trick halfway through his guys at feet. In Houston came on ten and five ECU and eat for. Accidentally as the marquee matchup. Inside the conference this weekend. Here is next billion hood hood walked grounded to short. UConn leading into the lane. Florida won it in the sixth I think old steam cranked his eleventh home runs to warn the Huskies. Huskies 75 healing 66. Ellis first pitch that would distract the audience lower. It's the only of course starting nickname for UConn to effectively have. Him he has apparently been put off ice. Pitch for one month may still at least three weeks it's still week to week deal but he's not. It this weekend again. 01 swing and a miss on a fastball out of go to. South Florida form and this one a chain McClanahan. And double digit strikeout performance. David BR from. USF has hit home runs and ten and eleven. Back then likely first rounder king claiming it FF 96 Memphis. Really struggling in the league won 1141. Goals and six. Those two. That fell on the third baseman and who was the only team that Memphis beat so far in twelve games these guys easy I think the heck out of these guys have won game nine nothing. CF 12 or three in the series that. The only team to lose to Memphis authorities play. Outside the conference KU is that Cincinnati Bearcats forward jayhawks to indicate. Devin foil homered for the jayhawks. To do good headline fouled on the left field line. That would be at bearcats and a nine losses and a little off. Course Cincinnati. Hang around eight this evidently you picked last for these people. Kevin four elements three home runs in five games and it would have been four times you have except for judge you right. Oh two's still to cannot to Maxwell it just felt off the two strike pitch one out nobody done for the night here in the fifth. And it killers pitch bounced in there. One ball in two strikes. Softball want to be the east Carolina five to one and the right. Hit a home run from Wichita State's an odd characters can at six. Droppings easier to seven and nine. If you read that are much takes game one of that series 515. Time called by the hitter Adam Keller with a 12 count on Macs would. Going into that series which ties dating climbing to nine and six in the league was just one game behind first place US half. And alone. In second one game ahead of three other teams. Which do little little high incidence to add your archives located at awful at. This is next the last week of regular season play softball USF. Host soccer's next weekend so if they can at least even hold their position this week with this net. Little ought to think catch up with that it could be showdown for the regular season title next weekend at camp. YouTube. Just nest out of the way experience. By the way speaking of softball they were supposed to have. A doubleheader with surgery next Wednesday. At looked stadium. And misery won't play it like fought their way out of those games so no more home games they had their senior day celebration last weekend. Unfortunately. A chance to see them again it will stated. Three to. United ballots actors and tonight's theme is due playing Arkansas Pine Bluff that. I'll go that was so thrust into this that they don't wanna play they won't play with a cup thing. Anyhow those suckers that are appointment don't think they really need that there are the guys did nothing. Him playing good opponents believe. Rapid ups. That's of course the conference tournament. Which is the same place we're going in Clearwater for the week earlier. That's the same ballpark. Three and 21 out nobody on long bet. Look back to a 32 again in the center at this young just a couple of steps in to make the pitch. And since entering put us now that have been about as much right at him as it could have been tonight. Other former and future Crocker of politics K state Baylor which started theories. This weekend Sam Houston State meeting with these imported nothing in the fourth doctors swept them without an opening weekend that means that it. Good state to Omaha nothing for her third. This summer league series. But here's branded Hernandez flied to center and didn't let pitch fastball base and scored around. He's getting hit like heat and Kilgore cases strike the man of color. It has been just an ugly pattern in the third. Cody lawyers hit the lead up then struck out the next guy walked two more than Tyler we'll take a bouncer down the third baseline to bounce though we're. Bombs glove for the three run double. Fouled back. And then I was tees forward on a passed ball excellent shooter Hernandez. In the fourth. A one pitch ground ball out recorded by guilt or that he hit a man walked to. Adam Kelley Cain and got a ground ball on the third base line again it bounced under bombs we scored triple. They have brought in three and a sac fly brought in the fourth. 02. But there spectre clone Hernandez out looking and Adam Keller with a 123 innings striking out two. In the fifth and after I think it's PCF eight Wichita State. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycled well then you better get into its opponents during their clearance sale. Save a quality game plans like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. Plus there are large inventory needs to get same day or next they delivery had installed on most models due diligence that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new. Whirlpool Maytag man or kitchen made Energy Star rated dishwasher ask about free install on qualifying models. But children's church and swing the landlords have to keep up with the Rangers even if they're related. Mom dad and we just dropped by jugular when chat. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy think helps cover stuff in case of fire that's ten more wouldn't I. Just moved back and told them you mean dad's seen me in case. Shelter insurance through your shield we shelter. Or renters insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsey paradise and derby. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on Kate and as. BCS starting pitcher had his quickness and lowest pitch inning of the game in the fifth set it aside got a quarter of eleven pitches and he's 88. Going into the sixth. Again this is yeah man who's been rehabbing his wife actress basic clash with the injuries solid snake that got much farther that they've got some guys trotting down by their bullpen. But that eleventh pitch inning has kept it low enough to go into this limitless. To score the way it is you can kind of just that you want you from here on out as long as they don't totally know that that's it's problem for which just think I didn't make them sweat so. Hopefully Frontline or something up here six. Leads adopted probably trade Vickers and Alex Jackson. Outlines a floral walk and striking out into plate appearances. That track's first pitch to him Goddard explode a lot of what bowl luck. Kristen runs on three hits PCF eight runs on two hits. They've drawn nine free passes. Wanna. I popped up Wright's attitude stays in place somebody ought to catch it looks like it's gonna get up on the grass berm beyond the stands that does. And guys still alive bottom line. That's. Mind boggling things like that eight runs and its players reached via two guns three dollars for the shock. And it hits were. Bouncers down the third base line that it's all our hard and I around home plate that was the reason why the first one go home and even that yet this. Bouncing ball. Hot shot on the ground base hit there I feel forgotten or trauma. Doctors now it tonight's fortitude and gets his first tonight that he's in it went down at a gas it'll make him hit it hard through the rights. Four different chapter players who want to get a piece to have the better trade Vickers has popped to short ground there. That I like to present to start making a move doctors are gonna entertain any thought to come back we're in the sixth once you start getting in the seventh and later. It's much more difficult to have only down one or two by the time you get there. Fastball loaded Vickers. Rally the shocker is made from five down in the eighth and ninth at Oklahoma State happens. Once every couple or three seasons. Unfortunately your spot on with their. 10. It's fastball that he threw strikes at two pitches. Similar locations one was in the zone what was. It appears to be throwing studies hard here in the sixth that he was in the third. And it is struggled with his command after eight batters that he settled down. And employers not able than you think. 11. Swing and a miss late on that fastball away I went on to strikes. Usually with very good fastball pitcher ethnic groups disabled it kind of stay with it at least take it the other way he could not catch up without. And Brock has gotten a lot of swings and misses with the fastball. And even though he's hiding that he's sneaky it's firm or combination. 