WSU Baseball vs Furman 03-24-18

Saturday, March 24th
WSU Baseball vs Furman

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Time for Wichita State soccer baseball on nine. And thirteen thirty K. Now with the column to get even hear the voice of this doctors. Kennedy. Video game to update three game series in Cleveland plus day. At the university of Southern Conference this afternoon. Factors not that I wanted to start this series is. Seven on seven. The whole life to an eleven to one win last night glad to have you let us soccer's. Urban getting it under way at about thirty minutes here exceeded. Certainly different tradition that we had here last night because temperature last night was 71 degrees. As a way it was going straight out to left field out of this out. At about 45 miles per hour game time here. Richard today is going to be right around 68 and some sun started to peak through the clouds it's been mostly overcast all morning the little bit of blues guys showing above. But the wind today is out of the northwest kind of like the conditions we had for the game between Wichita State and Oklahoma. On Tuesday night it's blowing at sixteen miles per hour out of the north northwest of left field and crossed it the right field corner. At balls hit to straightaway right on down the line this long you start them out. And let the wind carried forth the line didn't have a chance to get out but also for the most part to the playing field today are going to get knocked out by. Elements so a good pitchers Dave from that standpoint chargers did get a couple of balls up in the win late last night home runs like got to try outline Jordan lawyer. Helped pave the way to that eleven to one win. It's backers have freshman William Eddy on the mound this afternoon. And Herman look out of left hander grant Sherman. Who has been pretty much there ace on the year but they decided to wait and start him today. Rather than last night's 23 with a four point 22 ERA that is soccer will adjust their lineup a little bit today. With a few more right handed hitters in the lineup that there were last night that this lineup today it's a little bit different. Said that it we've seen so far this year from the shocker. Not Butler continues to. Try to get as many different guys playing time as you can give some of the young players have a massive. Good chance to show what they could do as well as the balancing out the lineup left eyed little bit on any given day. Berman had four regulars who did not play last night because the little one game suspension due to be late for the team bus. At three of those four will be back in the lineup today so that would be more of their normal lineup the one who is god. Jason cost of the regular designated hitter. Who's your second leading hitter at 333 with three home runs is you don't develop. Lot of viruses I think it got pretty well last night so he stayed back at the hotel today. Dad says we will still not be in the lineup but the other three starters that missed last nights game. We'll be back yet there's this little look a little bit more like fuhrman's normal lined up to the city to 81. On year and averaging right at six runs per game last night. Cody Hoyer and five other shocker pictures Ellsberg did just want to run on two hits and struck out sixteen. The second highest total of the year. Herman is thirteen and nine on the year two five in road games. And open the season with a three game series against Marist and homes weekly. They lost four straight to Clemson and North Carolina State by him. I'm score 426. That bounced back from that beat South Carolina six to four and starting with that winner tenant five. In their last fifteen games so far they are all went to on the wing hate losing the College of Charleston on Wednesday fifteen to six. After the shocker last night eleven once they've got a couple of one sided losses this week looking tooth. It is headed back in the right direction. The next thing game against Charleston on Wednesday College of Charleston. Is a top 35 to forty RPI team at the moment. But from a only got hit a net gain fifteen to thirteen. But all thirteen of their hits were singles. And College of Charleston had five home runs. In the game last night. Four walks four strikeouts for Furman pitching twelve hits and all eleven runs four earned it. Last weekend they took three of 44 game series against Harvard. That had a 506. ERA for that series even with three wins and for the year of their staff the RA five point. 97 so redshirt them their best starter. And one of their returning regulars from a year ago looking to get them a little more on the right direction today against attackers with a win. Stopping pictures a little bit certainly on balls hit anywhere right center. Over to the left field line this is the first ever series and first ever games between Wichita State and Furman. It was interest it has this series came about Wichita State once it moved to the American athletic conference had to redo it schedule quite a bit. Herman was actually. Scheduled to play at Cincinnati this weekend Cincinnati of course a member of the American athletic conference. Cincinnati had to redo that schedule a little bit with the addition of Wichita State bringing them team into the conference and shuffling the league schedule Sunday. Didn't have this weekend available firm and all of a sudden had a weekend filled at Wichita State and at this weekend open because it changes its schedule. And through some mutual acquaintances got together and got this series worked out so all in all it worked well for both. Furman thirteen and nine on the year that you are earning after. They are the I have one oak forests of very respectable program at Wichita State kept its RPI at ten. With the victory last night just dockers at fifteen and four on the season. The final game of the series will be tomorrow. Earlier than usual it will be at 11:30 start tomorrow morning the reason being so deferment can't catch a flight get out of here tomorrow and get home. By tomorrow night and I'll mention a few times as you go through today. That broadcast tomorrow will start in progress at noon news some previous commitments to programs. On the later morning schedule. 9713. Thirty can't SS. So no pregame show tomorrow we will join the game in progress at 12 o'clock. Please first pitch starting half hour earlier. Wichita state of the on the road all of next week. That shoppers are scheduled for 2 o'clock games at central Arkansas. Yet Tuesday game at 6 o'clock and that's at 2 o'clock this averaged 6 o'clock Tuesday night central Arkansas convoy. And in a shocker is we'll fly from there on Wednesday to North Carolina. And we'll take on ECU east Carolina university and its very first ever American athletic conference series on Thursday Friday and Saturday. And again and he changed in case because that Sunday is Easter Sunday and TCU not wanting to play on Easter so the shot here's. Pirates at the end Thursday Friday Saturday. Tuesday evening games and a half in game in that series next week's shocker. One week away from getting their conference schedule underway we'll talk about the AAC opening night last night a little bit later in the broadcast right now we're going to take a quick timeout and we will come back with her coach Scott Butler. The drive to the game today brought you by Kansas land tire and service from retired professional auto service is always a home run. That. I yeah. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics and year racy keep up with the can't see the truth comfort in the skin to your air conditioner or in selling new Levy system you can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means. Comfort isn't keeping Wichita shocker is cool call today 2657831. 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The promo code shocker fifth to receive shocker discount. Our pregame interview with Todd Butler presented by stress while it professionals on ambition to put a million to work. Coach first in my wrapup thoughts on the win last night over them. Code in order. It's really good six innings the first few innings marquis who's behind the outlet to walk down 2021. And and of coming up right in the dugout a little bit and then. Well the last three innings he pitched he he really fits well fastball command slider changeup and if he dominated those guys in what you normally see you Friday like jagr these is going. Wind was blowing out last night that we had a couple home runs we're very good defense. Took us awhile to get going offensively but we had a seven run inning. Today the wind blowing the end and you're probably gonna execute cue ball out of the year we have limit of starting today. Feel like that's another good step and I here's development because every pitcher is gonna have those days reader doesn't go out his best stuff we didn't have a best command and battle through that in. And it that you. He could be. It is that maybe you know you'd be used a lot of pitches in the first three innings. And you know Friday night you watchers were ordered to go deep you can save your bullpen Saturday and Sunday if needed but he's really grown and I give a lot of credit to him Cody or your. And also Mike Steele lately they've really done a lot of work a lot of magic in that bullpen in. And he steadily improving it to be a bonafide Friday night's storm. Mentioned hitting took a little like you're going to feel like some of those later at bats make it here guys some of the field they've been missing a little bit this. You know they're the middleweight games with a score many runs last night I was will be frustrated with we have some opportunities and bats with a two innings in a row. It's that we had poured bats were trying to blend those bats with quality at bats together with a walk have a eight pitch at bat and compete in foul off pitches but. Does the game went on October saw its all along. The other potent enough to get to before the game's over we showed that late. Allegedly met. Hadn't his first few starts for almost too good to be true for a freshman right up to that he had his first cut of rough outing last week was this a big one does the sense that it is it's a big win you know kind of changed the catching battery with a in the last week. Yeah it's great that no croft catch. It was probably more accustomed trial wind. So I'm gonna try to be Smart here and Castro went foreign today and and knows really good Jews who have given from both of those guys that. You know he wasn't very good and he came out third inning against Creighton. You know let's first start that wasn't a quality start he's been very consistent so today and we see good who wants it to respond in and come back with a quality start. We've been getting sending your freshman submit that's Gibson kosice swallows obviously today it looked pretty good sense of that you can continue to try to do you. He excites me sometimes maybe it's an older player we might take for granted which I hope we don't that each day. You know your next game is your best you know your next performance took to be a good flyers are the only thing that really matters is how you approach today. Maybe the older guys are going to be a little complacent. I put in these freshman kind of excites me is coach Joseph Wallace is gonna really yet. In his career here good kosice last night at a very good at bat for a few Betsy has somebody who's gonna hit a home run. 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Berman at thirteen and nine injury report is brought to fire up your life your lies your journey or op you. Nothing to report for which stay all of the regulars are healthy and ready to go today for for. Four players who were suspended for a game last night for failing to. Are off the suspension answering your back on us today but for starting DH Jason Hamas will not be in the lineup illness you know last night. Stayed at the hotel today so again. Weakness exists at 333 hitter with three home runs that they that thing out of line up. Here are the players who don't think yet there has starting lineups are presented by equity bank ever pay. An eight GMT be sure to visit them on line at equity bank. Dot com. For a permit thirteen and nine of the second year head coach Bret Parker you'll be Dan Henderson leading off and playing center field. Sims Griffith back in the lineup after missing last night will be at second base hitting second. Landed OK is it right fielder hit fifth. Batting sixth at shortstop threat team leader Trent Alley look DH for the second game of the road of the batting seventh. Logan Catholic returns to the lineup batting eighth and catching and batting ninth in left field. Jabari Richardson starting pitcher today for fervent. Is that is that the ace of their staffs of Margaret Sherman Texas seventh appearance sixth start he has two and three. With a four point 22 ERA. For Wichita State fifteen and four under through your head coach Scott Butler loose greater lead off they'll be playing second base today after playing in the outfield for the last couple of games. Grayson canister in his usual spot in the global playing center field. And Alec bum batting third at third base. The pitching and batting cleanup today his freshman Paxton Wallace he was not in the line up last night one of three. Right handed bat in the lineup today against the lefthander Sherman. Batting fifth and playing shortstop trade Vickers. Dayton to guide on it today he'll bat sixth and play right field. Hitting seventh and playing a new position Jordan Hoyer he'll be at first base today. And we'll talk about that in just a moment gutter Trout line catching and batting eighth. And Travis ya back in the lineup against the lefthander he'll be in left field. Batting ninth on the map for the soccer's. It will be lead and add a freshman righthander who is foreign on a year with a one point 91. ERA. It is five previous starts. While trade Vickers was out for the first eleven or twelve games of the season but that hamstring problem. Jordan Boyer who has the most of the time second baseman last year move to shortstop lucrative slide at second base position he has played quite a bit. What Vickers has an impact player has been back to second base or quite most of last year. And Ritter has played golf left and right field. But today went tot not running to get another right handed bat in the lineup lawyer's going to play first base Ridder goes back into the infield at second. The travesty on him date and got it starts in the outfield with Paxton Wallace THE today. So hackers are loaded with right handed bats up and down the line up the only left handed hitter in the starting nine today they Grayson Janice. In center field. Healthy tip of the game is brought to you by united health care public high protein snack may reduce binging at meal times and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Today's healthy shot could step right to the United Healthcare and the real appeal program or at the field dot com. Given you wind up sport today's game the umpires median home plate with the head coaches Matthew I'll support behind the plate. It's horrible at first base and Terry Harrison. At third. Last night the American athletic conference opened league play for 2008 team with four games around the conference. Matchup of two teams both ranked in the top twenty ECU at UCF. You see have busted out in this game what I'm doing nine to one win and they are one and VC UON. One. Two lane defeated Cincinnati it was Houston over Memphis and UConn. Got a big job early on US app and one in Tampa. Six the floor hanging on late so after the first night of flagging confidence it's late at UCL out Paul wanna know. Cincinnati's Carolina Memphis and South Florida as an. All OM one. There's only one other afternoon game besides this one. On the American team and that's the second game of the Cincinnati to link series in New Orleans it will get a delay and at the same time as this one. At the top of the hour the other three games are all at 5:30 central obesity at UCF. Condit US at Memphis. And Houston. It games involving shocker nonconference opponents whether most of them playing a couple of instances. Great and playing your former Missouri valley rival Illinois State that was scheduled to be a three game series Friday Saturday Sunday. They moved the Sunday game to eight double header yesterday because of impending weather got the double header and great swept a doubleheader 5175. We're going to close out the series with one game today and that's now been canceled because we moved him. Early so crazy team the shocker split with last weekend Omaha. We'll finish the weekend twelve and six on the year there are PI is he loved them the highest of any English soccer's not conference opponents and now our national out of them. He brought up. Yeah. You know. Yeah. It's. Senator McCain's. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Those tea bar and our National Anthem on state. And Furman game two of the series I mention the great Illinois State game career series being rearranged because of weather Oklahoma. It lost it to the one pitcher's duel to the shocking here on Tuesday opened conference play this weekend the West Virginia in Norman. And they had changed up that series because of impending weather Oklahoma scored fifteen runs. You know companies went last night and now that a plane today and tomorrow they'll play a doubleheader today. Getting underway at 4 o'clock. In Norman other nonconference opponents of action today. Kansas State TCU TCU game behind the with the opener last night according to. Kansas got a six defiantly at Baylor last night their first win four conference games and go about it again today when he goes in time businessmen. Oklahoma State bluntly up there Texas in this series last night they play again today. Minnesota Nebraska in the Big Ten has signed letters Ellis involved in the Ohio Valley Conference Mississippi State at Missouri in the SEC Missouri won again last night is eighteen and side. That he's head Nickels and central Arkansas at New Orleans in southwest conference. Central Arkansas now thirteen and nine they're scheduled to host the soccer's on Tuesday evening. In Conway Arkansas. It's doctors have three opponents on their schedules from the summit late last night Omaha defeated Oral Roberts excellent again today in Omaha. South Dakota State which will be here for one game like this season won an extra innings yesterday at western Illinois that they are not scheduled to play today. And UT Arlington. At Little Rock in. Sun belt action today in softball Wichita State lost a tough read news conference opener too bad. This last night over what could stadium they will get underway at 3 o'clock today it's a little bit of that. Three game series doctor Brackett field Fayetteville Arkansas this weekend fun and other activities on tap. Doctors just about ready to take the field here and get this well under way against for a minute into the series for game right through an art. I Tarvaris carpet outlook and forwards better actually it's really become the bars glories of restored eight to sixty. Right. Just an incredible. Why. Mark good level that tile carpet and Perry arrives. Specialty drugs specialty area rugs they make up for you just all kinds of things they can do it just an incredible selection. Because of their large warehouse. We're here because of that inventory that you rate every day prices that's you're going to fly. On the same qualities. Cheerios and he Laurie those of you are right. 