12. Almost allow him bounce what this site nice backhanded grab by the catcher Logan guys. Lucky backhand grab it didn't move his body and only just Johnny Bench that one. Two balls two strikes to Vickers. Chuck is it not really strong anything since the first three straight men reached in the first thing it. Back to back hits but it accurate Gibson in the fourth but after two were out. He too fell back that are kind of that went by trade victories. Two balls two strikes that are Trout line at first that nobody out top of the sixth inning with. With chapters trailing eight to two. The outline working his lead and trucks set. And delivers. Now right out of play by others. It's turned into a fairly linked he would bet by trading. That in front now at 97 pitches. You see us coaches anticipating that this might be getting near the end of the line for him since guys down in the bullpen when the inning started. Bolt pins hidden from the press box. Not sure who's up. That is pitch kickers out again over there excite out of cola. Raise revenue that pitch count up there and hurt. Vickers came into the game hitting 327. After going three for four Kansas on Tuesday night. And the stretch further right hander. Another team to hide all three that was way up until. All the way floor and Vickers. Coming up this will be the ninth. Pitch of this event. That say it's probably. That he could close between trade victories and anybody else that working long counts over the course of the season. Three to. Ratify a hole through his baseline. Updating and adding with a fastball kinda tidy but they cannot fight it off inside out swing bounced it along with first base line. Like previous inning. Better try outlined it that singled through the right side of students that up there for ten pitches now. 32. I hope to get over behind first base. Pre clearance rack. That's the a little bit frustrated he's kept throwing strikes except for one in there. This time. We can't put it away three to still the couch cherry pickers. And the pitch. Finally got slick innovative strength. An eleven pitch at bat in front finally wins the battle with a sports strike yet. He would he after eleven pitch at bat would end with a fast won't swing and a miss you know. Vickers pretty much saw everything had if not previous to that certainly very Napoli commencement. And brock's striking out anyway so here's Alex Jackson who has lined the senator and struck out slinging. Really good swing his first time couldn't quite get it out of the reach of center fielder takes fastball away hide the ball on. And struck out a 103. Pitches. Brooks Jackson sophomore from double a Texas. Outlined its first one out. 10 swing into this. United front of that what what Baldwin strike. Jackson a left handed hitter with good speed. Little bit a line drive type pop. 11. Load inside one. Can be counted on Clark this next year dockers and this year for that matter but. Wichita State a lot of veterans. Seniors as well as draft eligible guys that. Figure to move on to the next level so. Jackson with his versatility will be a very valuable tool from shock to your success fastball high it's three and one. Came into the program as a middle infielder learn to play center field last year is now played. Pretty much all the outfield positions at least the time refute that could still. Potentially come in place second you're sure. Three balls one strike. In front pitch. I felt right over hipster basin well it's three and two. Packers have extended in front. That's the end of his pitch count but they've been at real breakthrough against to be at the second Manny faced and gave up the two run homer to Alex well. Since then. Not much happening. Judy Jackson I've blown floor pretty good bet Alex exit. That's the treatment on the one out there exist. Brings that Josh good actors. Lined his singled out of the right field line his last time not grounded to short first time around. Hackers now with four hits they've also dropped on four and three walks. And it rockets hit one better this might just be it for him. His pitch count up their past a hundred. Debt in the 108. Conference that the man that those signal yet suitable then. First and second one out the factory gives you straight left handed hitters coming up. And they're gonna go to the pin. That'll do it or free him thought he goes five out of there. He. Gave up some runs on four hit so far leaves you at a board. Certainly Stanford plus would be the winner and maybe motivate you leave we'll be back with the new pitcher I don't. Steven 10 in the morning today is a national animal crackers. Animal crackers revert to type of small achievement in the shape of tradition we're zoo animals that his client who bear or elephant and the most common variety are like slogans like we screwed over chocolates and frosted brought varieties are also available I didn't ability didn't have that you. Grossing team in that little cardboard box with a string out animal crackers for about a Stacey is the box thinking they're not very hurtful to go to that they were fairly bland and I would favorite did Byron school limited T ball was some Christmas scene I thought that Stevens said. Mornings from six till nine onto an SS. March features are only. Yes Marta is there. What's the latest with the car dash the only known always remain. Naseem earth really flat she's from someone please don't let me friends since June listens twice. Correctly is no. Just fast gives emergency room wait so they're earth isn't. The latest news and it. And thirteen 33 and SS. Jason please join us for become reality radio week. I'm okay. Yeah it's very helpful HTTP LE six months later Casey I'm seeing here right hander from Coral Springs, Florida. This is his 22. Appearance most positive. One and two little four point 05 CRA for 46. And two thirds innings allowed nineteen hits. Part of batting average is just one night created only nine thoughts about why. 36 strikeouts. There's an affordable one strikeout to walk ratio. However. He has struggled a little bit just plays for the team high eight appearances. One of the fun of an eight point 38 ERA for third give up eleven hits and nine runs. It goes 92 thirds innings also struck out fourteen. There's attitude there's so obviously guided matches out of Bryant. It has struggled a little bit in conference play one in the third innings and it USF last Saturday gave up a run on two hits and an inning and it. Third of it was scoreless all the previous Tuesday against the equipment users through most recent appearances. So apple comes in to face Josh to backers. Apple right handers that soccer's most likely stay with the backer and Gibson who left handed hitters. Due to come up it got Trout won its second Jackson the first one out in the top of the sixth shot which trailed eight institute. Becker in the box ready to swing. Apple. Settles in at the built his first pitched it backers fouled straight back that aggressive headed fastball on the fact of the screen. Okay. Alike that are like that that are ready to sway and under the Americans in. We'll get comfortable. Ambush. That's what you standing in the on deck circles for. Coming up those pitches take a look at their attention. Leadoff single Mike Trout line is striking out by Vickers and a walk to Alex Jackson so far here in the sixth. 01. Now back again. Oh and it'd backer. Judge grounded to shortstop right over the bag at second is first time about it and pulled one down to right field line for a single in the fourth. At the moment. 9433. For the season to 73 for judge after an over tents are. Apple into the stretch. 02. And a soft why Eric cop on the first baseman everybody scrambles back. Opted that it looked like it might have a chance to just sneak over incident but it just didn't have much steam on it and it's Thomas a couple of steps back in it settled in about it hi yeah. The little hump back liner for the first baseman to out of the inning. And the better hundred Gibson who has walked and singled in his two plate appearances. Didn't see a strike. Until the third pitch of his second at bat walked on four pitches the first time got two and on the fourth event. It went inside the bag third person. Apple's pitch it and takes a fastball for a called strike. If you get want to turn on. Hammered out this could be a game again speak to you see after the sixth. One home run next team on his first collegiate at bats. 01. Now right back over our heads the balls into strips. Smallville and shouting over Orlando on a beautiful evening. That the enjoyment. On the UCF side at the moment they leave it 82 in the sixth. 02 that a hundred Gibson. Buffalo's Kevin threw strikes got ahead of both heaters though too. And the pitch. Lol the fastball one ball two strikes. Talked about it. Yu CS pitching numbers haven't gotten real specific about them that they are indeed impressive. Right at about the national leaders and practically. Every statistical category. Couple of the one to the hotter Gibson. And delivers. Fastball down to a series started toward the dugout didn't get off. You Seattle leads the nation they've had them. Shout outs in their first 41 games that's first night that ERA seventh in hits per nine innings it seven point two. Eight in strikeouts per nine innings ten point 210. In whip one point two runners for inning. Seventeenth that strikeout to walk ratio two point eight to 173. In the walks per 93 point six. For nine innings. It Gibson fouled it up to play. Freshman hanging in there. That's pretty impressive when you're that high at that many different categories that. You leave anything out. Pretty strong in all areas. And so. With that in mind you have to at least kind of be up to the task here the other pitchers. I'm proud about opposing pitchers. You play UCF. You know that going in that. The other really battled really challenge there are offensive players that didn't happen tonight. Yet to hit an eight rounds Q2 and. I popped up right behind the play nicer with the man the opposite way factors that. That was because state. Manufactured just a bit of a brief threatened to go on and what else does apple comes in retires shoot and no runs and hit to left. After five and a half to steal identities yet. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control of your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all went. Finding the right employee to be demand from recruiting ticket your views expressed when we're professionals does the work force. Did you know your business. You're looking for still. Or you're trying to. I qualified people in support using express for all your staffing. Let us help express employment professionals is on emissions. To work each year go to express rose dot com to find the location near you. Join us morning. It's not a lot of woods will take over on about the Wichita State as we go to the bottom of the sixth at. You're missing a couple of weeks was some tightness in his forearm he's pitched two thirds phonetic at Houston last Sunday. And another two thirds and K you won Tuesday's scoreless two thirds of it in allowing one hit. And Ford junior right hander this is appearance number fourteen. Is tenth out of the bullpen one on one with a three point 82 ERA. 430 and two thirds innings last amnesty to twelve opponent batting average thirteen walks seventeen strikeouts. Facing Logan Heiser in the ninth hole hitter for UCF and and Dallas fever. Re a leg hope we'll start the fourth time through the order for the night. UCF scoring four runs on just one yet in both. The third and fourth inning. Both hits came after there have been free free passes. To load the bases. Both hits were bouncers down there baseline what went through double Lima for a triple. Then the fourth threaten each inning scored on a passed ball and a sacrifice fly. Not a lot listening for pictures tonight what to tell us hey Tony Blair went to that if they're healing killed or one inning. Adam Keller wanted him to. Keller has probably pitched the best of anyone so far give up one yet and want to run but that was that triple that. Quite possibly involved could have made it. Not a well hit ball and walked one struck out two. Not a lot we'll try to go Logan. Kaiser has been hit by a pitch and he has walk. And he has scored both times. Still hitting 250 the same every kid came into the game with. When what's his first pitch fastball in there at the news. 0112 Logan Heiser. Senior catcher from Jupiter Florida. On Woodson to strip steal one that's been there for a strike it's owed to. Keller worked ahead in his inning plus. I don't want what's coming in throwing strikes. Those Hugh Grant the third right at Alec gobbles it up. And fires to first for the death. Good start to be getting along with us. I'm in a row retired guy shot his pitches since. Adam Keller walked command which he had in the. Dallas theater the leadoff man does want. Slice and struck out one quarter. A walking tour. Beavers started all sixteen games out American conference play hitting 305. In the previous fifteen. It's one outside for ball one that's. About forty points above his season average. Let's get a hitter. Language skills misses low. Two balls no strikes. Case you hadn't heard with the coaching staff that and a mixed up the starting rotation this weekend. We have Eddie will not pitch tomorrow and pitcher on Sunday. 204 months. I've been in three balls and a strength. Makes you wonder if he's got to hit the wall. Here his freshman season talk about Eddie who's so so good news for five or six or seven starts and so. Alec Davis will move up to the Saturday slot tomorrow and went up and in the golf course that's not a lot but he usually did but he. Join the parade every shocker pitcher as walked at least one tonight. Total of eight walks plus two hit batters. Under first one out Reyes allegro. Has struck out off and then bounced to a bigger bombs go off road trip and down the line in the fourth that drove it three runs scored twice. I handed hitter runs well. With his first pitch low and inside all want so. He quickly got first Mandy face cutting and Owens who got a ground ball nice don't five straight out of the strikes. In the bottom of the sixth inning UCF leaving eight to two in the opener of this three game series. That are kind of want an activity. Quick word with Conner luck with its. Back into the stretch. And a 10 that's interest right Stevenson that wanted one. Shocker earlier this year surviving nine walk game. In Conway central Arkansas in 1996. But there. Pushing that total here tonight. It's pitch strikeout breaking balls one too. You see athletic conference play at seventeen and six then they had been seven needed for a net loss back to back games and number eight Florida State right before conference play started. Lost two of three ECU 123 at Memphis lost two of treaty UConn. Fly ball all right field line Josh good backer on the run toward foul territory it's up on the Berman out of play and keep that it wanted to. You re a leg. After losing to UConn won two of three here from Cincinnati. Lost two of three last weekend. At USS and they haven't swept haven't been swept. One salute the previous five series 21 of lost it 321. One balls two strikes Toledo. Not a lot with pitch strike you out guys have gathered again. I know it's swinging strike three for the second at the end. And good. Look at all this free passes soccer pictures of also struck out nine. Present Ryland Thomas who has struck out walks and hit a sacrifice slider right officially open one he has runs scored a run batted it. Powerful right handed hitter. Direct dialogue what's the pitch Thomas takes little time for a moment. Violent Thomas at ten home runs through 41 games last year's fresh hit 351. With fourteen home runs. And fourteen home runs great freshman record that you see here. ONEOK. The fastball away to strike called one of one. Two one on for UCF in the sixth. Seven of the eight runs our current one of the runs are few and Kilgore was unearned. Scoring and a passed ball. 11. It part of the middle bounces over the bag at the center field. It turned him hold it against Dallas beavers have a gun gets back yet that was really sharp ground ball hit the town. And it took a big high bounce over second base on Anderson you. Just the third hit of the night. For ETF and although it did far less damage really the hardest hit a three basis. And that's why his starting tomorrow. Shoppers can rally here. Authenticated in April. Starting tomorrow you dislikes you guys throw strikes seeing what this night offense can do or not do as it were but they can harness. You know for them to get four runs on one hit two separate innings this crazy so. Good start would be the one Starks. Here is Tyler 061 for the little walk. That's right it's an eight nothing wrong. Posey struck out swinging in the first. Now it's one big high hop over bombs club down the left field line for a three run double in the third of them walked in the fourth. 320s or coming into the game he has eight home runs. That three run double 48. Runs batted it. It's to them. I fly ball center field Travis gun tracking it should be there at the actor calling him announces helpful got to give away here it makes it. Snow owes it flies out to senator on which gives a couple of base runners in his first definitely has been stranded after six that remains UCF eight which does he do. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pros can help you slide past challenges and hit home run. Go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile this first sing this with no Smart. Your parents are staying all week and wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are seeing all of weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Shocker Schwartz has brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs from hardening Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding her carver George story from coast to coast AM join me weeknight right here fine KM. It had in the sixth inning with two men on and one out and retired judge to record hundred Gibson do you get out of the inning you'll start things off. In the top of the seventh basic traps young Grayson canister and Luke Ridder which stay. Totals through six innings UCF eight runs on just three hits no errors with states runs four hits. And nowhere. Greet him rock starter for UCL a went five and if you're charged with two runs on four hits walked three struck out. For a bit about it. Soccer's. Running out of it that's got nine outs left trying to make him activists went down by a score of institute. Attackers came into tonight's game 2712. And almost half of their wins their. 27 patriots trail at some point. It'd be a sizable lead to overcome this late game. Is sure to join us Monday nights at the time Butler but can show. AJ sport's growth the Alley thirteenth green which wrote it's live on 987 and thirteen thirty. In a sense eleventh soccer player join us as well. Coaches show it's not Butler in case every Monday night. Travis young Oprah to be struck out slider right facing helpful for the first time. Right on right matchup. And temple's first pitched it to blow from hole one. And it certainly came in at temple. Apple has struck out 36262. Thirds cents. First couple hitters that he pitched who's got a pretty good arms bring it. Said it now the wanna. You know take slow again two balls and those strengths. When he asked with. 415 strikeouts in 360 by opening up because it. Have really good curve balls and address that put all of them at. Quite if you look places to go down here in the sunshine states find good arms over. That athletes in all scored a. To audio out now hold off the plate and aggressive swing. Balls and one strike. That's pretty much the one place which Palestinians. Really never. They'll do. Including this regime here feet of floor. You know here and here it's been Texas mostly. Shocker for you know about midwest now. Shocker coaches it's dark the midwest among a bunch of state. To one basis away from him well. Lot nationwide. Quality baseball schools down here through it's tough it it's the only state that's true. This system worth as much colder than this and it also threw him. Yeah honestly coaching staffs gene Stephenson Todd Butler. Apparently feel like for wasting time and money come down here for going bottom that's false one not a mystery it is. Travis on came into the game hitting 284. I think Todd butler's recruiting at least in Alabama would have some context yeah if not it. Pursued it. 32 pitch coming to Travis Shia. Couple deals. Now back I think he hit on the head though with climate. I mean even if you don't wanna stay in Florida even if so and so didn't recruit me and I'm in the state of Florida. Do you detect Georgia. Alabama. And not ever have to own jacket. I graphic you see the yeah. Tulane radio guy came to our place and this might be the first time ever get a game that the window closed it is not. East of Afghanistan. Three tuning young again. And a high fly ball left the element to lean out the window for the first time left fielder can't figure it makes it. But yes basically gotten the seventh inning actually nothing in this vehicle hit the left field. Yeah and flies to left one out of the seventh. Racism and that is just black hole within your view right now because that's where bomb at a bank it off and I could see them enough. Couple balls hit down on I expected definitely that he a couple of calls them a line in the race in just over three. Strike out swinging into ground ball outs one the second one sure. Apple's first pitch to left handed hitters low level. You