1860. North Broadway. Last year Wichita State got off its best start did not butler's four years. At seventh and all but then went four and thirteen. Over the next seventeen games this season certainly things have very different turn. This year's team started eight and now the best as a coach Butler in the best sense of eleven and I'll start thirteen years ago. And so far cents at 70 start. These doctors are eight both our shoppers are 74 so keeping it going much better they'll look to continue that today. As they take on firm in game two of the series truckers taking the field defensively and that defense today will be better Trout line behind the plate. Jordan boy here at first base to date and accurate second straight Vickers at short. And Alec moment at third and the outfield from left to right Travis race in Afghanistan. And patent and got. With French fluently and heading there on the mound islanders actors come to that the designated hitter accidents will be Paxton Wallace that it. In the cleanup spot. Again game time temperature 59 to sixty degrees the wind out of the northwest. At sixteen. And after it pretty much overcast morning. At least partly cloudy that the pitcher now there's nothing patches of blue sky between clouds of Pattinson. Sunshine peeking through put on occasion Leann and Eddie to the man to make his sixth start of the year. A freshman righthander has just gotten off to a tremendous start he's 64170. From Brighton Colorado. In five starts he's pitched 283 innings like twenty hits their opponent batting average. To go to instantly walked 628. And a third was 21 strikeouts. He's four and no. With a one point 91 ERA he does come off his first sub par outings at great last Sunday. He pitched two innings six up six down no problem and then suddenly develops and wildness. In the third and didn't get out of the inning ended Netflix. Than two thirds. Who hits three runs two walks. And three strikeouts. Edition starts prior to that seven innings against Texas Arlington just one unearned run on three hits no walks or strikeouts. Six innings against Nebraska one run on six hits seven and a third shutout innings against Omaha. Just three hits with two walks and six strikeouts. We have had it was a perfect game and USA today Colorado player of the year and it falling prices. School all Americans certainly came into Wichita. With a pretty gets filled up out of high school and has lived up to that promise. And he will get the start today looking for his fifth win of the year could be facing got a pretty darn good freshman and bet Anderson the leadoff man for Furman. Anderson the center fielder hitting 391. After going all for two with two walks last night left handed hitter with good speed and a little bit of poppy has three home runs and 21 runs batted it. Any underlined his first pitch swung on this fastball at 89 opinion a little bit. Anderson Oprah to it to walk in last night's game stolen base and scored the only Furman run. Left handed hitter against the right hander Eddie goes into the wind and delivers. And haven't catches and he's on the outside corner for a strike no balls and two strikes. Lee and Eddie not quite as hard throwers and the Shia actors such as Cody Hoyer last night it was 9495. On many occasions. That noted that there around ninety. You know two. Out of lucky Hamas being pitched down. Three pitches and a quick strike out of Ben Anderson we start walking. Anderson at the two walks last night his two outs were strikeouts and that's his third strike out of the series. Six shocker pitchers who worked last night combined for sixteen strikeouts just one offer. The team's season high. Here is similar script that the second base. Did not play at last night's game hitting 313 one home run and thirteen runs that it it. Eddie's first pitch to hand the way a little bit one ball no strikes against Mathieu awesome for calling balls and strikes today. Rick this non start last night was the first game he's missed this season. Third leading hitter on the team takes that would low and inside two balls no strikes. Griffith with 21 hits three doubles two triples one home run. Just eight walks and also only twelve strikeouts. Duo. Must be pitch kind three balls no strikes. So a quick seemingly easy three pitch strike out of Ben Anderson started and now 83 at all. On the two ball hitters in scripted 30 delivery. That's over for strike. Three and one. Griffith the right handed hitters senior from Gainesville Georgia. Very open stance from the right side. And the 31. Hy drive to left center field in the gap long run it's going to be the left fielder yacht that makes the catch and a sliding at the end it was. Protecting himself a little bit from Afghanistan as one of those balls right in between the two outfielders. Difficult for either want to make a definitive call until they were sure they could get to a young called off Afghanistan. I think had a feeling that race was pretty close so kind of slid into the island. Looking to catch the ball and also avoid contact but good catch by Travis young for the second out of the inning. It was a ball right into the wind winds that knocked balls down here in that direction here. The better for Furman Jake Crawford to third baseman. Crawford started at third last night also so a little bit of time on the mound. First pitched right handed hitter is a strike that are Japanese. Breaking ball differently in any. Crawford ended up all 43 last night his season average now at an even 300. 01. Check swing leader on the ground a first baseline out of play no balls two strikes. Crawford hit home runs nine runs batted in to go along with it 300 average is his nineteenth start. In 23 games as a position players also that a starting pitcher in two games. Leann and Eddie deep breaths into the wind in the OT. Outing with a fastball away. Proffered yeah swinging at a good start certainly that is set aside data orders striking out soup at the top ten after the first after it happening. Permit nothing shoppers coming up with a person. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Service is not available for all plants. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars two hours from start to finish and I had forgotten class you're really didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double receive your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for an Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. This is Michael's. Join me we sites today Don. Starting pitcher today and Furman Paladins is the only returning member of last year's weekend starting rotation in Sherman SEC HE RMA in Kansas six under 195. Pound redshirt junior left hander from Cincinnati Ohio. Sherman a year ago. Made fifteen starts with seven and four with a four point 19 ERA. 496. And two thirds innings gave up a 105 hits in those 96 and two thirds but only eleven walks all season was sixty strikeouts and a greater takes a strike up in the zone. Luke three for five last night he has now had three consecutive multi hit game has raised his average to 238. A lot. Well hit to left field left fielder is it a little bit that the window not knock it down and it settles into the glove that the glory Richards for the first out. That a bald and on a calm day would have threatened offense a little bit well hit by readers right in the teeth of that strong northwest this. One out the shocker first batter racist Afghanistan. Face it one for three last night add on three out of five times his hit. It was a big bouncer to the right side with the second baseman playing very deep in shallow right center field. He has bounced in front of him and beat it out takes a strike he also walked once and was hit by a pitch. Getting to 975. Home runs fourteen runs batted in. 01 that's called just a little bit low one ball one strike. Sherman so far this year. 34 hits in 32 innings eleven walks in 32 which is bad except death as many as he walked all of last year over ninety inning in the foul backed by canister. And it's one to. And Sherman has struck out 22. In 32 innings upon exiting 272 against him he's given up nine extra base hits. Among the 34 that he is yielded five of them home runs. Two and 34 point 22 we are introduced to try to attack on a high fastball but he did hold out just in time. Almost went on the 12 pitch count as two inches. That's fastball at 88 from Sherman which is about where Hilltop out. One out nobody on the shocker after the first 22. I'm blessed and it's gonna be a base hit headed toward the gap left fielder. Richards get over to cut it off and Janice it was a big turn will hold up that first days now to throw him bounce the Lebanese backed up. By the first baseman. Solid base hit to left center. By grace suggested a pretty good job by Richards to get over quickly the left handed thrower receipt over to his backhand double that. Lawson. Actors Equity One out yet here in the first. Mentioned last night shocker scored two of the first. That was only the fourth time this season. In nineteen games that they had scored in the first inning and going on to score two. Is their high for the season in the first tally bomb laces want now the first baseline. Low lighter outside the first base coaching box when strike involvement to get two for four last night with a pair of solid singles. Sitting 3485. Home runs ninety runs batted him. Pianist at first can run five for six as a base stealer. Pitched a bomb slice down the right field line carrying deep but out of play up on the hill. No balls and two strikes. Bomb that's probably as good job maybe the best job as anybody on this team. Taking the ball the other way and trying to use the elements in his favor a little bit looking to do that stay with the wind blowing across the right you know two fastballs up and away a little bit one ball in two strikes. That's something else that has really gotten better and better as he's been here is strike zone judgment his patients at the plate that was pretty close so to pitch. Really stayed with a Politico. One on one out bottom of the first no score. The ones who crossed the pitch radical middle could be too radical shortstop he'd reflect second second baseman falls down and the throw to first. Thought it time and generous debt appears to be shaken up a little bit looks like he got hit in the head. By something. Maybe an elbow or at knee. It's a little slow getting out these holding the left side of his head as he slit in the areas slide straight into the bag. That the man Griffiths got dumped on why is going down maybe an accurate throw offers them one hop but not much on it. And all of the units that he's on a fielder's choice against it appears to be okay he's fighting off bill. I hit a little bit. Well it looks like we'll get one here if we see it happen. Could really see for sure it looked like. Rip with second baseman kind of slipped disease going into the unit that wore their was any contact with Aniston. Looks like he slid into an elbow and knee something on the go like pixel high throw. The air's not until I actually couldn't quite hang onto it. Racquet throat tight lipped right on the bag but it looked like the second baseman prince was that a little bit of trouble handling it. And I don't think he helped the tag involvement there with a stolen base at his fifth steal of the year's seven attempts had one last night. On the back end of the doubles led by Janice. At second base now to about cannot pact Wallace all of want it was strike. Wallace DH batting cleanup to do any wonder right slicing toward the corner of the spirit struggle it is. A line drive home run just inside the foul pole at the 330 mark. And that's accountable I was talking about a little bit in the pregame a quality start out Florida from the line this power it's left the wind drifted toward the bullet that went just got there. Acts of lawlessness first collegiate home run makes it she did nothing what should just stay. Chapters one and I hit then that's just one man on your didn't do it should run first inning. For the second game in a row. On an opposite field two run home run by Paxson wall as he is now four for twelve in his freshman season with five runs that it. Not a good start for the shot here's here's trade knickers with the bases empty takes a fastball down the middle for a called strike. Also three runs batted in little evidence that's coming in. Two on one swing there. Of one. And that one's a little bit low on me out of part of the plate 11 of the victims. You couldn't tell for sure the ball is in the air involved lawless hit it it was high enough to get out. Records checks his swing it's in their for a strike it's one and two that it looked like definitely would hit the fence. If it stayed fair and it was just above the incident right inside the thoughtful. Now ball left side cut off by the third baseman Crawford and the throw across there for the out. Wichita State in the first picks up two runs on two hits an accident Wallace soccer's third home run a series after one it's nothing which. Just stay. At age 65 you can discover a new hubby in Julie Finley adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. Planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and go for days plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance were re free play and 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. The cross and blue shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. About a decade ago. The government changed the rules for the type of coolant to prove through air conditioners so your system this ten or more years old and you have a problem. He could cost you over a thousand dollars just to replace the coolant. On the stock has a better option. How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system and it can qualify us to give you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient models. That's a win win cult plus stock for details 943. Cruel. Shocker sources brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent friend would be John Green which took place does he sells for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. It doesn't look. Plus Davis thought the second fresher I can't believe Eddie would make quick first inning and eleventh pitch 123 innings which he struck out there. Much better start cutting poitier got off to last night Cody had a scoreless first the walked demand and use 25 pitches to get through the inning. Andy will face branded only leading up to second for Furman. Right handed hitting senior first baseman and cleanup man first pitch to him to breaking ball for a called strike. LD getting to 693. Home runs fifteen runs batted in the batting average. Well off where he finished a year ago he led the paladins 341. Driven toward right setter could be trouble slicing that went just to get so whether it ought to make the catch could jump on that well abrasive canister. As it looked like the wind might have a chance to push that went away from one out in the second. To fly ball out now and two strikeouts currently in many in the first four hitters. Better land didn't pay the right fielder one for three with a walk last night. Brought his average to 230 L home runs four runs batted it. Eddie is that the wind at his first pitch to pay is inside the ball on. Blended K 330 to eleven home runs last year's Sony's. A hundred points below his finishing average a year ago. Right handed hitter against the right hander in the wanna know is inside again to balls and no strikes. K a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina. Six feet 195. Went out nobody on in the firm and second. To go. Right back up the middle off the pitchers go out charging is bump bare hands through safe a lot of close line. Instinctive reaction play by league and anybody at reaching for that one be redirected a ball that Vickers shortstop probably would have had a pretty routine plight on. Almeida great effort charging bare handing it through just lay it to infield single for landed pay his second hit of the series. Tough break for Eddie as he just reach for that ball on instinct and in so doing. Probably changed the play just enough for cater reach here's Brett he Meredith shortstop. Hater rhetoric first. Three for four stealing bases including one last night. Stretch by any. In his first pitch that you slap fell past there. Hit the rhetoric first and heave there at the battered. Pat Dixon gets. More affirmative last night's game seemed there. Came up in the sixth with one out and Cody lawyer working on a no hitter. And ripped one on the ground right over the bag at third just barely fair for a double into the left field corner that brought instruments only run on the night. Moved to first head writer leaning a little bit take it back in time. Brett team there after his one for four night last night and even 301. Home run twelve runs batted in. Right handed hitting Furman shortstop the junior from Andover Minnesota. It is the stretch. Another move to first and again lending K back. Case fairly prolific base stealer a year ago. Just hasn't been on enough this year and a slow start at the plate to have a lot of attempts again he's three for four. 01 behavior. Eddie to the plate and that was just a little bit high. One ball one strike. You know I think Wichita State or in the top of the second. Actors getting to home in the first on an opposite field home run by Paxton Wallace. Landon K editor at first with one out performance. Any settles in delivers. And it's low and away two balls and one strike. Urban. Picked fourth. This year's Southern Conference pre season media poll six. In the coaches poll they have two separate polls they're nine teams in the silicon. 21 that's a good breaking ball for a called strike it to have to. Through good breaking ball at a fastball count then froze heat here. Count two balls two strikes. Leann and Eddie long look for the sun. Still looking nice and calm sent. If you router goes kind of a delayed start pitch low and inside great. Felt like Trout line and a half mile at second base as a pitch was a called strike threes and they strike about thrown out double play to end the inning. And for Furman no runs on one hip was nobody left after one of the have to nothing which onstage. AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which -- in would you tell your new home for shocker coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger days and agents and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right eco -- take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the county home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and wanna Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. Plus no big box hi I'm ready to get an LG four KTV delivered to the right of the started of course deliveries extra. Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge plus alt plus innings start than them I want my name might service. Extra steps charged Sony Dayton. College kinda have types yeah. He deeply believe your TV should be fun not frustrating and that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we see now LT and happy TV I watch cap. Stevens and put this morning right here on cape end as an. And you've worked for firms gave up two runs on two hits in the first against for a single Mike racist minister and a two run homer. But actually Wallace who faced date you guys Jordan's lawyer. And better throughout want to check in the second shot you're stacking their line up today with eight right handed hitters against the lefthander Sherman. Who does first plate appearance at the series and need to fly to center field for a base hit. Who humpback liner up the battered game guy he has to soccer's thirty yet. All of been pretty solidly struck the lead off and on which honestly here in the second. It do not having had 250. That Jordan's lawyer had a strong finish last night he was three for three of the book game. Ultimate penalty late they were the same thing. Leadoff home run and a two run double fear that other run shocker seventh also walked. Earlier in the game hitting 2593. Homers twelve runs batted in your gut trust to throw you step back to the bag. Eight due to death three stolen bases in three attempts on a year yes. If you go way from first pitch to the plate swung on and miss but boy here for strike one. Did that definitely did not get a great read on Sherman. As he went to the plate date was taking a step back toward first thinking was coming over so that easily. Takes a couple looks and left hander he's got a good move at all. 01. Fouled straight back and lawyer in the hole and two. Doctors in the first got a one out single by jettisoning bomb granted short forcing pianist and then stole second. And Paxson Wallace. Real one just inside the right field foul pole for a two run home. 02 and a lawyer Sherman's pitch fouled back he thought went off pretty good pitchers pitch down and away. On both suits. Boy you're kind of went down and fought it back to discrete. Suckers come into the game hitting 27 B three as a team. I was in the got got to Milwaukee lay ground ball to second the only player will be the first subdued not getting that jump off first. Stays out of the double play every two seconds Boyer grounds out second differs. Maybe that's just kind of walking off the that I get watching sure good to see if he would come over here as you turn that place. They took off got a great job offers. He's at second base one out. Is at Goddard Trout lines long before last night. Had a big home run in the sixth inning that was our play of the game because. Permanent just scored its first run to cut it to 31 he came right back then answering home run in the shocker broke it wide open an inning later. Respect to gutter way high and outside the ball one. Carolina getting to 642. Home runs eleven runs batted him. Who got second with one out soccer's leading to nothing in the bottom of the second. Play a bit of sunshine over the ballpark right now. Stripped by Sherman. Dancing a second breaks for third pitches high throw down his wide of the bag and a steal of third flight data did. Got coasted to put on trial line and once again you've got his. Taking cannibals walking lead and then taking off. He steals third is four stolen bases a year. And that's one worth taking if you can get it when you can do a lesson to us now a lot of ways throughout wind can get the run down. Sure it's pitch lifted fouled on the right field side out of play. Two and one begun. Over the last few games Tuesday night against Oklahoma and last night in the series opener. That are trot line is just worn out to third base line and not much luck he was thrown out on a good play behind the bag like Jerry Crawford last night. To one's. Fastball just slow three balls and strike. Sherman has been 85 to 88 was most of his fastballs now when it was 85. Three balls and strike runner at third one out. And the pitch. I found out the right side they should get out of play that would push it way beyond the bullpen in Baghdad in the parking lot. And the cats pulled out of trouble. Mention this doctors came into the game today at 273. They're averaging. Six point four runs per game six point 523. Home runs in the first nineteen games and another one already today. Three G to capture outline in getter takes little football for. That's the first walk. Given up like Brent Sherman. That thing he doesn't do very often. Only about one every three innings this year. Last year only eleven and 96 plus innings all season. Better Travis young who did not play at last night's game had one late game that that against Oklahoma. On Tuesday starts this would hitting seventy. Home runs five runs that yeah. Redshirt junior from derby. Right handed hitter. First and third only one out. In the first pitch to Travis is a little bit low for ball want. Try outlined its first runs a little better than some catchers that. Not fast enough that this really creates. At first and third situation and you can. Experiment with a few things get too risky. Slow roller toward second they'll have to hurry to get to second base won back to first in time. Travesty not runs pretty well with the Paulus hit just hard enough that I was able to turn the double play it was 463 of the soccer gets no runs on one yes. In the second after two Wichita State to them and nothing but me. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe things contract for a great now with us Mark Cuban community can't believe this content. A healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provided unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shot. Nation mrs. Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again and -- for the past forty years that Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping the first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past lettuce that are vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services Hussein I promise. I let them enjoy the weekend mornings and night right here on. Hey dad the top of the the third period next immediately and Eddie through two innings one hit no walks three. Right now. Each team has now turned a double play in the first two innings in this case what I state. 82 run first round coming on freshman Paxton Wallace's opposite field two run homer. Which it does stay 54. On the year coming into this when that includes an eleven and one record at home. The only home positive final game of their three game series with the breast cancer it's not yours ignited for the month of march chapters six and oh February. Leading off forest vermin in the third it will be Trent Alley DH in batting seventh and today's game sun pops through again. As Lee and Eddie goes where his first pitch. And a high drive to right center pretty well had dude on the mood there right fielder will get there and makes the cancer short of the warning track. All started out toward the gap midway between the right fielders that are feel a bit of wind helped push it back right fielder did. Then there's one out of the inning. Logan tablet the firm and catcher. Did not play at last night's game he's hitting 274. For the season with no home runs and eleven. Runs batted in this his twentieth start. In 23 games right handed hitter. And Lee and Eddie's first pitch his breaking ball in their effort called strike one. Logan Catholic TH PL ETC a sophomore from palm beach gardens Florida 511180. The one. Hide away one ball one strike. Tablet played in twelve games or seven starts last year. That hit 308. In his 26 at bats with eight hits and. A chance to play every day this year it. It chopped to third right at a club a bomb would drop the for a moment but recovers and as Claudia time to throw him out. Thought ticket chest high hop to bombs he dropped it but state whether it bounced right back up to him and then. Didn't rush you know he had plenty of time just stayed cool and threw him out by several steps. Up two down in the firm and third. Brings a few Ari Richards the left fielder. Richards over three with a couple of strikeouts in last night's game left handed hitter. Who is currently hitting 257. With two home runs and twelve runs batted him. We have many goes to work in the president's pitch tapped out front of the plate Eddie has it running towards the first baseline easy toss to first. And that's the innings 85 pitch 123. Meaningfully and Eddie in the third after it should happen remains to nothing which. Just days. Need Lauren asked in LC the that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only taste good but does that. We saw a second companies directly from not filings and share the profits back from them and American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream. If people want to get your phone. 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Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and overweight Sawyer eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at until the fall. Happening right here on K. Stay in the bottom. There will be at the top they're batting order that Ritter races pianist and Alex well against lefthander Fuhrman. Sherman's whip through the first two innings. Base runners in each of the first two rounds in the first the second. Double play ground ball. The greater hope for one fly ball why she's just now pastor. Yet he's third base. Series get in Atlanta. Ridder's three for five last night but a good swing on August 1 I'm not that flight fairly deep to left to do that strong northwest wind. Luke started today at 238. The old one off the hands ready to third baseman Crawford an easy play guns across the first for the out. Ritter got jammed on that unfolded easy ones to third baseman. One out of the. This is Janice one for one and a solid opposite field line drive single to left senator's first time. He has to report series. And has now hit safely. In four straight games. One out nobody on left on left match up bad strike veteran and he's just a the only left handed hitter. In the shocker starting lineup today. Over the last three games. Recently gone three for seven with six walks takes a strike there so. Prior Jeanette 3% and stretch he'd been one for thirteen in the previous four games so. Getting back on track a little bit over the last few. Nights out on the left and outlook dropped for a base hit. An aggressive first couple of steps like you are Richards that he realized he was not going to be able to get there had to put on the brakes are deflated him. And solid opposite field hits canister. 101 was one out that is grace's first multi hit game. Since the series opener two weeks ago yesterday against UT Arlington used to before and now with a Grand Slam. 101 with one out for Alley while same situation as the first stolen. Alec grounded into fourth place started by the shortstop Afghanistan takes off first movement throw to second base not in time. Canisters steal second. Made a great read unsure men and it went Sherman started to go first movement Grayson took off shirt was able to handle himself and pick first. It is broke both the first baseman up the line toward Obama staffers though but Tommy got turned and threw his throw was high at second. Afghanistan has six stolen base in seven attempts on the year. No cannot yet to vault but now runner in scoring position with wanna. Instill it pretty good lead its second minute pitches hide the ball on. So Packers now have three stolen bases in three attempts in his home stole second in the first inning and give us stole third. In the second in Afghanistan with a steal of second. Slackers. Still not a huge base stealing team 21 in nineteen Gaines but well ahead of last year's pace. Three and already today. Second baseman Griffith came in for quick chat which Germany's ready to go back to work. It's the home fouled the right side out of play one ball one strike. It's every single game high in stolen bases is for. That was in the opening series it beat the statement went four for six they also had a three stolen base game in the series they have match that already today we're just in the third. 11 Dallack bomb Janice that second one out it's two nothing Wichita State. It bounced off the second budget as determined steps up either middle infielder was anywhere close to the bag. Just it was taken huge liberties after bouncing around toward third. He could've gotten a great job they've got to tighten up a little bit second baseman. Cheating a little bit now to try to keeping close. Again dance enough there's a second baseman. Last year than that let back. Deeper his position and just immediately started taking a big lead again German stepped off. One waters account to Alec bone who's been waiting a while to get another pitch. But he Janice out at second base keeping the defense distracted. Get a big dance a second night throws to second and that was close close. Just got back safely but that throw was right on his arm. Little bit of jaw line between pianist in the second baseman Griffith after the close play at second base it now. Dennis just said something Alison Griffiths wants some more of it man. The first base umpire. Opponents for Opel. Stepping between them knowing goes up and knock it off. One out. Pianist at second base 11 against Alec bomb it's been awhile since Germans drove a pitch because of his attention to tennis now the pitch. And bomb takes tied to a one. Alec bomb has hit safely in five consecutive games. That's the longest current streak by any shocker player. He started the year by hitting in the first ten games of the season. The last two last year's over twelve game streak overall to open a year. Check its second second baseman breaking in Genesis of back. Counts days it should want to Alec bone. Next to Alex ten games streak to start the season. Next longest streak is seven games so far by Jacob cat's feet. Again bomb currently at five has had one yet today. Long hold to one. Now to the right again how to play. To that suits you Alec bomb. With his plate discipline. The ability to hit the ball where it's pets and his ability to. Let the ball travel and really let it get deep into the strike zone. You're almost better off really trying to bust him in the day because he's capable of taking it the other way it was authority and that's what he's looking to do on practically every pitch. You want him to pull out today that wind blowing in two to. Given the right field it is going to being in the air for a base hit. Currently fielded on the warning track on the first ballot that edited the second bumps and there with a double Genesis growers at its freedom nothing. At homeless ball to right field by Alec on there was some question whether or not it would stay up long enough for luggage maybe get to let. Can't couldn't get there it's not that big long bounces and ended up having to really make me. Sort of running catch and a bounce on the warning track that all of this momentum bluntly from the infield. Obama accident. A second generous to scores easily from second. And Alec has now hit in six straight. And has twenty runs batted in on the year. Here is taxed and Wallace in the freshman takes time inside for ball one. He drilled one to right field just inside the foul pole for a two run homer his first time not. Bombs twenty runs batted in give him the team lead backed by a lot over Mason O'Brien is not in the lineup today there's a fastball for a strike to Wallace and it's one month. Soccer's now with three runs on five hits. That includes. And doubled and homered now. 11 to Paxton Wallace. And the pitch. But LaRoche who want. Lawless true freshman from Greenbrier arkansas' 61 to fifteen. Listed as the first baseman and right handed pitcher he has. So in his activity so far as a DH he took infield at third base today so. Corner infielder -- Strong body. And he can hit the ball the other way had a double. To deep right in the Creighton series. While with a big lead off the second the second baseman breaking in those throw was made that. Let's get to stay involved have done a good job after reaching second base in the inning to. Really get the attention of the pitcher Brad Sherman. To want to Paxton Wallace and a pitch. Swing at a mess with a fastball by him on the outer half the students do. Actors got started late offensively yesterday and it. Piecing it out until the seventh and is certainly blew up for seven runs. Getting some early tallies here today to the first one so far in the third three runs on five hits into. Swing at a mess got a fastball that time again. Worked him away and backgammon strikes at Paxton Wallace's first strikeout in the audience. Two Saturday and it brings that trade Vickers still looking for his first hit the series. Race lap one to third his first time not that you're going open three last night. Vickers came into the game with just what they want it that so far this year. This about two games early with a hamstring in his only his eighth game six start. At the moment six for 22 to 73. First pitch from German right up under his arms and called strike. One out single by Janice does steal of second at an opposite field double by Alec well good for around here in the third. Nothing and Wanda Vickers. Germans pitch Kaye takes a strike better candidates is reasonable to. All three shocker runs. Have come on opposite field hits to right so far today Wallace's two run homer in the first. Involved with the double here in the third. 02 on the way out of the right side. Good swing by cherry pickers that it was borderline on the outer edge maybe not a strike could close it out. He couldn't just let it go with two strikes me. The good job of staying right on that drive and it the other way. Vickers the fifth man to bet in the inning. And the go to again. Takes low one ball into extra. First ever meetings between Wichita State and Furman in baseball. So Packers would be. Taking on some brand new opponents when they get into conference play. 12. Rounded up the middle has a chance second baseman slice backhand throws for a program should get that there Padilla. Good play by Saddam's grip that sliding to his backhand. And at all seeded threw across his body differs from injuries and here's Wichita State tax on Iran dogs and yet here in the third. After two and a half after three full innings Wichita State Street firm enough. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Tenders his second job. Recruiting. That means trampled. He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can scout recruit and he backed the same night ready to start his next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shots and learn more and exact air shared dot com. Once we need from our country and energy once I want to. Just. I want peace through and what we and we need some things he can. It's tools we need to shrink for congress to work but that the stories you want. The stories you need to listen to this story is updated. Twice and our our order at the top and thirty minutes past this and have a right here 987 and thirteen thirty McCain. SS shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Mark living driving. Season five right here on tape and as. Pain free definitely value has faced the minimum three through the first three innings and didn't give up day one out infield single off his own glove in the second. To land in K but it raced him at a strike him out throw my double play zone is starts the second time through the order with Ben Anderson here in the fourth. Anderson a strikeout victim leading off the ball game. Left handed hitters started the day at 391. Eddie's first pitch is over but low for ball one. Anderson over three so far in the series all three official at bats have been strikeouts he walked twice last night. And he knew the wind. And the 10 a little bit outside to a nothing. We have many through the first three innings and thrown 26 pitches. That's just one more than Cody Hoyer needed to get through the first last night. But he ended up going six line one round on one hit. Duo. Swing and a miss Scotland down in. And tried to go down and get it and missed two balls one strike. Anderson a good looking freshman Freddy's Furman Paladins. He's from LaGrange Georgia 61165. 