know speaking of state of Florida there's a bunch of schools here that have been. Notorious over the years for never ever leaving the state filly that she had to for a conference. And you know we can't complain about over the years that I can see why now. Why would leave a few laughter. That's followed through and now. I can play it's pitch up and down on travel this for a sport like baseball that usually more of the consideration football and basketball. You're talking about. For Central Florida or South Florida Florida State. Florida. You by mid week with each other with Jacksonville. Who normally pretty good north Florida is now to this one cracked me from our Miami and Wheldon and Miami's little further death editor but if you wanted to. Kind of do look up backers point places to go to do that. Florida international. Florida an angry. With him Copeland as we talked about before. Three and other Grayson jettison. One out nobody on chapters in the seventh. Apple's pitch high for ball four. They should get his decisions to get his one walk just about every game. That is number 36. And 39 games that you start brings up Luke Ritter. Who's been hit a pitch. Grounded to short flied to center. This could bring it up for in the seventh inning as a fourteen game hitting streak on the line. And it's yet to collect one tonight. Hitting 320 coming into the game. 360. Since that two for 22 start. First pitch students fastball in there for a called strike. Fourteen game hitting streak is the longest but soccer player this year in the longest of his career Wichita State. Over the fourteen games hitting 417. Coming into this. 01. I Tori less that industry continue faces the left center field minister announced that it had it prepared. Throw over their areas late bounces away from the third baseman and that allows her to go to the second. Really aggressive and hit the patron virus by jettisoning got a great read on where that law was really turned it done Kevin Durant second. A penalty a throwing error that allows Ritter to advance to second on. First not two out threat shocker that the head. In this one and the guy up there you want well first error on either team. Second and third Alec involved with one out. Seventh innings of the soccer still have a little time he can get these two rounds then they're back in it a little bit anyway. Alex tonight to two run homer and then to ground balls to third. It's a fastball low from helpful. Chapters of now I've hit UCF five history betrayal eight to two. Five different players have collected here at night guys would want a piece for a bit singles evidently. Bomb home run. One now. That's always outside two and now. So Luc Richard Allen a fifteen game hitting streak. Now it Obama. Last year had an eighteen games streak. It's been the longest in the last three years or so. Should go to Alec right here. Apple's pitch. Fastball strike call it just barely got him at the top of the zone stood on. I thought how it might come out she's right there and maybe was going to beat them. If he was in hit mode he felt like too high for me get on top of Lego that would have been it pretty easy one to pop up now. My right a little right through that. Two and one. On hold it distracts an excellent start adding sluggishness and off speed pitch down the list him. Slit that would buy but need on the outer edge. Two balls and two strikes Alec well. Canister third grader at second. Beyond just physically getting in a couple of runs here and attackers needed emotional lifted them. Dragged through this one's a third and fourth innings. Some positive to happen do raises spirits a little bit. Two to. Lo gets by the catcher here comes around her home then Kessler will score standing Iraq. He cannot goes to three and two and a wild pitch. Brings in around and lose another man over there it's still with only one out. Apple finally gives up around the first for the shocker since the first inning. Now eight to three years the seventh. Reader over thirds and now a lot of ways it bomb can get him home and not necessarily getting a base hit. Stretch but helpful. 320. It's slow for golf course kind of down and away. Second walk of the entire capital. First and third with one out. This team get Alley going to help me if you are opposing pitcher. They swing and miss now than during that that can happen multiple times very often just didn't chase. Except gutter Trout line who walked in the first struck out looking in the third then hit a hard ground single through the right side of the infield as last time up and that's. Side of the infield is keeping wide open their play at him. To hit the other way the second baseman Micah is split almost straight up the middle easily. Step or two to the kite and second days. Right fielder. Is pulled clear off the line over into right center so through the right side of the infield in round. Straightaway right to the line is all this wide open for Trout one. First pitch to him well fastball wanna go. Might be now or never right now shocker one into lawn. Still just one out at Stanford cricket number. And like it's at a couple different that different times tonight got a chance to make the other guys what they can do it right here. And yeah I just follow it up emotionally shot here's need another writer too tired of the elected got a chance. 10. Low to an ethnic. Is it right handers throw it down and he VCF bullpen beyond the right field fence. Only walked out of the inning fly ball the last five Travis you've done leading up. Locked Genesis single by Ritter. A wild pitch. Then walked the bones. You know the count to drop on the pit. Fastball looked at least for a called strike to have one pretty good pitchers pitch their good with the layup and on the candidate want anyway that's. Cowboy and Hafner there. Ritter a third moment first. Wanna cut in the top of the seventh. That he's trying to make a game of drilling a history. Stretched by helpful. Well no lose first. Bomb at standing up Alec kind of looking get. The leash law he would edit the umpires and is that a little bit of it almost looked like at a ball off. So late quick move to first. To want to travel and. And the pitch. Not a great on the outside corner for strike it stood to. That are probably look at fastball there. Coupled edited out the thrill is secondary pitch in there for a strike and got a we'll have to battle a little bit. Yeah institute to. Ticket respectfully that's cola it looked like he thought about going held up. And his call that a strike for the second and a. Sudan to trade pictures first strikeout. Or has it. Straight Vickers open three has popped to short round the third and struck out swinging. But his first look at it very helpful. Apple facing its eight bad accidents coming in the ballgame and the sixth. Runners at the corners two out shot repeatedly to hit. It kickers that's the way from the catcher but it could block captain added threat of home plate. Andy's involvement first advance. It's one of those if it bounces a little farther away the runner at third may not try to come all the the rhetoric from Earth's might have that chance to break the second. If that was a good start they would necessarily want to throw it down there but that was a really good block kept right out front of home plate of both runners. What noted that there's. Apple's pitch bounced straight back. Trade ahead of interest to get as bad as last time out. Battled through eleven pitches fouled off 52 strike pitches and ended up striking out swinging at a faster. One ball one strike. Backers have scored once in the inning have two more men on the two out. 11 detectors look at how I should want. The key to try to pick a better Trout line you couldn't get down off the shoulder with runners at first and third one away really. A lot Eric coupled with read sigh of relief. Stickers ahead on the count. Eric temple with a 21 pitch coming. And delivers fast ball low three and wants. Alex Jackson on deck for Wichita State. Couples had to throw a ton of pitches here in the inning. Has a chance to still get out of it only allowing one run its three in London Paris. In the routers Ridder third on the first. Scratch. And 31. Driven fouled out in right field line up on the grass berm. And it's now three and two. Fourth hitter. In six of them to the slightly adding that apple is undoing three ball count. He did walk Alec bald and grace and Janice. You know the single lucrative. Three to betray deckers. The big pitch for the shot records. An apple delivers. Knickers sticks golf for a little bit outside. Strong reaction from CNET news noticed it three up and let me point out there. Two out walk to load the bases floor Alex Jackson. That's walks. Have been cut by half hole in the inning. And that it trip amount Alex Jackson. Is hope for too little walk. And it's playing its first timeout when he lined out to the center fielder. Community UCF coaches distracted is as crazy as what factors that are barely got anything to leave getting here it starts falling behind everybody poppy. People. People exit so we'll get a pitching change for you see up here in the top of the seventh with the plus eight down eight at three. With the bases loaded two outs from the combat. Steve and 10 in the morning -- royalty to which other assistant with us this morning good morning bill good morning Stephen don't teach you haven't heard British prime minister Teresa may has offered warmest congratulations to prince William and the duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their new son plow the couple's Kensington Palace offices that he gave birth to a boy weighing eight pounds seven ounces debuts couple's third child and his fifth in line and the world so now all we need to come up with a good name for the new prints and wish him the ability yeah I usually get like corals. But they never come up for Floyd. Darrell green and Gerald my other brother they're real LeRoy there. Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine on each and SS. Alexa clay can you go again boss me around for a wait I didn't mean you can buy and I just wanted to. See what that means it's all of us and I agree with less. Humans are like Bosnia around female yeah I'm almost sorry meet people generally prefer they soothing and comforting sound of a female voice apology accepted it okay grown so much station did you want to hear it gets an SS radio there's nothing our. There's so much out there intelligent. Here are the great American morning. It's free junior I did it takes over for you see happen workers build kind of a variety of roles for this team this week. He has started. If I did believe in eleven prior to this place. 43. You saved the game as the three point 12 ERA. If there are important to fill out nineteen walks. And a whopping 62 strikeouts in the nineteen for the nation. Twelve point strikeouts. Per nine innings significantly in place Alex Jackson with the bases loaded into out of the top of the seventh. Probably a do or die situation for the shocker if they're going to stay in this game related. This is a situation where shoppers. Really thrived. I have all year statistically we've got just credible start. This season with the bases loaded. Have cooled. Predictably. Considerably since then. Wichita State with the bases loaded feel well over 300 as a team. Jack will be elated to have the opportunity. To get there. Ward made five starts his invention the last was against Florida State on March the 21. American conference play. All six differences come out of the bullpen. And these two and one of the. Once they've added 2.4 five ERA. Fourteen and two thirds innings in those fourteen and two thirds just five walks to eighteen strikeouts. So that he will face Alex Jackson and O for two with a line drive to center strikeout and a lot soccer victory 95. The bases loaded this year. Jackson steps in. Ward. Sat on the rubber. Its first pitch fastball fouled analysts have a good aggressive swing by Alex Jackson on the first pitch all right and are expecting fastball got it just a little bit late. With one out and nobody on Grayson Janice that walked Luke Ritter. Lined a single to left center jazz who want to third on the play and greater. Went to second on a throwing error trying to get him listed there that I walk the bump. Runs scored on a wild pitch that slow and outside Jackson. The outline struck out looking trade Vickers walked to load him up. Routers are Ritter third book on the second. Stickers that first 11 count outs Jackson. And ward made to look at his last weekend the USF series pitched. For the third scoreless. 11. Swing and in this pitch down and away into the hole wanted to do. Alex helped him out there have. Eyes into trouble. Different street 21 wanted to do and and it's. Zeal to try to hit the fastball. Faithful to it. Forward looking and foot this time brings that glove at hand together. Once you pitch. Fastball low and outside and two. Smart pitching bears try to see if he chased another one out there and it came location. Alex look that would go. Game probably riding on what happens here eight to three. In the seventh. Soccer with the bases loaded and two out. And the stretch. To pitch. It hard now well got a predator that was laced it through the first base coaching box stays incidences. Had a bad swing at a pitch out of the strike zone but he's also had a couple of decent sway a couple of other pitches there's got to be feeling. A little more comfortable played against a new guy out there. Had a chance to see if you. To pitch coming. Way outside of logic staff trying to catch him keep that in. Right around point 32 at a Jackson. That's a little pressure on board to come in with one also gives the writers a chance to start with a pitch that dapper. Score three. Stretched by that war. 32 pitch. Outside all sports actually started to go it held up. Bases loaded Glock makes it eight to floor it brings the tying round of play. And it is doctors are gonna go with Mason O'Brien didn't get rid of backers to the left handed hitters but O'Brien is a guy has a chance to run in the line maybe get one out here. Really good plate appearance by Alex Jackson knew. Help ward out but in. Wind pushed English he took a close pitch with bases loaded walk in RBIs. And soccer's. And a pulse. It's seven walks now by UCF pitching tonight. We're dual Bryant. Fastball way outside of going. Mason O'Brien has not had many at bats of late that for the year. 88 that's adding to 73 with one home run in 24 runs batted it just happens that that one home run was eight Grand Slam against Nebraska. And we've got a notice of them out. So yes pitching coach Justin barker. Yeah. Bases loaded two out. Two runs into the edit shot here's a cut it to 84 here in the seventh. Lewis for rare is really good left can't picture for them. But this looks like this system via a business not a move. And hopefully they snow Rodham make them pay for not. Going lefty lefty. Bryant's most recent plate appearances walked hey you on Tuesday he struck out it's only at a Houston. Was one for two week it goes this past Tuesday it sent the market so. Price talker guy that leads them slaves with five he's also left hand pitcher. This is only the seventh inning so again is it big opportunity with a shocker like all the iron and take advantage of the right hand pitcher vs left him battered situation. Want to know do O'Brien Jonathan Becker by the way it was 143 tonight the starters but that in order. What Ohio fly ball that won't do it left field toward the line left fielder and shortstop out. The other left fielder makes it. Posey yeah yeah. Though for the show actors in the seventh two runs on just one hit they almost hit one of those big UCF tactics they leave the bases loaded. After six and a half it's eight to warn you CN. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner majority when you can count. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learning and trying something new can be exciting and power and downright exhilarated. See for yourself why Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last forty years old world Chevrolet. Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and regional security suite fourteen through twenty. Source is our only Smart business. What's the latest with the car dash people don't want to alienate. New easy earth really flash. Solutions someone please don't let me forever since June listened to plus easy correctly isn't known. Just ask your smarts the weight so there isn't flat. News and information. And thirteen thirty K and SS. This is my bills that would join me weeknight today Don. Scoreless sixth goes back out for the seventh. What should not stay shot if you cut it eighth soon lead to 84. They did but now playing right field after they said O'Brien thank you for the starting right fielder Josh about it. More runs on five hits through Wichita State run on just three hits for you see up. Let's send it Matthew Micah Jackson weapon matched would plus 67 hole hitters here seventh inning. Got a lot let's give up a walk and a hit in his previous inning were also recorded one strikeout and out of the inning with two men on board. Louis for a rare. Headed down to these CF bullpen. I could steps in deleted off here in the senate for his pitch for bluntly it's the strike fastball letterhead. UCL a scored four runs on one hit in both the third and fourth innings. Come from eight to nothing deficit to an eight to leave the shot we've just had their second two run inning in the top of the set. 01. Fastball high what was. Not a lot what's the fourth. Chuck your picture that I Cody lawyer lasted only two and a third. He looked Kilgore one inning and Keller an inning and two thirds. When want. Can over the top this hidden almost behind him two balls and one strike. Matthew might get pre season all conference choice. Oh for three tonight ground ball to short to fly balls came into the game hitting 310. Right handed hitter. Junior from Lake Worth Florida. The pitch. That's all high three and one. Tucker pitchers. Have walked eight and hit. To deny him for passage. Not a lock lips with the 31. And it's time for both. That's his second walk allowed. And a total of nine walks by shocker pitching tonight something that usually reserved some. That's really what those teams. Frontline pitching not being able final play. Actors came into the weekend and even better walks per nine innings numbers that you CFM 593. Point 54. Per nine innings. Nine tonight in six plus Jackson well over three with three strikeouts left handed hitter. Her outlined headed and that's that's not butler's coming out. But doctors can make it at a Booth here. Well. In a game where you're kind of teetering on the brink of being in the game or not in the game. You want to burn anybody because it is Friday been able to kind of avoid that. So long lists. In order to pitch later on this series. And frankly shocking ballgame. But there's gonna go back that let you bullpen can't find time. Whoever comes in one pair or runners at first nobody out in the bottom of the seventh. Place Maginnis. With the chargers trailing eight to four will be right back. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball and arrested overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for a plant where he is the ultimate sports analogy it's surgical. Welcome to your local source for sports shown on every angle on wall to wall TDs and the most scenic views in the market everything on this fan favorite menu is made from scratch pared the new spicy Nashville hot chicken sandwich with a local twin peaks which atop roofs or edit teeth chattering 49 degrees by a beautiful twin peaks girl. Jet up here these steps waivers and rock west bridge into. Twin peaks eats drinks scenic views its. Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent friend would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. Amazonian Missouri. Come factors fifth pitcher of the night. He's making his team played 24 appearance money wanted to thirds innings. The previous 2317. Hit nine walks 45 strikeouts. Want to know with a four point 98. All right just gave up that are running Kansas the other night out of his own good. Had struck out a guy that walked the guy they got a about it myself futures gave up his. Dennis coming in here sit here at 81 on nobody out situation that was that a shot trailing. A score of eight to four. Facing Jackson. Way out patting the left side. Tossed to first base that grounder that went squaring around early Matthew might guess the rhetoric first on board for the first time tonight. He with a 23 stolen bases in 28 tenths. Webb was showing bunt. Right off the bat. You struck out looking twice in swinging one squares around early again. It is his pitch fastball moves you back one ball in his right. Mike Maginnis let through long stretchers caddie if we didn't want hitting practically every game not really giving up anything hit a little rough stretch give a couple home runs. It's elevated his CRA. Group first base might get dives back. Jane mentioned that UCF has stolen 84 bases. Coming in the game have another one tonight by Brandon Hernandez that it 85 up 106. Pitched tried to bond. And a little to foul for strike one. Last year. They win it forty and 22. Nader regional. One of the real strengths of the team they stole a 106 bases in 122. Camps. First time in ten years they've stolen more than a hundred. Which butted right up front of the plate canister charging fields and throws the second baseman bitter cup so a good thought but way out. Yes that was charging hard on the play that was the that was not with Ritter moving over to cover was well executed by Jacques defensively. But it could not buy web that you might get down to second wanna. He's got Max good who has walked grounded to short and fly to center. Yes you're right on right matchup for mcinnis. Hackers could not afford to give up anymore. Down eight to four of the seven. Me herculean task to come back anyway. Stretch by the Guinness first pitch to it. On the inner half restraint. We've tried to pitch around a leadoff walk here in the inning. That's the way the trouble has started in previous innings. Free passes early in UCF at bats. 01. Just missed the breaking ball down and away one ball one strike. This doesn't seem like that Wichita State tonight has been able to go who to back up one strike with a another one. Or they start to count one notes. It's rarely one and two after three pitches this. Tough tough to watch. On both sides on him. Check it second 11. And applauded for the third baseman Doug left field line just didn't get a veteran home. They could return man holding up that first. Left fielder's Jackson got to. The ball back in but a solid single. Witness the fourth hit of the night for UCF and now leading by a score of nine before. Again in the leadoff walk them back the clock. Seven of the nine runs they scored. He was on base because of them hit batter walk. Throughout his charge to counter long weeks. And closes the book on him he pitched one inning one hit one run two walks once strikeout. Here's branded Hernandez so for two a hit by a pitch. Thanks to strike. Next led once for three on the night. Groups to nine for 34 on the year. And had a revolving door in right field knights have. Mr. Hernandez it their for a strike and it's relative. He is the latest candidates. And playing quite a bit here in the last couple of conference series. Get us ahead 02. Pitched Hernandez. While woods announced that a great save by Trout wanna throw to second out by a violent second base is next hood. I would want to go yeah. Lockett really bounced hard but he blocked it right added threat of popped up that made a perfect throw to second base. Great play it like hundred Trout lines to other nobody on getting to count wanted to. Two to branded Hernandez. And his pitch lined up to mills that's a good thing they got the runner. On the attempt to advance clean base hit in the center for granted Hernandez and back to back hits off mcginnis by the night. Doubled his total here in the center of it. Five of the game. Not quite doubled it. Had three they have to this morning Logan Kaiser has walked and hit by a pitch and then there. Two out of router first running added his ninth before. See death in the set. Matt mcginnis first pitch to Heiser fastball and their restraint. I cities CF captured that's tonight in the order. Came into the game hitting 250 which is 195. In conference play. 01. That's all just a little bit low when Bowen strike. Packers cut it to eight to two lead to eight. Four in the top of this inning that. UCF has got one back to expand the lead back five. 11. Pitch strike. When Bowen two strikes. And it's spreading out in front stop all broken over the Spezza. To not matter if you're still 12 count to Logan Heiser. Late mcginnis set. And delivers. And a fly ball to left fairly deep in the gap in left senator Jackson young on the road I'm young calls it Buffett makes you can't fault not the it is got a good break on that ball. And ya called object to the next place them in the inning one run on two hits. And one left. Or use via the nights now lead at nine before or after seven. One have a little fun whatsoever machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by one. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just what you'd expect from the best fields in the industry sectors of the bobcat dot com slash a better results than check amount a person of whites or machinery and Wichita Topeka Manhattan garden center Tulsa when it's our machinery you're authorized bobcat dealer. Yeah yeah. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no Smart he got command and I can't believe this contracted the great now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe as content and. A healthy smiles of power. Well I think it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. Got out of time here in Orlando in the opener of this three game series chuck reached out nine before Floyd 58 episode down five listed at bats ago they have pulled this off once Florida Oklahoma State. But nothing really pointing in that direction right now what factors they did score two. In the seventh that left the bases loaded. Have hundreds Gibson ready to leave it up here. It's the age. Gibson ya and Janice that is scheduled here's. It's not even in the ball game at five for each team looks to us a headless. Most of the night in the hit column and trailed. For most of the night by a wide margin trailed nine before into the eighth. Hundred Gibson has walked singled and now that captured. In his three previous club appearances officially won for it is. There's been left handed hitter. Steps into the box ready to go. Its base hit was a single inside the bag at third and fourth innings pitched him. Now back and it got nothing at all. Five hits but five different players tonight Alex foam at two run homer in the first. Josh to backer and it gives a bad back to back singles in the fourth. That are Trout want a single in the sixth. Luke Ritter's single in the seventh. It's it takes on just a little bit low. I think this kid and he is a kid freshman seems to have his pretty good strike zone judgment. That's going to that he bad pitches. One ball one strike. Which soft liner toward left center and it's gonna call for a base hit at cutter Gibson. Stupid trade becomes the first shot here with two hits in the game. It's a good job at taking the ball the other way of the troops there also. His last three hits the ball that the other way. Surrendered first nobody out there. That's been rare that this factors tonight even when they got runners on to get the leadoff man on they'd only done it once before back in the sixth inning on a single lecture outline. Exit Travis young O for three on the night strike out swinging it to fly balls when they're right on the left. Stretch but I think at Wharton. First pitch Xiang felt that respect one. Ward space command in the seventh walked one and got to fly ball up so he's in his first full inning of work. Third pitcher of the night for easier. Out of the box for just vomit back the end. Faces the picture award as society want. 01. Swing and miss. Five in the middle of the zone nothing to. Actors down 94 in the eighth trying to get something going early in the attic better at first nobody out and vote to count Travis yeah. Stretched by ward. 02. I want volunteers strikes. Mason tennis stuff on deck. Barney double play Lew Ritter would also come up in the any. And is currently young back in the box. And 01 and two. Words pitch. Popped that back this way though it's gonna get up to screen out quite a belief Kaiser's back today. Screen that it's out of his reach and states that one incident. Game two of the series tomorrow evening at 5:30. Central time pre game at five. Sunday's game at eleven. Central time they'll pregame Sunday that we will pick it up the first pitch at 11 o'clock. These are games I have six and seven. And eight straight on the road for Wichita State they have. One more road game at Kansas State next Tuesday before they finally get back home again. Another one TB swing and in this respect. Professed love my left in the. Those young retired for the first out of the gate. Are striking out head warden averages about thirteen strikeouts a night. A recent Jenna stove for three with a walk he struck out grounded out twice then. In Milwaukee scored his last time up. There was a mild breeze blowing out it's beginning of the game maybe 78 miles an hour. That it is. Pretty much dead still now here in Orlando. It just takes the strike them outside on. Tyler Davis moves up to the number two spot in the rotation tomorrow for the shot it's. Actually facing Chris Williams for at one with a two point 10 ERA for the nice. 01. Fastball low one ball one strike. UCF pitchers have walked seven tonight and hit one. There's a lot of base runners. Lot of free passes for both sides. The big start for Tyler Davis tomorrow. Turn into pretty good and Houston so back to back. Road outings from the shocker to use the W. 11 to jettison fastball and at today's for a strike and it's fun to. Under Gibson at first base after a leadoff single in the and one out now. Punted agendas that. Lays off and off speed pitches skit did there it's two and two. Nobody else opted UCF bullpen era now. You know rely on word to. Maybe even take this one home he's been a starter this year as you know his arms buildup to go to victory. Two