21. Good breaking ball froze in mid stride the cat goes to tune in to us that would cut right across the heart of the plate. Eddie through the first three in all walks three strikeouts one infield single. Long look this sign those two work. 22 pitch just missed the outside and it's very very close to two pitch. And cat goes full. Anderson Sims Griffith and trailed shot here's three nothing. 32. Pot popped up right in the middle of the diamond yes dean. Well it was drifting toward Vickers instead reflect the second baseman Andy Katz made by lucrative for the out when really pushy that would. Over to the right side of the infield. And Anderson retired by Ritter the first out of the fourth. It's just the there's the third out fourth out in the year I think there have been fewer than that it. Fourth out in the air offensively and heading. One gone since princess had a fly ball to left his first time. Right handed hitter. 313 on the year it takes inside for ball one script is that one toward the gap in left center. And Travis young's Lotta ways to call Atlanta. One out nobody on in the firm and fourths. One out. Takes it a strike up in the zone. Fastball at 89 currently in anyone's ball one strike. Since Griffith right handed hitter. Very open stance from the right side the 11 good breaking ball for a called strike at its wanted to he is that are really good job. Drug at breaking ball for called strikes through these first four innings. As design of the 12 on the way. This low off speed stuff again two inches. Soccer's 815 and four start gently in this than three nothing in the fourth. It you. Outlook out. Line shot and it isn't out yet that lawless weigh in on payments only turn that he pulled it almost straight behind the there's that screen. Friend in the dugout teams will stand apparently on them right into the screen. So far couple of longer counts in this inning for alienating them has been typical through the first three. What 32 on Anderson to to again here. And a foul tip. Actually it was a swing and just got away from Trout line chase it down throws to first hand just in time for the. At golf bounced off of gore that are dropped line reflected that backstop active to the right at home plate. They had to chase and a ways to come upload that it now we've got some non. Conversation again. Griffiths is the second baseman who got into that little that was Grayson Janice earlier on it picked off. Play at second base. And then. I don't know seem like maybe borders first baseman he felt like lawyer had his foot in the middle of the Bagger sub nets seemed to be what they're arguing here and it. And they got a little bit tangled up there Griffith comes up hobbling a little bit apparently had something to say to Boyer who said something back on his troubled first base umpire. Sad to break up a couple of John matches today. That is a strikeout for Lee and adding his fourth strikeout put out goes catcher to first to get out of the inning. The better. Two out nobody on Crawford. 300 hitter on the year but both before so far in the series. We have Eddie's first pitch popped up off the handle back toward the street for outlined coming back that that would be well back in the Palestinians. Yeah. Oh. Pretty good crowd on hand today. Get Nazis. Warmest day to watch baseball that wind blowing out of the northwest. This little under 17100. Last night looking forward to the litigating consistently good and it's certainly wouldn't encourage you to. Get out and see this soccer team that's a fun team to watch a one. Fastball just inside one of one this team can strike people out and hit home runs and that in itself. X team fun to watch. Lee and adding that 11 count taking a little longer to get this one. And it goes to work. That's all just outside stood watch a lot. Most of the time even when he's missing is very very close to doesn't. Two out nobody on the fourth deferment. Eddie lions in deals. And bounced a breaking ball and it's three and one. In the suckers today in those kind of old school throwback off white uniforms one single black stripe down their leg. Letters and numbers it black black and obviously is black cap white W. 31. I fly ball shallow right field drifting toward the line do go out moving a few steps in the wind and get him to make the gift. Get Crawford flies to right and firm it goes in order in the fourth after three and a half and shot grease to power this stuff. Yet felt pretty good put to save about seven bucks at the big flat tire store did yet but then having that service and a feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by factory trained text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you at your car and a good visit. Online it came to my entire dot com campus land tired you're out of bear Ernie prepared big guys scared. To come. Criticisms as practice support shocker athletics and year racy keep up with the can't see the proof that comfort them into your air conditioner or installing new let this guy you can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort was keeping what you tell us soccer is cool call today 2657831. Or visit. Their website at conference Sims dot net Comfort Systems proud partner of shocker athletics. Shoppers forces brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Jason hey join us to become reality radio we know. I'm OK okay. Plus days has had at least two base runners in every inning. And at five gets drawn a walk at least three to nothing three runs on five hits. He did as one of the hits leads off the fourth takes low for ball one. They pollute the single into center back in the second inning. Swing and a miss an excellent ball one strike rancher mentoring innings five hits three runs one walk. And one strike yet. I want to do and a I just look toward right center it's gonna find the gap. Ounces short of the track bouncing all the way to defense did guide to second base that he'll hold up there with a standup double. Six tips for what it's not stay in two doubles and home run. You got for the second time in the game has led off an inning with a base hit. Under its second nobody out. And the battered Jordan Boyer who grounded to second. His first time up. Two for three last night double and a home run. Boy you're playing at first base today which actors. Shuffle their line up just a little bit to get a lot of right handed bats in there against Brent Sherman. German ready to go to work do taking his lead at second the pitch. At a drive foul down the right side drifting over the bullpen and out of play. We're employers too for three united brought his average to 259. Coming into today's game. And Oprah to do. The walk against Oklahoma on Tuesday. And once for fifteen. Last night well last night shot inside the bag at first down the lines sort if harder. Now we'll score recently Boyer is going to go for two yuppie in there well ahead of the throw. Back to back doubles legend done boy here here in the fourth Wichita State deletes it for an ethic. And now four of their seven hits have been for extra bases. Allen lives right inside the bag at first. Or Boyer witness thirteen runs batted in of the year. They'll probably make him feel better about batting in the seventh home security they always that's ninety lights batting ninth he's done a great job driving in runs in the ninth also. Probably feeling a little out of sorts today batting seventh that came through there. I'd like to outline to right field this is a mop up in the wind and it is long gone. Gunners were outlined an opposite field home run. His second home run as many games that was of no battery got to hide deep right got confidently and it landed well up there. On the hill toward the back France. Which at times it has gone double doubles home. We're here in the fourth. It's not his lead at six and up. That are Trout lines third home run of the year second. And in as many days to go home runs in the ball game from Wichita State. Not to demand is firm and head coach Byrd Parker I mentioned last night he's also in his own pitching coach hey. Former college all American pitcher at the College of Charleston and pitched up to AAA. Six year pro career with the Phillies and Marlins. Six runs on eight hits for which it state. Including three doubles and two home runs. Travis young will be the hitter. Two home runs today Gibson shot here's 25 of their first twenty games of the season. Parker gets back to the dugout. No activity edit the firm and bullpen. Travis young Oprah one with a double play grounder to second to end the second inning. Fans and from the right side Sherman ready to go to work. And that balls lifted foul behind first base and get out play back into the seats. Excellence right. And landed in the upper deck there were three youngsters. Poise that they're ready to chase it. Unhappily bounces around the that is souvenir. Both want to Travis ya. Germans pitch fastball on the inside corner for a strike at its own team nobody app yet in the inning. Do gut double Boyer doubled to score again and try out one launch went on to the healing right field for two more. German taking a little more time pretty quick worker most of the time you know to. Swing at a mass got a lot of breaking ball down and in. Travis young strikes that the first out in the fourth second strikeout for grant tournaments. And back atop the order for the greater. Luke after street circuit beef. Multi hit games is hope for him so far today a fly ball to left and a ground ball to third. First pitch to him. Over for a strike down a little bit. Luke Ritter over the last three game seven for fourteen. Here's the 01. That news just inside one ball one strike. Actors have been active enough getting on base it Ridder is betting for the third time in four innings fanning the leadoff spot in the order. 11. Bounced low and inside two balls and one strike. Checkers with two of the first one of the third announced three more in the fourth leading six enough. Inside again three balls and one strike. Final game of the series is tomorrow at 11:30. AM. Early start so Foreman can catch fly out of here. 31. And that's look at possible war. One out walk and Luke Ritter. Answers the second walk in and out by creature. Except race in Afghanistan. As his first multi hit game in two weeks two singles for the opposite field on the left center of the first one to straightaway left in the third. And both really well here. I don't know. He is three for five so far in this series left on left matchup for Sherman and his first pitch to get a study is fouled back for strike one. Grayson also walked it was hit by a pitch last night so he's been on base five out of seven times so far in the series. Plate umpire Matthew Johnston for walking into baseball not to Sherman after that was not a lot of play. On back and forth between little bit of sun and clouds today sun was out for a moment now a little more cloudy again. Mr. takes Taiwan and one. Wind blowing at sixteen gusting to twenty or more from the left field corner crossed the right field corner. Checkers it hit two. Opposite field home runs in that direction. 11. Bounced at the first baseline foul it's one and two. I mentioned the 1130 start tomorrow because. Previous programming commitments we will not. Broadcast tomorrow's game until all the will join him progress at news though. He turning it tune in 111130. Don't hear anything don't give up will be along at noon with. The beginning of the broadcast Kosovor the first base Ritter backs standing up. Industry's net debt for just a moment at the throw over back in the box from the left side. 12 pitch. It hard to right center field and other base hit for cancer rounds second heading to third is greater. If they'll come back to the middle of the diamond and it's first and third with one out. Three solid singles for Afghanistan today. At least keep the hit parade going here in the fourth. Fourth hit of the inning. Arrested there for Alec bomb who has bounced into a force play and doubled so far. Nine hits for. It took us days. Still no activity. In the firm and both Pitt and. Like canister has just. Then right on everything today. Is leading experts on it right at the middle base hit into center field. British tourist Dennis it will stop that second that ball is it really sharply at the middle bald is some mystery. It is now seven to nothing which it states. Yeah runners at first and second still with only one out. Alec go home to perform last night who's now four for seven of the series. But it's 21 run batted in of the year. Seven runs on ten hits better pack. Paxton Wallace. The aging today had a two run homer in the first struck out swinging in the third. First pitch to them is over for a called strike. Seven runs ten hits and lawyers for the attackers 01 and oh. More firm and to this point where in the bottom of the fourth. German ready at the belt. Turns the second turn like he was going to throw it. We turned there was no middle infielder near the back. Jettison the rhetoric second bomb at first only one out. 01 the loss. That's over for a strike kept it down nothing into. Paxton Wallace threw his last at bat now four for thirteen 308. With five runs batted it. No balls two strikes here have to battle the pitch fouled off. Good strike down he went down and got it straight out of the right of home plate. Attackers had one big inning last night at seven run seventh. They turn this fourth inning today into a four run inning so far with two on and one out. A couple of checks second pitch Wallace takes high and it's wanna do. Last night seven run seventh woods soccer's biggest single inning so far this year. They had a six run inning against UT Arlington may have scored five times in one inning on three occasions. One to account and it hard to go outside a base hit. Tennis is going to be held up the third is that ball comes quickly back in the infield from Jabari Richards Atlanta. Actually Wallace's second hit of the day clean single through the hole in Jordan. Bases loaded with one out. Vickers is. But thank Janice step out of for himself just a little bit. As you lose they make a hard turn around there. But let me just slightly. That a called time loaded walk it off a little bit. Like they have. It's jammed his right foot or ankle into the bag a little bit as he rounded. After respect out of travesty on lip reader walked it in consecutive singles by canister bomb and Wallace and Andre Vickers whose over two on the day. The couple ground ball allows one to third one the second. First pitch to him is this side of the ball on. So Akerson batted around here in the fourth stickers the ninth man to come up. Four runs in already in the bases loaded with one down it is seven to nothing which exhausting. Read German working from the stretch. 10 Vickers hit it in the middle left fairly deep. Left fielder over center fielder over the center fielder makes the call to catch generously tanking it third will score. And it's eight to nothing is straight victories gets credit for his second sacrifice fly of the series. Two out now it's a five run inning with us and it. Craig Akers picking up his fifth run batted in and 23 Mets disease. And also upset that flawless first date didn't go up that's the second time in the inning after starting this whole thing with a double to deep right center. They missed him for two on today single disbursed I'm not. Came into the game hitting 250 he has bump that up to 27 before at the moment when his two for two startup today. Stretched by Sherman depiction Dayton takes a strike on the inside corner fastball. Eight runs on eleven hits for Wichita State. And were only in the fourth inning they finished with eleven runs on twelve hits last night most of the damage coming late. 01. I fly ball to right went up and Kerry at the right fielder back has drove it right at the fence makes the catch Padilla got. Ball wasn't hit great but just high enough that the wins not carries a little bit yeah. And all the way to the warning tracks your Forte ran down yeah Wichita State that surround and loss in the fourth and doctors. Pick up five runs. On six hits there were no errors and two men left on base at this war and is now Wichita State. It Furman. Chargers fans stingers dripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial room. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you want your home again so did the -- storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to go to into what he's 66 or go to singers roughing dot com 2022 when he 66. Dinners roofing and construction your home team pro. Twin peaks is the ultimate sports once you've been looking for it's your local source for all the tournaments action you can handle in big bold and beautiful high definition on wall to wall TV with the most scenic views in the market everything on this fan favorite menu has made fresh from marsh grass kitchen try repairing the new Nashville hot chicken sandwich with a local twin peaks Wichita Britain serve then I'll frosty 29 degrees by a friendly twin peaks girl she won't be disappointed pleased at waivers to Iraq and was that taps a rich twin peaks eats drinks scenic -- And join us this morning. AC goes back to the mound for the fifth he's only thrown 43 pitches through four. He's had to sit awhile a couple of long innings by his teammates Jack is now lead it eight to nothing. Into the depth and Eddie will be facing Brandon Domi landed KM Brett he there's three good hitters right in the middle. Of the Furman batting order Berman so far with one hit. No walks for striking out softly and Andy. Elderly flied to center is first time up right handed hitting first baseman. Team's leading hitter a year ago at 341. Pitch to him. Little bit high one ball no strikes. Only eight pre season all Southern Conference selection was second team all conference pick a year ago. 10. But the outside corner for strike one ball and strike. Filming EL MY last you get 341. Eleven home runs and 49 runs batted him. 11 delivery. I pop up when it which is why am I believe over the barrier and that battery. That's how strong ideas on. It's normal and calm today Reuters first baseman made me as a chance for that long run over by the mayors that won. Ended up landing in the upper deck but it gets through drifting. One and two on a fly ball to senators percent. 69 on the year well below he has finishing average a year ago pitch to him. Drilled into center field that's gonna drop for a base hit canister wrestling over the left center gap to cut it off. And a hold it too long single. Secondly yet. For Furman and the first one to leave the infield landed K bounce one off of the mideast glove toward third and beat it out back in the second inning he comes up now for the second time. First time that permits for a leadoff man on here in the fifth inning. Landed Kerry won for won today with that infield single two for four so far in the series. Right handed hitter. Part of that where back over his right shoulder. And the first pitch to him it's good breaking ball in their for a called strike one. Eddie continues to really do a good job throw that breaking ball for a called strike. Scott a lot of those through the first five. Come sat. And the pitch fouled batter's box and so into. Brandon only better at first base. Big strong looking guy has not attempted stolen base on the year. So far pretty short lead over their first. Berman needs some big innings to get back in this when trailing eight to nothing in the top of the fifth. Landed K awaiting the post to. Currently amending. He comes in it's outside. On came up ready to throw to first and only wasn't straying too far one ball in two strikes. Doctor coaching staff has yet to name a starter for tomorrow's game three of the series. Once you. Fly ball right fielder when will push this one out of play over behind the bullpen in Vienna out of the parking lot. Still wanted to do certainly Connor long list is one possibility he has made four starts on the year. Picked a couple of innings in relief Tuesday night against Oklahoma. We'll see what else they may consider. They used six pitchers last night that nobody extensively edited the starter Cody Hoyer who had six. Once now back. And Kate hangs in there. After Hoyer mcginnis what an inning Kilgore a third Tommy Boris has two thirds that he faced one hitter getting a double play ball. Mr. miner. And Adam Keller finished up the ninth. One ball two strikes to land in K rhetoric there's nobody out in the sperm and fifth. Any little longer hold a distraction and steps off. Permanent just its second base runner on the leadoff single by only here in the fifth inning. Once heated game stretch it out. Got wind dug it out of it she did after the turf paid down swinging for the first out in the fifth. Slides right yes now horribly committee. Five strikeouts in 43 at the shocker staff struck out sixteen at last night's game. Britt heat nearest strikeout victim his first about. Called out on strikes and strike him out throw not double play to end the second inning. First pitch to him. Breaking balls sweeps across the plate catches the outside corner for a called strike one. Gave her one for five in the series doubled last night to drive in fuhrman's only run that came in the sixth inning. No balls one strike. And pitched. Los soft liner to bomb thought about draw but no need surrender scrambled better good times. Soft line drive right at Alley ball for the second. Only did a good job of freezing on the line drive and diving back to today. So at least that's the trick now lead at the age in a fly ball to right his first time not. Oh for one today over for four and two starts in this series he's only had nine at bats all year including his first time out today takes. The bit low for ball one. Jason costs are used in the regular DH for Furman. Before players. Had to sit out last night's game because of being late for the bus and in Costa got a deal last night is back in the hotel today. Enabled life. One out. Well and outside scoop that is your body go under drought winds two balls no strikes. Trent Alley and getting a couple of chances to DH in this series also a starting pitcher for the paladins he's made. Five starts. And could be the guy tomorrow. To vote. Libel actually it's it'd be a pop up in the infield drifting towards first base line boy you're the first baseman puts it away. Easy pop up to first ends the inning. Leadoff single doesn't damage the firm and that against Lee in many in the fifth after four and a half Wichita State eight. Firm and nothing. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no Smart. Your parents are staying home weekends wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are seeing all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Impaired drivers are involved in 13. Of all Kansas traffic fatalities please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time and losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking and find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Shocker Schwartz is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green which cut place dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. George story from coast to coast AM join me weeknight right here find PMS. This thing you know as we go to the top of the fifth inning Jordan. Beats him VA TUS homeland takes over for the paladins a 62 freshman from Romo. South Carolina and repeats it. Just be his eighth appearance he's done a good job at this point. No decisions that one saves and a three point 14 ERA for fourteen in the third innings while hits seven runs five earned. The two walks and ten strikeouts. Opponent batting average of 226. We should follow scripture and what war through 79 pitches allowing eight runs on eleven hits. The two walks and two strikeouts. Beats and pitched five and two thirds out of the bullpen. Against Charleston on Wednesday through 75 pitches. He's coming back on just two days rest. After throwing seventy. I have on Wednesday of the facing Jordan Boyer gutter Trout line and travesty on in his first pitch to Boyer. The strike call breaking ball came back over the inside corner. Wonder what particularly is grounded to second and then doubled inside the bag at first to drive in around in the fourth later scored. He is three for five in the series bouncer foul outside third. Three for five with three extra base hit two doubles a home run at one of the last night. Wichita State eight runs on eleven hits. Furman no runs two hits through four and a half. His balls hit harbor right at the shortstop. He comes up with a it and throws to first Padilla. Boy you're out. Short to first start Jordan beat some time on the supposed to give you scoreboard update in the top that this will get to it. Just a little late years of my fingers roughing and construction roasted gutters. Deciding what does what your home's exterior again that it figures roughly dot com or call 316202. 20662066. Figures writhing in construction. Your home team grow better count one. Steps in from the right side he has walked and homered so far today. Respect him a breaking ball low for all want. Gutter walked out of 32 pitch in the second and then on the first pitch he saw in the fourth. Last at one up on the healing right field for two runs. It's a breaking ball a little wide to a two straight curve balls from the right hander beat to return through the catcher. It's loose into the middle of the infield. On the scoreboard in the American conference the only other game. In the afternoon today involving an American conference team decides that soccer's nonconference matchup here. It is Cincinnati instantly they are 11 in the bottom of the fourth. New Orleans there's a line shot just out of reach at shortstop into left field. That are Trout line. Now all over the park with authority today is now to protect you. First with one out chapters twelfth minute of the day. Coming up later this evening at 5:30 central time PC let UCF UConn at South Florida. That this at Houston. UCL a few time Houston. Paul winning. In the opening games of conference play yesterday Alex Jackson's going to hit for Travis young. Travis goes over to on the Derek and Alex who was all fertility Oklahoma game Tuesday Hanson as one. And in the left side against the new right hander on the mound and takes outside for ball one. Alex Jackson sophomore from double looked at six feet 175. And he has had 31 at bats with seven hits 226. I just have a long way down the right field line now it was way out front and Alan and Lance way out there in the parking lot. Well ball one strike. You would anticipate that Alex will also take over the left field for Travis on that's restarted on Tuesday night against you. I want to first one out bottom of the fifth. And that one's outside two balls and one strike. That you appliance and underscores. Creighton and Illinois State canceled the final game of their scheduled three game series in normal because of weather. Swing and a miss had a big rip that network and or even at two and two projects it. Top of the fourth in Fort Worth TCU leading Kansas State six to one. Bottom of the third in Waco Baylor leads Kansas thwarted nothing. But of the third in Austin Oklahoma State Texas nothing nothing. Hot pop up left side drifting toward foul territory the third baseman just in south territory. Well handled by Crawford. I know the wind blows everywhere in the United States. I would guess that. Thurmond probably doesn't get a lot of practice handling pop flies in winds like this in Greenville, South Carolina. Two out. Luke Ridder the hitter with Trout line first Luke is over too little walk. And the first pitch to him is swung and missed an off speed stuff away. And we did it for strike one. Also in the big twelve Oklahoma the shoppers just defeated on Tuesday. We'll play a doubleheader against West Virginia starting at 4 o'clock. Pitched better in the shop for a third charging is Crawford nice pick up on the in between hop but a strong throw to first. He retired the side. Wichita State in the fifth goes down with no runs on one hit and a man left after five still Wichita State eight Berman nothing. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the deployments during their clearance sale. Stay low quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. Bless their large inventory means you get same day or next day delivery and and installed on most models hits and let things that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana where kitchen made Energy Star raided his Washington. Ask about free install on qualifying models. The shelter insurance we the landlords have to keep up with the renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just dropped I picked up BO or rent check. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy it helps cover stuff in case of fire them and more wouldn't. I just moved back and smelled them oh you mean dad's email in case. Shelter insurance through your shield near her shelter. Or enters insurance he Katie Shanle or Jesse minutia in Wichita or Lindsay veered out than derby. Here are great Americans going. Opposite fittingly Betty as needed just 58 pitches through. Five allowing no runs on two hits no walks and five strikeouts in his teammates at the acting athletic runs on twelve hits. As attackers leave it. Eight to nothing before we wrap things up in the nit game diggers scoreboard. Looking for a score from across the street softball action between Wichita State at Memphis. And shot his first ever American athletic conference series try to track that down were thinking just got underway. At 3 o'clock. Alex yeah. Soon as anticipated stays in to play left after hitting we've had as young as started in the left so that's the only change so far from Wichita State. And for Furman here in the sixth it will be Logan tap what. Lori Richardson then Anderson due up against William Eddy. Tablet batting eighth the Furman catcher go for one of the ground ball to third in the first pitch to him as high for ball one. It's been kind of an odd day that way the sun has danced back and forth in and out of the clouds but there's sunshine at the moment here next stadium. 10 on the way. Fastball in threw strike one and the firm and hits aren't infield single off pictures go by landed K in the second inning leadoff single by Brandon only. In the fifth. 11 of the cap to tap what. Eddie pitch with a bit inside two balls and one strike. Final game of the series tomorrow at 1130. We'll joined to broadcast in progress afternoon. 21 on the way. Fouled off the catcher's mask and it's even again at two and two. So again if you happen to tune in tomorrow at the normal pregame time for a start time 1130 don't hear anything. Don't go away will be here at noon. Picking it up in progress early in the game. Two balls two strikes. William Eddy ready to work. And it's fouled straight back. Well. And can't get to step broadcast about but I have Jason all the backing me up. Cameron formed we shocker soft balls up three nothing bottom of the second it's a good start. They try to even up that first concert series 22 again. Out of the right out of play and tap what hanging in there. Yeah. I. I mention the shocker struck out sixteen. At last night's game the second highest total of the year. Coming into today's game averaging ten point two strikeouts per nine innings as a staff. Too cute again. Jeff passed this. That was a breaking ball started inside and came back late almost got the insect quarters 32 not a template. Lead and added with a 32 pitch. Headed to the plate and he missed inside for both war. Eddie's first walk of the game the leadoff man here in the sixth. Lee and coming into today had lost only six and 28 in a third innings in his first five starts. The better Jabari Richards to get a little cap between the mound and first base. And was thrown out by alienating back in the third he is all for one today over four in the series. Left handed hitter. He from the stretch and a drive to center. It pretty well just to turn completely repaired gets packed plant that makes the catch. Allen added spinning. It makes the catchy. Started back to his right shoulder spun completely around started suit hesitate stumble a little bit but got himself under control. And made the catch for the first. There isn't generous there has played a lot more first base and outfield in his first two seasons at Wichita State one thing that's. An impressive to me in the games and it got the chance to see as the job that he's getting on most balls in center field he seems to have really settled into that position. Here's Ben Anderson and it's past one off the plate foul for strike one. Anderson as last time up put a ball in play for the first time in four official at bats in the series popping up for the second baseman is struck out three times. And drew two walks in last night's game. Rhetoric first one out top of the sixth reform and 01. And drive toward shallow center Genesis drifting to his left a couple of steps makes the catch for the out. Always get on the bad handled just a little bit fly ball to straightaway center by Anderson plus route averages. Generous there with to put outs in the inning. Then the better Sims Griffith. Griffiths pallid and second baseman a fly ball to left at a strike out swinging. To that rhetoric serves. Bit of activity and a shocker bullpen. You mideast pitch fouled that for strike one. Certainly pitched cannot not an issue. Eddie had around seventy pitches right now in the sixth inning. That's hackers with an eight nothing lead so they may have a guy actually they'd like to get into this one get a little bit of work. Nothing top of the sixth. 01. Try to stop himself went around and a breaking ball down and away since this is available and do. Quick reminder there will not be a top Butler coach you show on Monday night because of travel for the shot here's hoping busing Conway Arkansas four Tuesday games there. But he'll be there at AJ sports grill at the only just about everybody died from six to 78 jays thirteen to Greenland. 02 Gary looking. The other breaking ball just frozen sand script for strikes out for the second time sadly many. Records his sixth strike Saturday afternoon. No runs no hits one man left after the walk in the sixth and Wichita State leads firm and eight domestic. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament since 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. I'm. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control of your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and ask your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available from plants. One company is on and a mission to put in the. Cheers sounds like in the and number doesn't tend not to express employment professionals. Engineers for an IT developer. More how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never church would be defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission. Each here. Let us hope. Who expressed grows dot com a final location near you. This is Michael Savage your me weeknight an eight on. It's good for the Texas Wichita State leading firm met by a score of eight to nothing but a bit of sunshine overhead right now. Kind of a cool day temperature around sixty strong wind out of the northwest on the left field corner crossed to the right field corner. At sixteen to plotting. Miles per hour right hander Jordan beats him goes into the second inning of work permit here in the six pitched a scoreless fifth giving up one yet. To be facing race in Afghanistan Alec palm and Paxton lawless. At least three hitters have combined for seven yes. War runs batted in for runs scored. Generous to three for 33 solid singles. Left center left and right he has scored twice. His first three hit game of the season in the pitch to him as an off speed pitch up and away the ball on. Grayson is not hitting in four consecutive games he has 446 so far in this series. One out to him. This is slow to balls and no strikes. Soccer's jumped out with two of the first added one of the third and had a Big Five spot in the fourth. Ground ball foul outside first two balls and one strike. Just a picks up another hit you become just the second shocker player to collect four hits in the game this season they can do guy had a four hit game against Texas Arlington. This is eight. Three hit games now but shocker hitters that he was way out in front of a changeup and missed it restrictive. Grayson started today at 297 and is pumped his average up to 328. Through his last at bat. If you. Just miss down and in three balls and two strikes. Grayson with a walk getting hit by pitch. Last night race his team leading on base percentage for 83 coming today. How that went off his foot he's had kind of a tough day. But Daniel himself up he. And I heard his foot a little bit rounding third out of slavery was held up. I got hit by a throw sliding back into second base. Probably a little bit as he walks as an off these already got eight guard on that right front foot. We have a tendency to foul balls off that foot. Three to account holding. Beats him back to the wind the pitch. A little bit low and away for ball four. It doesn't have his four hit game yet that he is on base four out of four times today. First walk like beets and third by firm and pitching today. And the better Alec bulk. Finally bounced into the force placed it by the shortstop in the first later scored. Dennis doubled and singled to drive in runs both times to victory. Two runs batted in one runs scored. Reading the team's leadership that runs batted in with 21 after Mason Bryant ID nineteen last night. Burres pitched him breaking ball in the turf one ball in those drugs. This is the third time in six innings the shocker to put a leadoff man on. They scored in in the fourth failed to score him in the second both times that was Dayton Judah. It's the bomb Nixon. It outside two balls and illustrates. Just tailed off played at the end. Afghanistan with a stolen base today and six of seven on the year you're almost at that point where you wonder if they would. Try to run leading eight to nothing. I'll back it stood wants. Used to be in College Baseball is that really lively aluminum bats teams kept running in situations like this. Because teams could put together some big innings in a hurry in pro ball. Try to steal an eight nothing lead in the sixty probably get somebody thrown at right now addict you count on that borderline College Baseball with the run here not. 21. And tossed over to first base. Just falls back to today. Eight nothing shocker is they've got hit Furman twelve to two. Won the series opener last night eleven to one. 21. Ground ball toward the hole shortstop gets over to get it he bared his second one back the first out on a close double play. That was well handled by a firm that always toward the hole. And he very got over it really get rid of it in a hurry could turn it second by Griffith is made a couple of good. If it's the day. Of the factors. It into the second double play of the game to out of nobody on them. Brings up. Paxton Wallace actually we're gonna get a pinch hitter for him so Paxton finishes up with a good day is starting DH two for three. Two run homer strike out innocent those first collegiate home run back in the first inning got doctors often running. He goes to a three run home run and two RBIs. And now here it poses freshman from Omaha it's going to pinch hit for him. Kosice out of line shot base hit last night. Takes a bit low for ball one. It too RBIs base hit less than I don't know rocket into right center. I went down in bounces to the backstop but it's too you know. Because it says now had three at bats in three games with two hits wanna double. Yeah and two runs batted in. Couple of freshman getting a chance here in the DH rule today. That one it's just outside three you know. Where in the sixth. Here's leading eight nothing bases empty now a two out. Jordan beat since pitch. It down and away for ball 44 pitch walk to kosice. He reaches two. Beats and second walk both in this inning. Better trade victories still looking for his first hit of the series is grounded to third grand the second and hit a sac fly to center's so far this month. Let's hope for three last night with a sacrifice fly. So Packers after. A slow start offensively last night ended up with twelve hits at twelve already today that was way low and outside the ball one beats that. After getting the double play ball off the bat of bone has missed with five straight is catcher. That's what's gonna go out Havel's jet with a. He had 1130 start tomorrow the broadcast will be the end at the news joining in progress at that time. Soccer sports properties in the trusted athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors. State that we level. A corporate partners how's it flew on delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. Refused an advertising with which to us that if but it call soccer sports properties that one hi. That's ball to two Vickers straight out of the zone for pizza. That number he'd like to call shocked the sports properties 3169787552. 