balls two strikes. It did you notice that time was called before a delivered it. That was right on the cut off of and being too late Paula and ward probably should just threw it out with screen try to stop. That's the way you hurt. Aniston. Not that bad ready to go to YouTube way inside. And that's home. Mark Lewis says. Not an opportunity to call plenty of pitches in this one. Lot of long counts 32 digestive matter its first one out. Soccer's down five in the eight. You. And at the biscuits over the center field for a base hit gets to the street circuit got a third throughout goes over there are not in time. Canister back the first saint caught up bang bang play took a little bit of a terror and a strong throw. A web the third baseman across the diamond almost got Golan back yet. But after all of that first and third one out through Wichita State Lou critter coming out. Solid hit the middle by jettisoning his first hit of the night. That sense now for the shot it's. Luke Ritter. Picked up his first hit of the night back in the seventh with a single to left center now has a fifteen game hitting streak he's one for three overall in the night. It by a pitch in the first. Grounded to short in the third flight is there in the fifth and single in the seventh he has scored both times that he's been on now looking to drive and a runner from third. One out of the eighth. There's picture Ritter's test all of the greater hitting 320 coming into tonight's game. For seventeen. The last fourteen games of this street. Prior to tonight. What else. Test below again two balls and strikes. Okay. Nine to four UCLA soccer's not to stay in this 11 and third with one out in the eighth. Two balls no strikes right hander set. And third to first move homeless rules Gibson took a full step toward home plate and turnaround by the engines that was. Back on the day. It. Activist that. Chilo reader takes a strike just barely caught the top of the strikes it's 21. It's turned into a long way we're past the three and a half hour mark. And pitch now back. To into the matter. And happy quite a bit. Longer shocker went up and pull wild fire Willie got greater bone coming up guys. You dearly love to have delivered here are a couple of guys have. Ritter lately in home holier long. At war with a T to account Deluca Ritter. Right handers pitch striking out not down and away. And to dig out from book to me. She's strikeouts in the inning reward. Two after the show actors. Which does state. Has left nine tonight five in the last two innings. Had first and third with one out now first and third two outs and up to Alec Obama's two run homer to ground ball outs to. The third and a walk tonight. Packers still looking for that. Big base hit to get them back in the game. And high flying fouled out there right side out of play. That's an inlet. But big hit I don't mean just a single here. Now probably gonna take a big fly. Doctors are now pounds. Couple things left them one after this one in five runs to get this done. Captain for a called strike down in the zone so it too. That board has put himself a little bit of trouble here in the inning that as a chance to. Janet he's given up two base runners to base hits but he's also struck out two as bomb Owen to. And the pitch. Now back. Cincinnati has defeated Kansas ordered three in the first game of that American. Big twelve match up in Cincinnati. All the games in the American have gone final out of the self. Weren't ready again under oath to the bone. That's all time line sensitive. I fans have been. Really supportive here that nothing is always wise and. Antagonism. Was like it because it ECU. Jack first road series. Ethnic group got after it. Ward with a 12 bomb takes just fairly low and a way to do. I thought was in the hall Owen to fouled off a first Poland to pitch now has taken two out of the zone so to attitude that war. And finish off this eighth inning. And it's pitch. Chopper toward third it is a foul ball. Big hearts Koppel on the third baseline. Where the third baseman. Getting behind it's that it be in position to make gave strong throw to first and the ball in both of his feet outside today. Alex bomb drag it out so that's trying to do keep it going here in the eighth. Chuck is two on and two out. Trailing nine to four. Have as good a guy up there as they could Muster in this situation. Once again that ward and that is rich and the pitch. Sliced now that the right there well maybe now it is looking found slicing fell out of play by about six or eight feet down in the corner. Always well hit down the line slicing him. Yeah deep in the corner but now. Of stepping in not taken a swing before getting back in the box. That a long duel now between that Morgan Alec on board that he owed to. Tune into it several two strikes are balls. In this battle. And at a pitch. It right the middle on the ground opt the second baseman Islamic Satterfield run scorers yes that was stopped at second. Like it was able to almost get to that but the ball went off the tip his club into center field even if he got to but it was eaten up by then well was going to be out. But Alley dime to my ball game first and second to about it better Trout lines coming late. All just continues to turn out that all the if that's news. Down in the count battled his way to close picture to. Squeeze one into center field for a base hit three RBIs for him tonight beautiful. 39 on the season gutter Trout line with 37. Out there now with two wanted to Saturday night one. Rudy. The first of its hit hard. Adds sliding stop by the second base that throw to second for the course not involved as we have better hitter rocket that a little short hop. That might get the second baseman who hit about what that have went to second the force to end innings in his actor's. Get one run on three hitch that lead to love it Napster had a seven in the last three innings at seven and a half it season yet. And I would not state he. Hello shot. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that TH EY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us let our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Rush you know every day we are treated to a immediately diet and better source of news treats for your information diet. All we get over for content over the ring Obama. It draws going to be MP. After the Democrats were in the mid terms and even if the Democrats don't win the terms I'm gonna be impatient trump can be rendered ineffective. Eleven until June that's a basic summary of what's the nose in a neck. SS. Shocker Schwartz is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and over west Sawyer. Let them enjoy your weekend mornings at nine right here on. Now I'm happy sixth pitcher of the night for what you just stated to captain to pitch the eighth. Trying to hold things where they are which I state scored two runs in the seventh. At an eight to two lead to eight war but didn't even run that soccer's just answered that with one of the ink is still down four. At least out by forgoing that night so Cody Tyler looking to at least put a stop at the end of the day. It is to make one last chance replacing the top of the order Dallas Weaver rail I hope and violence comments. UCF has scored nine runs on just five minutes tonight received nine walks two hit by pitches. State five runs on eight hits. Saudi tighter. And pretty darn consistent throughout the years that she'd appearances Florida over the three point six ERA motion it is they're here. Fourteen hit just four walks in 22 strike yet. Left on left matchup against Dallas he. He's been up for a time of only one official that he has on strikeout. And he's drunk three walks. Scored after drug a lot in the four. They're ready to work. In his first pitch to be very low for ball up. Soccer sports properties which tested yet buttocks would like to thank the shocker ambassadors Wichita State belief level of corporate partners. Tyler. 10. And at Bosnia here too shallow center Travis on come on hard man who runs it down for the first. That a shot by Travis yuck in the long way that's that differs that in the end. Jeff rail link hello who is 001. For three story. Two strikeouts and a walk also make ground ball trick. Now the third base line that if the bases in the courtroom in Acura. Cody Tyler ready to work to do right handed hitter. A leg Hoke came into the game hitting 292. First pitch to pump fell behind first base dugout out of place. The shocker ambassadors for the year. Our house of shuan delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications if you're interested in advertising with Wichita State athletics. Shocked the sports properties 316978. 75 if you do. But one. Fouled the right again scandal closer to the plate snowballs into stress. Tyler not normally guys it's got issues with command for walks. In his previous thirteen outings. Normally a starter. Much done at all and his time Wichita State when it comes to. Roles on the mound. Note to the just this time. Probably intended to misread that worry did. Since the beginning declined the letter. Ray allegro. Junior college transfer his first year at UCF. Once you pitch. Now held at the right again. Three foul balls and almost the same spot just the right of home plate. He's just keeps it wouldn't have half. Three around six BB CU five war. Then the lead at eleven and five in the conference. And it's pitch. You're not looking on the outside Clark Cody Tyler let's let you know so let those edited Tuesday night. Three run triple and scored two runs also has the hat trick right now. It can't be too low of six stitches. The Huskies eight and five in league play USF defense this morning you. Typical. Low scoring Friday night games in this conference except for this month. Has been that hits that have been ringing out here at some wildness and created scoring opportunities when gonna miss by reverend Thomas for one. Thomas has struck out walk stroked a sac fly to right then bounced a hard single up the middle. 142 officially. Two out nobody on. Cody Tyler working from the stretch. 