20 driven toward right field a little bit off the end of the bat drifting back few steps to make the catch is okay. And decide retire it's a couple walks in the inning but no hits and one left and after six complete still Wichita State eight firm enough. You're an all star business with the talented team but the science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy slide past challenges and hit home runs go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe things can go at. Great now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe as content. A healthy smile as power. Oh thank you deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink porn and over west Sawyer. The top of the seventh in the Eddie that's going six innings he threw 72 pitches allowed no runs on two hits. With one walk in six strikeouts freshman righthander lowers his ERA one point 57. The 34 in the third. It and barring a catastrophe should get the win but for him to five and go on here Tyler Davis takes over. Davis a true freshman righthander from spring Texas 63205. Making news in the parents. Seven innings allowing five hits and two earned runs for ERA of 2.5 seven. With three walks and strikeouts that it is evident that pointed batting average. Just 185 basically proffered branded only Atlanta and it. In the government's seven. So that are outstanding performance by freshman DeLeon Eddie today. And it's packers' lead at eight nothing into the seventh. Yeah. Crawford came into the game hitting 300 years old for five so far in the series. It is peering over the glove. And his first pitch fastball a little bit low and inside fastball at ninety. Davis' last appearance was a week ago today pitched a hitless scoreless inning at Creighton last Saturday walked one. Is his wanna. In a ball hit in the air to left pretty well get going back on it. And making the catch. It's a new left fielder that's no longer Alex Jackson. It was out there in the previous inning. It looks like that's that's Ritter's moved over from. Second base. Employers that Ritter is it left boy years playing second move were from first Josh to backers is at first base. So sorry just picking that up one out the ending years brand and only one for two. Picks outside the ball on. Only today a fly ball to center and a singled to center. Here's the wine. Can be moved him back off the plate lives inside the ball to to have nothing to only. All conference candidate for space for Furman. Tyler Davis and his first inning out of the bullpen and the 20. Check swing at a bouncer one hop right back to Davis who run it toward spurs didn't tosses to to factor for the out. Check swing come backer to the pitcher. With two down the better will be landed okay. To backer now on the game will be batting in the nine holes. Which previously was held by young and Jackson. Checkers make it if it changes movements of people around. And the first pitch in their for a called strike to KK hadn't. Infield single off pitcher's glove in the second struck out in the fifth one for two today. Two for five so far in the series. Two out bases empty in the seventh Alec Davis deals swing and a miss. Good breaking ball down close to. We have adding six scoreless two hits one walk six strikeouts. Now at Tyler Davis retiring the first two in the seventh. Oh to the land and Katie chased one in the turf for strike three tagged out by Trout lines and CNN. A one C three innings or Tyler Davis shot pitchers and shut up fervent on two hits through seven. It was seven strikeouts it's the seventh inning stretch it to eight methane which hostage. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner who injured when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn for trying something new can be exciting and power and downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand. Last four years old world Chevrolet. Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales security suite fourteen through twenty. Alexa. Crack down on the local and national news a lot what they are relevant traffic and weather info nobody wants to hear a computer read the news okay. Alexa complete cave in as this radio and by the way you can do that on any Smart speaker tried. I'm silly. This is Stevens. In this morning right here on cape and S and. The bottom of the seventh inning. Wichita State leaving this 18 to nothing Austin. We suffered a little bit in the last night's game makes his second appearance. Up the series right hander who pitched an inning and a third last night two hits no runs. No walks and two right yes. SP woods eighth appearance of the year. It's six in the third innings he's given up fifteen hits and eight runs through me our way of eleven point 37. In the ballgame where fuhrman's down eight to nothing. Brett Parker giving him the chance to maybe go a little more confidence after decent outing last night. Wichita State has eight runs on twelve hits with no errors for the no runs two hits. And no errors that shot his bat in the bottom of the seventh. What are my engine that Monday night is typically coaching showed night for eight days where Philip Elliott 37. It started thirteenth. At Greenwood. But there will not be a hot button show this coming Monday night because of travel mug shot this will be traveling to Arkansas. Refused to head matchup we have central Arkansas. It's a no show at this Monday but most Mondays six to seven room H jays on 97. And thirteen thirty hand assessment head coach Scott Butler. Getting up for Wichita State in the seventh date ended up. It took for three on the day single double and a fly ball to right. He followed by Jordan's lawyer and gutter Trout lines aren't having any of the lineup changes this. Butler down the stretch getting a few more guys in the game with a shot here's a comfortably in this one. You've got stands in from the right side and Austin bullet ready to work his first pitch is a fastball low for apple on. Would the third picture of the day for Furman grant Sherman went forward Jordan pizza and two scoreless innings one hit. And two walks. Fouled the right side out of play one ball one strike. Nice day except for that northwest wind that's that little chilled to the air. Soccer softball now leading Ford and nothing bottom of the third over Memphis. That's an over Wilkens stadium fastball on the inside corner for strength to do that's 12. Again that is the first ever American conference series for shocker softball they lost a tough three to two game last night. And out in front early today looking even at the series. 12. Ground ball to short right at Hebrew bibles for a moment to back up Roseanne safe at first base. You've got is a big strong looking guy but is dissent heave from net you know how fast he is and he always hustles. Down the line and just that one little wobble. If you time defeated picked up slightly by only a first. But it was too late in the that would be charged as an error. In the heat it was hit Wright added that even though I recovered quickly these Bobble. Made the difference of one on the nobody for Jordan Boyer. Lawyer one for three RBI double in the fourth. Your side of two ground ball or in between two ground ball outs drives us when fell behind first restrict one. Going through the shocker ordered today Ridder O for three with a walk generous to three for three with a walk. Bombed two for four. Texted Wallace was two for three and in your hostess walked hitting for him Vickers is open three with a sac fly you've got two for four. Fastball for a strike to Boyer so into Boyer won for three Trout line two for two including a home run and walk. Travis young was Oprah to Alex Jackson over one we may see. Josh to backer in that spot even before this innings over the shoppers keep it going here. Battered first nobody out ode to that Jordan Boyer. Woods that she and that one gets through the catcher. Was low blood look like it might be detectable if that's passed ball or wild pitch. That doesn't want it to was out of the strike zone. Looks like tablet. Didn't quite get the gate down there. On balls two strikes to Jordan Boyer runner in scoring position now with nobody out. Woods taking a long look at this time. Come Synaptics look at second now time call by Jordan Boyer. That error a moment ago the first in the series for Furman. They've struggled a little bit defensively on the year fielding 965. That. Did not make an error last night giving them back to back Errol Louis games they didn't have one Wednesday against Charleston either. Only had five Errol Louis games out of the first 22. 12 off speed pitch happened in. Lawyers Tenet leaned back took the ball to. Do and Judy Jordan news three for six so far in this series. All three hits for extra bases. Step back for a moment to practice swing settles back in the box would. Just look back on the Robert looks into the son Dayton do that second base nobody out. Here's the stretch. He choose now to the right out of play again. And Austin would. Sophomore from the lots Colorado 65 to ten big righthander. Made six appearances five in relief last year just six innings had a ten point five ERA. Again after. Inning and a third scoreless last night it's eleven point 3736. In the third so far this year. YouTube. And check swing now that the right side. Held up until very late decided it might be it pitched it could be a strike it was kind of down and away. Just pulled it foul down the first baseline. Lawyer hanging in its that'll walk at bat with a couple foul balls two strikes. Dayton did. Reached on an error by the shortstop to start the inning moved to second on the ball got past the catcher. 22 count holding the Boyer would working deliberately. And delivers. At balls drilled on the left field line it is just now. And I hanging liners on the left side and it landed about 23 feet out just outside the strike. That's at least three to strike foul balls by Jordan Boyer in this event got a good swing there. Pulled it just slightly now. Slackers have not scored in their last couple of advance after putting up five in the fourth. Adding in the seventh leading eight to nothing. We're standing outside the box for a moment back again. Those Ian wood trying to keep their concentration along battle here. Another 22 pitch that's lower its all the way full. So vis a I think that tenth pitch of this at bat coming up. Which does state that the second day in a row. Coming up with a two run first those are there to. High water mark for runs in the first inning this year. 32. What are Thompson that. He just kind of rolls his head like Kellogg's is gonna go on wood has to be feeling the same way out there on the mound. Soccer is looking like they will move to twelve and one at home on the year. One more here at home tomorrow and then they'll be on the road for Ford next week central Arkansas on Tuesday. Three game series to open their American conference schedule and it's. ECU Thursday Friday Saturday. The VD second 32 pitch to Jordan Boyer and he takes low for ball four. So it's very good at. At bat for Borger is down in the count early either going to want to. Ends up drawing the walk. And Ross hit Dina. The F therefore Trout line. Throw us a freshman catcher. Throughout south lake Texas 9195. Because the final inning of last night's game hasn't had admit that for a while he's one for five. On the year with a single. That's here for Trout line in the seventh. First and second nobody out. First pitch to him a swing at MS fastball down nothing and one. Do you go are reaching on an error boy hero walked nobody out yet kitty in his last at bat was march 9. Against UTA window for one. He has one hit came in the series finale against Omaha the second weekend of the season when he want one's victory. 01. It near her right field drifted back a few steps to Oakland back is OK makes the catch tagging its second moving over to third is Dayton Buddha. He did put a pretty good swing on one to the opposite field. But it was called in for the one down. And Alex Jackson is actually still in the game he comes up here for the second time bowed out to the third baseman. In the gates who's not who's making a bunch of changes. Defensively in the last inning that I. Failed to pick up. But factor is in not figure out. Who came out of that exchange. Alex Jackson Hole for one in the game. First pitch to him is a strike up in the zone. Must have been generous to us since he's not playing center and Janice there was probably a little bit after. Fouling one off his foot. That would mean to backers batting in his spot in the batting order. First and third one out bottom of the seventh. Fastball down and away when ball and went straight. So. There have been four position players substitutions for Wichita State. One Wanda Jackson and a drive to left slicing toward foul territory that Roland let down by the Furman bullpen play. When ball and two strikes. It's Jackson got up to pretty good start this year he. Did not play. As a starter in the Middle East series was one for two off the bench the seasonal and then started the next six. And hit safely in five of the first seven games this season. One tune just outside that was closely to take cat goes to tune into. Alex hopes to against Oklahoma on Tuesday. Last hit was in the final game of the UTA series two weekends ago once for one. Takes that one just outside that was probably just a little farther out there that both of those were pretty close to take with two strikes. Full count now. Does it first and third one out bottom of the seventh. Soccer's leading eight to nothing. 32. Well inside for ball four came back with a breaking ball and now they are loaded up. So I could have loaded the bases without a hit. Here in the seventh. And error and two walks. Greens are boot Ritter who is now the left fielder. And backer is out on the accident was generous to spot. At the factory to in the line up. Trip to demand for head coach and pitching coach Bret Parker. But he's throwing yet and they. Bullpen for Furman. There is a right hander now. Like he's ready to get ready. Let's he's been throwing him as did notice. Long discussion that no move to the pin. Bases loaded one out. Almost looks like Parker's waiting for the plate umpire Al Matthews plate umpire Matthew I support him out maybe he's not happy with the zone once it. We're actually getting out there and complain a little bit doesn't say much. That was a long conversation on the mound. It's been a long at bats for the soccer's even though only four players that come to the plate. Heard Boyer had about a ten or eleven pitch at bat fouling off the bench pitches before he walked three to Jackson just walked three to. Bases loaded one out for Luke Ritter who is over for three with a walk today after picking up three hits last night. First pitch to him. Away for ball one. Right handers that got out data that and is starting to loosen up a little bit. Boyer has flied to left Bradley to third twice and also drew walks except when low and outside to a nothing. No room for him. Would the two walks in the inning brings the total to six. For Furman pitching today but there were only there was only one through the first five innings and they've been. Actually two I guess and four more in the last two minutes. Readers race now to the right to balls one strike. Soccer's last hit was a one out single by gutter Trout line in the fifth. They've now had four walks and an error putting five men on in the last two innings. It's too Ritter. Low ball three. Three and one Duluth who came into the game hitting some 38. Three straight multi hit games coming into this one going seven for fourteen. Stretched by Austin would. 31. In the year to right pretty well here at the right fielder back case gonna make the catch right short of the warning track taking it there is good guy he comes home to score. And boy your boots from second to third two out of the inning. But the sacrifice fly for a raider gets it on earned run home makes it nine did nothing. Luce nice run batted in and year. Boy or a third Jackson first. And the better Josh to factory it's his first plate appearance of today. Josh. As an intense games prior to this but only five Nazis over 54 of those five ending up in strikeouts and has walked once. Left handed hitter 63 redshirt junior from Lee's summit Missouri. First Pittston fastball away from wall on. Josh walked as a pinch hitter at Creighton last Sunday that's his most recent plate appearance. First and third two out. Running and here in the seventh. And it balls popped up in the center drifting a little bit in the wind the center fielder back. In Anderson makes the catch to end the inning. Soccer's failed to get it yet to put three men on scored one unearned runs story. Thanks in error two walks and a sac fly after seven shot his ninth Berman nothing. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for Oakland. 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Davis after his second inning had the shot wonderful Natalie and Eddie went six today allowed no runs on two hits. With one walk and six strikeouts Tyler Davis 1237. Striking out one. He faces Brit he nears leading off the eighth for Furman chapters leading nine nothing in this one fastball on the inside corner for a called strike one. He'd be today has struck out into a double play and lined to third. Prosecuted anyone for sixth in the series time called. Sure why buy it. Red marker from the third base again that is. He stepped out for a moment now that would look away one ball one strike. At a very fun weekend so far on the fuhrman's eleven to one loss last night trailing nine nothing in the eighth today. 11. Fell off the hands rules long's third baseline it's one into the attic either. Brett he very HUEB. And ER. The junior from Andover Minnesota. There are BI double in last night's game. Went to little soft liner to first read it to backer for the second out so he's hit. Soft liners to third and first today one out. Things that the DH trance Alley. Elliott slider right popped to first. She starts in the series and useful for five. We only had five at bats all season coming into last night. Right handed hitters. Facing the right Tyler Davis. And the first pitch to him is a breaking ball over for a strike. Left hander Trent Allen. Loosening up in the shocker bullpen. One out of the gates. Alec Davis. But one. Just a little bit low with a fastball one ball and strike. Eleven 31 pitch tomorrow will join the game in progress here on the broadcast at noon. 11. Fouled off their hands straight down in the turf one volunteer strikes to transfer Alley. And only 64185. A sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina. Checkers headed to North Carolina later next week to open American conference play against TCU in Greenville Thursday Friday Saturday. 123 Davis low and outside bounces away from prosecuting a two balls in two straight. A few changes the checkers defensively since this would started just to. Recap keeping an eye catching just to Becker first Jordan Boyer its second straight Vickers it short Alec moment third. The reader left Alex to accidents that are Dayton Uga right ground ball sharply right it Vickers. Shortstop over to first for the out you know. Of those names I just reeled off the only starters in their original positions are speakers short moment third and you've got right field. The better for Furman Logan tap with a catcher he has bounced to third and walked. Came into the game hitting 274. That's from the right side facing Tyler Davis who retired all five of these states so far. Restrictions chaplain. Just outside fastball. Suckers up nine to nothing in the eighth. Davis with a 10. Chopper toward third foul. When ball one strike. Which does states ERA coming into today had dropped to 3.2. Eight. As a chance to go lower if they can. The last four outs here. 11 Falwell hit in the left field it'll drop for a base hit one hop and try to lose Ritter solid single by Logan tablet just the third hit of the day. For Furman. Exit Jabari Richards left fielder he has bounced to the picture and fly dissenters. Poll for five so far in the series left handed hitting junior outfielder from Fayetteville Georgia. And that's gonna do it. Butler. Headed the man he's gonna go for the left hander. Out of the pinch friend Alan redshirt freshman. We'll take over for the shot yours and we'll take quick time out Wichita State. Leading firm and I did nothing in the top of the eight. Last season form of. On defense. Mourning today is national fuel. I like her sentencing of not practicing. Good day to give or receive your previous days to Wear those pins you've already and a I don't Wear a lot of fueled myself. I don't have pierced ears like in where those are pretty calling for Il. Start your morning right. Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine Montana assassin. With spring's arrival nature resumes active. In life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear and get your worst this is the balance of nature. With this balanced whether must also find harmony. As we find ourselves. In the middle of it stay alert tornado season. The watches warnings and what you need to know. He's seven and thirteen thirty trillion SSP. Sean. Kennedy here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall. Happening right here on CNN. How one becomes the third pitcher the day the Wichita State redshirt freshman left hander. Rob south lake Texas new. Kind of did the ball ball last year and so forth that never really made the roster last spring. Just kept working and has come back this year to make the team he has made two previous appearances. And in those two outings in any of the third with one hit and no runs one walk. At three strikeouts he made his collegiate debut against Nebraska with a scoreless 13 giving up they hit. Event on March the night his last time now. Pitched a hitless scoreless innings against Texas Arlington with one walk in three strikeouts. Ari Richards left handed hitter will go ahead in bad against the lefty with a runner at first and two out. Herman collecting. Just its third hit the ball game a moment ago on two out single by Logan template. Alan ready to go to work settles into the stretch and just misses outside to. Joseph Torre Richards for ball one. Not many base runners. For Furman today in this doctors have. At one double play so firm and only has two runners left on base today. That's ball up and into balls and no strikes. Wichita State leads it nine to nothing top of the eighth two out. Wanna. Tebow. It topped it the right side backer charging will feel flipped Allen covering race to the baggage didn't get there in time. Good hustle out of the box by Jabari Richards speaks it for an infield single. That was handled OK I don't think there was any mistakes there to Becker had to charge the ball wasn't hit very hard. And he was in front of the bag turned in flips and Allen going past it looked like Allen got over their pretty good order but just not fast enough. To be retreats to the back. An infield single. Makes it first and second with two out. And the better another lefty and Dan Andersen its top of the order Anderson over three today with a strikeout pop to second and a fly ball to center. Four hits now for Furman. It's the team that came into the game hitting 281. And averaging right at six runs for games and checkers did a great job of shutting them down. Breaking ball low and outside here for ball one. For an had a rough stretch early in the season when they lost four straight games to Clemson and North Carolina State they were held to. 160 want an average of five hits one and a half runs in those four games. Lotto we did that inside two balls no strikes. But up until last night and there are other seventeen games other than those four they were hitting 319. Averaging eleven hits and seven and a half rounds checkers held them to two for twenty. Ryan and just one run last night. First and second two out 20 pitch high ball three. Left or right handed hitting Sims Griffith is due up next though if Alan fails to get Anderson this could be yet there's at least one right it looks like maybe a couple of right handers have been throwing in the bullpen one for sure. Two on two out in the eighth for Furman. Three go. That's in their for a strike three and one. Tammy Davis started the inning got the first two men pretty quickly and give up the two out single to Logan's hapless. Butler went to the pan for Allen and he gave up an infield hit to Jabari Richards 31 now on an Anderson. And the pitch. Little bit low Pederson wouldn't that hearing held the bat waiting for the call. But it was just low for ball four and that will bring about. Another pitching change. Anderson walks it's his third walk into games in the series it's only the second walk given up by a shocker pitcher today. In seven and two thirds. That will get a new picture to the mound as a right hander will come in to face Sims Griffith. With the bases loaded and two out. That is pitcher is Adam Keller. It came in last night to face two hitters and struck out both of them to end the game. Keller threw the doctors first eighteen games this season only made one appearance. And I will make his second in as many days. And killer. Fifth year senior from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 6205. Pounds. And in his two appearances so far inning and two thirds two hits no runs no walks and three strikeouts. There were two added nobody on in this inning single infield single walk loaded them up. And Keller now facing Saddam's grip that. Couple of broadcast reminders final game of the series tomorrow starts at eleven. Thirty we will join in progress at the news just slightly into the game. And then Monday night no coat she show the usual time is six to seven. Todd Butler 9713. Thirty that no show Monday night is soccer team traveling to Arkansas opportunity match up. With central Arkansas. And then. Thursday Friday Saturday. Will be the first conference series. Of the season for Wichita State at DC you. Those game times are 5:30 central on Thursday and Friday noon central. On Saturday. Airtime and a half hour before each of those. Pinch hitter. Four Sims Griffith as Dylan love comes up from the right side he's two for six on the year 333 with two runs batted him. Griffith was over three today with two strikeouts. Love had an at bat in last night's game. Now it's pitch to him is over for a called strike if that needs. Love walked in the ninth inning last night right before. Keller came into the game and Keller then struck out the next two hitters. So this time love gets to face Keller. Bases loaded two out in the eighth. On hold in the strip steal one Getty's chased one. Curve ball down and away he's got a really good breaking ball when he's on with that. He's got a good hold on to. In the eighth soccer's leading nine did nothing so. Not a lot on the line here right now other than just some pride of keeping this shot at going. Bases loaded two out of notes you can after the hitter. And Keller hit Gary. Maggette followed up he just got a piece that just did talent often. Skip the way from giddiness and it stays dough into. I'm runs on twelve hits for the soccer's no runs four hits for Furman bases loaded two out for the paladins. In the top of the eight. Cap holding it all went suited Dylan love. Adam Keller now the fourth shocker picture of the day. Third this inning. OJ again. Dividend to right field that's going to be a base hit a couple of runs will score. You guys juggles a purple they hold the runner at third so it just one run scores Uga. Douglas for just a moment that got it back completely. He would not have had a play at the plate anyway of course and writer from there so one run in third hit of the inning. Yeah Dylan loved except the runs batted in the better. Bases still loaded. That Ron is charged to Tyler Davis who allowed the two out base hit to started all of this. Crawford over three on the day to fly ball outs. And a strikeout swing. Analysts pitch to him any chase plus that was in the turf. It even had to go down and all forced to smother it Chica. Late wave at it no balls and one strike that would totally fooled. Nine to want Wichita State in the gates of the checkers will not get your second shot out of the season. Thanks to two out hit by Dylan loved. 01. Outside of all to strike. Wichita State had a big inning last night was seven in the seventh had a Big Five run fourth inning today that gave them a big early cushion. 11. Almost got to chase in the turf again but that's having held up they do appeal that he didn't go around it's two balls and one strike. Mostly sunny skies now brick stadium. And has not let up at all still blowing across from left to right toward the right field corner. 21. Swing and a miss David Chase a breaking ball down again it's good to. Sitting starter with a soft line editor at first but I've read Hebert trade Alley grounded to short but Logan tablet with a line single to left that to that. Or Richards beat out an infield single and it happened first baseline then Anderson walked. And Dylan love punched a single to right to drive era. Cincinnati Jay Crawford. Atom caller's pitch low and outside with the breaking ball three and two. The things back on a very even footing now three and two Keller. Cannot afford to give up a walk with the bases loaded. It's Crawford chance to get pretty decent pitch to hit. Here's a 32. Ground ball left side true and the left field for a base at a two more runs are going to score. Hard ground ball just out of the reach of bombed the third baseman to his left. And 93 ball game. They'll love stopped at second with play in front of him Jake Crawford was his tenth eleventh runs batted in of the season. Those two runs are both charged to tread Allen. Gave up. I hit and a walk to the two hitters he faced. Killer has faced him given up two base hits after striking out both that he faced last night you'll stay on to pitch to Brandon the only. First and second in two down only one for three on the day. First pitch to him his fastball for a strike on the outside corner. Thome singled to center in the fifth he also has flight this veteran bounced to the pitcher. His first appearance of the series he did not play last night. First and second two down. Five straight men have reached for Furman. It only takes up just a little bit one ball and one stripe. So this has been by far. Fuhrman's best stretch in two games with five straight hitters reaching. For basics. They've scored three runs here in the eighth after being shut out to this point. Keller set. In time called by only. Six hits in the ball game. For Furman floor in this eighth inning. The sharpest deleted comfortably not industry. 11. That David Chase a breaking ball down and kind of waved at it for strikes. Couple of the swings he's gotten on that breaking ball have made it look pretty bad. But ultimately. He has given up two straight base hits. One ball two strikes to elm. Pillars that. Holds and delivers and struck him out curve ball down a way to end the inning. So Keller finally answers the permanent NBA picks up three runs on four hits and they leave two men on base. We go to the bottom of the eighth it's now Wichita State nine Berman three. Wanna have a little fun. 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Weekdays at five right here on stage and as. Change yes the bottom of the eighth inning right hander Bobby Jones argued she she lives takes over. Jones is 66 to fifteen did you hear from Marietta Georgia he's made three appearances. Pitching an inning and two thirds of has given up six runs all earned on four hits and four walks. Birdie RAF 32. Point 40. Austin wood turned in today. Inning in the seventh didn't give up and hit the walk the couple. Errors act like you've been potter mania honored. Jones becomes the fourth pitcher of the day for firm and as he comes in it's the gates to be facing. Alec bomb here hoses and trade Vickers for Wichita State shot his lead at 93. 912 and both the shocker line 36 and one now for firm. That we've had a shot up through the sample of the 32 out runs for Herman here in the top of the eighth getting them on the board. Alex ball ready to lead adoption for four today with a double a single runs batted it. You'll love is now playing second base for them. All of you for four today at 448. Against the paladins in the series. Team leading 21 runs batted in on the year with two more today stands in from the right side. And Jones first pitch. To strike zone. Jones most recent outing an inning against College of Charleston on Wednesday. Allowed two hits and a run. 01. Breaking ball miss low one ball one strike. Brad Sherman what the first four for Furman today Jordan beats in two scoreless innings Austin wood for an inning and that Jones in the eighth. 11 to bulk. Fastball high to and one. Two fastballs he's strong so Favre showed up at eighty and 83. On the radar again. Two balls one strike. Here kosice waiting on deck. And the pitch to bump. Way inside of most hitting spun him around through balls and one strike. I'll rent it shorted the first starting forced play later stole bases and scored double to right to drive in a run in the third. Singled up the middle to drive and a run in the fourth and grounded into a double play started by the shortstop in the sixth place that would low and outside for ball four. Leadoff walk for bone here in the eighth. Checkers and now runs seven walks in the game trip. Here it poses at the game as a pinch hitter for. Paxton Wallace. In the sixth and threw four pitch walk flawless today was two for three putting a two run homer. Two freshman filling the DH role today in kosice. Looking to follow up on a two run base hit of last night's game. First pitch to him is driven hard toward right center field it'll fall for a base hit. All bustling around second headed to third he'll make it easily and Gary post it's not too for too little walk in the series. Smoke that was about the same spotting and is based at last night. First and third nobody out of the show partners. They have not collected thirteen hits in this them. Grape picker still trying to join the parade is over for three sacrifice fly to ground ball outs in the the slider right. Nine runs thirteen gets. For Wichita State. First and third nobody yes. Stretched by Jones that it should makers hit one hop off the shortstop plug it into the left field probably goes a base yet. Bombed scores to make it tended to eat. Louisiana scoring but a low hard liner. And shortstop beat it tried to take a drop step and backhanded it skipped off lower tip of his love. Those suckers now attended street first and second nobody out. Still hasn't been scored. We'll get a pinch hitter for a date and you've got. This will be hundred Gibson. Refreshment. It has gone as a hit and run batted in for Vickers. Attackers were fourteen kids. Stickers first of the date. Still nobody out of the gates not present to him three. Putter Gibson last night one for four with a run scored a run batted in started as the DH. That student. Swing and a felt tip for strike one. Gibson from the wood down Oklahoma's 63 suits him. He's at ten at bats with three gets one of them a home run on his first collegiate bat back in the opening home series against Omaha. Takes that would load inside gets away from the catcher in the runners will move up to second and there. Wild went down and in. Count one ball and one strike now two Gibson hitting four Dayton did not date was. Two for four today. Also reached on an error scored twice. I'd Butler getting a chance to get a lot of people into this one. Jones pitch. A strike at the base on balls two strikes that are Gibson. It certainly fifth. Position player to see action this went off the bench. Want to delivery. Low bounces away from the catcher but not too far because as well hang on it's there. Two balls two strikes that gives them. Doctors with fourteen hits in this one. And now hit ten or more hits in a game ten times in their first twenty games. And fourteenth ties with the second most. At sixteen and game against Texas Arlington fourteen against Nebraska. Ground ball right side has a chance second baseman over its operative is gonna be kick about what they. Gibson aboard another run scores to make it eleven history. Edit and will probably go as he hit the ball carried on the bounced into the outfield. And luck trying to arrange to his left kind of slowed it down but never could pick it up. I don't routine flight no guaranteed that it could have turned and got the runner at first anyways I would think that ability yet but that's a couple of roe that it. Led to a little bit of an official scorers decision. First and third nobody out. Two run homer in the inning to make it eleven to three. And the better Jordan lawyers one for three with a walk. First pitch to him straight foul behind first base that has gone as a hit for Gibson. In a run batted in. Soccer's tacking on two runs on three hits and walked so far here in the gates still nobody out runners at first and third. Which Packers scored eleven last night at eleven again today. It's been Boyer. Pop foul when will probably push this went out of play and does or behind first base Doug I don't too. Fifteen hits now the shocker second most of the season they've scored eleven runs for the fourth time this year. Second time in the series they're single game high it's twelve against UT Arlington. There is a potential. Twelfth run down there at third with nobody out. Which the Boyer our speed hide inside one and two. Lot of players getting some. Feel good at bats today for the shocker. Lawyer doubled to drive in a run back in the fourth. Texas swing takes that went off the outside edge stood to. Berman scoring for the first time in the top of this eighth inning getting 32 out runs this Packers have immediately answered with two right back. First and third nobody out. And it's suited Jordan boy it sharply for home outside their. Straight Vickers had to jump over that as it was right at his feet. Urban as a left hander throwing in the bullpen. Reddy Johnson is first inning of work. And it adds that gasoline into the fire with 32 point 40 ERA coming in. Caps still too good to. Jones steps off for a moment. Pray Vickers at third hunter gives it its first in the pitch. Bounced in their blocked by the catching three balls in two strikes. Leadoff walk to bomb a single by kosice in the right center. RBI single student pass a short stuff above the bed of fingers and then. Singles in the right side by Gibson it was not down by the second baseman. Roddy Jones of the 32 pitch to Jordan Boyer. And Jordan checks off its low and outside for ball for their loaded up. I have straight hitters every snap it's not here in the eight. It comes Brett Parker that's gonna do anything to go to the bullpen for the left handers at Jones faces five. It's up two hits and three walks. Doctors and added two runs and had the bases loaded little bit of goods. Last uprising here in the bottom of the eighth chapters leading eleven to three it will break away for adjustable. Fast. Informative. Fun Steve and mourning today is national fuel today I like versioning and singer now. Let's listen good day to give or receive your previous day to Wear those Jim you may already and a I don't Wear a lot of fuel myself. I don't have pierced ears like inward those pretty troubling Freel yeah. Start your morning right. Stephen Ted mornings from six to nine on Janus Aspen. With spring's arrival nature resumes activity. Giving life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear. And get torched. This is the balance of nature with this and balanced whether must also find harmony. As it does we find ourselves. In the middle of it stay alert tornadoes he's. Watches and warnings and what you need to know. He's seven and thirteen 33 an asset. Jason can you join us for become reality radio week nights at eleven I'm OK okay. It is. Yeah later Rachel LWEGER. 