01. Task on their cities for a called strike zone to. The only 123 inning by a shocker pitcher's night was by Adam Keller in the fifth. Tyler kind of match that here in the eighth two up Sudan and 02 count to the hitter. Cody is ready. Both June delivery. Popped up and it's gonna get out of play tennis to giving it chased it's going to land beyond the stands. Well out of reach. Which test date. Making itself an early hole is some wildness. Nixon and a passed ball late pop up that should have been caught that wasn't the end. That allowed the hitter at another pitch to get it out to advance the runner to third read it score. On the passable. 02. Swing and a miss on a high Tesla. Cody Tyler gets Ryland Thomas 1238. That left him you're striking out two news attackers could not for their last chance trailing UCF 95. 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That security investment advisory services offered to receive point financial aid SPF never been SIPC SP if the separately owned and energies indoor marking names products services referenced here are independent of us via pest resistance when he won a free north collectively in Wichita Kansas six and 206 golfer once exit 2001 Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Shoppers forces. Would you buy American family insurance in Wichita Aussie agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy owed indeed Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every week they had to default. Happening right here on me. Six seeing the third reason is giving a run on three hits you'll be facing witch doctors in the night train Vickers pleaded often Alex Jackson. And they didn't the lineup holds up what it is coming into the inning. Okay Vickers hope for three with a walk off his last time not. There's that. Ward fastball to strike called insight quarter. Ward has struck at two walked one. Kind of filled up all the columns and is hitting it there. Increases popped to short grabbed the third struck up to 90000 active. The screen so what do. UCF pitchers have struck out seven walked seven and hit a better. Given up five runs on eight hits. 02 to that. Sliced felt pretty good job the spoiling a pretty good two pitch. That kind of chopped it to the right out of place. It is still a hole little to edwards' pitch. Striking and pick something up victories tried to hold up for the guys swung right through it for strike three. Towards third strikeout total of eight now for easy effigy should I could pitchers struck out eleven tonight it needed X. He also walked nine and hit a couple. Alex Jackson. Oprah to. Walk twice drove that are run the bases loaded walk last time. First pitch students want none of this had to get ripped the best book. When Alex's two outs was a solid line drive to the center fielder to end the first and struck out swinging in the fourth. 01. Takes a little bit outside when Boeing strike. Alex has had good enough plate appearances tonight did you should warrants an additional planning. I agree. 11. Swing and in this sort of sensitivity said forget it that's those fastballs when volunteers strikes. You'd think for a guy then you start very often just go up there Whelan and every time out there but the last couple of times and a good job. Broad base on balls keep innings going. Sign of maturity from him until is strikes it that way so war. Rivet is struck out the first two hitters of the night he now has four strikeouts. In two full innings and that's right keeping with what he's done all year averaging. Thirteen strikeouts per nine now face date do doubt we'll bat for the first time. Josh to backers started in this spot went one for three base and O'Bryant hit for him. In the seventh hit a fly ball left fielder to took over right field that first time a high pop up middle of the diamond. This will do it second baseman Micah hers for a tougher. At the ballgame is over. It's not as good order in the ninth UCF winds series opener nine to five we'll come back the post game show very short. He's year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the supply routes during their clearance sale. Save a quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen day. Clinton has over twenty. When you find models on this flight to make your buying decision easy. Bless their large inventory did you get saying they are they take delivery and installed on most models vigilant until they get that old boy is he inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana. Kitchen made Energy Star raided his Washington. Ask about free install on qualifying models. 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So hey we don't have big bucks I'm looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand none of it's ease her back there in the stands there. Over there by the stands real wouldn't threaten me here what does that mean well that the plastic looks like blink and especially these twins. And I should've gone to have finished ahead. TV re not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest collections of real good entertainment furniture in the city. After TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches shocker sources brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an hardening Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. This is mark living drawing. Weekdays at five right here on K and as. It's. UCF 95 so Friday nights it stated Vietnam air charters and again that that the way it went shot here's where it. A lot of wildness but he people on failed to make up plays defensively that it helped him just that those people that. Yeah I think they invented a new way to move on Friday night that was. Greg Dunn was elusive and you don't establish. The strike zone early and get away with a for a little while book. He CF doled out the ultimate punishment for shock of wildness tonight. They had a pair of four run innings where they got one hit. In each of the innings four run third. Aided by hit in walks and pilot posts it. Baltimore shock over homes handle it now in the corner. All three runs of the free pass variety immigrants score and then with one out in the fourth hit batter walk walk that Foveon employer. And then Adam Keller if a ground ball triple. Down the left field line so. At one point they had eight runs on two hits. That in mind boggling when you don't make any errors and that's just unacceptable on Friday night at ace going out there got to deal. Put on the other team especially Mike when you Kiev had been struggling to score runs over the last five with him ball games are often it's really been nonexistent. Totally leave it up to their team obviously. And frock with OK but. Shocker pictures can be burned. And they have now to. Back. Difficult situation and you lose the first game series on the road especially just really feel like you backs against the law that they've got it have finally come back it. In the last two games here and indeed it was a huge tree that negative and Tyler Davis needs to go to over the plate and see what happens start tomorrow night. Well that is our very quick and easy game recap rescue that Olympic Cummings coming and coming your criminal defense it that you might offer them which it's not give them a call 2641548. Where there's no Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law where your needs always come first. Star of the game. 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Opinion construction or home key growth outside the conference Cincinnati beat Kansas 43. Do you have the potential tying run gunned down home plate with one out of 94 bearcats. Ford three. Inside the conference South Florida goes to 106 on the nearly thirteen strikeouts finishing McClanahan. Fortitude South Florida beat Memphis and the tigers now awful one hand while. UConn now eight and five in the league they beat Tulane six to two to blame falls to six and seven in the conference. And Houston got three in the sixth and I hung on to be ECU and reachable 54. Houston now eleven and violently if he falls to eight and 53 games behind Houston as far as games played are concerned. And it's awful which apparently beaten you 51. Your final North Korea's state V Omaha on nine and nothing or you destroy western Illinois nineteen to. Shocker warn you about them a couple of weeks. All right he lives appliance presents the play of the game and it came early for the doctors. Here is and he drives it deep to left center field center fielder dog that's not going back jumped at that that's. How it com homered to straightaway center field and what I stated it crack bias or ethnic. That was the last moment of glory three run they're four run inning and a third fourth that you see in front there it's easy after the fact checkers and able to make up the difference. Final totals brought to you by DK BC PAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours for the victorious night's nine runs five hits no errors six left shocker five runs eight hits no lawyers eleven left. Then frock the winner five and oh boy you're the loser five and four war to save his second. Game took three hours 54 minutes to play 1252. Sought. Here at John Galliano park shocker is are now 27 and thirteen for nine Italy ETF 28 and fourteen. There eighth and eighth in the league game two of the series tomorrow at 530 Micah violent pre game for you right here. At 5 o'clock. Tyler Davis for the checkers and that one attackers now face and having to come back and win to win the series that will be back here tomorrow night thanks Sandra Hamlin for is always excellent work in the studio. And for Shane Dennis Mike Kennedy saying good night from Orlando where you see athletes shoppers nine to five. You've been listening to shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United health care the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance the Carnahan group. Caught the line. Clinton's appliance equity backed your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental beat navy blue cross blue shield of Kansas. White star machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AG sports grill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive leadership and his plan tire and service comings in coming losses. College. And dinners moving in construction.