63 sophomore left hander from spring borrow Ohio. Paul later is making just his fourth appearance of the year. And has given up seven hits and seven runs five earned in 22 thirds for a sixteen point eight feet. ERA three walks and one strikeout. In those two and two thirds. Of the facing Ross hit Dina. Bases loaded nobody out in the eighth two runs in to get the shot here's an eleven to three lead. And along eighth inning. As firm and sent eight men to the plate scored 32 out runs in there have. Their first runs of the data shocker to come right back with two. They have three hits two walks in the inning no one has been retired rusty Dino or for one with a fly ball to right as he gets that the second time. Just the second time. For the freshman catcher that he is more than one at bat in that game was one for three against Omaha. Currently one for six. In his first collegiate season. Respects to a analysts off moderates gonna get through for a base hit in the lap one running in. And the trail runner Gibson held up a third coming off the second. RBI single for Ross Kadima and he's now one to them that they little soft liner right through the hole short. It drive in the right. Twelfth victory with just days. Bases remained loaded Alex Jackson coming up for the third time he has bowed out to the third baseman. And walk. That it runs charged to Roddy Jones. He's still responsible for two wore out there. Jackson over one on the day bases loaded nobody out slices of sort of foul down the left side for strike one. I have a bit of a delay as Evelyn bounces back added the playing field Torre Richards will throw it out of play. Three runs on three hits and two walks afar for the shock yours in the attic. Twelve runs on sixteen hits on the day fastball outside 11. Make that four hits and two walks in the inning. Twelve to three Wichita State bottom of the eighth. 11 grounded to second could be to love over to second one hit her back to first in time to end the current two. Get the second out. There's nobody out another run scores from third. As Gibson came home on the double play though RP IR network. But two out Lew Ritter. Up for the sixth time today officially over for three with a walk and a sacrifice fly runners still third with two out. And the pictures that are driven up the middle of the center field for a base hit Luke gets his first hit of the day. Brings home boy here from third. It is now fourteen to three which adjusted. That is seventeen hits for the soccer's. To a bowl later. And it runs also charged to Roddy Jones. Be charged we it. All five of these. Josh the backer Oprah wanted to fly ball to center in his one previous at bat swings and misses for strike one. Doctors have had to five run innings in this game in the fourth again in the 814 runs on seventeen hits. Fourteen runs a high for the season. And so are seventeen hits. 01 sliced over the third base dugout out of play no balls in two strikes. Five singles in the inning. Singles by Vickers Gibson had Dina and Ritter driving in runs. That runs scored on a double play grounder. With two outs in the inning came on one play. Seven hitters have reached safely in the inning. Who treated backers struck him out swinging at a pitch down in the ways of the backers rights act and that the soccer's bat around in the eighth. And they scored five runs on six hits and leave one. After eight Wichita State fourteenth. Permit three. Hello soccer nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incensed for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or peering down we want you to call on us let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger smile our services this pain I promise. And no one can use stats now. For the top of the hour I got a nose. My sit on 987 net. Thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita is number one talk shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber this season. Join us this morning. And as fast. Bobby Evans here. Frisco Texas. I'm not pitched the ninth for Wichita State Robbie making his seventh appearance. Of the season he's pitched five and a third innings giving up seven hits and five runs. Birdie RAF eight point four war. No walks eight strikeouts. Get those there is most recent outing was a week ago Tuesday that inning of that kind of for a loss at Missouri. Gave up two runs on two hits prior to that 123 innings it's Texas Arlington striking out two. And through one and two thirds scoreless at Oral Roberts with one yet no walks. And three strikeouts. Be facing landed K Brett I keep hearing for an Alley permanent midnight Berman. Picking up its first runs of the game was 32 out runs in the eighth attackers came right back with five they're second. Five run inning of the game so it is fourteen to three Wichita State going to the ninth. Landed Kate. Will depart for a pinch hitter is Deion Sanders started last night's game at first base will get a chance to hear. Sanders at seven at bats on the year with one hit. He won here there's a home run. Sanders a right handed hitter over three last night little walk into strikeouts. Landed cable and a today one for three and an infield single and two strikeouts. Evans' first pitch to Sanders is a strike fastball the knees ninety. Rob he's got a good arm is is consistency and location with him. Working from the stretch with the bases empty and the 01. That's an air for a strike at a fastball down around and he is quickly go into. Robbie Evans made eighteen appearances with four starts last year Owen one with a decent four point 33 ERA for 35 and a third. 02. Rosie with the breaking ball and struck him out look that you just. Completely collapsed as an act lag on Sanders. And gets it looking for the strike yet. That is nine. Right yep it's nine strikeouts for shocker pitching today so they're keeping their average right up there. Was ten point two per nine innings coming into the game. And now hitting four Furman. Is David Webb bull. Infielder who is two for sixteen on the ears started four games. Over to Wednesday against Charleston and his most recent appearance. First pitch to him over at the pace restrict rubbing Evans. Just bang and it strikes. One out nobody on. Probably Evans the fifth picture of the day for Wichita State level hitting four red heat here. One just a little bit low. When bowl on strike. Trade Alley on deck and he is out in the on deck circle. 11 swing and miss fastball down and in one ball and two strikes. Put Robbie Evans really good location on his first five pitches everything's been down. One into account the wearable. WEB EL. And the fish ground ball canceling the short. Bickers over the first for the out to done. To up Janet and I from Robbie Evans. And Trent Alley will come up for the fourth time over three. Fly ball to right popped to first to ground ball to short or for six. In two starts in the series. Three runs six hits for Furman today the checkers with fourteen runs on seventeen hits both. Season highs. They've now scored 25 runs. On 29 hits in two games. This picture just missed low and away one ball no strikes. Good breaking ball in the right hander. Evans another guy who hasn't seen all that much time than it very capable of helping this pitching staff he's got good stuff. Pluto. Chop over the manner the second. Quick throw over to first by Boyer gets the out and hands the ball you're make I chop over the mountain Boyer charged played it well. And throws out vowing to end the launching 39 for Robby Evans as a final score today Wichita State fourteenth. Nervously. As the trackers go to sixteen and four on New Year's stay tuned for the post game show. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you've got to get into the supply routes during their clearance sale. Stay low quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. 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This it opting like it when he person whether online pop teen type thing in life dot com. With spring's arrival nature resumes activities. In life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear. And get to work just this is the balance of nature wins this balance whether must also find harmony. As it does we find ourselves. In the middle of it stay alert tornadoes she's. For watches warnings and what you need to know. He's seven and thirteen thirty KM SN. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and overweight Sawyer George. Are you from coast to coast AM join me week starts right here fine KN SA. Go Wichita State moving to sixteen and four on the year with a second one sided win. In this three game series winning today over firm by a score up fourteen to three. Last night this doctors waited until late to really put the way of fact it was 321 going in the bottom of the sixth better Trout line homered to make it there are a lot of them if doctors. Busted out with a seven run seventh. Today at the damage was done pretty early this factors scored two of the first one in the third inning five run fourth. Made it eight to nothing. That's the way it stayed until the seventh when they tacked on one more than one blitz you can blow for the soccer's all day it was today. Three run eighth with two outs for the firm and then that was kind of deep in the factor pitching staff a couple of guys go through a lot of innings. Pitching in the eighth giving up three runs factors answered that with their second five run inning of game. And Paul way to win it fourteen to 314. Runs on seventeen hits are both single game highs factors this season. Race and pianist three for three with a walk today leading the attack that. Four other players had two hits a piece several national multiple runs batted in. Lot of players got to see action a lot of people contributed and another outstanding starting pitching performance from freshman William Eddy who went the first six. And shout out for an on two hits with one walk. And six strikeouts. Only through 72 pitches as he lowers his GR 821 point 57. On the year that's our game recap right do you buy ability to Cummings Cummings of Cummings if you're struggled offensively you by law firm in Wichita. Give them a call at 26450. And 48 or visit they'll Cummings LLC. Dot com Cummings of Cummings law. Where your needs always come first. Our star of the game is presented by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire McCain as lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot about what Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. So many offensive standouts today but. But single Grayson Janice for his first three hit game of the year also walked once and was on base all four times scored twice. Made some plays in center field and then sharing the story of the game roll today Leann Eddie wood is six shutout innings two hits one walk. Six strikeouts was in command right from the beginning so co stars of the game today presented. By the Kansas lottery and welcome back to wrap things up on the post game show right after. You felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big flat tires or date yet but then getting good service that feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and Mike repair work all handled by factory trained text you can put your confidence and Candice my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you let your guard a good bit. 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He's written warranty for details including exceptions and limitations at Pella dot com slash warranty certain restrictions apply. Offer ends march 29 call 87798. Pamela. And the other great Americans join me. Welcome back. Our next stadium which assassinate runs away with a fourteen to three win today over Furman. And that compliance presents the put it in the deep freeze play of the game. Almost PH and batted cleanup Danny tries to underwrite slightly toward the border with spirits drop all it is. Off a line drive home run just inside the foul ball at the 330 tomorrow. And that's the kind of ball I was talking about a little bit of pre game of a quality start out Florida from the line this power that she left the wind drifted toward the Paula Natalie just got there. Paxton lawlessness first collegiate home run makes it she did nothing like it to us day. And we picked at the play of the game 'cause then on the shoppers were in the lead the Big Five run fourth. Better try out one with a two run homer that any kind of climax that soccer's going to win it. Fourteen to three. Metadata shot is played at 50% off your online order giving Wichita area Papa John's standard times coming up so log on to Papa Johns dot com and use the. From a coach after fifty. Receive your shot you're just now. The scoreboard is right you bite fingers roughing and construction of roads and daughters to siding and windows loved your home's exterior again figures roughly dot com. A paltry 162022066. Figures roughing and construction. Your home team row. In the American conference today the only after the game has two lane leading Cincinnati seven to six in the top of the ninth. In New Orleans a line looking to go out. Too old yet that series. Series all our games are all getting under way at the bottom of the hour at 5:30 central time ECU at UCF. You Condit USF. And Memphis at Houston. And UCF UConn and Houston. Got to win the first game of the series last night. Bottom of the eighth in Fort Worth TCU leading Kansas State twelve to two bottom of the eighth in Waco Baylor lead Kansas fourteen to five. The top of the eighth in Austin, Texas and Oklahoma State. 721. Oklahoma and West Virginia playing a double header today because of the impending weather tomorrow it's nothing nothing in the top of the fourth. The first game. Whether canceled the final game that they scheduled three game series between great in Illinois State in normal pre swept the two games yesterday to improve the flow of six. Bottom of the fifth in Lincoln Nebraska leading Minnesota six to attract even up that series. Southeast Missouri leading SA US which bills seven to nothing in there a weather delay delay in the eighth inning. Missouri looking to go up 20 in the series at Mississippi State leading one nothing trying to get last outs in the top of the ninth in Columbia. The Southland central Arkansas leading New Orleans twelve to six. In the top of the ninth that would give central Arkansas 20 lead in the series and move them to fourteen and nine on the year they'll host which. Not state. On Tuesday night in Conway at Omaha the Oral Roberts for the second straight game today and they summit league eight to two. UT Arlington trying to even things at the new series with Arkansas Little Rock leading twelfth six in Little Rock in the bottom of the eighth. And soccer softball trying to even up its first American conference series after losing three attitude of Memphis last night. Leading Memphis eleven to one in the bottom of the fifth over Wilkens stadium. Coming up tomorrow the final game up this three game series. At 1130. First pitch and will join that in progress on the broadcast. At noon more on that the moment. Time due to final totals rocky but he KT CPAs and advises everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours Wichita State today fourteen runs seventeen hits and no errors Berman three runs six hits. And one here William Eddie goes the first six to shut out their two hits no runs one walk six strikeouts. He gets the win he's out five and oh with a one point 57. ERA on the season. And the loss to permit started at Sherman he's got two and four he pitched the first four giving up eight runs on eleven hits. Doctor pitchers walked two struck out nine today so falling just below their season average of ten point two strikeouts. Per nine innings which doctors. Fourteen runs on seventeen hits including three from racing canister. Two apiece for Alli well Paxson Wallace state duke and gutter Trout line. Try outline homered in his third the year packs of Wallace's first collegiate home run that you heard a little bit earlier. And two RBIs apiece for the Ritter Alec all packed and Wallace trade Vickers. And got to travel on hit it up and down the order today as slackers have season high total of fourteen runs and seventeen yet. And improved to sixteen and four on the year with a 143 win tomorrow. Tomorrow game three of the series one more time 1131. Pitch and we will join in progress at noon with the broadcast. I'm 97. And thirteen thirty Qaeda says attackers go for the sweep tomorrow and we'll talk with you this. You've been listening to shocker baseball along 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United health care the Kansas Department of Transportation and shelter insurance department and group. Off the line. Lleyton appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. B Diddy. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas might start machinery the Kansas lottery American family insurance AG sports grill at the Alley. Tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship. Kansas plan tire and service comings in coming losses. Pop a giant and dinners looping in construction.